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1117 N 7th ave #1 u0026 #2, Bozeman, MT 59715


45.691229, -111.046961




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10:00 AM – 7:00 PM


10:00 AM – 7:00 PM


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Lionheart Caregiving is Bozeman, Montana’s premier dispensary, dedicated to providing it’s patients with the best, most effective medical cannabis products to help improve their quality of life. Now with three new locations in Butte, Helena and Missoula

We will work with individuals to maximize their benefits by discovering the best medical cannabis strains for their particular needs. We take pride in providing patients with the highest quality and best variety of medical cannabis strains to meet their individual needs. Your satisfaction is guaranteed!


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41 reviews for “Lionheart Caregiving Bozeman

  1. Jellyman420

    If you’re looking for the best of the best, you’ve come to the right place. I’ve been with Lionheart for over four years now and I receive round the clock care for my epilepsy. There is nothing they will not assist you with, from great information on medicine to help with your doctor appointment. You will not find a better caregiving establishment, I promise.

  2. xygyx11

    Lionheart is the absolute best in Bozeman. A friendly, knowlegable staff, and an amazing selection makes every visit a treat!

  3. joressa

    I have been going to Lionheart for two years now and they have always been friendly and helpful. They are always knowledgeable about the different strains and there is enough variety that I can always try something new.

  4. vjjswizzle

    Lionheart is my first provider. They have been incredibly helpful and made me feel very comfortable. The strains are top notch and they’re edibles are great. Their location is prime as well. Definitely not switching anytime soon.

  5. Nadroj

    Great and convenient location just off the interstate so whenever I’m passing through the area i can always make it my one-stop shop for everything my little heart desires, that is as long as it’s in stock!

  6. jlogan148

    Lionheart is Bozeman’s finest dispensary by far! From superior bud quality and strains everything at lionheart is top quality. As a patient I have never been disappointed from frostys nugs to delicious edibles! With some of the best strains in montana, if not the pacific northwest I highly recommend anyone interested to check out lionheart caregiving! You wont be disappointed:)

  7. derrickdean1985

    The service is great and the people are wonderful. If you need a smile come to Lionheart. Not to mention top quality buds.

  8. honey51

    Absolutely the best dispensary in the state, they have the meds for all your medical needs. They also have the best informational employees that know their meds, 30-40 stains and new stains all the time, they also have delivery service for their patients a big plus for the disabled, and out of town patients!

  9. LongJ2012

    The most caring and best customer service in the region.

  10. rasika

    They are very helpful and accommodating, their varieties are very well stocked. So when I started out I knew very little and now after 6 months I have found the strains that work best for me. Thank-you very being there!

  11. Jbum1976

    Nice and simple. Personal and connective

  12. JJAJR

    It’s a good location with parking in the back and the front, with a distance of probably not more than seventy feet.

  13. Trrmy

    Lionheart is in a prime location for the type of shop that it is. located behind a yoga building and not too far from campus, I can ride my bike here after class when it’s not too cold. hours are amazing and you can tell they care about the patients. quality bud and a wide variety of different intake methods like edible and oils.

  14. Little22

    Lionheart is amazing. The staff is wonderful helpful and knowledgeable. The location is convenient and the product is perfect. Cash back rewards really add up. Thanks for being so great Lionheart! Did I mention the best bud and variety of strains!

  15. Bhuds406

    Great locatio in town. Excellent consistent product. Costumer service is excellent. They definitely make u feel comfortable and welcome. And they reward you!!

  16. billythekid

    Seriously the best service to be had in Montana. Not only do they have the best medicine available, they have a big selection of it as well. Then to add to the experience even more, they have some of the friendliest people around working for them. I haven’t been happier since making the switch. If anybody is debating on who to choose as a caregiver, these guys are the choice you need to make.

  17. Magglesbreen

    Kinda tricky to get to- love the people super helpful and know there stuff!!

  18. EpicHuss

    Love ya guys. best in Montana bar none

  19. willhutton1983

    lionheart caregiving has the best buds in Bozeman,the state of Montana.always the best nugs,never shake in bag.frosty buds of atomic dynamite.tried many caregivers before finding lionheart,they simply have the stoniest that they mix strains,and always have new strains to try.employees know the product they sell,and are always honest in the weight.nicest caregiver in how they take of veterans.just a great place to do business.

  20. Steph406

    I just recently switched caregivers to Lionheart, and I have to say I am so happy that I did! The new Livingston location is fabulous. Not only is there a lot of top quality products to choose from, the staff is incredible. Their knowledge and passion for what the do is outstanding. They deserve way more than 5 stars!!!!! Keep doing what you do Lionheart. Sincerely, one satisfied patient

  21. themini

    Very good quality strains, also a great and friendly staff makes this the store the best 🙂

  22. jarred01

    Very good place to get your medicine. Great staff very good verity of strains. They work with you if need be to get you your medicine. I recommend if you have your card to go there and see what it’s about.

  23. waterfallsaredrugs

    Nice wide selection of quality product. Relaxed, friendly environment. Very helpful and knowledgeable staff. 100% recommend. 🙂

  24. TokerInebrius

    I am always treated so well when I come in, it makes the difference for me and I often leave in a good mood. The medication is simply the best of quality, I am always happy with the strength and affect. From the moment I walk in to the time I turn to go the service is professional, accommodating and pleasant. I will always be a patient here.

  25. joeyfauth1

    I made the switch to Lionheart Caregiving about 3 years ago and haven’t ever had a reason to regret that decision. First of all, the staff is extremely helpful and willing to go the extra mile to ensure that their customers are always satisfied. On multiple occasions, I have witnessed the staff helping new patients to find the medicine that will best suit them and their needs. There is never a stupid question at Lionheart.

    Second, there are always many (20+) top-shelf strains to choose from on a daily-basis. It is refreshing to have such a selection that is constantly being updated. In addition to the quality and selection, the medicine at Lionheart is always cured perfectly. Some of my past caregivers had good medicine, but were lacking when it came to the curing process. I have never received medicine from Lionheart that didn’t crumble between my fingers with ease.

    Lastly, Lionheart is, without a doubt, the most legally-involved caregiver in the state. Throughout Montana’s lengthy legal battle to allow patients access to their medicine, Lionheart has always been on the forefront of publicly supporting important initiatives and legislation. Many other caregivers fell under the radar when the waters became rough, but Lionheart was, and still is, committed to the end goal of continuing to promote the benefits of medicinal marijuana and ensure that their customers are the happiest in the state.

    I am 100% confident that anyone looking for top-notch medicine and service shouldn’t look anywhere else other than Lionheart Caregiving!

  26. CRL420

    I luv it

  27. Dianatschiegg

    Best product and awesome bud tenders always helping you find the right strain. These guys really care about their patients and their medicinal needs. I will be a happy and loyal customer for life. Great rewards system too!

  28. jmp0145

    Honestly sometimes I think their flower is a little sub par other times it’s so on point it’s not even funny! I think some flower sits on the shelf to long! I would say that my biggest complaint is consistency sometimes the kush and dream are fire other times it’s so bad I can’t bring myself to buy any! What’s up with the that? Please start growing Bruce banner and GSC and Chernobyl or at least one of these!!!

  29. Powpowrider

    LionHeart caregiving provides the best medicinal product in montana.

  30. Montanagal78

    I just switched dispensaries to this one. They have way more inventory and are very helpful! Would definitely recommend!

  31. BrodieS

    They have awesome high producing thc and cbd strains. Got my card through them and loving it

  32. angelicacane93

    amazing!!! the medicine, the people, the service, the attention to little detail… they are just amazing. they help with explaining what strain would help with what ailments. they are attentive to getting you help right away. I love lionheart

  33. noneaf

    Great first stop when learning about this amazing plant; helpful friendly, knowledgeable, wish i had found you guys in the 80s. Worth the trip

  34. Bozemanrr

    Great staff, excellent product! Best place in bozeman

  35. maxtlawrie1993

    Lionheart has a very friendly staff and quality products

  36. DanRay

    Lionheart really is the true epitome of what I think a Higher Power would be. Their bud is incredible, their staff is amazing, and they will let you smell jars of the dankest buds. I wouldn’t go anywhere besides Lionheart.

  37. RuthieBuds

    I would recommend this caregiver to a novice and the experienced, great people plenty of options. They are ALL wonderful and helpful people. I love all the great products that they have to offer.

  38. lilpoison1

    I have been through three caregivers in this area. Lion Heart took me with the professional take on the business with customer care in mind. They have such a great selection, I know I have peace of mind getting the best Medicine in town. I give Lion Heart 10 stars if I could.

  39. Clael11

    Lionheart’s name speaks for itself with strength and care. A great crew welcomes you with kind smiles and patience for us patients who may have a lot of questions. Always spot on with recommendations, that turn into new favorites.

  40. Montlion

    I’m been a loyal patient of Lionheart Caregiving since 2009. Lionheart’s consistency of top notch quality medicine & awesome customer service throughout the years has made me a permanent patient! Your perseverance has made this all possible for us. You keep a full line of medicine, edibles, & products for everyones needs. You raise the bar and help each individual patient with much love. I’m here to stay and recommend Lionheart Caregiving for all your medicinal needs! Go there today & get signed up!

  41. MegaManX

    I am a patient at Lion Hearts Helena MT location and everyone’s all ways nice and strain savvy so I’m never lost on what to get for my requirements and the selection is vast as far as Strains and other Products like infused Sodas – Honey – Candies – and much more – Hi from Carl guys! 😀

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