Dancing Goat Gardens



2145 South Avenue West, Missoula, MT 59801


46.848541, -114.031742




10:00 AM – 6:30 PM


10:00 AM – 6:30 PM


10:00 AM – 6:30 PM


10:00 AM – 6:30 PM


10:00 AM – 6:30 PM


10:00 AM – 6:30 PM


12:00 PM – 4:00 PM


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Dancing Goat Gardens provides a range of cannabis products to support the needs of a diverse patient base, including a variety of Cannabidiol (CBD) intensive strains. Our products provide relief and benefit to those suffering from chronic pain, anxiety, post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), cancer, glaucoma, nausea, and other conditions. Dancing Goat Gardens is proud to provide our patients with medications they need and a safe alternative to prescription opiates.

Where to Find Dancing Goat Gardens:
Located in The Hope Center, in the Franklin to the Fort neighborhood in Missoula, Montana. Look for us on the south side of South Avenue, halfway between Shopko and the Southgate Mall. Serving Western Montana.

–> From downtown and points north: Head south on Russell Ave to South Ave, turn right on South, continue through 3 traffic lights to 2145 South Ave W on the left side of South Ave.

–> From the Bitterroot and points south: Take Reserve St north to South Ave, turn right on South Ave and continue on South Ave to The Hope Center, on the right side at 2145 South Ave.

Our Products: Dancing Goat Gardens provides premium flower from more than 20 strains, including many cannabidiol (CBD) intensive strain options. We also offer infused products such as capsules, strain-specific waxes and rosins, and tinctures. Beyond our controlled products, come in for the most comprehensive line of CBD products available: CBD tinctures, CBD capsules, CBD topicals, CBD facial serum and beauty products, CBD-infused lotion and body oil, and many other CBD health products. Our hemp-derived CBD products are available over the counter – experience the health benefits of CBD, no card required.


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16 reviews for “Dancing Goat Gardens

  1. CodyDCarlson

    Dancing Goat Gardens is the most unique and professional cannabis dispensary I have be to. Exceptional service and grade A+ medicinal cannabis , for new and veteran consumers.

  2. Morningsarehard

    Dancing goat gardens is not just a dispensary, their holistic approach to health and healing shows a true understanding of the way body and mind are interconnected. The owners seem to be more knowledgeable about their product than and other dispensary I have visited and I am now using one of their strains daily. I would highly recommend you check this place out and spend a little time in the sanctuary, which is a special room with meditative music, mood lighting and hanging chairs that made me feel the most calm I have ever felt.

  3. chronicbishface

    Dancing Goat Gardens has exceeded my every expectation for a legitimate medical dispensary. From the second you enter it’s apparent that attention to detail, education and passion is put into every single thing they do.

    If you’re looking for CBD, they have taken the time to carefully curate a selection of the top options for whatever your ailment may be. Their cannabis selection offers a wide range of strains including the largest selection of CBD strains in town!

    They even have a sanctuary or weightless room where you can literally feel the stress from the day melting off of you.

    After walking into their store it became clear to me that they really cared about my needs. I am so excited to be a Dancing Goat patient and would recommend them to anyone looking for a professional cannabis or CBD provider.

  4. DiscerningD

    Dancing Goat has proven an informative provider of alternative routes to pain management. My six year-and seemingly continuous recovery from Wallenberg syndrome has included physical and brain therapy in addition to pharmaceutical treatment. My central neuropathic pain- due to nerve damage -has presented several obstacles to health and well-being. Naturally, I have sought to explore efficacious therapies that have the support of scientific research; however, recently, having researched the limited case studies, I have chosen to explore the effects of CBD on pain management and sleep. Although, anecdotal, the early results are promising. Thanks to Dancing Goat’s comprehensive and professional approach to my requests, I enjoy personable and genuine interest in my well-being. Thank you Dancing Goat.

  5. Double_Who

    Had a great time meeting your staff last week and have been extremely impressed with the pain relief I have gotten from your products. Inflammation I didn’t even realize I was feeling in my ankles dissolves when I take the CBD tincture I purchased for my neck pain. Thank you for helping me wade through all the available information to get a product that worked for me. I owe you guys a favor!

  6. roymckenzie

    I really like that this dispensary includes excellent cannabis choices (including great THC and CBD strains), staff that are knowledgable and able to help me with pretty much any question I’ve had, and that they have a learning center attached to the dispensary. I have gone to several community led classes there and have learned a lot about my health. Choosing them as my provider was a smart choice.

  7. bomkucha

    A refreshing, new approach to the industry that puts the patient’s needs above all else. Professional staff and atmosphere that could very well attract even elderly clients. I recommend it for those seeking a welcoming, relaxing environment to learn about alternatives in healthcare- or purchase high quality medicine.

  8. Steves406

    An awesome place for ALL your Montana medical marijuana needs.

  9. jegfolergodt

    Imponerende! Det er ingen andre dispensaries jeg besokte i USA som hadde dette nivaet av kvalitet, profesjonalitet og kunnskap. Sorg for at du besoker Dancing Goat Gardens.

  10. nsimmons3

    Amazing atmosphere with wonderful employees. Very informative and would recommend to anyone looking to properly educate themselves about the benefits of cannabis.

  11. julie1612533

    Awesome new place! As local and quality as you will find anywhere. And a ton of educational infographics that I found fascinating

  12. steezy_bleezy

    I truly enjoyed my experience here and would recommend any patient in Montana to check these guys out. They are a new business in Missoula founded by true locals who care about their community and patients. I have been a patient in Montana for nearly 5 years now and after seeing lots of shops and having been signed to multiple providers these guys surpassed all my expectations. Check out their MT Silvertip and Obama Kush you won’t be disappointed 😉

  13. Woodyche

    Dancing Goat is operating on a different level than any other medical dispensary I’ve seen. The entire staff is so professional and well informed. And if they don’t know something, they are happy to learn about it. If you think you know a lot about cannabis, I’d dare say you could still learn more in their learning center. I switched over my provider during my first visit. And with their free Complia service desk, it’s all done by the intern. Can’t wait to get my card because their cannabis was easily among the best I’ve seen in Montana. They had some crazy strains I’d never heard of and some classics. I’m going to check out the Maui Wowie and the Ninja Fruit first thing. They also had six CBD strains. Their AC/DC looks great and tested at over 18% CBD. Best dispensary in Missoula!

  14. AJMCC22

    If you’re looking for a high-end dispensary with knowledgeable staff and top class product, this is the place. I have visited many dispensaries across the US & Canada and Dancing Goat is among the very, very best.

  15. ebayer1329

    I am new to the cannabis world and my experience at Dancing Goat Gardens was incredible. The staff here are incredibly attentive and personable. They were able to answer any questions I had or direct me to information that would help further my inquiries. The atmosphere is welcoming and I thought I was in the wrong place when I first walked in, it didn’t look like a dispensary at all, and that was comforting. Their emphasis on education and empowering their patient base was amazing and I will be returning.

  16. AlbertoTerego

    This establishment truly deserves this great rating. I switched providers this afternoon after spending half an hour with Jeff and Kim and Jay and was amazed at what they’re doing and how they’re doing it. Dancing goat and the Hope Center are a Community Place. Their product is amazing and the level of attention to detail and service made the difference for me. I have been with the same provider for many years. This was not a difficult decision even though I’ve always been happy with my provider; they simply don’t have what this place has to offer and so that made the decision pretty easy. Really looking forward to what Dancing Goat has in store! Everyone should really check this place out it’s worth your time! A very professional clean and safe location with great parking and outstanding access that’s what I really like about this place is easy in easy out and super accessible with a certified handicap ramp!

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