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8314 Portage Road, Portage, MI 49002


42.1963391, -85.5611324


















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We are sorry to inform you that due to inefficiency at the state level in processing applications, LAKE EFFECT, having passed qualification is no longer considered by the state to be a temporary operating facility and must close until fully licensed. We are so sorry for the inconvenience. We will keep patients updated here [] for any future updates. Thanks for all of your love an support.


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745 reviews for “Lake Effect

  1. ShadouSpike

    Very informative and patient. Great bud and decent prices

  2. Locelaro

    Just went in for the first time and was a complete spaz. My condition makes it difficult to function public due to sensory issues and extreme anxiety. But despite my awkward fumbling the staff were wonderfully pleasant and inviting and helped put me more at ease. I will definitely be coming back.

  3. tyris2007

    Honestly the best place I’ve been too! Thank you guys for doing what you are, can’t wait to be back in!!

  4. Relaxedcafe54

    Dave, helped me and was wonderful in explaining the CBD isolate.
    Best Customer Service Ever

  5. Ducksinapond

    Quality meds and excellent service

  6. puffitbeaner

    Budtenders are knowledgeable and nice even nicer bud gmo is gas

  7. silvergirl0517

    I love the Meds, the people and the location of this dispensary. Knowledge and information is readily available, and the entire staff is always pleased to help you make good selections for your ailments, hobbies and tastes. Would love to volunteer to help renovate / decorate the lobby. Lmk if you’re interested! I can design on a dime… bag. dY~++dY~Z

  8. GoodVibeFarms

    Great service, good vibes, just all around friendly. Closest spot for me to get meds.

  9. eruss

    The people are solid professionals. The medicine is awesome. I would recommend this dispensary to any valid card holder.
    Edward Russell

  10. killakod

    Can you guys please get some Fruity Pebbles in there. Pplllllllllleeeeeaaaaassssseeeee.. thanks! Extremely wonderful excellent service, staff, and pricing. I probably should’ve start out by saying that. Lol. Fruity Pebbles please.

  11. skyfrank31

    I will NEVER go back! Not only were the tenders rude and seemed preoccupied, everything they sell is super overpriced. Yeah they test it so do a lot of the shops in Lansing. The shops in Lansing are well worth the drive!

  12. Barracuda1707

    Great Place! Bud-Tenders are always really nice and helpful! I love the reward system and that you can pre-order ahead to save on wait time.

  13. antgrasso

    Lake Effect always has amazing medicine and more importantly Lake Effect has amazing staff who truly love what they do Johnny M Johnny are Rebecca Luna mate Jeff and the others who I am missing great job guys you’re awesome

  14. romeogpurp

    Excellent service excellent staff excellent meds!

  15. Unibone

    I have a very pleasant experience at Lake Effect in Portage and Kalamazoo I was greeted with friendly service and as I am handicapped it was very easy for me to access and my budtender was very helpful when it came to saving money and getting the best deals thank you

  16. chasholtz423

    Lake Effect is a top notch establishment, Always has a fresh, fantastic and diverse selection and a superb staff. The michigan medical cannabis industry has a bright future with dispensaries this good. Highly recommended.

  17. Mrssmithjohnson92217

    I’m excited to try the suckersdY~S

  18. Edkz416

    Amazing staff! They have a great selection of products and cool rewards programs. You won’t be disappointed.

  19. Dashitnitz2

    Joe help me out and he was very knowledgeable about their product.

  20. aharrington269

    Friendly staff with an amazing selection.

  21. Priscilla1001

    Super impressed with the bud tender we had! Rebecca was awesome. Very knowledgeable , accommodating, and funny. Will return not only because of the fantastic customer service but I was also happy with every product I bought.

  22. Shirley1953

    Thank you to Dave for such an amazing visit!

  23. ckon234

    Way too over priced compared to the rest of the state

  24. Picasso2

    First dispensary in portage! They just opened up in December of 2015. The staff was very friendly, the place was very clean and organized. I learned a lot. Their medicine ranges from $10 a gram to $20. They had more selection in the higher priced ones. Not the biggest selection, but I was happy with the meds I left with. They don’t have a sign up yet, so they’re kind of tricky to find. On Google maps, it says they’re “ruff cuts grooming” because that’s the business that was there before.

    Great place. would recommend it.

  25. RobinMensch

    Happy to see you’re open! Sorry we missed the Grand Opening. Like the new setup!!! Great seeing those familiar faces, and our wonderful friend Jessica at the desk. We missed you guys. The Grand Daddy Purple went fast! Need to get more in soon! So we went with the Dark Plasma. Very nice for the price.

  26. FlexndgetHigh7

    The people here are amazing and love interacting with everyone and always pleased when I leave

  27. BigGirl6988

    I was super impressed. Very friendly, patient and informative staff.

  28. Ariete416

    Quality, organized service. John B was my customer service agent and he did a good job of making me feel welcomed and informed.

  29. Tana2002

    Super friendly & good location.

  30. clambake

    Went to Lake Effect for the first time. What a great place, friendly atmosphere, and a clever name! I was helped by Johnny M and he was awesome. He was very knowledgeable and did a great job explaining the products and strains. I definitely found my new spot. Thanks Lake Effect!

  31. JerryGla22

    I love the 35$ eighths and the points program they do. They always have good flowers and they give me free grams for sending in friends. Pretty cool place.

  32. BleezyG

    What I liked about my visit was the service was great and my choices of product were of good variety. Overall it was a wonderful experience.

  33. Aven86

    First time I went here it was incredible. Friendliest staff I’ve ever encountered. The staff all went out of their way to make sure they were saying my name right since it is a unique and different name. I wish to learn all their names by the end of the year! The selections in cannabis here are top notch and they are always hosting deals! I highly recommend this place to all!

  34. elnikoboricua

    Great staff

  35. Nicsmith102116

    Of course wish it was closer to Battle Creek, but don’t mind the drive for what I know I’m getting!

  36. jguy19

    Always great friendly and never let down.

  37. BigBenR

    Been a customer for a few and always love the staff and quality of medicine.

  38. Betcha

    awesome folks

  39. Medijuana420

    Only bad thing I can say is they are a bit pricey. Other then that great place

  40. PmAngel

    I think that it’s a long way away, however worth the drive. Everyone was great on the phone (David) and sorry can’t remember the girl’s name for detailed directions and Joe? Happy atmosphere but parking sucks. Great service and Products! I will be back!

  41. JillianSparks

    Mark greeted me with a smile and always knows exactly the product i would like, or what i can benefit best from. Always greeted on a first name basis upon reaching the establishment. Impressive work guys.

  42. Med92

    Lake Effect is an awesome place with awesome employees. Joe helped me out he last time that I was in, and he is one of the kindest guys they have working. I always look forward to working with Joe.

  43. DS92588

    Great experience all the way around!

  44. zoovalley

    Great place friendly and knowledgeable staff! Love the educational aspect too. Only drawback is the menu options get slim quick, but understandable given the few dispensaries in the area.

  45. chainsmoker1

    I live 5 mins away and love this place. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable. I understand the scrutiny the meds go through before they shelf them, but it is still not so affordable for patients that are on a budget. I would love to see some recycle programs for old med containers and such. all in all if you have the money it’s the best dispensary in Michigan.

  46. iwantyogirl

    They have the best bud in the world and they show you with a world cup on display in holograms how can you not love that?!

  47. RockyRaccoon16

    After waiting nearly 4 years, we finally have a dispensary in the Kalamazoo/Portage area… and it’s wonderful! In fact, I would say Lake Effect is the preeminent medical dispensary in the whole of Southwest Michigan. While they limit their stock to bud, the wide variety of strains is unparalleled for the region (and they have a nifty iPad you can order from if that’s up your alley). All of the products are thoroughly tested and described on placards in great detail (THC content, cannabinoids, effects, etc.). The staff is friendly, professional, knowledgeable, and display genuine enthusiasm in their work. The best thing, however, is their prices… With grams ranging from $9-$20, they remain competitive on a statewide level in terms of price (i.e., no regional markups). I am delighted with this dispensary and hope they continue to operate unfettered by the City of Portage. They provide important, much needed care for patients in the area- who no longer have to drive over an hour away- and appear to be an upstanding member of the local business community.

  48. greenfairy23

    My first visit was very informative! They give you information on all the different types of CBD or cannabinoids and what ones help with different conditions. The bud tender, John B was very helpful with my selection. I will definitely be back!

  49. michiganSalamonman

    white lavender and blueberry pancakes was what I grabbed up in flower yesterday and both strains are fire. works well for me around the clock and also picked up a 100 mg gummie from sweetstone candies. Rasberry and I tell ya, Sweetstone is on point, have had them in the past and always consistent with there powerful punch of dosage. If you want quality tested meds along with a one stop shop, LAKE EFFECT is it. Their staff is honest and hardworking to provide the best in meds and experience. blessed to have them in our community. If I lived hours away I would still frequent LAKE EFFECT for medicine and THE SPOTT for all testing needs. Thank you again LAKE EFFECT AND STAFF!

  50. carmack3

    I used leafly to find this dispensary on the way to concert.. They told me they are not taking new patients because of a bust in Kalamazoo. I would have appreciated them putting this on their website instead of me going all the way to portage and have to go in to find out. Seriously it’s 2016 and your handling business like medical marijuana was just legalized.

  51. Indicalady4life68

    I like the selection and the people.

  52. roadhog1

    I like that they have a big menu on the wall in the lobby. Johnny M, and all the staff, are very knowledgeble and are considerate and actually take the time to help you. They are professional and really rock.

  53. MissGreenQueen420

    It was a great experience! The staff is very welcoming and I felt comfortable and informed about what I was buying. I worked with a guy named Dave and he was really helpful and nice! Can’t wait to go again.

  54. sdo420

    Updates review: went back on 420 for the GG#4 deal and free pre-roll. But I also picked up some Gorilla Cookies and some Purple Kush and wanted to leave another review. These two strains are fire. Comparable to some of the strains I’ve had in Colorado, California, and Arizona. I definitely recommend trying these two out.

  55. rpolkadot

    The staff at Lake Effect are friendly and knowledgable; the bud is top notch and they always have the latest concentrates! Pre-orders make it super quick and easy to run in after work.

  56. Noob_Noob

    My budtender was awesome and despite the crowded lobby I was in and out within 20 mins. Nice place with great quality product and their prerolls are amazing! Will be back!

  57. Sara phoenix

    Joey was my budtender on my last visit. Just like the rest of the staff, he was very friendly and knowledgeable. Even on a busy day, they keep everything moving and you never have to wait too long. If you know what you want before you get there, you can pre-order by calling, going online, or just write it down on a piece of paper when you get there. For me, it is worth the 45min drive. Great service!

  58. mopardan

    I was impressed with the freindly energetic staff, they new their buisness and it showed It was an all around enjoyable visit

  59. pkstauch

    the only place to go….imo
    staff is super friendly and very helpful every time.

  60. Stoneyjoanie

    The service and quality has gone down hill to the point of not even testing their product. Do not shop here anymore!

  61. SW33TP3A

    They are the best ever!!

  62. turbocivic

    Nice Selection and Location. Johnny M was great when I wasn’t sure what I wanted to go with. Highly recommended.

  63. ginnalynhughes

    Kind and knowledgeable staff and lots of great products. Couldn’t ask for more!

  64. Philskrill

    This is my first dispensary but I loved it. Great atmosphere people and most importantly great tree

  65. Hello321

    this place is amazing

  66. Anneteller

    Was there today and is I was very impressed. Very clean and nice. Very nice people and medication. I am from Lansing and will now be going there bi weekly for my medicine

  67. Cameris

    Really great service. Wonderful selection. Highly recommend!!

  68. MishkaSage

    The medicine is amazing! Everything is lab tested and they are very honest and knowledgeable here. The office space needs some work and my first time trying to find it was rather difficult, but the flavors they have to choose from was great. Just wish they had green crack in stock. Will be back soon! Thanks guys.

  69. MaxxTrell

    Very positive location, my budtender John was a cool guy told me how he just recently learned how to use chopsticks and I couldn’t tell because he uses them better than me.

  70. hanaanhayat

    Walking into Lake Effect is like walking into Paradise. You are met with the best products, at the best price, provided to you by the most caring people. I recommend Lake Effect for all Medical Marijuana Patients!

  71. 1Amaison

    A wee bit pricey but over all a great place

  72. jacustoms

    Very nice people great service and quality products and good prices with daily deals make this my go to place Hope to see more to come

  73. baileycharlesrote

    Very high quality. I wish the prices for an ounce were much lower.

  74. JypsySkye420

    I have been a loyal customer of lake effect for several months now and I have to say I am really offended lately at their disloyalty and shady intentions on their customers. I have been weighing my orders myself for the past few times I’ve done preorders compared to when I’m in the room placing my order and the past 3x in a row I’ve done preorders with certain people at your establishment you intentionally rip me off. An 8th that’s stating it’s 3.53g turns out to be 3 grams even and mostly stems once I broke it all off how much I got left Only 2 grams??? Then you have the prerolls they’d be great if you rolled like you used to but these are only half joints every time there limp and I have to pack them correctly it ends up being half the size i started with. What happened to the great customer service and honesty that we started with? This isn’t why I drive an hour to your location every week and honestly I’m starting to rethink that, your prices and product aren’t that great when your ripping off your clients on the goods! The majority of your clients like me need the medication you sell and aren’t just looking to get high so for you to scam people out of medication simply to get higher profits coming in is just plain wrong. Very disappointed dY~”

  75. LouisSchallhorn

    Good people great place

  76. MgoKUSH

    First one in Mich. I fond the isn’t a total rip off in price. Most anyway. but to a real smoker you’re way out of the park with high prices. they all are taking advantage of patience that have nowhere else to go. Bad karma coming for this fact.

  77. Rickon

    Awesome group of people that work at lake effect. It’s the only place that i go to get my medicine. Thank you guys. Rick R

  78. bmorris13

    Quality meds.

  79. DEBRE2

    I love this place!!! Workers are awesome!!! Lots to choose from!!!

  80. Mmmp87

    I have severe ptsd and anxiety these folks listen and are very nice. I always feel better after visiting. Thank you!

  81. mkroft85

    I absolutely LOVE this shop. Every time I walk in I’m welcomed by my first name and a smile. Everyone that works here is very knowledgeable about the product and seems to enjoy their job. I would recommend this despensory to anyone. They always have a range of med’s from the 9$/G to their top-shelf 20$/G “and the top-shelf is always amazing!”

  82. Joints423

    Ever time I have been here great service always freandly bud tenders and front door check in with a smile and conversation why you wait for your meds.

  83. pinchercreek

    Lake Effect is a diamond in the rough. The stafff are well versed in the medicinal aspects of all the sorted effects of the healing strains they supply.
    Excellent medicine locally produced. The Startonic and tincture they recommended will serve me well and help me with the chronic pain, anxiety, PTSD and nausea I experience. This is a truly medicinal place. If you are looking to recreate go to California on a holiday.
    Good luck Lake Effect.

  84. Mkline804

    Lots of choices and great prices!

  85. Mutch420

    I really liked how knowledgeable the staff was and how quickly they were able to get me exactly what I was looking for!

  86. WMUfanlife

    This has to be the best place within 100 miles. Bud is so fire. The girls that work there are hot too.

  87. Hurleyguy7855

    I’m from az and these ppl helped me out so much. I’m happy I can shop in Michigan! thx u

  88. 269dank420

    Great setup and atmosphere. Nate was a great budtender. Would recommend.

  89. Slopes

    Great staff, very knowledgable and happy to answer questions. Great products, great range and selection, average prices. Had an issue with a cartridge and it was resolved very easily. Very friendly atmosphere! Would highly recommend.

  90. Vonn_Original

    Shining Armor is a great strand! I definitely recommend Indica lovers to try it.

  91. DJMammo

    Very professional. Friendly. Organized. Knowledgeable. Good variety.

  92. harielo_2018

    Great service and knowledgeable.

  93. PANfugginTERA

    Going there today to pick up some lovely kind buds! Hope they have BlueBerry Pancakes! Sigh….. I love you Lake Effect

  94. Ambernsoto

    Love the selection of meds, always have some good deals going

  95. Lennynic

    They CARE!

  96. Xenbean1121

    Enjoyed my first experience here. Workers are helpful and insightful, facility is clean and trusted

  97. btyler1612

    Great place

  98. Mannimal

    My consultant, Pieter Hostess, was extremely helpful and courteous. We both have arthritis so he had the knowledge and sympathy for the pain it brings with it. I’m a newer patient and have nothing but great things to say about the whole staff or experience! Thank you Lake Effect!!

  99. NativeAdvantage

    Lake Effect is the premier site for our area because it is the only one. Flowers are priced at just above reasonable, but the quality is high. Concentrates are criminally upcharged. Edibles are reasonable. Novelties are ridiculous. They make a big deal about testing but it’s just potency hype for recreational users.

    The place isn’t really intended for medical clients. Anyone who really needs the medicine is getting ripped off.

    Just spend 15 dollars driving to Lansing and back to get the same quality for half the price on literally any product you can imagine.

  100. ForeverAdrift

    The selection is the best in the area, the budtender was knowledgeable and helpful. The atmosphere is less rushed, they are in the groove now and are only going to get better.

  101. Tasz13

    great service!!

  102. amyknapp

    I love going to Lake Effect! The staff are very friendly and knowledgeable. The quality of the product is excellent!

  103. the_tokin_loli

    Always an amazing time there, it’s cool to see some new bud-tenders. I got served by Pieter, I have to say for being new he was so sweet and was a very good listener to what I was looking for. When I mentioned micro dosing he was very knowledgeable and we talked over things I’ve tried that he also recognized! Always a 10/10

  104. sean420rantz

    awesome people and great flowers my consultant logan was the best.

  105. BCBuds420

    Friendly knowledgeable staff, good one-on-one interaction, solid selection

  106. jcjc2004

    I think I was liking before they sold me some swag, some of the flowers they have are terribly dry and they short me almost everytime I go in there. I’ve been several times and not once felt welcome when I went in there, they need cheaper selections for the quality they have.

  107. Slothman.420

    The people here are great, easy to talk to and very helpful with any questions you may have to the best of there knowledge. very good quality bud and a decent variety to choose from. had like 20 different strains the day i went and i know they only been open for couple months now an I’m very very impressed.

  108. mdehorn3

    Great bud and knowledgeable staff!

  109. Keekee1423

    The prices are good the employees are friendly and they have good daily deals.

  110. StickyOberon

    This was my first time here and will be back again. My budtender was Luna. She did a fantastic job helping me find exactly what I wanted. I highly recommend Lake Effect because the staff and quality of products are like no other.

  111. edtracy

    only dispensary in Michigan that gets $20 a gram when you go to Lansing get the same stuff for 90 bucks an ounce play some big joke rip offu

  112. KEz89

    Enjoyable! Staff is chill AF

  113. ramvorg

    Sometimes they get super busy. But for the most part, their meds and costumer service is spot on.

  114. metalfan420

    Super nice people, very knowledgeable. Great selection will be coming back a lot!

  115. PositivEnergy101

    No on Tehition Treat it was mild for my taste.

  116. Spirited69guy.

    I like that the meds are the best around and the staff are always friendly and very helpful. Would recommend this place for sure.

  117. mars01

    Great Place!! Bud tenders take their time with each individual patient. Excellent Staff!!

  118. erikpatino

    First time here and it was great!. Johny was knowledgeable and helpful!

  119. jlm006

    Staff is super knowledgeable and always really listens to me when I explain what I’m looking for.

  120. RachaelMiddleton

    Wonderful place. Great service. Will go here all the time

  121. kichigai

    Professional and polite in all aspects. Anyone can go here and feel comfortable. Great selection of quality, tested product.
    I chose the least expensive selection and am very pleased. I used to manage a dispensary. Visited at least a hundred in Michigan.
    The bud tender was very nice and informative. From the moment I called ahead, beyond purchase and walking out the door it was relaxing. Thank You.

  122. Th3D4rKsT0N3R420

    Absolutely love this place and the staff amazing selection of bud

  123. alatchaw

    I loved the friendly staff. John Moran was my budtender. Very knowledgeable and friendly. Overall excellent experience.

  124. Weedbaby97

    Hey its ryan an if you know me the weed is amazing trust.the ppl im going to miss 6 weeks will go by fast..

  125. Guitarded420

    Hope you stay closed! No more prices gouging patients!
    Bye bye!!

  126. Piggypiggs

    Great place for quality meds. Budtenders are friendly and in knowledgeable. All products tested

  127. TomLewis71

    Quality products. Great selection. Excellent service. I’ve been there twice and I will keep going back.

  128. Collins4734

    Awesome selection, good pricing, and helpful friendly staff.

  129. Hysteria88

    I really enjoyed the mix professionalism and friendliness. They budtenders are very knowledgeable about the products and effects. They lab test all their flowers for spidermites/mold etc. and that really impresses me. I will be back in the future for my medication needs.

  130. Nowhammies9

    Your hospitality goes unmatched. Traveled across the state and you guys were my only option and I felt like I had been coming here for years. I didn’t catch the lady’s name who welcomed me at the desk but she was amazing and Johnny and the back was like the friend I’ve always had. Keep up the excellent work

  131. The_BigKahuna

    This isn’t my first time visiting Lake Effect, and it certainly won’t be my last. Every time I go, I always walk away with a smile on my face. The store atmosphere is chill and informative. The quality of medication is superb. And the employees try their best to remember you. All in all, a great location for all your needs. My consultant today was Mark, and it could not have gone smoother. Funny guy.

  132. msloc19

    Being the only dispensary in the Kalamazoo area, I love it! Being able to get good quality bud with a friendly staff is awesome. The staff is super friendly and always welcoming. They strike up conversations with you and always remember you when you come in again.

    My only complaint is they never have pre-rolls consistently, only on some days, but there’s never a pattern to it.

  133. KenD52

    Friendly and knowledgeable staff. I will return and recommend to others. I didn’t feel rushed or unwelcome at all.

  134. erczy

    Very helpful and friendly staff! I’ve been to my fair share of dispensaries and this one is for sure my favorite. Always suggest good strains and they’re sure to make you feel welcome when you come in. Super knowledgeable about all of their strains and any missing strains are easily replaced with something in shop.

  135. spartyparty1

    Free birthday gram boom! This place rocks

  136. Tyshaun414

    Been going here for a couple of months now and they only get better and better! Love the fact that they have edibles and concentrates now. Not to mention the flower that they carry..extreme cream and blueberry pancakes are by far the best I’ve had some far but they have so many to choose from. Would highly
    recommend stopping in if you’ve never been in.

  137. Kgrill74

    Very high quality product and service!

  138. chasonjohn

    great place very informative n very nice staff

  139. Cmilla583

    A little hard to find the first time I went but otherwise the staff and products are top notch.

  140. Ninjaunopirate

    I love the atmosphere and kindness. Everyone who works there is friendly and professional and knows what they are talking about. They always have what’s on the menu as well.

  141. bigjaybk96

    clean professional and great service

  142. needee10

    first time visit!! they were very friendly and there flower was pretty good!!! so happy there is one closer to home!!!

  143. Jeffreyrae1985

    Perfect location very safe and frendly atmosphere I am very happy that I can get my meds safely

  144. Sativamarie82

    So friendly and helpful. John B. Was so patient with my needs and questions.
    Jennifer L.

  145. dancinlikegypsies

    I love coming there.

  146. Taylor20

    Knowledgeable people, great meds & good location.

  147. zgrinder666

    my first time to a despensery great atmosphere and the best people and customer service I could imagine I will recommend it to every one I know

  148. Crazyindian93

    Parking is limited but everthing else was great. Freindly service and people working there are awesome. They make you feel ar home.

  149. BigOLdabs

    they have wonderful service and know how to make you feel like a friend. I would reccomed this location too anyone!

  150. FunInTheGreen

    Clean, friendly and professional. My experience was calm and enjoyable and staff was very knowledgeable about products.

  151. FredMoldy

    Visited this place for the first time and I can say it was a very pleasant expierence. All the staff was easy to talk to and helpful at every turn. The gentleman John B. who helped me was able to answer all my questions and recommend other things that I may like. Definently going back again.

  152. chronicrelief4me

    last friday was my first visit to a dispensary, i chise Lake Effects, and I loved the atmosphere, the knowledge and professionalism as well as the staff being so friendly and personable. love my med and am going back today!

  153. Sammiejune24

    Great visit on 6-22 with great services thanks Jeff from lake effect

  154. ShesADelicateFlower

    Joe was extremely helpful- explained a lot when we asked questions.

  155. Highbrarian

    Wide variety, detailed lab info, super sticky buds, great customer service.

    Prices are fairly standard for top-shelf flower, topping out at $20/g; lots of economy options and specials, too.

    They take plastic, as well, which is convenient.

    Will return.

  156. Dlb080307

    Had to drive a distance to go and drove past it at first but was so worth it! Great people and great medicine! Very professional!

  157. gussy94

    I really like the staff, they’re really friendly, and knowledgeable for the most part. If they don’t know the answer they will connect you with someone who does. They offer a good product for a decent price, however the stock can be iffy sometimes. Their cones are good, but they’re really loose. They could use a little more herb, and be packed down a little better. Other than that it’s a great place, and I’ll be back for sure.

  158. hairypickle40

    nice, place

  159. gasfactory

    five star everythang

  160. Cruz_Sadie

    I would recommend visiting this place if you are in the area. Prices aren’t bad and the staff is very friendly. They helped me out on my first time coming in and gave me the run down of everything they had. 10/10 would shop again.

  161. jackpepper

    well…they did it again! came home and was more happy then I thought I would be with my meds. Such a friendly and well spoken staff that has never disapointed this repeat client. Can’t wait to see what you guys have for me the next time! Lake effect has the best overall quailty in all they do.You only wish you could get anywhere else. Keep up the great work guys!

  162. Twistedsister01

    Happy Halloween!!

  163. BrunchMaster

    Stopped here for the first time last week and was very impressed! Great quality bud.

  164. Gunsmokes

    I like the fact that there is more than one person to wait on you and the selections were incredible. And the staff was vary knoligble and was great at helping me find what I was looking for.

  165. msheedlo

    Great place for a first timer!

  166. Drewtoug

    Great selection awesome people! Johnny M was my budtender he was very helpful and patient as it was my first dispensery experience lots of smells to take in lol. The waiting room was a bit cramped and the menu tvs lacked info but the wait was fairly short and there were more menus in the bud room.

  167. Trinabug

    I love this place they are super friendly an nice best despencery around

  168. Jab6452

    I’ll be back

  169. parkerloveskush

    This place has it going on first place where iv been and got a 7 pre rolled(grapefruit diesel x brain wreck). All their strains are real they don’t mess around you go to a specific strains they will have it and it’s fire ten 10 times better than you imagined. Iv been to many medical shops and this place has it going on! Tried the 8th of that Girl Scout cookie so amazing everything you want and more def real cookies! Also be wear when they say the night nurse helps you sleep after you smoke, I pulled a few bong loads and couldn’t keep my eyes open very heavy India love loved the high! Will defiantly be back to try other strains they have so many to choose from easy 25 forsure!!

  170. tleer

    I’ve been to lake effect numerous times
    And their staff is always very friendly as well as very informative.
    I also appreciate that I never feel that I’m being rushed.

  171. AustinandDana1222

    My visit was quite friendly.The employees were quite helpful and are friendly and they have phenomenal product at reasonable prices!! Keep up the good work!! Lake Effect it is by far one of my best dispensaries by choice.

  172. gordoke

    Love this place! The staff is super friendly, helpful, and knowledgable!

  173. RuBbErDuKy420

    Great service, great company

  174. Seanix84

    Great place! Great staff! Great quality! I love the fact that they care about the community and want to contribute to the community. They are also doing things by the book, which makes for a great operation.

  175. knizz

    Place is great. Staff is ultra friendly. They’re extremely knowledgeable about their product. Place quickly became a fav! You can preorder. And if the place looks busy go on in anyways cause you never wait long at all!!!! ai,ai,ai,ai,ai,

  176. Kyle.Ceci

    Some of the best bud around tested and high quality alongside the best people working there makes this place a must visit

  177. inkedincolor

    Kudos! This place rocks, extremely knowledgeable, and friendly staff! Always great specials! Great location, easy access. Hoping they start carrying other items like oils and tinctures, and edibles! Stellar service and pricing! I would recommend Lake Effect!

  178. Scooter923

    This place has been great, I’ve been here multiple times and have been very satisfied every time. Staff is always super helpful and very patient while I decide between their large selection. I really appreciate that they are running a legit business.

  179. Rabbitzombie

    Knowledgeable staff and great product.

  180. blueapple1904

    Poor Parking

  181. otter420

    Dave down at lake effect was very knowledgeable about CBDaEURs. I plan on using them for my meds

  182. musio

    VERY nice selection. Staff are knowledgeable and pleasant and will help you with your selection if you need it. Lab tested! Please call them 1st as you MAY need to procure more paperwork but it will be worth it. They offer 1st time buyer incentive and frequent specials! Best of luck you guys. See ya soon!

  183. andlo989

    love everything about this place I just wish they had more deals and specials. Prices are high but so is the quality.

  184. gaj0004

    First time. I think it will be my go to! excellent quality, good variety, and the staff were professional, knowledgeable, and kind.

  185. chriskuester8

    they have really good bud and the staff is really helpfully

  186. Juggsernaught

    Great experience good bud nice people and place. I loved it

  187. silverback420

    Has several different strain, Will good descrition bout the strain you purchase. Also they have deal for the day an quality is good .. Very friendly atmosphere..

  188. JBaldwin712

    Love Lake Effect! I am so beyond sad that they’ve been closed! I miss my budtender!! Lake effect is by far one of the best dispensaries I’ve been to and cannot sit more patiently until it’s back in business!! Your patients miss you!

  189. Mr.chalfonte

    Purple cookie my new favorite strain. Even doe there remodeling the service hasn’t lost a step. Great place.

  190. jwatk87

    Every visit to Lake Effect is a great the staff is friendly and the buds are always great product.

  191. coloma4me

    Nate was a great help, good place to visit.

  192. Scottmetcalf69

    one of the friendliest places ive been too.

  193. Bella820

    Very helpful and always prompt and professional.

  194. Cthuluhoop

    First visit today! Free gram, Fast service, great staff, great medication. Will visit again!

  195. Headband4life

    Very nice set up. Very easy to see what they have in stock and prices. They even take credit cards. Only dispensery I would go at this point. Very nice staff. They are friendly to new members. Great selection as well. Will be back.

  196. HK212

    Joe was very knowledgeable and helpful. He helped me choose what would be best for my disease. I highly recommend them!

  197. smokingurl1990

    I had a good experience! They have good medications for decent prices. I will be a returning customer!!

  198. GSTrichome79

    Keeps improving, good meds and friendly people 😉

  199. ISLNDR2

    What an awesome experience! Great service, friendly and knowledgeable staff and great product! Johnny M. was a blast as budtender and I highly recommend visiting Lake Effect (and Johnny M.) for your medicinal needs.

  200. nmathews23

    great friendly atmosphere great selection just an all around great place

  201. Ashleybeau823

    This is the best place to get your meds, hands down. The staff is welcoming and friendly and will always steer you to what you need. Favorite place ever!!

  202. Truedog

    Nice and friendly, knowledgeable consultants. An in case you were wondering yes dave is here man.

  203. Gogi3000

    GOOD spot great place the pepole are amazing helpful all the way on point fasho yall…> GoGioG3000 out peace and luv

  204. juice360

    Great atmosphere friendly budtenders.

  205. ryounger1

    Good selection. Got some pre-rolls and they smoked pretty well. Rebecca is super helpful!

  206. Aimeers

    Had a great experience! Everyone is very friendly and makes you feel comfortable. I’m going back again and definately recommending my friend to this location. It’s bigger than where we usually go and about the same distance with a lot more choices.

  207. TheMadDabber23

    First time in a dispensary the lady at the front desk and the guy behind the counter that was helping me find medicine was very helpful! I appreciated the fast service!

  208. Sportyspice22

    Incredible! Best meds ever. Staff could use some work. The inside of this little hideaway is so beautiful I will be back soon.

  209. jwalls19

    I got the extreme cream, sunshine4, banana breath, and strawberry headband. none of these flowers disappoint.
    Also grabbed a clear lemon cartridge. The cartridge is exactly what you’d expect but the batteries they sell are trash.

  210. cvclvlsvc

    Great Location and Selection.

  211. guanjoe

    I live within a mile of this place and it is still way cheaper to travel to Lansing for my buds. Staff are all really nice but Lake effect is way too expensive. If they could compete with Lansing dispensaries on price I would love to give them my business but I live on social security disability and can’t afford black market prices.

  212. amunoz94

    I’ve been to this place a couple of times and each time I go the staff is very helpful and overall the vibe is great!!

  213. Deeznix

    Awesome place to have in the community. This was my first dispensary experience and I have been blown away! These guys are on it. Customer for life!

  214. Gannonex

    Love this place!

  215. Theboy13

    Excellent experience the people working here are friendly and polite and are always ready to help you find what you are looking for. Would highly recommend

  216. lesbrarian29

    Love the bud tenders. Everyone is so friendly and helpful when picking out strains and trying new products.

  217. alpinechocolate

    Helpful and polite staff. Good quality medicine just a little pricey. Would definitely recommend this place to a friend.

  218. TreG123

    could use a bit more advrtisments on the outside and a little bigger room to view the medication the guy and (beginner) girl were very respectful and they were also talented and focused on what meds suit u best I’d highly recommend LAKE EFFECT dY’dY”a~o
    A little pricey but u get what u pay 4
    Definitely good quality!!!

  219. jarrett84

    very informative staff. very friendly environment and good clean products. love this place!!!!!!

  220. Knowlyn

    great product, and very friendly and knowledgable staff.

  221. Derrickbreg

    It’s a good location

  222. MrNiceGuyKzoo

    These guys are amazing and very knowledgeable. Best dispensary around!

  223. jspray420

    Lake Effect does it again. Deadhead OG super cool. Honey sticks and suckers are awesome. Thx again guys and gals of Lake Effect.

  224. 3244don

    What’s my first time to Lake Effect in Portage Michigan. Pleasant atmosphere very welcoming. Was impressed with Johnny M’s knowledge of the product. I was looking for Edibles and extracts very pleased.

  225. xriken

    excellent service and care. some of the best choices in the area. I highly recommend this place to everyone.

  226. Srdugan

    Everyone was friendly and my experience was great! Jeff was a great help and answered all of my questions and carried on a very informative conversation with me! I was very pleased with my first experience in Lake Effect!

  227. mikperki77

    Love this place, very nice atmosphere friendly people and Good Meds

  228. Browning43

    A little bit crowded atmosphere at first but the front desk was very helpful and calming. Once inside, it was a very professional set-up with expert staff who knew the product well and answered all my questions precisely. Will be looking forward to returning.

  229. Mr_Ritz

    Dammit you guys, I asked for Indica and you sent me home with a Hybrid.
    Could you please also turn the music down? It’s not a good environment for people with anxiety.

  230. Jeniifer561

    This place is amazing. One of my favorite shops! Cookie dough is a must have

  231. not2day

    Great place. Knowledgeable ppl working with great deals and what a great location

  232. slundered

    The edible factory 4 pcs are not as strong as they were, it was worth the deal.

  233. Crystallee

    Very amusing, I love how the place looks so incognito. And no matter how much time has passed in~between my visits, the staff always remembers me. And of course it goes without saying that their stock is Top O`Line!dYOEz

  234. dananelson

    Very dissapointed in the Moxie cartridge, I went for The Clear, but they are always running out and it’s extra pricy there as well! Like this place but they need to keep more quantity in stock!

  235. Ericdroberts123

    Rebecca and Jevin helped me out due to i had an egg allergy. they are very helpful

  236. StonerCase420

    My last visit I was very satisfied and was helped and everyone I’m always informed of something new.and I’m so sad that the due date was forwarded to October so I have been calling that number that was given to me to keep our medicine.

  237. DHerson

    I was impressed with the friendliness and helpfulness of the employees at Lake Effect. I will definitely be buying my meds here.

  238. Amybug77

    Love love this place! It’s a friendly atmosphere and comforting help.

  239. rootsie23

    very relaxed and people where chill even if I stumbled on my words..

  240. richnation23

    Perfect location

  241. Tribalmaster

    Nice location, friendly atmosphere, knowledgeable staff and great tested BUD selection. Will visit again soon.

  242. zodvorak

    Medication is of average quality and priced at premium

  243. Jtz1455

    Great people. A lot of good energy and they make you feel welcome. It is a little bit more expensive but the quality of their products are awesome.

  244. Littleman340

    Lake effect is super clean and convienent from where I live. They carry the best high end products

  245. Weedis

    Looking for home of e meds. Lake Effects is king of them. You’ll love every bit of your experience and are sure to return.

  246. GrimaceMcnugget21

    Awesome atmosphere, great staff very knowledgeable and friendly. new patient process is quick and easy. quality meds, will stop in anytime im in the area again. A+

  247. MedicatedConnoisseur

    Best dispensary I’ve gone to so far. Everything’s lab tested to very high standards, and there is a free gram for first time patients! I recommend the pink polar bear cookie dough! dY>>

  248. Bcpb92

    The last time that I was in the staff let me come back with my friend who is also a patient and they accommodate me both us in a very timely manner

  249. Dank423

    Love this place and you will too.

  250. JackieG52

    I love lake effect. My boyfriend and I go there on a regular basis every time he has to come up to Battle Creek for his VA appointment service is so friendly , love the bud tenders ..sending my brother in law Thursday hope they take good care of him too….

  251. CoryT024

    cool shop, small for the area it cares for so sometimes they may not always have specific things in stock but I haven’t had any bad experiences there thus far, great perks too, should check em out if you haven’t yet

  252. MM81

    Quality service, first time visit made extremely easy by excellent staff and it was busy !!!!! Luna helped me out today , she was excellent, I will be returning !!

  253. smedab

    Awesome staff, Great service and Quality Meds . Will forsure be returning dY’dY>>

  254. teknotim

    Excellent patient care from Rebecca! As always meds on point and a pleasant visit! Don’t be upset if they are busy, they are extremely efficient at this location! Great Customer Service!!!

  255. Misty1981

    Rebecca was great.a~o

  256. brookiealex

    Great place

  257. 420Tom024

    Overall great place! Best in Kzoo!

  258. appleseed30

    I really have to do a 2nd review on this place. I had it all wrong after coming here on a bad day. After all policy is policy. Onto the flower, I picked out 3 strains all kosher. If you get a chance try Stankfinger you wont be disappointed.

  259. Merganser

    Amazing, friendly staff. Immensely helpful to a new patient.

  260. MissJax

    Always a pleasure visiting Lake Effect. Rebecca was a very helpful and kind bud tender. Loving my pre roll!

  261. Michealb

    Staff is amazing, plenty of variety. Joe is always very helpful.

  262. Smeyers07

    Everyone at Lake Effect is helpful and knowledgeable. John B. Helped me at my last visit and he was friendly. By far my favorite dispensary!

  263. jcookie1234

    Love the location, staff, and medicine only been there once but plan on coming in again in the near future, most quality dispensary I have been to yet

  264. TwistedSister2

    Are you tired of spending your hard earned dollars on products that don’t work? Are you tired of being just a number? If you said YES to either of these questions then you must visit LAKE EFFECT! Here you are well taken care of, no matter what your need. These kind people are like family, even calling you by first name. I never have left with a frown. Thank you for all you help me with. #KnuckleBump

  265. EWood91

    Really can’t say enough nice things about this place. The remodel looks great and I really appreciate the new price point for the buds on sale. All the staff is excellent but special shout out to Joe and Dave for the greeting today. Things like that keep me coming back.

  266. Sherman89

    This place makes you feel welcome and is always a warm inviting place

  267. dreadlocmigo

    Great Place and the atmosphere is wonderful

  268. 3catsintheyard

    We had our first trip to a dispensary. It had a nice atmosphere and although busy, had a reasonable wait time. Eric was our bud tender. He was very helpful and answered questions without judging or hurrying us. He seemed well informed and guided us towards different strains that might benefit our health issues. Overall we had a comfortable and successful visit and will go back to Lake Effects again.

  269. jjsticky420

    been awhile sense I’ve last come by. Went by thursday before a event. Yet again very pleasant experience and very helpful in finding what I needed.

  270. Kyliecopeland

    Joe was great and the flower was good

  271. hybridstrand

    Can’t rave enough about this place. The Grape Stomper actually tastes like grape soda pop. You guys have some awesome flavors.

  272. MrDrPiratePHD

    Lake Effect consistently has great selection, relaxing atmosphere, and top-notch service. It is about an hour drive from my location, but it is always worth the trip.


  273. DayTripperJen

    I was so happy to find Lake Effect! They have a great selection and everyone is so nice and helpful. All of the types of medicine & prices are clearly marked and they have a huge selection. Very professional establishment. Highly recommend.

  274. budgazi

    Anytime I’ve ever came in the staff has always been super friendly and the flower has always been super effective! 10/10 recommend

  275. StatelineJohn

    We have drove up here 5 or 6 times now and they always have some of the best buds around! I would highly recommend coming here for your med needs.

  276. CodyCannabis

    Once again, very pleased with my visit.

  277. naomirs1987

    I love the whole crew. they have great customer service.

  278. Kwag621

    Always a great visit, learn something new every time

  279. Fenafaye

    Great service, Joey C. Was knowledgeable and very helpful.

  280. beckywalters7364

    Always happy with my medicine from Lake Effect.

  281. Jihle

    friendly staff, good quality, good experience overall good vibes

  282. Pawalker23

    I always leave this place in a better mood than when I arrived. The medicine options are endless and top quality. The staff are knowledgeable, respectful, and take time answering your questions. So thrilled they are back open!

  283. Leroi715

    Can someone tell us why they are still closed. The only quality place around to go to. Great, friendly people that knew their stuff.

  284. jeremythompson317

    Awesome bud tenders… awesome products.. I had some sherbet terp sauce. All I can say is wow amazing!

  285. Talkingplant

    Friendly and knowledgable staff! Great selection.

  286. CaptainKirk2323

    #1 store you could ask for! Best in the business. Recommend extremely highly.

  287. ForMy1House.cats

    cant wait for you to reopen. my husband loves your place.

  288. Heavenly77

    I absolutely love everything about lake effect except the parking lol but dont stop me from coming hope they open back up soon because compassionate care by design sucks just being blunt

  289. Tlp999

    Love them everyone’s so friendly

  290. Juanacevedo844

    absolutely wonderful. they’re very helpful descriptive. good people too!

  291. TjoyE

    I stopped here not too long ago, I got Strawberry Banana Kush, absolutely amazing! My budtender saw that the bud was looser and gave me an extra nug, I didn’t even ask, definitely will be shopping here again!

  292. gratefulearl

    I’m a caregiver and my patients are extremely pleased with their top shelf medicine. Thank you for being a responsible alternative to this area.

  293. Johnfrancis

    works for me

  294. CarrieLyn

    The budtenders were knowledgeable and helpful. The dispensary was clean and professional. It was a great experience for my first time to any dispensary. I will definitely be back.

  295. Kyle.Ceci88

    Prices are insanely high compared to every other dispensary in the state and their bud is no better if you have the ability drive anywhere else unless you like spending more than you should have too.

  296. Lizard1212

    Very friendly and knowledgeable staff. I love this place!

  297. ganjaguy79

    Good people, prices, and selection.

  298. msgms

    Good. Strain not consistent on edible. Joe is my favorite team member.

  299. noahde

    bthought a premium pre roll the other day and it had me feeling good til bedtime

  300. remods

    very professional atmosphere. Very helpful with current laws and where to research updates.

  301. chyri

    It’s a great calm, friendly place. The staff is knowledgeable. The variety is great. Highly recommend.

  302. TD300

    “My experience at Lake Effect was a complete pleasure in every way, Staff, meds and atmosphere were all A-1” Will recommend to any patient in need.

  303. Lgeibe10

    staff is very kind and helpful love calling ahead for orders

  304. Gcas269

    Great selection, nice friendly staff. Wide selection of products besides just bud. I’ll definitely be back

  305. ISLNDRZ

    First visit here and very impressed! Very friendly and prompt service and had a rad budtender named Johnny M.!
    This cat knew the meds and was very helpful and a great dude, overall! Highly recommend this establishment…….and Johnny M.!

  306. mommassoldier

    Love this place, the staff and product are equally awesome..

  307. Emoryles

    Such a great staff, everyone was friendly and very helpful

  308. pappasmirf865

    different verity an good flower the meddie eddie destress balls are fire the staff rocks the only thing I don’t like is the prices on concentrate toooo expensive

  309. cottoncandy2230

    Very friendly and knowledgeable staff good strains avalible highly recommended

  310. aimmers369

    Thank you Lake Effect! Best bud tenders ever. Always kind and courteous very knowledgeable of all the products.

  311. c6caprara

    Very friendly staff. Large selection. The last time I was in Rebecca assisted me and was extremely helpful in choosing a strain.

  312. StrainSampler89

    Very impressed with the staffs knowledge of the strains and the effects they have. I guy exactly what I was looking for to help me stay energized.

  313. mom_with_a_medcard

    this was my second dispensary and i wish it was my first. this place was welcoming and extremely friendly. i struggle with social anxiety and after only a few minutes in here, i felt relaxed enough like i was just talking a friend! my bud tender, jeff, said he was kinda new but sure didn’t seam like it. he was very knowledgeable and took his time with me. despite the drive from me to this place, i will for sure be coming back not just for the experience but also the quality of bud and wax that ranges in price from affordable to not but the quality seems to be in everything 🙂

  314. MBuchino

    Joe helped me my first visit, he was very informative about all the products!

  315. jottusch

    I’ve been coming to lake effect for almost 2 years now. I’ve been to Detroit Lansing Ann arbor and hands down they have the best quality in the state. The price is fitting for the quality of medicine, quality of budtender, and quality of care for the patient experience. always clean and the budtenders make the wait worth it. I will remain a life long customer

  316. jdubs7305

    What a great spot! First time visit and I was there less than 15 min, super friendly and had some really great edibles. Customer for life.

  317. tbeattie89

    These guys were amazing, they listened to what my issues were and steered me in the right direction. Can’t wait to visit again, 🙂

  318. ImmortalXGamer

    I think this place is great, tbh.

  319. 420Pwrbttm

    Every time I’m there the staff are so friendly and welcoming. Very knowledgeable and hook me up with good product. Would highly recommend!!

  320. RevDrSalem

    great location,great staff, great products.

  321. Klereue

    Very friendly and helpful staff. Luna did a great job helping me find what I was looking for. The building could use a bit of an update, but I’ll definitely be back.

  322. Jerome957

    Super friendly staff, very laid back, knowledgeable and helpful.

  323. jt1001

    Lake Effect will always get my business as I travel South on 131. Great staff very informative and friendly.

  324. JessicaVi

    The service was great and everyone was very nice and helpful. The variety of products was large and reasonably priced. If you’re in that area I’d recommend stopping by!

  325. Bryan1725

    Very friendly staff!! Got us our paperwork we need to sign basically going through the process like any legit place would. It’s always nice when the workers or person your working with are very friendly and knowledgeable to their product! Definitely will be back and the others I was with said the same thing also. Good buds in every price range, all bud is lab tested and they even have a card on the front with more information. GO CHECK IT OUT!!

  326. fastzombiesrule

    was accused of stealing and treated like a criminal and was 100% innocent!!! do not buy here!!!

  327. InglewoodJack16

    Great store with incredibly helpful and friendly staff. They always have great deals! I recommend them to all qualifying medical patients!

  328. Missmedicatedxthc

    love the v-pod from claw! another huge win for the cannabis community! would love to see a special on these and a GG #4 cart soon! love the staff <3

  329. empressnkzoo

    Awesome people

  330. MaccGhoila

    Great place great variety and AWESOME ppl!!

  331. Krs1227

    The meds were good along with great service. and its a convenient location.

  332. Kala_666

    I’ll be the first one at the door when They reopen! Hopefully soon. Governor Witmer please do the right thing reopen all Patient safe, Quality Medicine Dispensaries!!

  333. joshdevz

    Service is great, quality is good, have lots of options, very very pricey though. I am from out of state and I am staying in the Kalamazoo/portage area and I didn’t think to drive elsewhere for medical marijuana, but after checking prices in Lansing, go there. Prices are much cheaper, worth the gas money to go get cheaper products that are as good or better. Especially oil cartridges.


    My budtender took time and made some very excellent points and helped me make my own decision. Its not always about the high. I have already recommended them after my first visit. I will return…

  335. Melloow23

    Always greeted with a smile and the staff is knowledgeable

  336. Medwoman

    From my first visit to my most recent visit I have always felt comfortable here. The staff is outstanding, knowledgable, and helpful. Peter Hofstra ,bud master,
    always has a smile to share. But all the Staff go out of thier way to make sure to help you get what you need, introduce you to something that might help better and of course share those smiles. dY~dY~

  337. Nyati

    Bud tenders and desk people are super friendly all the time! Wish customers would be too!

  338. sweatergoblin

    Where to start, this place is amazballs. I got a free gram as a new patient. The staff was friendly and knowledgeable, they recommend a few strains for me and so far they we dead on. They only offer flower but wow hands down some of the best bud I have smoked in the state. I recommend the Private Stash Blue Cheese, Blueberry Pancakes, and the sour diesel all 3 are fantastic. They were doing a remodel so the place was a little disorganized but that didn’t slow them down at all can’t wait to be back.

  339. DabbinSourpatch

    Mark helped me when I went in, he was very knowledgeable and helpful. Had a lot of strains to pick through!!

  340. Savage321

    beautiful happy very nice. place.

  341. Gailbug87

    i love them. Rachael is a good manager and it shows in the other staff.

  342. tsam

    GREAT place Awesome workers couldn’t get any better

  343. Ptsdpatient269

    Front counter person was clearly blown out of their mind. They ignored what i said when i handed my credentials to include me telling her it was my first time there. Two people walked in and went back before me so I asked what was going on and she simply just did not do what she was supposed to when I went to check in. Then they failed to tell me that they’re takes two pieces of identification on top of your medical card that is never ever happened anywhere else at any other dispensary and I’ve been to quite a few of them. Horrible customer service horrible attention to detail I think everybody there needs to lay off the medicine before coming to work. If stopped by LAW ENFORCEMENT the only thing required is a valid photo id and valid mmj card. No other dispensary I’ve ever been too has had this issue. They need to make that known so people dont waste their time on an unprofessional business.

  344. turner1138

    A very good business. They are professional yet laid back. Very friendly and kind. They will even help you find what you need based on the pain or ailment you have. I have used your services many times and every time has been a pleasure.
    My only thought is to invest in your office. Its important to make the process feel like you are a reputable and professional medical office. This will boost your “Atmosphere” Rating from 3 to 5 stars.

  345. Mayo79

    My second time there! The staff are amazing and medicine is perfect for what ails you. Thanks for the service Lake Effect! See you again soon

  346. greenlantern024

    Professional staff, clean and well maintained facility. Medicine was well presented and well organized so even a guy like me who doesn’t know a lot about strains could figure it out. Putting the menu out front is a good idea which none of the dispensaries I’ve been to have.

    Only negatives to me were sort of feeling crammed against the windows when you walk in while there’s quite a bit of space behind the desk. A better layout might

  347. KitsuneNaturalWellness

    They always have a great selection here and they rotate strains out regularly. I stop in once every couple of weeks and the staff is incredibly nice and so happy to talk to you about their favorites or give recommendations . Their menu ranges so even for those on a tighter budget, they can still have access to top quality medicine.

  348. lizardgurrl

    Just visited for my first time a week ago and loved it. Good selection, good staff, good product. Will shop again!

  349. Squid80

    By far the best dispensery in Michigan.

  350. Mrs_M

    I have never seen an unhappy employee they are polite, helpful and knowledgeable.

  351. jbenn891

    Great meds, extremely friendly bud tenders. My favorite dispensary to visit in Michigan.

  352. Misterleo2

    Lake Effect is The best legit place for your meds!

  353. ironman710

    Good quality products. Ridiculously expensive!…

  354. dancingbutterflies

    Always top quality medicine in stock, plus, great service and friendly smiles.

  355. Mikeyjizzle8732

    Definitely a good dispensary, good selection with quality merchandise. Also good service too. Would definitely recommend!

  356. Zayden15

    Great conversations with staff, very experienced and knowledgeable workers.. Great prices, nice selections of flowers and wax.. Would recommend this location to EVERYONE

  357. Wagshow

    What was the outcome of court today? I am off the text update chain somehow. I need to know I drive 40 miles to get the best!

  358. Tonybutler

    love the elmers glue.

  359. East86

    I love this place everyone there is legit and basically remembers me when I was through the door with great product….Was wondering about how we go about obtaining our 2018 purchase records for taxes….

  360. MikP

    Quality meds, knowledgeable staff, competitive prices

  361. bruceboy1

    appreciate replacing a defective cartridge at no cost – great customer service!

  362. Jlun123

    Love the chocolate Thai claw cartridge.

  363. kassiekimble

    I absolutely love this place! The friendly and knowledgeable staff make it an enjoyable experience evey time I visit!

  364. jbon22

    Awesome service, great products

  365. Swearah

    This place has a professional and laid back feel to it. The guys usually greet me by name. Awesome employees, really friendly. I always leave happy!

  366. joshkerns1

    friendly staff low wait time will be back

  367. Gailbug

    Love the people here

  368. NSpatton

    Great Staff And Meds Some Of The Best In Mi

  369. chasestoner

    got 1 g purp punch feels good smoking

  370. pueblom

    great atmosphere, friendly customer service and decent quality for the price!!

  371. fatalwing51

    Fantastic products, not overly priced too, great staff as well.

  372. afruit

    Great location. Friendly staff. A decent selection of meds for a variety of ailments. They do not sell wax or oils, but this is because the city isn’t properly educated on the topic.

  373. happymaddison710

    The friendliest and most knowledgeable establishment I’ve ever seen. I wish everyone in the state had their stuff in order like these guys. well done.

  374. jcoop77

    Amazing customer service and wide range of edibles and strains!

  375. ryanquick

    Phenomenal bud, personable staff, good prices and plenty of discounts! This was my first dispensary trip and they’ve definitely made a regular out of me. The Danny Trevino, 24k, and Amherst Sour D are top-notch, and the Pineapple Skunk was probably the best strain I’ve ever tried.

  376. RedemptionKush

    Over priced meds, does not give you the proper pricing online and when you call to ask are in no way any more helpful. If you don’t live in Kalamazoo to just look yourself your better off going to Lansing like everyone who lives nearby has to

  377. Uncleray92

    They are tooo expensive for some things,thats why ive been going to Lansing, $85.00 for 1g vape rediculous to me, i get those 4 for $106 in Lansing. only because they are the only ones here. . Not fair. Quit gouging customers.

  378. bcpb17

    Out of the few dispensaries that I’ve been to, this location is by far the best. The building and workers are organized and clean which goes toward overall presentation. When I walk in the door I’m always greeted directly, promptly and respectfully. Every single worker at Lake Effect is amazing and it’s workers are kind, caring and loving toward anyone and everything.

  379. jujuofthebush

    Won’t go back anymore, I tried to get behind these guys, but greed is the order of the day, their biggest draw is lab tests well everything is going to be lab tested, also everything is $5-$20 more for the same product all over Michigan (look at moxie products and the clear anything state wide) tired of paying inflated prices so they can have a cool tent at the ht cannabis cup… I’m done until it’s patients over profits again

  380. Shirey83

    I love this place. The people there are friendly and very helpful. They have a great selection flowers. It’s the only place I go to.

  381. J2smoov12

    this is the only place on the west side of the state that offers this much care and variety. Everyone is friendly and knows your name enough to even have an idea of what you’re looking for when you step foot in the store

  382. serahennrich

    staff was personable, helpful & very knowledgeable

  383. Ottomatik56

    Nice staff and lots of products to choose from.

  384. Dire_wolf

    Probably the best in Michigan and I’ve been all over. Connoisseur grade selection and quality. Great staff… wish I remember their names but they have all pretty much been great to deal with and super helpful. Can get overly busy sometimes but the wait is worth it.

  385. Koniginwolf

    My favorite thing about Lake Effect is the people and atmosphere. The staff knows my name when I come in and it always feels like I’ve come back to see friends. Thanks Guys and Gals you’re great!

  386. konigin_wolf

    Been a long time customer. Friendly and professional I would recommend.

  387. Bradshaw1977

    Nice staff. Good prices.

  388. NIKKIB713

    Always pleasant and friendly staff ensuring the needs of patients are met with a smile. Love returning to this facility again and again.

  389. RKoonce269

    I absolutely love this place! Peacefull atmosphere. The people are awesome and very friendly. I always look forward to coming back. I’ll never go anywhere else!

  390. SirPlooferson

    The service and product here is beyond expectation. Everyone is very knowledgeable and willing to educate you on any questions you have. The staff, from the moment you walk in, to the moment you leave make you feel welcome and comfortable. I would definitely recommend any friend that’s a patient to this location! Great work! Keep it up!

  391. Keesha1423

    Love this dispensary great environment great service and a nice variety of products

  392. oseller1

    John B was very helpful!! They were so nice and helpful! Also their new client deal was amazing! I would highly recommend going here! This is the only place I want to go from now on!

  393. hoopnotiq

    The medicine is always effective and the people are amazing. They are knowledgeable and they do anything and everything they can to make you feel welcomed and comfortable while making certain to help you find the best medicine suited to my conditions. Of course, that doesn’t even take into account how friendly they all are.

    While I still have to drive out of town, it is most certainly the closest dispensary to my location. I am so grateful for their special attention to small details. They send out updates, keeping me informed if my favorite strains are back in stock or of the frequent specials they run. Lake Effect is definitely #1 in my book.

  394. alicia22

    Highly recommend!

  395. RB2015

    This was my first time in a dispensary, I didn’t know what to really expect. I must say the staff was so helpful they took their time to answer all my questions, even though I had a ton. Tori recommend I try a verity and recommend 3 different strains. I LOVE THEM ALL. They had little cards explaining what the effects would be and everything. Great selection of top quality meds I highly recommend you pay them a visit.

  396. AshyaMarie

    My budtender was Shelby. She was pretty great and patient with me!

  397. waana

    Thank you, thank you for being here. I can’t begin to tell you what a difference this has made for me. The staff here is friendly, knowledgeable, and always willing to take the time to explain things to me, no matter how busy they are.

  398. Knightkylie

    All the bud tenders are super nice and knowledgeable. Also always have great product.

  399. jaimecrum1978


  400. Nick0105

    Awesome place to go.

  401. AdamDahlgren

    Very friendly and knowledgeable staff. Makes everyone feel welcome. the products are first class.

  402. Llsward98

    Lake effect is by far my favorite dispensary in my area. Their products never let me down! Staff are always helpful and have a smile on their face. My recent consultant was Pieter Hofstra, he was very friendly and helpful. The dispensary is well organized and clean!

  403. jackrabbix

    Quality is ok, prices DEFINITELY reflect the lack of competition in the area. About TWICE as expensive as I pay in AA, and not as high quality.

    Waiting area could be worse, but it’s meh.

  404. masterblaster87

    I decided for my second trip I would take advantage of the pre-order service they offer. I called in and then made the 1.5 hr drive, just to get there and have them say they didn’t have what I needed in stock… sort of defeated the purpose of doing the pre-order….not a great 2nd visit. The first trip in earlier this month was excellent though…staff was super helpful, meds were top notch.

  405. reJoyce

    I’m a medical nightmare with doctors all over the state. I’ve stopped checking other dispensaries because the quality difference is like night and day. Not only is the flower magnitudes better than anywhere else, their entire staff is outstanding in their knowledge and patience in finding exactly the right edible or smokable for your needs.

  406. brookeshepherd

    It’s nice clean I get a free gram when I bring a friend

  407. tony_terhaar

    Great dispo n West Michigan. Tons of quality selection, and friendly staff.

  408. Peacefulsoul31

    Great location and great selection of medicine as well as a very easy going environment.

  409. KinoGreen420

    I had a great experience, it was my first time visiting. I got a free gram and a free one hitter. Staff was great, knowledgable and helpful. It’s a one on one experience when you get into the back where the bud is kept.

  410. jamescw75

    A very good visit. I had waited for weeks to go because of southwest, MI attitude. It was very helpful for my conditions. Quality, but high prices. Things will get better in time.

  411. Jnousen15

    My favorite place to go. Was hoping you’d be open by today for my birthday for the free bday gift but hoping you’ll be open soon! Always super friendly here.

  412. Morgan_B

    Went for my first visit as a new patient. Very friendly, clean, professional atmosphere with approachable staff. Prices were a bit high for some items, but the daily specials more than made up for it. I would highly recommend this place to anyone, and will be bringing in friends from other areas who have been afraid to come to a dispensary for their first times too!

  413. HiddenDreams420

    Amazingly friendly staff- knowledgeable about their products and very helpful. As the first storefront Ive been in, it couldnt have been a nicer experience- Id tell anybody to check it out!!

  414. rellosig

    this place is awesome cool people good weed clean environment and best of all GREAT DEALS!!!

  415. Bake2015

    It was awesome!! Very organized and nate the consultant that helped me was friendly and really helpful!

  416. stevenwasy1

    coming from a long background of the medical Marajuana movement, if you want medical Marajuana, not some pretendaca, not sure why this isn’t ranked #1? yours truly,
    pot snob Stegio Hash!

  417. YoungStoneyKev

    The service here is always top notch! Even when they’re busy they get you in and out smoothly.

  418. mh321

    Best place to go when in kalamazoo county. Educated and excellent staff, quality services they stand by.

  419. jerrythompson161

    Always expanding with great success, keep up the good work guys 🙂

  420. BudBro44

    Not bad. Little parking upfront and the parking is plenty in the back. Staff is very helpful with questions.

  421. Bobbywomac

    A diamond in the rough.

  422. Selise1959

    As first time users Rebecca was wonderful. Very knowlegeable and helpful in finding out what would be best to fight my wife’s cancer. Not only did she recommend what to use and dosing information for THC and CBD capsules she was also a great source for diet and vitamin supplements. Can’t yet report on the effectiveness but do feel we have a partner on this journey. Thank you!

  423. T_uhhhhh

    Love it!

  424. Ruthmayfield2018

    Actually the service,the meds

  425. mrgreenthumb78

    its a nice safe location

  426. CitizenBane

    Always great service, and decent prices. Every time I walk in, I learn something new.

  427. Gtrick08

    The quality of flower is usually very good. Which is what I look for.
    Only thing that I can say negative is price but you usually get what you pay for.

  428. LeeLeeW22

    I Always have a great experience. Staff is always very friendly and helpful.

  429. punkthebunny

    I love coming to Lake Effect because they are the nicest people you could meet. Plus they are incredibly knowledgeable about all their products.

  430. Jleathal

    Love this place always nice good people there.

  431. jpks76

    Best of the best, EVERYONE knows you and greats you like no other place I’ve been to. You guys are the BEST!

  432. jmillard5

    Staff is amazing. products are quality. wide variety but if u require alot of medicine this place is not affordable. they don’t offer any affordable concentrates and their flower is overpriced. after a year of using lake effect as my only provider of medicine I recently started driving to Lansing dispensaries and as a result have cut my monthly medicine cost in half.

  433. chronicjefferson

    Most knowledgeable staff on the west side of Michigan and medical grade cleanliness make for a medical patient’s favorite and most reliable dispensary.

  434. FlipKid

    Very laid back enviroment so it was easy to feel comfortable. All of the staff were very imformative and helpful. See ya soon!

  435. demon63

    Jeff is a great bartender.
    Clean and good atmosphere.
    Thanks for the help.

  436. Alycat8

    I like to look at then flowers and smell them before I decide which strain is best for me; some dispensaries have staff that seem a bit inpatient while I go through this process but Lake Effect is always so willing to spend an abundant amount of time helping me decide which medicine is best for me. I would recommend this establishment to any new patient.

  437. FreeSpirit08

    Love the people they’re so helpful and kind!

  438. Blaze_Dragonclaw

    I love the staff here they all take the time to know me as more than just another patient. The quality of the bud here is also top notch.

  439. PokerkidT21

    Great place to come and get meds. Everyone is very friendly even the other patients that come through. Keep up the good work Lake Effect.

  440. Shaggyshack13

    Awesome place

  441. nhugh90

    honestly, I was happy too see so many people in this store. at first I felt uncomfortable considering there was roughly 25 people waiting to be called back but I checked in and was seen within 20 minutes of the check in. they are really nice here and explain everything too you without you feeling like a complete idiot if your new. I haven’t slept for more then 3 hours in the last month, these guys recommended some strains that made me go night night real fast. iam impressed and relieved. so relieved in fact iam going back around noon today for more. my first visit I spent 15 bucks and got everything I needed including a free gram. if your considering going to this dispensary I highly recommend it, and even if you are comfortable with your current dispensary, check these guys out and
    get your free gram. once you buy here, you’ll always buy here! thanks guys.

  442. stickydollbud

    OMG!!!!! Today was the first day I’ve been in since they remodeled, it looks amazing and as always the service is great

  443. DougiePhresh

    First time coming here and the service was exceptional. John my tender gave me the full run through of their selection and deals as soon as I walked through the door. A++

  444. Nugfarm269

    Lake Effect is a cool place. The bud tenders are awesome, and they have a great atmosphere. They are always willing to try and help. Nate is a great bud tender who won’t steer you wrong. The bud can be hit and miss, but they always have at least one that will surly satisfy. They also have a good selection of other medicated options, that I have always had good experiences with. I mainly go there for cartridges. They do pre-orders making it very easy to get in and out, as they have the full menu in the lobby on the tv screens. The only time they ever mixed up my pre order and gave me the wrong cartridge; I came back they next day and they swapped it with the one they gave me. All in all I would highly recommend this place as a great local option.

  445. Sacslayer

    This be my spot. Every time I go they have such a great variety. The meds are always on point. From wax to concentrate to flowers and edibles you can’t go wrong. But the thing more then Anything else that keeps me going back is the staff. They are always so friendly, very helpful and kind. From the first time I came in and signed up with Tori I Felt right at home. Customer service is a lost art and it’s nice to know that Lake Effect still has it. Thank you to the whole Lake Effect Crew!

  446. kmdeez

    First time patient and haven’t used for 20 years. Staff was super knowledgeable and helpful to make sure I was getting what I needed. If if I didn’t know exactly what that was. Will 100% be returning.

  447. CamSiebenmark93

    I love sitting there and seeing multiple new first time patients today like good for the patients and good for Lake Effect. Those patients came to the right place that’s for sure.

  448. FlowerPowerMama

    Everyone is very helpful and knowledgable on the product they stock. Great deals for high quality medicine. I’ve been in a few times since my first visit, I’ve loved everything that I’ve gotten from here. I will continue going back, this is my first stop for medicine.

  449. Dlh19

    Thanks Mark for making it yet another awesome trip, friendly helpful service with grat products.

  450. Bigredmachine

    Great friendly staff with a nice well rounded selection. Very relaxed and friendly environment.

  451. Stillsmokin247

    By far the most professionally ran establishment I have been to from the receptionist to the budtenders. Great atmosphere I will be back.

  452. Enriquepeterson

    Dope place

  453. porter211

    Awesome they know their stuff and keep the products A1 great place for being local. My No1 place to go for me would recommend to anyone who wants quality

  454. 66Lincoln

    Staff is ALWAYS friendly! Knowledge is power, and they know their product. The waiting room was full today. A gentleman who obviously works there says, “if anyone wants to pre-order we can get you out of here quicker.” I decided to take him up on his offer and got my meds in less than 7 minutes! Gorilla Glue #4 is the special today, $12/g. Pleased with the meds.

  455. JRRToken722

    Quality meds with a knowledgeable staff!! Free gram with first time visit!! Friendly environment!

  456. bgreen1

    awesome place and people

  457. MIBUZZ

    All around great shop! Unsurpassed customer service. Clean, safe feeling. A prior review mentioned the need for “special incentives” for repeat customers, and I tend to agree. To be fair though, while there I noticed $18 g. on sale for $12 g. and I received a free gram as a new customer. By the way, get a $20 g. when taking advantage of this special. Personally I’d like to see some Jack dandy “shop keef” or even some $100 “shop medical shake” ounces available for when the funds run low. When I compare the top shops in Detroit and Lansing to this one, it easily holds its own. Because of gray areas in the local ordinances and State law, the selection is strictly flowers. But they are some damn good flowers from seemingly damn good people!

  458. Guitarded550

    Very polite and knowable staff! I felt very welcomed. 10 out of 10! highly recommended! Great selection!

  459. weezy4201985

    This is a great place! Every single time I’m here I’m giving no problems and the whole atmosphere is friendly! Products are great! My bud the fee was Aric D! Cool ass dude!

  460. cocolyn333

    I don’t normally write reviews, but in this instance I feel compelled. Lake Effect has helped me tremendously during this time of my journey…beyond words…actually. But… I’ll try to share some words, so you will go check this place out for yourself! a~o

    I’m new to the Medical Marijuana scene, I also manage social anxiety & stomach issues, so I was a bit intimidated to visit any dispensory. But from the first phone call…

    Lake Effect not only met my expectations, but exceeded that bar. a~o

    This facility is exceptional…clean & organized. The employees are kind, helpful, & patient. They listen & try to help. Plus…all the product’s have been top self. Bonus! dY’dY~EURdY’

    Have an amazing day…and stop by Lake Effect, it’s worth it! dYOEzaoe”dY’faoe”

    (Oh ya…BIG Shout outs to Mark for being so patient & helpful yesterday and “hearing” my needs…even through all my shaky nervous energy! I appreciate you! a~o)

  461. FallenAngel808

    Awesome and so are the workers

  462. dqkazoo

    Excellent and courteous service.

  463. George011

    This location is the only one in Kalamazoo and defiantly is worth a visit.

  464. Ssparks70

    They were very helpful with information.very friendly.

  465. MACIE1

    Dave was Very professional, respectful and friendly. He took the time to answer All of our questions. Really comfortable environment.

  466. JokerTokerSmoker

    This place a f*cking fantastic for being the first ones to open up around here. They went above my expectations, had too many strains on the shelf for me to choose from, but i guess if that was my only problem, that should say something about it. I’m a regular and the staff has quickly become a huge part of my life because they’re always looking out for me and my med condition. I can’t drive so having this place close by is awesome and the staff is just a bonus for patients, making the whole experience fun. Keep up the good work

  467. Brandonpeterson

    Order online if you want to be in and out.

  468. RimStoker

    Lake Effects is Top shelf and best all around place in the state for all meds and needs. Go on down an see Joe,Luna and the rest of the lake effects family. You will be well cared for. I fully recommend this place to all… This is the only place ill go from now on and you all should as well.

  469. valeriekatrina7

    I have been a patient at lake effect since August and they have never failed to delivery consistent and effective care! Every employee is helpful and kind; the ones I have gotten to know a little better (Nate; Luna; Logan) are all super personable and really delve into details of all things they supply so that I am best medicated to suit my specific needs. Also, every front desk/check in person I have ever met here has been so chill and lovely; waiting there is pleasurable and I get to look at the entire menu on big ole TVs or watch whatever entertaining program they have on. Plus that on-site ATM can’t really be beat since I’m a card person.

  470. MarieBortz

    I worked with John B. On 10-4-2018. He is very helpful. Thanks.

  471. rpb942

    Can get busy so plan accordingly but staff is so cool you’ll hardly notice if there is a wait!

  472. BLover35

    Love walking into the waiting room and seeing it filled with patients. Your senses are quickly high jacked by the aroma of freash quality medication. A pleasantry to any who enter indeed. Knowing they are always stocked with the top strains, usally 20+ gives patients the confindence of consistancy at the same time providing the oppourtunity to discover what strain is best for thier paticular ailment. Patients also have the luxury of examining meds first hand before purchase. Also the refferal and point system is a nice perk.

  473. bloodfiend

    I use this place quite regularly and love it have a great selection

  474. Michigent

    One of the best dispensaries in Southwest Michigan! Friendly staff is there to help you make a the best selection for you and is very knowledgeable. Pricing here is very reasonable and you’ll be able to get some great dank without breaking the bank!

  475. MarinesGrandma

    I am so glad my son gave me their card. I think it is truly a blessing to have medicine like this available.

  476. Corvette1963

    great people they know there product.willing to help you out with what you need.good friendly people.

  477. smokeman269

    i love this place, good smoke for the price it may be high but worth it, great service by dave

  478. krazytre29

    Great place and great device. Even better bud.

  479. crocidilecase

    Great people. Clean meds!

  480. jjdl1028

    I have been here a few times and I really love the live resin every time I have gotten it. There prices are steep but the do have daily deals. If it is your first time they have a great first time gift and a nice referral program too, but have an extra something with your name and address like a debit card or something along with both ID’s.

  481. lokorocha

    A good spot, location-wise to be in for patients convenience.

  482. Jon316420710

    I had to make an account just to give the guys a shout out. Every time I am in there I feel like their best friend. They greet you with a warm smile by your first name. Everything is so clean and organized. Even when there is a long line they get you out really fast. It’s so cool they have some moldy bud on display to show you what not to get at other places. Five stars.

  483. jboy269

    Went there for the first time today. It simply blew my mind. it was a great experience will be looking forward to visiting again.

  484. KTsmokylungs

    Such a great place, husband and I were very recent 1st time patients. All the staff was so helpful and gave great recommendations. Great selections, will definitely be coming back again.

  485. onetwotreefo

    You guys are awesome! The $30 1/8ths are so crucial.

  486. Jblmrobins

    Top dispensary.

  487. sohi254

    great place love it

  488. 2GiftingHands

    Stopped in within an hour of the closing time and still had a Clean, professional, personal experience. Meds are handled properly, great variety of indicas/sativas & hybrids, everything is well labeled and staff was super kind. One of the nicer kept shops in the state. Keep it up!

  489. magpies

    staff always knowledgeable about their menu. we enjoy coming here, even though it’s a drive for us. best kush stuffed cookies ever!!dY$?(c)

  490. beavers49

    great place !!!

  491. Bird8302420

    nice people good smoke

  492. jalvarez3185

    I absolutely love Lake Effect and the people who work there. They really take the time to listen to my symptoms and help me get the right strains to help me. It’s an awesome location, easy to find, and the product is excellent. I absolutely recommend going to pay them a visit, you won’t be disappointed!!

  493. leonards269

    pricing can be a little steep. but you get what you pay for

  494. Bskidwar

    I have been a patient for over a year and always leave with great quality meds at reasonable prices

  495. michaelboafo

    It’s my favorite place to go.

  496. fb413

    Beyond impressed with this establishment. Impressive verity and very knowledgeable staff. The kind of place I would recommend to anyone that needs high quality meds.

  497. JoshS420

    The staff are friendly and very helpful on directing me with the proper medicine for my illness. Thank you Lake Effect staff

  498. hugdar

    For a first time user it was great. Very helpful understanding, very knowledgeable

  499. Drowsap1

    Every one there are very nice and very helpful Peter Hotstra is a very helpful employee

  500. vegabi

    Great location and amazingly friendly workers! Great prices and product!

  501. Nford86

    On 9/6/2018 I was here and once again great product and great service!

  502. Fivewheeler

    This has to be the best flowers in the country if not the world.

  503. grayfox8686

    Very pleasant staff, solid selection and excellent quality products. Cannot recommend highly enough.

  504. Randycal19

    You guys are wonderful , I am so freaking happy you are open again. Anyone who hasn’t been must go !

  505. Jazzcat00

    Pieter Hofstra was very knowledgeable and staff is always kind

  506. NineMilly9

    Generally love everything about LE! Disappointed beyond description in JE Rosin medicine. Have tried twice, both times came on a foil backed, cheap sheet. Was too liquid to scrape and never solidified in my freezer (not that it should require freezing). Sent L.E. two FB msgs, ledt voice message for mngr, and mentioned to budtenders. Nobody has reached out to help with this issue. I love everything about this place, with this being my only quality/customer service issue that I can ever recall. Stay away from the JE Rosin, wasted $100 on it!!!

  507. ScoobyGoo

    Nice rotating selection. Some very good test results on delicious strains.

  508. riverbob6775

    This place is very friendly and helpful. Really good flower

  509. ob64

    Their daily deal system is great. You have a chance of getting great bud for up to a third cheaper than usual! Last time I went I got Caesar on sale and was definitely not disappointed!

  510. Kendallscare

    Being from Lansing I cannot believe I have not heard of such a top notch place. The products they offer are all insanely good. I’m used to playing medicine roulette in Lansing, where you never know what you are going to end up with when you roll it up. This place is fire af… I will be back.

  511. baktrakkin

    They are open. Remodeling done!!!

  512. KushDaddyFarms

    I travel the state and I’ve been to as many provision/holistic/dispensary as I can remember. No where else follows compliance to the aEURoeTaEUR. They always have your top shelf meds and they are always making sure to put it in rotation for the deals of the day. If your going anywhere else for true and high quality meds then your wasting time, money, and your jeopardizing your health.

  513. Ross74

    Oh my God I went in there and Rebecca was awesome she gave me everything I need it I love this place

  514. BrookieTrout

    Always willing to drive the extra distance for the quality and consistency of medicine and service here! And always a fantastic selection of meds. Will continue to recommend this place.

  515. Bemeweyou

    Everyone is so helpful and friendly here. Super efficient in and out. Always has what we like!

  516. Dragonfly81

    Rebecca did an amazing job getting me familiar with the shop. She focused on my needs and took time to helped me find the best medicine to help with my condition. I left feeling more educated about my medicine and what will best help bring me some relief. I’m very grateful.

  517. Mkfsanchez

    Joe is the best budtender always very helpful on the strands you are looking for to use for pain sleep etc.

  518. Belmony1


  519. jevinusmc

    Best crew and best flower in the mitten. Fairly priced when compared to other dispensarys in the state. Keep it up Lake Effect!

  520. stumpydew

    Nice selection, awesome knowledgeable staff. Would recommend this dispensary for new patients and old.

  521. Lala143

    Ok so I really like the Juana honey sticks…however, I found an old unopened one yesterday (I could tell bc their packaging has since changed) and I noticed a difference in mg strength for what is supposed to be the same price/same product. So maybe if they could be a little more consistent…

    All other edibles I’ve tried from here tend to be pretty good!

    The staff here is excellent. It’s no secret. They’re professional but also very friendly and welcoming!!!

  522. EpicFales

    I was really nervous because I am new to all this, but the service, knowledge, and kindness at Lake Effect made everything easy. I’m grateful for them. After hearing about contaminated products elsewhere, I was comforted by Lake Effect’s promise to test everything. Relieved.

  523. 420Jazz

    Experienced, friendly, and very helpful staff to help you. Very nice place with true, lab-tested meds. Meds are VERY high quality! You’ll be extremely happy with Lake Effect!!

  524. simostrainz

    Little pricey but great quality

  525. asedo23

    I’m so happy that a great place like this with great people are so close by my home. They have everything you need and plenty of people to help with any question. I would highly recommend stopping by.

  526. Fonsy

    It is very nice to know that medical patients in the Kalamazoo and Portage are can go to a place like this one to get their meds. The place is great, their staff is friendly and they have a very decent variety of flowers. It is just a matter of time until this place can develop at its full-potential and help individuals with an even greater variety of products. But, needless to say, I was pleased with the quality of their flowers. Keep the spirit up Lake-Effect. See you soon.

  527. S-Sparky

    Joe offered good information and was very helpful . Nice place

  528. Novalee48

    Excellent service, Steve and Jake were amazing and so kind. Check in guy was personable and of great help too. Products reasonably priced and effective! Def an A++ in my book!

  529. Thatguy352001

    It was great people were great. Product selection was awesome!

  530. c1cates

    It was laid back not pushy I enjoyed my 1st time

  531. jewjew1029

    The bud tenders are very helpful and knowledgeable. I enjoy coming to this location.

  532. smokebud81

    great place friendly people and place to be

  533. kileboshamp

    Professional atmosphere,clean, knowledgeable staff,very friendly.

  534. MW1990

    The best buds I have tried so far, the different variety’s just blow my mind. It seems there is always something new to try!

  535. Jcuyler223

    Great Place Great People….

  536. Andy-son

    Friendly and outgoing staff. Highly recommend!

  537. cashin420

    Its a small would be nice if they offered beverages and maybe a place to be able to test medications. The prices are decent.

  538. huepstarr

    Had me in and out for a first time visit in half an hour. Amazing dedication to detail and tenders are all very nice and helpful.

  539. benzerman

    Very nice except if your suppose to get any freebies an place a order a head of time be sure to check your bag! Because I assumed mine was in there an was not

  540. RebeccaHAC

    I love the friendly, knowledgeable staff. I also appreciate that they test their product to ensure the best quality medicine possible. I will definitely be back!

  541. Phattious420

    Awesome service. They treat you with it there.

  542. MacGhoila

    I like how friendly and knowledgeable the consultants are… Joe is the coolest.. Selection is great!

  543. Rhiannon0813

    Missing blueberry pancakes like crazy.. but there are so many choices .. Lake Effect is rocking

  544. Gee_wizzard

    I have always loved Lake Effect. The staff is always kind and knowledgeable. The stock is near always top shelf, however it tends to be on the costly side of provisioning centers. Overall it’s worth a look at least!

  545. kawallski69

    Tight parking but definitely worth the drive… Nicest dispensary I’ve ever been too… dY$?–dY$?–dY$?–

  546. potfox1428

    1st time visit today and I’m def
    going back for sure. It was a safe environment, I liked how you payed separate so no one knew what you were walking out with. Good quality bud too.

  547. Noski

    Classy shop. Great staff. Great products . Recommended. Highly.

  548. Fugazilife

    Some of the best people to help with your medical needs. Always pleasant and knowledgeable

  549. Iamk97

    Everytime I come inside Lake Effect I leave happy. Great place aoedY1/2

  550. Javin4312

    Lake Effect is one of my top dispensaries. Great quality, friendly staff, and decent prices too! They have weekly deals as well which is really awesome.

  551. beastybuds77

    Nice place great peepsdY~Z. They are getting the shop redone. It looks great so far, cant wait to see it complete. The crew here is legit the best Ive met. Educated on meds, helpful and a damn good time. Check em out. Definitely worth your time! Thanks Lake Effect !!!

  552. abilicke

    Absolutely amazing. Super friendly. They know all their information.

  553. shipooh

    The staff is helpful and informative. I just wished they were able to keep cartridges on the shelf. I seem to always have to travel to Lansing or Ann Arbor because they always have them in stock and it’s my prefered method to medicate. If you’re looking for a nice flower they can help you out though.

  554. GanjaButler

    I found out about these guys at the Cannibas cup. I went to visit the site and was blown away by the dealsand the customer service. Can’t wait to go back.

  555. Denim89

    Like the quality good place as well to shop

  556. heuer420

    Good service, easy to sign up, professional service and very informative pricing.

  557. EN336

    Great atmosphere, friendly and knowledgeable staff, especially Nate. Highly recommend checking it out!

  558. Roxy0616

    They not only test everything that they sell, they make sure you are aware of exactly what you are getting for your money as well. The staff is absolutely amazing! They truly stand by their customers and do everything they can to help. I have never left disappointed. I won’t go anywhere but Lake Effect and I haven’t for over a year now!

  559. JB2194

    I love the service and the employees they make great recommendations for how I feel throughout a day and Know there stuff it’s good to see the educational part of Mary jane alive

  560. Chipowski

    Just moved to the area and stopped by for the first time and let me tell you, this place is da bomb! Nice waiting area, clean and spacious but most importantly they had THE BEST medicine. I love top shelf but noticed they had solid mids very reasonably priced. I tried out a couple strands and can’t wait to go back for more!

  561. PimpstonChills

    Fire flower. Knowledged staff. I will continue getting my meds here.

  562. heathenhomie420

    Completely amazing staff, very nice steup and great medicine as well. For it being my first time, I rate 5 stars. Will be visiting again.

  563. NathanLeeJones

    Online ordering is the best. They always have so much of a selection and I can be in and out so quickly. I’m loving it for real.

  564. agqluv

    I love lake effect! Their product selection is always reliable and of good quality and the dispensary itself is extremely organized with very friendly and knowledgeable staff. The only thing I’d change is I would make their lobby area more homey (:

  565. KALIMON3000

    I really enjoyed the professionalism and variety; I highly recommend all patients make a vist!

  566. rosebousamra

    This place is quiet, clean, and super friendly. They have great meds and a great selection, everything I’ve tried from here has been incredible.

  567. QCbangerFam

    Five star place ri-cheer! Can’t wait for that cup winning Brain Wreck to hit the shelves again!

  568. BreCarlene

    I always enjoy coming to Lake Effect because every time I get in and out with exactly what I went there for. I enjoy talking with the staff especially Jessica. She’s greats!!

  569. FrecklyGem

    Absolute best quality. Only place I’ve been to within 100 miles that has such a high quality. bad side is the price comes with the quality. it’s not over priced, lansing doesn’t have the same quality. if you’re looking for a cheaper buds with great quality than either “Best Buds” or “cornerstone welness” in lansing is where you want to go. Promise you won’t find a higher quality than Lake effect!

  570. PufferBLY65

    Great and friendly service, yet not everyone is as knowledgeable as I would think they could be and a hair pricey. The guy that waited on me was very patient & seemed very knowledgeable. Most of products I’ve tried were good.

  571. 4psnu

    Wowzers those platinum cookies are amazing

  572. QueenOverton35

    Friendly, helpful staff and great productsdY~S

  573. hiseajays

    Always a great experience, amazing quality, friendly staff, and pleasant atmosphere. Prices are on the higher end, and the parking lot is small, but you won’t be disappointed.
    A friend of mine has worked there since the beginning. They have good deals, and a huge assortment of products to choose from. From cookies and candy to pre rolls , flower and concentrates. Something for everyone!
    And it’s conveniently in the Kalamazoo/Portage area. So if you’re in south west Michigan it’ll save you are long drive to lansing! Please check them out. Your support means a lot 🙂

  574. pastorBob1842

    As good as their products are the staff is great as well. Professional informative and friendly as well! Now i’m not an expert but I have been smoking pot for over 40 yrs. and think the products are well worth the money they charge. Will be back again!

  575. MommaTraplin

    Oh my gosh this place, these people are amazing! I went for the first time today and they were so helpful and so friendly!
    They made me feel welcome, they answered my questions,they made me feel like I was a friend they had known forever.
    I will bring them my business from here on out!

  576. Squid85

    Man I tell you lake effect is one of the best spots in Michigan and the best spot in Kalamazoo as a veteran there staff makes sure that all my needs are taken care of so please stop on and see the great staff at Lake effect

  577. roguedreams13

    Excellent service, clean and helpful, A++++ on their line of products

  578. Melissa2067

    Loved everything about it! I’ll be back…

  579. monta17

    Extremely helpful staff. Always willing to take time to help you sort try to find the best product for your specific needs. Highly (dY~S) recommend!

  580. Wiccanreed

    Let me start by saying , I am grateful to have a dispensary .
    But , for chronically / terminally ill patients who are living on very limited income it’s somewhat unaffordable .
    With a Dispensary it comes to eat or medication .
    That’s sad .
    People are very nice here .
    service is good but as I said almost unaffordable .
    It’s like trying to fill a $380 prescription living on a very limited income .
    Still grateful for the service .
    In a pinch .
    I support the dispensary don’t get me wrong ,
    But thank goddess for caregivers as part of the Patient and people’s law in michigan a~(r)i,

  581. Agent907

    Very cool place. Very professional and keep a tight crew operating the facility. A sweet selection of herbs and other products. Great to have this dispensary in my neighborhood!!!

  582. Thebossman24

    Joe:) was here bud vender

  583. Sheristackagrip

    So glad I pulled my map screen out and found this place. The place down the road is a joke, you guys are awesome. Where did you come up with that Blueberry Pancake strain!? I neeeeed morrrreeee!

  584. Roballer

    Great consulting on what you are looking for.

  585. CannabiSavesLives

    Positive vibes every visit. Premium Medicine. Everyone is Knowledgeable about the medicine they really know what they are talking about. Don’t know every ones name but shouts to Joe! Great Bud Tender.

  586. coppertopp

    Really love having a place close to me. Quality products with variety, knowledgeable and friendly staff who aren’t pushy, and the ability to pre-order for a quicker pickup. Only downsides are the prices (which are def high compared to the other dispensaries I’ve been to) and the sometimes longer wait times (because they pair you with your own bud-tender and counter). Still a great place I’ll keep returning to.

  587. AllieRaine

    Everyone is very helpful!

  588. WickedBeebs

    Great dispensary! Came for my first time a few weeks ago based on a friends recommendation and was pleasantly surprised. Was driving over an hour to Lansing and now I don’t have to. Very friendly and knowledgeable staff. Worth the visit!

  589. Santanasmokes94

    The only reason I say 4 star for service is, you must have 3 forums of ID on you, if you don’t use a credit card, or carry around your SS card you might be screwed, other than that they give you free medicine!! Everyone you go in there you have potential to get free medicine!

  590. lyzie14

    I absolutely love the atmosphere of lake effect. Any customer of any age feels comfortable walking in here! The staff is always friendly from the second you walk in the door and are very helpful 🙂

  591. Potter710

    Best quality bud I’ve found so far!

  592. Landonsmommy18

    Its the best and worth the hour and a half drive for me

  593. CodyTheKid92

    Great people great buds!!!!

  594. K2tread

    Prices are absolutely RIDICULOUS!! Spend the gas money and go to Jackson or Lansing. Prices are much more reasonable and products are high quality!! Someone needs to open a new spot in Kalamazoo so prices aren’t so high!!!

  595. rastalocks269

    great location with a good size variety of meds.

  596. oym8blazeit

    very great reccomendations , I love the daily deal thing, and everyone is friendly. I also like the chop sticks and tongs so you know that no one is touching your weed

  597. Jayce86

    One of the better ones in the area

  598. Hutch5000

    Staff was super friendly and helpful. John was my bud tender and he was very informative, patient and kind. He helped me track what I was spending, made great recommendations, and generally made the experience great. Product was all top notch. I will definitely shop here again.

  599. crazyots

    Was surprised very nice people, lots to pick from. They seem to know about what they was sailing. I will return again Thank you

  600. butterycheeseball

    The killer cookies gives me the energy of a thousand Avengers, which is so helpful with my chronic condition. I wish we could make comments on our experience with each strain they sell. Would help in selecting new things and finding customer favorites, though the staff is super helpful. They are doing righteous work.

  601. Sonofhoser

    Cool place, worth your time.

  602. thcity1

    Always a great experience at Lake effect! Everyone is so nice and fast! Also they are very knowlegdable about any questions you may have.

  603. Roballer2455

    Rebecca was a great help and got everything I needed. Little pricey but great service.

  604. pothole1

    The best around! Love the knowledgeable staff and the friendly service!

  605. Jgreenwiggy

    Staff always kind and helpful. Needs larger parking lot.

  606. Halbit101

    They are friendy, helpful, and understanding. They make you feel welcome and their products are great! Always leave with a smile on my face and their stuff always makes you want to come back for more!

  607. Sativa7100

    It was a great experience!

  608. Tterhaar1986

    Great place in West Michigan

  609. _Vonnn

    Great Indica flowers!

  610. Javaguava

    absolutely love this location. fast service, friendly staff,great meds. what else could a man/woman ask for?

  611. AcidBraindrops

    trash prices

  612. Beverly13

    Great service & knowledge. Excellent meds with variety. Best place in the area. Rebecca is a 5-STAR consultant!

  613. iraqvet0809

    Lake effect has great service and an excellent variety of different strains. Clean safe, environment and I would definitely recommend to a friend.

  614. KWZ

    Limited choices of $10/G Flower, often out of strains on the menu. All nice looking buds, Super handling and storage. I have to drive an hour and am disappointed when they are out of what I want.

  615. THaas03

    Hands down the best medicine in Michigan I’ve had. The staff is very friendly and welcoming.

  616. 068niou1

    Cleaner and more professional than my Dr.s office. Far better medicine to.

  617. Smittens33

    great staff.. great meds…reasonable prices.

  618. colinfriel

    Great product.

  619. cda13

    Small location but extremely helpful prices are kinda high

  620. blaadtheinhaler

    Happy again. Mark was spot on and knew his stuff. Lake effect has earned my business. great meds. Thank You!

  621. ry1220

    Every experience i’ve had here has been absolutely great! Even when the lobby is PACKED, I have never waited longer than 10 minutes. The staff is incredibly friendly and knowledgeable and the selection of products is great!

  622. Wfburn

    This was my first visit, actually, my first time at a dispensary. I was kindly welcomed and treated with the upmost respect. The interactions between the co-workers was very nice. I could tell there wasn’t any drama there. This helped make me feel relaxed and comfortable. Jeff introduced me to your products and points system. He answered all questions and helped me make my selection. I bought some gummies. The effects of them are great but, the flavor could use some improvement. I felt like I was eating a shot of booze. I’m not a fan of alcohol so the surprise burst of it was a little off putting. That’s why I gave the quality 4 stars. With that being said, I definitely would come back and recommend you to my friends. Thank you!

  623. Bridgitleigh

    Always super easy experience, and fast service. Jot is super helpful, answered all my questions, and I found. Out I had points I didn’t even know existed. Great surprise!

  624. MrVTree

    This place is so chill. I love the atmosphere. I would love a job opportunity if there is one.dY$?PS but fr fr they have top shelf buds

  625. VScissorhands

    Staff is always so helful. There is always a nice variety of strains to choose from. Place is clean and friendly.

  626. klwit307

    My first visit to any dispensary, everyone is helpful and friendly. The wait was less than I expected for a Saturday and Dave was very informative and helpful. Product is great! Worth a little drive.

  627. Mcgillis420

    Best medicine and friendly service. Our family loves this place.

  628. jlberks

    The canna cream is awesome!!!
    I use it regularly!

  629. rstone97

    house was is out of control and ice cream cake is amazing u guys gotta get platinum vape

  630. Mybrandnewseedco

    I drive to this place from Lansing. I like going somewhere that has a large, fair priced selection. I like that it does not feel like a trap house. Good welcoming feeling when at Lake Effect.

  631. bhs4no

    Friendly staff. Great selection.

  632. HappyHoppy

    Great people, good product, repeat Customer. But I had to knock off stars because of one large frustration. I have to drive pretty to get there, and there is, understandably, usually a wait. I’d love to be able to preorder but I tend to get a variety of edibles, and the menu here on leafly is incredibly inconsistent when it comes to the Mg’s in the edibles. To me that is a huge factor in what I want order. I have hopes you might fix this in the future.

  633. WilliamEN

    Always help find what i need

  634. davehardisty

    The people were friendly, knowledgeable and professional. The products were excellent. I am a novice with poor hearing and My consultant, Pieter H was very helpful and patient.

  635. NickCady

    Don’t get no better than this people!

  636. Anonymous017

    Absolutely LOVE Lake Effect! From the moment you walk in the door until the moment you leave this place will make you feel comfortable! They have a good selection and great variety. The staff is very welcoming as well as having great knowledge on what you’re looking for out of the strains. Plus free grams on your birthday plus every time you bring a a new member in! What!? I highly encourage to stop on by and give them a visit!!!

  637. Skuhn0120

    Always amazing service with many smiles! You feel as if you are the only patient they have at the time of service, which makes a very pleasant atmosphere.dY’
    John B. Rocks!

  638. eagle2108

    High quality flower.

  639. Mybrotherskeeper

    I love the staff at Lake Effect! They are all so friendly, welcoming, and most importantly, patient with their customers.

  640. KenMensch9

    Merry Christmas to the LE staff!

  641. indiepancake

    The waiting room at Lake Effect has a somewhat clinical vibe, but the bud tending room is really nice and not too overwhelming. The employees where knowledgeable and kind, will be returning.

  642. Mapleshouse6

    This was my first visit and it was awesome! The staff is very welcoming and helpful. Thank you John B for making my first visit a good one!

  643. Danielle8673

    Good quality flower! Had a large selection of concentrates and normally has a good selection of edibles. Gave me a free gram with my purchase because it was my first time there. They do make you fill out some paperwork in the beginning but it takes less than five minutes. The staff are knowledgeable about their products and very friendly. Lighting was good and the facility was clean. Products were within reasonable prices. They could have had a few more strains at the lower end of their price range, but even the $10/g quality is high.

  644. bhendrick9

    Beat dispensary in the Glove. Great product and great sevice. Shout out to Jeff for tak8ng care of me with his knowledge and patience.

  645. Cassiusstro24

    Helpful and very friendly people to purchase from

  646. barbiegurl16

    This place never disappoints. The meds get better and better.

  647. Webmt

    I’m so glad they were able to stay open. They have been one of the best things to happen to Portage and to me.

  648. Joshua8679

    awsome location

  649. Snowmama21

    Everyone is super helpful here. It is a very relaxed and comfortable experience. John B, helped me last time and was very knowledgeable.

  650. SmokieBuns2017

    Welcome to the Lake Effect faimly. You did a great job. Wonderful energy.

  651. bekahbiggs03

    Luna was very helpful and answered all my questions. I would highly recommend Lake Effect to anyone! All the staff is kind and knowledgeable.

  652. Mr2993820

    Great meds great service.

  653. blazingsaddles420

    My fav dY’*

  654. Sarahturntup

    Not only did I get great service and medicine but they told me about this cool app Leafly, the staff here is awesome! I recommend the grand doggy purps, best ive ever had.


    Excellent service and products!!!

  656. Queenbmb0808

    Quality is great depending on the strain I think they preorder is way easier sometimes but if not busy no need you’ll get past prices are ok high but a lot of vairiety and deals staff is exceptional with clients except some need better training on the kind of flowers and edibles overall always there for me thoughdY’-aoeOEdY1/4

  657. windy831

    I went there my first time last week and everyone was amazing !! I can’t wait to go back 🙂

  658. Slickcat1

    Parking is limited.

  659. Locks4real

    I miss you more than words can say. Lake Effect is always for the patient.

  660. munkiezbizness





    leafly is silly and wouldn’t let me post in all caps so here is my non-caps to meet post requirements

  661. PostvM

    Holy cow! First off guys well done! Not only did I have a great experience. They were spot on with their education of the product. The atmosphere was professional. And was even given superpower advice. Shape-shifter. Would definitely recommend to a friend and will do soon. Would definitely come back again. If anyone is looking for a fun and professional experience. Please stop here!

  662. theboogeyknight

    Very friendly and professional staff welcomes you in the lobby and guides you through the entire process.

  663. kdavis7073

    Have not been here yet. One hour drive. Would make the trip if I knew what was on the menu. Doesnt help to put names without explanations of these strains.
    Hardly ever any sativas. I need to know what im driving an hour for.

  664. hkelly212

    Only my second time going but Luna was very helpful! She took the time to listen to my concerns and then try to fit my budget and products to help my specific complaints.

  665. Fetti74

    great customer service!! Always a great selection of flower!!

  666. rognwaldr

    Great place and great people! The community really needs this dispensary to reopen.

  667. Daviddk420

    I hope you guys will be reopening soon love the place and the people and great selection of meds

  668. GinjaNinja911

    This location has knowledgeable and friendly staff. Impeccable customer service and quality strains.

  669. mxylx83

    a really great place!

  670. Kiywray

    During my last visit.. I was unsure if I would have time to look at products so I made a pre-oder and by the time I got there and checked in my order was ready!!! Love fast service (:

  671. JaxThorne

    Great space and great products. Recommend it to all my friends

  672. Tini420allday

    LOVE this place! everyone is always polite and the service is great!

  673. FadedStitches

    Great place, lots of great products and friendly employees.

  674. Jodia7

    Great place

  675. Kerri111

    This is absolutely THEE best dispensary in Michigan! I’ve been to them all and Lake Effect will be the only one I EVER go to. The service is always with a smile, friendly conversation, tons of knowledge about their product! The staff is PHENOMENAL!!!

  676. hmbutts


  677. nugz_24

    Jeff was very knowledgeable and helpful during my first visit to this dispo. In my opinion, prices are too high for what you get. Lansing dispos are much cheaper for the same/even better quality.

  678. ZonedOut23

    Great staff and great selection. I love this place!

  679. Vickymccartey

    This is the most nolagable dispensary. They know everything about the stains how is made everything. The prices are very reasonable. Hope they can stay open.

  680. paigeelayne5

    So, today was my first time actually going into a dispensary, and I was extremely impressed with everything Lake Effect has to offer. My consultant was John B and he was super helpful! He helped me find everything I needed and I’m so impressed with the service and medicine!dY’ I will definitely be back and recommending to others. Thanks for making my first experience great.

  681. Friends4Life

    Thanks to Johnny M, my consultant, he did an excellent job of helping me. The place had a lot of people there, yet they moved right along and gave me excellent care. Answering my questions and helping me in a timely fashion.

  682. _x_ii_x_

    I was pleasantly surprised by Lake Effect. I really like this place and will be coming back for a long time.

  683. slimjay

    was diagnosed with stage 2 adenocarcinoma cancer of the stomach on 4/26, and have to say y’all have went above and beyond all expectations with helping me out with being a little less sick and pain free! the BEST tenders around!

  684. indigo54b

    I really liked this place. The guys that worked here where great. Everyone was super helpful and really nice. They took their time to help me and answered all my questions perfectly. I will definitely be going back.

  685. sambauer47

    The staff is great and the atmosphere is friendly!

  686. ChristieGray

    Everyone is really friendly and helpful!

  687. samuel8

    Some great new buds on the menu. Had the fakushima and highly suggest! Shouts out Jeff

  688. klobert

    John B was excellent: knowledgeable and listened well to make recommendations to suit my needs specifically. Michigan growers will hopefully develop a larger range of ^CBT:THC sativa buds, concentrates and edibles. I am relatively new to paraplegia and neuropathic pain and the medicines I acquired help a lot !

  689. JRanINC

    The best. I don’t know how any other business can compete. Best staff, nice and friendly customers, and great selection of buds. By far my favorite experience ever.

  690. Razgrez11

    Don’t listen to this Guitarded420 moron. The place is honestly great. This guy is just mad he can’t afford the top shelf stuff.

  691. TheGreenFairy419

    As a new card holder, this was the first dispensary I went to and the staff was very helpful and welcoming.

  692. Oysters

    Convenient location & pleasant staff made it a great experience. I’m so happy there is a place in Kalamazoo you can trust to have quality meds.

  693. a4wayne

    Staff are nice, waiting room is too small/at times very congested, prices are way too high for what you get. Wish there was more competition in the area.

  694. calamazeus

    The only problem with buying really great strains for sleep is my favorite thing is chiefin. Just want to add a quick recommend to my Universal props that you add small stop signs to the ends of the driveways, please!

  695. Saraphoenix

    Very nice staff and they keep good hours. The shop was clean and professional.

  696. zbv2423

    this is a super friendly place. I’ll def be coming back here.

  697. Cassiusstro

    Close to home …

  698. DorthyD

    Very much enjoyed having chica as a budtender. You go girl.

  699. M0X1E

    It is always welcoming and inviting.
    Staff is very knowledgeable and helpful.
    Love Lake Effect!!

  700. Jlenz17

    Samantha was very helpful and friendly! Thanks samantha!

  701. Brisk0218

    tried the new elmer’s glue, love it i think its my new favorite

  702. jgxoxo

    amazing location, great service and super friendly first experience!

  703. sumlikapmp

    I think they beat out most in the country. Having them 20 mins from Battle Creek has been a life saver.

  704. Higrpa

    Excellent, Ann Arbor feeling with great quality product. Good to have someplace close by.

  705. CaptSpicy420

    Any day that involves a trip to Lake Effect is always a great one.
    Thank you staff for all you do!

  706. MasterofNone

    Top notch service! Friendly and knowledge. If your in the Kalamazoo, portage area this is the place to get top shelf bud!!! They have all their product’s tested at the spot in Kalamazoo.

  707. Carlc117

    great customer service

  708. Memesize

    Close to home easy to get to!

  709. Mastalingling

    Very personal and friendly atmosphere Informative. My consultant Johnny M led me to just the right combination of strains within budget. Very pleasant experience.

  710. Bigdaddy2516

    I love u guys and the perfect strain of wifi

  711. LeeDrex

    I had an amazing experience when I walked in. Everyone was very helpful and I walked out beyond satisfied!

  712. Grapewillie

    Love location. Prices a little high specially for disability people. Would love to come back but cant afford to be able to medicate from month to month. Would be back if only for a g or 2.

  713. Bmoney5165

    Always great vibes love the staff. Dave was my bartender he lead me on to some great flower . Definitely will be back again

  714. workthenplay

    The only dispensary I’ve found with LAB tested product. First Class treatment, with TOP shelf product ! THANKS ! to everyone at Lake Effect for all the hard work u do.

  715. smoke269

    i was happy and even happier i didnt have to go far. staff was cool people

  716. madison0420

    Wonderful customer service, happy atmosphere, quality product, will definitely refer many friends and will visit this dispensary more often!

  717. Cupjudger2011

    Thoroughly impressed. Reminded me of the places out west.

  718. dbear123

    All sorts of variety. Good staff. Even better bud.!! My first choice

  719. Kmains1997

    awesome place to go for amazing bud and deals

  720. DetroitCityDiesel

    First impressions are everything and I was very impressed upon my first visit. Excellent product and selection. Knowledgeable and friendly staff. Welcoming atmosphere. Would recommend to anyone to try them out.

  721. JosieZ

    Works just fine for me!

  722. mousenflames

    Quick, convenient, great staff, and amazing product.

  723. thejonze

    Awesome product and the staff is friendly and helpful, and those girls there are GORGEOUS! Way to run a business!!

  724. sylkcreations

    Wonderful Shop, Great Staff, Friendly, Helpful. The location isn’t bad, they just need more room. Not much seating in waiting room for handicapped patients which makes it difficult because their usually busy and have long wait times, which is most the time. I can see why because its a great shop! Best way to go is to pre-order.

  725. GoldenEagle

    Back in the day, you’d have to call some guy who calls a guy who lives with his mom and needs to meet you at a Walmart parking lot to give you some decent unknown strain of canabis in a plastic bag…. and now here we are with cartridges, brownies, drinks, hard candies, – of course all of the edibles are vaccumed sealed. They also have about 30 different strains of regular canabis and a nice selection of pre-rolled joints. THC levels from 12-24%.

    This place is so professional as well. Flat screen TVs for the menus, they’ll walk you through the whole process, they have specials and take credit cards. Just crazy. What a time to be alive.

  726. Cjmrnd

    Love this place. Highly recommend

  727. roarylion82

    Awesome place good meds great people

  728. RonBaroni

    Great staff very helpful and thoughtful. one stop shop for all my meds right here in Kzoo. No more long drives to Lansing!! Love this place.

  729. Joe.w

    Great people, always super nice and helpful. Product is good, and atmosphere is great!

  730. Corbinv159

    These guys are great and the product is always top of the line.

  731. loudsmoker27

    Great an close


    Dave has always been informative knowledgeable and very helpful. He helps narrow down the selection of products to what would be best for me. The atmosphere is always friendly and pleasant.

  733. Jacob498

    Awesome service and product, happy with my visits!

  734. berryawesome16

    I really loved the friendly atmosphere and great service! would definitely recommend this store to my friends!

  735. Dkushlam92

    I love lake effected!!!

  736. OGMOJI

    This is, by far one the best collections in the entire state of Michigan. Some of the flower I have seen go through their doors is exceptional in terms taste, smoke and high (their Jesus OG tested at 29% plus!!!).
    I would highly recommend to anyone. I have been a loyal customer for 4 months now. Thanks for what you guys do!!

  737. James2115

    very nice atmosphere, helped me with ever need and ever questions with no problems. will be going back again.

  738. Betty3067

    Awesome Dispensary!

  739. atdubs

    I love Lake Effect. Grabbed a cannagar not too long ago. The magars are way better, imo. The cannagar smoked a bit fast and didn’t seem as potent. I’ll stick to the magars if I want to splurge in the future.

  740. globinhood

    Drove three hours to check this place out! I have only heard good things and will only say good things about Lake Effect. If you are coming from out of town I would highly recommend calling in an order so you know they will have what you want!

  741. donkeyschlong321345

    Nice little place, first time in staff was great and very accommodating. Being able to put a “to go” order in is also a nice touch keep up good work!!

  742. RodentDemolisher82

    Prices are high, but excellent product.

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