Liv Wellness Collective

Many products available such as CBDs, Marijuana, Edibles, Wax, Shatter, Crumble, Vape Cartridges, Lotion, Tincture, Capsules, and Prerolls.



603 E. Williams Street, Ann Arbor, MI 48104


42.2779659, -83.7418451




10:00 AM – 9:00 PM


10:00 AM – 9:00 PM


10:00 AM – 9:00 PM


10:00 AM – 9:00 PM


10:00 AM – 9:00 PM


10:00 AM – 9:00 PM


10:00 AM – 9:00 PM


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CafA(c) Liv and Wellness, of Ann Arbor, Michigan, is the ultimate wellness collective.

Happy Hour Open until 2pm Sunday thru Thursday
-$25 Donation for any 8th on our $10 shelf ($10 saving)
– Top shelf $20 strains for $15 pricing (up to $100 savings)

Medical Marijuana served ONLY to qualified and registered patients. NO consumption on premises permitted. NO unlicensed members in the building!

Serving Ann Arbor Ypsilanti Saline Dexter Barton Hills Chelsea Brighton Howell South Lyon Jackson

Many products available such as CBDs, Marijuana, Edibles, Wax, Shatter, Crumble, Vape Cartridges, Lotion, Tincture, Capsules, and Prerolls.


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235 reviews for “Liv Wellness Collective

  1. spoondaddy29

    great place. super nice staff. good drinks.

  2. Montethepit

    First time visit and was welcomed with open arms!! Tender was very knowledgeable and very friendly and took time to answer the questions I had. Wonderful experience and will savor the 3 hr drive again just to donate to this facility

  3. The_Dogfather

    The people that check you in are very friendly and seem like such positive people. The tenders genuinely care about your satisfaction.

  4. alcmdn3777

    I have been to this dispensary twice now, each time the budtenders are amazing and so very helpful, means alot when traveling the distances I must for my healthcare. I have struggled with T1 diabetes and complications from that and cancer the majority of my life, and the staff are so helpful to me with finding products to best suit my medical issues. Thanks and can’t wait to be back up in July.

  5. gackner12

    not bad 🙂 friendly faces and quality product!

  6. Andrew32695

    Miranda was so nice. She tried to get me all of the best deals for being new and there promotional deals on top of it. I would recommend going here it’s worth the time.

  7. Broidy

    I absolutely love cafe liv! Best dispensary in Ann Arbor and maybe even the state. So many options! The people who work there are super nice and knowledgeable about the strain. Worth it to stop in. I love it here!

  8. gr8scott1005

    Very relaxed atmosphere walking in. Upon being greeted the staff,particularly Izzy, was very friendly. Their strain selection is very large, almost overwhelming, but not in bad way. Love love love that they weigh your medicine right in front of you. Very good deals. Will most definitely be back.

  9. gypsie999

    Everyone here is super friendly and knowledgeable!! I’m a bit of a newbie to the lifestyle and culture because I need marijuana for medical purposes, and they’re always willing to answer any ridiculous questions I have. I was introduced to the Perkins CBD strain thanks to them, and it’s been a lifesaver! Plus, the juice bar and selection of CBD products is out of this world. I recommend them to everyone!

  10. spazzoidjenae

    I love that the staff is knowledgeable with everything from flower and edibles to strains and origins. The fact they have a happy hour is really awesome too! I’ve never seen another dispensary or collective use this method of specials. Love it and will be back soon!

  11. stoney5150

    First time there… Definitely going back. Jess was AWESOME! Had exactly what I wanted. 🙂

  12. hboy12


  13. lacroixboi

    Great service and great products! Best dispensary in Ann Arbor!

  14. apwowacks

    Great place with more selection than I’ve ever seen. Bree was very helpful with explaining different levels. Happy hour special is sure to make me a regular. Thanks for all the help.

  15. ijsolomo

    Great atmosphere, the cafe area is a really cool place I didn’t mind waiting in. The bud tender was extremely nice and helpful! Great prices too.

  16. kevpeter

    Love this place! Come here at least once a week. Best prices in town and some of the best variety and quality all around. LOVE their edibles. Plus seeing Jessica there is a cherry on a top every time go

  17. domoperk

    Great vibes, very welcoming , can’t wait to go back to get more things! Huge variety!!

  18. Aaronemanuel

    Have been here a few times the staff is great,flower is top notch and the fresh juices are the bomb,great place to relax

  19. Stephen72

    Great place great people great experience I had very much knowledge of thier products a must see

  20. Dan.weimer

    prefect dispensary

  21. MSpencer13

    Everyone at Liv is so nice. The staff is knowledgable and welcoming. It’s always a pleasure to stop in and shop. They also have awesome freshly pressed juice.

  22. Franc142

    Neat place. Good staff. A lot of choice and they definitely make the first visit a welcome one. Edible selection was off the chain.

  23. Aeriss

    Has a chill atmosphere inside and a cool selection of teas to choose from. All of the budtenders are really friendly and helpful. I recommend seeing Cam next time you’re there!

  24. Jwinters

    I really like it

  25. Jamesking1

    This place is amazing great environment and the best bud tenders in Ann Arbor

  26. loszway

    Good bud good staff good concentrates!!!

  27. slackerwolf

    Excellent selection and amazing service. Bud tenders are nice and knowledgeable.

  28. willie1961

    nice people

  29. DankasaurusRex313

    Top quality bud, with the best atmosphere!

  30. Zabaronityler

    Great helpful staff! Amazing service! Jess was awesome not even going to lie hooked me up for being a first time patient! Will Forsure return!

  31. hardiec81

    brand new spank’n spot where the Original Pinball Petes was off of William. It’s a coffee shop too that offers “Herbal” coffee and tea, even has a oxegen bar. The section is good for wax, buds, cbd oils, and lots of different hash. The Flowers are awesome and pretty rare, I got some oak crippler;-)

  32. serenitykare

    Easy to find, wide variety and great personable staff!

  33. ruggy7

    I’ve been to most dispensaries in Ann Arbor but after having gone to LIV once, I have no reason to ever go somewhere else. Most evenings they have a band in the lobby performing music or a DJ playing the most chill house music while you wait.

    Their selection of medical marijuana, medibles and concentrates is enormous and it’s very reasonably priced.

    Jess and Mario are some of the most down-to-earth people I’ve met. They always give you a good laugh. They’re both super knowledgeable about the products they carry in LIV. I’ve never once had a question that they couldn’t answer. Both Jess and Mario have given me a free pre-roll with my donation – couldn’t ask for better bud-tenders.

    All in all, I don’t think I’ll ever go to a different dispensary in Ann Arbor. I love Cafe LIV.

  34. arianariley

    Literally the only place I will go. The staff really takes care of you, and knows what they’re talking about. You will never be misguided going to Liv!

  35. MishLe

    I stopped by here on a whim. Unless they have a hidden elevator, it’s not disabled friendly. After waiting for over 25 minutes and seeing no patients come in or out of the back room, I decided to grab my paperwork back and call it a wash. The young woman at the front desk was very friendly though.

  36. hugzfornugz

    Very professional and welcoming environment! Will be back here!

  37. Jacksonpark

    The flowers are top notch. Great atmosphere

  38. Clarkx33

    Place is awesome, John is extremely helpful and professional. You can really tell he loves what he does

  39. rjr517

    first time here…Jessica took real good care of me..didn’t feel rushed…great establishment..they wax and shatter game might be the best in the duece.

  40. veryawesomeweed

    Very cool atmosphere, great deals, and nice staff

  41. coronamike1livecom

    Great selection and Gwen is great

  42. BigDabTommy

    Great location. Being a medical marijuana patient from eastside Detroit, it is impossibly to find good concentrate on Detroit now due to local ordinance. Liv wellness is my new spot for concentrate, even know it’s a drive, it’s well worth the wait. Quality flower and concentrate, great deals as well. Very friendly and knowledgeable staff. Definitely very good.

  43. Brandyfry

    Love this place

  44. macerov91

    The best service of any place I’ve ever been to! Best choices of product! This is like the 5 star resort

  45. poopstick3

    Best Oxygen bar Ann Arbor, and the herb is blessed my Gods

  46. jessamess

    The only place I will continue to go. Very professional, friendly, and helpful. They have the best strains as well!

  47. bigcat6988

    dank juice dank nugs dank times

  48. paigefiebke

    First time going into the dispensary since i got my med card and jessica was an awesome help, will be back soon!!

  49. JamesGiovanni

    Stopped in today and was really impressed. Great selection and quantity.
    Staff was really helpful and knowledgable.
    I grabbed some edibles and the cherry sizzurp and it is amazing!!!

  50. SecrtAsianMale

    I absolutely love coming back to this store, especially during holiday breaks. Coming from far away I know that there are people there that are some of the most friendly people I’ve ever met. They’re the first stop I’m making on my way home.

  51. Inimical301

    First ever experience going to a dispensary. I had no idea what to expect, but I did do research on strains before going. Gwen was my bud tender and she was wonderful! So helpful and informative. Honestly, I think I’d rather take a 30 minute drive here instead of going down the street to a different dispensary. They had quality stock at decent prices. Plus they had more than I expected, as in a wide variety. I can’t wait to go back!

  52. CookiezPlaya

    I first went to their doctor and soon after I got my card. They are in a great location and have an awesome space. Liv has great daily specials and even a happy hour. Their staff is knowledgeable and really friendly. This is definitely my go to dispensary

  53. maryjanetoken

    this place has a great staff with a large selection of quality medication HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

  54. martellinia

    Love all the freebies for your first visit. THey keep them coming when you’re a regular too. HUGE selection,good prices. Hit them up!

  55. kg1988

    Pretty chill waiting room atmosphere to the place. Bud tender I had was very welcoming and knowledgeable on all the flower. Felt comfortable the whole time. Will be back again.

  56. toniovalenti

    Very nice! Super cool staff, excellent Meds (top notch)

  57. BBennett1

    Marty and everyone at Cafe Liv are incredible. The staff is knowledgeable of everything they are selling and very hospitable. Don’t forget to try to oxygen bar or grab a juice before you leave!

  58. k2ron

    Ppl are great place is great love it here

  59. r_wright13

    The cafe-style is nice and interesting. This location has a lot to offer in addition to their medication. Being a first-time patient, the staff was very patient and helpful with questions that I had and explaining what they had to offer. They have a good variety of products for every budget.

  60. FloweryHobo69420

    Great selection with friendly, helpful staff. Great waiting room atmosphere!

  61. thsizzle

    Easy to find great product

  62. bliisful


  63. alyssareneeholt

    Staff is super friendly, and the environment is very comfortable. The coffee/juice bar up front is a really nice addition. The separation between the cafe up front and the actual clinic in the back is nice. Definitely a place I would go for even just a cup of coffee.

  64. Boronmage

    Wonderful location with a convenient waiting room! Quality control and customer service are wonderful! A must visit for anyone in the downtown Ann Arbor area.

  65. medkid18

    great people, great products, great prices! best dispo around!

  66. doowangle

    Wow, petition to give J a raise. Knowledgeable, friendly and gorgeous enough to work in any bar in the world. Liv would be insane to let that talent go.

  67. steelep69

    best place in Ann Arbor best prices. Jess is always on point And I love Zach’s mustache!!

  68. sguthrie84

    As a newbie, Kam took excellent care to answer all my questions and he made sure I got exactly what I needed. Love the atmosphere too. I will def be going back!

  69. spazx666

    liv is so sweet. I have to go every time im in Ann arbor

  70. Rowdy93

    Fantastic place to go !!!
    Super friendly atmosphere and staff !!
    The young blonde girl in the back was great!! She had tons of info and was super patient!!!

  71. mitchjm2

    Great quality. Staff are always friendly and knowledgable. Unique cafe atmosphere sets it apart from the other dispensaries in the area, best prices in Ann Arbor.

  72. greenkecleon

    Love the atmosphere, customer service, and the AC

  73. psteele

    I love the location and the people are awesome. Jamie and Mario are great.

  74. Jchalm01

    Always a good time shopping here, they take time to go over everything new and specials 10/10

  75. ryan020294

    Great staff, and excellent quality medicine.

  76. skiptron

    Great location, yummy products and clean week decorated location!atm!

  77. starchild6669

    Wow! Very amazed at the insane amount of flower to choose from! By far the best selection. Budtender was super nice and knowledgeable and it was crazy in there because of hash bash. Fast service too considering the day. I’d totally come here again! I’m very fond of this $10 Maui wax I picked up. Not only did I get a free preroll but I got to pick out of a grab bag and chose a cute mini grinder! Best experience ever! Thanks guys!

  78. jiucyg

    It was my first time and I felt super welcomed there! The staff was super friendly and helpful. Quality medicine at good prices and many choices. I even got a few gifts thrown in. I’ll definitely be returning 🙂

  79. evankolm

    Cam is the man! Hooks u up every time and knows his bud like no other

  80. gaberoni

    These guys are amazing. They gave me the munchies so bad I had to double my grocery budget. No but for real they hooked it up! Recommended big time!

  81. Rwoodruff

    Absolutely love these guys! Quality is always top notch, customer service is always the best! THESE GUYS KNOW THEIR SHIT. Come down and give them a shot, I know you wont be disappointed. CONCENTRATES ARE KING HERE, check out their line of crumbles and pull’n’snaps. God I can’t get enough. Edibles are super good too. Also don’t forget about the cafe portion of the store. So many good drinks and snacks! I love the coconut pineapple CBD water stuff. PURE ECSTACY. Seriously, get off Leafly and come down to Liv, where I promise you’ll be treated like a true homie.

  82. Chelsea_lynnxo

    I absolutely love this place! Everyone is so friendly and helpful, plus their selection is outstanding. I drive over an hour just to come here & I haven’t been disappointed yet!

  83. Cdywy

    This place is a blueprint of what getting medicine should be like. The atmosphere throughout the entire floor is beyond 5 stars, they even had live music and honestly every channel you could want on multiple flat screens. Liv Cafe reminds me of a better version of Starbucks, but A LOT healthier. Their food and drinks are delicious! Where else can you hang out with your friends, enjoy a muffin and take some medicine home at the end?

    This Cafe is a MUST if you’re in Ann Arbor or the surrounding area. Most importantly when rating some is Quality, followed by price and selection, the star count for those 3 categories is out of this world! Check out the Rainbow Cookies shatter next time they have it, you won’t be disappointed! Thank you guys!

  84. PHD_in_420

    I gave this place a decent rating but PLEASE read the following and don’t just go off the stars, because although this place may be great for some, I would certainly never return as explained below.

    Great place if you live like “The Life Styles of the Rich and Famous” but not the best place for most of the people that use medicinal cannabis, like disabled veterans, regular disabled people and people that have unusually high medical bills already and are usually on a low income. They have quality meds but they are more than double some other places with better meds.

    The atmosphere is excellent but that is also why they feel the need to charge such extreme prices and even then, it doesn’t justify paying twice as much as many other services offer. When I go to my pharmacy to get my other prescriptions, I’ve never seen a place that looked like a nightclub and certainly don’t need that and I’m not going to go there, knowing that all the fancy decorations and other stuff you see, is certainly going to make them charge a lot more for the same thing.

    The staff were very nice and friendly and would be excellent at a regular cafA(c) or coffee shop, but as far as being budtenders at a medical marijuana dispensary, they are like hiring a barista as a pharmacist (that looks like a nightclub lol)as they have little if no knowledge of what they are selling. When I asked them what strain would be best for my ailment, they looked at me like a clerk at a liquor store would if I asked them the same question. Their answer was, and I am quoting exactly, “all of our top shelf meds should help whatever problem you have” My response was than to ask which of those top shelf meds were the best and their response and look were very similar “all of our top shelf meds”.

    You may be asking why I even went here, when you can clearly see their prices here on this site. I decided to try them, because they advertised a deal, saying $200 ounces storewide, which to most people would mean that they are offering all of their strains for $200 an Oz.. That’s not what it was at all. As a matter of fact, there wasn’t any special deal at all. When I asked them about the deal, they showed me the strains they had that are always $200 as they are listed on this site and nothing was on special. When I asked, the first person didn’t even know what I was talking about and they brought someone else over. It was this person that then, gave the answers above, so if the first person had to go get someone to answer my first question, which I would assume is a lot more knowledgeable than the first and then that person doesn’t have the knowledge to answer those following questions, than my question is there anyone in there that could have answered my questions?? I’m pretty sure any of the people on mu side of the counter could have answered the questions better than anyone that worked there.

    If you drive a BMW, are as fit as a 21 year old, not a veteran, disabled but you still need medical cannabis because you told your doctor your “back hurt’s” 😉 and the answers I quoted above are the answers you wanted to hear or you just have to be seen at and buy the most expensive stuff around because you have an image to keep than this IS the place for you.

    If you are one of the other real people I mentioned above that the MMMP was created for, than please just look a little more and you will find many other services that cater to us, because there are so many out there that service the same area, I can’t believe anyone except the rich and famous, would go here.

  85. steelep

    good area and vary friendly

  86. Joser5

    This is my very favorite dispensary to come to you. I am welcomed by name almost every time. Jess is just the kindest sweetest young lady with an incredible amount of knowledge of the meds. And Mario, while I would love to think that I really am his (favorite patient) I know he makes everyone feel like the favorite. This place works as a team to assist you from the moment you step in until you leave Satisfied!!! Check them out…..

  87. phishman

    Jessica, Kai, Izzy. I’m lucky to have had the best help east of the Mississippi. Best all around and friendly to boot. Best super j in the country. Believe me.

  88. Hungarian1984

    Awesome place and people but no parking for blocks

  89. Doreato

    It’s pretty good, people are casual and the prices while a little high are made up for with some pretty great deals. Only issue is I always feel tense going in, I find it hard to take enthusiasm from employees with anything but a little hesitation but this place feels a little forced on if I’m honest. It’s in the name of being nice but it’s something to consider. Not all dispos have this problem.

  90. mlove2322

    The staff is so nice and very helpful! The cafe’ is clean and inviting. They have great choices and quality, definitely the place to shop for me!

  91. yoop24

    Awesome, helpful,super happy staff.. they made me feel silly for being in a bad mood when I walked in… I wish every business was so nice and helpful. will be a regular here for sure.

  92. OldmanT

    Always worth the trip! Great selection of flower, oil, food, wax! Most of all they have the best prices and quality in town!

  93. Double419D

    Great place great staff great environment. Setup is awesome live music most of the time. The drinks are good. Make an hour drive up their often

  94. 420twinks

    This place is one of my favorite dispensaries in the area, the medicine I’ve bought from here was high quality and the staff is friendly and knowledgeable. Definitely recommend this place.

  95. Ardalaxgod

    Since getting my med card this has been the only dispensary I’ve been to. From the quality of the marijuana to the atmosphere everything has been top notch. The customer service is where I believe cafe liv really separates it self from the competition. In the first two weeks most of the staff already knew my name. I would recommend this dispensary to anyone looking for good marijuana at a affordable price and great customer service. Five stars!

  96. gordon365

    Staff are all friendly and helpful in making sure you get the best product to suit your medical needs, at an adorable price. Liv is the best dispo I’ve been to so far in the Ann Arbor/ypsi detroit areas.

  97. CreeCree1

    Very knowledgeable staff. Great prices. Will shop there again.

  98. VagueDeity

    Jess helped me find some great bud at an even better cost. She was very helpful in finding just the strain I was looking for. Would definitely recommend the place!

  99. medicalmadnesss

    As a new patient, I was blown out of the water by the professionalism, customer service, and product quality here at Liv. Jess was great and I will certainly be back.

  100. mulberries

    The atmosphere is great! The service was a little slower than other places I’ve been, but I didn’t mind hanging out in the cafe area. The employee I worked with was very helpful!

  101. BlakeWzrd

    Best dispensary hands down, tons of concentrate and edible goodies not
    found elsewhere, cheap prices, friendly staff

  102. greenbebop

    My man Kam hooked me UP my first time here! Nicest service I’ve ever gotten from a dispensary

  103. paul09

    This is one of the top dispensaries in Ann Arbor for the price. The staff was super nice and the atmosphere was awesome.

  104. tbud22

    great people great selection nice lounging area definitely recommend

  105. capnkrunch13

    Great staff and great prices

  106. Sudsinabucket

    love the staff, the bud quality is on point and theyre able to get you to the budtenders pretty quickly which is nice. free pre roll if you park at the parking structure also. another favorite special is their 2 pre rolls for 10! great apecials on wax also 🙂

  107. TallDudeSean

    So I originally went here for the pretty decent prices and all the positive reviews. I keep going back for the great bud and the amazing service. They have the best staff in Ann Arbor

  108. wesgilbert

    Best place in Ann Arbor. Would go back in a heart beat

  109. ltjansen

    love these guys! They are always friendly and always willing to help you out. this is my go to place and will be for a long time

  110. Blackwingz

    A superlative staff coupled with transcendent medications: have made Liv Wellness center, a favorite among other dispensaries in the MI area. My only grouse, pertains to their Pre-Rolls (should be a little more looser). I’d highly recommend this location to other patients looking for quality medication: 4.93/5.

  111. kykle

    Love coming here, very nice staff

  112. cammyboy1

    The best dispenser in Ann Arbor/Ypsilanti thanks for all the love

  113. botnick18

    This was my first time at Liv Wellness and in general my first time going to a dispensary. I knew Liv didn’t have amazing deals but wanted to check it out anyways. When I got there people were able to get me checked in quickly but i waited close to an hour to see a bud tender. When i was there i got a 20$ g of wax (Animal Face) and a 12$ g (Blackberry Cheese) for my free gift (the guy was nice enough to add on 2$ so i could swap my gift). The wax was pretty solid shatter for 20$ a gram but I usually like buying good deals on 8ths of wax. The 12$ gram was alright it wasn’t horrible but it was really dry and broke up easily in my hands, the selections of other stuff were limited or expensive so I just got twose two things. Samson the budtender was very accomadating explaining what it’s like in a dispensary for the first time but I had to pay for parking, state taxes, and wait all on top of my donation for my medicine. Once i get my hard card in the mail, I don’t see myself going here again but it wasn’t a terrible experience and if your in the area looking for a convenient place to shop its perfect (except no parking)

  114. adamdmayer94

    Mario hooked me up with the best quality goods and gave me the best discounts. Definitely my favorite spot.

  115. wperault2015

    absolutely a joy to shop here greeters at the door are very nice and the bud tenders know the answers to your questions thank you cafe’ liv

  116. bambambooshka

    Just became a new patient and the service of Liv is head and shoulders above the competition!!!! Will absolutely be back again!

  117. lat1996

    Great place, right off of campus in a great location, and cordial staff. Izzy was very knowledgable, and I’ll be sure to make another visit soon.

  118. amandabz

    first time being here and they were super friendly and helpful! they had the best selection of wax Ive seen since the local ordinance in Detroit went up which stopped all concentrate sales, definitely worth the drive and will be back!

  119. Lemelak

    Great location! I love the atmosphere, and the staff. Jess was awesome and really helped me get my bearings when staring down the huge variety of choices available. Only problem I have with Liv is that their prices a bit high. They make up for this issue with great customer service.

  120. Josquare

    Liv is still my go to dispensary. Besides great products their staff is by far the most friendly I’ve come across. I had Cam for the first time today and he was awesome! Marcos and Cam are prime examples of amazing customer service!

  121. MagnumPI189

    My absolute fav!!! The tenders are very polite and they treat you like a friend not just a customer. Very relaxed atmosphere. I wont go anywhere else.

  122. Kgrace02

    I have visited dispenserys all across Michigan and was impressed with the large selection and the O2 bar. With that being said I would like to add that I was not impressed with the budtenders knowledge, he was uninformed on pricing and nearly forgot to bag most of my purchase. overall it’s a great place however it would be helpful to know what you want before you visit.

  123. gojangles

    This is one of my favorite dispensaries in downtown Ann Arbor. They always have a large selection of top shelf flower and edibles!

  124. blueman97

    Came in with about 5 minutes until closing and I wasn’t even sure if it was a dispensary. Immediately was greeted by an extremely friendly staff. I was offered a free juice sample while they prepared the back room for me (front is a cafA(c)). I was amazed at the extensive selection of flower and concentrate that was offered along with very competitive prices. They also offer great deals while you are in there. Very friendly and knowledgeable tender. Definitely my new go-to in aa.

  125. Kimba798

    Great place, nice selection. I was happy to find high CBD strains here. Helpful budtender.

  126. joe1865

    Very unique and cool atmosphere compared to other dispensaries in the area. Friendly people and good prices

  127. tighehockey

    very good atmosphere, friendly staff, huge selection of bud and concentrates, would definitely recommend to someone else

  128. Bliiisful

    I got 99 problems, but liv ain’t one

  129. emmm420

    Kam is a great bud tender– he will always make someone feel uplifted after buying your meds. It’s great to relax in the cafe and drink some Kava tea. It’s dank. I’m hoping for more dispenses to evolve into cafe style service.

  130. champagne79

    I Love this cafe Everyone here is Very Nice,Helpful and Knowable. I found this cozy place when I came to visit in October and Now that I Am Back it was the First place I headed. They have a variety of products Oxygen Bar,Fresh Juice, Herbal Teas,Free WiFi,TVs and More

  131. DrChronic2474

    Great medicine with reasonable prices. Sometimes a little bit of a wait, but always worth it. Very friendly and helpful staff. Cute girls too!

  132. klamofanu

    the parking structure is a drag but the free pre roll with parking slip makes up for the hassle. also has the best prices in the area, this the only dispensary i go to now.

  133. JessWeimer82

    Great quality. Friendly staff. Best prices and value!

  134. MojoJojoey

    drove here last week from detroit . 100 percent worth the hour drive the staff was extremely friendly and helpful and most importantly the bud and wax was very high quality will def be coming back in the future

  135. k36arold1

    Awesome mark helped me and he was great.

  136. Tonytyga8

    Knowledgeable, friendly, prompt and very fairly priced. Blackberry cheesecake was a LITTLE dry but what do you expect for Michigan in February? This was my first time at a dispensary and I couldn’t have asked for a better experience. Thank you for all the help.

  137. RileyAnn

    they have a good selection of high quality medicine in a variety of different forms. I loved all the options I had: from flower, to edibles, to concentrates and more. I was a bit overwhelmed by all the choices but the staff was super helpful with giving recommendations and making the whole process easier. I will definitely be returning.

  138. MrReefer4200

    this place is absolutely great wonderful selection of medication with a great knowledgeable staff that are very helpful make sure you stop by when you’re in Ypsilanti like me and my wifey do

  139. keller766

    Robin and Breanna are awesome! those ladies are very fine. Robin always helps me find what I need and is such a pleasure to see. I come some days just to see her! give that girl a bonus!

  140. matt1992

    If you are looking for a good cannabis flower and good coustomer service this is NOT the place to go!


    Time to hit up my #1 dispensary 4 Dem flamesdY”Y=dY”Y=dY”Y=dY”Y=dY”Y=

  142. linslyc

    So welcoming. He was super helpful and sweet!

  143. Blazedjay1994

    I was absolutely blown away my first visit here, the staff was incredibly professional along with very attentive to me. They also have incredible bonus deals with a lot of their product. Most importantly the product was great quality and I found exactly what I was looking for. Highly recommend stopping here!

  144. lniznak

    Love this location! I’m in Ann Arbor frequently for business and I’ll often make time at the end of my day to stop in at this amazing shop! Between their delicious whole leaf brewed teas from their cafe in the front of the shop and their top notch selection of flower and edibles available, Cafe Liv is the best.

    The staffs always super helpful and knowledgable. Mario personally helped me select the perfect strain (Orange Kush) to take with me to the Panic! At the Disco concert earlier this month. Perfect selection!!

    Thanks for always being amazing guys!!

  145. jointifer

    my favorite place in Ann Arbor – they have the best variety of goodies (peanut butter, koolaid, and so much more) – tanner helped me today and she rocks!!

  146. ramjam02

    I first stopped in here during Hash Bash, awesome place. Check them out dY’dY3/4

  147. omgnicklol

    Super friendly and helpful people, great products, great deals!

  148. chesney

    very helpful and friendly

  149. AndyMizerowski

    Great dispensary. Has everything you need from tree to edibles. I have just started getting wax here and I love It. The prices are very reasonable and the people here treat you well. No complaints as I keep coming back

  150. Jason6791

    always happy with my experience. Cam and the other Bud tenders are excellent and know their products. And take care of their customers very very well. this is why I travel the distance I travel to get here and come here almost exclusively for my meds at all times. Thank you again to all the staff members Cam specially you, you take care of me very well thank you!!

  151. tyolerdog

    they were very helpful and friendly I really like this place

  152. queenbee6988

    i love the people and the variety of selection will be back for sure

  153. Javv.williams

    I think the location is perfectly ideal! Right next to one of my favorite pizza spots in the Ann Arbor city, NYPD.

  154. BudBanker91

    From the minute you walk up the stairs into the waiting room you are subjected to an amazing experience through and through. The check in/sign up process was seamless and took mere minutes. The CBD Cafe in the waiting room is unlike anything else I’ve seen in many dispensaries (especially in combination with their O2 therapy). The prices were very fair and they have some great deals. The budtender was very professional, laid back, and welcoming. He made my selection process easy and was able to describe each product in detail. I drove 2 hours from St Joseph, MI specifically to stop into Liv and I plan on making many future day trips back to this location. 10/10 would HIGHLY recommend to anyone looking for a modern, clean, laid back, chilled out atmosphere with some amazing down to earth team members. Can’t wait to stop in for some more concentrates and edibles a$?i,

    The caregiver deals are pretty solid too, compared to many other dispensaries and growers.

  155. aeckale

    By far one of the top 3 shops in Ann Arbor! The selection is great and prices are competitive. I also enjoy the cafe portion!

  156. Whitegav91

    Relaxing cafe atmosphere,compassionate and caring budtenders (shout out to Mario).Excellent variety of flowers for all price ranges,flowers,and medibles.Looking forward to my next visit

  157. Jessehs

    I always have a good experience when I come to Liv. The staff is super friendly and they supply a good variety for all budgets.

  158. visualsoul

    Great budtenders, selection and prices. Definitely recommend going there!

  159. teotar

    I have just found my new dispensary in Ann Arbor. The prices are good and the atmosphere is great. The budtenders know their stuff.

  160. batman91

    Great dispensary and awesome people. And they always have a good verity to pick from!

  161. nicolkevin

    First off…5 Stars. 10 stars if it were a 1-10 scale! So this was my first trip to a medicinal dispensary but it definitely won’t be my last 🙂 I live in Ohio w/a medical marijuana license and they were more than happy to accept my out of state card and driver’s license…as per state law(s).
    A very friendly staff greeted me as I walked in the door and once I gave them my basic info, it was just like seeing a doctor at a clinic…waiting room and all, lol 🙂 After a quick 5 min wait, a door opened and much like a nurse, my specific Budtender called for me by my first name.
    Her name is Gwen and she was the most helpful, kind, and knowledgeable Budtender I’ve ever met!
    She helped me to feel comfortable and confident throughout the entire process 🙂
    Liv Wellness has a wonderful selection of flowers, edibles, topicals, wax, and much more. They have a happy hour with different specials everyday and if you park in a paid lot, they’ll give you a pre-roll as a comp!
    Thanks so much Cafe Liv!

  162. MissPositive

    Great location! Easy parking at Maynard for a $1.20! Warm, friendly and knowledgable staff!!! You will definitely want to return….and when you….it’s like going home for a visit (if you have a happy home & family)! My absolute favorite dispensary for high quality products, a shot of wheat grass or cup of Javailable and even a little extra O2 at their Oxygen Bar!!! What’s not to love??? dY’-

  163. Danno21

    Liv is a nice place to get your meds in Ann Arbor. Conveniently located with friendly and social staff help you find what you need without pushing anything on you. The cafe and lounge is a convenience if you have to wait!

  164. Cody159

    Liv is amazing. The budtenders really try to help you find what strain or product would work best for you. Their products and selection are also pretty stellar

  165. Big_al99

    Gwen was really helpful and I got exactly what I wanted and I was impressed by their selection of strains and variety of items

  166. vern1968

    awesome people. great selection.

  167. Cflower

    Livs cafe dispensary was great. Very reasonable prices! Jessica the bud tender was kind and patient. This is my new favorite dispensary. Conveniently located downtown Ann Arbor and easy to find! The other two staff member working were nice as well. They had a great selection of medibles, concentrates and flower. The tarantula pre-rolls were amazing just one joint and I was at ease. The atmosphere was calm and comfortable. Another plus was I could use my debit card to pay. That is the first dispensary I’ve gone to that was not cash only. I definitely will be recommending this dispensary to other patients I know.

  168. ccccchelsea

    Ii, love this location. Such happy and helpful people helping you get the medicine you need. The only thing that Ii, would change is their testing of meds, Ii, found out that some edibles they had supplied were less potent than advertised (this problem could be avoided if they tested their medication)

  169. sebastianmids

    excellent selection, comfortable environment, and friendly staff make Liv a go to for cannabis medicine, five stars!

  170. stevedensmore

    Great atmosphere and staff.

  171. ScrubbyDubby

    Knowledgeable staff that is eager to help
    Clean, well lit building (up a flight of stairs)
    The Cafe really helps illustrate that people actually enjoy spending time in Liv, even when they aren’t picking up meds.
    Well labelled, easy to follow pricing system with a large variety of products and formats and strains
    Liv is working very hard to establish solid, lasting connections with customers, and they are doing a great job so far.

  172. blondieeluvs

    Wow I am so impressed. I have been to many collectives/Dispensaries in Michigan and Cafe Liv is by far the best I have ever experienced. You walk in and immediately feel the warmth and loving energy. They offered me a sample juice and coffee with a smile which was awesome. They also have an oxygen bar which was only $10 for $10 minutes. But the best part was their quality of medicine especially the edible selection. Tons of different types of strains and really reasonable prices. The staff are very welcoming and made me feel very comfortable as well. They allowed me to take my time in my selection as I can be a very picky person. All the buds looked gorgeous and the smells melted my nose. I chose to try the SFV OG and their Private Stock. Loved the SFV OG and their Private stock is what I’m running back for tomorrow. The high lasted me for hours and well worth the price. Only place in Ann Arbor I will be going to.

  173. Nik.wick97

    Very taste flower, would highly recommend there edibles as well!!

  174. Barbow2021

    Very nice,clean, and professional dispensary. My favorite wax ever is their house crumble wish I lived closer to Ann Arbor.

  175. jayayem

    Out of state tourist. First time walking in to a dispensary. Elias helped us out and he was awesome! He was very knowledgeable as well as made the whole experience comfortable. The place was very clean, very professional, and laid back

  176. madisonwhittaker

    Great staff, atmosphere, and bud. Highly recommend.

  177. sgivan

    The best in A2

  178. Grmymeditator90

    Great levels of buds. Try the Guerilla Fuel

  179. SP2370

    The staff is very knowledgeable and always looking to help. The buds are fantastic and there are some very affordable deals during “happy hour”. Overall, a great experience and definitely my premier dispensary in A2

  180. PostvM

    one of the best dispensary I have ever been too. Mario was a great bud tender and hooked us up with some awesome first time deals. I really appreciate how professional everyone one was and overall astounded at the atmosphere. 10/10 Will be shopping again.

  181. 9DWG6

    Came in few days ago. First time patient here, Jessica hooked me up great. Awesome people, great medicine. Definitely coming back.

  182. Alldubznobottom

    I liked the look the feel plus the bud

  183. BrookeMarley420

    The team is wonderful and very helpful.

  184. joebailey823

    Great customer service

  185. bb126asp

    Jess is one of my favorite budtenders, and she hooked it up fat on my last visit.

  186. keefdownes

    I love that they have great prices on
    oz’s of flower, would recommend to anyone who’s a patient

  187. remyboy734

    Only been here a few times, really like the place, great deals, products, supplies and staff.
    Will definitely be doing business again, and probably really soon!

  188. ryanboz

    love this place! the cafe room is awesome

  189. JohnMerkin

    As a first-time patient to CafA(c) Liv, Ii, was very impressed. Smooth check-in process and comfortable waiting room. Very friendly and knowledgeable staff.

    Budtender Kathleen was a pleasure to work with and definitely won me over as a loyal customer. Highly recommend to anyone looking for a professional buying experience.

  190. Koozman

    Hands down best dispo in town!!! I am stopping in today for the awesome Friday Private Shelf deal. Hopefully Kris is there – he is super cool and always helps me pick the best bud!

  191. yayfire

    This was my first time visit here. I am an out of state patient and was received kindly by the staff. Great selection of product and friendly workers. Great shop

  192. logangrissom

    Who wouldn’t love an amazing juice and coffee bar mixed with a great top of the line dispensary. This place is worth every star. A must see when visiting Ann Arbor even if your not a patient!!!

  193. Tomk007

    Outstanding delivery service!

  194. lihi6718

    This place is freakin awesome you may have to wait a bit but it’s definitely worth it

  195. drroy024

    Right around the corner from my work, so sups convenient. Diverse variety of strains & prices

  196. rokken

    The cafe itself is a wonderful place to hang out with lots of really good books. In the back, their selection is top notch, and the employees are more than happy to show everything off.

  197. koshersmoker

    Was not impressed by what was in stock… Stumbled upon the narrow entranced location after a buddy and I shared pizza slices at the place next door (fantastic for any stoner) In search of the upper echelon. After a lengthy first time check in, I immediately set my eyes on their top shelf which was not stocked so I took a look at their overpriced concentrates and ultimately settled for what would be considered their top shelf at the moment seeing as they were missing quite a few of the higher priced flowers. Needles to say after consuming my product I was not impressed at the slightest and wished I never spent my money there.

  198. rjohns64

    Izzy made my first dispensary visit awesome! She took her time, answered all my questions and more. Great overall experience and great products ( ask for her by name).

  199. jostutes

    Awesome place! The budtender was very helpful in helping me find what I needed. They also have a lot of products that I haven’t seen anywhere else!

  200. mysterywoman27

    Excellent value, the staff are really friendly, patient and knowledgeable as well! come here for your goods!

  201. aclarec

    Great environment and great product. I like it because my boyfriend who doesn’t have his med card but drives me to get my medicine can come in with me and have some coffee while I take care of my business.
    If there was parking available then it’d be perfect, gotta find that downtown parking.

  202. Mallen286

    they are wonderful there Shannon is queen of the flowers

  203. rippinmics

    My first visit was glorious. Gwen was awesome. She was very helpful and had great energy. The facility was clean and had a really cool vibe. I will definitely be back!

  204. Mitchell cc

    The best there is

  205. Estraderdave

    First time visit and it was great. Excellent selection and prices. Staff was very pleasant and knowledgeable on all
    Aspects. Definitely recommend

  206. pokedude

    Best atmosphere of any dispensary I’ve been to. Best prices too, with a wide range of choice bud. Nicest staff in Michigan

  207. TimmeeSims

    Great location in downtown Ann Arbor, great clean environment, exceptional pricing across the board. M is a great asset to this location. Will for sure becoming back to Liv because of the service he provides, he made the process fun and quick and was able to answer any question I had. Great place, great staff.

  208. pmfdiddy

    Wow. This was my first visit here and have to say it’s the best dispensary I’ve been in. I love their variety and the atmosphere was very mellow and friendly. Definitely will be bringing in my buds!

  209. palim93

    Great atmosphere, and friendly knowledgeable employees! I would definitely recommend Liv to everyone.

  210. blinddate

    perfect for a working man like myself

  211. aamm

    The employees here work hard to make sure you leave happy! Good deal on any amount for most days of the week before 2pm. Definitely one of the best dispensaries. Everyone is friendly and professional.

  212. bobcatmom13comcastnet

    Very cool place! Loved everything about it and can’t wait to go back. aoeOEdY1/4i,

  213. joeyhilton7

    Liv is my favorite dispensary because of the girl that works there named Jessica. She is so fucking awesome and knowledgeable about all of the product it’s crazy. She always lets me smell whatever bud I want and she recommends some fire shit every single time I go in. She fucking rocks and deserves a raise.

  214. Kaylaisme96

    My very first visit was just yesterday and oh my gosh! Best place I’ve seen so far! Their selections are massive, so many things to look at and experience! I was mind blown. Thank you to the wonderful welcoming staff for making my first time a breeze!

  215. Vexed

    Probably the largest and most diverse selection available in the downtown area – easily my most visited shop. Friendly staff, although the building feels a little “sterile” and plain, could use some decorations.

  216. hoptoad420

    It was my first time there and they made everything very easy and simple! The budtenders I had, Gwen and LeeAnn were so helpful and friendly! They understood my unique situation and were able to accurately recommend products! The quality of all my medicine is extremely high and potent, it’s the best dispo I’ve been too in the Area!

  217. ashpot08

    I love this place. great people

  218. GreeleyE

    Kindest staff ever, the budtender I had was so sweet and welcoming. I drove from Kentwood to visit this place, and I’ll do it again! The Strawberry Cough wax is top notch!

  219. captainfabuloso

    3/5 on a hard scale of quality. buds aren’t always frosty . sometimes tad dry. smoke well and break out well. budtenders weigh flower out in front of you if that’s your thing. bubba OG smoked well. co2 oil could use a step up. will return

  220. julkurz

    Excellent selection, good prices. Oxygen bar in the waiting area, and a coffee shop. Unique, but I waited quite a while last time I went (6 mos ago). Will see if it improves. Really good variety. They were knowledgeable & friendly.

  221. bellla

    Living another review because after multiple times here it is still great! Haven’t even tried many other dispensaries because Liv makes me want to just keep coming back. Super friendly, knowledge and helpful
    staff every time! And happy hour/daily deals it’s hard to beat. I recommend Liv to all my friends, it’s great!

  222. amart

    The staff here is friendly and the prices are good! Delicious juice up front and great flower and concentrates in the back!

  223. rsmitty23

    Amazing bud, great budtenders, and tasty munchie snacks at the cafe. Definitely try it out!

  224. samIam1325

    I come from 50 miles away because the product is the best, and staff is professional.

  225. Zero1984

    I loved the location and found it to be extremely professional and comfortable. all staff were very knowledgeable and friendly!! will definitely return and recommend to others.

  226. dancedance

    This is the best dispensary in the state. The Staff, location and knowledge of products makes this the only place to shop in washtenaw county.

    Also the prices are very great.

  227. jimr69

    She was a short sunset sorbet server and gave the best service I’ve ever seen.
    Thank you so much I’ll be back and that back thodYdegdYdegdY$?(c)

  228. ObiBudKenobi

    Stopped in for a daily special; and made new friends! Courteous reception received at check in, and a very brief wait in cafA(c) area. Young lady whom assisted me was well versed, and recommended some excellent flower (Blue Cookies was FIRE). Definitely returning!
    BTW, park in the parking structure on Maynard, AND bring your parking ticket in, they’ll reimburse… no need to hunt for a spot on E. William anymore.
    SO … Blue Cookies -> Dense nuggs, nice trichrome coverage, and excellent burn or vape. Also, Liberty Haze was very smooth, and aromatic when terps were ground. Lastly, just go park in the garage!

  229. YabbaDabbaDoob825

    Liv really cares about it’s patients, and shows that every day (with the daily deals and their awesome service)! The budtenders are all very nice and super helpful. Do yourself a favor and stop in! Big thanks to all on the Liv team!!!

  230. Ellesmokes

    The staff is very friendly, they offer coffee to everyone coming in and are sure to introduce themselves with a smile. The variety here is excellent. Several selections of flower, medibles, wax, keif, oils, prerolls, etc.

    let’s talk about those prerolls for a moment–anyone seen the ones that look like a mini baseball bats? yep, they sell 10 gram joints. so, plenty of novelty type stuff while also providing top quality flower (which is what I primarily use)

    –my only complaint is the parking, but I suppose that’s just A2. you find that with most any business downtown. overall five out of five stars – would smoke again 😉

  231. Spacceviking

    Will never go to another dispensary again. Most comfortable atmosphere and knowledgable budtenders anywhere. Kam helped with everything I needed and then some.

  232. akruper

    Every staff member here is incredibly knowledgable and super friendly. They have a huge selection so there’s something for everybody. It’s a really welcoming and warm environment so even if you aren’t a patient yet you should check out the cafe area. They make amazing juice!

  233. jerrywayne

    Very nice location, friendly staff. Beautiful loddy area meds are greats with a nice array of edibles.

  234. mschankin90

    I’ve had my card for a wile now and this is hands down the best dispensary all the way around. Also the bud tenders are amazing!

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