Sensible Alternatives



5174 Jackrabbit Ln, Belgrade, MT 59714


45.7462453, -111.1843595




10:00 AM – 7:00 PM


10:00 AM – 7:00 PM


10:00 AM – 7:00 PM


10:00 AM – 7:00 PM


10:00 AM – 7:00 PM


11:00 AM – 5:00 PM




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With an emphasis on superior quality, professionalism, sustainability, and our Montana community, Sensible Alternatives has been providing for patients in the greater Bozeman area since 2009.


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74 reviews for “Sensible Alternatives

  1. gatorkingtut

    great product , great people!

  2. fiver55

    Outstanding on every level! Hands down the warmest establishment I’ve been to, and I’ve checked out every dispensary in the area.

  3. smokeyrobin

    My favorite dispensary I’ve ever visit. So clean, staff is kind and engaging, and they grow GREAT HERB.

  4. davelaserlips

    Very Professional, knowledge of the product is very helpful.

  5. bluedog20

    This guy knows his business and the girls are great!
    Highly recommended !!!!

  6. Benzy32

    locations great ,people are friendly and have great service.

  7. Titan2814

    Great place! Knowledgeable and super helpful! They know their stains and all the different applications and always take time to educate and help newbies along!

  8. ttoodddd988

    Sensible alternatives has made a great difference in helping me with alternatives to manage my chronic (no pun intended) sciatic nerve pain. Mike and his staff are always helpful and friendly and take the time to answer any questions that might come up. They have a great variety of high-quality products.

  9. 1Cannibis

    Great atmosphere, lots of positive energy. The staff is very helpful. Good strains and great edible candies.

  10. SMOKER65MT

    Good location not to far from my home and FRIENDLY people Thank You

  11. McFly55

    Great people. Great product. Very clean and comfortable environment.

  12. Dmason

    Very professional people, explained and helped me with all my questions! Very comfortable atmosphere. Always have a friendly smile, first and only place I will do business. Best in Montana!!!!

  13. Kkleppelid

    Great dispensary! The staff is very knowledgeable about their products! Best products in Belgrade!

  14. B-Mac

    Super friendly and knowledge staff!! Amazing quality of product. Helped me find the right strain for me. Love the various options from sodas to candies and concentrates!!! VERY CLEAN STORE

  15. atomicblond

    all the people and products @ Sensible are amazing!

  16. mtoutdoor406

    This is a very professional environment with a at home vibe. Staff is very kind with top notch service!

  17. Marijuanababe

    It’s amazing! I have been a client since they opened and I would not go anywhere else. Great people, great product.

  18. Wylietroll

    there is an excellent atmosphere and high quality product.. An excellent place to go and one of the better one in the area. The people are friendly and helpful.

  19. ZZt

    I am new to Sensible Alternatives. Ashley & Mike are very friendly & knowledgeable . product very good

  20. laurihampton

    Love the strains and the employees. comfortable environment. knowledgeable about the strains they carry. Good variety too

  21. ScottyG420

    The location is very convenient. The shop is very easy to find. Every time I go to this shop I have seriously meaningful experiences with the staff. They absolutely believe in what they are doing. What remarkable people they are! They are knowledgeable, compassionate and so cool and friendly. The energy in this shop is entirely positive and infectious. You can feel it as soon as you walk through the door.

  22. Tricia7133

    Friendly staff with top notch products.

  23. MTJoeT1

    High quality medicinals at a great price with top notch ambiance. I trust my health and peace of mind with the team at Sensible Alternatives. Thanks for a great job!!

  24. Cloverski4

    The people at this location are very knowledgeable about their products, and appear to put a lot of effort into what they do. They have great intensives and deals, and are also a green building! Doing what they can to make sure their business doesn’t pollute. Definitely recommend this place to anyone looking for a provider.

  25. zackubby12

    this place is the bomb! great people great product great prices!

  26. 7lstout

    Very nice! Super awesome staff!

  27. PineMeat

    They are so nice and patient. Great product and local people. I could not be happier.

  28. ahuff48

    Kind people with a great knowledge of product. Lots of variety.

  29. 2hoN4

    Great service & Knowledgeable staff! Strains are quality, & owner is on-site! Vibes are kosher asf.

  30. dheinzmann

    Great staff and products

  31. ladyeryne

    Amazing service, great people, quality medicine. love my provider!

  32. JesseGarnerJr

    Amazing all around, and green energy users. Love this place

  33. blumenleafly

    I am very impressed with Sensible Alternatives – I have always found the store to be clean and organized and welcoming. The professional staff are very helpful and knowledgeable about their products and provide great customer service. The CBD/Indica strains have really helped me manage my Chron’s flair ups.

  34. 1337503

    great outstanding store with friendly service.

  35. 5408chica

    Professional and clean atmosphere. Friendly, knowledgeable employees. High quality and a variety of strains!! Highly recommended!

  36. Fullfusion

    Best place in the area! Relaxing atmosphere, wonderful friendly employees, and some of the greatest goods around. Awesome hours too!

  37. tmadarassy

    Love it. Very good vibes. Always friendly. Great service. Couldn’t ask for better.

  38. Bethany651

    Absolutely my first choice!

  39. LindsayTodd

    Awesome atmosphere and very friendly staff. They are very knowledgeable about their products and services.

  40. keevpick

    Great products that are cured for quality really gets the job done,people are friendly perfect location it’s just the store for me

  41. Noofear

    Mike, Ashley and Cybil are the friendliest and most knowledgeable people I have met at any dispensary.

    The wide selection of product is able to handle any medical need. I personally like the chocolate truffles and recommend them highly. (Pun Intended)

    Stop by and say hi, I’m sure you’ll like what you see and will want Mike to become your new provider.

  42. 1Moonis

    This place is a ” Smokin’ joint!” Clean, good people and good product!! Keep up the good work…

  43. taz1953

    this is a great place to go to. the people are so helpful and friendly.

  44. Chess_Rodriguez

    Quality cannabis and cannabis products, which are pleasing to all 5 senses! Ashley and Mike are very helpful, knowledgeable, and pleasant each time I visit.

  45. HippyGoddess

    the people there always have a smile on their faces. they have taught me a lot on ways to take my medicine. very knowledgeable, very friendly, relaxing & calming atmosphere.
    I have severe debilitating PTSD, degeritive disc disease & chronic severe nerve pain (various forms of arthritis)
    very high quality products!

  46. Sparky406

    Great store, awesome customer service. Nice selection. Would recommend.

  47. Tannerbonanner

    Very diverse and knowledgeable. I had a ton of questions, and they were glad to help. Top notch products.

  48. DisneyTink10

    Close to home – very knowledgeable and friendly staff – this is my first foray into medical for my migraines and they made me feel welcome and offered great advice! Quick to advise of new products – their gummies are perfect if you need a little or a lot! They are my new favorite!

  49. ChiefLikeJoseph

    Best products and people in Montana. Super friendly, professional, and knowledgable!

  50. marko2

    great ppl helpful great products and fast and friendly service

  51. montanatrees

    Excellent service, top shelf product

  52. mtmama777

    Very professional and friendly… A great experience!!!! Highly recommend!

  53. bryston

    great customer service .

  54. Effortless

    After holding my recommendation in Southern California for over a decade where I rarely treated myself with nothing less than the strongest and heaviest indicas. I was apprehensive about moving up here to Bozeman and maintaining the quality of treatment and relief that I had grown accustomed to.
    However after being here and a patient of SA for over a year there has been no let down at all!
    Great stuff SA, I feel the love!

  55. AdventuRuss

    Great, knowledgable staff with big smiles and friendly service. Extensive selection of products. HIGHLY recommended!

  56. lillian420

    hulpful people

  57. jaymeg

    great staff


    Very friendly and professional service.

  59. ghettonaut

    Solid establishment. Would highly recommend. I had the pleasure of meeting Mike on my first visit and I was immediately impressed with his excellent customer service and top shelf professionalism. On my second visit, Ashley was all smiles and did an incredible job. I love to see people, Sensible Alternatives and co, take pride and show passion in their work.

  60. MontanaDAD

    Great products, fun people, beautiful space…HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! 😉

  61. Writer2000

    Sensible Alternatives deserves all 5 stars. I am impressed by their comprehensive knowledge and ability to help their patrons. They were very helpful even before I had a medical card. Then they were helpful in leading me through the application process, and continue to be informative, as I begin to manage my medical needs. They are easily accomplishing their mission to accommodate their patrons’ needs in a professional manner. Their shop is clean, well organized, and displays exactly how professionally they run their business. I trust them implicitly and would certainly recommend them to others.

  62. twentytiggers

    Staff was super friendly and informative! Nice dispensary, clean, professional and comfortable:)

  63. MTDreamin

    Awesome staff!

  64. montanadefa

    amazing location with amazing marry Jane. Five stars!!

  65. jtzinck

    Good quality product! Nice guy! Lots of strains to choose from!

  66. Mikey123456789

    Great quality, responsibly grown and professional group.

  67. Wughbang

    Great store. Many options, and the staff are always friendly.

  68. zmcq77

    Great location, close to the airport and Bozeman, right off of I 90 and on the way to big sky

  69. griggy

    Very nice shop. Clean, organic, product priced fair. Local owner and friendly staff. Five star!

  70. willwilleve

    Very nice people and helpful

  71. MTbluesky

    Awesomeness products variety with great flow. They should get some swag or t-shirts.

  72. Bsilha

    Great products and great staff!

  73. jeffman1

    Nice people, good smoke. I’ve been smoking for 20 years

  74. Jjbigrage

    Very warm environment……welcoming to those who may not be familiar with the culture.

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