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111 S. Main Street, Ann Arbor, MI 48104


42.2808925, -83.7483949




10:00 AM – 8:00 PM


10:00 AM – 8:00 PM


10:00 AM – 8:00 PM


10:00 AM – 8:00 PM


10:00 AM – 8:00 PM


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12:00 PM – 4:19 PM


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The Om of Medicine is a Michigan provisioning center striving to provide patients safe access to a variety of cannabis medicines in a clean and comfortable environment. To view our online menu updated in real-time, please visit

Member benefits include:
aEURC/ Diverse selection of sativa, indica, CBD-enriched and organic medications
aEURC/ Gallery of inspiring local art
aEURC/ Handicap accessible facility
aEURC/ Curbside wheelchair service
aEURC/ Discounts for Veterans, Seniors, and Disabled patients
aEURC/ Knowledgable and friendly staff


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107 reviews for “Om of Medicine

  1. _x_ii_x_

    Best in ann arbor, hands down.

  2. kidwhamo

    This is the Rolls Royce of dispensaries. The staff, service, and quality meds are all outstanding. There is the best around. By far!

  3. QueenTigeess569

    Om of Medicine is truly a feast for the senses. The atmosphere is magnificent with art hanging everywhere to stimulate fascinating conversation. The staff is highly knowledgeable & able to make recommendations based on your medical needs. I’ve been to other shops, but Om of Medicine is my go to store.

  4. joshknab6

    Amazing experience going here for the first time. Would highly recommend to others! Staff is wonderfully helpful and helped get the medications best fit for me!

  5. workingmemory

    Without a doubt, the best shoppe in SEMI. For reference, I’ve been to 15-16 in the area. I relied on another dispensary finder since moving to Michigan, but thankfully found Om on a list of top dispensaries in the US. And it lives up to its accolades. Their product is the best quality I’ve had, overall, and the ambiance and aesthetics of the shoppe are unexpected and gorgeous. Staff is extremely knowledgeable and very warm and inviting. It’s the first shoppe that I didn’t feel like I was just another droning customer. At the risk of coming off as clichA(c), in truthfulness it’s a lot more than a dispensary. Best of all, their prices are significantly lower than the other top tier dispensaries in the Ann Arbor/Ypsilanti area. #1, and in its own tier for me.

  6. Tengu

    Om of Medicine has the most stylish, chill atmosphere of any Michigan dispensary I’ve been. The staff is personable, yet professional and the meds are top shelf. They really make me feel at ease and relaxed. This has become my goto spot for meds and I highly recommend checking them out.

  7. BrookieTrout

    Absolutely LOVE this place! They set a standard in all respects and should be what other dispensaries strive for. Great meds, vibe, and service…ALWAYS!

  8. veganbeefleaf

    love love love this place! Everytime I come here I’m treated so nicely

  9. MSN1983

    I have been going to OM for over 5 years now and I cannot praise this shop enough!! They really have anything you are looking for. They always have a wide variety of flower, wax, edibles, and much more along with some of the most competitive prices in AA. With all that said what keeps me coming back is the staff. They always go above and beyond to make sure the patient is happy. Give this place a try, you won’t be disappointed.

  10. smittenwithcannabis

    In all my time on this earth, I have never seen so many choice buds and choices for buds at that. They have the best quality – hands down. They go above and beyond with knowledge and customer service and I will be sure to return to smell their sweet medications. Thanks folks!

  11. BettyPaige333

    Amazing healing space! Wonderful doc, very informative, high quality medicines, strong supporter of the community! I really enjoyed my entire experience here! Simply beautiful dY~fdYtmdY’

  12. mrmarkj

    Amazing… Staff is on it…… Medicine is great… Nice atmosphere… Local artist have there work on display and some pieces are for sale…. Nice job guys… Peace

  13. PotSnob524

    Finally a place with old school hash and a few selections!! Great for old farts like me who appreciate hash any day over these new concentrates. Awesome place great service and dried/cured flower. Something you still can’t find in Detroit either. Flowers that look like flowers not some bud that has been in a jar for weeks on end. Really great place and I will drive 45 miles here any day of the week vs 5 miles to a Detroit dispensary. This is how it should be in Michigan every where.

  14. uncleflipster

    Staff is very friendly and they have tons of options. Always a great experience, I haven’t gone anywhere else because I know it would be a disappointment! A+

  15. BIGAlD17

    Simply the best
    always satisfied

  16. toriana1

    The people here are amazing and friendly. I love the Om.

  17. dropdeaddreams

    Everyone is super friendly and happy to help make sure you get what you need.

  18. SReefer420

    this place is absolutely great knowledgeable staff friendly with a good selection of quality medication

  19. skrbobee

    Helpful to everyone, especially newbies! I love the privacy, the care and concern you are shown, the staff is amazing, and I would recommend Om to anyone, especially anyone who needs help finding what they need. Super knowledgeable staff!!

  20. cramteluh

    I have been with OM Medicine since they opened their doors. I live about 30 minutes away, but the trip is well worth the travel. The facility is neat and clean, with a large screen t.v., in case you ever have to wait(I have never waited more than a few minutes). their selection is great, and well represented. The employees are considerate and professional. They are very
    knowledgeable with regards to their product. It is a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere. I recommend this dispensary to all my friends…

  21. blazegood23

    Awesome meds and staff would highly recommend

  22. Cdub4521

    Awesome place. Staff is friendly, knowledgable and helpful. Quality products and fair prices. Best place in Michigan that I have been to so far

  23. aasstevens

    Fantastic bud tenders, fun and friendly environment, great quality product.

  24. jbfraser03

    Very helpful and knowledgeable. Will definitely be visiting again

  25. TinyPandas

    Amazing. Would recommend to anyone.

  26. allnew2020

    Om is the best in AA – The layout is so nice and the staff is very friendly and helpful I have had nothing but great meds here

  27. Xirtam22

    Great quality products and the atmosphere and experience is like no other around, very welcoming and right down town !

  28. briguy

    Very professional and patient staff and an incredible selection. They answered all of our questions. One of the only places in MI to have Black Dig Labs products and other edibles. Just medicated with their OG Kush man. Beautifully grown, pinesol and fuel, perfect.

  29. kimgulley

    dY’OELove love love OmdY’OE
    So cool, comfy, and creative up in there!

  30. lbertucci

    I am an integrative medicine physician, and the occasional times that I provide a medical marijuana card, this is the dispensary that I insist my patients go to.

  31. thestonedsamaritan

    This is hands down one of the best dispensaries in A2, their activity in the community is phenomenal, you can’t beat their prices or their quality and selection of meds! definitely my go to!

  32. ahoard0712

    Best product, great staff, my favorite place to go waiting room is top of the line just like everything else there

  33. motorcityfire

    great place, I’m new to this because of a work accident. they went out of there way to help me out with the treatment.

  34. SmileNow2

    This is a GREAT dispensary. The staff are always very welcoming and friendly. I have been coming here for years. They are my dispensary of choice. I have never been disappointed by the quality of my medicine. The atmosphere is really awesome and chill. I love their free comedy shows when I can catch them 🙂

  35. shayymus

    Once again another great experience here. Products just keep getting better and the staff is well educated in Mary’s anatomy.
    Check it out at
    No I don’t work for nor am I getting paid for my reviews at Om.
    It’s just a kick ass JOINT.

  36. gamergirl

    Love this place.

  37. gabbypass

    WOW, WOW, WOW!!!! I am so impressed by this facility from top to bottom. I’ve been to hundreds of places throughout the state and none hold a candle to Om. I will never go anywhere else–no need to! Quality, ambiance, professionalism, top-notch staff, and my favorite part is that they have a bunch of events that the community can participate in! So happy I found you guys 🙂

  38. deafft

    This was the actual first dispensary that treated me like a patient and cared for my symptoms with great care and experience to better understand me thanks!

  39. ashezz11

    I absolutely love it here! great knowledgeable staff, amazing patient care and altogether wonderful experience. Some of the best top quality medications around town!

  40. rwgeorge

    incredibly chill atmosphere! the staff was very professional and I enjoyed the one-on-on meeting. they have everything you could hope for here! would recommend!

  41. emmm420

    Best place I’ve ever been to hands down. THESE people care. THESE people are in LOVE with quality cannabis– they dedicate their lives to it. Other collectives aren’t as proud as they are about their product. They succeed so hard at being the best dispensary ever. It’s crazy. I still can’t believe how amazing they are even after coming here for the past 8 months (honestly seems like longer lmao)

  42. jfreviews

    10/10 sophisticated and artistic lounge to relax and learn about the menu and deals while you wait to speak to a one-on-one consultant. The medicine selection is diverse- even exotic. The recommendations and help are valuable, and you are welcome to take as much time as you need to ask questions and make selections. The extra events the dispensary is involved in such as the food donations, art exhibit, and yoga classes gives a sense of community. A high-quality place.

  43. jlove33

    Om was my first experience at a dispensary and it was wonderful. The staff was kind and welcoming. Plenty of good vibes in a comfortable atmosphere. I definitely plan on returning to this place and will recommend it to family and friends.

  44. stevofosto

    friendly knowledgeable like family.

  45. jabbrjaw30

    First time there was great. The staff was friendly and helpful. Product is awesome and competitively priced. Definitely will go there regularly!

  46. shirleytpa

    I love the discount for being disabled and the bud is always great, especially the caviar. It is definitely worth the price!!!

  47. brook718

    This is probably the epitome of dispensaries in the A2 area. From start to finish I was impressed. Great meds, amazing atmosphere, and the staff is very knowledgeable and helpful. Would recommend anyone for the first-time or any seasoned patient.

  48. KC20

    Love the place have been too many times #1 in Ann Arbor

  49. kygirl420

    Great location friendly environment wonderful selection prices were awesome very satisfied Music selection was wonderful

  50. herseashells

    I visited Om of Medicine for the first time a few weeks ago during Hash Bash. The atmosphere is like a spa and an art gallery, and the people are fantastic. The medicine I got on this trip was top quality and not too expensive.
    The location is a little tricky if you’ve never been there, but easy enough to find.

  51. UniverseAccordingtoRob

    Infinitely the best place on all dimensions. I wish everyone there the best! Some of the most caring, genuine and compassionate people around! I’ve always had a flare for ostentatiousnessaEUR”humbly, of courseaEUR”however, you can’t compare this place to othersaEUR”it’s on a whole different levelaEUR”dimension, that is, in light of their name: Om: the all-encompassing, omnipresent syllable of reality. That is, etymologically, from ancient Vedic script, “consciousness”. And what more relevant a name for a place that is responsible for an ancient herbal remedy that directs one inwards towards the selfless unreal presence that is the groundless ground of all beings than the mantra, “Om”?

    The edibles are perfection. The flowers are diverse and include relatively rarer strains that are usually symptom-specific. The oils and concentrates are equally diverse and encompassing. They have exceptional topicals; like I said, wonderful people; and a tranquil, removed atmosphere that is inviting and full of curiosities. They are professional, knowledgeable, and give back to the community in so many ways. That is the embodiment of their name, Om, in action!

  52. mightyrice09

    This place made me feel at home…

    Harambe would have loved this place. (RIP)

  53. simbaflipside

    A little of everything very good pricing as well as a super friendly staff.

  54. rockbabe1317

    They are very relaxed and informative. They can answer almost every question I ask ranging from guidance on the medicine and strains to political issues. I love using their app and online menu.

  55. sunshining

    I had a very positive experience for my first time at Om of Medicine! After checking in and filling out brief paperwork at reception I was let into the patient lounge. There I was greeted by the Chief Medical Officer Dr. Evan Litinas, given a brief tour and taken back to a private consultation room. Here, Dr. Litinas asked me about my symptoms and talked me through all the products and their healing properties. He had a lot of helpful visual aids to explain how our body utilizes each of the different method of administration. He was very patient and I did not feel rushed. I felt like I learned a lot during my visit and I left feeling more empowered about my medicine. Thank you Om of Medicine and Dr. Litinas! I will definitely be returning 🙂

  56. stevedensmore

    By far the best location in Ann Arbor. Huge selection, fair prices, and a knowledgeable staff. Their waiting room is incomparable, and best of all, guests without certification can relax there as well. Please give them a look, you won’t regret it!

  57. ImDrillin

    If you want to see the most professional cannabis distributor for medical marijuana this is the place to go

  58. christopher.k

    Perfect location, easy to find!!! Great atmosphere!!!! Would recommend to anyone!!!! Wonderful people!! The best service!!!!

  59. orangeshi

    This place is awesome. I really appreciated the thorough orientation and the resources available on site. I am a life long learner and nerd so even though I know a lot about cannabis use I really appreciated Evan’s more thorough lesson on how it works chemically in the body. I plan to make this my regular place because I felt comfortable and safe having access to someone more knowledgeable about the medical field as a while.

  60. chrisgo

    om is top notch my go to place if you haven’t been to om you are missing out on a great experience when I’m at om i never want to leave

  61. greencross420greencross

    I really enjoyed this place. I liked the meds, service, and quality!! I would definitely return and suggest to others.

  62. mikesos

    great location to get meds, good selection and prices I will definitely be coming back again.

  63. kaylawesterman08

    Good location! This amazing dispensary is filled with artwork that are all from local artists which is amazing!! You are blown away right when you walk in because the art work & lounge area are so amazing! Good prices on the bud, knowledgeable staff, and tons of free events that they offer there! Also it’s amazing that you’re allowed to bring friends & family to enjoy all of the free events that are held in the lounge area & the best part is they don’t have to have a medical marijuana card to hang out in the lounge area! Evan Litinas who is the Chief Medical Officer did an amazing job by giving me helpful tips and knowledge about certain strains, and also hooked me up with freebies since it was my first time! I’ll definitely be coming back more often!!! LOVE this place!!

  64. kinpatsu12

    Best dispensary I’ve been to yet. I was impressed that they asked for a preferred name on their new patient form (this non-binary patient thanks you!), and my budtender was supremely accommodating and helpful in picking out strains for my condition. For the shopping experience and for the quality medicine, I’ll be back again and again.

  65. Collins4734

    Relaxing atmosphere, friendly staff, and quality product

  66. astaelens

    Very relaxed, well laid out and beautiful art. The staff is friendly and very knowledgeable.

  67. EricHD

    Best store in Michigan! One of a kind staff and products!

  68. glenniboi

    Hands down the nicest in the state!

  69. acj040111

    There is plenty of free parking, makes it very easy to get in and out. The employees are very nice and easy to ask for advice/help.

  70. austinjayyo

    Kind and helpful staff great atmosphere and happy place to be

  71. dabsohard

    Great place with good people and even better medicine. Very classy

  72. mothermermaid

    Wonderful staff beautiful area ALWAYS happy when I go there highly recommend OM

  73. skiptron

    I’ve been going to OM for years, I love it there. The meds are top notch and consistent and I am comfortable asking their amazing judgment free staff questions. This facility sets themselves apart from the others. Not only do they offer great medicine but also; beautiful art, yoga, talent night, comedy show, collecting food donations, coat drives, other community outreach and my absolute favorite they offer a warm welcoming smile whenever I am there.A The facility is safe, secure, clean and comfortable for patients of any age and all backgrounds. Although they are located on the 3rd floor there is an easily accessible elevator in the back and they validate parking. The Apollo capsules are amazing and their Gorilla Glue is by far the best.
    There truly is “no place like OM” atm!

  74. jostutes

    Amazing atmosphere and product selection. No other dispensary comes close to what Om provides

  75. drewagner

    It’s just so nicely presented throughout the entire process. There was even a lounge space for my non-patient girlfriend to relax and drink coffee in. One of the best in Ann Arbor, hands down.

  76. captainfabuloso

    If you are serious about medical cannabis, there is no other place that takes it as serious as OM of medicine. most professional in Ann Arbor there is no doubt about it. thank you, OM!

  77. fatkid421

    best place in town awesome staff and a even better product

  78. UndergroundDro

    its a favorite dispensery of mine.
    they are there for the people.
    great meds to try the flight club oil!

  79. anonymous_13

    Very knowledgeable staff. Able to answer any questions.

  80. ajchic908

    I can’t say enough good things about this place. Their edibles are unreal. Their flowers are perfectly trimmed and are top quality. The atmosphere is something out of a stoners dream. Beautifully decorated with a hip and relaxed atmosphere. I felt so comfortable because of their extremely pleasant staff members. And lastly, one of the most beautiful lobby’s I’ve ever seen.

  81. erg420

    best place ever. the price and the people cant be beat. will be. come n back many times.

  82. QDoesDabz

    By far the best dispensary in the Ann Arbor area, the staff are very caring and generous when it comes to their patients. I highly recommend trying it out if you haven’t before!

  83. JZOLAD

    Favorite place. Here are the most important things I look for in a dispensary.
    1) Good Security
    2) They have a wide variety of product. From flower to concentrates. Good quality and fair “Donations”.
    3) Online ordering. Pickup takes less than 5 minutes.
    4) They have a professional and knowledgeable staff. Very friendly and never feel rushed.
    5) A 10% discount for seniors. Great for fixed incomes,
    6) A very pleasant looking facility.
    7) One hour parking passes at nearby parking lots.

    I have many dispensaries closed to where I live. OM of Medicine is worth the 60 miles round trip I drive.

  84. kdab812

    Great place tucked away downtown… They have a wide variety of products at reasonable donation prices. Excellent staff and service! A bit farther than I like to drive but worth it.

  85. profka

    Om was my first experience with a dispensary, and frankly I’ve never felt any need to go elsewhere. The folks there are awesome – friendly, helpful, and willing to point you to the right people to get your questions answered. I have never been greeted with anything but a smile. They have a decent selection of flower that changes fairly frequently. Good prices, online ordering, free coffee while you wait to chat with their on-staff MD. Great place!

  86. Anthonyapap1979

    Great meds! Very informative bud tenders! Skittle pricy but compared to others meds it’s worth the extra $$$

  87. bbworthing

    Fun location being on Main st, and by far the best atmosphere of all the dispensaries in Ann Arbor. The service is always awesome, ive never had any problems and have been going here for months. Really dank tree

  88. MishLe

    These folks genuinely care and want to help you. I highly recommend to anyone. Extremely knowledgeable in CBDs as well. Also a sweet chill spot!

  89. roger316

    I think that this is the place to go to really good meds and it is reasonable priced

  90. djwimbo

    My main spot to go in AA.
    Love the atmosphere, always great staff, and consistent quality of meds.

  91. besprung

    Not your typical dispensary!! The staff is very informed in the ins and outs. Comedy night is a highlarious way to unwind relax and check out some new strains while you’re there or anytime for that matter!!

  92. kellykellkell

    this place is way amazing! Keeping in mind that you get what you pay for… Every med I sampled and I sampled four, was amazing! wonderful atmosphere exclamation amazing super nice super smart super friendly super knowledgeable crew and just an all-around amazing experience!!

  93. jtaylo74

    I am contracted in, well-over, a dozen dispensaries, but the Om of Medicine really takes 1st place. I appreciate their intent collaboration with patients to educate through hosting events, cited literature, knowledgeable staff. Top-of-the-line service & overall quality.

  94. saramarie19

    Favorite place. They know me, they provide parking, the staff is very friendly. And they always hook loyal customers up. I’ve tried a few other places and nothing compares to OM.

  95. QueenBee78

    Enjoy the staff. Very knowledgeable and able to assist with my needs.

  96. 420Beauty

    Om is a great, relaxed, and friendly atmosphere. Also a diverse amount of activities held there. Highly recommended!

  97. Stonermama72

    I really loved stopping at the Om of Medicine! Being a new patient can be intimidating but the staff made everything very comfortable for me. Very cool atmosphere, beautiful art to enjoy, knowledgeable budtenders, everything you could need. looking forward to my next visit!

  98. Hunter6363

    I’ve been to a few places to get my meds and this is by far the best. The best quality and most professional

  99. kn0pex

    Very nice atmosphere. staffing is well trained and more then welcoming.

    will definetly come by more often. Thank you 😉

  100. DaisyMac

    my favorite place. may be a little on the pricier side, but totally worth it. their selections are huge. super friendly!

  101. lexy1996

    i love the place and the people!

  102. nmor027

    Go here every time. Easy and fun

  103. JadedTakesThisSerious

    Selection is not super expansive. Most meds are not tested.. Well they claim they test all, but most ‘do not have results back yet’, an never seem to arrive. Not a fan of that part honestly. Parking is as you would expect for main street ann arbor, lame, but they validate many lots near by. Basically I hit this place for specific strains when they have them.

  104. birwood523

    the staff is amazing. they make you feel at home. the setting is very open and and allows you to take in the good vibes while you wait to be helped

  105. cgerring

    Om was helpful as I am a newbie. They gave me a private consultation, asked about my conditions and based recommendations off of those conditions. I will promote this place for anyone starting out as their guiding hand was 100% helpful.

  106. kevpeter

    Favorite dispensary in Ann Arbor! Love their organic flower. This is definitely the first dispo I’d point any med card holder too visiting the city.

  107. hashberryskunk2015

    PLACE HAS GREAT BUD!! concentrates arent to bad either very far prices 8 out of 10 for concentrates. bud 10 out of 10!!

    probably the best atmosphere ive ever been in for a dispenary/ gallery!! amazing!

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