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Curaleaf is a Medical Marijuana Dispensary

Curaleaf proudly offers medical marijuana patients access to premium, pharmaceutical grade cannabis in a safe and informational dispensary environment. Their organization was founded by a team of doctors, pharmacists, and other medical experts to create and develop the most reliable medical cannabis for their patients.

Curaleaf started their cannabis journey on a mission to aid any patient in search of medicinal cannabis to alleviate severe health conditions. Their dispensary team worked closely with Florida physicians and patients to develop their business model and officially received their license to produce and dispense cannabis in 2015. Florida later voted to legalize full-THC medical marijuana and Curaleaf opened their local dispensary in Fall 2017 to offer medical marijuana patients cannabis in a safe, welcoming environment.

The team at Curaleaf hosts a positive, friendly place where patients can learn about cannabis. Their dispensary passionately advocates for advancing the research and use of medical marijuana. Curaleaf’s team continually formulates the best possible cannabis therapies and employs the industry’s latest standards in their production center. Curaleaf wants to generate awareness of cannabis’ healing properties and make its benefits more widely available for patients in need. Local individuals can rely on Curaleaf to connect them with a qualified doctor and help them place their first medicinal cannabis order.

Curaleaf’s menu comes from their 50-year history of horticultural experience combined with the cannabis industry’s latest advancements. Their cultivation center staff holds themselves to a high level of quality and transparency to produce cannabis products optimized for patient relief. Curaleaf is also the only Florida dispensary to offer Haleigh’s Hope, a high-CBD product available in both pill and oral syringe form. Their South Miami facility also formulates a variety of CBD and high-THC topicals, transdermals, syringes, capsules, and more.

Patients enjoy Curaleaf’s medical marijuana products at affordable and accessible pricing. Their dispensary offers discounts for both veterans and seniors, and welcomes cash and debit card payments through their CanPay system. For homebound patients, Curaleaf also provides home cannabis delivery throughout the local regions.


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8 reviews for “Curaleaf

  1. Antecx10928

    The staff are great and very knowledgeable and helpful.

  2. KevinH112

    I’ve had an of issue with Curaleaf since July (Palm Harbor screwed up my veteran’s discount, and then I couldn’t make contact or get a reply from anyone at the company) but the manager, Alex (female), got it taken care of immediately.

    I visited on 12/11, during their grand opening. They had a BOGO 50% off sale, so I snagged 2 1/2G concentrates and 2 cartridges for $85 (because of the $20.80 they owed me, which Alex deducted from my total). It’s a really store and in a good location; I liked the atmosphere and every employee I talked with was welcoming and helpful. My medtender was very obviously pretty new to the industry, but he’ll learn.

    Each product is great in its own way, but I really love their Lavender (indica) 60% THC cart. Delicious flavor, awesome relaxing effects, and great sleep. Definitely not a morning strain, but that’s what I got Strawberry Cough for anyway.

    When you need something less expensive to get you by, Curaleaf should be your first choice. With the availability of 1/2mL (“half gram”) concentrates for just over 30 bucks, it’s easy to try new products without spending a lot of cash. Don’t forget to ask for any discounts you’re eligible for; I’m thankful for their 20% off vet discount and it makes their products all that much better in my eyes.

  3. deannagraham

    Florida 12/25/18: Curaleaf is working out some supply issues after some amazing deals during their grand opening. The Slim Vape is a game changer for ease of use and price per mg. Compare Trulieve 250 mg (cartridge only) @.15/mg to Curaleaf slim vape 150mg(device and product) @.12/mg. Curaleaf strains have solid genetics, but don’t play on name recognition or big terpene profiles. This surprises me, since CO2 processing specifically preserves terps. Please, Curaleaf, grow some Tropicanna Cookies and celebrate the lineage!
    Curaleaf products appear to be consistent and potent.
    Really, between Trulieve and Curaleaf, I couldn’t be more satisfied that choices are here, and strain availability just doubled.

  4. tylerming14

    great location and excellent service. associates are beyond friendly and willing to assist you, and checking in is simple. definitely will go again!

  5. abunnell76

    Thank you Ruben for your help this morning!! You are very knowledgeable and kind!! You rock!!

  6. melissa062079

    I visited this location on Monday afternoon to drop off a resume and cover letter. The security officer was very pleasant and offered to see if the GM was available to come out and meet me. 🙂 The GM came out and asked if I had a minute to come in and talk with her. She was very easy to talk with, had a friendly, professional demeanor and gave the impression that she genuinely enjoyed working at Curaleaf…that the work environment was a positive atmosphere, where compassion is necessary and creativity is encouraged. Hoping to join their team soon!

  7. Rigs1970

    First time at this location. Staff were all friendly and knowledgeable. Mr.Diaz answered all of my questions and was very personable and proficient. I had a great experience here and will return again.

  8. Jeremy352

    The staff is amazing. They care and are truly knowledgeable. Right away they make you feel like part of the family. I am always in a hurry and I have never had to wait. The quality is top notch and price is reasonable. You guys rock!

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