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19154 James Couzens, Detroit, MI 48235


42.4315939, -83.1870299




10:00 AM – 9:00 PM


10:00 AM – 9:00 PM


10:00 AM – 9:00 PM


10:00 AM – 9:00 PM


10:00 AM – 9:00 PM


10:00 AM – 9:00 PM


10:00 AM – 9:00 PM


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We’re Open Every Day!

Here at The House Of Mary Jane; Our goal is to provide our patients with outstanding customer service and quality product.
Thee friendliest, most well informed staff… is here to answer and educate our patients regarding medical cannabis. If you see something that’s not on our menu, just let us know and we will definitely try to get it for you. For any questions/concerns or suggestions… please contact THOMJ Management for further assistance.


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142 reviews for “House of Mary Jane

  1. DrippingAnus

    The absolute best dispensary hands down. They know me by name, greet me as a friend and not a customer, and have THE BEST deals. The quality of their $100 ounce compared to their competitors make HOMJ competitors’ $100 ounce look like shitty mids. Impeccable service and quality.

  2. Saxman316

    Very beautiful professional experience bud tenders very knowledgeable it’s definitely worth the visit awesome quality products. Other words Great

  3. AiKurai

    Staff is very knowledgeable and everything is well organized. Not to mention the meds being a1 dY’OEdY1/2

  4. ladyapril85

    The ladies here always take great care of me. I asked Ms.K to pick a top shelf strain for me and the one she picked Diamond OG damn this some good damn weed

  5. bpetrey

    I loved this place from the minute you walk through the door they treat you good and make you feel welcome. I loved the flower options and more than willing to show you as many as you want. I didn’t feel rushed like my other experiences elsewhere and when I finally made up my mind she had it ready fast and on point. ty again for an amazing experience can’t wait to visit again soon.

  6. Bookie420313

    Nice place everybody friendly and helpful

  7. ritahooper

    I honestly can say everyone in this place is so kind, professional and informal. the front desk lady(ray) greats everyone in a friendly way with a huge smile on her face…even when slammed and people are RUDE! every one of the girls in back are helpful and informal I highly recommended this place

  8. Kalieeg

    Seriously can’t say enough about how great HOMJ is!! If I had the money I would come in everyday to see my lovely ladies and get my magic greens a$?i,

  9. bear286

    I loved my first visit will definitely come back

  10. Mhenny

    it’s a little stool way place that I really seem to like the budtenders were very nice and very knowledgeable and they gave me a few goodies to


    great selection and great price

  12. mattbrownsfan

    I love coming to the HOMJ! The first time I called, the person who answered was absolutely great and inviting and I knew this was going to be my spot. Amazing flower for great prices and you can’t beat the deals on shake for making your own edible meds. The ladies at the HOMJ are friendly, knowledgeable, and not afraid to tell you what their favorite is!

  13. efall

    Quality flower, good prices, convenient location. 5/5

  14. Decibles

    Let me start by just saying I’m at about a [7] as I write this:

    This place is amazing. I’m new to the medical scene and have heard about the struggles some people have ‘shopping around’ for a Dispensary that is a good fit for them.

    If you’re in that struggle, look no further. Fast, efficient, knowledgeable, friendly service in a clean shop that is always well stocked with your pick of tons of strains, concentrates, and edibles.

    The girls behind the counter rock. Don’t really need to elaborate.

    They text out deals and new strains daily.

    Just seriously, check them out!

  15. 313mrniceguy

    Great place to do some chronic shopping. The staff was extra nice and the bud is awesome. I Mos def will be returning

  16. Peggzilla

    Was going to another place that was charging $50 an 1/8 for garbage. This place has solid meds and concentrates for decent prices.

  17. mgillis

    This is the only place to shop, employees always cool. They got whatever u need all the deals

  18. 420OhioStephanie

    I LOVE this dispensary and the people here are Amazing!!They are just A+ all the way around! Customer service,prices, quality,safety,and very dedicated HIGH EXPECTIONS!Thank you for being my #1!A shout out from an Ohio girl coming 2.5 hrs away just for you guys! Special thanks to Mary Jane MaMadY~%0

  19. rumflows2000

    Its ok not many options for my meds so i go where the deals r good

  20. chronica79

    So glad I stopped here. Great products and great customer service. I learned so much the 30 minutes I was there. I will be returning!

  21. gigix71


  22. GOT MILK 09


  23. nickosebree

    Very friendly staff, they have a large selection…

  24. Nard44

    Good weeddY’OEdY1/2dY’OEdY1/2

  25. Mcfxx95

    I come to this shop from Cleveland because Ohio prices are crazy and I struggled to find a Michigan dispensary that accepted my out of state medical card. House of Mary Jane accepted me with open arms and the ladies that worked with me have been extremely patient and helpful. Moon rocks, cartridges, edibles, top shelf flower and much more. My go to dispensary I will definitely be returning soon!

  26. Ricomiller6

    a friendly service and great variety 80

  27. Ljnapier29

    Great service

  28. MonicaLouise

    Best house shake around!

  29. Bribrilewis

    All the dispensaries beg you to go write reviews…even bribing with freebies. I’ve never taken the time until now. Today would have been my third time in, but they weren’t “open”. they advertise open 9-9 everyday, but show up whenever they want. Or will send a blast text with random times that they won’t be open during scheduled business hours. Unprofessional and not the way to run a business (weed or not). The flower I got was decent. take a chance If u must or wait an hour and ALL of the dispensaries open at 10

  30. wescannon13

    If you haven’t been here get there. I’ve been to 80 percent of dispensary’s in Michigan and they are in the top 10 of Quality flower and can NOT beat the price! Everyone there is so polite and knowledgeable. Plus the daily specials are GREAT!

  31. Dewnumbaz

    Great product

  32. HeavillyMedicated1

    Great product all the time, love the moon rock blueberry.

  33. chunkkii

    Its clean the workers are very nice and they have a wide selection of different strains

  34. ricealbe

    Great dispensary. Definitely recommend. Amazing prices and top quality tree.

  35. superlemonhayze

    No signage outside but its easy to find everything was top shelf with my experience from the friendly and helpful budtender down to all the high level buds at the best price in town.

  36. Msty24

    I loved that the women were running the place. Budtenders were very nice and knowledgable. Very helpful. I’ll be back to try some of the other new strains.

  37. Fenkellwax

    They’re in a great location, right off the Freeway! I love the Deals, and they have the Best Lobby! Sometimes they have Fresh Doughnuts waiting for you!

  38. SlimStoriesMSB

    Ladies are cool, they’re educated and provided me good feedback whenever I had a question. They going through a renovation from a power outage that hit Detroit, so I’m waiting for a full strength HOMJ

  39. annel

    this place is amazing! I will go no where else so long as this place is open! I highly suggest you check them out.

  40. AceTwilite

    great place good deals

  41. StonieBeaStoned

    Looking forward to visit!!!! Do you have delivery, im willing to pay…5 extraa~o

  42. 313blazebeauty

    love love love this place glad I found them hands down great place top shelf shit and great prices my new go to and I don’t even live close to it

  43. Ramelo98

    Good people good strains and always a good deal

  44. SuzieSmokes

    The whole staff was super friendly and really helpful! My budtender Princess was very kind and patient while dealing with me and my indicisions, i absoluetly will be returning

  45. Loegria15

    I’m so pleased with my experience at HoMJ! Lexy was my very courteous & friendly budtender, and she was so helpful! As the saying goes, “I shall return!”

  46. Mani2424

    I’m a regular here always got fired forever showing love can’t go wrong with that my spot for as long as they open

  47. Amklavon

    Some of the most friendly staff I have experienced at a dispensary!

  48. BAR420

    Great place with great quality for minimum donations. Staff is always very freindly and knowledgeable.

  49. Salchertm

    Absolutely love going! They always have such a great selection of edibles and strains!

  50. Kymmiehale

    this location is the best…. ….the service, ….the choices… and the staff

  51. Jesscutshair

    Great place! Very friendly service!

  52. Qwerty098

    Can’t say enough about how great this dispensary is. Their selection, quality, and specials are awesome. They’re friendly, always smiling and knowledgeable about their poducts. It is comfortable place to obtain your medication quickly. Their recommendations on selection are spot-on. I’ve been to many places but now I only go here. It’s an easy in easy out,quick stop shop, safe and secure with quality product. Why wouldnt I got here. Try them out yourself, you wont regret it!!!dY~,,dY’aoeOE

  53. WaterNaCup

    Friendly staff with knowledge and understanding not just smokers

  54. jeffreyb98

    This dispensary is the way to go if you are new or experienced with medical marijuana.

  55. 1missmom

    Awesome! Great variety, great deals! You gotta check them out, you won’t be disappointed.

  56. MeliMed00

    Staff is knowledgeable and friendly!

  57. Captaincanibis420

    Great shop shout out my main man Jamal dY”Y=dY$?YdY3/4

  58. kopykidd

    Beano and Princess are the Best Bud Tenders in Town.
    Prices and quality are at its best.
    Thanks House of MaryJane.

  59. DetroitRonn

    One of the best stores in the north west side area. Great environment very knowledgeable bud tenders n security is very visual and courteous as well

  60. Banks313

    nice girls great weed good deals

  61. Jkele1985

    Excellent staff excellent prices for concentrates and good bud to top it all … I’ll be visiting again

  62. Dunnrite

    thanks to instagram I got renewed today fast and friendly doctor service! I recommend everyone to check them out they know there stuff! dY’

  63. Arianysg12

    I absolutely love this place!!!!! Everyone is so amazing and their house wax is incredible dY~dY$?$?

  64. Blackpowa

    I absolutely love this dispensary! The top shelf is always spectacular and it’s always on sale for those like me who want to ball on a budget. Proud to support this black business!

  65. StubbornBee

    I started getting the house wax deal a few weeks ago. It’s an awesome deal and I’ve been more than happy with the wax. The flow of the cartridge is excellent and easy. The medicine is delivered instantly ans effectively. I have only ever had one cartridge that wasn’t working and I was able to exchange it with absolutely no problem. Which is incredibly helpful and takes so anxiety out of my trips. The House of Mary Jane continues to be my favorite MI dispensaries. You never feel unwelcome and the staff are all very kind.

  66. Katherineh1997

    Really friendly people. Always makes you feel at home with great deals and customer service.

  67. Phyllispooler

    Everyone is extra nice very helpful, always have what I go for will be returning dY’dY3/4dY’dY3/4

  68. jokersmoker31

    Right off the exit. Great spot. Always can find parking.

  69. tcrtard

    mad dog wax is the best

  70. redzonedai

    I love coming here. Great customer service , great prices and great bud would recommend everyone to The house of mary jane

  71. Baeb

    Good bud

  72. Tracicarter

    great place to shop friendly service.

  73. C.deanna

    Great place with great specials!!! Friendly customer service !!

  74. Rosko2019

    RAY & staff are great.
    My apologies to RAY for not catching the typo on previous review.
    She is a RAY of sunshine.dY~dY~Z

  75. Bakedman1992

    Nice and clean, friendly staff, great donation prices, defintely recommend giving them a try

  76. smokingguns

    Went to house of Mary Jane an got Ghost OG an Jesus OG wax,I’ve been blew back. I’m on my way to try it again

  77. SonnyDoug

    Best flower In Detroit

  78. DGr33nMann

    My favorite place. Great deals and bud.

  79. deddredhead

    ideal spot right off highway. a+ service and quality bud tenders

  80. DaErbFairy

    Mr. Jamal…. Or Mrs. Niesha…. I’m just tryna figure out…. Yy I’m not receiving text messages yet…???? dY~EURdY~EURdY~EURdY~EUR
    I’ll b waiting….

  81. moxie9313

    Very cool place. The ladies were friendly and professional. Great first visit.

  82. bond18

    not my first being here but my first review you guys are amazing thank you so much for caring for your patients each of my bud tenders have been very helpful!!!!!!!dY~dY~dY~%0

  83. SaffiyahB

    great dispensary, love the helpful budtenders will definitely be back !

  84. Escort83

    first timer for me, traveled here from far west passed the dY><(c)aoe^dY>!,saw the tender(Ms.K).
    I bought a glass tool from her,got back to my part of the neighborhood and it was broken dY~PSdY~<

  85. Josephkele

    I have been here multiple times they usually take great care of their patients

  86. Jaybizzle111

    love how quick the service always is. this place will always be my go to dispensary

  87. 13Payton

    Been to a few others, this one is sets the bar high. Love the Budtenders very are knowledgeable.

  88. lilBiuJii3

    I like this spot close and very good people flower is top notch and the service is good definitely pay them a visit

  89. fwilliams3899

    shout out to princess for always giving good bud choices, very happy and fun environment, organized, great deals and amazing people

  90. TheLarryg

    Super easy local! On and off freeeay with a quickness! Staff and so nice and pretty knowledgeable. Prices are as flood as they get!

  91. jushephard1

    One of my favorite places

  92. Rk22

    Nice people with later hours

  93. steveslove

    Nice place for meds..customer service is top notch

  94. laurenmarie0727

    Good bud good people love the place

  95. smokebitch69

    been coming here since they opened! great prices on their house wax

  96. RedzoneGQ5

    Ppl are awesome strains r strong love the atmosphere

  97. Sunnyhighs

    This place is where it’s at for all of your medical needs!!! It is clean, with nothing but positive vibes. The staff is nice, caring, and very wise. The quality of product is of one that will have you coming back for more. A must go to!

  98. deeplyrooted313

    this my low key go to spot … i love the deals

  99. sbert30

    Good products and knowledgeable staff!!

  100. Starbud84

    This is a good spot. they always have good deals and they are very friendly

  101. Amoner

    I love this place. They treat you like family and make sure you get the best deals for your money.

  102. MzChocolate7910

    I love this place!!!!a$?a$?a$?a$?

  103. Ashmcd423

    great easy to get to

  104. Cleadusjames

    this place is great have very great deals would definitely recommend this place

  105. falandohamp

    Conceniently close to the Lodge & 7 Mile Rd area

  106. Lindadavis

    I really like the dedicated bud tenders and how they do business, meds are always good!

  107. SgtHowie

    I patronized them for a while even though the sketchy service drive location is far from ideal and parking is nonexistent. Then they sold me a defective concentrate cartridge and refused to replace it. Apparently they expect you to use everything you get there on the day of purchase or you are screwed if it’s broken. Shady. Avoid this place.

  108. Kelseyb420

    Went here the other day and this place is amazing. Nice people and good stuff. Deffently visiting here againdY~

  109. fluidfx1

    BEST Dispensary in Detroit!
    I’ve been to so, so many dispensaries in the metro area and in several other places around the state & there are some amazing ones, BUT they all lack one thing in my opinion & that is a true & sincere concern for you as not only a customer, but a member of The House of Mary Jane family. Seriously, I come here time & again for select items that are superior to other places, plus the ambiance/atmosphere created by the way this establishment is run will keep me coming back for a long time to come. I suggest you take a look and make your own decision. You’ll be happily surprised, I guarantee it dY~Z!

  110. Nickfly300

    Cool atmosphere, and good selection of flower and edibles.

  111. PhillyBree

    The Ladies are always on point with their recommendations! I’ve never been disappointed.

  112. blaquedabbath

    Prices for every budget, friendly helpful staff and quality weed!!

  113. BFAB2501

    I love how helpful and patient the staff here is

  114. Krishadoo

    Definitely will be back.

  115. Barryah

    This is now my favorite dispensary ,Great staff and flowers

  116. Vencent

    The PurpledY’1/2 I got from here was dY’ great service I had a good time from when I walked in until I walked out

  117. Brittany2020

    I like how the people care about you at Mary Jane

  118. Indianappeal

    I like that they’re always friendly… and very cool service..

  119. Babygirl56

    Very nice people Everyone treated you with respect very clean and good quality..

  120. StonerVS

    One of the best dispensaries in the metro area, they have a wide range of products, a lot more then other places have in my opinion, fair prices, and a great work staff, I know I’m getting the best possible product for my money when I go here.

  121. Naelovescats

    Over priced and place is ran down. Who are they paying for all these fake reviews?

  122. Bakedman92

    Nice and clean, great donation prices, friendly staff, definitely recommendation checking it out

  123. gingerhaze13

    Outstanding dispensary! The absolute best. Kyra and Lyric were so amazing ~ friendly , helpful and truly genuine & good people! Thankful for this place!

  124. mrtonite313

    I shop here all the time

  125. jayfried

    Great ppl great selection of choices and I love the environment

  126. JuneBoy

    i love this place..great weed,edibles,prices and cool ass staff dY’-dY’-dY’adY’a

  127. SamuelOwens27

    It was an awsome med selection and great customer service. Bud tenders are very knowledgeable.

  128. DPPrez1

    I Love this dispo! The best in service, deals and product knowledge. If you have not visited the HOMJ, you are missing out on a quality provision center. Believe me-you wont be disappointed!

  129. awf57

    My favorite place! Their deals are amazing, the staff is so friendly and knowledgeable about everything. HIGHLY recommend.

  130. Theunordinarygirl

    I love shopping here. I thought it was out of the way (even though it’s a bit too much in a neighborhood for my comfort) but right there are a ton of people here.

    I’m glad because even though there is a small selection, they have great products and service. And i love the chalk!!

  131. Kareeloveslife

    Awesome place..the staff is very friendly. The quality and quantity is great. A nice selection of flowers.

  132. atypicalbitch00

    Awesome spot for a quick stop. Really nice, fast service and clean. On top of that great deals- good bud, awesome quality carts for the price. Gonna be my new go to for sure- thanks MaryJane

  133. Keyyyylove289

    I then fell in love with this place

  134. nett09

    knowledgeable staff awesome meds

  135. TheHouseofMaryjane

    Best Dispensary Hands Down!!

  136. Laidback313

    Budtenders be on point with recommendations; I like how they’ll yet to find your strain if they don’t have it… S/o to my fave Kay(always a good time)

  137. Douglas7Mcintyre

    clean friendly great prices definitely worth check out Mary Jane thank u

  138. shelidashyt

    placed in a great location. My girls are very helpful and it’s always a good time every visit. reasonably priced and great quality. a must visit

  139. nikki48212

    I love it the weed was good nice selection on edilbles

  140. KingOmari

    My first time going here was fantastic, easy to find, excellent products, amazing customer service. I will definitely be returning from now on.

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