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1541 S. 3rd West, Missoula, MT 59801


46.8667923, -114.0202275




9:00 AM – 8:00 PM


9:00 AM – 8:00 PM


9:00 AM – 8:00 PM


9:00 AM – 8:00 PM


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Greenhouse Farmacy is a Clean Green Certified medical marijuana dispensary proudly serving the Missoula community the very best selection of medicinal and lifestyle cannabis products. Dedicated to providing premium cannabis products, we strive to educate our community and patient members about the medical science of cannabis and to offer a comfortable, clean, and safe environment for them to access their chosen medicine.

We’re local. We care. We’re Greenhouse Farmacy.


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39 reviews for “Greenhouse Farmacy

  1. KushKrush406

    Moved here from BC and was blown away none of these dispensary’s had RSO…if you’re a medical dispensary how can you not carry RSO? Crazy. Greenhouse has more varieties of RSO than I’ve ever seen. 1:1, Indica specific, Sativa specific, 2:1, 4:1, whatever ratio you want I bet they have it. Bud tenders are cool-don’t try to over-educate or act like they are smarter than you. Like the vibe. Cool shop.

  2. LiifeJourneys

    If you are looking for Clean Green Certified Products, this is the place! Friendly Staff, so helpful, & always very informative! I Love Greenhouse Farmacy, best I have ever had. Wouldn’t want mg products any other way! Natural & Down to Earth.

  3. Woodyche

    Knowledgeable, caring, professional…and focused on helping patients find solutions that match our unique body systems. Love this place!

  4. Dylbrunner

    Best dispensary in town!
    Amazing customer service,
    super friendly employees & owners, amazing product offerings as well as unique merch selection. Won’t go anywhere else in Missoula.

  5. shittiot

    Greenhouse is, without a doubt, the best dispensary in MONTANA! They are the most knowledgable reguarding all off their products. Most well stocked CBD store with so many variants. Quality buds, and most aesthetic, tasty buds! Not to mention, the owners and staff are all very interactive/involved in rhe community, always holding clinics and sponsoring great, fun times. Not just a store, they’re family.

  6. JeepNMT406

    I switched to Greenhouse a couple months ago and couldn’t be happier. It didn’t take long for everyone to know me the second I walk in the door. Emmie and the gang are amazing. Good quality products and amazing people helping me with my needs.

  7. Stellaaaaaaaaa

    Every time I come here I am welcomed like family. Not only is the product the best quality I’ve experienced, the staff is knowledgeable on things I’m interested in trying. I love that you can also buy cute stuff that is family friendly. 10/10

  8. Pozmagee406

    One of the best damn dispensaries I have ever had the pleasure to visit. Staff was friendly, well supplied, and extremely informative. Pound for pound this is the dopest joint in town.

  9. tiaraontop

    The most amazing people I have ever met. Very friendly. Always stocked up. Never disappointed.

  10. BigCatRenegade

    Great product, wonderful service. The staff is extremely kind and patient, as well as knowledgeable. Would recommend to friends.

  11. morgance

    Greenhouse is hands down the best dispensary I have been to. Their attention to detail and care for their patients is what makes them stand out from other dispensaries. They also have an incredible collection of CBD products, from CBD coffee beans to CBD skin care products.

  12. Redneckjoey27

    Totally chill environment. Nice staff and has quality products for an affordable price.


    They are the best. Seriously go there no question best place

  14. radsquatch420

    great assortment of gifts, glass, and MMJ/CBD products. love the strains they carry and Emmie and Brian are always very welcoming and knowledgeable about their products. highly recommend!!

  15. Browniemansam

    These guys are by far the best in Missoula. Great Service, great people, and great products. Whatever condition you may have, these guys will take care of you!

  16. AKRich24

    I love going to Greenhouse for my CBD products. Every single time I’ve been in, the employee (or owner) has been the friendliest and very knowledgeable about what I’m looking for. Everyone has always been patient with me while I look at all the different products. I look forward to going in and finding exactly what I’m looking for.

  17. SydDAkid406

    I love greenhouse farmacy and all the people who help make it what it is. Every time I go in I am always treated with kindness and respect, all of the employees do there absolute best to make sure I get what I need/ am looking for. I couldn’t ask for a better group of people to have as my medical care givers. With out a doubt the best medical dispensary in the state!!!! Hands down!

  18. DarlaDub

    Greenhouse is the best! So much to love. The staff, CBD, strains and the jar recycling program. I love that this shop not only cares about their patients, but the environment too!!

  19. mariahlewis12

    Best dispersary I’ve ever been to. A lovely shop with friendly and knowledgable staff and an incredible selection of products for sale. I regularly use their CBD oil for my senior dog and it makes a world of difference. Definitely check out Greenhouse Farmacy!

  20. mchamp

    This place rocks!!! Every kind of CBD product you could imagine. The crew is top notch, always friendly and the building is spotless no matter what time of the day. By far the best dispensary ive been in!

  21. UrsusUnusual

    Excellent dispensary and incredibly knowledgeable staff that want to make sure you get the product you need for your health and wellness.

  22. MissoulaLove

    I’ve been a patient at 4 dispensary’s around the state and have never felt more at home or more valued than I do at Greenhouse. They always go above and beyond and the owner’s are always available. There are lots of good dispensary’s but Greenhouse is the best.

  23. jakester406

    I can’t say enough great things about Greenhouse Farmacy and their staff. In addition to being compassionate and attentive caregivers, they have THE highest knowledge of cannabis, THC and CBD products I have personally seen in my travels. I give them the highest recomendation I can.

  24. shitttiot

    The crew at Greenhouse have helped me find exactly what I’ve wanted with their knowledge of product. Plenary of good strains, great prices and open on weekends!

  25. Richieps2

    Wow! I’m not sure where to start…This place is sooo much more than a dispensary! The people are kind,knowladgable and so caring about every one of their clients. I have seen this interaction many times with my own eyes. The store is conveniently located, easy to access. The outside boasts a sleek non abrasive look. The inside is comfortably furnished and relaxing. (Not like most) I have been to. I always find myself in a lengthy engaging visit and have learned something from one or another of the staff every time I visit. The Owners have a deep passion for the industry and genuinely just helping people achieve an understanding of the medicine and it’s many uses. I have personally been helped in more ways than I can count. I have never felt so safe, appreciated and cared about more by any company in any field of service. When my Father was on his last year of life on Hospice care, I was able to reduce his (Powerful and dangerous) narcotics prescriptions by 100% while compansating with RSO and so many options of CBD that they have in stock. From water to chocolate candies and honestly EVERYTHING IN BETWEEN! This was a life changer for My Father who suffered from emphasima, amputation of a leg, anxiety, depression and chronic horrible pain. With the close personal bond of patient and provider in place, Greenhouse Farmacy was able to give my Dad a real quality of life in such an intiment setting such as we knew his very close passing was imminent and not curable. The last year of care and companionship with my Dad was so amazing while all the benifets of the medicine was working better than ANY pharmaceutical narcotic that had been prescribed in the many years proceeding. In short… They helped my Father pass with care, compassion and intergrity and dignity. Giving us both the freedom to be Father and Son and not Patient and caregiver. (I was his personal care person for 5 long, sad, grueling years) They gave us the best advice, products and personal care I have ever experienced. As I cry all over my phone while writing this I can’t help but want to keep thinking of all the ways they helped to ease the pain and suffering of us both, Dad for his condition and me who had to sit by helplessly watching the disease breakdown my life with My Father as I had always remebered. For a brief period of time we wer granted the wish to be happy and pain free and forget all the bad things constantly surrounding his condition and my mental stability. With all the LOVE AND SINCERITY my family and I have to give…Thank you Emmie, Brian and ALL of the wonderful staff at GREENHOUSE FARMACY for giving all you are to helping us through such a bleak and ultimately tragic time in our lives! We are forever in your debt and love and immensely appreciate you ALL!!!! My Dad felt the same way and bragged of how much better he looked, felt and that he could laugh and love and enjoy what time we knew we had left. We LOVE YOU GUYSdY~C/a$?

  26. mouse9379

    Top notch all the way around. Best dispensary in Missoula, hands down! Amazing owners and products. dY~Z

  27. jimmyrats87

    I’ve been to a few different dispensaries around town and in other states and the staff at Greenhouse is the most knowledgeable. Whether it be CBD or THC, they know exactly what they’re talking about and can direct you to the exact product you need. Not to mention, they’re friendly and pretty funny.
    As far as product go, I’ve never been let down by the quality. I even recommended my girlfriend’s dad go there for CBD and he was very complimentary of the staff and the product they recommended.
    12/10 would recommend.

  28. morgannnnn69

    From the incredible product, dope swag, to the insanely capable, intelligent, informative (and beautiful) staff, this store is aces. The only bad part of this dispensary is that it will ruin all other dispensaries for you. If you’re in Missoula, and you don’t stop into this store for all of your cannabis related needs, you’re the dumbest kid in school.

  29. koremsla

    Best in town, hands down; service, quality and experience. The staff and the owners are very friendly and knowledgeable and anything I dont know, they’re more than happy to explain and make sure I get what’s best for me. I recommend Greenhouse to everyone local and even passing through town. Best of the best of the best!!

  30. Old_and_bold

    This place was stunning! Extremely friendly and knowledgeable people who don’t make you feel dumb for asking questions. I loved the aesthetics and feel of the shop as well. Most dispensaries in Missoula are either sterile, barren and feels forced or cheap and dirty. This place feels warm and inviting.
    Their CBD selection is the best in town without a doubt.
    I will be returning without a doubt.

  31. Jcmaki2009

    Let me tell you all that this is the best dang place in all of Missoula. The atmosphere is very welcoming and the employees are so dang knowledgeable about all things CBD or THC. If you have a chance, swing in in and say hello and you will immediately see what I’m talking about!!! Good on ya Greenhouse Farmacy! Keep on keepin’ On!

  32. Codyb2019

    Hands down the best shop in town. Emmie and Brian are extremely knowledgable about the industry and the needs of their patients. I would recommend this shop as they have excellent strains that have been tested at a local lab, and their CBD products are off the charts. The bud tenders are very friendly and also educated about their products. Stop in and see how the crew at the farmacy can help you out.

  33. 07janderson

    One of the friendliest and more knowledgeable dispensaries I have set foot in. I came in with a bunch of questions and left with all of them answered. I will definitely be back when I need a refill on my products. Oh and not to mention they are a Clean Green Certified dispensary!

  34. anat123

    Amazing! Everything about this place is Amazing the people product! I would recommend this place 100 times over

  35. expired19

    When I go there, they always smile and say hi. They help me find the medicine that I needed. They know there products and will help you find yours. My green card was so mess up, and Bryan jump in took care of it. Thanks Bryan. I’m a veteran and received a discount there. There customer service is GREAT. Hang Loose. David Richardson

  36. Candypop

    Not only is the location a very comfortable and safe space but the staff blew me away with how educated they are about all of their products, and how kind and patient they are with every person who comes in. They made the experience way less intimidating when I brought my elderly mother in, and now she is using cbd to help treat her chronic pain. Five stars across the board! I will definitely be back, thank you guys so much!

  37. Gorgegreenery

    Fantastic selection of CBD products. The staff was also super friendly and knowledgable. They answered all my questions and also helped me find CBD for my dog! I will definitely be back!

  38. AnnekeAyers

    Outstanding dispensary! Clean, welcoming, professional, and caring. I love that they not only care for their patients/customers, they do their part in caring for the Missoula community and the environment.

  39. kirulmer

    This is the store for CBD! They have so many great products and a great selection. Thanks for all the help and sharing your knowledge 🙂

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