The REEF Detroit



6640 E 8 Mile Rd, Detroit, MI 48234


42.4477022, -83.0356303




9:00 AM – 9:00 PM


9:00 AM – 9:00 PM


9:00 AM – 9:00 PM


9:00 AM – 9:00 PM


9:00 AM – 9:00 PM


9:00 AM – 9:00 PM


9:00 AM – 9:00 PM


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945 reviews for “The REEF Detroit

  1. Ten214

    This spot was very welcoming! Staff was nice and very honest about what weeds are good. New spot on the east for me to visit

  2. Jrodamusprime

    Great place, with a lot of variety, and open space. I’ve been a few times, and it’s definitely my favorite spot to go in the neighborhood.

  3. Catlob

    Nick was AWESOME, location was secure and clean! Products were spot on!

  4. dmcgrew1984

    I love this place. My only spot

  5. Jazu

    Big, open building. Secure Lot and great set-up will definitely be back!!! Good selection on the Buds and the Pre-rolls!

  6. spongey420

    This is my boys place been coming for years they was pur but had to move

  7. 3rdiva

    I love this place dY’-dY’-dY’OEdY1/2dY’dY1/2

  8. Quisherm

    This place is so laid back and Chill.

  9. AngelaAllen1011

    This place is awesome. Great service, pleasant atmosphere. Sign up for text service, it is worth it.

  10. Kimba798

    I love this dispensary! Staff is so helpful and friendly, not to mention the decor here is awesome!

  11. Drgod1976

    It’s a great location. The staff are very nice. The bud tenders are also gangster. Lots of parking.

  12. I8munkys

    Quick friendly service. Great atmosphere.

  13. Username_Kronik

    Awesome staff, good deals, quality strains. every other dispensary I’ve gone to just isn’t the same

  14. Terry86

    Great place

  15. Kevinl1968

    they had a great setup and everything else Affair selection but all of their affordable but it was complete garbage and the top shelf was a massive Ripa I spent $55 for an 8 that I went online and looked at their deals said I should have paid only 50 and have gotten four grams when I only got 3.5 455 do not trust their deals do not go here go to Healing Tree Wellness Center so you don’t get cheated

  16. lower1

    getting me where I’m comfortable

  17. dirtydee8999

    This has been my 1st visit here and my 2nd dispensary to check out. Really friendly staff, amazing waiting lounge with lots of couches and a salt water fish tank. They were pretty busy at the time I arrived so it did take me a little longer to get into see a bud tender, but that’s not a big deal. Would come here again, very impressed.

  18. destinypedigo777

    I love the selections , great quality. and the tenders are awesome

  19. Menzo1988

    When I first got there the staff was very friendly and greeting. The environment was very comfortable, and the person taking care of me was very resourceful.

  20. Lbeckett13

    I really liked the selection. great pricing as well. I also enjoy the fact that they send you daily specials via text message to keep you updated on everything. great place. will return.

  21. Zachgosik

    Best dispensary have been coming in for a couple years….great staff and medicine

  22. makspencer011

    Was there earlier this week and got myself some Tangie Cookies. It had a great flavor and an exceptional buzz. The first Sativa that comes to my mind for sure. The entire dispo has a very chilled and friendly feeling to it which I absolutely loved.

  23. RollingThunder754

    I have been a loyal customer to the REEF for a while now and one thing I can say is that their variety is unbeatable. I have been to many other local dispensaries like Healing Tree, House of Dank, etc, but the Reef’s cartridges have always been exceptional for me.

  24. profesora

    The budtender was extremely knowledgeable about what I needed. I would recommend this place to anyone.

  25. iillstillkill

    Love coming to the reef! My #1 place to come. Everyone is amazing and friendly. Amazing flower, wax of all statins best spot to be. You won’t be disappointed when.

  26. saralee420

    very nice curb apeal

  27. cdogg32

    Best place by far hands down! I cannot believe the daily specials and always have something for my budget. Love the place!

  28. Jayrockafella

    Been here a few times very good service and product.

  29. Hunt3223

    great service with much patience for their customers.

  30. Emmons1983

    Best dispensary I’ve ever been to! Most stocked and not boojie like HOD.

  31. geomofo

    BEST QUALITY FLOWER in Detroit! Helpful and knowledgeable staff.

  32. VladiK10

    This place and their employees are amazing! I have had chronic back pain for over a decade and don’t handle marijuana very well so was extremely hesitant about the thought of THC. The staff were so patient with me not knowing anything and really took the time to find out what I needed and wanted out of my experience. The selection is huge and very organized. I found something that works well for me and has decreased my pain medication tremendously which I’m forever grateful for. I would highly recommend THE REEF for all your pleasure or patients needs!

  33. shaudy13

    it’s big and it’s good weed

  34. joshulynn

    Danielle was REALLY nice. We kinda got side tracked talking lol. She offers the best stuff and gave me a nice deal for my first time… thanks girl dYtm,

  35. Kaz91

    Reef is my number one choice for a dispensary! Service is great and just the other day Alaina helped me and made it easy for me to find what I was looking for. Everyone in there is kind and welcoming and you will not be disappointed with your visit!

  36. tcam4523

    people were extremely friendly and very knowledgeable, The ambience was amazing, which matched the fantastic selection of flower and even better concentrates! was really impressed.
    ive been to dispos all over the country, but i believe i’ve found my new home! got to give jimmy a shot out, the budtender who tipped off the whole experience! dY’SdY1/4

  37. PotSnob524

    Where to even begin… So I’m willing to concede to the fact that maybe this was a day they needed to re-up their stock, but for top dollar prices The Reef better get some good looking flower in their soon!! I was really excited to try Totally Herbal Care flower the other day at Reef, even though it is stupid expensive, because of watching grower on IG. So I get to Reef and ask the girl to show me jars. She proceeds to pull out jars and spill one on the counter and some on the floor immediately in front of the counter where I was standing. I picked up the floor buds which landed in all the previous customers puddles of water and salt on the floor and handed the kinda soaked buds back to Budtender. I fully expected her to put them in the stick jar they have, but she took the floor buds that were slightly soaked and put them back in the jar for customers to donate for!!!! Ok, so crappy Budtender, easy fix. Next like I said I asked to see “Private Reserve” jars and Totally Herbal Care flower. She pulls the jars out from various stations around dispensary and none of the jars had more than an eighth of shake in it that was still Top Shelf prices. When I asked her if she had anything that looked worth the price, there was a look of disgust coming from behind her braces. I’m not going to make a donation for Top Shelf when it is shakey crap left at bottom of jar. I think all in all with seemingly new staff at Reef it has lost the luster it had late last year before they originally closed (without notifying Patients…). Last complaint and this is my fault, but a double digit ATM fee? Come on Reef. Don’t rip us off anymore than what the City already is by closing so many places. And yes I should have stopped at bank, but other than strip clubs I have never seen double digit ATM fees. This was the ATM fee too, not my banks and have my bank statement to prove it if any questions. Really cool place, but really has slid downhill and not worth the price anymore. Definitely this place was one of the best in the D, but not anymore I don’t think.

  38. Flowastress

    I love this place very nice and relaxing place. One of my #1 spots

  39. robertj699

    Excellent service by the employees. Awesome environment. Coulnt ask for a better experience! Bought some come concentrates and cartridges. I tried their gorilla glue and it tipped me off! Excellent medication I will surely be back again!

  40. HarmonyLove

    Everytime I enter the Building it immediately relaxes me with the Awesome atmosphere. Not to mention the popcorn by the front door is a plus.

  41. Amberkate14

    love the bud, wax and all they have to offer. great people!!

  42. cales1717

    Clean and comfortable short wait, Bud stations clean and vary orderly. Bud tenders knowledgeable and patient. selection is plentiful

  43. Tboned88

    this is only one of two places ive been. by far way better than the other. top of the line flower. friendly staff,super informative. will continue to support the reef detroit.

  44. DeLaRivaDude

    Hit the Reef up this morning and was helped by Blair. Not only was she super cool to chat with but her knowledge of cartridges (only thing I smoke) was unmatched. I wasn’t rushed or anything. She took her time and answered every question I had with ease and professionalism. She’s a rockstar dY$?tm

  45. Aceito1116

    awesome atmosphere superb service, and the quality of KruD is exclusive. AZAA~ recommend all stoners to stop by dY’OEdY’

  46. denise63

    Love it’

  47. bobbybandsz

    great location! best staff!! gre
    at quality.. best in town hands down

  48. Heartlessad

    It was Great the best dispensary I have ever been too. Omg i love the staff. I can spend all day their and the popcorn is good lol.. *5

  49. Bigfacemom1

    Everyone is very friendly. Great selection and prices. I’ll definitely shop there again.

  50. cherrypie007

    All I can say is wow! This place is breathtaking inside. It’s not only huge, but has an awesome atmosphere. The prices are surprisingly cheap. The staff is friendly and very knowledgeable. You’re pretty much guaranteed to find anything you’re looking for here. Not only will you find it, but it will be the best quality. I will definitely be recommending this to all my friends. Once you stop in here, everywhere else will seem subpar at best.

  51. SexyPirateDucky

    love this place! amazing staff! selection is incedible!…and the fish tank..!!! dY~

  52. MegSki

    First few visits, this place seemed ok…. but now, its become one of my least favorite dispenseries around! It has a terrible parking situation. No security can see you until you are a few steps in the door, so you know they’re not here for the patients safety. The wait time is upwards of 10 minutes minimum. EVERY TIME. As often as I buy medication and for all the months Ive been coming here, Ive never been rewarded by their “reward” program… And with the exception of maybe 2 budtenders that waited on me, most of the staff comes off as careless and un-knowledgeable. It seems like no matter how often I come, Im always seeing new staff members too…. I like a familiar face, especially when it comes to getting advice on my meds. Ive never had a negative experience at all the other despenseries I frequent. But Ive had a few mishaps, miscommunications and mishandlings that left me frustrated, at The Reef. Think its time to stop visiting.

  53. SuicidalOrange84

    This is the ONLY dispensary I go to these days. I’ve been burned a couple times at other places but not here! Great quality medicine and very nice, helpful staff!

  54. BonnyNClyde

    Great staff. Good new patient packs. Doesn’t really give anything extra for returning patients,tho. Sad

  55. damtam14

    Great service and smoke. My first time there and the service was great. I love this place. Thanks for making my day better

  56. trumanmoth

    Loved the space and the vibes I was getting here. I came knowing what I was getting but my budtender was super knowledgeable and was able to answer all of my questions. They even had a couple of Organic options here. Highly recommend and will be back many times in the future!

  57. thomasc420

    By far the best place to go to. Would reccomend to everyone

  58. potentpotions

    Amazing ! Sarah Smith is an amazing and caring bud tender! Very helpful! Great atmosphere!

  59. raihanh1

    great service great atmosphere. strains were awesome!

  60. Ron Wilson

    Love The Reef! The selection is great, nice and clean location with a friendly staff. One of my favorite budtenders is Will. He is always super friendly and knowledgeable. Tell him what you are looking for. He has great recommendations!!!

  61. Byrd76-420

    This was my 3rd visit and Blake was my budtender. She was very professional and knowledgeable and went above and beyond to make the visit quick and friendly. Some of the prices are a bit on the high side but the quality is there too. Overall a pleasant experience and I will be back.

  62. gazebosteve

    Clean, friendly, safe. Good prices. Best staff. THANK YOU VERONICA 🙂 THAT IS MY GIRL!

  63. goalieRoc35

    New girl Deanna was extremely knowledgeable, nice, and easy on the eyes. Great experience every visit. Best place around.

  64. mrsalfred2018

    This place did not disappoint!.From the aquarium in the waiting room to the large selection in the back!..My budtender Zak was very cool and knowledgeable…Will be back!

  65. phogarty

    Friendly and great vibe.

  66. curtis1993

    This place is truly the best. No other place comes close. Highly recommended for a long time!!!

  67. section4401

    aEURoeAwesome best prices in town and quality.aEUR

  68. icequeenie

    I went here for the first time yesterday and it was very nice and clean. The bud tender that helped me was so helpful! I had a ton of questions and he answered them all very thoroughly and showed me a bunch of different products. Unlike other places he wasn’t just trying to get me to buy the most expensive product, he really helped me find the product that best suited my situation without spending a ridiculous amount of money. He seemed like he genuinely wanted to help. As for the products, I didn’t get flower so I can’t say anything about that but I got CBD edibles for anxiety. I wasn’t too familiar with CBD products so I was hesitant but they were exactly what I was looking for. Great quality! I will definitely be coming back to the reef!

  69. TurtleBaho

    My favorite dispensary to go to! The best bud and concentrates in town. Pat is my go to bed tender always points me in the right directions. Highly recommend to anyone!

  70. Perkey

    really like it. staff easy going & very helpful

  71. MinchA598

    Great quality bud, great deals, and the friendliest/most knowledgeable staff around.

  72. Jayhawks2010

    This place is one of the nicest best quality for your donation spots. A1.

  73. QueenDee313

    Always top notch flower and service.

  74. trevpro

    clean and safe , good prices

  75. andy16

    Good affordable medicine, great staff, very friendly! Would recommend.

  76. Ericakane23

    great service and atmosphere

  77. ToGxFtW

    Hands down one of the best places out there. The staff is very friendly and the whole place is filled with great vibes. Will always be back!!

  78. inmansten

    this is one of the best! others should strive to be more like the reef! top notch

  79. Sass112071

    Love it here, there so helpful and help you understand what your needs are,and find what works for you. They have a point system which is very nice. Since i’ve Been going here, I don’t go anywhere else

  80. theblaksmith

    Amazing! one of my best experiences yet. love the space and the budtenders!

  81. renes313

    Great place to shop

  82. Tammitoth

    All the people are very friendly and knowledgeable in all there products . And they have a wide selection of products . dY~EUR

  83. seesosi

    I love the atmosphere of the place, and the girl that helped us out, Brooklyn, was so chill. Definitely coming back!

  84. potandpepsi12

    The best place in the D! I love coming here every day. Flower and wax is always on point and decently priced.

  85. Nademan

    Great bud if you have an hour or 2 to kill in the waiting room, far too many dispensaries without a long wait. You need to step up the service and end the 10-12 people staring at each other, waiting.

  86. foofoo1991

    This is a great dispensary. Very knowledgeable and friendly. They make you feel so welcomed. Everytime i walk in there they know me by name and that makes you want to go back. Great security, budtenders are very knowledgeable and know what they are talking about. Always try to help you out and give you the best deal. I LOVE THIS PLACE AND THE PEOPLE THERE :)))

  87. starboy699

    10. I had severe neurological pain in my left foot from an injury and recently the doctor prescribed me a few sativa strains I could use to temporarily heal the pain. They were able to identify that the cause of the pain was neurological, but the medications and therapies did not work at all. I went to a couple of dispensaries to buy the sativa strains suggested by the doctor and they worked pretty well. But one day I took a friend’s advice and decided to buy sweet isle skunk from the reef because he thinks they have the best sweet isle strain in Detroit. To my surprise, there was absolutely no pain in my left foot for about 2/3 hours and I never felt better. I felt super uplifted and I could finally go out to jog again with my dogs or go out for long walks. I really missed the feeling of going out and enjoying until I tried sweet isle from the reef. The employees were also absolutely amazing and very helpful. It’s a bit pricey strain but it changed my life and I can never be more grateful. Thank you REEF! You guys are the best!

  88. IronDracula

    Fantastic!!! I really like their setup. Cozy waiting area, even though I only spent about 5 minutes in it, staff was very nice, from security to front desk to tenders.

    Flowers were in good condition and Blair was fantastic to deal with. I mentioned a strain they did not list on their menu and she broke out a prepackaged deal of the strain. Made my day.

  89. dave_h

    Really nice clean Dispensary that cares about the patients needs and budget too !!!!
    Friendly staff that talks to you and makes you feel welcome.
    A+ Dispensary all the way

  90. lillyleona

    I absolutely love this place. The lobby is like being at home, they have an amazing salt water fish tank setup, tv’s, coffee. They have the largest selection of flower I have come across yet and their list is very informative. I feel like making my decision on what I needed was easier here then the other dispensaries I’ve visited so far because of the information they list relating to THC and CBD content. They are also the most comforting aesthetically. I was a little overwhelmed with their selection but that’s not a bad thing. I will be back. They have bathbombs!!! Five stars across the board.

  91. Spartans18

    This is an amazing dispensary! The atmosphere’s great!

  92. garymech

    The REEF DETROIT is the finest dispensary in Detroit! It is a safe, modern location for transfering medications. The budtenders were very knowledgeable to recommend specific strains for my symptoms and medical conditions. Bree at the front counter was particularly helpful both on the phone and in person. The only place I will shop.

  93. nohbro

    13. I have chronic pain in my left heel for almost a year now and I was prescribed indica strains. I regularly bought Platinum cookie which worked pretty well if I took enough. But today, one of their employees suggested Dankemshunter GMO for my treatment and it worked extraordinarily. A few puffs in and I felt the pain relieving. Of course, the buzz was also great, but I really loved how the treatment worked. Earlier I would need at least 1.5 or 2 grams for the pain to lessen. This will save me a lot of money so thank you! The employee was a blonde-haired girl, but I don’t remember her name. A special thanks to you!! Can’t wait to try the lightsky cartridges you suggested.

  94. vonsdozzle

    knowledgeable tenders, huge selection, and good deals.

  95. beeerye

    great selection of all sorts and I love the online order feature.

  96. Strain9

    Great flower, great selection on concentrates and great prices. Used to regular HOD, now it’s going to be regular visits to the REEF.

  97. nickalaj

    Amazing waiting room! Love my Reef bud tenders. Always got amazing diesel for decent prices!

  98. lilweedleaf

    Nice environment but that doesn’t make up for their subpar bud, terrible customer service, and unknowledgeable bud tenders. They couldn’t even tell me why they tax their products while other dispos in the area do not… I’d recommend finding a better place

  99. Jmayala0118

    This is the best place I’ve been to so far they have everything you need.
    Ryan was very helpful and Knowledgeable on the products sold there. The wait was in and out and also I felt safe shopping here thank you …

  100. topdawg1930

    Top notch quality.

  101. bret007

    9. I have been taking marijuana treatment for severe anxiety and depression for almost a year now. I have tried several dispensaries, but I have to say the REEF has provided the best service possible. I am a regular patient there for the last 3 months and the knowledge of the employees are spot on. DeAnn always helps me pick out what I want, and I love taking her advice. Whenever I want to try a new strain, I trust her suggestions and she always picks out the best products. I don’t mind the recent increase in price as long as the quality has increased with it. Yes, it has become slightly expensive recently, but I feel like they are supplying better strains with it which are more efficient and works better as my treatment.

  102. AhmadS_

    I have been a loyal customer to the REEF for a while now and one thing I can say is that their variety is unbeatable. I have been to many other local dispensaries like Healing Tree, House of Dank, etc, but the Reef’s cartridges have always been exceptional for me.

  103. sparkle55

    Was very impressed with this dispensary!! They have a gorgeous store. The waiting area was very nice. When u got back to the meds the staff was great and very knowledgeable! the prices were great and the pre rolls were also worth it!! I will definitely be back!! the selection of meds was great especially the daily deals!!

  104. SkrapDogz

    Amazing Location, brought my friend here and popped his cherry it was his first time in a dispensary and his face was priceless seeing all the products! Amazing deals and great prices! I get the Concentrate deals and so far the product has been very amazing better than most places I’ve been

  105. ozmannnnn

    I had a friend tell me about this place, it’s a great environment. The staff is very friendly and laid back. And overall great inventory

  106. smokeydadee

    thanks liz =)
    she’s a great budtenderdY~~

  107. Dmoney228

    Nice place with good quality wax n bud

  108. joethatasiankidd

    Very nice facility. Very nice and welcoming staff.

  109. Marc313

    the reef is clean and safe to go when you need good meds

  110. melanieabuja

    great facility with good bud and the staff was friendly.

  111. Dmen211

    The best every dispensary should strive for sets the standards.

  112. PyroJoker

    I think it’s Better then most of the dispensaries that I have visited

  113. Dr_Dth_Esq

    Was busy, but the line moved. Line is for a reason, good product, friendly competent staff(Ryan) and am going to make my #1 stop from here out.

  114. DaddysRose

    their waiting area is beautiful and spacious, our bud tender was awesome. we were not rushed and everything we got was awesome!!!! definetly recomend the reef!!

  115. happygranny50

    This is the best location by far. I received my card through the Reef and have always taken my business here.( Except when they had closed down for a couple months.) I am very satisfied with the products and the staff. Never have I had a bad experience.

  116. PeterKush313

    I was truly pleased at how “homey” the place felt…I almost did’nt want to leave…Honestly it felt welcoming and relaxing…If only there were places for people to enjoy their medicine in an environment such as The Reefs…P.S. If you go…You have to check out the fish tank…I thought it was pretty cool…

  117. Amuj024

    I must have went in on a day the computers were down. however, the exceptional service def has me coming back. the bud tender was knowledgeable, took her time and didnt rush. I had a million questions and she answered them all. nice bud selection, good concentrate selection, they got it all. love that place dY’dY?

  118. TwentyeightGramz

    I love this place. Cool staff, great atmosphere, and the best deals around. My new go to spot.

  119. stayhigh467

    Love this place. Great prices, and friendly staff.

  120. kwelles97

    Was good for a while. I was signed up to receive the daily text messages but stopped receiving them abruptly. Tried to call to register in order to make online orders and when I got ahold of someone I was put on hold. I should mention that the phone was just set down and not actually placed on hold. For about 5 min I heard the receptionist talking to customers and staff in the background so I hung up and tried again later. The phone was left off of the hook for the entire day.

    Then, I placed an online order for one single item at 3:45 pm and showed up at about 6:30. Upon arrival I see the pickup window is closed down and I’m told I have to go and sit by the door. Then I’m called back and everyone’s confused and checking my cards numerous times. I was told no one got my order together and there wasn’t a single person in line when I walked in. So after 5 minutes of standing in one spot by the door awkwardly they bring me to a station to complete my order. By that time I’ve stated that this was a big inconvenience and very unprofessional of the staff and was ignored twice. So being annoyed I ask to see a different item than what I was originally going to get and I was told I’d have to walk back out and get back in line when I was never in line in the first place. A lot of staff are bland and don’t seem happy to be working there and the receptionist with dreadlocks and piercings is always high. Will not be back!

  121. Koby03

    Nice selection of quality medicine & the staff is nice

  122. weewilly49

    Been to at least a dozen dispensaries all over town and The Reef is the overall best!

  123. pdonnie312

    Excellent dispensary! Nice and spacious. They have a wide variety of flower at great prices! Nice and friendly staff. Liked how they had coffee and popcorn in the front.

  124. danoyse

    With all the specials and free giveaways it’s kind of hard not to come back. 5 Star All Day

  125. clairej97

    This is by far one of my favorite dispensaries in all of Detroit, incredible service, great budtenders. Would definitely recommend to a ‘bud’!

  126. j0j04256

    Great dispensary with a great staff and great prices try it out, you’ll love it.

  127. kstephens30

    Place was amazing and the flower was super nice

  128. zojohnson313

    my regular spot love it

  129. techn420

    love this place! great product and great people

  130. Barbieboo

    This place is amazing. No where else can I find RSO Kool aid. Quality over quantity all day. 🙂

  131. Jdushawn

    This place was awesome and
    everybody was friendly and my budtender was awesome and very knowledgeable about everything

  132. Atomskthegod

    This is hands down the best place to go. best bud tenders. Pat is really knowledgable about product and very nice. would recommend to everyone to ask for him

  133. stonerchick71

    great place

  134. growwingpains

    Great place. Great selection.

  135. littleredfox

    very nice place, super chill vibe. never much of a wait time, always good conversation with good people, too. they have the largest selection of product I’ve seen so far, and tons actual medicine and extracts as well as quality buds in every price range. i don’t think I’ve bought drug store medicine since I found them. got mad love for the reef. dY’-aoe”

  136. JoloRez

    First time impression was phenomenal ! From the moment you step in you walk into an awesome truly REEF like surrounding. Very friendly and helpful service. Definitely caters to the patient in a very comfortable and warm environment. Outstanding!!

  137. ceofrank

    They have good weed go shop wit them

  138. Rathur

    Best dispo in Detroit! Great deals and something new every day, love this place

  139. SuperNovaKay

    Love this place ! The Staff is awesome and the Daily deals are Great Always a good experience.

  140. sweetpea7

    Great products. Good budtenders.

  141. Rowellgreg69

    The reff was clean good customer service lobby neat well organize. Not to mention good starins!!!

  142. Emviiictoria

    Tess is an awesome reception and aEURoepart timeaEUR is very helpful

  143. SallySunshine

    Right when I walked into the store I felt a calm vibe, the people were great and were genuinely friendly, the store set up was great and so user friendly. Will be coming back

  144. stacie113

    Great place. Great bud. Daily specials texts.

  145. Brandy0624

    nice place

  146. Crb1983

    Joe was my bartender or whatever you want to call him.. And he is awesome so nice so helpful this is my new spot and I have to past a lot of other place 10 stars

  147. Macloven

    I try to find clean places. This place is the most clean place I’ve been. Products are together n not all over the place awesome selections in everything. Ben the bud tender I had was pretty cool I tell him what I need it’s right there no questions. Knowledgeable and quick. I will be returning

  148. Mickey420pm

    I love, love, love The Reef this is my home dispensery!.. Everyone is so nice and friendly, I love seeing the same faces working there every week!.. Thanks for the Hamburger Monday it was Yummo!..

  149. bonbon101

    OMG. For my first time in a dispensary, I have nothing to compare it to….. but I’m quite sure no one can hold a candle to them. They were professional and courteous.

    They explained what I was getting and answered all questions. The place was maculate, extremely clean and beautifully lit. Their grapefruit kush was amazing. And the Dank Rapids Bar Strawberry Cream …. let’s just say I was in heaven.

  150. Jimmymcknightofficial

    Never going anywhere else ! This place has secure parking, great staff and the best meds in Detroit !

  151. helena29

    Great place people are very friendly

  152. Crew2Good

    My buddy from CHICAGO told me about this joint. Place is clean, stocked, easy to find and park and the people are chill af. The security guard is a rockin dude and the bud tenders can hook it up for sure. It would be bangin to see this whole place filled with bud, but still a great selection and great deals. I also signed up for the texts to know when the deals are and I’m never disappointed.

  153. greenyg

    Great spot,& the staff was very friendly & patient

  154. mikewfitz1

    The Reefdetroit is #1 to me always have the best in meds very helpful and patient

  155. beretta902

    Absolutely the best place around!!! The selection is great! Budtenders were so knowledgeable, polite and ready to serve!! They have parties where they show why they are the BEST!!! The WRIF was at their Christmas in July party. The WRIF has never supported a dispensary, so that should tell you something!

  156. blithespirit1

    This is a fantastic location with friendly staff who are knowledgeable
    and helpful to new patients. I would go back here anytime.

  157. Korpse725

    the ONLY dispensary you should visit! entire staff is AMAZING!

  158. PatrickHorn

    Amazing professional atmosphere. Great quality products fairly priced. Employees are very friendly and knowledgeable, Ryan took care of me last time he is great. Will definitely be coming back

  159. Remy-0417

    Amazing staff even better flowers.

  160. Phyllisbell43

    I love it everyone is so nice and i enjoyed my visit Ben you are the man so funny love ya you get 100 stars with me thank you so much will be backdY’>dY~EUR

  161. Nellybop

    Excellent for newbies
    Extremely nice staff
    Nice interior … Appears very much like lounge.
    Easy visit and my questions were answered
    The medicine = Amazing. Will Return soon

  162. kevinhayes

    Excellent service of knowledge of products I highly recommend

  163. ninkampoop

    They have the best grape ape in town. Very smooth buzz and its very clean. Loved the experience and I will definitely be back for it again. It’s a super chilled dispo and it feels really cool to be in there. Great place!

  164. 12131213

    clean good service friendly staff great security.

  165. Dan_Cash

    best budtenders. great product and best prices

  166. Detroitganjaguru

    its my new home prices quality and atmosphere is awesome

  167. samiam58624

    I love this place! the people are always friendly and make you feel comfortable. the prices are great and the products are really awesome as well. I love the atmosphere and the style to the place. I love the salt water tank it gives it a home kinda feel.

  168. rafaellavine

    The grape ape is the shit! Had a great experience with a variety of strains to choose from. Also bought some cartridges, can’t wait to try it out. Top spot!

  169. msjae24

    The tenders was very nice an helpful and the fish tank really set off the atmosphere off

  170. aklar15

    Must Stop In!! Best dispensary In the D best concentrate and flower selection hands down. Also it’s a very cool shop as well you get great customer service. If you haven’t been GO!!

  171. nixweed

    Went to this dispensary looking for edibles and found what we were looking for. Their DANK Rapid cookies and cream is sooo rad! The crew there were all helpful/hilarious! Shout out to the guy checking our ids, Lions will win don’t worry! But if you’re looking for a nice and well put together dispensary, check it out!

  172. Amberlish

    Great bud, great deals, great staff. By far my favorite dispensary, and I’ve tried them all. I had one slightly discomforting experience with an employee that made me feel like I was annoying him with my questions, and was definitely rushing me, but that was months ago and I haven’t seen him since. I recommend this place to everyone!

  173. maxcmc

    I was very impressed the second I walked in. Very nice people, great atmosphere and great medicine. Plus the free popcorn in the lobby was dope

  174. Sushi2u

    The staff here is great. Made me feel welcome and helped me pick out the right medicine for my needs. Great atmosphere

  175. Bainthemermaid

    Great selection great customer service great deals a$?i, my new favorite

  176. ProjektARKham

    great staff, very fun to talk to and really know there stuff. amazingly wide variety and am always satisfied with product

  177. BasicPuddle0

    Staff was knowledgeable and very friendly. Very nice and spacious inside.

  178. Jim V Gru

    Always a friendly atmosphere, great selection, awesome quality

  179. JPeezy01

    The variety of special they have daily and great atmosphere keeps me as a happy customer!!

  180. Mynamessem

    This was great spot, one of the best in the state! The Reef has a great selection and a wider variety than most!

  181. xxrayvinxx

    I’m here like 3-4 times a week. I love the staff! Lauren and Tess on the front desk are wonderful, welcoming, and always remember who my favorite bud tenders are.

    Then you get in the back, and you’ve got a huge variety and knowledgeable, friendly, and funny bud tenders. Travis, Jimmy, Zack, and Nick really know how to make you family. Travis is always my go-to, but Zack, Jimmy, and Nick always know just what I’m looking for when Travis isn’t here.

    Love this place, rarely go elsewhere.

  182. Moahmed710

    High quality products at affordable prices.

  183. Keyiabillz1

    Biggest, best dispensary in the city!! wonderful staff, good clean meds, nice variety of edibles!!

  184. divine99

    It’s my go to spot because I know they have everything I need without having to run around to other dispos. I don’t mind paying full price to support my local homies even if I can get it for wholesale. I enjoy this dispensary and so I’m paying for product, customer service and atmosphere. Well worth it!

  185. lordcthomas

    Greatest place to go, very nice place roomy good bud tenders

  186. CakeLady6

    Awesome place they always show love. Mitchell is one of a kind….dY’dY1/2dY’dY1/2

  187. Mikesmokes

    Wonderful place great selection . Its like going inside of a weed resort.

  188. maryjanewho

    The REEF is def my #1 go to for dispos. I’m willing to always make the 25 minute drive just to come to The REEF. I recommend The REEF to all the tourists who I come across with on a daily!

  189. shazzam67

    clean and safe. very polite bud tenders

  190. C00kiem0nster79

    We did a video review on YouTube aEURoeMichigan cannabis reviewaEUR

  191. hollaintheclub

    This place is awesome. It has a spacious and comfortable waiting area as well as some of the best bud in town.

  192. DoraDuffey

    It was very organized and clean. Wonderful service, Devin was very wonderful and patient with me and helped me find what I needed.

  193. Castermac

    I visited on a Saturday and felt rushed through. It was my first time in and there was a lot of cool stuff. I described what I was looking for and got pretty solid recomendations, but I don’t feel I got a good value. Not to be mean, but I also could barely the buds over my budtender.

  194. predictonaut

    Comfortable digs and a premium selection. What more could you want? The answer is a knowledgeable and friendly budtender like Devin. Devin is the dude.

  195. hayleyikraft

    One of the best dispensaries in town. Very nice and helpful staff! I love coming here

  196. jakeking0427

    Walking in, I was surprised by the comfortable and awesome lounge and nice bud room.

  197. Tcas1017

    We love how friendly the whole staff is and we enjoy the free popcorn and coffee . We go every day very comfortable store…

  198. amandaa179

    Great dispo! Never have regretted what I got from here. Great weed and atmosphere


    such a cool dispo. great prices on bud, wax, edibles and thc drinks. they also sell cool art. best waiting room in the game. friendly and knowledgeable staff. ive been to dozens of dispensaries on 8 mile and these guys are one of the best

  200. tarakolesky

    This by far has been my best experience at a store. As soon as I walked in I was already feeling comfortable, I was greeted and welcomed at the front desk by smiling friendly faces. I love the fish tank and how much room you have while in there. Bud tenders are very patient and helpful. I enjoyed myself and will come back here.

  201. parentj

    great selection, friendly staff!!!

  202. ThunderBuzzworth

    Definitely like this place the best however, the tender I worked with last night (Zack) left something to be desired. I needed help and had some questions about some meds that I have never had before. I could tell he was making up his responses and seemed genuinely uninterested. It seemed as if he was going to fall asleep at the bud counter. If it were another type of retail setting, I would not have purchased from him. I will stick to [Devin] from now on – he has provided the best service in this place time and time again and is always able to answer all my questions. Perhaps it was a long day for Zack, it would be nice to feel welcomed and have at least some of my questions answered.

  203. joeyfontanaa

    I love it there. Staff is unbelievably helpful and friendly. Place feels safe and had a great set up. Highly recommend.

  204. Drunkntheory

    Wow Anmar wtf happened?Not happy at all.
    Almost handed the gram back for a refund before I left…
    I hate giving bad reviews to people I considered friends ….

  205. ddtroitg5

    awesome place! I only come here!

  206. lsmael

    Best dispensary in MI hands down. I’ve been to only 3 others in the Metro area & 2 in the Lansing area but this place has the best overall selection, layout, & vibe. I visited Seattle, WA this past year to check out the retail shops & The Reef is the only place in Michigan that delivers a similar top quality experience.

  207. ab8072

    The people are nice and helpful. Great selection and atmosphere. Many options to choose from. Good prices.

  208. Amandapuffs

    Absolutely one of my favorite places to get my wax! The guys are awesome they answered all my questions and more! They were very nice and friends on the block!!

  209. SingingSatyr

    Loved the friendly bud tenders, very knowledgeable and professional.

  210. sirblazealot420

    been coming here since they opened. love the meds and staff that can answer any question you have

  211. kristenjean0423

    Bud is strong, save a lot of money coming here, a bunch of opportunities to get a free gram. Awesome staff. Pink Champagne is my favorite

  212. Bignif

    Love the atmosphere, amazing product, excellent service

  213. AMW91

    Everything about this place is top quality, from products to the atmosphere and service. Always a 5 star experience.

  214. Jayholla2120

    I love the lobby layout and the buds are straight FIRE the best I had I a while

  215. Dsmith1606

    My favorite location!

  216. 313THCREVIEWS

    This spot is truly a “Diamond in the Rough” Located on Detroit’s East side on 8 Mile near Sherwood. The area is mostly industrial but, once you enter you’ll be amazed! The look and feel is relaxing, mature, and actually comfortable. The staff was pleasant, knowledgeable, and interactive from the time I entered until I left.

    The meds… From the bottom at $6 a gram, to the top $25 a 1/7th everything looked great! I was a little confused about the specials but, in all it made this place even more unique, I tried the Ghost Gorilla Grape for my free gram and I’m very impressed! Nice buzz, great flavor, and excellent aroma.

    You may be able to tell from my other reviews that this location has me in a happy enlightened mood. LOL
    Be sure to check out The REEF Detroit, I for sure will be frequenting this place in the future. Tell them @Montel Murray sent you!

  217. Cujo93

    this is a lovely location with excellent service would reccomend for anybody first timers to I’m to old for this.

  218. Druw8808

    great selection of cartridges and the most extensive selection of sauces I’ve ever seen

  219. Rita1234

    Love the decor! So big. Staff was really friendly. Worked with me with whatever I needed. With for sure recommend people here.

  220. ajacob2549

    Brought a new customer with me yesterday, and we had Blair to serve us. She is OUTSTANDING!!! Her knowledge of the various products was incredible, and her smiling face, and her relaxed, outgoing personality made the whole experience very enjoyable! Even though it was very busy, she made us feel like she had all the time in the world to spend with us, just to make sure we had all the answers to the many questions we had. Thank you, Blair!!!! Keep up the great work, and I hope they give you a raise!!!

  221. AutumnRaineSkye76

    After a bad experience at a different dispensary, I was ready to write off dispensaries altogether, but The Reef has made me rethink that. The staff was very friendly and helpful. I didn’t feel rushed or like I was being an inconvenience. The budtender was very helpful with suggestions. I can’t wait to try what I got. Parking was great and the atmosphere was wonderful inside. Looking forward to going back.

  222. 7oEighters

    Still the best dispensary in the area. Friendly staff, great deals, solid trees!

  223. fatimas1987

    Never fail to impress! Deena is awesome and very knowledgeable! Love the environment and the how comfortable the waiting room is!

  224. Treebudz33

    The lobby is the best ever seen yet in the city of Detroit so far. The bud tenders were great and polite. I was amazed at the scenery.

  225. poppaschmidt

    Upon entering the building I was confronted with aEURoeAmberaEUR and her bad attitude. She continued to make belittling comments to the security guard regarding our situation further making me uncomfortable. As a aEUR~category A’ patient, I don’t believe somebody with this attitude should be working frontline with the patients.

    My budtender Will was extremely knowledgable and answered all of my questions regarding my medicine. Thank you for that. I hope amber gets a paper cut though.

  226. crabbycake

    this is where its at dY’OEdY’OEdY’OE

  227. SmokerGurl420

    The Reef is awesome! The atmosphere is warm and inviting. They also have great deals. I was intrigued with the aquarium! I saw Christina and she was very helpful.

  228. Lzrdking24

    Absolutely love it here. Online ordering is fast and convenient.Not to mention the amazing service and selection of meds. Keep up making me happy

  229. indicaqueen456

    Always have fantastic, friendly and professional service at the Reef. They are extremely knowledgeable and always have the best deals on quality bud! My favorite place in the Detroit area hands down.

  230. RenataHache

    Great products, good staff

  231. blueman97

    Probably the best atmosphere of any dispensary in the area. Offer popcorn and lemonade. The actual flower is pretty high quality. Also, have a wide range of concentrates to choose from.

  232. yyakeeb

    Beuatifully decorated, comfortable and mellow atmosphere. The staff is great and they always have a quality selection of top notch bud and concentrates, and delicious, fresh edibles. I’ve been a satisfied regular since my first visit!

  233. dreadlocksngreens

    1) the waiting area is legit. I’m a fan of leather couches and chairs & I could chill for a while comfortably
    2) cool energy, sweet music … idk but I think it all matters
    3) my budtender, well, much a$?i,a$?i,a$?i,dY~S
    4) the menu is large, or should I say, the menus are large & potentially there’s something for everyone

  234. cooperthetapp

    This place is dY”Y=dY”Y=dY”Y=dY”Y=dY”Y=

  235. dean1km

    First time visit today….best experience ever!! Live 3 hours away from the Reef, but will definitely be making special trips to Detroit just for this!!

  236. discndunk

    very happy I have found the reef. beat place around

  237. BluJaneDough

    I love this place! New favorite spot.

  238. JillMur89

    My friend recommended me the reef so I came to check it out. The place offers plenty of products to choose from. Can’t say it has the best weed or the cheapest but you’ll get your moneys worth.

  239. hprell3

    They have plenty of good strains definitely going back

  240. judibooty

    I like The Reef, nice budtenders, most of the front desk staff is nice, some should take a class on being a little more friendly with the customers. The Reef is the BEST place to go.

  241. GeraldBB

    I would recommend this place to

  242. kristymarie

    great shop, decent location, awesome staff and specials!


    When I say best dispo on 8 mile, that’s saying something considering how many there are on 8 mile alone, they’re quick and to the point, very precise with everything, nice labels with your name on it with all the specs of your product, guaranteed be coming to the reef again very soon

  244. smalls17

    Best product/selection around. Budtenders are amazing, friendly, and knowledgeable. Would highly recommend The Reef Detroit to anyone!

  245. queenchronic

    went to The REEF for my first time a few days ago and I have to say I was impressed. very cool, laid back, and most importantly KNOWLEDGEABLE staff! as someone who has been to every dispensary on 8 mile between Gratiot and Southfield hwy I feel very comfortable saying that this is the
    best place to meet all of my Mary Jane needs. 10/10

  246. mhazard11

    Went here after seeing their deals and the selection they have is great. I ended up buying a few more products than what I went in for. Customer experience and the ambiance of this place was great. Will be back again. The Waves sauce was LEGIT!!

  247. Oppieslaw

    great facility greatstaff wonderful selection prices are phenomenal definitely going back the next time we’re in the Midwest. Oppies-Law approved

  248. plonkster

    I’ve been to a few dispensarys and i absolutely love this place from the first time i walked in … im dedicated and highly recommend anyone here …

  249. tchstdnt

    I was a long-time customer and I always treated and tipped the staff fairly. However my last visit will be my final one. They were inflexible on a single item, then overcharged me for my trouble. The store is nice, the security is great, the staff is cool, but in the end how I was treated made the difference.

  250. missickes

    awesome place. great smoke and people. I’d doge all the pot holes for the reef.

  251. DeeterWreck

    Great people selling great product. The variety and quality of their flower, and their wonderful customer service make for an awesome experience!

  252. winhi

    Nice strong strains I like it. Ill be back.

  253. puff6672

    Love going to The Reef Detroit. The customer service is excellent. Great variety of medications. Feels like going to see a good friend, since it so cozy and comfortable with great people working. Will definitely continue to return.

  254. wchr

    The quality of the meds have gone down for the deals. The 5 for 100 wax is garbage stuff now, Goo is more like it.

  255. lofty2

    The service is almost as amazing as the product. They have a fast system that won’t keep you waiting all day and I always walk out with something even better than I got last time. It’s a wonderful place

  256. Lorna29

    The first time I visit this place they welcome me with opened arms. My bar tender Nick was so nice and helpful. The place is very clean and Organized.

  257. SinBlossom

    The Staff is amazing from the front desk, to the budtender and including security. Best place to go in the area. Love the products they carry, plenty of product to pick from and haven’t been disappointed yet.

  258. TbrownII40

    I was amazed as this was my 3rd shop in Detroit I’ve been to. Service was great, and not overwhelming like others I’ve been to. Well organized and good vibes.

  259. emilyeskra98

    My go to dispensary. everyone is super helpful, friendly, and welcoming. they also have great deals on concentrates/wax, especially when buying in bulk.

  260. donotpickthis

    This is my go-to dispensary, I am so glad they’re back! They always have great deals going on for carts which I buy most often. They also have deals with some strains as 5g 1/8ths if you get it at the right time. Sometimes there is a bit of a wait (there always it at the good ones) but the reception atmosphere is nice with large leather couches, some TVs, an ATM and a bathroom. (You can go to the bathroom while you’re waiting and they’ll hold your spot.) There is always enough parking. Head to ‘The Reef’ if you’ve never been by and see what this spacious dispensary has for ya.

  261. Brittany2020

    I love this place

  262. Dwthc

    Love this place. Cbd spot for sure

  263. detroyt4lyfe

    The Reef Detroit was one of, if not, the nicest dispensary on 8 mile rd. The staff was knowledgeable in answering some pretty tough and technical questions i had relating to various products. Their processes for dispensing flower is an example all dispensaries should follow. The Reef pre-packages all of their flower in various amounts to preserve the flowers freshness and quality. Now i know some people are concerned about his process, however, all pre-packaged flower is re-weighed to verify accuracy. Their menus are fully listed with all pertinent % values, again, an example other dispensaries should follow. And just the overall design and atmosphere of the facility is second to none. Only complaint i can muster is the type of flower The Reef has available. According to staff, due to advertising agreements with the growers, it will be extremely difficult to find “main stream” strains of bud. For example, a good old fashion Sour Diesel or GSC or Kosher Kush is not available here. Rather, “Johns Headband” or “Anmar 707” is. I find it tough to make a responsible decision on the type of bud i want when i can’t even research anything on the strain. But thats just my personal preference. If The Reef Detroit could shy away from advertising products that their customers can’t even research nor have they heard of, i feel they would be one of the top grossing dispensaries in Detroit. But hey, no one listens to me 🙂

  264. Robisthename

    Best dispensary in the detroit area. Awesome budtenders, extremely professional, and they have a huge selection of product

  265. pharroh

    best place by far very good service as well as good flower i would highly recommend the reef

  266. donnam91

    Amazing service.. The smoke is always the best.. I have no complaint’s about nothing..

  267. Ol1eye212

    I showed up with my Valid New Jersey MMP Card with ID from same state balidnwoth same address. Was told they don’t honor out of state patients because people are making fake cards. Are you accusing me ..? Do you not know what a watermark looks like..? Shame

  268. AnthonyJJohnsonJr

    This place is so dope!!!

  269. MarvB416

    awesome prices great deals

  270. Cocomoe1982

    nice selection of chronic

  271. SylynLane

    This place was awesome! I recommended everyone giving it a try. They hooked me up my first time too!

  272. Dennis74

    very good experience they were very helpful and I will recommend my friends become there


    best in detroit

  274. Jessa427

    Absolutely love this place. Had an awesome budtender, and the strain recommendations were on point.

  275. andrea130

    Loved my first time experience! Patrick was an amazing budtender and very knowledgeable of all the products

  276. Chiquita3108

    love this place people are great so are the deals

  277. OnEZerO1080

    Best dispensary in Detroit hands down!

  278. Jake-7111

    Good meds and good price

  279. tsmoov

    nice prices and nice meds clean and safe

  280. Greenmilk420

    This place is very nice. It reminds me of the shops in Colorado and Oregon. They have a great selection of flower, edibles, and concentrates. The prices a very competitive as well. Will definitely return again 😉

  281. yz250f

    Flat out love this place. Good deals, great product

  282. rbest530

    one of the best in the D. Great quality and decent prices.

  283. mellowalways

    Friendly service good variety

  284. Schmidty420

    Love the reef and their 4 gram 8ths. the purple monster cookie is one of my favorite strains that they offer. definitely recommend to other patients

  285. lulumaniac

    Very clean and classy
    My 1st time ever going into a dispensary, was asking questions and the chick looked annoyed and I felt rushed. But I won’t let her negativity ruin it all, I will be back.

  286. christine.ashlee

    I’ve been going to The Reef for the past month and they always treat me well. Always great products, never disappointed, great prices and deals always. Give it a try and you’ll be glad you did.

  287. TheCh33se

    Awesome shop. Clean, safe, and friendly with an amazing selection. My go-to dispo when the Dr.’s not around

  288. BrBr1989

    Very clean, inside and out. Possibly my favorite location in Detroit. Spacious waiting room with an immaculate aquarium, cool art and free snacks. Their vending room is huge! Plenty of room to walk around comfortably. Spent about 20 minutes with my budtender and didn’t feel rushed once. Great quality products for all budgets. I will not be going anywhere else!

  289. Juicypen

    This place is the best place in Detroit. The price nobody can beat, the atmosphere is warm and welcoming with the huge fireplace fish tank and offering fresh popcorn and hot coffee while you wait. The selection is amazing and the product as well. I don’t like going anywhere else.

  290. JRHighfield

    The interior design of this place is fantastic!! Great experience all around! Comfortable, relaxed, and not rushed whatsoever. This may just be my new spot! dY’aoeOEi,a$?i,

  291. MickJagger16

    The BEST Dispensary in the Detroit Area. Budtenders know their sh!t and help you with every purchase.

  292. mymanz

    Everything was fine until they had $5 grams but an ounce of it was $150…
    Another dispensary full of Stoners who can’t count. I understand $5 a gram as a sample or something like that but it should be posted. 5 times 28 is 140 all day. Get your math right before you post amounts!

  293. Spizzud

    Wow as soon as I walk into those doors I feel like I am in waiting lobby of a 5 star hotel. By far the best atmosphere out of all dispensarys, on the strip IMO. Not to mention the GIANT saltwater Reef tank with a very nice selection of fish, to look at.(TV’s everywhere of coarse.)

    (I want to say that, I feel like the owners really do it to help people. When you go in & explain the trype of strain you want. They actually steer you in the right direction. opposed to most places, that just try to get you to but whatever they need to get rid of. This is where you want to go, if you really need medical cannabis!)

    Now when it comes to their meds oh my gosh! The Reef Detroit has sooo many different brands & strains of Flower, WAX & Edibles.(Every form of concentrate you can think of!). I’m not sure how they run such good deals & still keep buisness afloat, lol. (I’m not complaining..dY~,)

    I personally drive 10mi out of my way in a car that barely runs, past all the other dispensarys on the way.. Because this spot really is the place to go IMO. a~o

    That’s why I have to give them an HONEST 5/5, really like this place..

  294. WatchTheFedsNotMe

    The reef was the most warm welcoming and best organized dispensary I have been to. I was not rushed, and i found my favorite strains in their large selection. What more can I ask for?dY~Z

  295. mary06161966

    Great atmosphere, staff is awesome! I love the specialsdY~+

  296. Gooftass

    always my favorite buds in stock and my boy Devin always knows what hes talking about

  297. OGRye

    been here 2 times. first experience the bud tender wasnt the most helpful. the budtender this time was great. meds are good.

  298. Dean313

    The staff is so nice and knowledgeable and they always carry fresh and quality products

  299. Name_Not_found

    Everyone is super friendly

  300. billyg313

    By far the best dispensary I have been to. The product selection and quality is outstanding! I donated the same amount as other dispensaries and got a better quality than others of comparable pricing. I’m definitely going to keep coming back

  301. chasagraphics

    I’ve been to dispensaries all up and down 8 mile but the Reef takes service to the next level. My Bud Tender Blair was friendly and attentive in helping me navigate the huge selection and specials. No pushiness or upselling, just honest product knowledge that I could tell came from experience.

    This has fast become my go to spot.

  302. bobbagowski

    The Reef is the best

  303. kangamangus

    never been disappointed with anything from here. been going since they opened, always good quality, selection, people and prices.

  304. QueenMcDabber710

    i love it my people are awesome. budtenders are knowledgeable. the fish tank is beautiful

  305. Tyclin420

    Friendly and informative staff that’ll tell you anything you need to know and what their best deals are, amazing building and fish tank, great bud, and they play awesome music lol 10/10 would recommend

  306. eeyoregurl420

    I love the reef. It’s very upscale looking but product and prices are the best can beat them. Plus bud tenders are nice and knowledgeable

  307. Bjlw94

    This is the only dispensary i go to. They have the best selection from edibles to wax. Best bud selection. Even have bath bombs and ice cream!!! Very cute and unique dab tools and roach clips too!

  308. slee918

    The BEST place! It was my first time and it definitely won’t be my last! They have such a wide variety of everything! Prices are great and the staff is amazing and friendly. Highly recommended!!!!

  309. Kikig01

    I spent too much time and money going up and down 8 mile looking for the best dispensary. This is the place to go. Safe. Clean. Informative. Cool lobby, amazing variety. Hands down the best indica I’ve ever had. Won’t be testing any more new places.

  310. dabbingpenguin710

    Great dispensary with awesome deals and selections highly recommend the dazed slabs

  311. Squiziee

    Top bud.low prices .many sales.#1

  312. white_boy_039

    Nice environment knowledgeable staff and good service

  313. holli1zj

    Awesome place. Ask for Pat he’ll take care of you.

  314. Jillybean71


  315. Britney1025

    Very nice inside and friendly staff!

  316. Sheebz

    Great location, staff, and quality of products.

  317. MLavp

    Great secure atmosphere. Relaxing waiting area with smiling and friendly staff. Came here with the family and everyone enjoyed the selections. Personally the Larry OG Resin was off the charts.

  318. franhanne777

    i love this place….very comfortable….i was in on a sad visit where i lost a friend to heroin that day…i was devastated…i went there a a awesome budtender jenna made sure sure i was treated with respect. she referred me to some. drews strawberry sherbert …i had actually slept well that nite…i will go back here….awesome inside too….

  319. Sunkist2a2

    Best dispensary in Detroit. Great selection of bud. Very helpful staff.

  320. Meme243619

    My favorite spot to go. Lots of variety and great quality. Awesome customer service from the bud tenders as well.

  321. R_chels

    Yesterday was my first time ever going to the reef and it was very pleasant. The people at the front desk were very friendly and they had a large waiting room with plenty of sofas for those waiting to chill. The budtender who helped me, Zack, was very nice, charming and helpful. I would definitely recommend the reef to my friends dY~SdY’–

  322. kwadec6

    Best product selection. I would recommend this dispensary to anyone. Great prices and very friendly customer service.

  323. caoi0815

    Good dispensary go here all the time. Good bud

  324. StephaniePeltier66

    Very nice and professional.

  325. Jimbobmcgrath

    Love the weed and good service will go back

  326. raymondz

    This is a great dispensary. There are lovely people, great bud, and the establishment is just beautiful. I definitely recommend the reef to anyone looking for great service in the marijuana industry

  327. manifest1

    i thought the selection on buds and concentrates was great plus getting a free gram for a first time visit of some fire citrus frost defiantly made it wven better will be back

  328. REL1948

    This was my first visit. Zack assisted me and was extremely knowledgeable. This is the nicest clinic that I have ever been to. I highly recommend “the Reef” and will return again soon. The staff is wonderful here and parking felt secure.

  329. moefo925

    I truely love this dispensary. Very relaxing atmosphere. The flowers are excellent. I will always return to this location.The staff is great!

  330. bubbba

    Chef 60…my bud tender Anissa was very informative. they have a wide range of Flowers oils and edibles with good prices.

  331. Rick_pedigo

    Wonderful selection of bud, great quality, atmosphere is very pleasant.

  332. Joint313

    Love the atmosphere and security. Appreciate the water in the Snacks! dY’OEdY3/4

  333. bertman0619

    its awesome always love the bud

  334. AngelaRagland

    Great place! Very nice staff, awesome waiting room – I felt comfortable and safe. Good selection and knowledgeable bud tenders. I’ll definitely be back!

  335. hippiehousemi

    Awesome service, staff is super helpful, definitely going back

  336. DetroitDabDiva

    Loved this dispensary, big inviting gorgeous building decked out in the lobby and the back is spacious and filled with amazing products with awesome deals and prices. Friendly bud tenders and great service. Check them out for your 420 needs!

  337. JoeyVeregge

    Bought some of the best flowers here a couple weeks ago. Drews Lemon Meringue and Drews Cluster Fuck x Stardawg and both strains blew my mind.

  338. Dreadhead313kushman

    Great service , the whole under the sea thing makes it a really Mello atmosphere.

  339. Purple-Alien

    OK my 2nd time I’ve ever been there and it Was horrible I had bought crystal hash When I had gotten back realized that 1 of them was empty after I had bought about $200 worth Now I’ve bought these before and residue sticks in them I have extra ones that I had saved You can see specks of crystal and sauce but in the one that I had gotten that was empty it was completely clear nothing have been in it I had called them up and told them what had happened they said that they would check their cameras I offered to come back in with the product that was the problem The lady 1st side that they would put it on my record that I would get some sort of compensation on my next visit For after I had offered to come back with the product they agreed So when I got there they took the product and went into the back room I waited about 10 minutes For them to come back out with the man that had helped me my Bud tender And what they called the managerIn which they came out saying that I was a liar and that they don’t think that they sold it to me emptyThey insisted that they smelt plant material within it which there is clearly notNo to mind you I came back thinking that they were going to solve the issue with the mind of spending more money thereBut they all insisted that I was a liarAnd then basically told me to leave their promisesNow I don’t know what had happened if it was the company in which I bought the product or if it was the store where I’ve had bought itself which by the way the product was element THC a super lemon hazeNow hopefully I can submit some pictures to show you the difference between a used product and one which had never had any in it

  340. flexitfelix

    Bought some moster cookie from indica section, juicy fruit from the sativa section and some vape oil. If you are a senior citizen or military you get a discount. Very knowledgeable staff. Very friendly.

  341. kae07

    Top spot, best quality/selections!

  342. Mekamoo

    Nice employees clean place $10 grams I purchased weren’t good not potent and didnt have a good taste.dY~YdY~Y

  343. VioletHighest

    Best waiting room! Very good product and budtenders!

  344. davidayng

    They have great decor, nice and calm atmosphere. The wait time was under five minutes and they offer fresh refreshments while you wait. Tony was a great budtender! Definitely going back!

  345. jaymee840

    awesome experience

  346. treystrongz420

    Started out at a competitor down the street ended up at the reef where i was greeted by the polite staff and was able to wait in their comfy couches. Then was helped by a super friendly and dope budtender named devin who helped me get the medicine i needed. Blew the HOD out of the water. Guess thats why they call it the reef. Thanks guys will be making the trip again soon.

  347. Gee4523

    This location is perfect for anybody it’s very diverse everybody is friendly great service very very very very good quality, if your looking for a place that feels like home with high quality meds I would recommend The Reef Detroit. They make sure to go over and beyond your expectations will never go anywhere else A+++++++++ and Deann was awesome!!!!!

  348. jps4201981

    This place was great! Good quality and good prices. Nice lobby and security, popcorn while you wait.

  349. redeyez42079

    Hands down the best.organaboys is what I’ve been hooked on but there’s no bad choices here enjoy

  350. DeviantMonk

    Nice place. Well organized, clean and welcoming. Zack took good care of me and explained everything I wondered about

  351. skellycat

    I’ve been here on a couple different occasions and it’s hands down my
    favorite dispensary so far

  352. getoffthegrass420

    Will is absolutely awesome and amazing! His service is very much appreciated I always request him as a bud tender! Love the Reef’s selections and them having such great deals and promos.

  353. trigger726

    Best flower on 8 mile.I’ve tried a boatload of dispensarys & this place always has the bomb.Budtender Ryan was very knowledgeable about choices & daily dealsdY’dY’dY’

  354. Flexxdagodd01

    this is the best dispo in Detroit hands down

  355. Brabbit170

    great place. would recommend. if you like cartridges go with the LightSky. 45 for the .5 worth every penny

  356. Jtz1455

    This is the nicest place to go to if you’re in the Detroit area. The atmosphere was very welcoming and comfortable. Unfortunately they started 6% sales tax unlike some dispensaries will eat the tax and won’t make patients pay for it. I would have given 5 stars if they didn’t bad mouth other dispensaries in the state.

  357. highsyd94

    Clean, organized, and very friendly staff all around. From security, to check-in, to the budtender, everyone helped my 1st visit be very welcoming and comfortable! My budtender made casual conversation, offered great suggestions, and created a non-rushed relaxing experience. I will definitely return in the future!

  358. PaidD

    Very good atmosphere great flower and good bud tenders who know what they’re doing!

  359. brownninja

    This is a first rate store. Notice I didn’t say “pot store”. It’s a great store compared to any high end department store. They have knowledgeable and friendly people who are able to answer your questions and assist you with the proper product to help you. I have terrible insomnia and have for decades. I also am a triple Traumatic Brain Injury and Stroke survivor. They were more than helpful and reassuring considering my injuries. I am sleeping so much better than I ever did with Ambian and I’m not putting bad chemicals into my system and especially my brain. I am so thankful for the knowledgeable people who have helped me. Thanks Guys!

  360. Abby420Cakes

    Beautiful space with friendly staff up front. Little bit of a wait, 15~ish mins. The flower is amazining! Strains I’ve never heard of and all great quality! The lady budtender was extremely rude. That was disappointing. Hopefully she was just having an off day. I’ll be back for the quality of flower and hope for a better experience.

  361. ImnotaStoner123456789

    Everyone here is the best. From Security, check in and budtenders they do the most. Everytime I come here I leave happy. Glad I can use my bank card here as well. Anytime I have had an issue with anything The Reef Detroit always makes it right. The reason I will frequent them as much as I do.

  362. Redbone713

    I LOVE it, the staff is sooo nice dont mind answering all of my questions, give you advice if needed, Overall great place, Im becoming a regular already lol see yall later

  363. TrueJem43

    Awesome Staff That Knows Their Stuff, Cool, Friendly People.. Cool Security Too…Great Place For Meds Of All Kind & Great Prices!!. Love Thema$?

  364. crf69

    First time patient great experience!!! I also must say that live rosin is the ultimate!!!

  365. Jake2695

    Great atmosphere staff is amazing. Definitely recommend for everyone looking for good bud and a quality experience.

  366. hoolzmcgoolz

    good service, quality budz

  367. makeupbyamber08


  368. MissChris808

    Great place for meds. Very friendly staff. I don’t feel like a criminal when I walk in. It doesn’t look like a typical 8Mile store.

  369. sarahh_gir

    I am extremely impressed with this place. It is very well lit, easy to find, and lots of parking.

    Upon walking inside, you are greeted with a smile by those at the front desk. They were very patient with me, being it was my first time there.

    The lobby looks very classy, tidy and organized. It was a relaxing space that made me feel very comfortable and relaxed.

    While in the back, I was greeted again, with a smile. They verified who I was, and I was directed to an employee to help me. He was very patient, answered all of my questions, and addressed any of my concerns.

    I would recommend this place to everyone! A+!

  370. Rare Horsepower

    LOVE IT! Great Coffee, friendly staff, quality Meds. THC typed so I’m informed. Will recommend and shop again!

  371. Gurt

    nice and clean lobby

  372. lee2772

    great people and meds. my only problem is i buy at least a 1/2 oz at a time. they charge the same for a half as if u buy 4 1/8ths…not my 1st, 2nd or 3rd choice of dispensaries. great popcorn though!

  373. Yaya1821

    I’ve been going here since I got my card and a little after they open, and they are awesome! Always have some good deals and always willing to help you find whatever you need. Sadly I can’t visit them as often because I live too far but whenever I can make my way there, I definitely do! love ya guys!

  374. BC4

    Best dispensary in Detroit, great bud, great extracts and concentrates. The bud tenders always there to hook you up and no thugs in the parking lot. Should be your first stop.

  375. stonerrico313

    great services

  376. mrcool39

    Great store friendly staff. Great selection and very clean store. The best one I’ve seen so far.

  377. NorthernLightPrincess32

    great bud and everyone who works there is always so friendly!

  378. mikestaxxx

    best dispensary in Detroit period…the magna cookie flower and the dosidos concentrate by dazed concentrates were absolutely amazing from my last visit can’t wait to back in a few days

  379. jjstots87

    great service! awesome staff! I will be back!!

  380. jako234

    best staff best bud best selection

  381. Billythekid720

    great staff, very helpful. huge variety

  382. ruelle

    I love it at the reef. the staff went above and beyond to make sure i got quality product for quality prices, and i loved their recommendations. i definitely think the reef is a necessary stop for all weed lovers and ill definitely be back!

  383. awhitlockk

    Love the reef! DeAnn hooked it up – thanks for being so knowledgeable and nice!

  384. zpasden

    By far one of the best .! Highly recommended

  385. clays80

    Was referred here by a buddy after going to another spot for a long time and i love it. So many deals from great choices . I go here all the time now .

  386. Vileese

    The location is very inviting and clean. Staff is friendly. Our bud tender Sara was so helpful and patient. A large variety of Bud and other products. Will be back again.

  387. galacticsoul

    Love this place. It’s beautifully designed, the staff is friendly and knowledgable, and they have a nice selection of strains. Definitely recommend.

  388. Patient1973

    Stopped in on the 22nd. Met Evan, John and John. Appreciated the education on the Puffco and concentrate options. The Permafrost cart was excellent medicine- was it Triangle Kush x Cherry Pie? I would appreciate some feedback on the exact strain so I can find it again since it works so well for me. If you know when they will be in stock next, please comment as well. Great job to the grower and processor on that one!

  389. sirhackenslash

    This place is amazing. The waiting room is top notch and the selection is beyond belief. I walked out a very happy man.

  390. madigital

    First time visit this morning. Very impressive! Convenient location. Lot security. Very warm and welcoming counter staff. Great lobby layout and amenities. Classy and clean. The rustic industrial theme feels comforting. Great wall of flower and incredible selection of distilates, concentrates and edibles. Our Budtender ‘D’ (Danielle) was awesome. Very knowledgeable regarding the strains of flower and very helpful with making selections. Didn’t feel rushed at all. It almost seemed as though questions and conversation were encouraged unlike other dispensaries. Overall great experience. Can honestly say that I found a new home and am looking forward to going back soon. Kudos to ‘the Reef! A++

  391. khollis1

    Awesome love my bartender DeAnn answered all my questions.

  392. lss420

    This location is nice and feel warm

  393. Tsauce93

    Everyone is always nice, even when it’s busy it’s steady movement. Bud tenders never make you feel like an idiot for asking questions!

  394. Nesker

    Tess is the best!!!!
    Great place!!!

  395. slobczynski

    always a great vibe in here

  396. freebass247

    Shit was dank dawg

  397. Creepingxxdeath

    First vist to the reef if was very clean staff was freindly and knowledgeable, wide variety of products however i bought four 1g oil cartridges with the panther on them and all 4 leaked out of the bottom onto my battery so now i have 2 batteries i cant use that are still new so im going to try and clean the oil from the threads and connection point to see if i can salvage them . 2 empty cartridges from it leaking and 2 that are still leaking i have never had this happen before so i have mix feelings

  398. rickster54

    This place is da bomb great tender and great productver

  399. bambambsg

    Very beautiful waitin room and super friendly staff. Very helpful and they have answered just about every question ive had. Its a must go to place

  400. Jisaacso219

    I am brand new to medicinal weed and I have a hard time smoking due to stomach issues so I went in looking to try a mix of everything but mostly edibles. The security guard and everyone in the front lobby was very friendly and I did not have to wait to go to the back with the bud tender. In the back they had a very small selection and no edibles. I left without getting anything because I don’t want to run from place to place, I was looking for a one stop shop.

  401. daleb

    great atmosphere and great service

  402. corky313

    Great staff, great bud quality, very secure and comfortable. Highly recommended.

  403. DirtyWhiteT

    The Reef is the first dispensary I will go to and everything else is second. They have the best of everything. well satisfied customer.

  404. jacks1b

    awesome customer service

  405. Sambobaggins

    The staff is very polite. Very huge selection.

  406. DirtyDeesTrees

    Great buds and great prices

  407. topnotch73

    It was my first time here will definitely be back it’s my new go to place fordY”Y=dY”Y=

  408. dylanlee420

    Stopped in today and couldn’t have been more pleased with my purchases, I picked up three of the dazed mini slabs I chose two myself and let my bud tender pick the third, just so happens the one she picked was a winner in the sticker , I didn’t catch her name but she’s always super helpful. dY~SdY~S

  409. Tucker27

    love it

  410. Shinseng

    Great place – good sized waiting area and an excellent variety of product in the dispensary. The budtenders are knowledgable and friendly, and they round UP on flower weight (32 grams in an ounce? Yes please!)

    It’s also a great place for those in a wheelchair – the parking lot is large and seems secure, and the interior of the building has room to navigate your chair.

    Highly recommended (no pun intended). To quote Arnold: “I’ll be back!”

  411. Nwilliams79

    Went in today and oredered my flower. The bud tender was great she asked about my plans. We also talked about the holiday and our drink of choice for the season. She rocks man, even though i forgot her name she was great. I love reef and love the environment.

  412. Pistoner710

    Great place! Had a fantastic first visit and Tony the bud tender was very helpful and knew his stuff! They have a wide variety and quality options. Friendly staff up front also. You definitely have a repeat customer! Thank you!

  413. Sixbelowyou

    This location has reopened as of 1/17/19!!!

  414. teamprestonboy

    so I have had my card for a little over 5 yrs now and the reef has by far the best staff and the best meds around! 5 star all the way! plus the staff is just beyond incredible! they know there stuff and treat you like family! thanx reef love you guys

  415. RealBob

    Good range of product. Very helpful and super pleasant staff. This place is like the Nordstrom’s of dispensaries.

  416. ShaShaBoom

    My first time there I owned I had no idea what I was doing. My care taker let me ask any question. I never felt dumb and he was direct in explaining prove and what I asked. I was bummed they didn’t offer anything for it being my birthday. They did however reward me for being a first time customer. I really, really enjoyed their swanky vibe. This is a place I will go regularly.

  417. Snyderman2369

    great location was there yesterday got some fire that I’m medicating with as we speak excellent and informative budtenders and I am actually about to come back right now

  418. pclem0721

    I just started coming earlier this month and this place is top notch! Very knowledgeable staff who are always willing to answer any questions that I had regarding stock.

  419. SkickyBalboa

    This dispensary is fantastic!!! Excellent quality of medicine and very nice and helpful workers. Thank you aEURoeDaEUR for your help the other day.
    Doug A.

  420. wescannon13

    GREAT quality and prices on flower and Edibles! Probably everything else is GREAT too but I only bought flower and edibles. Unfortunately I suck with names but my Budtender was extremely knowledgeable and helpful! A must check out!!!

  421. Chanel419

    I love the customer service. The staff is second to none when it comes to satisfying patients.

  422. Hepok

    Excellent product and very reasonable prices. Budtender know what they are talking about and ver professional. I just love this place

  423. javon1121

    This was a good location , and great customer service.

  424. TitaniumPrincess

    This place is one of the most awesome looking places inside and out. Impressive. Very cool and relaxed atmostphere – huge waiting room. Almost like a hangout. Back room – well, inventory was light compared to the pictures you see online – Detroit stores can’t carry edibles anymore (BOOOOOO HISSSSSS), so a lot of the cases are empty.

    The stuff I got, buds are loose – not tightly packed. I’m new to this so I don’t know if that’s a big deal or not, but the Purple Alien I got elsewhere was tighter and a darker purple.

    This is a HUGE facility and if Detroit could get its shit together this would be 1 of 2 places I’d visit on 8 Mile. I would have loved to have seen all the edibles this place provided prior to the change in law.

  425. ForensicScene

    By far the cleanest and most upscale dispensary I have visited. From the moment I walked in I was instantly at ease. The staff was friendly and professional, the waiting area was spacious and comfortable, and the selection of QUALITY, AFFORDABLE MEDS was excellent. I also really appreciated that the THC/CBD percentages of the products were all clearly displayed (something that should be done everywhere IMHO). 10/10. If you need relief, hit the Reef.

  426. Grayce523

    fantastic customer service! I went in today and got some great bud then they gave me a little back pack with 2 shirts, a pre roll, lighter, pack of papers, and a grinder! their building is super spacious which helps if you’re anxious about visiting a new place. the tenders are friendly and knowledgeable. would definitely recommend to anyone looking for a new spot!

  427. frankzen

    I have been using marijuana medication for almost a year now and I have to say the REEF has been among the best dispos I bought from. A great collection to choose from and quality products. I don’t mind the recent increase in prices since the quality speaks for itself. A top place!

  428. Michellewilkins

    I absolutely loved it!!dY~EURdY~EURdY~EUR

  429. The Hebel's

    DeAnn was the person who helped me. Knowledgeable, friendly, and helpful. Great set up, atmosphere, and prices.

  430. sayinitsince94


  431. mariatherese

    the people in this store are really helpful and knowledgeable. they are also extremely generous with a nice variety. I prefer the sativas and theres not a lot of them out there yet. I make it a point to do my shopping at the reef. they are my favorite by far;)

  432. andrewcatinella

    Awesome staff great selection will be back

  433. darealest1lef

    Daily deals. A lot of chances to win extra meds friendly staff nice huge building and a1 meds for all types of smokers try them out ull definitely find something you like

  434. Dreald

    Great bud tenders! great product! great atmosphere!
    All around great place….i Will be a regular!

  435. Kennyg07

    Great selection and even greater service. Love this place!! Highly recommend.

  436. martywood

    I love the reef nice tasty meds and nice services

  437. chloeleeks

    The prices are great and the people are friendly!

  438. Al_D

    They have lots of budtenders so the wait time 0 most every time ive been in here..The cbd tincture is good !

  439. ey3ofra

    just want to point out the stellar service all around and specifically my bud tender i believe her name was blain? i lost the card but a true sweetheart, really hooked a dude up. products are great quality, on the higher end for prices for edibles but nothing outrageous.

  440. CliffK1979

    Jake was awesome, he new his meds, and if he didn’t know he found out real quick! Best dispensary I have been too! This is my new spot 4 sure

  441. von36

    I love this place and they have da best staff and weed from all favors all the way down to to go to spot for 2017

  442. Daniellexo3

    I’ve been searching for a dispensary I really liked for a while. I finally found that with the reef. The location is convenient. The waiting room is so awesome! I feel like the waiting room is nicer than my living room! The staff is very friendly and knowledgeable. The selection of flower, edibles, concentrates is incredible! The ice cream is poweeful and delicious! The reef has everything you could ever want for a dispensary and that’s why I continue to come back for all my medical needs!

  443. Cmack_710

    Devins a G and very helpful, whole place is super clean and super officialdY’OEdY1/4

  444. PrincessNik

    great location, amazing flower and wax! love the staff very friendly and welcoming. one of my favorite places to donate

  445. iNooshUnot

    Ladies and gents of The Reef you need to step up quality control. you are charging outrageous donations for powder mildew, moldy, and mediocre grown meds. you kicked the name from Matthew Morgan which is complete Dick head move and you act like you are big dogs when tour product is sub par. tell Antarctic to step his game up. I should have pure white ash for these donation prices. Michigan please start to educate yourself on meds and quality. not bashing all products but it’s time we as patients stand up against unsafe and unfair pieces meds. these people are driving Mercedes and BMW Bentley and we are scrounging for high cost meds. just because it’s ten it shouldn’t be poop. I pointed out one time buds had pm and the tender just kinda shrugged and put it back into display. lol really? love y’all but damn……

  446. ittybittysmoker86

    love this place! the people that work there are always friendly and helpful. I’m never disappointed!!

  447. john131

    High class atmosphere and very down to earth people. Nick helped me out, he was confident in what he was talking about and very friendly. This is definitely my go to place, it’s worth the extra 15 min drive from my usual place.

  448. domowynette

    And I’m not just saying that! I got quality bud.. The bud tenders were extremely knowledgable. Also… This is the classiest atmosphere on 8 mile. Thanks!!! I’ll be back!

  449. BeckyBec

    Medicine is A 1. Will be back. Some of the bud tenders before the reopening could be a little nicer, don’t u have a dream job


    Overkill. I don’t like the idea of picking out a product then stepping to another station and getting a per packaged med. could be the old bait and switch

  451. LightningWhizz

    Awesome waiting room, awesome staff, awesome deals. Definitely worth checking out!

  452. dewb85

    So glad i came here the bud and the deals are awesome and Anissa always provides top notch service

  453. dosesantos

    very nice people and fast.i feel safe when i walk place around.

  454. suzukijones

    the reef is the bomb always have good deals. and good strains people r cool and friendly. assume place to get meds

  455. Adriano2020

    Best place to feel relaxed and pampered

  456. mmmorin3

    fish tank is dope, good weed

  457. killroy1994

    Every time I walk into this store I get an excellent vibe! The people and the store environment is so uplifting that I love it. I have anxiety problems so I am prescribed for marijuana treatment. But every time I walk into the reef its like I am 50% cured lol. The products here are great and the employees are absolutely amazing. Love coming here everyday!

  458. KyrstiD

    This place is amazing always great to there people and are always friendly I go here all the time and drive a hour to get there I recommend this place to everyone.

  459. cpow34

    The reef is awesome and so is the staff!

  460. redeye_jedi_23

    im a fan. came in here prior to my birthday to see what they had to offer, im a huge star wars fan so i have been going around detroit grabbing up all of the star wars strains and let me tell you, the master yoda og is incredible. tests at 26% and smells absolutely gorgeous. the lovely and friendly jenna helped my on my first visit and ill be making it a staple in my circle. very clean and friendly place. fair prices and decent selection. top 5 dispensary in my eyes. another thing i liked was all of the testing was CURRENT AND ACCURATE ! unlike a few i have been to, they have it posted in clear view at the register. honestly goes a long way and is appriciated! i will be a regular due to this! thank you jenna and reef for making a my experience so nice.

  461. ebone007

    Pretty awesome buds here!

  462. Cannalux

    Beautiful atmosphere. Great selection. Knowledgable staff. On point with some of the best in Denver!

  463. xbog

    great atmosphere, ..friendly knowledgeable staff …

  464. Andreakraft

    Its a great location , great bud , and great deals always.

  465. UrHighness86

    I looove this place. Great staff and better buds. The daily deals are a plus! Patrick is very knowledgeable and helpful always. This is my home dispense.

  466. nicoolkat

    Debilitating, chronic pain. That was all I could think about before discovering this place – the pain. Goods from other dispensaries werent as effective on me. Great quality down at the reef. 3-4 puffs per day (1 puff every 4 hours of being active). While I still have some pain, I Have a life again. Not to forget the support from their staff is amazing. 🙂

  467. Cupcake84

    Great place. Only dispensary I go to in the area

  468. RollingStoned2

    Excellent service and always has quality Buds. My number one place in the D for meds.

  469. DelrayDon

    My 2nd time going there still nothing bad to say… Will was my budtender this time. He’s a good guy and his help was great !! Thanks for helping me pick a great strain bro aoeOEaoeS

  470. Cannabotwon

    I’ve been patron of this establishment for many years and I have yet to find any better than this location!

  471. Globbyjosh

    the best tree around town

  472. Luanamld

    Always on point with fire quality love the discounts and pricing for the amazing flower. Brought my friend in for first time and he is happy to be here

  473. cookamy39

    love it!!

  474. boarox

    Super friendly staff and they know their product well

  475. Mikey86

    Absolutely awesome place to visit. All budtenders are very knowledgeable and care deeply about their job. Certainly worth a second visit, or even a third!!!

  476. Carlissawatson

    The place was very clean and nice! Bud tenders are very helpful!

  477. goTeamVenture

    Really digging the new hours of operation. My budtender & new daddy, Patrick, is a good, honest dude & a hard worker. Honesty is greatly appreciated when I am buying new products, like from one connoisseur to another, just straight forward opinions and facts. Love it. I will be back. This is my store. Thx ya’ll!! Xoxo

  478. heygray

    Great selection and the atmosphere is amazing! The vibe is upscale department store compared to other local dispensaries.

  479. kknox714

    Awesome location. Workers are friendly and everyday they have great deals on 1/8ths. I highly suggested checking this place out!

  480. richesjai

    best waiting room anywhere! great bud at all price ranges. definitely one of the best dispensary’s in all of the D.

  481. justintimetodab

    I came into pure looking for high CBD products to treat a medical condition. The staff was very helpful and recommended some great products that are working extremely well for me. Plus even helped me out when I was a few dollars shy! I will definitely be making repeated visits to The REEF!

  482. hunter4004

    This is still one of the best in the business. From the excellent customer service to the outstanding products. My newest love the Cactido blow some of the best shatter I’ve ever seen or tasted. I also recently picked up a pen from here which worked awesome. I love the friendly people that work here they’re very knowledgeable and kind. So whether you live here or you’re visiting Detroit area make your way to THE REEF !

  483. rettell29

    This place is amazing 1st time going there the other day. I was amazed by the atmosphere the way it was set up. very professional and the bud tenders were very helpful and curtious. Great deals and they had great freebies for first time patients. This will defiantly be one of my stops next time I’m down there. love this placedY’tm

  484. jaxxon93

    I have been coming here for a long time, one of the best places that always carry a huge selections and always great quality. I was helped by a great BudTender who was patient and very knowledgeable to know exactly what i needed. I started off liking this place, it’s close to my work and it’s got a nice vibe, it’s large but the art and layout is neat. Personal favourites are their root beer float cartridges and their Locktite is really good as well!

  485. Moppy

    The reef is awesome, definitely my go to spot. Great staff, great selection and a great atmosphere. No complaints here.

  486. NateB

    The best dispensary around I just go here and nowhere else now! best quality, fast service, and friendly staff. The prices aren’t ridiculous either!

  487. dharmapile

    right when you walk in to the REEF, you know you made a good choice. my favorite spot! love the vibe, it’s relaxed yet professional. my budtender, Devin was excellent. he is really knowledgeable and took the time to help me find exactly what I needed! both of his recommendations were right on.

  488. Aksa

    Very clean and unique. Offers snacks and coffee in the lobby. Really cool staff

  489. BlakeWzrd

    Very cool atmosphere love the fish tank, couches, and paintings in the lobby! Very helpful staff! Lots of bud!

  490. redk54

    Great bud tender Scott !!!!
    Was my 1st time there, went very smooth.
    Will be #1 thx

  491. shrellos12

    This is the classiest dispensary with the largest selection of everything I’ve ever been to! The workers are awesome and the whole experience is excellent!!

  492. Mrmike7141110

    This was my first time visit on a friends recommendation. I was impressed by the atmosphere and was also very impressed with the help I received. My bud tender was excellent. The concentrate and flower I bought were both fantastic. Excellent dispensary.

  493. awadmatariyeh

    not bad the budtender was nice long wait time

  494. Dz84

    Not sure how you guys get such good reviews when the bud tenders are about as helpful as rocks. Your menu is literally NEVER accurate for concentrates. You can say you are in the process of updating your inventory system but it gets old after a while. The state requires you to keep good inventory… have your employees do their job better. Absolutely zero point to having an online order system when you show up and get told half of what you wanted isn’t in stock.

    Don’t bother thinking you’ll get good advice when they don’t have what you are looking for, either. I asked to see a certain brand and got shown one strain, and the bud tender seemed annoyed to have to lean down to grab stuff off the shelf.

  495. Daydayyy

    One of my favorite dispensarys. The budtenders are awesome. The quality is great along with the environment

  496. pawpaw56

    Very safe and open location. Nice comfortable waiting room. Huge store with anything you could desire. My girl was super helpful and fun. Will be back. Prices are fair.

  497. thesupreme91

    Been coming here for about a year now and I refuse to go any where else. Every budtender is super knowledgeable and very friendly! Even when they’re having a bad or busy day you can tell that they put 100% in make sure your experience is awesome. Special shout out to Sarah B!!!!!


  498. Meandjuliobogart

    I discover some new wonderful thing every time I come in! dY~I had no idea that I could get 5 gram 8th’s on Thursdays! *note to self dY~%0

  499. AtAtFriend

    Ben the Amazing Budtender does it again! I went in with a limited budget and was unclear on which strains to purchase. Ben was, as usual, on my side. He communicated well to understand my needs and goals. And then was able to help me see the value in an excellent deal I was about to walk away from. He was right about the deal. And personally walked me to the exit door with a smile. Excellent customer service. Happy client.

  500. Redvickil

    Staff is friendly and knowlegable about products. Clean and comfortable waiting area. Large parking lot. This is the only dispo I will visit. Number 1. Great product.

  501. BTAUBE2585

    A very good place

  502. ShaneW017

    one my favorite places to go all of the staff are knowledgeable and will help you out pick out something good for your needs will always come back here!

  503. Carolynb777

    I knew from the second I walked in the door , I had found the best place in town . beautiful lobby , great front desk and security staff. Then I moved on to the back where I was met with some friendly knowledgeable bud tenders . best deals and best meds in town ! You guys are the best !

  504. dillondabs

    its an awesome place to stop and get all your wax and all the goods!! will be back.

  505. LilLady85

    Stop here and haven’t been anywhere else since! Great service ,atmosphere, prices and Bud tenders!!

  506. isaiah763

    Have great deals an nice buds

  507. Ryaneeeee

    First time I came I loved it gonna keep coming

  508. Lithium313

    I love the reef, had many budtenders over the months, they all rock, some of them have learned my profession and talk to me about that, so wonderful service, great selection, and all good vibes. what more can you ask for?

  509. eyesee84

    Contest entry!!
    Great service, great product

  510. snackslooch

    This is my new favorite spot in Detroit! Atmosphere, staff, and tree are all on point!

  511. jmuck09

    The blackberry cheesecake on their top shelf looks purpe as hell! Very smooth buzz and its very clean. Loved the experience and I will definitely be back for it again. It’s a super chilled dispo and it feels really cool to be in there. Great place!

  512. Detroitamp22

    Best hands down awesome service

  513. miwillie

    I always love coming to the reef. They have the best collection in Detroit and the budtenders are great! They seem to know their stash very well and also understands the strains required for my treatment. It’s always super chilled around here and I got to meet some great people. I fell in love with their concentrates above everything else! The ice hash purple pebble is incredible. It’s a little expensive but I absolutely love the buzz.

  514. smokinroe1

    me my wife and trees is a must try not big on edible but they the truth and the bud and bud tenders never bad a problem always going back

  515. awm76

    The products are great and fairly priced. The staff is very nice and helpful.

  516. GirlGenius

    When I walked in, I was immediately greeted and offered a beverage while I filled out my paperwork. The atmosphere is lovely, a massive fireplace and wall sized aquarium are the focal points in the large and very comfortable waiting area. My budtender was great, she was smart, had an awesome personality and explained everything. I will absolutely be back.

  517. edbed92

    Been to a few Detroit dispensaries and this one is by far the best. Brad the bud tender really hooked me up on my 1st visit and the bud I bought was great, I will be back!

  518. deborahparsons1

    Great selection knowledgeable staff and an amazing atmosphere. I’d put it in my top 3 favorites.

  519. Crosshairs

    I was skeptical first going there but wow what an possitive experience. A young budtender name (Veronica) found just what meds I needed. I explained to her I’ve been searching many dispensaries for a med that I’m comfortable with. Veronica she found exactly what I needed by explaining to me the difference in the different meds. Very satisfied ! I will definitely make this my dispensary.

  520. black313

    The best selection of edibles in Detroit. Scott is one of the best bud tenders at the reef.

  521. mregecko

    Best place in town! Always friendly and great meds.

  522. dgordon

    One hot spot…they always have great product and friendly staff. Can’t forget the great deals…Stop in!!!

  523. longtimetoker

    products we bought and tested were bug infested including mites and harmful pesticides, very dangerous. claimed thc %’s hugely inflated, not accurate higher numbers to mislead patients as well as charge a higher premium. very disappointed.

  524. speedgtx

    one of my new fav places to go they have really great deals never left unsatisfied

  525. Erik565

    absolutley love this place from the meds to the location to the staff very well set up they get you in fast and they dont rush you out they are very helpful with making your selections and very informative with all of there products and veronica was such a helpful staff member over all great place id give it 5 stars all day long!!!!

  526. Rossboss20

    Definitely 5 stars all around. They have great quality products, good prices and some of the best deals I’ve seen around, friendly and knowledgeable budtenders, and an AMAZING atmosphere. For sure my new favorite dispensarydY~S

  527. 420l0ver

    The dude bud tenders know their stuff, staff is friendly and helpful. Shelves always stocked with medication of many varieties. I won’t shop for my meds anywhere else.

  528. ABitFloaty

    The Reef is a friendly, well run place. My budtender Ryan was so helpful (I am new to this) and even did a product demo for me. I was nervous when I was going in but the entire staff is so friendly and made me feel welcome and unhurried. I will definitely be back!

  529. trmack1

    5 star dispensary! Great people, great flower and AMAZING atmosphere!! I swear the way this place is decorated, it belongs in NYC! I can not say enough about this place! I’ve been to MANY dispensaries in Detroit & The Reef is hands down the nicest dispensary! They are a 10 out of 10 from the employees, the decor and most importantly the flower. I have finally found a place that I will make my go-to dispensary!

  530. durbscrow

    Definitely coming back to this location. Very friendly, very helpful, and great tasting bud.

  531. lexiii94

    This is my go to dispensary every time! Great atmosphere and everyone is so nice and professional. They also have the best prices around. I wish I knew the name of the budtender I had today, he was awesome.

  532. Mdedvukaj233

    Best despensary in Detroit… amazing prices on wax and weed…all weed is great here even the cheaper weed!

  533. holly98

    The Reef is awsome, its the only place I go. I highly recommend you go there.

  534. paperplaneindi

    HORRIBLE I FOUND LITERAL LIVE BUGS IN MY BUD. Terrible budtenders who know nothing. Find a better place!

  535. HotHotHussey

    Best budtenders in Detroit. Hands down. This is my new go to place.

  536. aj311

    Great place

  537. StrainsforMS

    amazing place, love the fish tank and staff, always have a great selection of buds wax edibles etc. will refer and come back

  538. damiande

    Great selection and awesome budtenders to help

  539. antoinnedebois

    This was my first time in a dispensary and I absolutely loved the experience! They have a variety of products to choose from. Although it is slightly expensive, the quality speaks for the price.

  540. magmae

    Very friendly and helpful staff
    Always clean and fully stocked
    My favorite dispensary

  541. Guerra1177

    I thought that the place and people were great and the meds are very potent and top notch their Mars Og was such a good strain for anxiety and stress and pain.

  542. jwelch17

    This is the place to go for all you needs

  543. Ralph069

    top dispensary in Detroit . quality growers = quality bud.

  544. lexy117

    favorite place to go refuse to go anywhere else best wax ediabls and flower

  545. charmaxx

    I have been buying from the reef for about 3 months now and I have never been disappointed. I never wrote a review but after smoking their animal mint cookies, I have to say I fell in love with the strain. Its a top class indica strain and absolutely perfect for my anxiety. Great quality and great service all the time!

  546. -smokeahontas-

    Great concentrate selection,edibles & service!!

  547. Chantelly0424

    This place is the BEST.Anything and everything is perfect.I have never left unhappy.The staff is great very friendly and goes above and beyond on their customer service.They answer all of your quiestions.The place is super clean.

  548. PickyG

    It’s a good try, but this place is a little too ambitious, from the interior decor/size to the process of buying and strange shelving system for the meds. My primary concern is a good selection of great flowers and this reminds me of what I’m used to seeing on 8 mile, unfortunately, I’ll skip and go around the corner to Helping Hands next time.

  549. chris8mile

    Tao saturated in mold and I have a pack with 3 different labels with 3 different names. Tao glue also was mold. I will be coming in to have a face to face conversation about this matter..

  550. By-the-bleezy

    Really dope dispensary! Good buds and its got great atmosphere. Ryan is the shit, i love him! Highly recommend 🙂

  551. Pronto313

    Y’all know you guys are THE BEST PERIOD

  552. pcreson

    great place.

  553. Gracie22

    Great budtenders, very attentive. Huge selection, super comfortable atmosphere. They are a little far away from me, but I will be back. Check out their specials for some sweet deals.

  554. smokintoker

    Checked this place out and was very happy with it! The inside has a great mood while you wait!! When you get back to see the bud tenders they are very knowledgeable and professional! the selection is great and the prices and deals are even better!! will definitely be back next time!!!

  555. Raiders1966

    This place is straight out of the upscale dispos in Colorado & Cali – this is the experience it should be – knowledgeable , friendly, with awesome selections. From flower, to edibles, concentrates, and more dY’dY’dY’dY’dY’dY’dY’dY’dY’dY’ (yep 10)

  556. pepilepue420

    Best dispo in the D
    Always have great bud at a low price and the coolest interior ever

  557. Anthonyruth8563Password3314

    very nice dispo, very nice budtenders

  558. AJthephenomenal1

    can’t go wrong best deals in town

  559. rgryph

    awesome staff, cozy wait, and amazing flowers. definitely my go to shop

  560. RolloRollup

    always good smoke .

  561. Batmanmayer94

    Colleen is the best. period. Everytime I come in I want her as my budtender. She’s informed of the products, answered my questions without hesitation, Super nice, keeps a conversation going unlike most of the other budtenders who’ve recently only asked what I came in for. Much love for Colleen!

  562. Craigw87

    Great customer service. Very roomy and very great prices and great flower.

  563. Mg8419

    love coming to the reef!! very great & helpful staff and they always take care of me….definitely reccomend getting your meds from here!! happy 420!!!

  564. MaryJaneReefer

    really disappointed that they wouldn’t honor their special that they sent out…..

  565. whosdarrin98

    It’s pretty secure, don’t feel like I have to ask the security to walk me out ok da place

  566. MikeyyG

    One of the Biggest and highest quality dispensaries ive ever been to.

  567. Kaybee1958

    My second visit was as good as my first visit. Jake did a great job guiding me to the strains that help with pain. The lobby is gorgeous it feels like your walking into a lodge. Warm and comforting fireplace with a huge big screen tv and leather chairs & couches set in earthtones makes the reef Detroit my preferred dispensory. 10 ai, a~oi,

  568. japwantsu90

    great place great flower and great deals on certain days.I do enjoy going on the weekend more just seems like they have even more.

  569. sjonesx

    I have been using marijuana medication for almost a year now and I have to say the REEF has been among the best dispos I bought from. A great collection to choose from and quality products. I don’t mind the recent increase in prices since the quality speaks for itself. A top place!

  570. DGabbana

    I do 90% of my shopping at The Reef. It’s by far one of the superior dispensaries. Customer service hasn’t been the same since the shut down but overall still a really great experience. Joe is a very knowledgeable bud tender

  571. Bethy40

    Awesome Place! Wish they had good cheap affordable Hash! 🙂

  572. 808marquis313

    It was very big and overwhelming but the staff was excellent and I was in and out of there rather quickly

  573. Oxforddeca

    love this place. super nice inside. good green. awesome budtenders that hook you up. daily deals. check it out !

  574. Maryjanegreen84

    I absolutely love this place Deanne was very helpful with me and all of my medical needs she also gave me information in regards to a product that I use that helps me with eating and digestive issues I’ve been having problems with their cartridges and she gave me the information to contact them I contacted them and they are working on correcting the issue I’m very grateful for that information because I do love their products they help me be able to eat food and for that I am very grateful also your employees there at the reef are very very professional very pleasant people I absolutely love this place it’s very comfortable area even though it’s deep east you still feel very comfortable they have everything for your medical needs you should definitely go check them out as soon as you get the chance and also their Rewards program is the very best rewards program that I have found so far definitely take a step into the reef you will not be disappointed in any way shape or form thank you I appreciate all you up there you’re great be back in to see you soon actually on my way

  575. Redwhiteandblue1971

    This was my first visit to a dispensary since getting my prescription. My friend took me directly to the Reef. I received a new patient gift, and my friend who refered me also received a gift. I would absolutely recommend the Reef to anyone, and would also appreciate you using me as your referral if you choose to shop at the Reef.

  576. Broncolulubronco123

    I just love coming here it is so big and clean and you have a lot to chooses from. Tess is so friendly and nice she always has. I had Jimmie last time I was there and he was so friendly and helpful.

  577. eastsidekorea

    My new home I love it

  578. BpTm420

    love it. great wax and bud. would reccommend always !!! Always friendly when a cartridge didnt work.

  579. rachaelredding01

    Friendly employees. Relaxing environment

  580. zkroll

    Sorry for the multiple reviews, you can ignore the first one.

    This place is a lot cooler looking than it actually is. The bud was dry as hell, I knew it would be because it’s pre packaged. Everything I got was dry. Bud tender said everything was packaged that day, I strongly doubt it. A lot of gimmicks, and a lot of dry weed. No moisture packets is an elementary mistake.

    This place is fuego with a new look basically. Most of the same people work there. Nice people for sure, and a great building, but bud is super dry.

    Also, it’s no secret that the owner is involved in the city behind the scenes. I chuckled when the receptionist told
    Me that they were “legal” and there for went unraided like the others. Yeah, it’s because you’re protected by the city officials. It’s also no wonder why the proposed zoning ordinances don’t hinder the reef in anyway. This guy is a made man.

    Still lol @ security guard.

  581. WeedHealHim

    This place far exceeded my expectation compared to the other so called dispensaries. Decent bud for the price. Every time i need help on a decision i get sound advice on the strains. Will be coming back for sure.

  582. Bluebird5490

    Pretty good weed on my first visit staff was very nice looking to make this my new weed home since puff is gone

  583. Debcan2

    Awesome! Now this is what I call a dispensary. This is better than the biggest and best candy store. I saw Blair when I went there and she was so friendly, that I felt like I knew her for a long time. I could have spent a couple of hours in there just checking the place out it is so big. I wish I would of went there sooner. Seems very well organized.

  584. drogod48

    Great spot very HIGH end stuff and even better service!

  585. JGarc92

    This place is awesome. They made me feel like royalty. I have never been to a dispensary this big, this clean, and with such a selection. I came here just for vape cartridges but ended up leaving with that and wax because of their awesome ftp deals. Thank you people’s for the great service and great products. Really convenient spot with great meds!

  586. dirtybird1978

    First time at the Reef. Loved how the place looks, and the they have it all, from bottom to top grade,tons of edibles and misc stuff too. My only complaint would be the exclusive being $60. $50 is the right price I feel. But Overall I am sold on this place, it is my new 1st choice dispensary. The “Wedding Cake” was a delicious and potent medicine. Scott took good care of me, thank you!

  587. suziequzie1025

    Service and the budtenders are so nice and patient! The building is beautiful inside great place wonder selections and prices

  588. williamcurtis

    Was really impressed by the lobby and selection of product… dY’dY1/4dY’dY1/4

  589. jb61973

    This is my favorite dispensary. The staff is always helpful. Danielle was awesome and really helped us get exactly what we needed.

  590. kellyandersn

    I have been in the guest service industry my whole life, and walking into the doors of the reef was like a breath of fresh air. Very welcoming front desk and security staff. The fish tank and amazing seating was such a nice touch. You always want to go to a dispensary and feel a little luxurious and that is what you get with this dispo. Prices for all tiers of price ranges and the bud tenders look out for you as if they were doing this for their best friend. Love this place and will come back everytime!

  591. polisht

    the reef is one the best quality on buds and very informed

  592. Starlord666

    went in today and saw veronica I had no clue what I should get she helped a lot in my choice and I was happy …. only thing is I wish is that they would paint that thing on the middle

  593. suphun420

    I’ve been to several dispensaries and this one is the best BY FAR. Best selection of edibles and flowers I’ve ever seen, and they really take the time to help you find the right products. The budtender was incredibly helpful, and I ended up with exactly what I wanted. Will be back again and again!

  594. LizzDizzle

    Should have better quality bud and less of an outlandish building. Police officer standing behind the counter when you walk in. Wasn’t too satisfied. Good first time patient deal though.

  595. OldestC0mputer

    Love the shop. They have a pretty big selection. Every wall is so there is something for everyone. However, too many times I’ve come in here and the prices advertised on Leafly do not reflect what’s in store. The last time I was here, the wax I wanted to get was double the price in store as it was online. I even showed them their own menu to show I wasn’t lying. They told me they wouldn’t honor the price and I had to pay what the store sign said. To say the least, this left an extremely sour taste in my mouth. But since this is one of the only dispensaries on 8 mile that accepts card payments, and they have pretty good stuff, I will just suck it up and continue to come here.

  596. lovejoy326

    Great place, great selection, delicious edibles, very helpful and knowledgeable staff. Highly recommended!

  597. SnakkyB

    The reef is one of my regular stops! It’s such a safe and welcoming place! The almost always have what I’m looking for, and if they don’t, the are knowledgeable and help me find the most similar thing to it! And they are always so patient when I have questions! Thanks guys!

  598. dabdiva313

    I love this dispensary! You walk in and it’s open and cozy with tons of seating and a beautiful aquarium on the wall. Great products and prices! Love the reef!

  599. jess3497

    Best dispensary ever

  600. BigMomma37

    Nice Ppl Nice Place over all great place to go for all your medical needs!!! My only Go to Place!!!

  601. loriargento

    this is the home of the 4gm eighths!,I love this place,the eddies are the best,
    recommend this place to everyone.

  602. BrooklynHandy

    Jake was a very nice budtender. The bud is nicely organized in front of you. prices are good for the quality. favorite dispo around hands down

  603. YHVH

    One of the nicest dispensaries I’ve been to. Great selection and an awesome atmosphere.

  604. fishontoast09

    All the staff are really friendly and helpful. The atmosphere is really laid back and relaxed which is great for people who have anxiety. I went to one other despensory and felt like I was cheating on the reef because the reef is the best dispo in Michigan by far! I would recommend this place to any age any experience level and any ethnicity or creed. Keep up the good work “the reef”

  605. muchodinero285

    awesome spot. I have been here a couple times and I’m on my way now to get some of the best loud on 8 mile dY’OEdY’OE

  606. Correctchris99

    nice place

  607. Lashunda34

    I love going to the Reef they are very friendly and fast. It is very clean and i love they butter popcorn and they have the best deal around on shake

  608. Epochs

    Picked up 5 The Clear cartridges last week and 3 do not work – 2 after some use and 1 doesn’t work at all.
    They replaced the full cart but would not replace the two used carts, because of how much had been smoked. Wouldn’t even exchange them for just one cart even though there is a full carts worth of product between the two.
    Budtender advised me to extract the leftover product into a working cartridge as if that’s a practical solution at all or something anyone has time for.
    This place can afford a stupid aquarium but can’t afford $20 to take care of a patient that got burned by their own defective product.
    I will not be back.

  609. btbamegan

    I love this place! The only dispo I ever go to. I feel safe and comfortable here. I LOVE THE REEF!!!!!

  610. Kristi88

    First time at The REEF about 2 weeks ago. Favorite new place 🙂 Scott helped me out the first time and Travis did the second time. Both very friendly and very helpful. Im very picky and they were both very patient with me and walked me around and showed me everything. Also got a free shirt last time I was there. Going back today dY~S

  611. Derek88

    Great bud great service and very classy. One of my favorite dispensaries in Detroit.

  612. bigdave3215

    really enjoyed the experience at The Reef will definitely be coming back keep up the good work

  613. LTPink17

    Great selection great atmosphere great service

  614. Leno1

    When it comes to quality and prices The Reef is hands down the Champion of Dispensaries in Detroit.

  615. Melissa1mona

    By far the best place I have been to. Very nice ppl and great quality.

  616. PellzJDLaw

    Great location. Amazing staff. Wonderful experience.

  617. Highman38

    Great spot… bud is fire! The budtenders take their time with you. Deann took care of me and I found what I was looking for. Never disappointed.

  618. slick79

    I chose The Reef because it looked legit from the pictures. Some other dispensaries looked super cheesy. I’ve never been to a dispensary before and I wasn’t sure what to expect. The place was nice and the people were knowledgeable and friendly.

  619. Satyrlibra

    always good buds at the reef. great giveaways and contests, too.

  620. VivienLeih

    Easy to get to and ample parking and my anxiety was never an issue.

  621. Biank

    The Reef rules! I like the top shelf and they always deliver. The staff is super knowledgeable for medicinal needs and recreational preferences. Blake is my favorite bud tender. (I hope Blair and Ben don’t see this). Flower, dabs and edibles ohhh myyyyy!!

  622. gweedyj

    The Reef is hands down the best! This is the only place I shop at now!

  623. hbear420

    Knowledgeable bud tenders.
    Good deals on flower and concentrate.
    Never been disappointed with any the product, hands down one of the best on 8 mile.

  624. AngieVan

    Christopher was awesome and very helpful. Place is very nice and everyone so friendly and secure. Love it! Won’t go anywhere else!

  625. Kings89

    This place is great very helpful staff, great prices, daily deals, raffles, this place is the best must see will be your one stop shop has something for everyone!!

  626. s2s45

    very nice place. first time visitor actually going back today. went about a week ago. place is friendly. warm atmosphere. good bud. nice prerolls

  627. Brutalbean420

    I love how friendly the staff is they help me out better then any other place has. They’re very patient while i find what i need. Best prices and deals. My favorite spot

  628. destinypedigo72

    wonderful place. everything is organized great. the people are nice and the quality of products are the best

  629. Kankan14

    The reef was the most organized dispensary I’ve ever been to. Besides that, my budtender was patient and helped me pick the best bud for me. Really good weed, too. I’ve already recommended to a couple friends. It’s not close to where I live, but the drive is worth it for the service and quality you get here.

  630. TheMikeyLeo

    best place in town by far. best everything. prices. bud. edibles. facility

  631. gingerhaze13

    Fantastic dispensary! DeAnn is a first rate budtender who is extremely helpful, patient & friendly. Many thanks to the entire Reef Detroit crew!

  632. Big_H

    Asceticly pleaseing. Top notch goods. Huge array to find just what you need. Knowledgeable staff. One of the tenders (Ryan) is one of the coolest, intelligent and most helpful persons Ive come across. Told him my problems and the product he suggested to care of business. He wasn’t just trying to get me out the door.

  633. Highimhungry

    favorite place to go! Best concentrates in the city

  634. cherifolkerts

    This is the only dispensary I will go to!!!

  635. jsm1975

    awesome place,very, very,
    professional, I recommend this place to everyone

  636. smokeyjoe8891

    Love this location!! Everyone was extremely nice and helpful. The place looks great and well organized. This is my new #1 store!! Would recommend this store to anyone…

  637. staysmedicated

    great place.staff very pleasant and patient to help with selections of meds.always pleased.great specials.and customer satisfaction.

  638. Wish2

    Building is nice, people are nice, cartridges are good,but every time I get flower it’s moldy. Wasted quite a bit of money,had to just throw it all out. Not happy.

  639. donwilli72

    This is in my opinion the best Dispensaries I travel to a lot of them and none other compare to the quality of med and daily deals and amazing atmosphere…. I make the trip from deep west to east I would def recommend

  640. Eastsidehippie

    Hippie Approved

  641. alice1979

    My one and only place. dYtm

  642. mbkosiba

    Stopped in on a whim a few months back and have been a loyal customer ever since. Great parking. Staff are friendly and attentive. Consistent quality products at a GREAT price. Love this place!

  643. lemmonpie721

    10/10 love this place. Good prices. Friendly staff. Great product. Favorite place to get my medicine.

  644. MissNiceGirl

    The products are great! Amazing vendor days too! The Budtenders all act like they’re just waiting to clock out and not wanting ton engage with the patients. We have had to return to them for refunds and/or for being bagged up the incorrect products.

  645. dabdaddy2011

    Very nice atmosphere security was really friendly and the receptionist was really friendly. Budtender was friendly and very professional very good medicine would stop back in again

  646. Sinnedagain

    great place knowledgeable staff great prices I’m very picky and am cluless about product but the staff every time gives me exactly what im looking for.

  647. normennn

    Honestly love coming here. Got some of the best bud in town and the nicest staff!

  648. candlejac

    Hands down, one of the best shops around. Always friendly and honest with their opinions.

  649. purplepot

    Hands down one of Detroit’s finest shops. The top shelf is second to none. One of the biggest and best selections of quality medication anywhere with the type of staff you would expect from such an establishment.

  650. originalgenna

    My new favorite spot! The staff is extremely friendly and professional. I wouldn’t think twice about going anywhere else. Shout out to Blair for all the help during my last visit! Her recommendation was dY”Y=dY”Y=dY”Y=. 10/10 would recommend.

  651. nickyleolmt

    this is the best dispensary so far by far. I’ve tried about six other places in Detroit and the reef takes the cake.

  652. swollenlungs1996

    I’ve been going to the reef since June of last year and Mitch is the only bud tender who’s lasted and one of the few that actually seem to do there job right! I was in there yesterday got jipped out of a 5/100 wax deal cause the bud tender I had just doesn’t know her stuff. (Reddish hair shorter) was on the station closest to the fish tank yesterday. Great bud great wax just as of late you guys have been letting me down with the bud tenders.
    Shout out to my man with the wooden plugs and Mitch those two are my dudes.

  653. stevelatham

    I go here almost every other day and I love it!The atmosphere is outstanding, and the collection of products they have is very diverse. I tried the motor city gummies recently they were bomb!

  654. alejandrarose2590

    this place is amazing !! Very great and knowledgeable staff too. Good prices and good selection of flowers. Definitely recommend this place to everyone!!

  655. lilchile899

    This is my home dispensary most definitely my favorite spot love the flower selection and range in price

  656. RussVic

    The Reef has the best selections in Detroit, no matter what your needs are.The staff is knowledgeable and very friendly. Awesome facility!!!

  657. charliebiege

    Super hospitality for the patients. The employees seem to have the knowledge of their products and are extremely helpful. Loved the space and environment of the store. Their concentrates are bomb! Can’t wait to try out the edibles. I would definitely recommend this place if you are looking for some quality medication.

  658. biggiedickenson

    Patrick was my bud tender and he is knowledgeable, chill, and not stuffy like most. Really picky when it comes to dispos so it’s awesome that i found one that fits my every need

  659. Yako8181

    The reef, is an all-around kick ass dispensary! Love the fish tank y’all! Veronica was my tender, knew her stuff and got me in n out! Excellent place to go for all your meds folks!!

  660. token620

    The reef looks awesome inside and has great quality products

  661. TheDerb

    I don’t usually write reviews but this place is amazing. All the staff was very welcoming and answered all of my questions. Great security, meds and atmosphere. Man, this place is just professional from the time you walk in from the time you walk out. If you’re looking for a bomb new spot check this place out.

  662. Skippy1321

    The place was amazing, he staff was amazing. Couldn’t have picked a better place to go!!

  663. PamSch

    Love this place the budtenders are always nice and helpful.

  664. dawgnutz

    the reef is all around 10! from the look of the establishment, the service you will recieve, to the meds…everything is top notch! u wont be disappointed!

  665. Exodus710

    Great place to go! Facility is nice, bud is good, staff are knowledgable and friendly! Will be back soon!

  666. Aflo94

    Great spot all around. Good looking staff, very polite and professional. Top shelf meds too. Recommended for everyone by me!

  667. sumoura8

    This place is great!!! Must go to! Staff is awesome and product amazing!

  668. jryanhafner

    bud selection is fantastic bud tenders are friendly and courteous prices are fair and they help you determine a strain based on what you like

  669. hrhelms

    Veronica is a Bud MASTER ! She is very knowledgeable,helpful and gives an aEURexperience aEURoe without rushing. This was my third trip as I have referred three of my friends so far. Each trip is better than the previous experience. Yahoo !

  670. DavidTozer

    It was extremely relaxing inside, if I had to wait a few minutes I wouldn’t mind at all. Patrick my bud master was extremely helpful in helping me pick out the right flower and edibles. Definitely can’t wait to go back, I will for sure be asking for him again.

  671. Tommy101

    My wife and I only shop here! Most importantly, My wife feels safe coming to the Reef! Great product, great prices, great people and great service!

  672. Saramarie88

    Says on ur website open only on sunday. Change ur website and say ur closed permanently. I wasted 5 miles to come there. Y say ur oepn sundays if ur not

  673. Danarchy

    this place is pretty rad. the dazed 3.5g mini slabs for 90 bux are a steal. great quality. everyone that works here is super laid back. i usually get a satisfied feeling leaving here. and damn do they have variety. i think they might just be the best dispensary ive been to. and ive been to literally all of them on the 8 mile strip from the lake to around southfield.

  674. lilBiuJii3

    The l.a cookie is a very good deal for 25 bucks it’s a very nice 50/50 good smoke would definitely make a 2nd donation on this flower

  675. eetdezertfurst

    Place is great. Clean and comfortable environment and great staff.

  676. DatguycuznDerrick

    great dispensary. Always with better deals than most dispensaries. Great for budget. Great bartenders as well.

  677. TiggRrrrrstale

    Decent location part of 8 mile rd, i believe it was the old Rainbow rm, beautiful place inside, very comfortable wait lounge,, love that they give a solid 10% Veteran discount, Ty for that.. dY~Z

  678. goose12

    Very friendly staff, amazing prices, and incredible service. Quality products as well, forsure the new spot.

  679. KueenKush1

    One of the best spots to go to! Hands down!

  680. neilpp

    Looks like the prices have gone up a little bit compared to other dispensaries. The last time I was in there they told me it was because of the recent taxes and some other internal reasons. I don’t mind this price rise since it is still affordable and actually not too bad. The quality of the products are top class and they actually seem worth it when you smoke it. I just don’t want to anticipate a further increase in prices compared to other dispensaries because then I would have to shift, and I don’t want to buy from any other dispensary other than the reef. It is my favorite place and to be honest you guys have the best products in Detroit. I am a regular customer here and it is an advice for the dispensary. Your prices now are reasonable but further increase without the industry increase can be costly.

  681. M0na.L1sa

    Great selection of buds…Caviar blunts will keep me going back.

  682. salmall

    I just got my medcard and I am so excited to finally start visiting dispensaries and trying out new stuff. I went to a few places just to see what its like and but one or two products but I’ll have to say you guys had the coolest atmosphere. I love how you did your interior and have a lot of different buds. Tbh I found the purpest stuff (Blackberry cheesecake) in your store and it was really pretty. Really love the place!!

  683. eadams6712

    Super friendly staff. On site security. Great strains and awesome edibles.
    This is the best place to come and get your bud! dY’oedY’oedY’oedY’oedY’

  684. Wsnyder1971

    Love this place friendly and fun people. Great atmosphere.

  685. jenanddandec10

    Great prices. Great product and awesome bud tenders. Best place in the state.

  686. CapitanCannibis

    Honestly good dudes, I don’t feel ripped off and the product always works for me. Keep it up guys and gals.

  687. SupaShrpSh00ta

    Great atmosphere and amazing quality of product. Prices were very fair. Made a return customer.

  688. ketaketa

    this is the best despense. the support is great and customer service is excellent.

  689. marksanders

    Excellent service from the employees. They knew their collection and helped me figure out what I wanted really well. The atmosphere is great! Can’t wait to try out the cartridges.

  690. Jlafond

    awesome quality, awesome service lover this place!!!!

  691. EasyE440

    knowledgeable and friendly staff. laid back atmosphere

  692. highestviolet

    The staff here is incredible. Shoutout to Deann! There was about a 40 minute wait on my last visit (which is to be expected with the recent shutdowns!) and some of the other patients were not very chill. I’m sure the budtenders had a rough day. But Deann was incredibly upbeat, pleasant and helpful. The product quality and the staff make this place worth every minute of wait time.

  693. IssaBellaxx

    Wow, talk about VIP experience. My first time in and someone toured the entire selection with me while making good recommendations. I love my watermelon and strawberry field cartdridge for my pax pen and can’t believe it took me so long to get with the 21st century and the ways technology has enhanced cannabis consumption. Their flower looks out of this world, but I only purchased a couple cartridges, RSO and thc/cbd treat my chronic pain. I’ve been really happy with the products they recommended – omg plus theyre so tasty.
    I fogot the name of the guy who helped me 🙁 – he was so thorough and kind. He really took his time to make sure I felt good about my purchase. That with the deal for first time customer thus I’m a very happy patient.

  694. nicole010

    Must say this place is very underrated! Pretty much one of the nicest dispensaries in Detroit. When I first got my card I went to the highest rated dispensaries, but this one tops them.

    It’s nice inside and outside the building. I actually felt safe walking from my car to the front door. Which is nice because most dispensaries only have security on the inside. There was security outside, which being in the most dangerous city made me feel secure.

    The inside is very well kept and beautiful. You can tell the owner really cares about the customers by the whole set up. The back room is very nice and well organized.

    The budtender that helped me was very nice, helpful and patient. He really knows his stuff and made me feel comfortable. The buds were some of the craziest buds I’ve ever seen( in a good way). You can tell they really put quality over quantity.

    I left feeling satisfied. If you ask me it’s one of the best ones I’ve been too. Honestly they beat out the Top 10. I will be returning! Great staff! Great buds! Great prices!

  695. kyloronn

    A great place to get your meds ,a great selection of bud and a very friendly staff

  696. kgage12

    This place is amazing! All of the staff are extremely knowledgable and were able to answer any/all questions I had, as well as inform me of current laws. They were also extremely professional and kind! They have an amazing selection, great quality and have awesome deals! They also provide coffee, tea, water & popcorn while you wait and have a very comfortable waiting area with large screen TV’s and couches (lounge style). I give The Reef 5/5, you guys ROCK!

  697. Jamesvet357

    Awesome selection, best I’ve had so far

  698. Mauithe818

    First time ever being to a dispo and i am already hooked on the reef thay let you know what u are buying no bs all the staff are educated and love to help

  699. TrishLeo83

    I stop in almost daily, I’ve been up and down 8 mile and so far this is my go to! they offer a text with their daily deals. But what I liked most about The Reef is the people behind the counter, informative and caring.

  700. bthreets

    Great service excellent scenery and great med selection. This place is awesome and secure with a beautiful setting.

  701. bracketboy1210

    Easy in easy out

  702. AnthonySchley

    Courteous friendly helpful and patience that’s what I think about the reef dispensary.

  703. amsnyder01

    Knowledgeable bud tender, nicely organized

  704. handyandy99

    Went here for the first time ever today. This dispensary is very impressive. Amazing staff and the bud tenders are knowledgeable, very down to earth, and let you take your time. Amazing variety of bud, concentrates, and edibles. The interior design of this place is amazing and makes you feel comfortable. 5/5

  705. weedlover133


  706. zrezer

    Everything here is great. The security is polite, the desk girl is helpful, and the budtenders are knowledgeable for the most part and make good recommendations. I really like the consistent updates to daily specials.

  707. kriisrox

    Love it, only place I’ll go!

  708. slickers

    Pat, was a amazing budtender! He was beyond helpful! He really took his time and answered all my questions! All his suggestions were spot on! Thank you so much!!!!

  709. BigJ32

    Best dispensary in Detroit. Meds are always top notch and they have a huge selection. On my most recent visit Jessica was my budtender, she was very helpful and kind. Especially considering that I think her shift was almost over and I had her showing me a few things. All in all great place I refuse to go anywhere else now.

  710. Chardogchar

    Staff was helpful and very nice

  711. atrampus

    Nathan’s products are the best. Best place for RSO and RSO products. Check it out!

  712. a100yearzz

    I like this place layout n the bud is fire my fav spot on e 8 mile

  713. MsSkye48205

    The place is beautiful inside and the staff was very friendly

  714. BrothaJ69

    My favorite dispensary, hands down. The budtenders are very knowledgeable abd friendly. The stock is varied, reasonably priced and good quality. The whole place is very open and comfortable. I can’t recommend strongly enough!

  715. robj35

    this is a place I recently tried for the first time and when I got there, I didn’t want to leave.. my new home is at the Reef

  716. ptink

    Actually a nice building, inside and out. Prices are through roof. Able t
    o find a lot 20 to even 30 dollars cheaper elsewhere

  717. Bfwork111

    Great products

  718. Adam420MI

    The best dispensary on 8 mile crazy selection of edibles, concentrates, and flower

  719. lenised

    I am very happy I stopped in at the Reef Detroit! The lobby is very inviting and the staff are so nice! Very informative as well. The Security there is great! I felt safe and relaxed. Tony my bud tender was extremely knowledgeable and took his time with me, I tend to ask a lot of questions and he answered every single one! A few of the best things about The Reef Detroit:
    Gloves are worn
    Meds are TESTED
    Posted are every Flower and the info on how much CBD, THC etc.
    Awesome TRUSTWORTHY Dispensary. Trust is really important!

  720. sirsmokestacks

    Cool bud tenders very informative cool place over all

  721. Loegria15

    I like the Reef, not just for the popcorn and coffee (of which I had none, lol). I’d been there before as a driver for a delivery person and was impressed that it wasn’t just a storefront-type deal. They put thought into it, as well as taking an eyesore building and turning it into something worth looking at on E. Eight Mile Rd. The folks are friendly, knowledgeable and courteous, from the reception desk to the inner room. The art in the reception area is very good, too. I got a great buzz from my preroll, and the Honolulu Gold gram is super; I’ve not had my lime lollipop yet. I will definitely be back!

  722. smokemcboofer

    awesome place. great specials that nobody can beat! the fish tank is awesome and the staff is great. selection is amazing im a regular there now refered 2 family members who are also regulars now too.

  723. Sunnymarie61

    Zak was awesome! Professional, very helpful and attentive to my needs. He went above and beyond to make sure I felt welcome, informed and happy with overall visit.
    This was my first visit, and now I’ll be a regular client! And thank you to security for being so nice and the management!
    I felt so welcome when I went in!
    I loved the personal attention they gave me, especially Zak!
    You ROCK ZAK!!!

    Thank you,

  724. crunked83

    awesome place love coming here. great ambiance and atmosphere.

  725. Keygirl318

    great place awesome staff flowers are always on point

  726. relentlessdemon

    this place is like the apple store for bud best selection ever

  727. Maudib282

    I love love coming to The Reef Detroit! They are always my lungs best friend. It was awesome to get Dazed today on a great deal. Cheapest I have been able to buy these Meds since I have started using them. Will be back soon.

  728. Wesla21

    This location is very comfortable and the staff was great. Drew was a great guy he helped decide what we needed for our situations and he was spot on thanks. Will be back

  729. HardRockingOG

    This dispensary is quite good. Friendly Staff, reasonably priced meds and merchandise, and an overall great atmosphere is what you can expect on each and every budget. My first Budtender Blair, second one Joe, and the titd one I did not catch the name but always the same quality service you can always expect.

  730. Andrewi

    Love the way the shop is set up

  731. corynsam

    im pissed off probably wont be back i went there for a rosin deal that was supposed to be good through today from valentines day for 50 a g for the rosin called to make sure the deal was still valid before wasting my time money and gas and they told me yes 50 a g for rosin so i get there and i didnt leave with the meds i needed to help me function through the week and take care of my little one

  732. Babytooth72

    Great meds convienant location great meds and staff

  733. hitdat

    one of the best spots I’ve been in, the employees are very nice and knowledgeable.

  734. JHilll

    Super friendly and helpful! So glad I stopped in.

  735. Brittneyallen

    Good weed good service

  736. Izzie0384

    Been coming here since my last place was shut down. I love it here. Very knowledgeable staff and great prices for great bud.

  737. garebear2

    My go to dispo, always have what I need. And it is always so fire. Friendly and helpful budtenders and security just the best storefront in the D

  738. coachk007

    Great location! Fantastic deals! Highly recommended dY’

  739. ttracie

    It is helpful, comfortable, Great prices and safe ! They are very welcoming and are able to answer all my questions with being a newer patient!

  740. breezy1379

    My favorite dispensary in the D. Quality flowers and great bud tenders that are very knowledgeable.

  741. Calsxx97

    Pretty much the perfect spot, definitely coming back. Good bud, good prices dY’dY>>dY’dY>>

  742. Bwillz

    This is my all time favorite dispensary. Love all the employees and the wide selection they have! 5 stars all day every day

  743. Ericdamore

    This place is so friendly and welcoming. The waiting area is really nice and clean, and the bud room is is a big clean industrial style shop. Good assortment of edibles, tons of flower and concentrates. Nate is great Budtender. He took his time showing me around, informing me of deals and product recommendations. It’s easy to find good buds and deals anywhere, this place safe/clean/friendly. I will be back.

  744. bridale2017

    i think this is s very nice ,relax location with amazing perices my bud tender pat help my brother and i out alot thank you so much cant wait to come back

  745. scoverine

    enjoy the selection and sales

  746. melh0425

    it’s a good location close to my home only 15 minutes away great people service and products this is my only spot i will go A+ from me

  747. snowkitten

    I’ve been to the reef a few times, nice at first, although I felt a little rushed. Online ordering was good until orders started getting altered, items were no longer available, etc. I can understand a mistake but a regular issue is annoying. Then there’s their faulty point system. I earned 10 points the first time I went, after spending over a grand during several other visits i somehow still had only 10 points, even though i never used them. The last straw was yesterday. We called ahead about something & told one thing only to drive an hour in the rain to find out this was not correct info at all. The receptionist was super rude, she wouldn’t even look up from the computer when talking to her. There was what looked like the manager behind her, he cleared it up but not only was it a wasted trip we never received a sorry for the inconvenience or anything from her or the manager. Never wasting my hard earned money there again. Found another place that is way better and has better prices on the exact same product.

  748. KiloNovember

    Highly recommended! I keep telling people about this place! Great selection, knowledgeable budtenders, fair prices… You can’t beat The Reef!!

  749. kmdaoust

    After visiting numerous places, the reef has become our go to. Friendly, knowledgeable staff. Great selection of products in a clean, comfortable environment.

  750. chrystal84

    nice people very friendly. good quality flower

  751. Jmdavis5532

    Great one of the best. Good prices great staff and cool atmosphere. I’ll be returning soon

  752. smokeymacpothead

    Beautiful art/decor, great service, awesome bud. This place has class and nice pricing as well.

  753. kwil1974

    Stopped in for the first time father’s day they’re the only ones with the zprite strain I been wanting to try and even got a father’s day pre-roll budtender was super cool

  754. tash121

    Best place so far y’all ! Def know their flowers and answered all my ridiculous questions for me. Didnt mind one bit …if they use the term “couch lock” we are going back!

  755. Nicolepaigge420

    I love the reef. my favorite. Ryan is a awesome bud tender ! he’s great

  756. MotorCityRock

    My first time in a dispensary and I was pleased with the whole experience from the nice greeting at the door to my budtender. Will definitely go back as prices are good, bud is impressive, and location secure.

  757. Mrscorpio313

    I give yu guys a 5 budz up great service excellent ppl

  758. JoeyKing185

    great flower wonderful sta
    ff and I love the set up. I’ve been away for a couple of months but I Higley suggest this place

  759. smellofvanilla

    Friendly staff and great environment

  760. tamking77

    i think it’s in one of the best area’s. no schools no church’s no houses .BEAUTIFUL

  761. mojo22122

    Love this place! & love the environment. Blair is my budtender a lot & shes so sweet & helpful! She defiantly knows what’s she’s talking about & answers my questions so honestly a$?i,

  762. Anarbut

    This place is awesome…everyone is so friendly

  763. michigaan810

    Great prices, great flower. Highly recommend to anyone!

  764. Nikkor0310

    Great location and helpful staff. Will go again

  765. cperki21

    Great product and excellent knowledge staff!

  766. Freebass_24_7

    great location

  767. Ashjarbo18

    I’ve been to The Reef a few times now, and I am more than satisfied every time. The atmosphere is awesome, everything is organized and clean. The staff is super nice. The bud tender I met yesterday, Jenna, is very helpful and super sweet! 🙂 I would definitely recommend this dispensary !

  768. sadflannel

    By far the most well kept and modern dispensary I’ve been to in the state. Nice, healthy sized bud room with room for booths for company visits which they encourage. Safe & spacious parking lot. 10/10

  769. marknuculaj

    Helpful and down to earth. Loved the cleanliness of the facility. Couldn’t imagine going elsewhere in Detroit

  770. Joeyd1212


  771. PaulScion

    Best meds for the best donation rate. Best overall layout. They have lights with magnifying glasses built in. A unique experience. Definitely a must go, and soon will be your go too

  772. meowkittyqueer

    My budtender was so friendly and helpful. There’s so much selection and great deals!! a~o

  773. hayzeavan

    Best location because of the complimentary popcorn!!!

  774. mwaggs

    Love these guys. Amazing top shelf flower, crazy wax edibles. So friendly. Love being friends here

  775. Gmatina

    Love it great people I have breast cancer and they have been awesome giving all the right stuff to help me thru my chem surgery and now chemo again great prices and points awards live it here for 420 busy but moving fast

  776. Lunaloo5

    I have only stopped by once but by far one of the nicest dispensaries around. What a beautiful dispensary. Staff was great and very knowledgeable. Asked me tons of questions to recommend me the right strains. Answered all of my questions. I never felt rushed. Great experience overall.

  777. smith1268

    I love going to The Reef. I’ve been to other dispensaries but I always come back to The Reef because they are very knowledgeable and everyone is always nice and friendly. dY$?–
    Also, their couches are SO comfortable! a$?