Greenwave Medical Marihuana Provisioning Center (Opening Soon!)



500 E Oakland Ave, Lansing, MI 48906


42.7433794, -84.5460394


















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Our mission is to help patients understand cannabis as a medicine while providing suggestions on delivery methods and products that can aid in personal health and wellness. We focus on patient care and strive to educate patients on cannabinoid therapy and strains that target illness and condition alleviation. Our goal is to help patients get into the cannabis industry while bringing FDA standards to dispensing medical marijuana. Every batch of medicine we carry is tested by an ISO Certified laboratory using the latest microbiological and analytic equipment to identify pests, microbial, pesticides and cannabinoid strength. All provisioning center agents in our downtown Michigan provisioning center location are highly trained in patient care from the most accredited cannabis training institution in the country.

Our Commitment to Excellence:

> Patient Focused
> ISO Laboratory Tested Products
> Conveniently Located
> Safe and Friendly Environment

If you are a patient looking for a different and discreet patient experience where the provisioning center agents understand cannabis strains and their therapeutic benefits, please make an appointment with one of our Lansing, Michigan certified agents to aid in your understanding of the cannabis plant.


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104 reviews for “Greenwave Medical Marihuana Provisioning Center (Opening Soon!)

  1. mramos6

    very great selection and first time gifts are awesome

  2. kg00d

    enjoyed my experience! had a good visit both times the female employee helped me!

  3. Lunastellar1

    Super knowledgeable staff + modern, professional environment. This place is the best! Wide range of products at decent prices. I tell all my friends to visit Greenwave!

  4. arnfolly2

    love this place for selection, service and quality!

  5. lisab1020

    Greenwave is by far the most professional dispensary in the Lansing area. The staff is extremely knowledgeable and is looking out for the best interest of the patient. Being a cancer patient, I very much appreciate this very important aspect.

    Thank you all for what you do!


  6. Oscar825

    This Dispensary is Truly the “Best” in Lansing, MI!!!
    The Quality of their Products cannot be Compared Too!!! I am a long time smoker, their Bud truly Rocks!

    It is time for them to Open Up another location!!! You won’t be disappointed!!! Excellent Products, Knowledgeable Staff Members (especially the guy with reddish brown beard).

    Just an Excellent Shop!!! They know how to do it, Believe Me, they do!!!

  7. bigmarc420

    I’ve been there in the past, and now that they have made it a lot more lit up as of the surrounding outside. its great. but as 4 the inside, people where nice like usual. and the selection was great. SO EVERYONE KNOWS THE ORANGE GLUE AND LEMON G ARE AMAZING……..JS

  8. lilbirdc

    Clean place. professional , friendly knowledgable staff.I would definately shop here again, I recommend this place for sure

  9. Ianthecat

    Every time I come here the staff is really helpful! Especially Melissa. It’s always nice to trust your budtender! This place has the best product in town.

  10. afarmer974

    Greenwave is great! The staff is very helpful and extremely nice/laid back. the environment is very clean and professional.
    My favorite dispensary yet!

  11. chill3376

    Greet location

  12. Jbaas

    Great location, very nice staff.

  13. rollie17

    I would say the best in the lansing area, I’ve been to alot of places here in lansing and by far greenwave is the best flower I’ve seen, and there house oil is amazing staff was supper helpful and informative was there probly almost a hr talking and never felt rushed ..this is proably the only shop I will go to in lansing from now on.

  14. Rj54

    Drives from two hours away.
    Forgets med card.
    Turns around to retrieve said wallet.
    Drives right back to Greenwave.

    I’d do it all over again.

    Always worth it!

  15. Sunshine7773

    Awesome staff and great flower. Love the new loyalty program and happy hour! Makes it a little easier for a patient to afford good quality tested medicine. Thanks Greenwave

  16. stayblued

    My first time here was a great. The flower was fantastic and service was too. I will definitely be coming back soon!

  17. sifrd94

    I’ve been to other dispensaries trying to find good quality flower, and I’m done looking now that I come here

  18. jewishmotha

    (LONG REVIEW) First time here and staff was very friendly, patient and helpful. I got a great discount on the first time which really was helpful considering I had to travel about an hour to get there. It was worth it. I was looking for a quality high CBD strain and found Harlequin to be Beautiful on the outside and inside. It smells amazing and fresh. The effects are very pleasant and relaxing with a slight spacey zoney effect for me. I am able to vaporize this during the day and not be “too high” to function. It pairs very very nicely with Tree Tops Harle-Tsu Live Resin which turned out to be a high thc/low cbd batch (which typically is high cbd/low thc for the strain), but the bud tender said sometimes batches don’t turn out exactly as expected. However, I am not disappointed, as the Harle-Tsu live resin and the Harlequin flower are both Medicinal to me so much. I battle PTSD, Anxiety, depression, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue. The Harle-Tsu batch i had was around 70ish on the thc % and it gives me a clear head, no fatigue and i just feel better on it. There is no paranoia, just a clean effect. The harlequin helps with any physical pains and anxiety/depression, and makes me wanna sit back and just relax. I have been using a cheap apx vaporizer and my mflb (with weak batteries) and I still get a great effect. Can’t wait to try it on the Arizer Solo I just ordered. I also smoke this through a bubbler and bong. I’m almost out! I hope GreenWave always carries a high cbd strain because I can really go to town on it and get that good CBD in my system. Amazing meds. Thanks for reading! Thank you, GreenWave! Cheers to all. 10/10

  19. Djinn420

    Green Wave is the most professionally-organized place in Lansing. They give you a receipt with strain names and the budtender who waited on you. Tenders handle buds with chopsticks and gloves. All strains are tested and labeled with THC and CBD % as well as recommended therapeutic uses. This place really feels like a pharmacy rather than a “weed shop.” This is how it should be done! I also love the team of folks that work there.

  20. jelly97

    Great, clean place with a great selection. Very welcoming place, definitely coming back!

  21. HailGoBlue420

    excellent, hands down the best dispensary I’ve been to, great service, good knowledge, well done all the way around. Bravo!!

  22. ruffrydericon

    Very clean very professional and very knowledgeable will be back soon

  23. trippinsublime

    I went to 4 different places this one was the best one. cookies and creamdY~

  24. Rob76_

    Beautiful inside and out. Clean. All professional.The only place I go!!

  25. kingofkush1914

    I love this shop! I can’t afford to go as much as I’d like to, but you def get what you pay for. All meds are lab tested and environment is one of the cleanest in town. Thanks!

  26. highhorse420

    Great atmosphere, great flowers, would love to return to Greenwave

  27. Deeredeer

    closed…. LARA says they can’t make them open. they are licensed by the state yet closed. what are patients supposed to do?

  28. ArtsyCrafter

    Very clean facility, knowledgeable staff. THC percentages and CBD levels on each label are very helpful for finding most effective medicine. Friendly and professional help makes a big difference, and GreenWave has it.

  29. hdemchak

    Very friendly!

  30. rexis666

    Maybe the most professional dispensary in Lansing, friendly and professional staff

  31. bfbest93

    Amazing selection and service!

  32. Merwin70

    Friendly, knowledgeable staff. Clean facility

  33. Qrystyna

    Love the tangie dream. smooth tasty smoke and happy relaxed buzz.

  34. Juliaxx

    I thought it was very well put together and the service was great. My strains were satisfactory and I had good highs off the bud I bought here.

  35. ganjaguy21

    High tech modern atmosphere. Great presentation. Great staff. Great selection. Will be back for sure.

  36. badness92

    i love this place never have been disappointed will definitely come here for now on

  37. stabbyjenkin

    super friendly staff, huge selection, great product. this place is the dispensary of the future

  38. RJL07

    one of the best in Lansing area great options for whatever you need (flower,wax,oils, edibles ect)


    very professional

  40. 305clo

    Good selection of quality flower. Only dispensary I’ve been to with thc% on top of bottles. Forum Cookies was dY”Y= 27.14% THC

  41. cannabiscures420

    Greenwave is one of the best dispensaries I’ve ever been to. From the amazing atmosphere to the high-quality products and extremely knowledgeable staff, Greenwave has far exceeded my highest expectations. My mother has been struggling with cancer and the staff here was more than helpful with helping us understand all the different options available to us now. I’m so thankful I stumbled across this place! I’m going to recommend this to all my friends.

  42. scottmd

    Great atmosphere for anyone of any age, I always feel very comfortable when inside. They show the lab test results on all flower which is a major plus in my opinion. Also shout out to Tucker for helping me out today, very knowledgeable and helpful. Wish they’d open a second location in GR!

  43. Spence923

    Good environment great bud

  44. dorirose

    I love Greenwave! They know their stuff and have great taste! I just can’t stay away!

  45. Vjvincent2001

    Best pre rolls around

  46. GreenCrossSolutions

    I tell all my fellow patients to go here, love you guys and gals!!!!!!

  47. Gingerbluebabykat

    I’ve been to Greenwave twice now, and both experiences have been very good. The first visit I bought flower (with the 10% off first time visit discount it was a bargain!) that I am quite happy with. The second visit, I asked questions about vapes and edibles and was impressed with the patience and knowledge of the budtender. I ended up buying Northern Lights mint chocolate bars…5/$100 which is an excellent price!

  48. fishermansjc

    Professional, clean, upscale… greenwave never fails to disappoint. Enjoy the charismatic budtenders and plethora of products.

  49. diane108

    Safe, welcoming atmosphere with extremely knowledgeable, friendly staff. Very clean & professional. I would highly recommend Green Wave to anyone looking for quality meds from quality people. They have a wide variety of everything. I always leave more than satisfied with my experience there & with the meds.

  50. bigern326

    Favorite location in town, friendly staff, great products and a nice clean building inside and out.

  51. DanielleDrlik

    This place was great! Several stations set up so the bud tender can explain and show and point to all different products. 10% off your total purchase for your first time visit too which was great. I got a Master Yoda Pre roll and it was badass!


    I like the people, they are very patient with me and don’t rush me out. Very satisfied overall.

  53. myeyesareopenbro

    Great computer set up and knowing patients preferences, I learned a lot first time visiting and friendly staff

  54. crash177

    wow! clean, professional and get this all flowers are lab tested and results are right on top of the jar. good staff and selection of edibles topical, flower, and concentrate.

  55. wizard01

    the staff is great.very freindly and helpful.

  56. Crashinup

    Best quality and service in town. Never been disappointed in the product.

  57. GreatWhiteAkers

    This is top three best Dispensary and

  58. MIdopeydabber

    Very clean and comfortable, great service and quality!!

  59. ruralman85

    First time visit here. Budtender was not very polite. She did not seemed interested in helping me find the right meds. Very pricey place. The upside is that they test all their meds so you really know what you are paying for. Don’t think I’ll be returning due to service.

  60. smokersauce

    this location was awesome. great product, awesome service. I definitely will be back. unfortunately I live far away so I can’t visit as much as I’d like.

    but anytime I’m around, you can garantee I’ll be back.

  61. ezziebee

    They’re very professional and friendly here and will work to help you find the right strain. It’s very professional and has a rewards membership system which is really nice.

  62. kayehareeh

    Nice new building but the music in the lobby was horrible (world/ techno) and actually induced anxiety in me. Went with my bestie and they didn’t allow us to shop together even tho it was an open type shop I had to sit and wait for her while listening to that noise. Katie was super nice tho and I got some great tangie shatter dY~SdY’

  63. Kd1903

    First time there the othere day. Everyone’s awesome! Gotta throw props to Lina though

  64. gubby420

    I love this place. The staff is wonderful and so helpful. I’ve never been disappointed by a product purchased at Greenwave. The atmosphere is very clean and professional, what all dispensaries should be like. Highly recommended for first time patients.

  65. LolKing02

    Always good service in a relaxed,
    Clean environment! Best medicine in town!!

  66. potiscooltbh

    Melissa was awesome!!! Very well knowledgeable and super helpful.

  67. GreenwaveLansing

    This shop is modern, professional, and the staff is extremely knowledgeable as to the specific strains to help any ailment you may walk in with. Product is well-priced and always top notch! Would recommend a visit to Greenwave to any & everyone I know!

  68. Klereue

    My bud tender was very informative and helpful for my first time, will definitely be going back.

  69. Blasian517420

    Highly recommend stopping in and checking this place out!!!

  70. Assaka0815

    Super clean and organized. Friendly, knowledgeable staff. Defiant will repeat business here.

  71. nickSizl

    Excellent location. Always clean and friendly!!

  72. monkeyseemonkeydo1

    Great bud. Definitely the best bud in Lansing

  73. Hinotorikuro

    Beautiful flower, great staff! Thanks!

  74. Deeze

    Consistently good product; always get what I pay for. Bud tenders know their stuff. Clean place, inside and out. Professional, no nonsense, nobody just loitering around. My first choice every time.

  75. cdrz69

    Great place, love all the stuff in there, friendly staff

  76. deepstar6

    Just stopped in yesterday to check them out. They are unable to take a simple order because the sold me 2 times the amount that I ordered. Did not know this until I weighed everything when I got home. Product itself is good. Customer service needs improvement. May or may not go there again

  77. Mikhalem

    Great service, I didn’t catch the girls name but she made us feel right at home, we definitely will be going back!

  78. mdehorn3

    I come here specifically for the Master Yoda- love it!!

  79. playfornow

    Best buds in Lansing amazing quality and laid back but also professional short info needed to fill out but it’s well worth it!

  80. mesohighman

    I was born and raised is So Cal. I grew up on good flower and good dealers. I vape flower. There are a few awesome shops around town with good service, quality flower etc, but all have dissapointed me one time or another with the exception of Green Wave. They are my go-to spot for a great all around experience because no matter what anyone says the experience matters, quality of service matters and when hard earned money is being spent Green Wave will leave you content. And yes that did rhyme because we all rapp in So Cal 😉 jk but maybe I should copywrite that…hmm

  81. buddygreen123

    Absolutely the best!

  82. Kripma

    Great help and selection

  83. jomota

    good ,close ,intown location,friendly .

  84. kblackwood

    Budtenders are very polite, knowledgeable and helpful. They take credit and debit cards which makes them very convenient and they have one of the larger menus that I’ve seen in Lansing!

  85. Jennafeffer

    My alternative med choice for everything. Wonderful, professional, knowledgeable staff, and ultra quick service. Best buds for the buck for sure. I wouldn’t go anywhere else.

  86. deenar24

    what more can you expect from a great store. a lot of variety and exceptional service

  87. Blondiehosek187420

    The best place to go for the informed consumer

  88. GrandpaGary

    Very helpful staff in helping me understand everything on my first visit. He showed me the wide variety they have in stock and took time to,explain everything. Will go back again.

  89. jeffreyvasquez65

    I had a great experience, they have very good service and the employees are very knowledgeable. Very veteran friendly.dY’

  90. Meech_

    Great dispensary, knowledgeable bud tenders, and a great environment when purchasing medicine

  91. torious

    I keep coming back great service and great medicine!!!!

  92. LennyColdwater

    Greenwave is all around the best shop I have ever been to. I have been all around the state of Michigan and no shop has been better. Everything here is great. They have the best selection and the best medicine no matter what. There bottom shelf is off the charts and the top shelf is the best bud I’ve ever seen. They also have amazing house oil for a good price and you can mix and match the half grams to try new flavors when you buy a whole. This shop is absolutely amazing and I have nothing wrong to say about it. The parking lot is nice and I even noticed it has a handicapped ramp which is great knowing they can serve more people in the community. 10/10 would recommend.

  93. crazyots

    had all I was looking for and more.

  94. brittany92

    good service very respectful workers and the flower is good never disappointed

  95. notonabike

    The staff was pleasant and knowledgeable. The customer service was exceptional. The products were stellar. I’m rarely impressed, but I was impressed.

  96. Oiramemasti

    very satisfied! Katy was amazingly helpful and kind. Definitely recommended to all!

  97. seminuke

    the house concentrates really good!

  98. woodshackzac

    It was a very good shop. A lot of variety and a lot of good kush

  99. fairiegloomandbloom

    Such a professional and accommodating place! I was nervous going to a dispensary for the first time. But the great staff put me right at ease. The budtender was very knowledge and took her time going over my concerns and issues to be medicated for. Will definitely stop in again! Great selection and prices from what I know. Thanks again 🙂

  100. sobeit76

    GreenWave I love you !dY’- more is betterdY~,Thank You. Y’all are the best dY~

  101. jimmyhatgvl

    top notch place top notch service!

  102. bigrobby80

    everything is already tested so no questions about what you are getting

  103. Ladyj420.jv1

    Great staff. My budtender was very honest & knowledgeable. He did not steer me wrong. Will definitely be back soon!! Hopefully to get what he suggested & another rare one that I can’t stop thinking about. Thanks Don/Donald?????

  104. jobiwankanobi

    looks like an old Arby’s

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