GrowHealthy is a leading medical cannabis dispensary in Florida. We produce premier-quality, all-natural medicinal cannabis products that help our patients live healthier lives.



4237 Okeechobee Blvd, West Palm Beach, FL 33409


26.7071656, -80.1066955




8:00 AM – 9:00 PM


8:00 AM – 9:00 PM


8:00 AM – 9:00 PM


8:00 AM – 9:00 PM


8:00 AM – 9:00 PM


8:00 AM – 9:00 PM


8:00 AM – 9:00 PM


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GrowHealthy is a leading medical cannabis dispensary in Florida. We produce premier-quality, all-natural medicinal cannabis products that help our patients live healthier lives. A state-licensed producer, GrowHealthy sets the industry standard for product quality, purity and safety, resulting in 100% natural, toxin-free medical cannabis products that provide relief for chronic pain and other debilitating symptoms, and promote personal optimization, balance and general wellness.

We are compassionate-care advocates and champions of natural and alternative medicinal healing; and are committed to serving Florida’s medical marijuana patients with unmatched product quality and safety and exceptional customer service.

Our product lines include:
MIND: Contain high-THC (delta-9-tetrahydrocannibinol), formulations derived from stimulating varieties, commonly known as sativas. These formulations commonly act as stimulants and can be great for spurring creative thought and medicating during the day. Mind products are a good choice for patients who need relief and to remain alert and active.

BODY: Contain high-THC formulations derived from sedating varieties, commonly known as indicas. These formulation often produce relaxing and comforting effects. This makes Body products a good choice for patients seeking a slower and calmer cannabis experience and want to medicate in the evening.

BALANCE: Contain a 1:1 ratio of CBD to THC. This blend of CBD and THC combines the benefits of the two compounds into one balanced medication. Expertly calculated CBD:THC ratios maximize the synergistic properties and effects of both cannabinoids, creating powerful cannabis formulations that deliver many exceptional therapeutic benefits.

HIGH CBD: Contain high-CBD (cannabidiol) formulations. For most patients, a formulation that is high in CBD will produce a relaxing feeling without the psychoactive effects associated with high THC products. They are often used for treating conditions that have strong physical symptoms such as pain, inflammation, and spasms.

Talk to your physician about which medical cannabis products might be best for your condition.

FREE statewide delivery. Order on the web at or call 800.619.5288.


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21 reviews for “GrowHealthy

  1. Filters

    DuAni very helpful and sweet , great place, good people, excited about new products coming, Shatter, etc.

  2. Jw4au

    Great experience, Mickey was very helpful!

  3. Jake11111

    Awesome staff really knowledgeable, and really remind you that the patient is the top priority. I also believe Grow Healthy offers the highest quality products.

    Carlos was really nice and professional! All the employees are really knowledgeable and will happily answer any questions you may have. I had a great experience and would definitely come again, and recommend to friends!

  4. brandon3255

    I have placed orders for delivery and gone to the dispensary in West Palm Beach after it opened December 19th. On the delivery order the process was smooth and easy. The delivery folks contacted me the day of delivery and kept me updated as to when they would arrive. The delivery arrived as expected and was a very pleasant experience especially compared to other MMTC’s Ive used. The dispensary is amazing and set up the way one should be. Its like going into a cool techy coffee shop with menu monitors/TV’s that have the products listed with all their pertinent information such as thc and cbd content in milligrams and percentages for each product. When in this dispensary you feel like you want to hang out as opposed to get in and out as fast as possible with the other MMTC’s Ive used. They have a couple of huge interactive iPad type tables set up that you can go through and get a lot of really good cannabis information. Basically this is a one stop shop to get quality cannabis products and cannabis knowledge. The products are amazing and pure cannabis, no cutting agents such as mct oil added in the vape cartridges like other companies are doing. For my conditions I use their cbd, balance, and body line of products. The cbd’s are high cbd low thc, the balance products are 1:1 thc/cbd and the body line products are indica and indica leaning hybrids. As far as specific strains Im loving the cbd Afghan Rubi, Grape Stomper 1:1, Lemon Alien, and Wookie Girl.

  5. eirikcerto

    Amazing dispensary. Dave took care of me, but the whole staff was amazing. All around excellent.

  6. buddysuperfly

    I went to assist a family member (and was super excited on the inside) who just received their card and was nervous about going at it the first time alone. I can tell you right now, from the second you open that door, you feel at peace. The friendly faces, the beautiful atmosphere, and the genuine care you feel is what you would expect at a top notch spa. After a few forms and formalities we we greeted by Carlos, the General Manager (more on him later) who welcomed us and showed us around the shop (it’s hard calling it a shop..more like a boutique). The amount of Cannabis knowledge that he dropped on us was amazing. I have “dabbled in the arts” so to say for 30 years, and I have NEVER spoken with someone as knowledgeable, empathetic, and funny as Carlos was on the subject. As legalization rolls on, and laws loosen, I hope that this is a model of things to come, but it doesn’t matter to me, because Grow Healthy has a customer for life in my family.

  7. flmmjpatient2017

    Stopped by to check out their new location off Okeechobee and Military in West Palm Beach. Was greeted by Hailey and given a tour of the entire place. She was very helpful and knowledgeable. My cashier was David who recommended some amazing products. My favorites so far are the Mango and Birds of Paradise. The entire store was very friendly and one of the nicest looking dispensaries I’ve ever seen. They informed me of new products being released soon along with an entire line of CBD products for pets. This is the only place I will shop from now on and I cannot wait to go back and try all their new products.

  8. ChaunceD

    I’ve been to every dispensary in Florida and GrowHealthy is my top two with MUV. I’m not sure which will take the number 1 spot but being that GrowHealthy has the terps on lock, they will be the future in Florida.

  9. wpb823

    Out of the 5 or so dispensaries in the radius of my house GrowHealthy definitely has the best atmosphere. I was a big fan of the mosaic they have in the waiting area, the staff was incredibly friendly and helpful, and the space doesn’t feel as cramped or oddly designed as other area dispensaries. As far as product goes prices vary based on strain and are reasonable compared to competitors. I respect how forthcoming they are about the cannabis versus plant based terpenes they use in carts and distillate. Once they begin to carry shatter and widen their product range they’ll likely be my go to shop in West Palm.

  10. retroslik

    This place is great the products are excellent quality and the staff are always friendly and professional.

  11. Luis.cannabis

    Great place!! Perfect atmosphere!! Medicine on point!!!! Special Thanks to Nick and Carlos for your assistance!!

  12. KayaLove

    I Absolutely Love This Place.

  13. 1611DE

    Best dispensary in south Florida. The people are extremely helpful, nice , patient and great bud tenders. The staff Kendall and JD. and every one else. The products and prices and awesome. And lots of parking. Go your self and find the best. Paula Epstein and caregiver Dore .

  14. Theresaamazing

    Mickey was very knowledgeable and friendly.

  15. kitakj

    I loved this place and Mickey made me a customer for a very long time. I have tried the other medicine available to me and this experience was the most pleasant and quality of all my dispensary tryouts. Mickey again was fantastic. Also, loved the product.

  16. 4after20

    I’m a frequent flyer of dispensaries sampling all to offer in Florida!This is a great place very stolax atmosphere for costumers.The Staff has great understandable knowledge and look out tremendously. The products are lovely and I’ve tried all in Florida so far Grow Healthy is #1 for extracts and oils.I can’t wait to try the new products.The only dispensary I’ve bought a hat from because they gave me a shirt thanks!Can’t wait for the shatter to splatter the 80% and up on a regular!

  17. todd007e

    1st time being there 25% discount was a major plus since I decided to splurge I regret that I didn’t splurge double the amount to get the discount my, mistake inside it is very professional and up-to-date service was immaculate I would definitely recommend to anybody to check their shop out it is one of the best layouts I have seen I have been to all of them. The young lady that helped me today was very knowledgeable very patient decisions, Big shout out to Rasheda. Extra plus 4 her, very pleasant on the eyes

  18. Finalfan07

    Great staff

  19. 420RN.Colleen

    Went in today for their flash sale for the release of AK 47 vape carts. Love the design of the building and the table top computer screens are such a great idea. You can hang out and do you own research in a comfortable environment. The staff is well trained and knowledgeable on their products and the industry. Top shelf quality products that will exceed their competitors. Found out today that they have flash sales when they release new products, so sign up for updates. Highly recommended!

  20. Mia44us

    Great shop, terrific staff

  21. Paul Brown admin

    any freaky girls out there wanna play with me ? HMU

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