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2840 E Court St., Flint, MI 48507


43.0184526, -83.6527003




10:00 AM – 7:00 PM


10:00 AM – 7:00 PM


10:00 AM – 7:00 PM


10:00 AM – 7:00 PM


10:00 AM – 7:00 PM


10:00 AM – 7:00 PM


12:00 PM – 5:00 PM


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A safe and secure Flint Dispensary serving a wide selection of cannabis from local growers. Everything here is American made by Americans, keeping the jobs in the area. We carry only the best in edibles made by "Gayles Ganja Goodies" providing that personal touch for patients needs, custom orders are always available for edibles.
Along with our large selection of flower and edibles we also carry CBD products, smoking equipment, and apparel. Our moto is and has always been "If your not satisfied, were not satisfied" So always feel comfortable exchanging your selection if it is not all you had hoped for.
If anyone is confronted with financial difficulties and ailments and need assistance with getting relief contact us and we will do our best to help get you what you need.


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57 reviews for “Club Medz

  1. MomNotSittingAround

    This is where I bought Bailey’s dog treats…

  2. lee3631

    Awesome location very clean environment with excellent bud tenders that are friendly and they carry so many different products sometime its hard to choose what you want and they are very customer driven especially on all all there products they recommend and the staff is very professional and warm

  3. Michaelwitkowski

    great flower and a very good price the baked good are awesome too I love the cake balls

  4. Alexcess1005

    the staff and the quality are great worth the drive for me!dY~f

  5. Mikey4469

    Great prices good people

  6. Amoore64

    Shannon helped me for my first time, she was professional & very nice! I’ll be back soon!

  7. glimpsure

    Stopped in for Platinum Vape – I like the fact that there was a wide variety available. Good bud at regular prices. Try to talk to Chris if you can- He suggested some quality strains.

  8. Jburg810

    Mike and Chris are always here and always great to deal with. Good prices from good people. Been here a bunch and will continue to come back

  9. Tylermcd

    great spot for meds

  10. DaleCarter

    Awesome location great service and a fun atmosphere too.

  11. shemerline

    Amazing edibles! Amazing staff! Amazing bud!

  12. addnurse

    ? hard to get to

  13. ConservativeStoner

    Place is HUGE on the inside. I got the “corner stone” and the “quazy train”

    The corner looks good and smells good. Spicy taste.

    The quazy looks great and smells amazing. kinda cheesy on the taste. 15$ A gram bud for 12$!!

  14. Cholie

    Girls were grea thanks Shannon. Also Rendin.

  15. PocahontasWired

    aoe” I have been to many, if not all dispensaries in the Flint area. Club Medz is by far the best. I am an edibles girl and Gayle’s are AWESOME! (As is Gayle and her staff.) Their prices for bud are average and the strains I have sampled have been good quality. They offer a wide variety of buds and a great selection of m-edibles. They run specials daily. Be sure to mention it’s your first visit for a special freebie. LOVE Gayle and her operation!! Top notch. aoe” dY’ dYOEYdYOEYdYOEYdYOEYdYOEY

  16. ostrom84

    Great service everytime i stop in. Shannon was a big help with everything i needed

  17. knightsheart

    this is the best spot in town for medz clean nice and neat relaxing atmosphere for flint much better then expected great prices great brand products great quality Mike with the glasses is the best makes you feel right at home everytime I leave I cant wait to come back! iv been to dispensaries all over the state and all over the west coast including vegas Cali and Colorado been a patient since 2011! this is in my top 3 favs in the country! i send my own mother here! check them out! -Joe

  18. Jforte1

    This was the first dispensary I went to after getting my card and they were so nice and patient with me. Lots of good product and Shannon is very knowledgeable and will help you every step of the way.

  19. Lunatr0n

    I have been to a bunch of different clubs and dispensaries in Lansing Detroit and Flint areas. This is by far one of my favorite places. Quality meds and relaxed evniornment. The size of the shop and amount of different medication types is what sets this place apart form the rest.

  20. jamee1199

    This was my second time coming to Club medz. I wasn’t impressed with the quality or quantity of the flower I purchased. It wasn’t worth the $$$ I spent. I will not be back to this store, I will keep going to the places I did before.

  21. fenderphilsy

    good felt very welcome and comfortable had issue with battery and return with no problem a~o
    love the candy

  22. ClayClutch00

    Me &My Buddy Spent over 120$ here and we brung back something that don’t work and they said oh well it dindt do nothing about it

  23. lilnipper

    Been going to a place just east of you. They changed hours of operation in a very tacky way. Nothing on website about new hours. Came to Club Medz and am happy as all get out. Thanks for an excellent change.

  24. Tykeis

    When im there IM AT HOME. Best service ever. Shout out to Shannon i believe her name was lol. She always gives great service with a beautiful smile.

  25. Jamiek1971

    Scott and mark are always helpful to make sure i get what im looking…. they have one of the biggest selections to choose from… i made club medz my dispensary

  26. gelykheid

    Very friendly staff, good prices, and good stuff. Very nice facility as well. Would return if in area again.

  27. mvpandrew00

    Great location I live in Bay City and we have a club out here but I would choose to come out to Flint any day of the week over that, Club medz has amazing quality of weed and friendly staff that knows the laws unlike facilities in bay city..

  28. Weazel01

    Very well run business, good bud tenders and specials everyday!

  29. BuckshotKush

    This place is a must stop. Great selection of everything. Excellent packaging. It’s the willy Wonka experience.

  30. Babygurllynn

    Awesome place! Mike helped me out & did an amazing job! Highly recommend!

  31. Flintshayne77

    Chris is the best In the biz.

  32. Mrblackguy33

    Every time I come to the shop it’s always a friendly vibe. The bud teller Shannon really helped me out and was very friendly

  33. Chris279m

    Love the candies, and RSO capsules. Never met someone in a bad mood. Good stuff.

  34. shayne77

    Great place great product

  35. MitchellandFinese

    Club Medz was my first stop when I received my med card, after traveling around other dispos in Flint I saw that their customer service, quality of bud, and daily deals makes this your ideal one stop shop. An amazing set up with whatever you may need along with knowledgeable budtenders.

  36. pinkwarrior

    It was my first time and I’m looking for things to help me deal with side effects of chemo and the budtender wasn’t interested in specifics, just naming what they have. I didn’t get the type of help I’m looking for so on to the next I suppose.

  37. Kcow810

    love it!!!!

  38. Schuett

    Service was bad. Plus edibles I purchased had mold on them.

  39. Staceyz

    Fantastic staff. Great variety.

  40. Tanman2298

    I’ve only been here a few times, and the customer service shown by Mike along with everyone else is the best in the area by far!

  41. danklavey

    it’s pretty good and they have amazing marijuana

  42. Joeeaster1979

    I thought this place sucked the lady had a very bad attitude accused me of lying about being there for the first time because I found them on the Tokeland app as I was traveling on the highway they should be glad that that app brought in a new customer but instead she was extremely rude the pre-rolls were very small and you know just the overall rudeness that I got rather than being treated you know with any kind of decency or respect or appreciated as a first-time customer I’ll never go back there no chance this place gets zero stars from me

  43. Ackerdacker

    It was my first visit the entire staff were very friendly and knowledgeable and I would definitely return

  44. bossstonter420

    Good stuff and even better extras dY’sdY’OEdY1/4

  45. Biggchief420

    The services were great warm atmosphere friendly an knowledgeable staff an amazing deals daily thanks Chris for the hookup on the sucker I even got a nasty sativa strain that taste like dirt yesterday an they were good enough to make it up to me now that’s what I call A1 costumer care even after you leave I highly recommend this be your first stop for pot


    Club Meds has some quality medicine and the prices are right on! Five stars!

  47. Mskeona

    I love the products they have to offer & Shannon is the best!!!

  48. Worldofpain

    Nice atmosphere. Huge selection of flowers and edibles. I was trying to find the best edibles in Flint and this shop ended up winning by a long shot. Try the gummy bears!

  49. vwilsss

    Friendly staff, nice set up

  50. bellen1976

    Prime! My go to place now!

  51. Mtow927

    This place is greatdYZ%0dYZ%0dYZ%0
    Mike is very friendly, knowledgeable and helpfuldY’oedY’oe

    thanks MikedY’OE

  52. Tibbitts86

    Great place love it here, mike was great

  53. Tmfk25

    great experience, unlike remembering my password for this app

  54. jimr69

    Price is right for good flowers

  55. Hunegirl4u2001

    The budtenders are great, happy, and super friendly.

  56. Loveithere

    Very clean up to date place with helpful staff and a wide variety for your needs!

  57. TheJonDam

    First time visiting and wasn’t very impressed… It looked great but the prices were very high, the staff didn’t seem to want to help while I was there… Definitely willing to give it another shot though

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