Thrive Provisioning Center

Value & Affordability



6007 Ann Arbor Road, Jackson, MI 49201


42.2766566, -84.3122291




10:00 AM – 9:00 PM


10:00 AM – 9:00 PM


10:00 AM – 9:00 PM


10:00 AM – 9:00 PM


10:00 AM – 9:00 PM


10:00 AM – 9:00 PM


11:00 AM – 8:00 PM


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dY” We are located off of the Sargent Rd exit (145) between the McDonalds and 145 Storage in Jackson, MI.

dYfFirst-Time Patients receive a 10% off coupon for your next visit!

dYfVeteran, Senior, & Student 10% off discount! (Must have Valid Student Id)

dYfRefer a friend and get a $5 preroll for a Penny!



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389 reviews for “Thrive Provisioning Center

  1. tdbrown

    Staff is always friendly,Meds are always high quality and they have a great selection.

  2. timbonice

    My favorite place also. Fun little drive to get there through old Lansing.

  3. jamescw75

    I was very impressed with the changes. The selection and service was great!!!

  4. 9er

    Love the 1:1 service. Knowledge and suggestions are always great.

  5. bluntblowin1015

    Great service beautiful ladies great time

  6. bigdog4195

    great bud for great prices. love this place

  7. Johnward

    awesome dispensary to get your meds, great service and atmosphere.

  8. weedywife

    great location, great selection

  9. 7big1johnson0

    best place around period.biggest selection I’ve ever seen. Ari was the best help me figure out exactly wat I needed and wanted. hope she’s there next time. Only dispensary I will go. They also have the best deals.

  10. jamie616

    Very nice place well worth 1 1/2 hr drive

  11. MelissaBadder

    It was my first time and I was very happy with my experience and I will be returning dY~S

  12. Roten

    Great quality and variety. Educated and friendly staff.

  13. KushOphilioma

    All the people that work here are cool, legit, honest people. They will always get you right. Best Dispensary in Lansing, MI.

  14. jakejake123

    love the way you treat your first time patients!

  15. krauszm2005

    The staff is very friendly and knowledgeable. Excellent selection and professional atmosphere. Will be frequenting this location for my medication.

  16. wieferthereefer

    I just recently got my card and didn’t really know what to expect when going to a dispensary! Everyone was so helpful and nice! I told them the general information about what I like and don’t like and from there they gave me recommendations! I told my boyfriend that I probably would have gotten anything the guy suggested because he was so helpful and down to earth and extremely knowledgeable!

    The surrounding area seems a little run down but the inside of the building itself it amazing! I was very surprised in how well they maintained there business!

    Will definitely be going here again!

  17. LemonDragonHaze

    Awesome place! Good deals, can always find good strains in my price range. Staff is friendly and knowledgeable, a clean, professional, safe setting.

  18. nolani

    Very friendly and knowledgeable staff with great selection and prices.

  19. BDenzy18

    I was highly impressed and greatly enjoyed my experience at First Class Releaf. The staff was highly knowledgeable, courteous and accommodating; their products are TOP quality and their prices are tough to beat. Will definitely be a frequent shopper!

  20. leroy1600

    This is a wonderful place to get your meds. Very knowledgeable staff that help you with the needs you are looking for. They also have a awesome selection in everything and will get you set up in a snap.

  21. gav11

    Great place

  22. Kimi17

    Every one is super nice and knowledgeable.

  23. superdopemi

    I really dig this location. I have been shopping around a bit in Lansing and other areas of the state and I would have to say that 1st class is just that; 1st Class. Their quality is high, their selection is enormous and the atmosphere is that of a safe and inviting location. I will continue to recommend them to my friends that are looking for a great place to find extracts, edibles, and buds of all price ranges and potency.

  24. Mrgr24

    Great location, convenient to Grand Rapids. Really good flower, consistent with the Leafly menu and description. Welcoming and discreet atmosphere. Budtender was helpful, especially it being my first dispensary experience. Really enjoyed the Green Crack! Will be back.

  25. slehma04

    I have become quite a regular to 1st Class. the staff is always so very kind. they always make sure I get my money’s worth, and it looks so modern and clean. I would recommend this place to absolutely anyone! All time favorite, and one of the best in Lansing!

  26. TyphoidMary

    Julia has the patience of a Saint! She gently guided me through all my numerous questions, and never made me feel rushed. I always appreciate a knowledgeable budtender when I’m buying supplies for the month. I’m excited to come back and try the other strains she suggested. So far, her recommendations have left me very satisfied.

  27. CoolingArc

    I Think the location is super professional and presented well. Just purchased White Dawg Fire. tried it for the first time today…impressed to say the least

  28. jules0507

    Easy to find location. The staff is knowledgeable and helpful. The flower has been quality, no matter what shelf it came from. Generally there earlier in the day so the wait time is little to none.

  29. miayanoelle

    this place is absolutely amazing. I walk in the door and I’m immediately treated like royalty. everyone is so incredibly nice and kind and not to mention knowledgable. there has been so many times I’ve walked in with a certain amount and just ask for recommendations, they have never let me down. I was torn between two different types of waxes and the guy took his time explaining why one was better over the other and what exactly to look for. this is 100% my favorite dispensary and will always recommend it to my friends.

  30. Marklikesdabs

    Very friendly and educated staff, Easy to find location, And great products It was an overall great experience. I will be back!

  31. amourer2

    Lots of selection. Best prices. Great staff.

  32. burningdream

    Easily one of the best and most professional establishments in Lansing, they just need more variety so I can stop going to other shops for edibles and wax!

  33. Anchanet

    Customer friendly, clean well stocked and insightful. This suspensory is my first choice even though it’s an hour away.

  34. ruralman85

    Last time I went there it was not very friendly. Budtender seemed too preoccupied by whatever was on the computer. Didn’t have anything to say about the different meds. Service here has been going downhill for a couple months now.

  35. zachapin

    This was a great place to go. Service was amazing and they were also very informative. I suggest checking it out!

  36. daygus

    great service, wide variety, well worth the trip!!

  37. mclark2

    Amazing staff and wonderful products! Drove almost two hours go to and definitely satisfied with everything.

  38. bisacky666

    Great deals, great place, great people! Drive 90 minutes just to come here like every weekend.

  39. Conarymor

    FCW offers a convenient location and a clean and professional environment. The office is inviting though the dA(c)cor could warm up a bit.

    As to product, they appear to have a dozen or more strains at any time with a nice variety available as preroll. Their prices are reasonable, better than many of their local competitors. They have a small selection of edibles, oils, and waxes, something that FCW should consider expanding.

    The FCW staff is knowledgeable and friendly making for a pleasant transaction.

  40. Lo-LoHayHey

    Great experience everytime I go ! The meds are always good !

  41. AlanRice82

    staff is always so helpful & friendly, I enjoy coming here

  42. Tablegamesdealer

    worth the hour drive!

  43. awal51

    I had a great first experience here! Friendly, fast and knowledgable bud tenders. They have a huge variety of anything you need. I will definitely be a repeat customer!

  44. Dragonzwing14

    Very nice, professional establishment! Very nice seating/ waiting area. Building and neighborhood are well maintained. Very comfortable atmosphere for older patients. Will definitely come back.

  45. dng325

    Great place to pick up medicine. It’s also convenient because it is closer to the patients coming from the Grand Rapids area.
    The staff is kind and knowledgeable about their product. I will definitely go back soon.

  46. juggalomeddaugh1792

    good shop and great quality.

  47. Razkush

    Amazing service

  48. hilla35

    I drove an hour and 30 mins to this place and was very satisfied! The vibe in there is so chill and welcoming! I’ll definitely become a regular!

  49. Megfay

    This is definitely one of my favorite places! One stop shop! The people are great and very helpful!

  50. xXxMrMayhemxXx

    very knowledgeable and friendly. worth the drive!!!

  51. mrsmyownwoman

    Love the high quality and huge selection offered. The staff is awesome as well, always very knowledgeable and helpful.

  52. Feroc1ty

    Excellent staff, very secure store and easy to locate. It’s basically across the street from the airport which is probably how they got thier name. I really like the selection and you can even sign up to get texts with current deals on meds which is awesome. I usually don’t have to wait long as they tend to run two counters unlike most locations. On my first visit I was givin a pretty awesome goody bag, probably the best first time gift I’ve gotten from anywhere.

  53. slim22bd

    great service. great peaople. amazing selection. definitely go back regularly

  54. kat74k

    great selection flower, one of the best in town for sure. parking in rear!

  55. kmapes11

    I have been to First Class Releaf twice now, and both times I have been very happy with my experience. Julia has been very helpful both times, and I am glad that i was fortunate enough to have her as my budtender again. The first time in, Julia talked me through wax and shatter and recommended the Emerald Extracts live resin, and I couldnt have been happier. I plan to continue to come here for my future needs!!

  56. RDubb21

    Great people. Great products. Great service

  57. gogreen94

    Absolutely love it- been here a few times, the staff is super helpful and the meds are top notch across the board. pre rolls are a great value as well!

  58. Griser123

    great budtenders like Katie and awesome products

  59. jaypiergranger

    First class has probably been the best dispensary I’ve been to. They were very helpful with a lot of information about legalities with my medcard which I had recently just gotten and nothing before had been explained to me. I had a lot of questions about different products and they answered them all. I didn’t feel any stress or anxiety or rushed at all which I experience often at different places. If I didn’t live so far from first class, I would only go here. Best product and service!

  60. Lildutchboy89

    I like the clean and professional feel of this place. Everyone is very friendly and they know their products pretty well, I often come in and just ask them what they would recommend and haven’t been dissapointed yet. I go here more than any other shop in Lansing.

  61. rysaroni

    First Class is awesome. Great deals and a knowledgeable staff. Katie rocks! She knows her stuff.

  62. GrandpaGary

    The owner is very helpful and knows his stuff they have great product as well

  63. himynameischip

    Drove in from Holland after seeing the menu. Worth the drive and I plan on making it again. They have so much variety, something that is seriously lacking near me. The guys are extremely helpful and patient. Walked out with my money’s worth for sure.

  64. Supertimdogg

    Very knowledgeable and helpful with many products.

  65. skimask82

    Friendly staff and great selection at affordable prices

  66. jovialj000

    First timer had phenomenal service from Katie!!! She was super sweet and was well knowledge on the products!! I ended picking up and assortment. She even up sold me on more smiles instead of a tip for herself!! I have not been disappointed at all with my purchases plus walked out with a nice little goodie bag!! So some free smiles and good service I will be back!!

  67. Charliej1024

    Great service

  68. lerasteidl

    Great place n good people

  69. sumwund00d

    Top quality product, even on deal days. Their house wax is a staple in the stash box! Heading over today for some GG4!

  70. medicatedcouple

    This place really surprised me… It was soo much more than I expected… Very nice selection, and knowledgeable and extremely friendly staff all around… Highly recommended…A+++

  71. Moonstar.75

    It’s a awesome place great people awesome smoke and special thanks to a awesome sauce of a bud tender Katie you rock thanks for all the help

  72. catladypridge

    All the tenders know the bud extremely well, and they definitely run the best deals. Been in a few times and always leave with amazing flower!

  73. modelmaker88

    Drove aimlessly around Lansing’s plethora of dispensary options today. Being a first time visitor from the GR area, specifically for buds in Lansing, I was not let down. This place is great. Quick service, competent staff, comparable prices and the Pink OG Kush and Mango Kush were everything I hoped they would be. I’ll be a returning customer without a doubt.

  74. Myrman

    Been here twice now. Excellent staff. Great product. Definitely feels like a safe and aEURoehigher-endaEUR dispensary.

  75. JazzyJenz

    The only way to make it better would be to move it closer. Repeat customer who is happy EVERY time!

  76. TylerDurden13

    I been to many shops and this one is by far the best in Lansing. They have a great selection on everything and very professional and kind. I love the fact that I get the daily deals texted to me everyday. Always walking out with a smiledY~

  77. Str8Dope

    Nice comfortable ambiance, clean discreet service. Very nice selection at fair market price. Located right near the Airport. This is run by legitimate care givers. Thumbs up.

  78. mumbo1981

    wow this place is so great. Everyone there is so friendly and knowledgeable. Very responsibly priced. It is my go to place from now on. The variety of merchandise was great. Thank you Emily for a great experience shopping there.

  79. Jd197

    the service was excellent and the staff are friendly

  80. stayblued

    I love this place. I come here all the time. They have the best selection of flower and the prices are great. The wax is absolutely fantastic and they have deals all the time on them. They also have the best tasting, and best working edibles I’ve had. I recommend this place to everyone.

  81. Shane_tha_stondest

    Always a great selection , got helped by Ari she was super friendly and knowledgeable about strain lineage and what ailments certain strains were really good for ! Great staff always helpful and patient !

  82. knomeslayer

    absolutely love this place, great showroom,staff,meds they have it all. check em out!!!!!

  83. cjake1214

    Nice atmosphere, friendly and knowledgeable staff.

  84. icymitch2323

    Truly one of the Best! if you want good qaulity meds come here. All of the staff are very professional and friendly! if you need the hook up definitely stop by First Class Re-Leaf!

  85. Rynith

    Great place. Definitely my favorite dispensary to go to.

  86. Oscar825

    I had opportunity to visit this center, I will say the serve really reflects the name of what this establishment stands for… I would definitely revert this center to friends! I am eager to return:-)

  87. Higdes1998

    Great service and really great product! The edibles are also very good!

  88. PokeSmotAlot

    My fave place to go, so many stress reducing meds and great
    knowledgeable help!

  89. portlansing

    All the staff are really kind and helpful. They do a great job at helping you find whatever best suits your needs and don’t rush you into a purchase and push you out the door. Reliably have great experiences and looking forward to the next time back. Thanks!

  90. gumhat

    Helpful and great service!

  91. mermaidz69

    This is the best dispensary I have been to, and I’ve been all over the state. This was my second visit coming from Grand Rapids area. Siobhan was my budtender and she took the time to show me products I had questions on and recommended the dankest strains. The do-si-do’s is fire and I’m enjoying the purple paralyzer as well. As long as this place exists I will keep coming back. Zero percent skeezy and the prices are great. Their mid priced flowers are most places top shelf!

  92. AceDRu

    This place is always the best! My #1 spot

  93. BarbieStar

    I recently found thrive and I honestly love this establishment. The staff is so personable and informative. The product is great and there’s such a selection! Great job to those who run this establishment.

  94. mclouds97

    place is awesome. great strains and great people. nice sized selection. never been disappointed by anything here.

  95. katieferrell160

    great spot for good flower good prices and very kind staff would defiantly recommend to a friend 🙂

  96. gijoeythatsme

    great location and setup. couchlocks pricing is currently a little off on leafly, just letting you guys and gals know it says 18 for an 8th and 20 for two grams.

  97. princess817791

    The staff is very knowledgeable about all their products. I have always enjoyed coming here & will continue to keep coming back n sending friend down

  98. Squishyfish

    Love it here. All the bud tenders I have worked with there are super helpful and comforting. The quality is fantastic. Definitely my favorite. Thank you.

  99. anthonycac

    First time coming into this dispensary and had a good experience, very welcoming and definitely a wide selection of great bud!

  100. LostPuppy

    A lot of dispensaries advertise good meds and friendly budtenders, but this was the first place to actually deliver on the friendly part. Very welcoming and helpful staff and good meds for cheap prices. No reason to go anywhere else.

  101. Meanmug1995

    Good place with bomb meds

  102. Bakera37

    I highly recommend first class relief. Great selection. Knowledgeable staff on there products. Very welcoming staff, comfortable atmosphere.

  103. khalifakid2012

    Great Location and very easy to find. Amazing selection of goodies!

  104. LostCauses

    After shopping most of the dispensaries in the Lansing, Michigan area it became clear that First Class Releaf is the best dispensary in Lansing. No other dispensary carries as diverse and inventory as 1st class releaf… no other dispensary maintains the same quality of flower every week… and no other dispensary employs staff that is as friendly, supportive, and helpful as the staff at 1st class releaf… you guys set the bar for other dispensaries and I’m proud to be a regular at 1st Class Releaf… you guys rock! (lost causes aka Dorain Gray)

  105. Bunktastic418

    It’s pretty legit. Everything is by the books. Never disappointed with the meds. I would go here over kind any day of the week. This place is the real deal. Keep up the great work guys!

  106. jamaljmitchell

    great place great bud tender and the bud was more than exceptional I will bring friends next time, best quality to quantity ratio in EL

  107. dougconrad1

    great place and knowledgeable staff. top quality products. ” if you’re having symptoms throughout the day, then visit Pure Options and they’ll fade away”

  108. msloc19

    I used to go a different place, but found this one closer to my home in Lansing. My first time there, they were very friendly and helpful, something that helped a lot since the first visit to a new dispensary is always a bit anxiety inducing. They have an incredible selection of strains, edibles, other forms of concentrates, and even glass! I really loved the atmosphere, it was open and inviting.

  109. jtruitt1991

    it was ok. upon entering i was told they had the best prices in lansing. but was surprized to find out that is not true. the only decent flower is 15 a gram. thats not goid price to me. but it was decent flower. deff not the best ive paid 15 for. usually can find something good for 10 elsewhere…

  110. MichelleH69

    Parking is difficult..

  111. wartella

    Love this place! Great selection. The Budtenders are very friendly and knowledgeable. Sign up for their text messages and get great deals.

  112. DCookieMonster

    Friendly very helpful, great selection. I’m a Detroit transplant and this shop blows any shop in the D away.

  113. kdenslow

    Budtender was very helpful and friendly. Will return again.

  114. sandersoncj

    Wonderful place always look forward to coming back

  115. Wtfdead420

    I went here first on a dispensary hop trip. Hands down best place ive been yet. Everyone was so nice. The flower was beautiful to say the least. I left happier then when I came in

  116. Djgoozen

    Great assortment of meds, from flower and edibles to cartridges. Best Prices in town along with the best budtenders in town.

  117. nuwarheru

    Great space. Customer service is top notch. A plethora of product to chose from and anything else you’ll need to medicate. Awesome deals daily and quality is immense.

  118. RedFromTubeBar

    Good place but Currently closed.
    have had a few bad experiences and service but overall the top 3

  119. Flowerchild1200

    Very clean and organized. Very friendly staff. A wide variety of everything!

  120. jheltsley

    Staff is always thinking of the customer

  121. dalions

    Best in town!!! Top shelf flower at GREAT prices. Totally worth the drive. Staff is very helpful and knowledgeable. John is the shit!!! Definitely a one stop shop, something for everyone. Also, the Gorilla Alien is ridiculous.

  122. Tylorgibbs98

    Katie was my bud tender, very knowledgeable, very polite. An amazing atmosphere and all around a great place!!!!

  123. hippydave

    Nice location, good people, quality merchandise.

  124. Andy905

    I haven’t written a review on here since first class reopened as pure options. I was hesitant for them to change to pure options because I was so used to the good service I was already getting. However the staff has longevity, the medicine has quality and the atmosphere is secured as ever. This is the place to come if you’re looking for the best shop in Lansing garunteed

  125. divasativa4

    First Class is exactly that! The shop is always spotless, the atmosphere is very inviting and comfortable, it’s like stopping by an old friends’. Product quality is top notch; they always have the best looking, effective, enjoyable meds at an attainable cost. Staff is superior, always knowledgeable, helpful and warm. Efficient patient management means no matter what time you drop by, you never need to wait more than 5 min or so. Love this place. Thank you for improving the quality of life for so many!

  126. TrikhomaWonder

    I like this place! The staff was real kool and professional, knowledgeable about the flowers and as a FTP I received a nice care package. I like how they put my medication in the squeeze plastic container as well with my name on the label. They have a very nice variety to choose from.

  127. ox19

    Great place, awesome people. Always happy with the quality of meds. Very helpful and patient people, who care that you leave satisfied.

  128. batbabe32

    This is my favorite place. Always nice and the owner is real cool! Shelves always stocked and a wide selection. Knowledge bud tenders. Y’all rock!

  129. Megat27

    Love this place, have never had a bad visit.

  130. Robinofkent

    Great med’s, first time visitor. Welcoming clean environment though maybe not as secure as some other shops, but sill, a nice place to visit. Service was great after I got in front of the budtender, but that a little while as they had several customers in queue and only one budtender. Prices are typical of other such establishments. The meds I purchased were all very good. As for the Budtender, she needed a little more background knowledge about the meds, it seems she only knew a couple of the choices well. Luckily for me I researched on Leafly before going. This is a newer shop than some of the others, I’ll be back and think that budtender service will improve as they gain more experience. Good shop, good value, but do your homework and have a good idea of what you want before going in.

  131. Ashley1984_5clark

    I love this place i can look and small what i buy love that also affordable also love that and the men and women are very very nice they are sweet people. Overall experience the best recommend this place to everyonedY’–aoeOE

  132. JuneBug11

    First time going was yesterday evening and was amazed by the interior versus the location. Secure, great products and the guy working last night was super great. I will for sure revisit.

  133. Kyla13

    love the service and product

  134. Camdine05

    this is the only place I shop in the entire city of Lansing. Staff is extremely knowledgeable and friendly. Customers wants and needs supersede anything else. Extremely large variety of options and prices for all sizes of budgets.

  135. Sarah986

    Great location and staff.. Always in and out fast. Great deals daily sent through text. My go to place!!

  136. tuckergirl100

    I think this is a perfect location the budtenders are very pleasant and the service is good I will be going often

  137. cannibiscures

    This location is awesome, they offer a large parking area which I find very convenient. I drive from Jackson to get the best medicine and it is well worth the drive. I would most certainly recommend you to visit first class releaf!

  138. Dondadda80

    Not the nicest place I’ve been to, but definitely quality products and a few bargains to be found! can’t be the 3gs of shatter for 100…

  139. Jen131

    Great quality and knowledgeable, patient staff who took the time to answer my questions on my first visit to a dispensary. It’s a bit of a drive for me, but definitely worth it.

  140. jacobkemp

    Excellent meds, friendly knowledgable service; definitely will be back!

  141. Amylada

    Love this place-highest quality, fantastic selection of meds and knowledgeable, helpful budtenders..Siobhan rocks!

  142. Pimplup

    Went for over a year, was a regular felt like family. Always helpful and tons of options.
    Hope all are well there

  143. couchpotato420

    The people were nice and friendly and there were a lot of choices to choose from. I will be going back.

  144. grassfire83

    great products and nice people.

  145. AngelBarnum3

    love it here. Ari is awesome

  146. mattilathehun

    Great selection of buds as well as many edible options. My bud tender was very knowledgeable and helpful. Prices were pretty fair as well.

  147. rentner

    First Class is what a dispensary should be.
    Professional, Knowledgable, Quality, Clean and Friendly!
    Thank you

  148. Lothetraveler

    Love this location and have been going for over a year and know most of the employees. They are great an informative and Siobhan helped me out again thank you!

  149. R3CTheCreator

    This place was the perfect place for my first time at a dispensary. Knowledgeable staff, friendly atmosphere, and had everything I needed. The daily deals are awesome and the prices are reasonable.

  150. 2paid2freestyle

    One of the best I’ve ever been! Nice atmosphere cool people great medicine. Going back.

  151. casiumxoxide

    Came in on a day with some “deals” and wasted my time and money on moon rocks and a caviar stick. Gave me practically nothing for paying $50, would not recommend.

  152. wittyphrase

    Very friendly and knowledgeable staff with a quality product. Will return!

  153. moniquemo

    best thus far in the city of Lansing

  154. Tifferina

    This is my favorite dispensary. Prices and deals are great. All the employees are kind and very helpful. Thanks for everything you guys!

  155. nrelk

    Moved to a new area and First Class was the first store I went to, haven’t needed to try another one. Great selection on all levels.

  156. allthis4me

    Absolutely love this place. Very friendly and knowledgeable on there products.

  157. cdrenth1

    By far the best dispensary I’ve been too. Lots of selection with great prices, awesome dub tenders that actually know what they’re talking about. Highly recommended

  158. heidimchaney

    I really love this shop, the staff is so informative and the product really helps my pain and anxiety. Always!

  159. kloppr5

    Such a great experience. My bud tender was knowledgeable and professional. Definitely will return.

  160. 1oldtoker

    One of the nicest, cleaner, value for money every thing I really like this place. I hope they get the vending machine working some great deals could be had out of it.

  161. caldweco

    Everyone, starting with the person at the front window, was incredibly kind! Thank you!

  162. baumann7

    Great spot! Would recommend!

  163. vspooky

    nice, clean atmosphere. decent looking meds for very reasonable prices. one of the better spots in town

  164. Pinky2015

    I was very impressed. Full of Knowledge. Welcoming. Clean. Selection was very large and labeled with strain name and levels.
    Deals are good.

  165. lovelybud

    Great tree and great people! Easy in and out but still very professional!

  166. gyzzy

    My first time to this establishment and gotta say the bud is great and the service is great!

  167. Krystal.Lamb08

    Absolutely loved this place! Katie was amazing! We wil definitely keep returning!

  168. RayKudronic

    Top notch medicine served to you in a friendly environment with so many great products that you need to go back for more. First Class Releaf is one of the best dispensaries in Michigan!

  169. BLK1980

    Great experience, well worth the hour plus drive, highest quality!


    Nice place

  171. vinceyung1

    made a little trip across state to this location and it was well worth it. Great atmosphere and the staff was very helpful. I will be back for sure

  172. JediJimmy

    This place is amazing! Staff is very knowledgeable and very attentive. I love the setup, big show room with great selection of excellent medications. The manager knows me by name even though I can only make it to Lansing about once a month. His vast knowledge of his products and his incredible commitment to his customers is reason enough to check this place out. If you still need convincing check out their incredible deals and prices. I haven’t found better deals on products of this quality anywhere else. I recommend this place to everyone!

  173. buck19928

    Back again as promised and was taken care of by Nathan again. Excellent tender, as I am sure all are there. Great medicine there !

  174. jbug92

    awesome deals on Vapes and meds great spot

  175. Kollp2098

    Very welcoming environment, with non-invasive welcoming staff to help you along the way. If from a state without a Hard Card they may require you to email your card picture to them, so if you don’t have a smart phone do this ahead of time. Product quality was absolutely out of this world, the cannabis cup winner may of not been there, but the quality is stellar and in that aEURoeone will do yaaEUR category.

  176. STay_lIt

    great place, great workers.

  177. PineapplePunch

    Great atmosphere. Rocc my budtender hooked me up pretty nice will be back.

  178. Cs40

    One of my favorite places in Lansing! I’ve never been disappointed with the flower I take home, and I’m frequently blown away by the quality for the price. (The Candyland right now is beautiful!)
    Great staff, easy to talk to, and they offer great recommendations.
    This is my go to place when I need some stronger meds and want to get the most for my money!

  179. discindude

    Great spot right across from the Lansing airport on Grand River. Clean, nice location, great service, and the Best pricing I’ve ever seen. $25 eighths and the quality is great. I’ll definitely be back!

  180. Jacobwright420

    Great location with a very knowledgable and friendly staff. Great selection and prices. My go to dispensary 🙂

  181. dapperdabber314

    Excellent quality medicine and a very knowledgeable staff makes for a very good experience. Especially with the great prices.

  182. KGT

    The staff are so helpful and knowledgable and really take the time to answer my many questions with patience.

  183. Stoneyratdad47

    Decided to take a 2 hour drive to thrive and I was not disappointed at all. The selection was the biggest I have seen in any dispensary and everything I got was of good quality.

  184. MamaSmurf14

    This place is awesome. Huge selection of anything that you are looking for, the edibles are great. Staff is very knowledgeable and friendly. They also give a veteran discount.

  185. beerock123

    I went here a few weeks back. they have high quality meds with affordable prices. will definitely return.

  186. sawman05

    the location is just fine.

  187. Dk_raterink

    I love this place has the best bud tenders. The price and selection of dry herb and concentrates is great. and quality is the best in town. Always something for everyone

  188. Jbaas

    Good location, nice people.

  189. MattHazzard66

    the staff are the best part of my visit. they are very helpful with all my questions and are very knowledgeable in the work they do. friendly service. good deals. all in all a great place to go.

  190. chason231

    loved this place out of all the others and katie is a great person. very informative and knows her stuff a real big thanks will recommend to every person i know thank you

  191. Karadise

    The staff here is knowledgeable and friendly. I never feel rushed and they answer all of my questions about the different types of medication. I’ve never been disappointed in their selection and their specials are terrific! Thank you guys for all that you do!!

  192. LattaF

    Absolutely love this place!!! Unbelievable selection. Knowledgeable staff. Thank you!!!

  193. mojorisin309

    I will be back. Best shop I’ve been to. Great menu and awesome service

  194. susansells

    like it needs more lower flower prices.

  195. daizydaze

    very helpful, personable, and clean

  196. FutureMISShightime

    Very professional and friendly! Had a great experience with some of the best quality in the area.

  197. zqsimmons13

    Katie at First Class was very helpful, they have a ton of different products and options and I was very happy with the quality. I will be a return customer!

  198. SuperMawxy

    Very generous and helpful

  199. PsychoGramps

    Friendly staff, great products! Recommending to friends.

  200. jacobcrandall868

    Awesome staff and had a great selection of medicine both flower and edibles! I would definitely recommend giving them a visit!

  201. arielassault

    I went to First Class because I was getting sick of the other Lansing dispensaries and I was pleasantly surprised! First Class is great! The staff is very helpful, products are amazing, and inside was really professional. As a woman, I was comfortable being there the entire time, and that’s not my experience at most dispensaries! Will definitely be back and tell my friends about y’all!

  202. polosportstrain

    Great selection and a knowledgeable staff there to help

  203. Sooneramy1

    I have gastroparesis, which is a partially paralyzed stomach. One of the worst symptoms is constant nausea. My lady budtender (kicking myself for not getting her name) really took the time to show me what may work the best. I haven’t vomited in two days thanks to her tips.

  204. HulkGreen

    Very safe, welcoming, spot. If youre in an hours driving distance, worth it every time.

  205. holyjoec

    First Class Service. First Class Meds. I love this shop! Only one on the deep west-side of town. Thank you First Class Wellness Center! Close to my work, close to my heart. Fly High!

  206. mayohall

    First Class Wellness provides a more personal and caring atmosphere. Instead of looking over a counter at the strains, you’re sat down with one of their staff in a private room and can have all of your questions answered. The one-on-one attention and superb quality of their strains makes this a new favorite of mine!

    Oh and the waiting room was the best I’ve been in so far, very clean, sleek and comfortable.

  207. HBGB811

    Only place I go. Drive over an hour just for the selection and customer service! HIGHly recommend!

  208. Sassywolf199022

    First dispensary I’ve been to and they are amazing. Wasnt sure what i needed at first and we discussed symptoms and they made great product recomendations. And they continue to rock and help me find the best product for my needs. And the gals there are the sweetest and most sympathetic. Tip them well!

  209. yogagirl89

    really Nice! down to earth and enjoyed the meds! glad I got a cartriage and love it so much!

  210. JamesJob

    Very professional and good products. When I visited they were installing a vending machine with meds in it! They reminded me of Denver area establishments.

  211. crferox

    Home of the $8 gram. Great place, almost exact set-up as pure options; clean, safe, friendly. If you make your own edibles, great place to pick-up larger amounts that are cheap.

  212. oli22

    great dispensary! awesome selection of everything you need, especially good quality cartridges! and they have everyday deals which makes me happy. staff was also helpful and knowledgeable, i will be returning for sure. 🙂

  213. Tbell94

    this place is awesome good prices and great people recommend it to all best provisioning center around

  214. garagon

    This location has it all. Flower, medibles, utensils, concentrates, safes and even CBD water. The ‘tender knows his stuff and all the people at this location are very polite and professional. Glad we found them.

  215. sdc90

    Very nive location. Very friendly service from patient register to the budtenders. My first time here and everyone was very helpful and very quick to help customers. I really like the budtenders take time and explain the products and let you check things out. Highly recomend First Class Releaf.

  216. meb1013

    Best dispensary I’ve ever been to! Their bud is top notch & by far have the best selection. John always makes me feel comfortable and welcome. He’s extremely knowledgeable and will give you his honest opinion. This place has earned my loyalty, I can’t imagine going somewhere else now!

  217. Morlocklady

    First class releaf is super professional! Bud tenders are knowledgeable and care for your needs! They hooked me up with a 1st time care package and also send me texts about deals they have going on. I’ve actually been to First class releaf twice now, and definitely recommend it!

  218. bses420

    I like their staff. The inside is very nice and clean. The meds are very effective.

  219. sarahtheo18

    This location is amazing! Great meds and an awesome staff. The two young workers are extremely helpful and friendly. Love this place, I won’t be going anywhere else.

  220. heathersc

    My first experience at First Class Releaf was very enjoyable. The budtenders were very personable and professional.

  221. ILikeEdibles

    This place was great. Very discrete and professional. The inside of the store is clean and well kept. Their lower shelf nugs are still tasty and the top shelf are great too. Overall best experience out of the several shops I have to in Lansing. They even threw in a free pre roll for being a first time customer….

  222. gonzogrow

    I also have tried other quality places and First Class is still my go to. Text messages for a heads up on what’s on sale. Very knowledgeable staff. Very tasty house shatter and bud selection!

  223. Kippis

    Julia assisted me during my first visit here to First Class. Julia was very informative and helpful. The facility was clean, well lit, and well stocked. From the moment you walked in, you were treated with utmost respect.

  224. rootsie23

    I have been here before but this time I’m extremely disappointed to my soul..I would never think a dispensary would have such crap flower medicine. I got there day deal and came home and it was very stemmy, cut poorly and is old. I got a second flower not knowing what was being put in my container was a very bad trimmed n old KashmiraEUR< kush. it did smell good. this isn't going to help me at all and I drove a hour n a half..I feel like crying

  225. FailLikeAChamp

    About a month ago and being new to medical marijuana, I went to 5 dispensaries, including this place. This was, in my opinion, the best place overall. Katie was very helpful, and glad she recommended trying the Purple Cheddar. I guess the saying now is “chedda is bedda”. Hope to be back today!

  226. J_Ray

    As a first time patient, I can confirm that First Class Releaf, in Lansing, Michigan, deserves its First Class reputation. The entire staff was friendly and professional, particularly Katie, the patient and knowledgeable consultant who thoughtfully helped me navigate and select from a variety medicinal choices based upon my preferences and therapeutic needs. Katie, that Citrix strain you recommended certainly works for me. I plan to visit again very soon to take advantage of my 10% off coupon.

  227. midnighttoker024

    Everyone was extremely helpful & informative while making choices. They took the time to learn what you like or what works best for you to assist with the best decisions. This is a MUST VISIT shop!

  228. sloppystooly

    I love this place. but do agree with others. seem to be getting older flowers.

  229. klwit307

    I recommend you guys all the time. Good flower, good prices and good people.

  230. Mama-bear420

    This is a very professional place. Very knowledgeable staff. Great products!!
    Great prices and selection.

  231. SupposedMocha

    Great prices and friendly relaxed staff that makes it easy to swing in and get the meds I need. Quality buds but cheap, just how I like it thanks!

  232. rainboww21

    I drive an hour to this location because they simply have to best service and best products

  233. Gingerbluebabykat

    I love shopping at First Class Releaf! The budtenders are the best, ready to give helpful recommendations, answer questions and package your meds in a very efficient and timely manner. The selection is outrageous and the quality is excellent, even from the bottom shelf. Prices are very fair even without the generous specials they offer. The only negative…the driveway is only one lane, too narrow and potholes…be careful!

  234. bigdaddy1216

    The staff was very nice and patient. I will recommend this place to my friends

  235. Kush_Master_1

    This is a great place to shop! Good selection, and usually good quality. Ask the bud-tender for what they suggest. Great specials, and good service are an everyday thing here. Just be careful of some of the bottom shelf strains. They are on the bottom shelf for a reason. Wax and concentrate selection/prices/quality are tops here.

  236. mdehorn3

    I LOVE this place! I’ve had the same budtender both times I was there and I keep forgetting her name, but she’s great!

    Love the variety of stuff you guys have, love the flower, love it all! I will def be back and I will def be trying more stuff!

  237. Pamandfredbuds03

    Very educated helpful budtenders. Friendly inviting atmosphere.

  238. DaddyWilburn

    Love the starter kit you get when you’re a first time patient .

  239. acoy

    Clean place, excellent budtenders that know what they are talking about, and great product. Will definitely be going there again.

  240. Desiireeforce

    The location on grand river was friendly very helpful and the descriptions of they’re product was accurate and I’m very pleased with my visit !

  241. danahy58

    There are ALOT of dispensaries in Lansing, and First Class is the ONLY one that I trust completely. Clean, safe environment, with a down to earth, super friendly, AND knowledgeable staff!! They have a full supply of all the top name products that a medical marijuana patient needs, AND, flower that is the cleanest burning, best quality I’ve EVER had, ALWAYS. Yep, check First Class out!!

  242. 33mkay

    Love this location. It’s closer. Staff was friendly, knowledgable, and very helpful.
    Thanks guys!

  243. 45sauer

    No lab testing done at all. Obviously a huge money grab operation without the patients best interest in mind.

  244. Ldykayo

    My first and my only dispensary, and that won’t change, if you been there you know… if you haven’t then go.
    Friendly professional clean environment
    Wide variety of options
    They give you that VIP treatment!

  245. jbrd68

    Very nice, clean, professional atmosphere. Knowledgeable, friendly staff and a great selection along with good prices!! Ari was a wonderful budtender with excellent recommendations! I don’t live in the area, but when I’m anywhere close to here, I will be stopping by.

  246. madi5on

    staff was friendly, from a different city and will definitely go back again

  247. JeepGranny

    Katie was so much fun. She was helpful and patient as I searched and smelled flower, oooed over the edibles, and learned about cartridges. The selection was great.

  248. Qweermageddon

    Staff is very knowledgeable and friendly. Offers many strains and organic/pesticide free goods. Very clean environment.

  249. Abebristol

    Having been to a number of different dispensaries, I can say with confidence that First Class stands alone at the top. From the easy access and off street parking to the excellent customer service, comfort, and quality of product, there’s no place else I’d willingly get my medicine. Thanks to First Class, I can relax after a long day of work without worrying about the typical aches and pains associated with my career.

  250. Misspiggy48451

    I literally am so happy I decided to make the drive here! Katie was my bud tender and she helped me the entire time and walked me through a ton of products and was extremely knowledgeable about all the products and dosage etc. I will definitely be making the long drive just to come to this location!

  251. CandylandCrusherOG

    I love first class releaf. After visiting several dispensaries in the area, first class is my first choice. Amazing flower, and the widest medible selection in the area. The staff is extremely knowledgeable and friendly. They even carry CBD dog treats!! Which has worked miracles for my dog who is a cancer fighter.

  252. honeyhole55

    easy to get to and we live 60 miles away. Greeted by a warm friendly staff with true knowledge of their products. Honest and reasonable prices. We will definitely be back and recommend this facility

  253. RaheemKillEm60

    I been going here for a while and I just want to say that I never had any problems with anything bud price bud size and the smoke quality and smell thanks first class wellness center

  254. martellinia

    Thribe has an amazing selection great prices and knowledgeable budtenders!!

  255. austinjayyo

    Ii, have never had a bad experience here always a great environment

  256. mtarasoff

    Best place in Lansing. They have a superior collection of medicine at a bargain price. The staff has always been knowledgeable and really have taken care of me.

  257. mom1777

    Always good service and selection. Bought a nectar collector rig used it once and the end cracked off. Will be back again.

  258. handyman208

    Awesome meds Top Quality!!!!!Along With Quantity.

  259. SavvyMama

    Extremely impressed. Clean, attractive facility with some very nice features. The meds are quality and so are the people. I’m making this my regular shop.

  260. kiefpants

    love this place, great meds, awesome staff, highly knowledgeable. never disappoints.

  261. tones24

    Super helpful and friendly staff. Amazing product.

  262. julie.kloack

    This place gave me a good selection of meds as well as friendly service! Will return.

  263. cementchad

    Was impressed by the blueberry cobbler.

  264. jhg1013

    First Class Releaf, offers a truly first class dispensary experience. Once you pass through the security door, you can tell in an instant that whoever designed this space knew what they were doing. The Space is simple, clean and organized. My Budtender Suzi (sp?) greeted me and I walked over to one of 2 identical counter setups. You can’t help but be impressed! The Selection is positively HUGE! In fact it reminded me a lot of dispensaries I had been to out west! On the wall behind the counter were 3 shelves each shelf had to have a dozen or more jars containing a wide variety of strains all clearly labeled. The Cases were equally well stocked with wide a great selection of medibles, waxes, hash, shatter and resin. Of particular interest to me was the selection of CBD products they have in stock. Everything from Transdermal patches, to CBD edibles, drinks and other preparations. The service there is also first class. I found Suzi to be friendly, knowledgeable and competent. She made some recommendations and was able to answer my questions, clearly having a complete knowledge of their products. Unlike other dispensaries I’ve been to locally, Suzi never made me feel rushed. One of the strains, I was hoping to get had just sold out, I was surprised to find out that I could have called in advance and reserved a specific strain! The quality of the flower was excellent beautifully trimmed, fresh and fragrant. Since all of the West Michigan dispensaries have been closed, FCR is actually the closest alternative coming from GR. I would definitely recommend First Class Releaf and I will definitely return.

  265. curbkid88

    professional and very patient.

  266. Dcontreras23

    I went here last week and knew it was a great place the second I walked in. Everyone was super nice and chill and helped with everything I needed. Selections were superb and its a very comfortable atmosphere.

  267. RT1987

    Great place to go knowledgeable staff clean store the best flower an edible prices in town they also have a great menu selection

  268. radicaldreamer87

    We usually go to a different dispensary located on the east side of town, but we were in the area and decided to try out a new place. This place is top notch! It’s clean, professional, and the bud tenders are helpful and knowledgeable. It’s nice that we were allowed to smell and touch the buds before buying and the prices are very reasonable. We will be visiting this place again!

  269. DJB96

    By far my favorite shop in Lansing; great customer service, phenominal product over all amazing

  270. Sunshine7773

    Awesome flower friendly service

  271. lopic1ij

    great service and a pretty big selection too. they were super friendly and willing to answer any questions, and the first-timer gift bag was sweet.

  272. Lilspring825

    Great staff and products

  273. asarokin17

    Very clean and friendly people with a wide variety to pick and choose from

  274. Daintydogs420

    Great prices dY’ knowledgeable Budtenders. Good quality of weed. Best in Jackson.

  275. Chance2019

    I love everything about ur store. The girls rock they like to onow ur first name. I highly recommend everyone go to ur store. I know this is one ill keep coming back. Awesome store.

  276. bwoodhams

    Was my first experience and absolutely loved it

  277. chasonjohn

    I thought it was gonna be like most of the others. When we went in it turned out to be the best place we have been. I want to give a BIG THANKS to Katie she was so far the best person. I will recommend this place to everyone i know.

  278. Donnien08

    Good location easy to find

  279. noeringm0916

    Love this place. Great people and quality product!!

  280. bardownburner

    Love this place I get the majority of my medicine here. Lower shelves are always at good prices and are good for bulk and the top shelf strains are really solid.

  281. skyfrank31

    I love this dispensary!!! Great service, amazing product, and sweet deals! Well worth the 2 hr drive. Will definitely be going back!!!

  282. boomanmma

    today was my first day going there and it was great I’m thinking about going back tomorrow and I got enough today to last me all week but I still might go great prices and good quality

  283. jovialj01

    First time here! I loved my experience with Katie!!! She was super sweet and friendly. She took the time to show me everything and really listened to what I needed! I told her how much I had to spend and told her I wanted to tip her. But instead of caring about the tip she sold me on more smiles!! I picked up a variety of smiles. They were not disappointing at all! I know there are a lot of options in Lansing but this was a phenomenal experience. There selection was amazing and the best thing is there prices are cheaper than the other place I was going for a while. And while the prices are cheaper they still give you the phenomenal smiles that you are expecting!! I will be heading back for more! Thank you guys for being you and making people feel better in more ways than one!!!

  284. jeffreyvasquez65

    The staff is very friendly and very knowledgeable. I would recommend this place to anyone with a mmmp card

  285. Neflora

    I came into the shop as someone who’s never used before, and I was impressed with how clean and professional it was.

    The staff was really helpful getting me oriented with everything.

  286. kjaffas

    It was very inviting/helpful! They were very patient with me (it was my first time in a dispensary ever) they even gave me a nice little gift and everything. But the best part was the variety that they offered!!!

  287. KhaosKhane

    Great selection! Katie rocked and was very knowledgeable. Definitely will be returning.

  288. lumortymad

    A wonderful place!!!!! Nice selection and nice variety. The budtenders were amazing, helpful and knowledgeable. Will most definitely visit again!!!

  289. en2100

    Great shop, found some real good deals and great bud, will return for sure

  290. tigerthecat

    its close by my home

  291. JMula21

    Great atmosphere. Provides a legitimately medicinal experience.

  292. 7669

    Great staff, very helpful on picking the right product for me. A big thank you to Siobhan for all her patience with all my questions on my last 2 visits.

  293. kitkat08

    This hands down is the best dispensary I’ve been too. Herb is always fresh. Edibles are delicious, and the budtenders will do what they can to help you with your needs. Being someone with fibromyalgia I’ve visited a few dispensaries and a lot of people were stumped but they helped me find what works for me and aren’t just about what gets you stoned and I admire that and will remain a loyal customer here

  294. Martinchacon64

    Keeps me coming back because they care about your needs and offers the best strains for different ailments.

  295. HayesN

    all around great place one of my favorite dispensaries in Lansing. nice clean secure location with very friendly and professional staff. great quality medicine

  296. ganjadaddy666

    Great location and beautiful inside layout. People are knowledgeable and helpful when choosing strains

  297. erinrose817

    They have a great selection, and their daily deals are awesome!

  298. moonchild68

    Love this place!!!! Everyone is super friendly and very knowledgeable. They have a huge selection and great prices!! The guys always hook you up by far one of the best in town dY~

  299. revmata10

    The staff was friendly. Lots to choose from. Prices are competitive.
    I loved it.

  300. A1wilson

    Great selection and wonderful people

  301. lolitsanta

    I’ve been to a few different dispensaries and I can say that First Class Releaf if definitely the place you wanna go. Great customer service, amazing selection, and outstanding quality!

  302. rdware200y

    Awesome place and very knowledgeable and helpful budtenders with new first time patients, I’m happy I searched and chose to drive the two hours and stopped here, one stop shop;-) will definitely be coming back!

  303. Andre2000

    Large selection with laid back yet professional staff. This place is great!

  304. Dianimal18

    Uncomfortable parking in rear with apartment bldg. so close.

  305. tanyacart

    Great dispensary! Friendly and knowledgeable staff. Great selection!

  306. Blindjoker25

    They have best atmosphere here and best quality bud and they have best service too I’m comeing to to you guys

  307. Bigpapabridson

    I was really impressed with their wide selection of flowers, which I also found to be very affordable. Very professional and friendly atmosphere and having a budtender one on one was nice. Definitely planning on going back!

  308. hemptasticbeauty

    My first time in this location was very enjoyable. Great atmosphere, knowledgeable budtender, and loved every bit of my purchase. Returned not long after for an amazing repeat performance from this location, staff, and products! Quickly earned a spot on my ‘visit again’ list!

  309. TheDivine99

    Great! Have a long drive but worth it!! So much of a selection, so much to try and high quality! Staff was knowledgeable, helpful, and very friendly.

  310. Jojo6990

    First time here…had the feeling of a legitimate business compared to many other dispensaries. I liked that they weigh it all in front of you. There was a little mess up with the amount received vs what i paid(1/4 vs 1/8)….but with that being said they were able to review cameras and make it right with me.It was an understandable mess up though bc it was busy. A+++ customer service bc of that experience. Product looks great as well. I will definitely be back.

  311. shriekingpancake

    If you’re coming here to order a pizza you’ll be disappointed. However, they have an amazing selection of meds and a professional staff. I’m always comfortable when I go. Love you all. The business is looking great too!

  312. jj024

    Best all around shop I’ve been to. It’s fast and easy to get to if your driving from west of lansing. There is plenty of selection and the bud is top notch, I highly recommend trying the paris og moon rock. What a great Sunday afternoon treat, even the cheapest on the shelf gets the job done. Very happy with what I got for what I spent.

  313. btipp50

    Love this place. Great service, product, and overall great vibe. I highly recommend this place.

  314. Hazemata

    Great place and the staff is very helpful

  315. AlliOop5

    I absolutely love this dispensary. The budtenders are knowledgeable and patient and are very helpful in helping figure out where to start. Nathan is one of my favorites! Try this place if you haven’t already!

  316. WickedBeebs

    Drove over from GR with only my paperwork and not the actual card. I could not be served without the card. Card finally came in the mail so I went back to First Class and check it out. So glad I came back. Great staff, knowledgeable bud-tenders, decent prices and a welcome bag for first time patients. Definitely worth the trip from GR. Highly recommend!

  317. wildman15

    great place and great medication

  318. sydney9

    Nice clean place, great people too!!

  319. dgeer

    great service, freindly atmosphere and just all around really nice ppl. will be going back

  320. j95108

    Great place! Highly recommended!

  321. sonyad59

    I absolutely Love First Class! They have the best products, deals, and the kindest people. I’m always recommending this as the best place to visit in Lansing!

  322. mtchyg

    My absolute favorite in the Lansing area. My go to place.

  323. ThatDudeRy

    Very welcoming and friendly staff. Their medicine is top quality and you pay for what you get. They take good care of their patients and are always on top of updating their products. Highly recommend!

  324. muthurbored

    Great place! I’m a frequent customer because the people are knowledgeable and nice. There’s also a lot of things to choose from.

  325. Raheem1

    Ok so being a new mmj card holder and all that this was the best place to start off my experience! I loved it the vibe is super calm and chill everyone is super cool and NICE, they definitely have some deals and great pricing. they don’t tax so everything is what it is (ex. 10G, 15G etc.) I picked up 3 strains and they were all so high quality it was so so amazing to me, I loved everything I got! the budtender was so nice and help me out I told her I liked sativa dominant strains and she helped me pick some out and smell a couple, first time patients get a free goodie bag with everything you need to smoke with! lovelydY~ process was smooth and easy I’ll be definitely going back and recommending them to everyone I know!!

  326. anton812

    Staff is very professional, selection is amazing, and that veterans discount is like a cherry on a top for such a great dispensary.

  327. meghangordon

    10/10 best dispensary in jackson

  328. Charlerit

    Friendly staff good buds great concentrates I’d highly recommend

  329. JosieWhales

    Amazing deals always. Great product. I love their concentrates. 5 stars. It was my first time on my birthday and they gave me a starter kit, and deals. It was a great time.

  330. Cookiefied

    Pretty easy in, easy out access. Liked the staff a lot. Very knowledgeable and friendly.

  331. option1live

    A one star review may seem overly critical but there are reasons why being so harsh is warranted. You may not agree and I can understand that.

    First Class was the place I was most excited to visit while waiting for my card; it was also the place I had heard the most good about. At first glance they seemed to be a higher-end establishment with a curated library of flower on Leafly and prices a trichome above most other places. Visiting the storefront confirmed my impressions. Well lit, well maintained, a ‘patient’ agreement I had to sign before entering, a surprising selection of glass and rolling accessories, and what looked like a metric ton of high quality green.

    Unfortunately, my first visit left me feeling a bit down and even trying as hard as I can (spending more than few bucks along the way), I can’t seem to bring it up to a positive level.

    First things first (no pun intended)- and as I’ve complained about in other reviews- before I left my initial visit I was hit quite hard to give First Class a ‘review’ on Leafly. I personally feel this is the worst thing about Leafly at the moment as mediocre stores can ‘pay’ their way to 5 stars. As of yet no store in Lansing has hit me quite so hard as First Class did. In their defense, they haven’t mentioned it on return visits.

    As far as their actually flower library goes, you better like GSC or bust. First Class seemingly majors in it because the majority of what they’ve carried across my visits has been some variant or hybrid. I don’t hate GSC but I’m not in love with it enough to want to try 7 (no lie, 7; and that was just one shelf) different strains of it. If you happen to prefer pure Sativas like I do, you can choose Hawaiian Snow or… Hawaiian Snow. Pure indicas are a similar story.

    For the sake of argument, Hawaiian Snow is pretty kick ass (one of my favorite Haze strains) and I’ve bought almost a half ounce of it from First Class (across two visits) but both times it was seeded. Not heavily seeded I suppose, but seeded enough to find both whole seeds and ground up shells in my grinder.

    It’s also worth mentioning that the first time I purchased Hawaiian Snow from First Class, it was wonderfully potent. The second time however, it was somewhat… not as potent. (It was noticeably worse looking flower the second time around and the most seeded as well.)

    Finally, and this is maybe the hardest thing to pin down but also the most damaging, while I was grinding up some flower I had left from my last visit, I noticed a strange, loud smell from my fingers. If you have a true Michigan basement, you know the smell exactly. Finding some better lighting and a microscope (I grow), I’m almost completely certain my flower was contaminated by mold.

    Again, it’s not super easy to pin down. Dank flower looks like one thing and mold (especially light mold) looks kind of similar. Moreover, there’s nothing First Class could really do about it even if it was 100% confirmed to be mold. They weren’t rude or irate with me when I called and spoke about the issue, but they didn’t really come up with a satisfactory solution. I was basically told (after giving me the “it’s supposed to look like that” shtick) the manager wasn’t there, but I could bring it back sometime when he was there (a different day) and… yeah. That’s it. They took my phone number in case the manager wanted to call me back but haven’t heard a thing. ‘Dunno I guess.

    I could, of course, be some joker trying to pull something but it seemed like they had no idea what to do if a situation like this arose (other than telling me “it’s probably not mold”) and as someone who works in the service industry, I find that kind of amateur. You are selling me a medically licensed product that I will inhale through the lungs, to not have a policy or procedure on file to deal with that is a serious misstep.

    In retrospect, I recall the last time I had smoked that particular product my leg and back pain seemed worse than before I smoked… but I’m willing to say that was just a fluke. And for those who would say “just take it back on a different day”, I don’t want to go out of my way to drive back there and try to convince a manager (who’s got the store’s reputation at stake) that there’s mold on just over a gram of flower. Again, in the service industry, we know things are going to happen no matter how diligent we are and we make a concerted effort to be prepared for any and every problem.

    Either way- wrong or right, it doesn’t really matter- the only consistent thing with First Class is a feeling that I can get better flower, for cheaper, and treated better somewhere else.

  332. jmoney369

    The DOPEST place! Excellent quality meds and the staff is impeccable! I drive an hour from Grand Rapids because it’s that good. Do yourself a favor and check them out!!!

  333. DeBunny

    This is my favorite dispensary by far! All the product is top quality for a fair price. Plus the budtender is super friendly and great at suggesting strains fit to your needs. Definitely my go to, the hour drive is worth it.

  334. DescendantofBow

    A very pleasant environment and a very clean environment. The location is convenient. The staff are very kind and knowledgeable. Definitely my go to spot for my medical needs.

  335. 6killerbs

    they are great, I have had the best experience I could have hoped for. the budtenders are knowledgeable and helpful, they have never been bothered by my many questions and are always ready to answer more. I have steered a couple of friends their way and will tell everyone I know, this should be their dispensery. I know I have found my home base.

  336. zligman

    Top shelf is some of the best I’ve seen. Great prices friendly people

  337. kaceyannemarie

    Everyone was so nice and I was in and out in no time. Not to mention I forgot to ask about the new patient care package and when I called they were so nice; they said I could get it the next time I come in and they put it my file.

  338. tlcgrump

    very professional budtenders, I apologize for not remembering her name, I bought an ounce of the blue shelf strains, excellent aroma and flavor to the purple kush, nice relaxing high. I recommend you check them out

  339. regnerika3

    Amazing experience amazing staff!

  340. jwilcox4093

    By far the best meds in Lansing. Staff is at the top of their game here. Always a great visit. Thank you. JW

  341. WillFromGrandRapids

    Have been here twice. Both times a different bud tender and both times they were very helpful. The 2nd time there was a dude in his mid 20s as the bud tender and at one point he had like 12 different jars all open in front of me, allowing me to take my time. The GG#4, White Widow, Platinum Pineapple Express and Death Star are all fire. Been to a handful of dispensaries this one has the BEST top shelf meds so far.

  342. Williep

    This place is my favorite. We go to many places and the service and oz specials are great!

  343. Doerrmmmp

    My bud tender was cool and the owner was up front about prices. Top notch shatter for an affordable rate

  344. DeucsBday420

    Some of the best flower in town. Love the Indica Strains! Pre-Roll heaven.

  345. pcrystler

    Great atmosphere with very helpful service and quality products

  346. greeengirl97

    After a couple of visits to thrive I’ve came to really enjoy the staff and atmosphere. Love the products and prices! Especially the quality of carts.

  347. Popovich420

    Staff is excellent great variety and best prices around!!!

  348. MrDrPiratePHD

    I had an awesome time! Huge thank you to the staff at this location. They were knowledgeable and friendly, plus the atmosphere was great! Wide selection, great deals dY’dY>>

    I’ll be back!

  349. spazkilla420

    A have nice place like the people there very knowledgeable and they always have good deals and everything just all around a good place to go and get your medicine

  350. Bdubs120

    Great flower quality and great prices! Would definitely recommend.

  351. Schrosmom

    Katie was fantastic! What a great personality for this profession! I got 5 new strains, 3 kinds of wax and some Extreme Chill rub. Was able to use my coupon on most of it for a sizable discount, which I appreciated. I like this spot and I’ll be back!

  352. AtomSmasher

    I have been here a few times worth the hour drive for the deals.

  353. jannerethj12

    Best place I have been to everything I need in one spot with great daily deals. Awesome people as well.

  354. Jayann

    Very knowledgeable staff on top of being incredibly nice and compassionate. I will continue to use this dispensary as my main go to.

  355. Hinotorikuro

    My favorite Lansing location! Been to quite a few places at this point, and this is the best. Helpful and friendly staff oversee a large selection of flower and edibles for every price range. I am going back tonight!

  356. Krazymutz

    Friendly and efficient reception and budtender. Satisfying selection and price. Well worth the drive for me.

  357. cshawvs

    Best location I’ve been to in years, great quality, great service, and just great people to be around.

  358. lin0rez

    Great prices, knowledgeable staff good product. Small selection but good quality.

  359. Dreadheadzjtc

    Awesome place for medicine. I love how helpful the staff are and their knowledge of all the product.

  360. chelseaweed

    I really enjoyed my first time here. The budtender that helped me was very nice. They label everything which I really appreciate. The flower I got is very nice and the house wax tastes amazing.

  361. blt2drg420

    Great quality flower. One of my top 3 places to go in Lansing.

  362. Bigvader420

    Absolutely Awesome, Super friendly staff! Nice place to visit if your in Lansing. Made my first visit today and was Happy to come across this fine establishment, I will definitely be going back.

  363. billybuds420

    Great set up. Stocked shelfs. Great staff. all around great place

  364. avmhope

    Love love love this dispensary! Hands down best I’ve been to since I got my card earlier this year. Definitely worth the drive from Grand Rapids for their prices, quality & service. Their edibles are phenomenal, specifically their flavor gummies and pain blocks. Flower is also top notch

  365. bjssalva

    The lady who helped me was very friendly, informative, and nice. Very cool experience, very good deals, and going back soon. Check em out if your in East Lansing.

  366. jeberly

    Katie was amazing and very knowledgeable with what you have to offer abd even gave me a gift. The brownie was very tasteful. I am so happy to be able to get good meds from happy people the atmosphere is very comforting. I will be back .

  367. 1tiacute

    Best place ive been so far bongs down dY~$? will be coming back …next week …..dY’EURu there

  368. tdavid

    Nervous going in. Had never visited a place like this before. Thank God that places like this exist. I’m not able to make comparisons, because I’ve never been to another, but from the moment I entered the building, until I exited, I was made to feel safe, comfortable, and appreciated.
    Julie, the bud tender who helped me was bright and happy, and she was friendly. I felt at ease right away. She listened, and offered great advice and suggestions. I was impressed, and absolutely intend on returning. Thanks guys.

  369. Supersmoker1111

    I love the meds here wide variety of trees

  370. krazylarry69

    2nd visit was awesome… looking forward to my 3rd time…dY~dY~dY~

  371. samIam1325

    I enjoyed my donation experience

  372. luciano61

    I drive an hour and a half just to go my selection of edibles and buds, great quality friendly staff all will inform you in what you need to know

  373. MaddiJane420

    Love this place! They’re all basically family! Ready for y’all to reopen!

  374. bryanAKAvanilla

    super friendly and knowledgeable dY’dY’

  375. YorktownKush

    I love the process and the environment. they are consumate professionals that always help you make a great selection

  376. Des66

    Pleasant staff, clean location. Budtender knows what he’s talking about and you get the feeling he really wants to help his patients. Watch for specials. Great product at a great price !! I will be back.

  377. BrendaStump

    Fast friendly service lots of selections to meet my medical needs. Good prices in a good location.

  378. bmay234

    I come here all the time I drive all the way across town just for their staff and their smoke is top notch

  379. flintchick4ever

    Great environment

  380. kc5thelement

    Great service, great product, great location, super friendly and helpful staff (thanks again, Eli!). A really comfortable and pleasant experience all around!

  381. bllb37

    Near by has good prices great staff

  382. Runnergirl71

    Emily and Nate have been amazing. Super educational and NOT judgemental. They help me on every visit and are extremely patient, helpful, educational and have great personalities.

  383. starrlitestarrbrite

    Julia was an amazing budtender…staff of the best disp. Ive been to…i live an hour away and am omw back today…Nuff said

  384. kingofkush1914

    Extra professional, discrete, and friendly! They have a nice variety of meds for all sorts of ailments and budgets. Will be making regular visits for sure, thanks!

  385. citizendan

    I love this store and the friendly, helpful staff. I visit about once a month from out of town to stock up and they have it all. Great variety of flowers, concentrates and edibles. I’ve been to a lot of stores and this one is the best.

  386. Jazwinski

    Amazing! I had a young girl who was a cancer survivor that was incredibly helpful, empathetic, and knowledgeable! I will definitely be returning. THANK YOU.

  387. jetshoward

    Pleasure doing business with these guys. Gave me a goodie for first visit. The only change would be to bring more strains in to the affordable range for more people($210.00 range)

  388. QuinnH

    Always friendly and very knowledgeable staff. Have been to most of the dispensaries in Lansing and this is heads above the rest!! Huge selection, great prices, and the best of the best top shelf product! Only place to go as far as I’m concerned

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