1818 Packard St, Ann Arbor, MI 48104


42.259328, -83.729342




10:00 AM – 8:00 PM


10:00 AM – 8:00 PM


10:00 AM – 8:00 PM


10:00 AM – 8:00 PM


10:00 AM – 8:00 PM


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Michigan’s Premiere Medical Provisioning Center.

ArborSide offers safe access to a wide variety of medical marijuana to Michigan Medical Marijuana Program patients and caregivers. Our compassionate staff will help you find what strain will work best for you. We also offer on-site potency testing with Steep Hill Lab’s QuantaCann. A potency analysis only take 90 seconds to perform and does not destroy the sample. Be sure that you are paying the right price for your buds!

To make selection easier to our patients, every strain in the store is on display with potency test results.

We are always accepting NEW members and suggest taking a look at our website for more information! Arborside welcomes all Michigan Medical Marijuana patients and caregivers. For a donation of just $12, you will have access to the largest Medical Marijuana selection in Michigan, on-site Cannabis potency testing, and a free gift!


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54 reviews for “ArborSide

  1. maria.evola1

    Only place I go for my meds! Love the atmosphere and selections.

  2. captainfabuloso

    can’t give a 5 star quality in comparison to West coast. arborside really does give a great platinum shelf but price is high. in return for high price on platinum you get great hours and a decent parking lot. not many parking lots at dispensaries in AA so that’s a positive. desk attendants have always been friendly in 8 visits. budtenders know their inventory . medicine tested and they have so many vendors so you get quality and variety. have used many strains from arborside and believe me some bottom shelf (apollo13) is a great value. Azure Haze on middle shelf is an exquisite sativa and you can’t find that at other shops. each shelf really has terrific medicine. Check out arborside for a comfortable, convenient and reliable source of medicine.

  3. Markwolver

    This dispensary sells male clones as female. I drove 1 hour from detroit to pick up 6 clones to start growing again only to find out during pre flower that 3 of them are males. I waisted 75.00 on the clones not to mention all the nutrients and electricity waisted. I would not recomend this dispensary to anyone. I am let down and very upset with my purchase!

  4. sweatergoblin

    I must say I was extremely disappointed I had heard good thing’s about this place. Where to start the lady at the front desk was not friendly, when I finally got asked to come back by one of the bud tenders, his attitude sucked too. There was no acknowledgement of me being a new patient, and he just seemed like he had better shit to do them help me. As a new patient i did receive a free preroll, however there were so many seeds it was not smokable. Also the place just seemed old and run down. One positive was they had the e cartridge I needed.

  5. bmoney389

    Very helpful staff and usually a great selection, especially with edibles. They will bring you back on a one on one basis, so you get 100% attention from whoever is helping you. This also can cause the wait to be somewhat excessive at times though.

  6. Jchalm01

    Wonderful service and bud

  7. Gemini000777

    I Love this place!!! Adam is the best. smoke on !

  8. BigDabTommy

    Unsure as to how anyone could leave a bad review or was dissatisfied after visiting Arborside. Arguably the best dispensary in Michigan. I’ve been to over 75 dispensaries all across the state, and Arborside is right at the top. Unbelievable concentrate quality and selection. It’s worth the drive no matter where you are, hands down best concentrate variety and selection in the state. Just an excellent location with a friendly and knowledgeable staff.

  9. bobcatmom13comcastnet

    Great staff and products. Enjoyed their booth at the Michigan Cannabis cup. aoeOEdY1/4i,

  10. joebailey823

    Nice knowledgeable staff great product will go back

  11. mcraw05

    My favorite dispensary. The bud tenders are very knowledgeable and friendly. The product is amazing!

  12. Fatdabber0420

    Very professional and knowledgeable. Only place I go.

  13. shirleytpa

    I frequent this dispensary often and I am never disappointed. The product is great and the prices are awesome, especially for those that don’t have a lot of money to spend at the time. Everyone is always friendly and helpful!!!

  14. mikesos

    great location for meds and information about products. will definitely come again.

  15. Mickey4680

    love this place

  16. keller734

    This place is super chill. Every staff member I’ve interacted with is very kind and helpful in finding the right type of product to suit my needs. There’s been a lot of negative reviews about arborside lately and I gotta say I’ve been coming here for over 4 years and have never had a bad experience.

    Specifics I like about Arborside:

    -Huge seed selection, like seriously, almost 100 strains, from probably 10 different (very reputable) breeders or more. And all seeds are 15% off on saturdays. It’s a steal.

    -An equally large selection of concentrate and flower (and edibles….and cartridges..and prerolls…), at all donation levels. Whether you’re ballin’ on a budget or looking for that one connoisseur product, you’re likely to leave happy. Even the low tier concentrates look excellent and have noticeable terpene profiles. You’ll find flower in the 20% THC range at all donation levels as well.

    -This place is cheaper than a lot of others I’ve been to in the area. With the daily specials and rewards you earn as a patient sometimes the savings can be VERY significant.

    -The OGKB (it is so good)

    You should definitely go check this place out!

  17. JadedTakesThisSerious

    This place is garbage. I was here twice and my first visit was told all meds were tested and even given thc an cbd contents for the strains I bought. Got home an smoked an felt very let down. Gave them another shot an went back to pick a few more an this time the budtender tells me they don’t have any tested because in house equipment had broken.. So the girl leafing through a binder an tellin me this is 24% was literally just talking out her ass. Honesty totally matters in a place like this an they don’t treat it that way. Buds are in large jars constantly being opened for everyone. The place screams recreational only in my opinion. Will not be back.


    Luv this place always have that good dY”Y=dY”Y=dY'”dY'”dY'” for me with a dY~

  19. fattdabbin

    Where to start….. Arborside must be the most reasonably priced meds in all of Michigan. Good luck finding better prici g also. The staff is very professional and know their strains. Definitely check them out.

  20. Loveingpeaches1

    I love this place I think they’re friendly they have great prices and awesome atmosphere

  21. swagswagswag420

    Bought a quarter of wax, took it home and it weighed out to 4.5, so thats cool

  22. Juuzuo

    great place in and our quick

  23. dabsohard

    Terrible service they sell faulty cartridges then won’t exchange for a working one, not to mention on two occasions I’ve bought 1 gram containers of oil but there was only a half gram in the container

  24. e7add9

    My favorite dispensary I’ve been to. Friendly & actually knowledgeable staff and a points reward system is how you keep patients coming back to your business… I can’t believe no other dispo has figured this out yet. Bravo Arborside, you guys are champions.

  25. mikeshivak

    best place for flower in aa/ypsi

  26. KettleBlackFarm

    Bit of a clusterfu@k parking lot, nice enough budtenders, knowledgeable. Lacking in clones at the moment, which was the purpose of our trip, we bought a Bhang bar, an eighth of Cherry Bomb, (not so bomb) and headed out.

  27. DrChronic2474

    Absolutely fantastic medicine, reasonable prices, relaxed and comfortable environment, and extremely friendly and helpful staff. Great place! Visit almost daily.

  28. GreenCrinack

    Great shop, very nice staff. Will definitly be back.

  29. tl420dr1time


  30. konykush

    Love this place
    Love the staff love the bud
    If you get Shanna shes the best!!!

  31. blueman97

    This dispensary offers one of the most extensive selections in Ann Arbor. They have a wide range of pricing so that anyone can find what they are looking for. I believe they offer some of the best edibles in the area. Would recommend the roasted nuts. Definitely one of my favorite dispos in aa.

  32. MishLe

    Extremely cold and unhelpful staff will only help you at their leisure… If they can be bothered at all.

  33. MustardKetchup

    I really want to like this place but it seems they go out of their way to make it hard. They do have some of the best prices in town but you get what you pay for in atmosphere, product, and service.

    They have such arbitrary rules and never communicate them but will give you a bunch of attitude if you don’t just automatically know their new rules. The rules are often things that ONLY Arbor Side does for whatever reasons as well. I understand that state regulations and LARA change rules but Arbor Side always seems to be out in left field with their rules compared every other dispensary in the A2/Ypsi area as they will enforce rules that no other place does.

    The receptionists are often rude and short width you too – not all of them but way too many of them. It’s actually a joke among friends that they have good prices but you have to make up for it with the rudeness. Thankfully the budtenders provide better service for the most part.

    I have also felt shafted on several occasions here, unfortunately. Last time I went in, I got a vape pen recommendation because what I wanted was out. I was promised it would be fire and the pen didn’t even work. I’ve also purchased flower that was on the top shelf when I got it and then I see it moved to mid a week later. And, their pre-rolls canoe about 85% of the time when smoking them.

    I really want to like Arbor Side, but I leave disappointed many times and going there is often a frustrating experience overall. I will still go there to pick up 1-2 things on special as they have great specials and prices, but aside from that, I have been avoiding going there for my mainstays.

  34. skermcgurt

    Dope spot great selection

  35. monymony

    Great place with great meds and gteat prices

  36. Nik.wick97

    Always a nice atmosphere, every time I go I’m treated everywhere, they always have high quality flower and concentrates, would highly recommend/ refer people to Arborside.

  37. Tokenspartan

    They had good Meds but the owner was super rude. I didn’t understand how his price breaks worked and instead of trying to help me understand he told me to “either buy the product or get out.” I don’t really understand how you can treat someone like that when they are spending money. Too bad the costumer service was so awful, I will defiantly not be going back.

  38. crudpackjack

    I always try to stop at arborside whenever I’m in the area. Well rounded dispensary with kind staff and a good rewards system.

  39. smokeysteve

    As someone who grows their own, this is my go to spot to try something new! Great prices that are pretty competitive. Some pretty amazing flowers can be found here.

  40. Virgo916

    I am a Cannabis Connoisseur and Hip-Hop/RnB Musician Located in Eugene, Oregon. I travelled to Michigan Recently and I Had to Visit This dispensary in Ann Arbor. It is Awesome! Great Service, Great Selection, Of course anyone Could use more Kush Varieties for Anxiety/Stress Relief, and more support for Growing your own is always appreciated also Shoutout to #IvyVine420 in Michigan for the recommendation!

  41. Chrisw95

    One of the best dispensaries in Ann Arbor.

  42. richieusmc

    great people… prices could be better and offer in half and full of but other than that it’s great

  43. eisen222

    Great people. Great location. Ordering online is awesome. Great emdibles.

  44. rybakor92

    Good service and work hard to get you a great deal!

  45. kzgirl

    One of the oldest dispensaries in town. Award winning.
    Nice location. Easy to get too. Limited parking but there is close free on the street parking right around the corner.
    Excellent selection loose of pre rolled flower and and I can say for sure the fattest ones out of any dispensary in Ann Arbor. I have also found strains at Arborside that I have not seen anywhere else in town and even in the greater Detroit area. Like Headcandy #9, which won 1st place for best hybrid in the 2016 Michigan Cannibis Cup sponsored by High Times. Excellent!
    Also picked up some really nice Banana concentrate that was nicely done, clear, almost shatter. Very smooth smoke.
    All the staff I encountered in the last two visits were friendly, honest and gave great advice.
    Nicely organized. Cash only. Prices comparable to other spots around town.
    Checking in for the first time was really easy and a lot less paperwork than other dispensaries, please note that you will be asked for your med card, your id or divers license and a third piece of ID and they do enforce this. My wait on my first visit, which was on a Saturday night was about 10 minutes after filling out paperwork (which took 3 mins). My wait on the second visit, which was 2 pm on a Sunday afternoon was about 20 minutes as they were really really busy. In my experience that is great sign, just like a good restaurant. you may have to wait for a table to taste that fine food and in this case fine herbals.

  46. slipEast

    This was my first time at AS. Very relaxed atmosphere. I was impressed with the wide selection of quality bud concentrates and edibles. I like it. I shall return!!!

  47. clemmie

    First off….horrible parking. Horrible. I had to park down a side street and walk. Second, wait was a bit excessive. Store is decent and has good selection. Prices are reasonable and the flower I got was a good smoke. They had a computer issue while I was there so the wait inside the shop was also excessive. The staff who helped me was informative and helpful and really nice. There discount program seems just ok and could be better. Overall, I’ll be back for flower and clone selection but it’ll be far and in between.

  48. DanDaBudMan

    They don’t update their online menu. Very low quality control. Sometimes you will get burned hard on the $10/$12 selections. Most of the staff is awesome.

  49. tylerj660

    Great bud, good prices!

  50. extremerickman

    This was my first dispensary and I still come back for my needs. Super quality meds and knowledgable staff. Great rewards program and daily deals too. Do yourself a favor and if they have Catfish in stock and you like sativa then just get some.

  51. cooley11

    This is the first dispensary I’ve ever been to (recommended to me by a friend) and I have been there twice now. They have a decent selection and use an easy tier system for their prices. Nothing outstanding about this place, I also do not like how you have to fill out paperwork on your first visit to become a “member” at this place. I live over 50 miles away from Ann Arbor so I don’t see myself coming back unless I’m in the area

  52. Demos

    awesome hash selection, amazing edibles. bud was really good.

  53. sagaciousmoke

    ArborSide is my go-to place for quality medication. Their flowers are always top-notch, the location is nice, and I love the couches in the waiting area. Nice selection of concentrates as well (you have to ask for them, not in the display cases), and they sell clones and seeds if you grow your own.

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