House of Dank

Nations Premier Dispensary



3340 East 8 Mile Road, Detroit, MI 48234


42.44692, -83.070098




10:00 AM – 9:00 PM


10:00 AM – 9:00 PM


10:00 AM – 9:00 PM


10:00 AM – 9:00 PM


10:00 AM – 9:00 PM


10:00 AM – 9:00 PM


10:00 AM – 9:00 PM


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TODAY ONLY! 1st 100 Patients that buy 3/$100 "SelectOil Cartridges" get FREE battery! For Pre-Ordering & Faster Service


**Now Accepting Out of State Patients

dY-Si,dY-4g/$100 Platinum Vapes!!
dY-Si,dY-4g/$100 Michigan Liquid
dY-Si,dY-12g/$100 Terp Talk 1/2g
dY-Si,dY- 6g/$100 Dank Sticks

dYY=++dYY=++3g/$100 FRESH Drop of Golden Extracts

dY+NEW Exclusive RARE Top Shelf StrainsdY+

Ask about our selective top shelf that is off the counter!

dYs”Friday SpecialsdYs”

dY’tm4g Sour Apples $20 an 8th

dY’*4g Scotts OG $25 an 8th

dY’s5g Trapstar $30 an 8th

dY’s5g Sugar Cookies $35 an 8th

dY-$?5g Birthday Cake $50g an 8th

PURE GOLD 3/$100

dY>C/Moxie 710 3/$100

New $400oz Shatter

New $500oz Shatter FIRE


dYfdY’tmBLUE LABELS: $7g. $20/8th. $40/quarter. $80/half. $150/Oz.

dYfa$?i,PINK LABELS: $8g. $25/8th. $50/quarter. $100/half. $175/Oz.

dYfdY’sGREEN LABELS: $10g. $35/8th. $70/quarter. $140/half. $250/Oz.

dYfdY’sGREEN SPECIALS: $10g. $30/8th. $60/quarter. $120/half. $200/Oz.

dYfdY-$?SILVER LABELS: $15g. $50/8th. $90/quarter. $175/half. $340/Oz.

dYfdY’>GOLD LABELS: $60/8th


dYTri Comb Shatter ultra De-waxed 3/$100

dYZ-Cheifin Extracts Full Gram Distillate Darts 4/$100


dY-Si,dY-Terp Talk 12/$100

dY-Si,dY-Firestix 7/$100

dY-Si,dY-Pure Gold 3/$100

dY-Si,dY-Claws 3/$100

dY-Si,dY-Claw pods 1/2grams 3/$100

dY-Si,dY-Platinum Vape 1g 3/$100 **when available


dY<>Sweetstone Gummies


House of Dank 313 strives to provide a knowledgeable and caring experience for all patients statewide. Operating in full compliance with Michigan H&S Code 333.26424, House of Dank takes lead in a rapidly changing industry by offering the largest range of medicinal marijuana options. House of Dank’s mission is to put all patients first. We’re determined to maintain a safe and warm experience for our patients from beginning to end.

With the highest quality of meds on our shelves, patients are sure to find meds that fit their personal needs. House of Dank has an abundance of cartridges, wax, CBD products, edibles, and of course flower! No matter your budget, we’re delighted to tell you about our deals that are the best in the city for all your medicinal needs. Here at House of Dank, we value knowledge, respect, and the overall care for our patients.

House of Dank prides themselves of implementing as many safety precautions as needed to ensure that your experience is greeted with ease. Patients feel at home and safe with a well-lit secured parking lot, highly trained security, and cutting edge camera system.


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1,056 reviews for “House of Dank

  1. animalsexting

    Deff the best in Detroit. i will be coming back.

  2. deathsquad313

    great location. safe and secure. great bud available and they have really good concentrates with reasonable pricing.

  3. taiyastutz

    Not the best quality but overall helpful stuff and chill atmosphere.

  4. Carolynb777

    Always great product , all the staff is friendly , knowledgeable, and security guard Sean is awesome ! Battery died in the parking lot and he was so helpful and gave us a jump . All of you ROCK ! All this and more keep me coming back ..

  5. Matheyis88

    best spot

  6. Sherryangelbear

    Great Place To Go good prices great flower large selection.

  7. Jaclynann

    Everyone was very nice and informative! They have such a good variety of bud it was so hard to chose. Definitely my new favorite place!!

  8. cniki30

    only place i will go for my needs

  9. Mzhomiside

    I luv it

  10. sexyladymaryjane

    My first time here was good.The bud tenders were very nice an the bud was superb as well ill def b coming back

  11. natalie98

    Even though it was me first time ever being at this store, and on 4/20 mind you, it didnt take very long until I got back and was able to be serviced. Very nice and polite staff, and had a great system worked out for 4/20. Thanks dudes

  12. BigFig22

    very good quality of flowers great atmosphere very friendly service I will come again and recommend.

  13. LymeMedpatient420

    Showin some love thank you!

  14. Dreaux16

    Really good buds, nice employees, good looking environment makes a happy stoner 🙂

  15. SarahAnn2786

    Friendly staff, cheaper prices for a dispensary, clean, variety of options to choose from.

  16. Nikolopoulos

    Great place with good meds and service

  17. snoopyAndWoodstock

    Its a great place to go staff friendly great deals good edivles

  18. laurakruse23

    Great weed and great service. I was super excited to see and buy white widow on my last visit!

  19. Medogrol

    Best deals

  20. cliffjill1230

    Great staff! Excellent product.

  21. MichelleKosh

    It was busy but worth the wait. I drove about 15miles to come here and Brandon definately took good care of us. Got GC $100/oz awesome #1 then $50 shake/oz awesome #2. Best prices on this peticular medication. Love this place will definately be back. Thank you!!

  22. Hibbix333

    Great place,a lot of variety of meds, nice and clean place, and easy to get to.

  23. jto32487

    great meds,safe and secure environment all around good place to go.

  24. Mememeosha

    nice place.. the wait is never long…

  25. BHStoner

    good, relaxed spot. Everyone was respectful and cool to talk too

  26. Allthatstara

    Every visit is like going to your favorite family members house they always make me feel like I’m loved they all are my family and not for what they sell me but for the way they make me feel. At the 8 mile store i love them guys and they make me feel the same

  27. jagswag18

    Best dispensary in Detroit they have every flavor of clear and 3 for 100 almost eveyday

  28. Godallah1964

    great buds and service

  29. leafopleurodon

    This was the first dispensary I went to after getting my card, and I was very impressed. The staff is courteous and very knowledgeable. The product is fantastic.

  30. hockypuc

    great place with great product

  31. stonerchick71

    It’s an awesome location

  32. jmdemattei

    Very clean and organized place with great costumer service! Everyone’s super friendly and helpful.

  33. blazeup313

    Good variety of choices, great prices can’t beat good bud

  34. richmoney


  35. ryanbauer98

    Lots of variety, helpful staff, and a calm atmosphere. HOD carries everything you’ll need. Recommend the Skywalker OG Kush

  36. mrberas

    so I’ve been here dozens of times now and they are always on top of shit at the HOD. they still have a great location, lots of parking, and awesome staff. AND to make things better they are constantly dropping prices and moving stuff around so everyone can afford the top-shelf flowers. the moon-rock……if u don’t already know, u need to find out. great and great priced! keep it up HOD

  37. Jonnyg325420

    Best place Rolfe this place stuff cool and friendly.

  38. M0na.L1sa

    Nice selection of buds…Definitely will be back.

  39. SmokerGurl420

    This was my first time in this location. Everyone was so friendly, clean and very good variety. I will definitely return!

  40. DJRobNM

    Not accepting new patients, not accepting paperwork.

    You could put this on the site.

  41. danny35cox

    good selection of buds good service

  42. Teddyp21

    Soon as I walk in, my eyes get big every time. The quality is awesome. My budtender was Tabitha and she was nice and very helpful.

  43. willseals981

    lady at window had a bad day and was shity towards me in the jump, but the people was good , bud is excellent and I mos Definitely will be a repeat customer

  44. awilliamsxx0486

    Absolutely love it here! I’m always took care of and remembered by first name.

  45. Jvic420

    I love this place you can always get the best bang for your buck here always pleased when i visit

  46. JONIMP

    Loved it! Nico is very knowledgeable & answered all my questions!
    I am a Satisfied Customer, for sure!
    They have everything.

  47. Mrs.M

    Huge parking lot that is all lit up, no bun intended. They have great security and friendly. The staff working with the patients are very knowledgeable and can help you find whatever you’re looking for. Their $20 1/8th’s are a great way to try different kinds and see what works for you at a great price. The down side to some of The cheaper options is that some have a ton of seeds so look at it before you decide to get it. I was in and out in 15 minutes and I got a ton of stuff. You can’t beat the prices or the free gram for new patients. And the wonderful staff make it very easy for you if you have no idea what your doing. $20 1/8ths buy one get one free edibles and other great deals don’t miss out.

  48. geewon001

    HOUSE OF DANK is Detroit’s newest “Best 1 Stop Shop”!….Is in a very safe and secure atmosphere{security guard w/ metal detector} with good parking, and a super cool staff…Inside you will find a serious smokers selection of “flowers”, as well as concentrates{kief, wax, shatter, oil, crumble, hash, etc.} all at a very reasonably priced range of donation….Along side a wide variety of “medibles”{from cereal to juice, to hard candy, cookies, brownies, and other treats}….The House Of Dank also has all of your smoke tools covered, from whatever ever type of papers, cigarillo, blunt wraps, bongs, gas mask, nail rigs, vaporizer machines & pens, etc….Lockboxes, secret stash boxes, rolling trays, cleansers/detoxifiers, magazines, clothing, etc……I mean they carry it all, whatever your medicating needs and preferences are!….I definitely recommend visiting THE HOUSE OF DANK family!…you’ll always be greeted with love and welcomed back!

  49. handyandy99

    Good edibles. HOD has good security to help you feel safe; the environment of the place is clean and sleek. However, the bud tender made me feel very rushed and I couldn’t freely look at the strains and decide which one I would like. The bud tender quickly recommended one to me – according to him, it was top shelf indica, I don’t remember the strain name, yet the quality did not feel top shelf quality. Overall, wasn’t a pleasant first time.

  50. Beck2199

    Love this place. I am going to be back. From the security guard to the bud trimmers and everyone in between are kind, courteous, and very helpful. Thanks!!!

  51. whoisalexa

    it’s a great place. It’s the best dispensary I’ve been to so far.

  52. Chad0717

    Great location great staff great product

  53. gandolf2152

    great place. love there product

  54. Brittanyrose000

    The top shelf flower here is some of the best I’ve had. But today was my first time actually going inside myself and the girl that helped me was not friendly and seemed annoyed that I kept asking for different smells. No actual knowlage was given to me about anything and I was almost ignored while she talked with a co worker. The girl upfront wasn’t that friendly either. No one smiled or made me feel welcome. I’ll come once in a while for the product but it definitely won’t be because of the service itself. Thumbs down. second worst dispo customer service experience.

  55. rettell29

    vey good prices huge selection great bud tenders

  56. Alexcess1005

    Nice place, good bud tenders one of my top spots

  57. gazebosteve

    gooooooood product

  58. thugstrail

    Good selection and deals

  59. MrsA2003

    My #1….Love the staff and all the product is amazing!!

  60. itsmebipples420

    I’ve been going here for almost 2 years now. Always have great flower, Decent prices, buds are nice! Knowledgeable staff, and friendly service. The one security guard is kinda rude but I’ll deal with him, he isn’t too careful when going through women’s purses, he ripped my prescription that was in my purse from my doctor. That’s why I won’t take my purse in the building anymore. Everything else is great here. Sometimes there’s a bit of a wait, but not a big deal really. Be prepared to medicate and feel great!

  61. jkobus01

    my favorite dispensary the employees are very nice and they have top quality strains!!

  62. eddiedye

    love the place really good wax!

  63. factorydumonde

    Great selection & really helpful staff dY’dY1/4

  64. awilli19

    Fantastic service and hardly any wait time. Simone was great, a perfect example of how someone in customer service should be.

  65. jeromelamb26

    Very good quality,great eddibles and fantastic backwoods keep up the good work how!

  66. Calsxx97

    Johnny was great and all of the flower has been great quality

  67. rafa96

    always come out of there

  68. Chelssxo3

    This is my favorite place to go. The whole staff is amazing, and they always help you out if you need It. They have a GREAT variety every time, And i’ve never gotten anything I didn’t like. I’d highly recommend anyone to go here!

  69. koosyd

    its aight

  70. gramsx23x

    The bud tenders are awesome! Always trying to get you the best deals.

  71. Adrianlanning

    Exceeded expectations, moved from AZ to Detroit and by far surpasses all AZ dispensaries. Friendly and knowledgable staff as well as quality medicine. Cant go wrong with this location thank you House of Dank, the only place ill go to get meds in Michigan.

  72. Jay_420

    Great place! Great quality great prices & great selection! Would definitely recommend!

  73. yogagirl143

    Everyone here is super nice and I feel safe and secure going to HOD. The bud tenders are very knowledgeable and will help answer questions. You should definitely check this place out if you haven’t yet.

  74. cooperthetapp

    outstanding deals every time i come in! they are the only place i know that has wax and cartridge deals as cheap as they do! the pricing is always aaaamazing and house of dank is always fully stocked!

  75. brenthiss

    Great prices and service, this is my go-to spot

  76. stclairco007


  77. liss313

    Good products and quality cannibus. Love the free beverages and samples in the lobby. dY~

  78. Vagabong

    Great place, great bud

  79. FunsizeFrankii

    its the best dispo…from the staff to the product…10’s all around…i love HOD.. shout out to the best security in the 313

  80. antceezy9990

    @Kareem81jay H.O.D best bud in the block love going here

  81. nicole010

    I passed this dispensary a billion times so I couldn’t wait until I received my card. I will be back, the security guard was nice and so were the girls at the desk. The back looked like heaven, so many varieties. The budtender was very nice and helpful. The buds look amazing, can’t wait to try later!

  82. PostMasterGeneral

    Only a short wait in the lobby, then real friendly and knowledgeable employees. Had a great first experience, and really appreciated the extra gifts!

  83. kingTango313

    I come to HOD for all my Med needs. The Budtenders are great. And I think some of the best strands are here at HOD. Great Place.

  84. thetoker248

    The place is the bees knees a lot of variety would recommend niko is the man

  85. melloyellow1971

    very friendly and got good prices.

  86. cdavidsonyo

    Best place around. Great deals on BHOs, and a wide variety of delicious 10 dollar grams. their medible selection is hands down the best I’ve seen… They have cereal!!!!

  87. Newlife2014

    Great service!

  88. Ginsin5

    Simone was Kool will keep coming back

  89. Nickie0422

    Great staff..great bud..great experience!! Definitely will be back!!

  90. RayeRae

    Love it!!!

  91. Element82196

    Was pretty good selection all flower was pretty fire.

  92. Bananabis

    All staff amazing, especially owner. good deals. Only gave a 4 cuz I found a couple seeds. Nice atmosphere.

  93. Codycash96

    HOD always has the best bud and deals. Everybody is always in a great mood and make Yu feel welcomed.

  94. Pedro313

    Best dispensary great product

  95. killercowan13

    Really enjoyed the atmosphere. The budtenders were very helpful and very pleasant experience overall. Will be coming back again

  96. BrandonA23

    Can’t even begin to say how phenomenal the Sunset Sherbert Cookie is. Fantastic strong medicine does wonders. Must try

  97. fierydetroit

    Totally bad service…No Customer Service. I bought lavender and it was seedy. It was my first visit and they told or showed me NOTHING! Went there for lavender and I got more seeds than trees.

  98. CainGunn

    Great place to go. Real helpful!

  99. Moskunk

    convenient, open late, cool people too!

  100. cr09909

    This is the best dispensary I have frequented. The bud is great. The staff is very friendly and knowlegable. The concentrate selection is huge and priced just right. This is the only place I would go!!

  101. MaxMichael

    Cool location, very modern, very updated.

    They have a lot of good products, but my god are they inconsistent with their house wax.
    Sometimes it’s great and easy to get off the paper, other times it’s completely melted and smeared all over the paper to the point where you can’t even scoop it off.

    Another point I’d like to bring up is the people up front. The security guards are always nice and polite, the people in the bud room are always nice and polite, but they ladies who take my card and ID (the ones I’d expect to greet people) don’t even say hello, if anything you get aEURoeit’ll be a couple minutesaEUR.
    No manner of professionalism (from the secretaries) whatsoever.
    I don’t dislike this place, I will be coming back, but please get the house wax in order, I just bought 3 Grams of it and every single one is just a mess, regardless of trying to freeze it or any other aEURoetechniqueaEUR to get dabs off that shitty wax paper, and it’s pretty much just become a waste of money after messing with it all day.

  102. ladypeace

    Great people, great product, and great atmosphere.

  103. Mzcmj721

    This was my first visit and John was very helpful! Will definitely be back

  104. Gbudz13

    Overall great establishment, a large variety and asortment of everything. A very pleasant experience. I will be returning soon.

  105. Anotherday420

    This is the best dispensary in Detroit by far. Huge selection

  106. mamacass8253

    Clean, friendly, and prompt. They have amazing sales all the time and they will update you via text when there’s a special.

  107. C00kiem0nster79

    We did a video review on YouTube aEURoeMichigan cannabis reviewaEUR

  108. cjredmon

    very good service all the flower was good smells great will be going back again

  109. mrcool39

    Nice place. Great selection and very friendly staff. They were very helpful. Would recommend you check it out for yourself.

  110. Cheycakes

    I love coming here and it’s the only one I go to. The people that work here are always helpful and very nice. I’ve never had a problem here. I also can’t wait to see what the store looks like after the construction! dY~dY~

  111. Burntfingers

    It’s a nice place the staff is friendly but not very knowledgeable on their products.. for example I asked about the grape dosi. It looked and smelled great. So I asked about the taste. She said It tasted like the sherbert strain. So i bout some at 50 an eighth. Expensive but I have bought from there gold section before and I was very happy.. how ever!! The grape dosi is CRAP!! It should be in the lowest grade category.. Not worth 15 a gram Definitely not worth 350 oz.. very dissatisfied

  112. SpaceLauCooji

    best service n buds

  113. s2s45

    first time visit here after I got my hard card. Nice clean atmosphere. very busy on a Friday night. downfall is they don’t take cards but have an ATM. Good quality cannabis. Love that they address you by name. I will definitely be back.

  114. Spartans18

    Chill atmosphere. Amazing service and quality bud.

  115. fla352boy69

    give it a try

  116. Niemela

    extremely helpful and knowledgeable. i will be back for sure.

  117. Squeaky082

    * Friendly people. * Great customer service. * Excellent menu. * Extreme quality. * Safe location.

  118. B_loper420

    Today i became a medical marijuana patient and the workers were very friedly and extra helpful! I definitely would recommend house of dank!

  119. CarRamrod420

    This was my first ever dispensary and it’s now the only one on the strip I go to regularly! Wait times are short, all of the staff is really nice, and security makes you feel safe.

    There are definitely places with better prices on concentrates, but they have a huge selection of everything and the bud prices literally can’t be beat. I haven’t been anywhere else with so many different $20 eighths, and the higher end stuff is great too!

  120. sarajpanza

    I absolutely love this place! They have so many different options to choose from, and they have a product that is for everyone! I love that they have a wide range of prices, all the while maintaining an excellent level of quality. I am so pleased, I will never go anywhere else!

  121. hhardy411

    This use to be my favorite place however the last few times the quality of product has gone down and prices seem to be going up. unfortunately my last visit will be my last, I purchased some edibles and when I had got home i realized I was missing 2 candies ($25 worth) I called and explained I was missing 2 and I was told their is nothing they could do horrible customer service especially when I
    have been going there and only there for over a year

  122. Napsac48

    I went for my first time and they gave me a gift bag for coming but forgot my actual order. I had to drive back the next day and the gave me my order plus a $20 pre roll for the trouble. Great customer service.

  123. FlyGurl007

    Really dont care for the bud tenders here. Inconsistent. Prices are high compared to other dispensaries. You never get a deal here so be careful. Not sure why they put OZ in baggies. If your stuff is quality, package it as such. Esp for $200+. Cmon now. The only thing I do like is the THC/CBD breakdowns but overall not worth spending more $$ and long waits. This is my last/emergency go to spot only.

  124. ilianamiranda96

    Place has great meds and great people working there . Lots to choose from

  125. claudiaparker

    Tabitha was very helpful and knowledgeable.

  126. jarymane928

    My one and only spot! I always feel the love soon as I walk through the door. They always give the best of EVERYTHING. Much love to HOD always!!

  127. bc7110

    I went to House of Dank last week and picked up some very quality bud for a low price I purchased Sweet Island Skunk and Darth Vader OG. The Sweet Island Skunk gave me full body relaxation from the start, had me sleepy too. Gave me force field euphoria, and was extremely strong chronic pain relief. The Darth Vader OG started me off with euphoria, and was also very good for chronic pain. Made me happy and relaxed after the second hit plus I felt a bit tingly. If you have not gone to House of Dank you should try it they always have killer deals on great bud and the staff always treats you right.

  128. Damiso

    This is the first and only dispensary that I go to in Detroit. They are professional, and fair with there prices. I would recommend this dispensary to my friends

  129. mordicool

    Great selection and the staff is helpful and eager to answer any questions you may have. Awesome place!

  130. ahki326

    The service was impeccable. The quality of my Medical Marijuana was outstanding. On my way back right now for more. The you Detroit, a Flintstone gives mad love to to the H.O.D….

  131. Chalseab

    Love H.O.D friendly atmosphere and also a variety of things to try.

  132. mrsherbinski

    They got some great top shelf tree , glad i stopped here

  133. JoNoneya

    Great service, security was amazing, gentleman walked me to my car to make sure I would be ok since I parked on the side. That made my day, he went outta his way to make sure I was safe. 🙂 I alwAys get the $25 now $20 8ths cuz currently on a budget but for the price the bus is pretty good. The people getting the seedy, mildew stuff must not have looked and smelled the bud, that’s why they let u look at it, smell it (do not touch tho) so you can see what ur getting. anyway, no one or place is perfect so u have to keep that in mind, also….u get what u pay for, can’t expect top shelf bud for clearance price….for the price of the cheap 8ths if u look and smell the bus u can get some good smoke for less….so in my opinion I love HOD!! -Jolene

  134. FatKidd51

    Great place and Tabitha always helps me out with her gorgeous smile.

  135. Inkedupstonersunshine

    The best dispensary in Detroit, Michigan. Elin is my favorite hottie who always does her job the best! Come to HOD for the best weed.

  136. Donny123

    These r my homies good strains good people never had a problem

  137. bigplayCJ

    favorite shop, employees are down to earth and provide quality products

  138. BLOW715


  139. w3jacob

    love the quality and selection. great establishment glad to be a customer.

  140. tcampau

    really cool and knowledgeable staff. Very professional.

  141. mikekogel123

    Packed but packed for a reason, decent meds decent prices.

  142. Greeneyelauralie33

    I’m not happy. It’s been one problem after another last time the price online was less than they wanted, the manager was very nice quickly fixed it, I was recommended a strain I didn’t know about bought a quarter can’t smoke it, I asked my husband to call & see if they would maybe exchange it hoping spending about 400 a week there might matter…. the girl picked up laughed said all sales final & hung up.. ok guess that was my fault as a seasoned smoker having bought this random strain, so today I went back to get more of two strains I just bought both 35$ an eight, I was told one was on special… I’m thinking my lucks turning around here… then another budtender says sold out b4 I was told how much the special was… there was 4.5 grams left the guy who sold it to me said he wouldn’t charge the .5 grams… I thought he was joking but I smiled. He said 75$ not even thinking I paid plus ten dollar tip got in my car almost back & realized I was ripped off. Paid full price and paid 5$ for a half gram? I paid 70$ for the same two not on aEURoespecialaEUR over the weekend. I do not mind paying good money for what I want but I cannot support a business that is taking advantage of their customers. I do my homework & will go places for a specific strain this place doesn’t seem to value their customers or their money.
    I overheard the girl at the desk say it’s 2.5$ for a lighter….
    I spent over 300 this week & have two mid grade eights…. I came back after some woman hater to other women sold me a giant stem after looking right at it then me stapling it and handing it w out blinking or soeaking bc u have a lot to chose from but I’d rather go somewhere that everyone who works there knows their product & knows how much it is that day. This place lacks organization & clearly communication in their management & staff. I never complain but money is money & I haven’t seen shit extra from this company & honestly feel discriminated against.

  143. Dondadda80

    it’s a lil crowded and not much retail space, but everyone was friendly and great assortment of products for affordable pricing!

  144. outsider1620

    Heard alot about this place from friends & they didn’t disappoint.

  145. audreyas

    Great deals plus THE BEST selection of anything & everything you could possibly want.

  146. Correctchris99

    I cant wait to shop here…this is the best dispensary

  147. MsKnuckles

    The entire set up of the company is well organized. The lounge is kool beans!
    Plus with the handsome security guard its all rite

    The layout of the “goodies” others should learn and take notes. It’s a science to bring people in and keep them comming. And with yu guys- I will always keep comming back dY~S

  148. fr13dOreo

    Before coming to H.O.D. I had heard a lot of negativity about the service and references to “House of Dicks”. After my first visit, all I can say is that if anyone has negativity to say about this place, it’s your own fault. The service is awesome, every time I walk in I’m greeted by name and the people are extremely friendly. I’d definitely recommend H.O.D. to anyone. They have a wide variety of potent product. What else can you ask for? Keep killing it H.O.D. and let the haters hate.

  149. CassHef

    Great quality!! For those looking for what we new Generation smokers call Krud this is your place. Great Facility even has snacks for the wait. H.O.D 313 is the TRUTH dY’-dY’-dY’-

  150. queenchronic

    Awesome product, awesome service!!

  151. d0812fischer

    By far best place I’ve been. They have everything, I just want to try it all. Definitely will come back

  152. Xromero11

    Great product

  153. Taylernichole3

    Had an online order made out, was emailed that the order was complete. Drove 45 minutes out of my way to get there and then tell me my order could not be complete they were out of what I ordered. Ending up going somewhere else! Waste of my time

  154. jayne55

    Amazing. Wish they kept their shirts in stock but I know why they sold out fast! Awesome deals, can’t wait to take my friend !

  155. poediddle

    I’ve had medical cards in multiple states. This spot has one of the best selections of flowers and edibles in MI and a friendly, knowledgeable staff.

  156. Nyckonyana

    they are very busy but always stay professional at the same time….the flower is beautiful

  157. Cotton.kandy123

    I was a First time patient
    Poor customer service
    not friendly
    gave me a electric cigarette a dispensary should only be giving away Marijuana products
    Expensive prices on buds that are mostly stems.
    Located In the middle of the hood

  158. wchr

    This place has some really poor staff. The lady who works the front desk is awful and other staff who I spoke with seemed like this was not new as they knew which of the 2 ladies up front I was talking about. Then the meds they have are so so for the price. Overall this place is not even worth it for the deals, I would rather pay the little extra to not have to deal with these people.

  159. eeyoregurl

    Great place friendly atmosphere

  160. isaiah763

    Great service and nice good large variety of buds bud you’ll have a nice wait in lobby

  161. Nouna

    Love HOD
    thanks for your help

  162. Raymondzem

    secerely unsatisfied. just drove 30miles after seeing posted on leafly “open easter Sunday” to get here and find out they are closed. big inconvenience.!

  163. good2mybody

    This place will always be like a second home 2 me. You guys make my day everytime. Thank you H.O.D!!

  164. ChrisBellgraph

    This is the best dispensary I have been in! I live near Grand Rapids so I have been to many on the west side of the state. This place is excellent!!

  165. Stonermizzle

    I love this location great service an
    d budtenders are very helpful all flowers are awesome

  166. posey48095

    great place will all ways have what you need very knowledgeable I’m all ways like a kid in a candy store

  167. PhoenixRa

    This is hands down on of my favorite shops. Excellent quality of products and wonderfwonderful choices. I will recommend this to friends

  168. bvroegindewey

    really cool place staff and security are absolutely amazing they’re super friendly and helpful and are always super positive and never fail to put me in a good mood. prices are very good with a wide selection of $20 8ths (i think theres like 20 or 25 dif strains at that price range)and they’re about $5-10 cheaper then anywhere else ive been. quality is pretty good but could be a little better but at the price you cant beat it i would absolutely recommend anyone to house of dank and in my opinion one of the best dispensarys around.

  169. mx.gizmo

    I definitely recommend the House of Dank. The specials are incredible, I’ve been able to get double what I paid for. There’s always a huge selection to choose from, especially when it comes to bud and everything is of at the very least average quality but normally it’s good or better. My favorite strain is cherry pie, which has always been amazing no matter what shelf I get it from. The wait can be a little long at times depending on when you go, but normally it’s not that bad and I think it’s definitely worth it. The employees are always polite and friendly which makes me feel better about going in because I have anxiety problems. The budtenders are incredibly patient and helpful but unfortunately I can’t remember the names of all the nice people who have helped me.

  170. sparkle55

    I went to this location for the first time and was very impressed. The bud tenders were very knowledgeable and professional!! Received a free gram for first time patient. Had a nice selection and will definitely be back!

  171. Shawnt3

    Best place in the area.

  172. cparks08

    Establishment was very secure and professional, the displaying different strains upon walking in was awesome. maybe have them labeled by type of strain if possible? Tabitha was very knowledgeable and made me feel comfortable. The Black Widow she suggested was perfect for combating my symptoms, 5 stars for her dY~S

  173. Maudib282

    Love the House of Glass and got a really great deal on a Tiny rig and some CBD Meds. Thank you so much!!

  174. GroovinJessica

    Lobby was full but it took me all of about 15 minutes to get what I needed even still. First time visit in a year and I think this service and everything is greatly improved. I will be back over and over

  175. jdubb605

    Bud tender was very knowledgeable. The selection and prices were great, I will definitely return.

  176. Shplay

    absolutely the best place to go for your meds.

  177. EdyeB

    The House of Dank is the best dispensary in the D everything is on point great strains and all budtender’s are very knowledgeable the safest place to go

  178. SlothBoss

    This place is OK. But there are way better options out there, within steps from here. I’ve gone here 3 or 4 times. I’ve only had my medical card for a few months, and I don’t quite understand why this place is as popular as it is.

    It is secure, and you’ll have to empty your pockets and walk through a metal detector when you go in. You stand in a short line to give your ID to the young woman behind the bulletproof glass, and are told it will be a few minutes. While this process is pretty typical, I found it to be a little cold and impersonal. They see a lot of people come through the door here, and I’m sure I’m just another number to them, so it makes sense. But it would make more sense for them to be more warm and welcoming as a first impression, as this kinda sets the tone for the rest of your experience. There have probably been about a dozen people in the waiting room on average when I’ve gone, and the wait time has been about 10 minutes, typically. Not acceptable, but again, I rarely have to wait at all elsewhere. When I was called back, I was surprised to see that the bud room was actually pretty small and chaotic, and it seems like there’s always a bit of tension in the air, as though the workers are uncomfortable and annoyed. As far as I understand, they’re expanding, so hopefully this will help in that regard. (unfortunately, I’ve seen a lot of dispensaries go too far in the other direction and have a ton of wasted floorspace). The (as far as I’ve seen) all-female budtenders are generally pleasant enough, but I get the impression that I’m supposed to be impressed with them for some reason, and I’m not. They move quickly and the transaction is more of a brief exchange, rather than an exploration and discussion. This makes sense, given the number of customers they accommodate, but I feel hurried, and pressured to utilize their time efficiently – and it’s not that I care to waste anyone’s time, but I definitely feel more relaxed at other dispensaries. On one occasion, one of the budtenders got rude with me because she misunderstood what I told her and started suggesting things over my budget, and then acted like it was my fault somehow when I had to repeat. I know what I said, but even if I had been the one to have made the mistake, she should’ve been easygoing enough to move on without an attitude.

    As far as the product goes, they’ve got a huge selection of all categories of items and bud, and having only visited a few times, obviously haven’t tried a ton of it. I was sold a couple of very mediocre distillate cartridges by a budtender that suggested them, and knowing how I could have spent that $60 now, I find it disappointing that those were recommended to me. I also relied on them to suggest a couple of different sativas, and they were relatively inexpensive, so I couldn’t have expected them to be much better than mediocre as well. As other reviewers have mentioned, their house shatter is kind of a disaster. Please take your $25 elsewhere for a gram of shatter.

    With the completely unpretentious Flavors and the posh Reef a mile down the road, there’s no reason to go here, unless you’re looking for something specific that is out of stock elsewhere.

  179. letsgetbandz

    Best dispensary I’ve been to. Only place I go.

  180. trevv1212

    best one around huge selection

  181. Katjean414

    Their selection is very wide and many different choices.

  182. Buffieman

    Great place

  183. SimplyTosha

    I feel so at home when I fall through House of Dank! My budtender is always patient and helpful. I love the medibles and the vape cartridges. The best was when I came in with 2 fresh bee stings and they had the medical rub in the tester for me to use. My bee stings healed super fast!

  184. Brittany2020

    I love this place

  185. charlesM

    The best quality and service from a dispenser I ever received and I like that they have special offers and rewards.!!! I will never go anywhere else

  186. Jorgeo

    These guys are amazing. Thank you guys

  187. christiehoffman11

    Very cool small dispensary with a huge selection, friendly & helpful staff, strictly upholds policies, safety procedures. Excellent all the way around with good deals, various freebies. Staff educates you if you need any assistance.

  188. MOMANS

    First time to house of dank Lexie Who needs to be recognized for being very knowledgeable and knowing exactly what I was looking for I enjoy paying for good customer service

  189. token620

    House of dank has the best people working there every time I go in I’m treated great! And I’m always recommended top notch products

  190. lenised

    The 200mg Milk Chocolate Bar is SERIOUSLY the strongest edible I have ever had! HIIIIIIIIGHLY recommended!

  191. Mauithe818

    Ive been going get for a min everyday and everyday that never switch up or change still the same chill people always trying to look out

  192. TitaniumPrincess

    This place did not live up to the hype.
    I felt rushed and I was the only person there.
    It wasn’t very clean in the backroom, or organized for that matter.
    They act like they are all that, but I don’t think they are. There are better places to go.
    I can’t fully comment on my purchase since I’m a bed time user and haven’t tried it yet. I may update my review for the bud quality, but I’m pretty sure it’s not pesticide free – which I need for making edibles.

    I didn’t like that they photo copied my id. The other places I’ve been to didn’t do that.

  193. StevieB248

    Lots of good quality lots to choose from and really nice people rated as number one in my books

  194. banksly

    Really like the variety and the later hours. H.O.D is that deal.

  195. Markus313

    Love here

  196. brandonbartlett

    Friendly and knowledgeable staff, with a great selection of flower, concentrates, and edibles!


    Love this place one of the better one togo to

  198. mrscollins1

    Love this place, great service
    S/O to the entire staff

  199. ElCruditen

    Great fucken bud

  200. Somers1884

    Awesome dispensary! Angel is fantastic and the product there is top notch! Highly recommend visiting the house of dank!

  201. LolliRay

    A very secure, safe spot. Staff is very friendly and knows what they are talking about completely. The variety here is insane, and they always have good deals on bud 🙂

  202. AGE1017

    I went here for my first time and it was awsome and nice workers as well hod is awsome

  203. Kimv

    I was wondering how much THC the Michigan organic rub has in it. Thank you

  204. LovegodSmokegood

    Powerful location

  205. Climb_High

    Great staff, very knowledgeable and helpful !

  206. Stevemcc420

    I’ve had very good experiences at this location. Flower, crumble, and edibles all impressive

  207. ptink

    Awesome staff, awesome buds, awesome atmosphere. I would highly recommend to anyone in the area

  208. ronsexton3

    A great place to get your meds,wide selection of prime bud at great prices plus a great little goodie bag for first timers.

  209. Puffdaddycutty

    I Love it especially Lexi lol.

  210. phillystoned

    they have the best top shelf strains the sunset sherbet is outstanding!

  211. holysmokes2

    The east sides best stop for all your med needs #onelove

  212. Two313Face


  213. profesora

    extremely helpful staff

  214. Eastsidehippie

    Hippies Paradise!!!!

  215. lodejarl

    Excellent place. Secure and guarded with a knowledgeable staff and a great selection. Fair prices and a great stop
    for first time patients; very generous.

  216. beautifulangel41

    this place is awesome! the staff is very helpful, and the strains they have are very good…excellent!!!

  217. Jkeffer1

    I’ve only been once and plan on returning , great costumer service nice but busy environment, which is a good thing as shown of great business. 100 satisfied with everything will recommend to friends !!

  218. Lilnoopy23

    It’s a great location good products

  219. freakhoesandoritos

    Only dispensary you get some powerful street shit. The makin money off me everyday

  220. woklesnar

    Best deals around

  221. deadpool187

    House of Dank is awesome one of the cleanest friendliest best flowers and concentrates I have had from a
    dispensary would definitely recommend to a friend

  222. SgtHowie

    Best local dispensary by a mile. Top notch customer service and the widest selection of products that I’ve seen.

  223. silkyboi

    I had a really great experience, the first time sign up was quick. they were well stocked with flower and the budtenders were extremely knowledgeable

  224. rawdog68

    perfect location nice people working in there.

  225. khrm

    Huge selection

  226. Ajpiv

    Great selection and service!

  227. Wilchilljoint13

    meds are great

  228. deezyworld88

    Great bud and amazing service. If I’m in the area I stop in!!

  229. UEssay

    One of my favorite dispensaries around. Knowledgeable and friendly staff.

  230. Dog500

    Great dispensary. Many options. Friendly staff. Quality medicine.

  231. stevehaize420

    Very helpful and knowledgeable staff and very accommodating to persons in wheelchairs. I love it here and won’t go anywhere else dY~tmdY'”

  232. bwilliams829

    Love this dispensary

  233. Burnie81


  234. Apollo97

    First let me start by saying they got a really dope name for a dispensary.
    But they dont live up to it, almost all the stuff they have is over priced for example edibles are much more expensive than any other dispensary. They call there decent weed “top shelf” when its clearly not. They change there prices to gullible people one day i came in for a tarantula and they sold it to me for 30 when it was 25 on
    Leafly. I didnt know the price of it until i saw it on leafly. They are really unprofessional and dont know how to work they text on there phones while your talking to them. Only come here if you want to get ripped off cudos my dudes.

  235. stonerrico313

    great down the street from the house

  236. blsdetroit

    HOD is a great dispensary! Anissa was very friendly and knowledgeable. Good selection of several different products. Will definitely be back.

  237. KingStoner4247

    Real chill location. Safe secure parking lot and the best bud in the city. Hands-down

  238. Prplenezz

    I love the quality and price of the flowers, Bubba & SFV are great strains if you like a nice indica. Parking, security and nice waiting area.

  239. abontchev

    Great selections and prices! Would definitely recommend checking it out.

  240. Amc31

    Good specials, fair pricing. Knowledgeable budtenders.
    Quality buds.

  241. Charnetta21

    love this place

  242. BigTrez23

    I’ve recently just got my medical marijuana card and HOD was the first dispensary I’ve been to and I tell you do I love it. They got great deals and great quality bud. HOD brings me all smiles and their employees are also great.

  243. Cheffy7101

    Best around hands down

  244. LizzDizzle

    Good bud, decent prices. It was 7/10 first time experience for me.

  245. Kyrahunsley

    Clean and friendly. Big parking lot!

  246. scrong

    Great strains. Budtender Nicco very pleasant and informative.

  247. Shark1223

    Super informative, good strains, super cool place for my first time

  248. Badassamericana1

    Always friendly and very helpful!

  249. Brandah710

    I only have been here once but the knowledge on the bud and the atmosphere and the nice budtenders I will return

  250. Goos420

    Was my favorite place til today when I looked at the package from my brass knuckle cartridge and noticed it wasn’t the one I was supposed to receive. I knew they wouldn’t exchange it because I used it but all I got was a we can’t help you in any way! I didn’t want it replaced but it’s not the one I was supposed to get so how about a discount for the mistake? I guess I’ll take my business elsewhere even though I don’t wanna.

  251. mcmredlilies

    I love this dispensary! Everyone is very kind and professional and they care very much about the patients

  252. wickeddivinity

    I had heard about HOD from a few different people, stopped in on my break today to check it out. Great specials, great selections, and pretty much anything your little stoner heart could ever want (i will be back for a t shirt or 3). Highly recommended :o)

  253. divone

    Great meds and great people. Just wish you guys opened on time!!!

  254. MrTQ313

    nice shop great flowers always on point made in the d edibles are always fresh n nice

  255. 7mileRuler

    Definitely the worst service I’ve ever received in a dispensary. The budtender didn’t even want to talk to me, when I asked questions barely even answered more of a ya sure type answer. Told me all wax is the same and they indica or sativa Dont matter which is incorrect and people kept walking back there. I’m not sure if it was a party or what but I don’t be back. Thanks for the not good pre roll

  256. Optimusprimezor

    criminals. they dilute the cbd tincture, their meds are moldy and overpriced, rush you out the door… a very drug dealer type vibe. will NEVER go back again.

  257. Jacott6195

    Best in the d deffently stopnin and check it outb

  258. Chloro

    My go to dispo to get quality wax

  259. luana1234

    Why is it still closed when I saw in the reviews people posting it was open ? I drove there and locked closed up door ?? That was just yesterday dec 17

  260. cloudina

    Love it Love it Love it!!!!

  261. Shortstuff8989

    Love this place.Budtenders are amazing.

  262. wolfman0706

    First place I went to, had a professional yet light atmosphere. Great quality and the first time gifts were just fantastic! will definitely be back!

  263. truweedbud

    Security is great , very helpful with getting me in and out with my wheel chair ! Love the all the bud never bad !

  264. vincentasmar

    Great place needs more variety

  265. Jonboi307

    My niece Jennifer drives all the way from Saline Michigan just so I can take her to the HOD313…the flower is the BOMB DIGGITY and the pre-rolls are pretty good especially the Sour Diesel!

  266. crystaldapistol

    Great prices, even better selection! Bud tenders were very helpful and friendly. Security was on point and i enjoyed the atmosphere. Defnitely my go to dispensary. They’ll be seeing more of me thats forsure!

  267. Ashjarbo18

    Best deals with good bud. I’ve been here multiple times and have never been disappointed 🙂

  268. dorrish

    Love this place! Great staff,great meds, awesome hour. Best in Detroit you should go check it out!

  269. jonnyweedseed

    The name says it all varieties on flower, with wide selections on edibles and concentrates. Don’t forget about the daily specialsdY~Z

  270. EstimatedProphet2016

    “Simply the best dispensary.”
    They have a kind setup & are very knowledgable. Most importantly they have high quality product. House of Dank is the best dispensary hands down.

  271. meme555

    love this place the best place in Detroit the employees are so friendly and down to earth I love this place

  272. Anthony11993

    Do not go here, way too over priced, I came in there yesterday and got 10 Kushypunches and 2 grams of there too shelf, instead of giving me a deal she charged me full price 125 for the kushypunches and 40 for 2 grams. I will never be back here to do business with them again. They just lost what they could of had a very good customer. I would of spent a lot of money with you guys, if you didn’t have a joke budtender who’s only objective is too screw over whoever walks in this place.

  273. Avi1124

    My only complaint about House of Dank is that they need a microphone so the patients in the lobby can hear who’s being called in.

  274. Choctaw74

    The staff is AWESOME, the prices are excellent. You couldn’t get quality service or top notch medcine anywhere else.

  275. danknick22

    Great staff, great atmosphere, high quality bud! My first time here the beautiful budtender Kris helped me out tremendously! Got good bud just what I was looking for! Highly recomend

  276. Hippimom59

    Great Attitudes And great meds!

  277. PeachesYevette

    From the time I called on the phone to get information. I know automatically I was going to like the attendants. I was excited to go the plus I’ve been trying to go there for months now and finally made it. Very very friendly, spacious, and a lot of goodies. Great variety, today im trying afgoo and P.K. which stands for pain killer. I’m smoking the Agfoo and after reading about this strain… its real and it taste good…. I’m feeling the effects after a couple of hits. So the weed is good here. well getting relaxed now.. til next time. I will definitely see HOD again

  278. ironmike7319

    I wasn’t impressed. I got skipped over while waiting in the lobby. The security guard actually noticed me still sitting there and asked what was up. While I was waiting I noticed several people walk in, get the door buzzed open and go right in the bud room. I thought maybe employees. It appears that they were friends of employees or regulars. I didn’t see them show any ID or medcard. Finally get to the fun room and the bud tender didn’t know much about the products he was selling. He couldn’t tell me if it was indica or sativa. I probably won’t be back here again.

  279. j0j04256

    great staff and bud!

  280. tijr313

    gud atmosphere gud smoke

  281. GOT MILK 09

    I think this place is wonderful very nice strains n budtenders always..

  282. Loveingpeaches1

    The place a nice a little high but good

  283. LadyT313

    I had a good experience at the House of Dank

  284. chrystal84

    use to go here all the time but the service I received the past two times was terrible first time they gave me the wrong stuff and over charged me for a gram that was supposed to be 5 a gram got charged 8 a gram was sold indica when I ask for sativa. this time the girl waited on me was rude and was rushing me and she almost got my change wrong took her three times just to figure out what she owed me won’t be going back sad cause the have a good selection but there plenty more down 8 mile.

  285. Oneida77

    One stop shop this place has it all

  286. Hempman4200

    lots of awesome bud tenders. huge slection to the point its almost overwhelming. good prices and a few hidden jems about this place that make it so great

  287. martez2332

    One of my personal favorite places to shop for Flower, they have a few exclusive strains that I have yet to see anywhere else.

  288. Gerardsmokesone

    Overall good place nice selection and staff

  289. zkroll

    This is why I only use leafly to find out about new dispensaries. I rarely if ever read reviews. This site is dominated by free-gram review specials, and it’s pretty blatant. It’s as if these people have smoked good weed before. Places like HOD, Unified Collective, fuego etc, they’re all garbage. I’m telling you, I wasted a lot of time going to these places, you owe to yourself to venture away from 8 mile. Ada is probably the best I’ve found in terms of quality / price. Helping hand which is right down the street from most of the 8 mile dispensaries is a great sativa place and has great specials ($25 8ers that are comparable to a lot of top shelf strains these 8 mile places carry). New places like mindright are popping up left and right, and people don’t even know about them.

    The benefit of these dispensaries is that most of them will let you in with just your paperwork. That’s the only reason I frequented any of these places. My last visit ended with their little thug bud tender giving me an attitude because he was too high to listen to my order.

    Also, is the acupoco gold a joke? Thanks for the free $5 gram that I threw out. I believe you can go down the neighborhood streets and get dime bags of “acupoco gold” 3 for $10. You don’t even have to get out of you car!

    Joke of a dispensary, take your money to one of the places I mentioned. You can thank me later.

  290. AlexL3

    I was a impress the first time and would send only my friends !

  291. jaikel6

    Showed much love my first time

  292. LenBCuz

    Quick, no nonsense service. More than expected choices. Quality product. Right pricing too.

  293. jesshale

    very nice spot try the lunar stick I also felt comfortable with the staff

  294. dabberatus

    Awesome people awesome bud! Love the atmosphere and they are always good to their patients!

  295. motherbear9809

    Great first time experience! Everyone was very helpful. Lexi helped me find exactly what I needed and answered all my questions. Will definitely be back!!

  296. Kourttkourtt

    Staff is always helpful and they always have good deals. House mom is the best! They can sometimes get busy but the wait is never that long. Great dispo!

  297. zach4577

    Id say this dispo made it the best experience for the first time ever being in a dispo i would recommned anyone go there honestly there was so much to choose from and i continue to go back still

  298. Shayluv

    How come everynight I get home I dream of going to house of dank in the morning when they open;) when I go there it puts me in the best mood:) my smile is so big leaveing:) I love my new fav despence:)ryyy

  299. Redman1017

    for sure the “house of dank”

  300. BlakeWzrd

    HOUSE OF DANK IS DOPE! Everyone here was really eager to be there and help me, quality medz!

  301. Lisa13

    I really enjoy going here either early morning or just before they close. It’s not that crowded That and the budtendershe are great!!!

  302. JessMuny

    One of my favorite dispensaries. Their prices & specials are always good. The staff is polite and knowledgeable. I recommend this dispensary whenever asked.

  303. xtsmithx

    I enjoy the sense of security when I am inside and out! everyone is super friendly and never short of a smile and good vibes! They have everything organized and very easy for the patient’s to see what’s available and the bands help the patient’s know what the donation amount is!! I recommend anyone to go check them out, you will not be disappointed.

  304. samanthatrees

    the bud tender was fantastic! He was very helpful for my first time

  305. dannabanana

    Chill atmosphere. Super friendly and informative budtender. Will come back.

  306. AtomPi

    extremely good prices and atmosphere

  307. jaymo

    First stop was today went much smoother than I expected as I don’t have my hard card yet. But they were prompt and professional, once in the system I was able to explore all the goodies. For the quality and price of bud there is an amazing selection and holding the name true; this is really the House of Dank. Very impressed with customer service and bud selection, although I only purchased some herb there was a very wide variety of options for all types of patients. Offering all sorts of edibles, waxes and supplies. Great dispensary with a great atmosphere!

  308. MzCurrencygal

    Ok some good Strains very crowded

  309. bigdogJB

    this place is top notch! bud tenders are knowledgeable &friendly. no rush atmosphere. top shelf meds for a mid grade donation! all your wax, butters, crumbles, dabs &edibles also

  310. CatherineMiss

    Friendly staff and great deals win win I will be back it’s worth the drive

  311. Sterious


  312. Starmarie0825

    Love them

  313. Tlbaker

    Love this place dY~%0

  314. cherri82

    Super friendly, patient and helpful staff!

  315. ladya

    My 1st dispensary experience..Love the Quality Love the staff

  316. Joy78

    My first time there and the service was amazing Simone,helped me! I was amazed at the whole process. I almost didnt go in, SO glad I did. I found my favorite place.

  317. mrburns86

    it was a very nice place they had a Lil miss hap but they are fixing it which is very awesome…

  318. chefmaty

    love the quality.and service provided

  319. allsoulsnight70

    I really like this place and will be back again. Huge selection of stuff.

  320. DisSomeGoodShit

    Great wide selection to pick from, made it hard to decide what strain I preferred, the staff was very nice & helpful, I had a great first experience at the House Of Dank, thank you!

  321. Anubis33

    cool store great weed

  322. rg2341

    Great selection of high quality products

  323. nicolaiw

    wonderful place to shop

  324. timmy679

    great selection great staff wonderful first time experience

  325. RobDinero6

    Great place !

  326. Adams313

    I started my membership at house of dank 2-3 days ago. My first time and first doses of there dank were well worth the money. New member bonuses are great!!! Im happy with there product and service all around!

  327. Defiantone

    Excellent service, Anissa is the shizzznit!!!

  328. Atomskthegod

    it was ok . not the best when it comes to bud. but they have a nice selection of edibles. carts are way cheaper down the road so I don’t get those there I did once and it was good. budtenders seem hesitate to talk to you and help. I said I wanted to look around and made it clear I wanted help she said ok turned and started talking to the girl next to her like ok…. also back room is super dark

  329. andyjakub29

    Fire garlic cookies

  330. Joshuaepookane

    Great place to shop for all your medicinal needs

  331. mrushlow93

    Great place. good prices. staff ( especially simone) is great. would highly recommend.

  332. coolwatergreensky

    Really dope designs and vibe of the place! Everyone was friendly. Came in for some moon rocks that are killin’ and even got a lil goodie bag for my first visit. Coming back with a friend!

  333. dhembree

    one of my favorite dispos, sometimes i go multiple times a day. love their bud & the staff is my favorite part

  334. Kharvey12

    Cheapest ounce deals I’ve been able to find for acceptable bud and the most “mainstream” style dispensary I’ve visited yet. Keep it up HoD!

  335. ski90mph

    Really nice place. Good security & good selection of concentrates. Friendly staff. Huge selection of accessories & glass too.

  336. lippers

    Kinda and pleasant staff. Huge variety of flower, concentrates, and edibles. Overall my go to place in Detroit.

  337. missheather21387

    All staff was chill and beautiful ladies. Good prices. Will be back for sure. Amazing product too

  338. Reygron

    Rude, not knowledgeable. I bought some flower back in the day and when it got a little wet all the purple color started bleeding off!

    Flower sprayed with God knows what to look purple, stay away from here

  339. usmc6548

    Amazing!!!! will always return to this store. i have been to many dispensaries in the area and this one hands down beats all the rest crazy wide selection, awsome staff helpful thru everything and very knowledgeable!!!!

  340. china92

    lexi is awsome and nicko is sooooo informational I love the weed there and there sooo close to my house

  341. DMONEE2011

    It’s definitely convenient and worth the trip….love the plantsdY’-dY’-dY’-

  342. AnnaMosity

    By far the best dispenserie I’ve been to. Fast and friendly service, a convenient location and their hours are great. Very good selection for great prices.

  343. yasso1205

    Great meds at a great price

  344. sam10

    Best dispensary I’ve ever been to, hands down. Can’t wait to go back!

  345. Wardogg69

    Friendly staff,awesome selection

  346. rbaker060

    sadly their flower quality has gone down hill…moved on down the road

  347. vladyday

    They are always kind,they know about meds always give u the best never try to make u over spent.

  348. Arcticcat109

    I highly recommend this dispensary. The bud tenders are extremely knowledgeable. I dealt with Tony twice so far and both times I was very satisfied. I been to a lot of dispensaries but none can compare to the quality of service you get at House of Dank.

  349. RandySilverBack

    flowers are way over priced, service is horrible.
    wouldn’t shop here again

  350. skootahbyte

    Best Dispensary. Excellent service and selection. Niko was amazing help.

  351. 9TailsTaz


  352. Johnsonfam1

    The staff is real cool they have a nice selection of buds . However the bud I grabbed (tangerine dream) and it gave me a headache and the taste was not delightful. But the space queen is pretty good.hate that I’m stuck with a oz though. Will return in the future

  353. nickmich

    The bud itself is great.
    Security guard is nice but the rest of the staff is hit or miss. Not very friendly at all. When they were out of AC-DC, the lady bud tender told me that AK-47 was similar and high CBD – not true at all.
    I love the selection and quality. I wish the staff would be more friendly and helpful. I even felt rushed when I was literally the only customer.

  354. 8milemar

    Great service!!! And even better weed.

  355. ctoxic87

    very pleasant experience overall great budtenders very down to earth Nd helpful will be coming back

  356. techn420

    Hi I’m looking for a a 1/5 slab of shatter. I purchased one there last week.
    I will also need a price. I want to order on line.

  357. mikebzoid1979

    The entire staff is most knowledgeable of all your medical needs. This is most definitely a one stop shop. If they don’t carry what you’re looking for, talk to Nikko or Jay and they’ll be sure to try and accommodate you.

  358. maxburner

    not very good here

  359. lonestonedwolf

    They are new, but got their game on point. Great freebies for new patients. Top shelf fire for a very reasonable donation. They even have medicated cereal!!!! Also, you can buy shirts and huf plantlife socks too. So many products! Tell them what kind of medications you want and like and they will find and fit all your needs. Defiantly going back, again and again. dY”Y=dY’sdY”Y=dY’s

  360. Marmo121

    recreational ? YET

  361. MonaLisaKush

    It was a nice 1st time experience.

  362. johnmalcheff

    Y’all go hard and you know it

  363. AceMcToke

    One of the best places around to grab some bud, huge selection and cool atmosphere. Budtenders are very easy going and helpful its a chill dispensary no doubt about it

  364. staysmedicated

    great place good strong flower.friendly staff.must return.

  365. bobo313

    The best in “Michigan” Platinum Vape Cartridge 3 for 100$ or one for 40$ all day!! Holla

  366. parabol81

    Friendly staff & wide variety

  367. jmhastings15

    Love the place lots of great edibles to choose from and lots of choices for bud and anything else you might need. Great prices, i frequently visit

  368. StephaniePeltier66

    Nice customer service.

  369. bmcolombo

    good shit

  370. memaw8355

    Very helpful and friendly. This first time Grandma with back pain is one very happy lady.

  371. AQuinones313

    Buds are always fire and the staff is always cool and works deals out! Nice selection of oils

  372. AK40oz

    First time there, and I’m definitely going back. Love the extended hours as I’m someone on a vary variable schedule. I was reluctant at first simply due to the name, but after going I wish I hadn’t waited. Very high quality meds, incredible selection of edibles, etc. great staff. Decent amount of parking and security so don’t be turned off by location or think like I did that it would be shoddy, it’s fantastic!

  373. saturnus

    Straight LOUD

  374. jujubaby1278

    best flower great staff!

  375. hide8912

    i like it

  376. JcKlein

    this place is absolutely amazing great service and quality

  377. Echo5meo

    The only place I go to.. 5 stars, friendly budtenders

  378. tarakolesky

    I loved it at house of dank as soon as you walk in you feel at home with all the great customer service you receive here. They have lots of good merchandise.

  379. paijey1982

    love this place. safe, great product in flowers and edibles. will be back.

  380. Ajb1234

    Love HOD.!!!! Prices are good …, quality is fabulous ….everyone is friendly …. Nico is cool and helpful and always nice to see lexis pretty face

  381. Deekith

    prices are great, staff is always friendly (compared to other places), and quality of product will not disappoint.

  382. strugglesvondeathcuddle

    great location flowers are delicious

  383. Mich0420

    Very safe and friendly. Bud tenders are fast and efficient. Also very knowledgeable about all the inventory. I make HOD a regular stop dY~S

  384. RybakNicholas

    My first time was great, second time even better

  385. jodyknowsbest

    Great service. Excellent top shelf.

  386. vsop420

    Awesome spot! Knowledgeable budtenders, Anissa knows her buds. I love the numbers!!!!!

  387. ArtisOracle

    Just about every strain you could want they probably have it. Friendly staff, got a bag of goodies my first time. Great place.

  388. Emilyelizabeth11

    I love this location. It’s the only dispo I go to. The atmosphere is great and the people are AWESOME. Ask for Chris, she hooked me up and is super helpful!

  389. JadesDaddy15

    The faculty is very friendly. The bud tenders give recommendations and don’t try to push anything on you.

  390. Banks313

    big place good weed nice deals

  391. Organicwater

    Purchased five grams of “Orange Gorilla” and twenty-eight grams of “House Shake” December 31, 2018.

    The “Orange Gorilla” tested positive for vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol, and nicotine (VG/PG/nicotine) which is stimulant vape juice covered medical marijuana/marihuana, similar to Moon Rocks.

    House of Dank “House Shake” test contained oregano.

  392. donny920

    I was in there tonight 11-6 and well I was disappointed for the second time. The scale didn’t read zero ( in their favor) and when he weighed it he stopped at 1.99 ( I got two grams) and the scale started at 0.3 so I got 4/10ths of a gram less and paid for two , once maybe, but this was the second time I noticed. When you go buy coffee and pay for a pound you don’t let them give you 3/4 do you! I don’t feel I should have to watch them every time. It happens with the same guy . I really like the place , we’ll see next time!

  393. Chrismartin9527

    Great place to stop, friendly employees, great selection.

  394. matlafata23

    Best dispensary in the area

  395. amandawroblewski

    Best dispo ever and they have a huge selection of edibles. Would recommend to anyone

  396. Daniellexo3

    Very helpful staff. Great flower and specials! Makes medicating affordable! Very clean store and organized. I love this dispensary!

  397. Taggart33

    Love this spot an they way it looks

  398. thelafay

    I was treated very professional. The quality of the medicinal marijuana was definitely what i was looking for in terms of helping me with my chronic pain.
    I was also very impressed with the variety of choices they offered as well. I will be going back to House of Dank every time for my medicinal needs.

  399. papanice

    great meds great atmosphere!

  400. Crew2Good

    First dispo I ever bought from! Such a great experience it was hard to branch out. Everyone, from security to reception to tenders, is super nice, sweet and personable. The gang really knows their stuff! I’m never disappointed with a recommendation from their wide selection. I bought my wax/crumble here for a minute. The first time I got wax they accidentally gave me the display but we’re totally cool when I brought it back and hooked me up for the inconvenience. Sweet crew, wicked joint-just painted the waiting room with some siick artwork too!

  401. bmlilseb

    This place has a great atmosphere when you all in. They’ve got an excellent layout. Best of all they have high quality product and great deals to boot. I’ll be visiting again soon!

  402. truth6482

    Worst place to shop services slow 100 people waiting and the women at the window very disrespectful I’ll never go back here people need to understand the value of the consumer never going back waste of time

  403. Esteele

    A1 facility

  404. MzWarrior

    Love it its safe there’s always guards there to make sure ur safe gettin to ur car I just love em!!!


    Fa sho thats mine right there. I’ll see you guys nxt time

  406. highsyd94

    shout out to Cassie for helping a girl out! called ahead and was given poor information on stock, BUT Cassie was super helpful, kind & energetic and threw in a nice pre roll for my drive. Always been a fan, but people like her make it even better.

  407. smokinmama1988

    not very happy with my first visit the man with the black slicked back hell didnt even ask me what i liked or even needed it for. tried to buy an ounce but deals up the street were wayyyy better will not go back

  408. orangejucie25

    Every time I come in, the bud-tenders are super friendly, the place is clean. My favorite in Metro Detroit for sure!

  409. PaulScion

    They have 4 levels of quality here. (Which is why its always super busy, you are never in and out here, always busy and packed)

    Only the two top levels are worth it. Do not buy the lower two quality levels.

    They have great shatter at a great donation rate. They have great edibles at a great rate. They also have, “michigan organic rub”, at a great rate.

    I do highly recommend their highest quality medication, that ranges from $280 per ounce to $400 per ounce. Those are the only strains I recommend here, everything else I do not recommend.

  410. MickyyP

    love this dispensary. best variety of flower. highly recommend visiting!

  411. Tammylaten

    Love the v fire cartridges and the service is on point

  412. ItsRaginGage

    Been here a few times. Deff recommend this to anyone swinging by and needs their goods.

  413. bservay

    Treated me great, bud was amazing. Also pretty good deals. Definitely gonna keep coming back!!

  414. warrengeorge313

    wonderful service, great bud selection. They were out of a strain i saw on the menu. buds were very dry and stemmy. but overall it was an excellent first time here. HOD is doing great!

  415. titi31717


  416. franhanne777

    i love they have an awesome variety o medacine n merchandise….lots to see….i always am happy with what i get here..the budtenders are so very knowledgeable….they are safe n well gaurded…i like going here on my way there now!!!!dYs~dYs–a–a–a–a–

  417. TyStik

    Worst dispensary I have ever been to!

  418. Krackenlackin

    friendly staff, quick service, will be returning

  419. GsCookie

    This location has become a place I can call home. Everything that they offer is great, the quality is impeccable. Great selection and reasonable prices. Kudos to H.O.D for being a dispensary that one can depend on.

  420. djz

    Nice staff and a great selection. I will be going back!

  421. asylum23

    Agree with others, tons of SEEDS. WTF is up with that? Especially the Lavender, many seeds. Would only go back here to try the $5 grams, which they advertise as having 5 strains for that price. We went and they were “sold out” of 3 of these 5 possible strains, only 2 available. Also their super special is having an ATM in the lobby as if that is all that important vs. say the fact that their strains are filled with seeds. Some of the other strains we tried were very dark, almost black, you could tell they were older and less potent, as in bottom of the barrel leftover plants.

  422. juniourduece

    it’s my number 1 spot to shop

  423. LasVegasGreg

    I went to HOD for my first visit and was very happy with the service, products and prices. The wax is very nice and the flower was fresh and potent. I was pleased with the security, it felt like a safe place when I parked in the lot, even safer with the security inside. I will definitely be back.

  424. mikkythom

    Good selection, great quality and prices

  425. scoot77

    One of the best Dispensary of Detroit. Nice place, nice staffs, and high quality weds.

    Better than Code Green Detroit who claimed themselves so-called Marijuana Dispensary.

  426. mswilliams313

    Speedy and friendly service

  427. Suzzy1303

    absolutely my favorite store they’ve definitely earned the name best bud tender s around

  428. goldsoulgoldchain

    They just got shut down. They were my favorite. I need my loud! Best in Detroit

  429. rokgrl

    I love this place. All the staff is very knowledgeable. Great quality of meds at very reasonable prices! A+++

  430. japwantsu90

    amazing place and have no doubt this is the number 1 place in Michigan. I drive 30 extra min to come here because the quality matches or beats the price

  431. corky313

    This place is amazing. I put off going here since I got my card a couple weeks ago because it’s a little far from where I live. I just went in there for my first time, and the drive is worth it. The bud quality, budtender helpfulness, and all around atmosphere is great. My new main spot.

  432. dar4805

    It’s a great place with a good atmosphere, everybody is always friendly there and they have great prices with a good selection!

  433. risp594

    has a very varied selection, helpful staff

  434. LTPink17

    Lexie was amazing, huge selection great location

  435. SK13

    I would come to this place over and over again. Friendly staff, great deals, and decent prices. I pass at least 4-5 dispensaries on my way to H.O.D. and believe me I am never disappointed.

  436. Saruhh1

    The staff is very friendly and always willing to explain things if need be. Will definitely be returning!

  437. tilla1bm

    its good

  438. dopeDope1

    If you like good weed and good service, don’t go to The House of Dank. The Dank has been my favorite and only go to for 3 years. Sadly, I am ending my relationship with The Dank. The Dank was given many chances. After about the 3rd or 4th time of paying for top shelf crap that tasted like garbage and dealing with crabby bartenders who are unknowledgable and impatient, I will never be returning. I will, however, wear my House of Dank t-shirt with pride, but will not be providing my business any longer until they get some better bud and better service. For now, you suck.

  439. loveofflavors

    Great location always the best bud I just don’t live close enough

  440. helenarmenta

    Love HOD!! Excellent customer service. Nico really helped me find what I was looking for, and was quite knowledgeable about the products.

  441. Kasadisparkman

    love house of dank! best deals around

  442. Gammamybad

    Awsome dispo.great location

  443. kevin25

    First time patient and loved the atmosphere!

  444. Alexander1420

    Great people. Even better atmosphere

  445. rico313

    Massive selection! This is your one stop shop for all types of consumption. Amazing flower deals changing nearly daily. More edibles that you have time to look at. Amazing concentrate selection; no one in Detroit offers more brands of cartridges for your vape! Also HODs buying power means lower prices for you.

  446. BriKel

    I love the selection and the budtenders make my selection a breeze every time….their pre rolls are the BOMB!!!!


    Very helpful and friendly staff, very patient and
    knowledgeable about all stock

  448. HeavySmoke

    This place was awesome with wall-to-wall inventory and at least 18 different strains to choose from. On the day I went Jay helped me out and he was very knowledgeable on the different flowers and concentrates. He also hooked me up with a brownie and a grab bag for being a first time patient. I would definitely recommend this place to a friend.

  449. joshuabbott

    This is my go-to Dispensary. They got it all. They tell you how it is. They know their shit. (Which is actually rare)
    It’s actually bittersweet telling you how dope the place is cause there’s always a long ass line. But you should be in that line if you want quality medication.

  450. DaWeedWolf777

    Great Place. Its the only place I fux with

  451. Rexdank71

    Awesome HOD rules! Great selection and staff.

  452. steve221981

    Easy 8 mile.

  453. SosaMota

    As first time dispensary user, was very impressed by selection of strains & staff was very helpful. Also enjoyed my first dab experience on free dab Wednesday! Needless to say, I will be back.

  454. Senecamarieee

    Very reasonable prices, very clean and well mannered people, everyone is very friendly and helpful when I’m buying the product.

  455. noellethediva

    Ran a killer special promotion today for new patients, couldn’t resist. Process was quick, easy, and painless and bud tender helped me out as soon as I walked in, everyone friendly and helpful, and good products too. Will be back

  456. Abooth513

    Awesome service, and great product. Would highly recommend!

  457. LovelyCocoVixen

    My first time there great experience, got an awesome friendly and knowledgeable budtender, who made great recommenditons. My 2nd time, got someone else and the experience wasn’t the same. However Home of the $20 8th I will definitely be back.

  458. Stuwan

    First time here and was very impressed. I decided to try them after reviewing them on leafly. Their selection was incredible. The bud was top notch and fresh. Even the cheaper bud. Being a stroke survivor but still have crazy muscle spasms and can’t be bothered with no weak bud, found a particular cheaper bud to be surprisedly good. Wow! Like I said will most def be back. I had a favorite bud shop that I’ve be going for over a year I think just might be replaced. Good prices, customer service and atmosphere.

  459. Raymond.R

    Easy to find, Very professional. I genuinely appreciated my first visit here and will be returning they have a large variety of strains and a large variety of prices. No medibles no concentrates unfortunatly but untill its written somewhere probably for the best.

  460. kylem

    My go to spot. Sherbert

  461. John420jc

    Awesome overwhelming selection and Branndon was an excellent help

  462. Manda04

    Best dispensary in town!

  463. frefall

    clean, modern, I have fallen in love. amazing quality and quantity!

  464. 420squishBudzz

    Place slaps

  465. michael.dec.9

    Great stock, high quality product, good prices

  466. mierzwab

    Everyone is always super helpful and friendly. I would recommend coming here

  467. Yellaflash

    Awesome one stop shop, variety. The staff was very helpful and professional. I definitely be back. Would highly recommended.

  468. JakeNBake326

    Upon entry you need to completely empty your pockets and take off your belt for the metal detector. I love a safe secure atmosphere but this was a bit excessive. The experience wasn’t as one on one as some people might prefer and I wasn’t asked to sign anything once, which also was odd. Still, the staff were kind and so were most of the buds. They had plenty of concentrates and oil for O-pens. They also carried a nice variety of edibles. My experience wasn’t horrible, I just didn’t get the warm feeling I was hoping for when I walked into the dimly lit lobby. But there is some coffee way in the back if you’re interested.

  469. melking3

    Easy access, most important I felt super safe. Everyone was talkative, friendly and made you feel comfortable. Huge selection. I will definitely be back.

  470. Migaront12

    love this place

  471. Crazyrabbit101

    good place go too.good poeple.good buds

  472. dugan_j9611

    Wide selection of quality buds along with many great deals that are always there

  473. smokintoker

    Visited the dispensary and I was happy!! they have great prices and great selection!! The bud tenders are very knowledgeable and professional! got a free gram and goodie bag for being a first time patient!! the meds are great!!! will be back

  474. Frankied17

    great staff very respecful and patient

  475. mortuaryprincess

    This was my first time here. Decided to go because there were so many great reviews… To be honest, I have no idea why. I was greeted by the security guard, who was the only friendly person that totally interacted with me. The The girl at the front window barely talked, smile or even welcome me as a new patient. The “budtender” I had was very disinterested and not helpful whatsoever. She was rude, didn’t know her flower and couldn’t even look me in the eye!! With so many options out there, you would think they would give people the best care. I was so offended. I don’t expect people to bend over backwards… I just expect friendly, knowledgeable people. It isn’t that difficult.
    I will NOT be coming back ever.

  476. ScreamingEchoe

    very professional and knowledgeable, helped me pick out exactly what I needed for arthritis pain!

  477. Chazthadoc

    I love the location & atmosphere. And the quality is always A1. I try to visit at least twice a week. Keep doing a good job H.O.D.

  478. jon5161

    nice selection of 10$ grams.:-)

  479. BominSmokin1359

    I Brought my daughter and she love Sugar Plum.. One Of The Best Shop In Metro Detroit..

  480. DuaneV

    Lobby a bit cramped space. The sofa is way too low and uncomfortable for us broken bodies. Other than that; A1 Quality Product. Staff is knowledgeable and work in a professional manner. Hugs to my budtender hero, Tabitha

  481. Seandeangelo

    It was my first visit. Everyone here was super friendly and friendly and they still have platinum vape carts!!!!!!!!! the bud tender that helped meh was super knowledgeable and hooked me up for being first timer. I am so impressed I will be back tommorow! Cheers.

  482. Oscar333

    Great customer service and great product. First dispense I’ve seen with so much variety. Love this place!!!

  483. julezgotthejuice

    HOD has by far the most vast variety of meds and the nicest staff.

  484. Chri5ty

    Great service, will definitely be back!

  485. Dangalang

    Everyone’s cool

  486. clbreggie

    I will never go back to this establishment ever again & I recommend no one else go back either

  487. dgordon

    The staff was extremely friendly and knowledgeable the hours are awesome great prices I will definitely be going back

  488. Mi Amor

    Hands down best I’vebeen to

  489. SlothAstronaut

    This place is awesome. Good service and really chill and professional. I am never disappointed when I come here.

  490. BasicPuddle0

    Great staff and product.

  491. Wilber69

    Very knowledgeable staff of all products (they have tons of stuff) safe environment friendly staff will be visiting again soon.

  492. kailanxo

    My first time here was a few days ago, I really like it here. The atmosphere is very welcoming, you don’t feel rushed at all. The gave me exactly what I needed and I was in and out in no time. I will definitely be returning. Especially for the $20 eighths, which are way better quality than some other dispensaries in the area!

  493. Dollar_Bill

    They are always friendly and always have what I want.

  494. gregv423

    hod is great i like all the people lexi sylvia niko marvin jay are all very knowledgeable. The selection is great very high quality. the personal attention the staff shows is very cool. the security is excellent rico and bear do a great job. thanks hod

  495. Obiwaz

    I had a bad first time experience here. I am new to all of this, so I was looking for some guidance. The bud tender struggled to give me information about products I had very little knowledge about. I was able to coax one recommendation from him, but I had to fall back on my limited knowledge and research. I ended up purchasing a cart, some pineapple express, northern lights and whatever the bud tender recommended. I didn’t know much about carts other than I wanted a sativa dominant cart. He asked if I wanted a plastic cart or glass/ metal. I opted for the metal. When I got home, I noticed I received a plastic cart… I don’t think the cart I purchased is a sativa dominant cart, but I don’t know. Also, when I opened the northern lights, it was filled with hair. Not one or two, but many human hairs. Finally, I received a goody bag with my 1st purchase. I’m not complaining since I didn’t expect any freebies, but I received an empty pre-roll container and half a gram of some dried out skunk. Again, I don’t care about this, it was just another thing to pile on top of my negative experience. I really don’t want to deal with any returns or the weird social interactions that would happen in such a scenario. “Hey, I want to return this weed.” Isn’t something I want to deal with/ experience. I’ll head somewhere else on my next run. I just wanted to pass this experience along for others.

  496. larryrbear

    place was awesome. and they hooked me up definitely going back up there

  497. Russel kovach

    Cool place

  498. ldybugz012007

    Excellent staff. Great prices. Nice selection.

  499. bigjilm420

    Great friendly service. Top quality flower. Quick and helpful.

  500. BrBr1989

    Very cool staff. Great selection of extracts, flower and edis. Prices are RIGHT. Best selection of extracts Ive seen in Detroit. They got a bunch of shit that I dont even know what it is. They got a joint thats as long as my forearm. Sick glass!! On my way back for visit #3 and looking forward to many more.

  501. StrainSmoker313

    I got a few Grams of Ace Of Spades here, it was pretty good. Kept me Aroused.. Ima have to F _ck My B_tch next time i smoke this… I’ll be back for More!!!!

  502. ABitFloaty

    Great first time visit — budtender Chris was so welcoming and helpful. They had the strains I was looking for plus Chris made some great recommendations. I will definitely be back!

  503. sixmilekyle

    They just need to open up a little faster

  504. xocherryredxo

    I love going here! quality buds every time. beautiful girl that works there also

  505. Jayyyyne

    House of Dank is my number one spot to go. Everyone is so nice and not pushy. Love it!dY~

  506. htbydebbie

    The people at house of dank are very nice,informative and professional. I have been at this location many times and plan on staying with them. Debbie

  507. ctorres92

    i go here allmost everyweek n buy my weed and the last time i went i bought a oz of the afgoo and it was full of seeds i called and told the management and they lied tellin me they told me it had seed wen they didnt i will never buy my oz here again

  508. Nelly1

    Fav place to go! No long wait and great service!

  509. smokedout420jd

    very nice and helpful

  510. ashkei

    while it being my first time at this location, what stuck out to me the most was the metal detecter. I think it is a great way to make the environment safe and secure. While i was waiting in line, Lexi behind the counter always had a smile on her face making everyone feel welcomed. All the workers there were well informed of there merchandise and had interest in all their customers. HOD had a great selection of product and many different varieties to choose from. From oils to edibles to papers to bud, HOD was a great experience and it will be my designated dispensary.

  511. SarahVict0ria

    Knowledgeable budtensers great selection and specials

  512. Ericakane23

    great place good bud

  513. QueenHazel

    atmosphere was great employees are nice and helpful and they have high quality strains and the edibles are great and i love the hole grab bag thing i think thats thee best idea ever its some really cool stuff in them and snacks every high person love goodies!dY’OE

  514. joliver007

    Very organized and helpful to the patients. They got me in and out. I will be seeing them again!

  515. ImmortalBalloon

    This was the first dispensary I went to once I got my card. The customer service I received I was less than thrilled with. The guy was on his phone the whole time and every time I asked him a question I felt like I was bothering him. As he was ringing me up, he made me wait so he could finish texting on his phone. I went back once more to give it a second chance. Once I returned I realized this place is overpriced. It also seemed like I was the only person not friends with the people behind the counter. I went in with two other patients who both seemed to know the guys behind the counter. Since I did not know then I was mostly ignored until I asked to be rang up again. I would not return or recommend to a friend and its a shame because it’s the closest one to my house.

  516. mslowetoyou

    I like to try new dispensaries for the deals but no matter where I go, I find myself returning to and loving HOD the most. Exceptional, fast service (even when the lobby is full, don’t worry!). Great prices and the best selection of bud, edibles, concentrates, and CBD all in one place.

  517. jto1987

    great meds prices friendly atmosphere

  518. JJfranklin31

    Customer service was good but you really get what you buy. Bought $20 8th and it was brown and really dry.

  519. JRAS868

    The Best place. Best hours and best strains available

  520. triggv

    Got The Best In The D! #HandsDown

  521. Osirus023

    Comfortable experience. PTSD in new situations is an issue yet I felt at home. I have never seen so many strains in one place. My Budtender was informative and offered me lots of containers to whiff. Heaven. I’ll be back.

  522. game78

    nice place

  523. JRB333

    This is an awesome dispensary! Best quality, best selection and fastest service!! Definitely recommend!!

  524. dvwb

    They were fast and I didn’t have to wait long. Sativa and Indica!!!! and a large variety of eatables too many to mention! By far the best!

  525. aaron.landers.7

    Top quality medications at affordable prices. they will not let you leave unhappy. incredible knowledge and incredibly friendly atmosphere. very strong security. you will be very safe here.

  526. 1Smurf

    First time visiting and HOD has a new faithful customer great selection, and customer service 5 stars plus. I love this place, buy you some weed socks when you go lmao.

  527. dana72

    nice variety

  528. Luci420

    Simone, Lisa, Chris, everyone who has taken care of me, are awesome budtenders!

    They always answer my questions, have awesome suggestions and are ALL super nice

    Best place, best deals!

  529. tunjiileetucker

    very gud place love it

  530. Buster734

    House of dank is where it is at #1 ranking isn’t for no reason top shelf meds reasonable prices would recommend to anybody

  531. barbie66

    I like it the selections where also great

  532. hpbigb2015

    Love these guys I stopped in minimum once a day and on my two or three times tried everything from their tops off to the bottom shelf and everything seems to be the best quality in Detroit I recommend stopping to anybody cuz in Detroit brent k.

  533. feingold

    They have gone down with the $25 8th quality, very disapointted, not everyone can afford the meds at the higher price. Too many stems and poor bud quality for the Sweet Island Skunk. Seems this happens all the time not just at this place. It’s all about money as usual with any business.

  534. kishadb

    This place is the ish!

  535. Josephbarkley84

    The lady at the front desk was very rude. Treated me like garbage and about 5 people in front of me. I liked this place first time I went and would have been a regular customer. I would never recommend this place to anyone.

  536. Budbread420

    I went in for the 3/100$ shatter and only got 2 1/2 ? I usually go here all the time with no problems so hopefully they will understand . But I recommend this dispensary 100% for any of your medical needs

  537. TheMikeyLeo

    this is always my go to. always the dankest buds, ALWAYS. great clean facility and the deals are the best. I can’t find better deals that’s why I always come here. and I love the staff! 10/10 Will come back as I always do.

  538. pixiepieox

    great medicine, amazing prices and great staff!

  539. adinkha18

    great service and product I go here whenever I go

  540. JBCub81

    I always feel welcomed and appreciated when I come here. B and N are awesome. Totally sweet guys.

  541. aliburg96

    Great variety, great atmoshphere, best CBD selection, awesome prices, and a friendly staff. My new favorite dispensary!

  542. kyrbster

    I’ve been to search dispensaries in the Detroit area and HOD is by far the best! I live in northwest Detroit and I will drive 25 mins and past multiple dispensaries just to come here! The selections is massive from bud, edibles, and glass! The bud tenders are knowledgeable about their product, and the security guard is the best, he always watches me to by car and I feel safe!

  543. choppazulu

    Favorite spot

  544. Ryaneeeee

    It’s the only place I’m going or need to go got everything I need in one stop

  545. mrsalfred2018

    I love this place..this was my first dispensary! it’s a little farther from my house but it’s worth the drive…always great experiences…

  546. jrasak1

    Good selection, good environment , recommend it for anyone

  547. maxwellstutz

    Went to this place for the first time today, I had a very nice experience. Knowledgable budtenders, and a large list of options. The only issue i found was that i was shorted by about .6 on one of the quarters i had purchased. Mistakes happen. Will not deter me from going back again. Too many choices 😉

  548. cunnilinguspro369

    Great people and place, was very helpful got me what I was looking for. Then gave me a running of the store! I will be BACK!

  549. melloest

    best everything period a must visit

  550. 420detroitman

    I think this is the best dispensary on 8 mile. They have better stuff then dispensary’s in Lansing

  551. Teyanna

    Best place to shop with a variety of selections

  552. Freyjaclinton

    This place rocks! Everyone is so nice and helpful! Natalie was my budtender and she was amazing, took her time and showed me everything and helped me make my choice which was excellent! Highly recommend taken yourself over to 8 mile and the House of Dank!!

  553. flowerchild313

    Good vibes everywhere
    Very helpful

  554. whetstoner

    Great experience. Felt very safe and secure. Staff is very knowledgeable and friendly. The selection and prices are incredible too.

  555. cleascave

    This place is really pleasant and friendly, and the selection is first rate. You can get a wide variety of prices, but the top shelf strains are so exciting you’re likely to splurge. This might become my regular place.

  556. bigmeat02

    This by far the best one around they have the best shit

  557. droot19

    Stopped in today and was impressed right at the door when I had to go thru a metal detector with a security guy as well so thats awesome and the staff all together was also nice, cool, people who treat you right with awesome variety… Very safe, very nice… Def check it out

  558. znasser86

    I am beyond impressed with this dispensary! The employees are beyond knowledgeable and super helpful in explaining products and strains, Tabitha is amazing! They literally carry E V E R Y T H I N G and security is excellent! Highly recommend!!!!!

  559. treespeach

    this place is big @awesome customer service for my first visit. I definitely will be back!!

  560. annprophet

    They have a great selection. Staff can be friendly depending on what day it is and who’s working.

  561. targuy

    Today was my first time in HOD and it was a success. Nico was great and helped me pick out some nice flowers. I will for sure return. HOD was safe, clean, comfortable, and had a great selection.

  562. Chadburke1997

    The people are great , a wide variety of some very good dank. The only place I go.

  563. CrystalZ

    Location is easy to get to, staff I awesome treats you like family. Meds are high quality, and strong. I shop here ever chance you get, bring a buddy and come here, they definitely hook you up.

  564. GirlGenius

    Crazy friendly bud tenders! Nice first time patient goody bag 🙂

  565. TrueJem43

    The Best Place On 8 Mile!!!dY’sdY’s… Awesome Flower, Edibles & Much More… They Have Great Deals EVERYDAY!!… And Also The Coolest Budtenders & Security Around!!!… Love This Place!!… Check Them Out!!

  566. Jkernya

    All the people who work here always have the up-to-date info on the newest and best products. They are all extremely friendly and kind the facility is extremely clean

  567. EVSY

    great location, great variety of goods and everyone is always very friendly. My number one dispensary to go to

  568. writingkyle

    safe, clean and very friendly service, great place!

  569. kevinhayes

    Great place I highly recommend to all cardholders safe secure environment

  570. lenie1

    Great place!

  571. SuicidalOrange84

    Excellent service from all the budtenders and great quality medicinals. Awesome deal on cartridges!

  572. Snow2311

    Spend countless amounts of money nd struggle to get a preroll, jus spent almost $1000 nd asked for a preroll nd got told “I’m already getting a badass deal”

  573. LexeB

    I think is a nice locate. Plenty of parking the security guard on the inside was very nice to Pleasant. He asked me if it was my first time and explain to me what to do. Even tho it was several people in front of me and didn’t take much time I might have waited less than seven minutes. When called I went inside and was greeted by a nice friendly Nico! I explained it was 1sy time and he said you came to the right place I got you. He answered all my question and concerns and assured me you would show me exactly what I needed and proceeded to take me around the store explaining all of the things I could use for my condition! NIKO YOUR THE MANdY~EUR! Thanks

  574. detroitdiggler

    Place is sweet. Knowledgeable staff. Good stuff. Free goody bag for my first time.

  575. pizzel313

    great grade A spot

  576. curlyB420

    this place has some really nice strains,especially the sunset sherbert and the the gelato

  577. ronalddaking

    the quality of the bud is amazing and I love the service and convenience of the place. Cause it’s a lot of places with no kind of parking. and on top of everything the girl there is so cute.

  578. Lovee23JaszieBoo

    great place. good medicine

  579. Jillybeanz

    I’ve been to a lot if dispensaries on 8 mile + a ton in Ann arbor. NO place compares to the Dank.

  580. jayindodoja

    Hands down my favorite. I’ve been to many dispensaries in the metro-Detroit area. Top shelf only for me, house of Danks has yet to let me down.

  581. lorence82

    #House of Dank is pioneer marijuana dispensary in Detroit. I do visit the dispensary often for their great customer service and high-quality product.

    Before coming to House of Dank I was used to visit Code Green Detroit. But I now avoid them for their low-quality products.

  582. lana927

    I love this place. bud is always wonderful, and lots if different strains to choose from, plus great service

  583. mills7171

    I absolutely love this place. Great location plenty of parking. Security outside very safe. Plus this is the only place in the D that you can get this high quality of medicine. Enjoy

  584. thewhimsicalwarrior

    Awesome place great products! knowledgeable staff.

  585. detroitwriter

    Love it! Went in for the free pre roll deal in Monday. I will be getting my prerolls there from now on. The Strawberry Kush was nice and worth my trip there. I do not like rolling my own meds! 🙂

  586. smokey76

    best around

  587. SuddenEden

    Awesome Medical Dispensary! I really am impressed when my Budtender knows his strains/meds! Thank you Tony. Recommend House of Dank a$?i,

  588. indicaismygirlfriend

    the wait was short despite the high traffic they have and i was helped right away by lisa. she was awesome, gave me so many options for what i needed for my anxiety. definitely will be coming back.

  589. dopeassdank420

    This is dope ass shit!! Keep up the good work!

  590. tport9

    very nice inside. knowledgeable staff. great prices. would deffinitly recommend

  591. Yahoo1234

    Its a great location, great customer service they make you feel at home whether its you first time or the hundredth time. Great place check it out!!

  592. rainydaywoman

    Beautiful selection of flower and a huge variety of oils. They even have silly socks.

  593. jayc3492

    always got the best meds best services best prices hands down

  594. keeficzeb

    This place never disappoints 🙂

    The best concentrates, edibles and flowers. Not to mention a friendly and knowledgeable staff.

    Can always get a reliable recommendation and a great deal.

    So glad i found HOD. As a chronic pain patient, it is a huge relief to have a consistent quality and variety.

  595. Greensweep

    Going to miss HOD. Nothing but great things happened there. This is a loss for the city not a gain

  596. phogarty

    I love the selection

  597. diamz

    Great place to visit

  598. imanderz

    Best selection I’ve seen by far

  599. 2Koolt

    cute girls and dope Ganja dYs! what a great Combo

  600. markahljohnson

    great meds and service.

  601. LittleLydia96

    I was a first time patient and immediately felt ease as I relaxed in a large and comfortable waiting room with plenty of cool stuff to look at.

    The wait was about 5 minutes and I met Lexie. She was so knowledgeable and took her time answering all of our questions. Loved her!

    They have a vast assortment of quality flower.

    I would highly recommend this catacomb of everything cannabis. Ask for Lexie!

  602. Rick_pedigo

    great location. Just started going here and it’s the best so far.

  603. cynthiaj0019

    The staff are very rude. I would never waste my time or money here.

  604. xdet420

    I go to h.o.d. almost everyday. great helpful service. great selection of meds and medibles. I always enjoy stopping in.

  605. Ten214

    One of my fav places on the east. Always good weed and the staff is cool too

  606. JaKobe1969

    Wide variety of products to fit anyone’s needs, affordable prices and a very friendly staff make this place a must go

  607. jadee103

    I love it I have a dispensary on my corner but I choose to go the extra mile to go here!

  608. The_Mad_REEFER

    House of dank always on point. Could be there for hours.

  609. Luqman47

    I LOVE this place,the budtenders are the coolest,the strains are the b

    est,and the deals is awesome,I highly recommend this place

  610. biscuithead710

    I love this place. Great security walking in, nice lobby, cool and knowledgeable staff. Best dispo in the area, and I’ve been to all of em.

    The nug is a little dense, but breaks up real nice. I have yet to try their wax but as far as edibles go, it’s awesome. Just wish they had gluten free stuff.

  611. msmary

    Love it the bud tenders are very helpful. Staff is friendly and helpful. Easy in and out. Great service.

  612. nrosssr79

    First time here and loved it! Worth the drive! Great selection and cool af staff!

  613. Harpzilla

    5 Star everything without a doubt.

  614. shmekac

    Quality of weed is fantastic

  615. BossboyQuise

    Best bud and service in the city hands down

  616. Kknapchuck

    Very friendly and helpful

  617. Babasenior

    great location

  618. CaittheGreat

    I am completely blown away that this place charges $10 for pre rolls of shake… This is the only dispensary I have ever been to (and I’ve been to about 25) that sells pre rolls of their strains by name and it’s just shake….

  619. Christ3nxox

    First of all I love the staffatm!
    I also love the fact they’re open later than most dispenserey’s. The prices are awesome and I’ve never NOT been satisfied with the strains of weed!

  620. MostlyCloudy

    Great bud & concentrates, best I’ve ever had from a dispensary

  621. michelle6100

    This is the first dispensary I’ve been to and I love it. The atmosphere is awesome and the people make the experience even better.

  622. faeriemom50

    it’s awesome and Niko is totally amazing. love coming here

  623. B3333

    Very friendly and helpful also great selection

  624. JB3717

    My Bud-tender, Brandon, was more than helpful. The store was busy but he was in no hurry to make the sale and get me out, as I have experienced elsewhere. He was very informative and offered to show me around, and did. I had questions,,,he had good answers. Very nice place too. I like the setup. Lots of buds in jars right there on the counter. Good deals can be found. I’ll be bockkk!

  625. toosexy4u

    Never a disappointment when I walk in , they always have that loud. And best staff and always have some new shit. I LOVE H.O.D

  626. Brittneyallen

    Great bud great prices good budtenders

  627. chitown1

    they have great product. The prices are great for anyone’s pockets.

  628. shepheard220

    Friendly staff that knows their products and able to help assess your medical needs to make sure you are getting the most suitable meds specifically for you. I like the security of an armed guard and metal detectors on entrance. Huge selection of meds, accessories,and even fun apparel. You owe it to yourself to check this place

  629. NikkiTheRasta

    It has an awesome selection and friendly, knowledgeable staff. Definitely my favorite dispensary in Detroit.

  630. loudsmoker93

    great shop shop and amazing strain’s

  631. SmokeDawg3951

    Great sevice great weed love this place

  632. sarah221

    Don’t go anywhere else , they have the best flower , edibles , wax , juices , rigs, they have it all. Check them out thanks house of dank

  633. Mikejack710

    Great selection of everything you could want and cool staff

  634. Firemansgirl30

    Great service, awesome staff and never left disappointed.

  635. sarahak426

    I absolutely loved this place. I visited several dispensaries on 8 mile on Friday and this was my favorite. I am new smoker and they were so
    helpful. Since it was my first time I was gifted several wonderful goodies. The kid that helped me was awesome, wish I was better with names sorry 🙂 I will definitely visit the next time we are back in Detroit.

  636. kizzer

    They need budtenders that know what the hell there talking about, quality has gotten some what mediocre, but only at the house House of Dank can you by a 4 gm special that will contain over 1 gm of stems/waste. People you can do a-lot better elsewhere in the city!

  637. LUX42

    Just left here very nice place.

  638. daballey

    I’ve given this dispensary countless chances and have never always been disappointed. After looking at the menu and seeing they had platinum Girl Scout cookies, I decided to give it one last chance. I go in and the tender says “we just ran out” so I get a tarantula joint which supposedly is packed with .7 of PGSC and when I get home there’s barely any hash or keif on it and I break it open because it smelled like tobacco, only to find a bunch of stems and brown leafs. I’m SO DONE. This place is ripping people off. I bought a g of shatter from here once and it was literally shattered all over the inside of the package. Plus, My own father even complained about the bud from here and the man has been smoking for longer than I’ve been alive. That’s an issue. Step your quality up HOD you can so much better.

  639. vpatton31

    Nice atmosphere great staff and great source for all your medical needs. The staff are very helpful with answering your questions. Triple OG is my favorite

  640. Imkxshh

    love it come there 1 time every week to get platinum cookie

  641. BaronVonSavings

    Absolutely bonkers selection of herb, including super decent mid-shelf and sale strains. Staff is cool as hell, security is good and it all adds up to a v dank experience.

  642. weallset

    amazing aroma with the best workers

  643. MDSServices

    H.O.D This place is great, They have one of the best selections in town. The staff is knowledgeable and friendly, I always leave a happy patient. I Will be stopping in this again this week.

  644. Ericuse

    Love this place they always have what I need when I need it it’s my go to on 8 Mile

  645. mjultra

    good location, Jay was very helpful with suggestions. first timer goodie bag is nice. went on a Saturday afternoon and the wait wasn’t terribly long maybe 5-10min.

  646. Cadidit

    totally great

  647. Korpse725

    Very nice people, Niko was helpful and even told me, if they don’t have something, they can look into it. HUGE selection with great med prices! can’t wait to visit again!

  648. freudiantheory

    Staff was nice, knowledgeable about product, has a good selection of flower/product, and is very reasonably priced.

  649. Mani2424

    Best spo in the city hands down. Never leave disappointed when I shop

  650. mrgreenmanyo

    Amazing and safe location. Definitely the best place to be.

  651. taeWhitlow

    Best bud spot in the city from east to west they always show love and they have great deals i dont even have to mention the weed is crud..

  652. Babytooth72

    Great location great product I would recommend others also staff really nice

  653. Debtosie

    First time visit. Great selection and awesome deals. Made a new friend with my budtender Danielle, love her!! She made the visit fun and I would recommend this place to everyone!

  654. fullerton1

    CBD smokers look elsewhere!
    ACDC strain not properly grow or flushed.

    CBD seekers look elsewhere. Poor quality ACDC strain here.

  655. uberdre

    Cool security! !…clean lobby. ..

  656. ghostfacekiIlah

    Absolutely stellar dispensary. The product is for sure world class, at mouth watering prices. Hate that it’s so close to my college (Wayne State) because the hardest part of my day is deciding if I should pick up some bud that’ll do the trick without a shadow of a doubt or go home empty handed. If you want some GOOD product, this is your place. Security is top-notch and budtenders have a sense of professionalism that is exemplary for the marijuana industry – if you like your weed, you’ll feel right at home here.

  657. OGRoRo

    This place is lit. Top shelf quality and convenient parking dY’OE

  658. gjuliovucaj

    i love this place..they know me by first gjulio. love lexi and niko and everyone else. i go thier everyday and get treated with respect. great bud even better people. only dispo i go to.

  659. Jimtoken4201

    Awesome buds great budtenders and great prices

  660. 225stonedbrat

    House of Dank has that good good no wood, and the best bud connoisseur ever Tabitha. Friendly, knowledgeable and respect my coins LOL.

  661. ilovecheese

    My new go to providers

  662. ecarried23

    I love HOD!!… good prices and I am always impressed with the flower selection and specials daily. you guys are great

  663. WhoMe

    Great spot. HOD’s very competitive concentrate pricing has made this my favorite spot.

  664. JPNelsonRNMN

    Service is outstanding; products are consistently high quality; safety fantastic-inside and out. That is , they ensure I make it to my car safely and I feel cared for by this team.
    It is freezing out today and they’re out here ensuring my safety

  665. Deeago

    Triple og is that fire!!!

  666. zeclouse55

    friendly staff, super quick service, fantastic strains, my visit was quick but ill definitely be back again.

  667. drakan08

    love goin to this place

  668. Funnyman5455

    Awesome place I would highly recommend this place to a friend

  669. DAILYSMOKER2015

    The very first dispensarie I went to, and let me tell you I was very satifised and pleased with the quality and prices. If you haven’t been to H.O.D. then your missing out!!!

  670. verdamper

    Big selection, kind staff, clean facilities.

  671. redcow

    Very unhelpful and rude of the phone.

  672. TheLazyGenius

    Pleasing assortment of edibles.

  673. Waynestock

    Best in the D!

  674. Burnzo000

    Love the 4 for 100 and 3 for 100 specials. I have always had great quality concentrates from HOD. However about a month ago I got some House of dabs shatter and it was straight up poison. Super low temp dabs and still crackled and popped like a sparkler. I mean it was bad. And the taste on the exhale was just flat out awful. I only come to dispensaries for concentrates because they boast top quality medicine, because after all that’s what you are providing patients with is medicine. This was far from medicine. It was so bad it wasn’t even stable. Turned to a nasty gooey mess. Just flat out bad all around. I sent at least 4 emails and was ignored so unfortunately I decided to go this route and maybe I’ll get a response.

  675. AndriaS

    One of my favorite

  676. redeye_jedi_23

    I absolutely love this place! by far and away the best and friendliest place i have been to. tony took care of me everytime i have been there, and i have never left unhappy. great place , my only complaint is its a little bit of a drive but thats on me. 5 of 5. this is the spot.if you have not been here. go.

  677. zojohnson313

    best in Detroit tried a couple other places they were not quite as good I love this places product don’t need to go anywhere else

  678. Alycat586

    love this place, don’t go anywhere else, always same people with smiling faces. Simone is absolutely wonderful

  679. airsix

    why so many damn seeds…

  680. Chad313

    H.O.D. Is #a~

  681. vdoepimp1

    Ok location good people good meds

  682. chanelmast

    This is one of the best dispensaries I have been to. The quality and pricing are very good. Sometimes there is a bit of a wait but well worth it.

  683. Unclephil444

    Very friendly and professional and had large quality selection

  684. Shifty50

    Great dispensary. Chill security, friendly office staff, and knowledgeable bud tenders. Great medicine at a great price.

  685. inyofaccce

    Love the selection and the edibles are amazing!! Great specials, and awesome customer service!

  686. Shaunwifey

    they have awesome meds

  687. Secoyduh

    Knowledgeable and friendly bud tenders.

  688. Wax_Flowers

    My new favorite place in Detroit. Friendly and passionate staff and a fantastic selection! Not to mention I got a sweet goodie bag on my first visit! Highly recommend this place!

  689. bmx1x1

    Good establishment. Good employees. Good bud.

  690. traviscgray25

    great selection and good ppl

  691. CrudSmoker24

    Very professional good service my top choice

  692. budsNSuds93

    close to home and a great selection!

  693. ItsRachel

    Love love love this place! Best bud and best prices around dY$?’dY’–

  694. jhead147

    awesome custo service and great variety of products

  695. Lnt8732

    House of Dank? More like House of Beaners! There was more seeds than flower in my sherbert. I will not be back.

  696. ahurban2

    BEST place in town, incomparable. The friendly, down-to-earth atmosphere & quality of customer service make the House of Dank my favorite place to visit. Lexi & Brandon are usually my bud tenders but almost every bud tender I’ve ever had has been cool. But my A team – their vibe is so chill & I always feel super comfortable and esp. welcome when I walk in! Lexi is well educated & well versed when it comes to bud. I love how it’s not indica or sativa to her – it’s how do you need to be medicated, how do you want to feel. Not sure if there is a such thing as a weed pharmacist, to me it’s LEXI! Her recommendations are on point. Brandon is also a delight, he is knowledgeable & polite, a true gentleman. But it’s not only the bud tenders – the receptionists, security guards, everyone @ the HOUSE OF DANK thank you for 100% reliable, consistent level of quality. You set the bar high. Don’t ever change except to add more and better which you always do!

  697. Reykeith

    quick easy and painless. let’s first time here and my first time ever in a dispensary I’ll be back for my meds here

  698. AdidaX21

    High-quality service, large selection. Winner.

  699. lvenhapiness

    My first time here, and The vibe when i walked in the door was awesome right off rip. So many products , and the bud tender was super friendly and knew her shit.

  700. odinsfaithful

    Very nice and readily available parking lot. Warning to those who hate waiting in the lobby for 30 years to get your meds, go online and write down what you want so when you get here give it to the front desk girl and they’ll bring it out too you instead of waiting for your name to be called to go back into the bud room.

    Oh and about the bud room, VERY BAD LIGHTING in there. Hard to see the product you want to purchase.

  701. Mulisi

    It’s a drive for me but well worth it.. Great selection of flowers

  702. DrewSkiSMD

    Fire bud large variety of strains for great prices

  703. elyse2025

    Being new to the medical side of mmj, the staff have been amazing. They listen n care! good bud? good prices.. enjoy alien dawg!

  704. bigmikebleezys

    Friendly staff with quality products

  705. ConcernedDetroiter

    I am so angry that Michigan has created a monopoly on 8mile. The elite, licensed dispensaries, whatever they call themselves, were price gouging and I had to go to three open ones because the first two (closer to my house) were EMPTY. I had to drive 20 minutes further for a more expensive smaller amount. I got the impression there is a monopoly on licensed suppliers too. Someone needs to start a Class action law suit. They should have extended the “emergency rules” until there was enough competition in the “8 mile Economy” to establish true market prices. Instead, the price gougers (from Colorado) swoop in with all the money in the world and experienced employees and lawyers. Of course they can get licensed more easily that a beginning Michigan entrepreneur. This ban is only benefiting a few “home-grown” Detroiters. If any. I thought I was never going to work again and applied for SSI. After I started with medical marihuana, I was able to get a job and keep it to this day. I don’t make very much money but the change is incredible. Now that I can’t have my low dose gummies by Detroit companies (especially Motor City Canabites), I’m afraid I’m going to lose my job. If I have to call-in constantly because I’m without, I won’t last and then I REALLY won’t be able afford anything.

  706. Icyall420

    my first dispensary, and by far my fav. (I’ve been to about 4 so far). staff are friendly..they have an express window for on the rush visits…they have pretty good deals consistently..and even the house shake packs a punch

  707. SK8man

    The best setup I’ve seen
    Great prices
    Tons of product
    My new #1 stop for pain relief

  708. ritahooper

    huge selection on bud! plus the girls name was rita so it was a bonus! I will be back for your awesome selection

  709. robmorales

    SUCKS THEY ALL SUCK!! Fake dispensary ran by people who don’t know anything about the medical field!!!

  710. Prez313

    Lisa The House Mom was Super Dope. Definitely will be Back.

  711. biggsandlittle

    very well qualified, and knowledgeable.

  712. Kburr13

    Great place to go for some quality bud and wax! Thank you again!

  713. soccerdog1313

    Awesome place, great selection of everything. Got 3g of shatter for $100. 1/8th for $20. and 150mg edibles for $10. No tax.

  714. maxxmotte67

    Place is awesome!!! Knowledgeable staff and great flower.

  715. jeddareo08

    The inside is very nice and large. The bud is great quality. This is one of the nice ones on 8 mile.

  716. Feliciaharper

    I was very excited corning here and I got some girl scout cookie and it was very strong and smell good thank you for serveing me

  717. rush4wild

    Really like this location been to other places this place is unique they call you by name

  718. jasonfischer1976


  719. decon2000

    Very nice service good product. Will be back for sure

  720. smichael

    thanks branden, you rock. great smile too. love this place.

  721. Sm0k3y420623

    great place great meds and lisa is by far the best bud tender in the place

  722. HalfGramDabs

    I had the pleasure of dealing with Nico our first time and it was great. He paid attention to what strains I was into and picked more for me to try based on that vs. some bud tenders at other shops who continue to overwhelm you with their selection when you’re looking. The selection was all top shelf quality and the rewards program and app just sweeten the deal even more. 12/10 experience, would recommend and am on my way back right now!

  723. billy1110

    the staff is very friendly and respectable. the best bud and treats and flowers in Detroit!!!!! my favorite store

  724. teka1218

    the receptionist is beautiful great professional. i will most def be back

  725. Choppers648

    Cassandra is amazing!!! Always a big help and never rushes me. I will always ask for her to assist me, she is the main reason why I always go. As well as, this place fun atmosphere.

  726. Pharder

    Very respectable.

  727. DabbingintheD710

    I thought the variety was amazing and I will be back later today!!

  728. elevate313

    Great location. Friendly staff. Good selection of bud, concentrates, and edibles. Can find good deals on ounces.

  729. hippiechick93

    Despite being on 8 mile, I felt safe. Security inside and outside in the parking lot. Super friendly staff and extremely knowledgeable on every product.

  730. prettysmoker

    I found what I was looking for here! Nice, bud selection, safe environment and the staff is friendly and funny. I visit a few times a week so try them out and find out how good this place is for yourself!

  731. BeckyBec

    Glad to see all the lady bud tenders, Great selection with reasonable pricing. Will return for my medicine

  732. bigdog42069

    the have the best selection anywere

  733. Kingbeatz

    H.O.D. is where its at. My boy Niko hooked me up. huge selection of just about everything here will definitely be back soon

  734. daywalker67

    awesome selection…very knowledgeable staff…tons of mediables…

  735. Realtalk1990

    This is the worst dispo I been to out of the 15 I have shopped at so far,they give you trimmings that have been BHO blasted rolled in a joint as your gift for new membership,this is hands down the worst place to get your meds from…overpriced meds,shady bud tenders,spider mites,powdery midlew(yes mites and mildew) is what you can expect coming here,although I will say that the girl at the desk is cute and nice and polite but that doesn’t make up for everything else that’s wrong with that place…also if you do go there be careful pulling in off 8 mile because you might miss it due to their cheap ass sign lol #realtalk

  736. Buzzfreely

    Great place. Shout out to budtender’s chris, liz and lisa. Took the time to find out what I needed.

  737. Bradfat

    Great service, everyone is super welcoming and helpful and informative

  738. SKIP66

    Best strain selection, strains for budget conscious to top shelf seekers. Visit HOD first and you won’t be disappointed!

  739. ghettoboy89

    this place need to be shut down I
    got sick off the weed it had mold on it

  740. MrTardis

    Service is amazing and never too long of a wait.

  741. kpg24

    Everyone is so nice, very welcoming.

  742. jackeyoh

    Super friendly and helpful staff. They always remember your name!

  743. tryadkilgo

    Great everything. First time I’ve seen a place with $5 grams and such a high variety of strains.

  744. migaront


  745. Ncook611

    The center is very pretty and well secured. The bud tenders are nice, BUT the products are HORRIBLE!!! It doesn’t matter what I get from them, I never feel anything. Everyone I’ve talked to complains about the same issue! I won’t be going back after giving multiple chances! Definitely wouldn’t recommend

  746. Rottielove

    Very impressed first time shopper. HOD has set the bar high. Great selection. Great service. Elin was super helpful! This is my go to shop.

  747. LouAnn71

    Awesome, this place had everything and more, and the buds are killer! Staff was friendly and knowledgeable about their products. Farther away than my previous dispensaries but well worth the drive. I am definitely returning….

  748. michaelschrade

    Nice set up, good service great location. two thumbs up.

  749. jimbo121

    Very great dispo. Has a lot to choose from. Everyone go check it out!!!

  750. smootie01

    love it!! nico is always helping me out!! everyone is always helpful and quick. my fav place

  751. visualsoul

    Excellent staff and great buds!

  752. shannonmarie0511

    awesome people always friendly. .best so fardY~+

  753. Vincemoney

    great store only place I attend.

  754. konykush

    Huge bud selection
    $20 1/8ths are dank af
    Great quality
    It litty

  755. JohnnyV89

    Budtenders are all super helpful, great strain choices…….the receptionist is so nice and gorgeous!

  756. jxrdvns

    HOD is amazing. i’ve been to one other dispensary. i walked in, looked around, and decided to not get anything there. HOD has everything you could want in a dispensary. staff is very friendly and informative. no wonder they’re ranked best dispensary in michigan.

  757. Juicypen

    Brandon the bud tender is the best. very knowledgeable and a great selection.

  758. Shell909

    Great place with great deals!!

  759. ScorpionKing3

    Great location, many strains, the up keep of the bud is magnificent!!!

  760. Baybeecakes

    My favorite place to go! Patient budtenders. Always willing to take the time to explain things!

  761. Kweenbrit88

    Very nice place, great staff whom were very helpful a~oBud was AMAZING!! I will definitely be recommending to friends and will be returning real soon!!

  762. jjstots87

    awesome selection, awesome staff and awesome atmosphere!

  763. StrictlyWoods

    Thank you to everyone who served meaoe…dY’adY1/2

  764. CadillacMassey

    Really great spot, friendly staff and quality product dYOE3dY”Y=dY$?-

  765. ejreynolds

    Loved the quality of the meds. worth the extra couple miles that’s for sure

  766. AJthephenomenal1

    great strands great service they treat you like family

  767. Daruc24

    This is most definitely my favorite spot to purchase my medicine. Nice location, great people and the great bud. This is the only dispensary I need in my life.

  768. KingTango

    This is a great place to visit and shop..

  769. Lisarita

    Best in the D

  770. jbby1998

    absolutely amazing! great tenders and am very pleased with the products!

  771. bcoolifudid

    hod is great but the quality has went dooown the drain. there quality use to b waaayyyy better. its not as much on hod but whoever there main grower/supplier is he is POOP! i can tell hes cheap on nutrients n soil n his curing n dryin is poop hes a garbage grower so that sucks cuz it reflects on hod but thats the reality. the staff is cool lexi is pretty n nice sometimes lol big jay is cool neko is cool the other really pretty girl there is nice she seems like she has a attitude sometimes but everybody has bad days i guess n the 2 door dudes r cool. im a fan of hod no doubt but not there flower i promise n if yall think that stuff is good yall need to step up yall expectations for real not a hater i promise im jus honest

  772. dizzym

    great service the people are really helpful and nice the weed is great

  773. PaperGame

    The H.O.D keeps the good quality stuff so I’ll keep coming back

  774. benmz50

    When I walked in I was greeted by a very polite security guard that wished me a happy holiday(went on Easter). After completing first time patient paperwork I went to the back room. This place had more pieces and papers then most smoke shops I’ve been too. The guy who helped me pick the bud I took home was helpful and friendly. Not only did they give me a free gram for a first timer, but also gave me a goodie bag with a lighter, bowl, papers, and some candy! Defiantly a great dispo, will be returning in the future for sure. c:

  775. Dee000123

    Everyone are so nice no rushing you. Take their time helping you.

  776. jkhintonn

    staff was rude and ripped me off…First time going they shorted me a gram and gave me a hard time about it…I figured it was a mistake so I went back the 2nd time and the shorted me again by a half gram…The buds are great quality but they rip you off and are very rude…I will not go back a 3rd time!!!

  777. shootinstarz

    For a first time,visit I wasnt impressed. I received seeds in my goods. I only purchased top shelf goods and was given a bottom shelf freebee.
    Definitely wasnt worth the hype.

  778. KittyGem369

    I enjoyed my first visit. The girls there were very helpful, and answered my questions. Got me what I wanted.

  779. shelidashyt

    Everything was cool except the quality of the flower. I went through 15 jars of flower and the quality was trash. Only 2 bright green with decent smell but the high wasn’t as powerful as ppl had hyped it up to be. The concentrate on the other hand is very good.
    As a first time patient, I was very disappointed. Even though they advertised on their card “a free gram for new patients”, which by the way is in their lobby, I received nothing of the sort. She gave me a gift bag with candy, grinder, lighter, preroll case (empty) and an advertisement folding paper that u can break down your flower on instead of random paper, which also was already in the lobby.
    I will not be traveling that far for nothing ever again. Thank u but no thank u. dY’ZdY’Z

  780. sheridand2

    Awesome product, huge selection. New favourite dispo!

  781. littlerice

    Love this place! A wide variety of flower, wax and edibles. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable. Highly recommend this place for its wide variety.

  782. jayskywalkin

    One thing I didn’t like was that I purchased the new clears and 2/3 didn’t work. First time being here in a while and idk if I’ll come back. Definitely buy the clears from somewhere else. Or stick to the original black tip cartridges

  783. brilyent


  784. Fronterpz

    House of dank has amazing Ppl there….they are like family and always hook me up with great stuff. Tommy is always very patient with me even when I’m not feeling good.

  785. jayde2585

    my boyfriend & I made a special trip from flint here only to be told they’re not accepting new patients. very disappointed

  786. preppy8459

    very busy lobby but worth the wait..they had a great deal running on my Vape cartridges and budtender offered great recommendations

  787. Xristos420

    Drive 30 mins for them to be absolutely rude to me because I said something didn’t look right!! Not a good way to treat paying customers who come drop $$$ all the time! I know what shit looks like and the gram wasn’t a gram period!!

  788. ALLEN1983

    great service, best weed

  789. remo626

    The service is great here, and the staff really caters to the customers, and I really like how smaller amounts can be sold on some items to see if you really like the product sold. Also, the hours are easy to accommodate, 10:00pm every weeknight and Sundays, and 11:00pm on the weekend nights, easy to make it here with these long business hours available.

  790. phyllisrams

    great place. good product for good deal. budtender tony is kickass… helps with all the needs. i return regularly, its where i like to be.

  791. DetroitRonn

    One of the best on the East Side of DETROIT

  792. n0704527

    Big D hooked it up! dY~, went in and told her what I wanted help with and she knew exactly what I needed.

    store felt comfortable and had an easy to read menu with color coordinated options.