Utopia Gardens

Detroit’s Wellness Center



6541 E Lafayette St, Detroit, MI 48207


42.3484947, -83.0089874




10:00 AM – 8:00 PM


10:00 AM – 8:00 PM


10:00 AM – 8:00 PM


10:00 AM – 8:00 PM


10:00 AM – 8:00 PM


10:00 AM – 8:00 PM


11:00 AM – 5:59 PM


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Detroit’s medical marijuana wellness center! Located in a renovated 3,000 sq/ft warehouse, our design offers patients an open and inviting environment to help enable an effective consultation with one of our certified budtenders. We’re conveniently located less than 2 miles from downtown Detroit, right across from Belle Isle.

The two pillars of Utopia Gardens is patient education and quality products. All of our Budtenders go through the Trichome Institute (certified by the Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment and the Marijuana Enforcement Division) to gain a better understanding of the processes and practices that go into the products we offer. They are then able to confidently help each patient select the products that will be most effective for their needs. Each vendor is carefully vetted before we decide to carry any product lines and all of the products offered at Utopia Gardens must be quality tested before they go on our shelves. We’ll never offer any products to our patients that don’t meet the Utopia standard.

Medible Mondays – 20% Off All Edibles
Top Shelf Tuesdays – Reduced Pricing on all Top Shelf Flower
Utopia Wednesdays – 20% Off Utopia Gardens Cartridges & Concentrates
THC Thursdays – 10% Off All Cannabis Products
Black Fridays – New Deals Every Week
Shatterdays – 10% Off All Cartridges & Concentrates
Lazy Sundays – 12% Off All Flower


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81 reviews for “Utopia Gardens

  1. GrandmaGB

    Very first visit today. Excellent budtenders. Met the owner and he us very nice guy. Location has a very cool vibe inside. Lots to look at. Above all else store is clean and organized. They brand all their products. I got a great deal on cartridges and got a free pre roll for being a first time customer. Will be coming back to this location for sure. This is truly a great dispensary in the City of Detroit.

  2. articulatedanimal

    Pleasant and helpful staff, convenient location for me, and I can only say great things about the quality of their flower products. Definitely going to make this my go to. Thank you Utopia Gardens for your work. dY’

  3. mzsweetness

    i love this place! staff very helpful and informed.

  4. jako234

    great place. a model of how other dispensaries should follow

  5. deeplyrooted313

    i loved the maroon cookies!!!! the atmosphere was chill and the building was very clean, inside and out. my budtender was very helpful. i think i found a new home.

  6. dkrauth76

    Utopia Gardens is AMAZING! The atmosphere, the bud tenders, the flower! AMAZING!!! This was my first time at a dispensary so needless to say I was super nervous. That all changed when I walked thru the front doors! Everyone is super nice and very knowledgable! Terry was my bud tender and was so friendly and so helpful! Everything was amazing!!! Especially the “Lucky Charms” flower! YUMMY!!! Oh yea, and they have a rewards program, and a free pre roll for your first visit!!! This is the place, no need to shop round! I will definitely be back weekly!!!

  7. Swaggmac87

    My spot!

  8. jcrocker

    This is a top notch dispensary with some of the best flower I’ve ever had for a great price. I’ve never had to wait to see a bud tender. As long as they keep doing what they are doing, I’ll never go anywhere else. a$?i,

  9. Lion_heart_x47

    super friendly and knowledgeable budtenders. decent selection. the area is a little sketch, but the dispensary itself is nice.

  10. cooperthetapp

    Utopia Gardens is by far the most pleasant and potent dispensary in Detroit! I’ve been shopping here for ounces and accessories for awhile and no other dispensary compares to Utopias Deals, Friendly staff and consistency! a$?dY”Y=a$?


    One of the best in quality and service. The atmosphere and decor are one worthy of area. #GoingBack

  12. Airowdis

    I have been to alot of cool places to get my medical cannabis and this place is ridiculously easy to fall in love with the great aesthetic of the place and everyone that work there was just amazing the budtender is what put this place over the top for me Rashad is by far the biggest reason I will be back the youn man was not only knowledgeable he help me get my first vape cartridge with out it being pushy or overly aggressive salesmanship like this is why I can’t to see what you have next time

  13. Kruseship

    I am a total novice when it comes to marijuana. I told them that right away and received a lot of help and insight about the products. Felt very comfortable and I believe I got a couple great strains.

  14. Vaw1892

    Great products, knowledgeable and nice staff, and the dispensary itself is really cool looking. I’ll definitely be back

  15. mliving

    I love all the workers I’ve interacted with so far! Good prices, constantly getting new stuff. The have good extras too, like daily discounts, rewards program, and menus to look at with the things they have that day.

  16. RKrauth

    This is the ONLY dispensary I trust!!! With all the recalls in Michigan on flower and fake vape carts that are testing positive for mold & pesticides you just can’t take a chance! Utopia Gardens has been testing their products, which most of them are made and grown themselves, since day one!!! I HAVE NEVER BEEN DISAPPOINTED WITH ANYTHING FROM UTOPIA GARDENS!!! I am in every week, usually Friday, so I was in today to see my friend Terri. I picked up some beautiful flower, OG #18 and Larry OG. BOTH FIRE dY”Y=!!! I also picked up a couple Utopia Gardens brand vape carts, Biker OG and Super Silver Haze A– Lavender. Clean, high testing (80%-90% THC) whole cannabis plant extract, cannabis derived terpenes, NOTHING ELSE!!! If you are serious about your medicine, then this is your place! dY’sdY'”dY~

  17. Mustangfunk

    One of the top three dispensary’s I have need too. Great selection, service, and atmosphere. The location leaves a lot to desired.

  18. beeerye

    I very much enjoyed my first visit to utopia gardens. its clean, friendly, and professional. quality products here and I will be a repeat customer.

  19. Holyquanza5000

    I live down the street and am becoming a frequent here. They are close to the metro Detroit area and seem to be one of the only places that really has it all.

    1. Atmosphere: CLEAN .i can’t tell you how many places I’ve been in the Detroit are that are simply dirty and look like someone’s basement. The building is beautiful on the inside with an open ceiling and finished concrete throughout including nice touches of decorum like an old motorcycle. It’s the little things.

    2.selection was also great they had options ranging from $7 a gram to I believe $20 a gram.they have enogh quality options to keep everyone happy but not too many to be overwhelming. To top it off they had a printed menu showing the CBC and thc percentages each strain had to offer.

    3. Staff, was friendly clean cut informative and helpful. And of course they threw in a pre roll for me being a first timer.

    This place has earned my patronage I’ll be returning weekly.

    Highly recommended

  20. UtopiaGardensFan

    My username says it all. I had to make an account just to give my Utopia family a shoutout. I have been to countless dispensaries in MI, CA, and CO, but none has even come close to UG. This dispo is so nice that I straight up wanna live there. I actually buy in smaller quantities on purpose just so I get to go back more often. They host yoga, live music, often have free food trucks, dope motorcycles and art on display… who does that?!? Everyone there feels like your family after visiting once. The weed is by far the best in Michigan. Their house brand is something else. I’m always impressed by their daily deals and freebies. I’ve converted all of my friends to Utopia groupies, but I never tell them about how classy this place is, i just let them smoke my UG weed; that has never failed. This is what a dispensary should be. I don’t know what everyone else is doing still going other places! And yes, i have their t-shirt. Multiple.

  21. mindinmists

    Great service and product. Bit of a wait to get into the bud room due to it being around rush hour but was worth it; this place is popular for a reason. Looking forward to shopping here again soon!

  22. rodawgnbones

    Insanely sophisticated experience.

  23. sighonjoo16

    The guy at the front desk was cool and let me go back while he took down all my info and had another employee bring my stuff back while i was makin my selection and My bud tender Mary was very helpful in helping me find a high cbd low thc strain aEURoeStar tonicaEUR and informing me about the deals and about the place. Will definitely be going back. The star tonic and blue dream are top notch

  24. Jmpglassart

    This is the best experience I’ve ever had at a dispensary , it is nice and clean and I felt welcomed and not rushed like every other place I’ve been to teri aEURoeI hope I spelled her name correctlyaEUR was fantastic and more than helpful and willing to show me everything I asked to see without hesitation , this is a first for me as every time I go somewhere else I get rushed and end up with crap product , everything I got today was amazing FIRE medicine , you’ll be seeing me weekly aoeOEdY1/4

  25. JoannaBanana84

    Very nice staff… I didn’t feel uncomfortable with my surroundings 🙂 She answered all my questions… I’ll for sure be going back…

  26. MommaOG313

    this is a beautiful dispensary with a professional, friendly and informed staff! I was very pleased with my visit. I will be back!

  27. XDavidKingx

    Very good Establishment

  28. Wolfbane378

    A buddy of mine recommended this place to me and I’m glad we stopped in. Great deal on concentrates and the flower is pretty damn good for the price. Mary, our budtender, was very nice and helpful as well. Can’t really ask for much more.

  29. subzero15698

    Matt and Terry were AWESOMEEE!!! Definitely coming back!

  30. woodyxx14

    Place was located in an odd wear-house. Walked in and the guy was cool, security was odd and from a far there didn’t seem to be much options. They had a menu with all the bud, info on it, and thc count. That was pretty cool. I went in and the guy was extremely knowledgeable, taught me the entire distillation process. It was amazing to have someone that into the job. Tried the GG4 x sunset sherbert. It was EXCELLENT. Not to mention he actually weight it out in front of me, and didn’t penny pick when it bounced to 3.7. Awesome place.

  31. CemeteryWorker

    Walked in here yesterday for the first time and was absolutely blown away. From my first step inside I knew I was welcome there and not annoying the staff. You can feel the care that the owner and staff has for this place. I think I’ve finally found the permanent place to shop.

  32. gigix71

    Awesome dispensarydY~dY~dY~ great and knowledgeable great selection

  33. KBDEMC


  34. NugSurfice0

    Amazing place. Incredible bud and staff is extremely friendly and helpful!

  35. amoney12

    As soon as I walked in I absolutely loved the vibe! It is not what I was expecting. From other dispensaries this really makes you feel like you’re getting quality service and a quality product compared to the other dispensaries that make it feel like you’re doing something illegal. The guy who was helping me was also super friendly and answered all of my questions patiently and willingly. There nugs look wonderful and are trimmed awesome. That’s so important to me. Not only that, but they have a reward system, so you’re getting more bang for your buck. I definitely will be coming back to try their edibles and their bath bombs! Great first visit!

  36. Oesladyt

    Awesome location. Staff is very knowledgeable and helpful. I didn’t feel rushed or pressured to make any quick decisions about my purchases. Excellent products. I’ll be back again and again.

  37. EuphoricAtmos

    Beautiful inside, not busy, excellent selection!!

  38. blunttoker430

    The staff is very informative and enthusiastic, the quality and selection of bud is impressive, and the atmosphere is like no other dispensary I’ve ever been to. This place is amazing. I will be coming back again and again.

    PS: Great place if you’re looking for CBD strains and products.

  39. Paul57

    Great dY’dY3/4

  40. kannablisskadie

    hands down home to the best weed in Detroit. the selection is incredible and the bud tenders are very friendly and knowledgeable about the products. they also have bomb wax and distillate cartridges. newest loyal customer.

  41. Koltthegreat

    Quick in and out. Bud-tender was nice and knowledgeable. Was secure. Bought 2 cartridges today. Overall a good first expensive. Thanks

  42. moore496

    My favorite place. Bought some of the sunshine daydream everybody
    loved it. Highly recommend it

  43. Imthtguy420

    Best bud in town hands down I come here twice a week

  44. Andypasto

    Very chill and relaxed staff. Made my first ever dispensary visit very comfortable. They met all of my medicinal needs and then some. I will definitely be going back. Luckily they are only a mile from my apartment.

  45. SourDseal

    Great location!

  46. MrC.

    This is hands down one of the best designed dispensaries that I’ve been to in Michigan. Open, inviting, and quality med’s with a friendly and knowledgeable staff.

  47. Archangelmike316

    look ever since I started getting medicated I been coming here ..
    when my jobsite switch to out of the city or state even. it was hard to come by and I did try other places ( I felt like I was cheating on my girlfriend so weird )
    so trust me.
    Look from the store it is iconic blue collar atmosphere.
    The staff is top notch
    very knowledgeable
    The flower selection is quality from the bottom shelf all the way up to top shelf.
    Their own brand of cartridges is by far better then any other brand that’s out there to this date.
    Most of all you have to look at how everything is set up and even down to the Small Things.
    To their bags that they package your flowers in, to the containers that they give you their stuff is all top grade.
    Air enclose canisters so that your car doesn’t smell like flower the minute you leave the store
    look this a high end flower shop with no high end prices..
    They care
    They are here to help
    They are part of Detroit’s come back
    Come by and just check it out I promise you won’t be disappointed. (I am Catholic I can not lie)
    plus they have a point system that rewards you for coming by and first time patient are treated special with a complete walk through..

  48. hanse103

    My new favorite dispensary in Detroit! Very cool vibes here – the budtenders are informative and kind, the selection is amazing, and it’s all around a great dispensary! My first time visiting Mary was my budtender, and she and I laughed so hard together like we were old friends!

    The concentrates made in-house are the best around – and range in price, too, so there’s something for $30-45 depending on the strain. Kosher Tangerine Kush cartridges where you can actually taste the tangerine? Sign me up! I also got my favorite strain, Super Lemon Haze, in concentrate form for my pen and I shared how it was my favorite and Mary shared in my excitement and told me all about how they are continuing to grow and perfect their cartridges. The next time I went in, another budtender who overheard us asked me my review of it since he remembered it was my favorite strain! I appreciated that so much.

  49. DetroitRonn

    Great location as well as service! Strains of all type. Knowledgeable people from security to budtenders. Definitely one of the best on the Eastside and the best in downtown area

  50. atypicalbitch00

    This place is awesome!! super tranquil, low stress and beautiful design all around. Very clean building, friendly and genuine people. Quality selection and the flower looks beautiful (hardly any bad looking buds in the bunch!). Im no longer looking for a favorite dispo thanks guys!

  51. Mz.Kris10

    Great variety… Great quality and amazing staff.

  52. loveupload

    I really enjoy taking the trip to Utopia. The deals are great and the budtenders provide great recommendations. Amber is a great budtender.

  53. PazuzuTheGreen

    This is my new ‘place’. Utopia Gardens is exactly what it advertises Utopia, wonderful selection of quality strains. I won’t be getting my medicine anywhere else.

  54. freedy666

    Fantastic low key place. Mary is the astrologer to the bud, IMO. I loved her recommendations based on my sign ai,Za~1/2

  55. KeefaKnightley

    Loved the atmosphere of this dispensary. I do have to say Ii,t was my first visit, but every aspect of the experience was invitational and relaxing. Highly recommend at least one visit to Utopia Gardens.

  56. GoddessGreenz

    I love everything about Utopia Gardens From Michael the security guard to Terri my usual Bud tender to Donnel to Garrett this place is staffed by experts! My only complaint was the menu hadn’t been updated and what I wanted wasn’t in… however trying the insane in the membrane today, I am delighted! I got 3 new strains and I’m always impressed when I buy your grows strains!

    Thanks everyone for quality products at great prices!!! Your loyalty to your customers is refreshing and I’m very grateful!!!

  57. 2Interstellar

    Utopia gardens is the most aesthetically pleasing, professional, and inclusive dispensary I’ve been to in Detroit. My first time I was taken care of by a wonderful budtender named Mary whom helped me with every question I had. The quality of marijuana is exceptional for the price. This is hands down some of the best prepared cannabis available in the city. I will most definitely be returning many times in the future.

  58. ZenM

    Great place. Very friendly, clean, and good display. One employee or owner also has a friendly golden retriever that greeted me. Definitely will be back and recommend to others!

  59. nittanyjja

    An incredibly welcoming venue and staff. Great specials and general value. The budtenders recommendation was so good I had to write an immediate, hazy review

  60. A.COPE

    This is by far the best dispensary in Michigan, very knowledgeable staff excellent customer service in-depth menu. Hands down best place to get your meds

  61. Syfix

    Very helpful and friendly. Nice prices and deals. Great quality and selection. Not a busy area. I look forward to going again!

  62. jpashkot

    Extremely knowledgeable about the products they are selling, they also have great deals and fair prices.

  63. thesmokintrain313

    great place to be in one of my favorites.
    they have great bud even if u shop bottom shelf

  64. phoenix899

    Terry with the tattoos was amazing. Super nice and informed. My first trip to a dispo in Detroit and it couldn’t have been better. Their selection was vast and high quality as well

  65. Raymonday

    I loved this place. My first time in a dispensary and they were super helpful. They were not sticklers for being over a few tenths of a gram. 3 different grams to find out what is the best medicine for my needs. 1, 1.1, 1.2 and a pre rolled tossed in Will be going back.

  66. StreetlightEcho

    Flew in from AZ and was blown away by the place. Big but still comfortable and the meds are awesome! It was a very quick and pleasant visit, the staff are friendly and the recommendations were perfect. Thanks to the staff, the growers and the customers who keep this place open. Best of luck to you guys, if you’re in Detroit, check this place out!!!

  67. drixace

    My first time at a dispensary and everyone was so sweet and helpful. Good variety and deals, very clean and comfortable place.

  68. Pcnlucki

    Great location for starters. Big giant open warehouse type of store with lots of glass walls. You can see everything so it’s not intimidating. Great parking. This place is very inviting & was a comfortable shopping experience. Mary was phenomenal in her service, her knowledge of product & her ability to find just the right items for me. Im still kinda new to this world & she was miles ahead of everybody else in her commitment to quality service.
    She was willing and patient in explaining it all to me & this facility is by far the most pleasing of experiences.

  69. crf69

    Fantastic Flower Thank you so much!!!!!!

  70. monicawafford1

    Tried to edit my first review as the problem was resolved in the most gracious way. Thank you Utopia Gardens! I look forward to visiting you soon.

  71. connorweed

    Great spot and they have the best carts hands down. I wish I would have got more!

  72. SlothBoss

    Utopia Gardens is hands-down, my favorite dispensary. They’ve done everything right, as far as I’m concerned. They serve super high quality product at all price points, so whether it’s top-shelf or bottom-shelf, it’s grown, trimmed, and cured well, emits the appropriate terpine profile, and is nicely representative of the strain. And despite the obvious attention to quality, they’re not pretending like this stuff is anything more than it is and marking it up or hyping it up. Many of the strains are grown in-house and trimmed by the budtenders themselves, so everyone there is very familiar with the product. The concentrates are a great bang for your buck, and are always flavorful. The budtenders are all very friendly and unpretentious, like some places where I’m supposed to be impressed that they’re all attractive females wearing black t-shirts or something. I always end up wasting more time than I need to just chatting with them about how much I love their stuff. I’ve spent quite a bit of money here and have only had a couple of minor issues, which were corrected without hesitation. They went out of their way to make sure I was happy with everything. The points program is great, you can get a free preroll or shirt or discount every now and then. The atmosphere is excellent – lots of natural light and a cool industrial feel, very unlike some of the panic-room style dispensaries you come across. They’ve got decent daily deals on everything, so it’s best to time your purchases based on those. My only complaint is that the menu (over the last few months that I’ve been a patron) tends to be quite weighted towards the indicas. The focus seems to be on presenting an array of nicely-curated flower with impressive flavor profiles (as well as a large selection of cbd-focused strains), but they could use some more sativas, generally speaking. But aside from that, it amazes me that some people go to such unpleasant dispo’s instead of places like this. HIGHLY recommended.

  73. ABitFloaty

    Super. Friendly and welcoming staff. Great selection and great looking product. Clean, bright, easy access, good parking, good restroom.

  74. 420Ju420

    I’ve been coming to this dispo since I first got my med card. I’ve gone to a couple others since but none have compared to how friendly and awesome utopia gardens in. Absolutely love everyone who works here and their bud never disappoints. They always have a deal going on depending on the day of the week. Love this place. My fav

  75. cllcllns

    Their aEURoedealsaEUR aren’t anything to write home about, but overall this is a good dispensary.

  76. euphoriarose

    I visited today for the first time and honestly I was blown away. Adorable location and the staff was awesome.

  77. VeeDreads

    I had been driving by and couldn’t wait to visit when I got my card and I must say I was really impressed, excellent staff and the child proof containers are the best, flowers are very tantalizing dY~S

  78. Bigpimpinparker74

    This place is killer. I bought some concentrate and some nice flower. All I have to say is this. I’m smoking on a $7 dollar a gram and it blows some $15 stuff out of the water. If you are a heavy consumer of quality concentrate shop here.
    (P.S) to my bud tender I forgot your name but you where amazing and I am looking forward to my 2hr drive back just to have this service and quality again.

  79. Jenjenindetroit

    I love Utopia Gardens. Their shop with the loft is a cool design, with all the bikes in there. Their products are of excellent quality, and, they have their own brand on their products. The budtenders are amazing and always make me feel welcome. This is my first go to.

  80. ferruccios

    Very Unique Strains! Greatest Location & top shelf dY”Y= Extremely Clean & knowledgeable

  81. oneantenough

    Love the people and the weed

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