Green Planet Patient Collective



700 Tappan, Ann Arbor, MI 48104


42.273173, -83.738456




11:00 AM – 9:00 PM


11:00 AM – 9:00 PM


11:00 AM – 9:00 PM


11:00 AM – 9:00 PM


11:00 AM – 9:00 PM


11:00 AM – 9:00 PM


12:00 PM – 5:00 PM


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501 reviews for “Green Planet Patient Collective

  1. ianjohn17

    Great serious and selection. Very friendly.

  2. inlinevert639

    Great selection of flowers with detailed reports and knowledgeable bud tenders =) will be back for sure

  3. rokken

    Great location, and everything is phenomenal every time I go, whether it’s the prices of fire sale j’s or consistently-high-quality flower.

  4. pmr11691

    Green Planet is the best dispensary around the state, very professional environment with knowledgeable budtenders and great medicines. 11/10 would shop here again.

  5. davidwo

    Superior selection of meds, friendly knowledgeable staff, perfect location.

  6. rcwulff01

    The most comfortable place to get my meds, great selection. Look forward to coming back

  7. Nizinski

    Nice convenient place for UMich students. First timers get $40 for any eighter. Good deal.

  8. StanielSmith

    Very friendly people, I did not feel uncomfortable at all. Informative, if I did not understand something they are happy to explain what each strand/items effects are. Highly reccomended especially for first time patients

  9. heymann

    Best hands down in AA. So much information for each strain, with beautifully worded descriptions for both taste and feel.

  10. Aj07pro

    This place is really nice the staff is super nice and the weed is really really dank top 5 all the way

  11. Drythroats

    Great prices. Nice staff.

  12. Gamemaster1057

    Wonderful dispensary! Cheapest around, with a diverse and expansive selection. The staff are very friendly, Dave was especially helpful during my visit. Will be returning many times in the future!

  13. smokeahauntus420

    The atmosphere is nice and the shop is very clean. Personally I think the problem is lacking within employees the manager seemed pretty annoyed before I even dealt with him. One was rude and very short with me as if I was wasting his time. Needless to say I didn’t even buy anything cause I’m not contributing to such terrible people skills I’ll get my meds elsewhere.
    Overall I wouldn’t return to this location or refer anyone to be treated so poorly. Staff needs some lessons in customer service.

  14. element4life

    awesome product and people!

  15. domdom4975

    absolutely worth the 2 hour drive

  16. nicoleross

    Very knowledgeable and friendly staff!

  17. gsrhodessr

    Awesome people and great service. Really like coming here. Some of the best pre rolls around.

  18. peaceheartt

    The best dispensary in Michigan!! They know the levels of THC and CBD of each strain, amazing flavor, highly educated budtenders.

  19. Bubter

    Very friendly staff and very helpful. They had me signed up and I had my consultation all done with a half hour. Will definitely be back to check out some more of the awesome meds!

  20. slctheworld

    Excellent service! Great meds, staff is really friendly and knowledgable. I can always come here knowing I’ll get great meds and prompt service.

  21. Cannagirllive77

    Knowledgeable staff, friendly, didn’t feel rushed, love how the flower is labeled ‘smell, taste, effect’ huge plus 4 me! Definitely going back!

  22. Aknowlegablebud

    nice place. one on one help. prices were a little higher but location and quality are well worth the extra bucks.

  23. bigcat6988

    decent location. parking is meh. even for the patients. buds are top shelf but over priced.

  24. jasonfo

    Great Location nice and friendly staff. great product as well.

  25. bsandy4

    Great employees and quality strains for an awesome price. Always nice and welcoming when you come in. Other dispos make people feel awkward but not GP.

  26. Pat5519

    Was a bit nervous visiting my first dispensary, but they made the experience very relaxing. Many choices, staff was extremely friendly and knowledgeable. Very professional, very clean.

  27. breewitten

    very knowledgeable staff, very good meds. a little pricey but I’ve never had anything bad from here even concentrates.

  28. errlydabber

    Found my new spot! They are setting the bar high with great staff, great meds, and very fair prices. They have a great selection of quality concentrates and they are all very nice. The budtender was great, and the private room is very cool. If you are even slightly unhappy with your dispensary, I recommend trying here. I am very picky, and this place kills it in every way. Concentrates even come in silicone containers 🙂 Highly recommend.

  29. Pickledpepper

    It has everything a need including a knowledgeable staff

  30. queenbee6988

    great place great selection and great staff thank you

  31. Jacksonpark

    Very friendly staff. Clean environment. Like how they have there flowers to compare.

  32. TheAngryToast33

    This place is the best. Cheap prices, great quality, and service unmatched anywhere else in town.

  33. akahala95

    Great service from front desk to bud tender

  34. Kermit1902

    Great dispensary with amazing product at all price points

  35. Gaby427

    Friendly staff, decent bud selection and a great location!

  36. PatJonesSr

    Loved it great shop with lovely buds!!

  37. jimmy0910

    very clean well maintained good meds

  38. navygurl89

    This place is my favorite! Love the purple OG!

  39. jherring

    Great location, friendly staff, great meds. Never had a bad experience here. Highly recommend

  40. nquin86

    awsome place and service

  41. ScrewOpiates

    The CBD gummies were tremendously helpful with the pain after removal of four impacted wisdom teeth. The vendors are honest and very helpful when it comes to choosing the correct medicine for your needs. In general they treat you like family so it’s always a good experience!

  42. suned456

    Large selection thats always fresh and super helpful staff to help you save! true patient care

  43. msloc19

    Super nice budtenders and great selection.

  44. SwaggathaJagger2daKloudz

    Sam is the bomb! Very knowledgable, legit, nice office, great flowers for all health needs!

  45. bunklife420

    great location great budtenders along with Awsome vibes and great product and always helps me out till pay day love green planet favorite dispo in town

  46. troy46

    Great selection and wonderful service definitely recommend

  47. Tattoojeffcallis

    Loved this dispensary. Good place to get meds. Will come back soon.

  48. tholos

    One of the nicer dispensaries, carries some of the highest quality concentrates for the lowest prices. If I lived in Ann Arbor this would be go-to!

  49. mattschaefer92

    Great selection. Super friendly staff that knows the science and the law. Would definitely recommend.

  50. Aes9595

    Very welcoming and helpful atmosphere with a great selection of bud!

  51. Nicole8238

    It is a very good organized atmosphere, and enjoy all the workers here. Awesome service and good prices for the quality being so good too. My favorite is the edibles.

  52. adub734

    The only thing few new planet has going for them is their location… Unfortunately their hefty rent probably is the reason they charge an arm and a leg for half decent bud, fill their prerolls with stems & shake(not saying other collectives don’t),and only offer 20-25 dollar half grams because they can only afford to have low tier extraction artists bring in their products. One bud tender had the audacity to lie to me about the wax they were about to get in just to try and get me to come back. they offer 2, I say again, 2 dewaxed bho products, no live resin, and have no idea about any of the important details on any of them (ppm, terpenes, etc) this place has one mission: to bring in money. They do not care about the “medicine” they give their patients, if you read this please do not waste your time on this sham. Arborside, Bloom, shit even Cafe Liv are all better then this place and all located downtown as well.

  53. dapope92

    Great place well worth the drive

  54. sashuman

    Wonderful, most favorite place in Ann Arbor!

  55. palerider1959

    Great Location ,Great Medicine, Very Friendly Staff, Willing To Sit Down And Answer Any Questions. Very Relaxed Atmosphere

  56. Juuzuo

    great place and product

  57. fibrowarrior

    first time dispensary experience. they were patient, explained their products in detail and the atmosphere was amazing. coming from the west side of the state this was an amazing experience! refuse to use any grand
    rapids dispensary after starting with green planet!

  58. grp1997

    Very good bud, very educated on products good atmosphere!

  59. gmoney89

    I really appreciated how honest the staff was and really took an interest in getting the right medicine for me 🙂

  60. PorkchopXpress

    The best place I have been in so far! Great selection and courteous staff. Wicked nice lobby Muzak!

  61. ashburner68

    A great spot to go to for high quality buds along with great deals and knowledgable staff that are very friendly and conscious of their patients needs

  62. Jessekt42

    Really like the building, also love the office desk type bud display it makes you feel comfortable

  63. mojoriley12

    Stopped in during Hash Bash, the staff was super friendly and helpful and the quality of the bud was wonderful! The prices are what you expect in Ann Arbor. I had a great experience so I’d go back.

  64. Nik.wick97

    Always very friendly and make you want to come back! Very taste flowers

  65. Kdickson990

    As a new to the area dispensary frequenter, I have decided that this is my new go to. Thank you for the one on one non- rushed environment! Buds perfectly fresh, trimmed, and they work with you 100%. A+, and I’ve been to over 20 dispensaries in MI.

  66. Oznerolling

    Great location with very good atmosphere and knowledgeable staff. Good bud quality as well.

  67. door25

    Amazing atmosphere

  68. cinema21

    over all my favorite place. very consistent. The owner take a personal interest in his employees and their knowledge of products.

  69. youdman

    Great service, best spot in A2 by far.

  70. ssumma

    I love this location. kind people and great weed. i highly recommend this place

  71. purplecreamsoda

    good service nice good strong flowers will be back soon

  72. BdoNN

    One of the best spots i’ve been to yet. Knowledgeable staff

  73. jimshoe22

    This is by far one the best dispensaries in Ann Arbor. The purp Og is the best strain to me, f cut is great too.

  74. jubbajing

    Quality meds with the benefit of lab testing. I typically go with the $65 a quarter and it’s definitely better than the ‘top shelf’ flower of other local dispensaries.

  75. benwegryn

    Very helpful!

  76. crudpackjack

    Green planet was the first dispensary I’ve been to and has remained one of my favorites since. The pre-rolls are the best in the area and they usually have a great selection of wax to choose from. As far as flower goes they are very consistent with quality.

  77. Yames6

    The staff is extremely knowledgeable and friendly. Great meds too!

  78. mjsfive

    Super helpful staff, short wait times and quality meds. Maybe a bit pricier than other spots but not much, and quality is consistent.

  79. Masonman3001

    Green Planet is the best! The staff are very knowledgeable and do a great job of creating a helpful and friendly environment. Not to mention the low prices and convenient location right by the U of M’s central campus.

  80. ssoltani17

    If I could describe it in one word: unparalleled. Nothing here let’s me down. The bus is great. The service is impeccable. The environment is incredible. Always look forward to coming back again.

  81. Abe95

    Sort of hidden but top of the line service once inside. Very exclusive and helpful service.

  82. jjacob21

    such great service. sent a friend and he loves it. and now drive 30 minutes to come here.

  83. bc27

    This place is great. The medicine is top notch and the staff is awesome.

  84. ahauck

    I love how helpful they are with finding the strain right for you. They have a ton of knowledge and are super chill.

  85. Joec829

    Clean and friendly. Top end flower, excellent choice of indica’s!

  86. superhaze123

    I love Green Planet! I come here all the time and the staff is always extremely friendly and helpful. Great weed options and prices too!

  87. scubarumsey

    Difficult parking but high quality merchandise! Best dispensers around!

  88. seanpwood88

    good good flower perfectly cured. MY OERSONAL FAV SPIT WHEN MY #1 starts suckin. its right on campus and there bud has never let me down. the price when down too which is making this place number 1

  89. Raymond.R

    Great people location around a lot of local land marks and sights. Atmosphere was friendly inviting and professional. Tender was frank and patient with a first time patient ; ) First time deal was where it was at. I actually had car trouble at their establishment. I was taking up their parking spots for a good 2 hours into their business day. The owners were very understanding. You don’t find many businesses or organizations that have an actual compassion for their clients.

  90. 710mane

    Great staff very welcoming and tasty buds

  91. ashpot08

    Great place and nice people

  92. treevoy

    Great service, prices and quality! I highly recommend!

  93. kingkash32

    this place is awesome been here everyday since I’ve discovered it!!!

  94. mpond6982

    Very helpful staff and quality flower at a fair price!

  95. zsjf

    Great place, great product. Love their top shelf stuff!

  96. rileyd.m

    i think this shop is a dream come true. out of any dispensary ive visited, this one in particular is my favorite. great staff that actually knows what theyre talking about, great energy the second you walk in the door and the highest of quality ive seen around when it comes to flower

  97. Mandurs

    Good location, and great bud quality It’s hard to find a place with parking so close to downtown!!

  98. RachelS224

    Green planet in Ann Arbor, MI

  99. stevedensmore

    Top-notch quality flower, and very knowledgeable staff. Highly recommended!

  100. slablord

    Very clean, organized, and professional. The staff is very knoligable and answer any questions you have . They always make sure I get just what I’m looking for. I don’t go anywhere else I love this place!

  101. JX913

    great selection, knowledgeable
    budtenders, and quality meds

  102. bbvnj1

    Superior selection of flower, concentrates & medibles. Staff is friendly & knowledgeable. My favorite dispensary. Go here!

  103. SecrtAsianMale

    Since I’m in between college and home life, I hadn’t been able to go very much. But a couple years ago id go all the time. I love the environment and the people. If you’d visit here you’d understand how great this place it

  104. JCole73

    great atmosphere, staff is top notch, best selection in ann arbor

  105. jbarnhart22

    This is a very convenient location esp with their on site parking. The staff was very friendly and their meds are quality at a decent price. They also have a great first time special.

  106. cWizel

    this is one of the good ones. Good location, friendly staff and good bud!

  107. dantheman1997

    they have the best product around the Jack the ripper concentrate is on point.

  108. FarmerTony

    Best meds I have found so far in Ann Arbor. There flowers seem very well grown. Loved the strain called “The White”.

  109. BackAcre

    Great place, great prices. They are the only ones with my specific strain needs.

  110. danradbluedream

    I really like the flavors and the fact that they keep store it and handle it correctly

  111. RobertTAWilliams15

    great customer service, and selection.

  112. Aerikj

    Love this location. I’ve actually been a few times now in the past couple weeks to pick up a couple joints or a gram of their dank. The meds are good, budtenders and reception are friendly and they have candy at the front desk… every stoner’s dream. Oh also right next to my Uni, huge plus.

  113. GreenGirl17

    This was a great spot with awesome people and great selection. Will be back!!!

  114. btofilski24

    The only dispensary I’ve been to but they have a variety of strains and
    products and the staff is very friendly, informative and helpful.

  115. HolySon

    This store is a cure for the university community.

    Glad to be a Purchaser From Here

  116. HomeWorld

    never a fail. GP is always on point. from the service to the bud – definitely a1.

  117. zoggins

    Great service, great selection!!

  118. deegreezy

    Great service and quality products in a convenient location. This will definitely be my go to for my medical needs.

  119. jfreviews

    The specialists who work with you to find the right medicine are fantastic and very helpful! They are even willing to make good deals, and take the time to explain to beginners. The friendly, relaxed atmosphere makes the experience easy for a first time visitor- I would definitely visit again!

  120. CaptainBustalot

    They have some of the’ BEST”medicine around!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  121. BiggMomma

    Nice location…Good meds…..Friendly people…Would and did return!

  122. Tiffany143

    Good Meds Great Place dY~S

  123. Schlagy

    Good variety

  124. samav

    Fantastic experience every time I go in. Definitely best bud in Ann Arbor, and fantastic staff too

  125. Fjpo

    Very friendly staff. Knowledgable on strains and very helpful. Very clean and organized well.

  126. degjr42

    great folks,, knowledgeable and very helpful

  127. Laurajane65

    very nice place

  128. ceephax

    The staff is friendly, the wax is fire and the prices are more than fair – there’s no real reason to go anywhere else 🙂

  129. Jwinters


  130. sully17

    its the bomb! best meds in aa! feel like a kid in a candy shop again

  131. muddx2

    great place

  132. greenkecleon

    Great location for a dispensary and a wide selection of flowers and concentrates. The staff are very friendly and helpful when picking strains

  133. Sweethan20

    One of the most knowledgeable and personable places around!! Medicine is clearly labeled to help sway you decisions with all the options! Highly recommend!

  134. lbtrombo

    Great descriptions for all flower, including statistics. However no statistics available on concentrates. Nice staff, good selection.

  135. cheesehead1252

    good buds right down town ann arbor. pretty good amount of strains,friendly people

  136. benanderson111

    great meds!! must stop when in AA

  137. Paulfrids

    Green Planet has outstanding services! High quality respected atmosphere and high quality bud! I recommend it to any first time card owners!

  138. Jmerm

    This is literally THE BEST dispensary in Ann Arbor hands down. The receptionists are super friendly and helpful, the bud tenders are well knowledgable and up to date with everything and the medicine is just amazing. I recommmend this dispensary and this one only, there is not another one in the area that compares to this one as far as friendliness and overall satisfaction.

  139. StonedAstronomy

    Fantastic service, reasonable prices, and awesome bud! The wait was non existent and the budtender (Isaac I think, but I’m terrible remembering names) was very helpful and knowledgeable. He helped me find exactly the strains to help my individual needs. It was my first time here but I will probably make this my primary store. Would definitely recommend this place to anyone who asks!

  140. Bogrady477

    I truly can’t say it enough, this dispo is the best! Austin, Isaac, and John will ALWAYS make sure you get what you need for a price you can afford, and make sure you are comfortable and happy while you’re there! The product is great and prices can’t be beat! All they need is online ordering now and I’d never go anywhere else! Thank you Guys for being you!!!

  141. MelissaG85

    Love the staff and quality!

  142. designchick

    Good people good vibe and can’t forget to mention good quality flower

  143. A2KDDough

    Whether you’re looking for quality, price, or a convenient location on campus, Green Planet is consistently the best dispensary in town. I’ve gone to this location almost every day for over 2 years, and wouldn’t imagine going anywhere else. The staff is super friendly and their knowledge of the field is as good as it gets. I highly recommend checking it out if you are in the area.

  144. acristen

    the best selection of flower I’ve seen in Ann arbor.

  145. Cosmo2016

    Great service with very knowledgeable staff.

  146. Tuckerg

    Great friendly and helpful. Nice genetics available too

  147. Kenpoe1991

    my most favorite dispensary around. never disapointed

  148. muna23

    Great place! Friendly and knowledgeable staff. Good quality bud. Reasonable prices!

  149. grmymeditator

    Great buds! Purple OG is delicious

  150. DurbanTurban

    I bought a top shelf strain at supposedly over 30% thc and it was bad. I went back the next day and asked the manager for an exchange of something different and he said no. I have had this same request fulfilled at other area dispensaries. Obviously this place cares not for the well being of their patients and only for their wallets. avoid at all costs.

  151. Kefalicious

    It was my first time at a dispensary and it was a very comfortable experience. Great selection and friendly staff. Would definitely return.

  152. m.o.w.

    Been coming here forever. Definitely the most consistent in A2 for clean meds

  153. kristinM4

    I personally find the location convenient for my needs

  154. kenzo420

    my go to shop in ann arbor :)they have a pretty wide range of flower in everyone’s price range, budtenders and people working the front desk are always friendly and welcoming!! i love this place!!

  155. kmontg

    Awesome visit

  156. PineappleExpress201

    First exposure to the Ann Arbor medical world, as an Illinois patient it sometimes can be tricky finding the right solution out of your home state. This dispensary thankfully made me feel right at home. The front desk gentleman was exceptionally well spoken and extremely courteous, which I truly appreciated. I told him in person how much I felt he was going above and beyond, and I told his colleague. The point being is that when people do something exceptional they deserve the praise for it. I can also say this in regard to their quality of product. It deserves the same praise!

  157. ldariebrown

    I visited The Green Planet and absolutely loved their selection, prices and friendly customer service. I recommend the Green Planet for your medical marijuana use.

  158. Jarik

    Interesting location with private, free parking but only 2 spots. This was my first dispensary visit and John was incredibly helpful & friendly. As was the other staff I interacted with. Overall a very pleasant experience and definitely will be back!

  159. Bfry6988

    Friendly great service and product

  160. Iggyignash

    Amazing service and just a very well rounded professional dispensary, can’t wait to return to this location!

  161. IffyMars

    It’s was too shelf shit but expensive

  162. cb42915

    great place! awesome medicine

  163. golfnut420

    parking isn’t good but thats to be expected downtown. overall good experience. worth a stop if you are downtown

  164. scottyjusa

    I’ve been everywhere this is definitely the best flower shop around very high quality and the staff is extremely knowledgeable and have great tips. needs a tip jar so we can give back a little.

  165. Alyssa_daniels3

    Very convenient location

  166. Moon2015

    This place has the best concentrates in town and is the only place I go to get mine!

  167. DeeHubb420

    Great place, love the set up and the atmosphere! Will definitely keep coming back.

  168. rrl5150

    Very clean very friendly awesome flower one of the better ones in the area

  169. mustardman56

    great atmosphere good buds nice people

  170. CheeseSmoke007

    Good flower for cheap prices.

  171. Matima4

    Awesome strains and great prices. Continue to be the best dispensary in town!!

  172. mmmprk2017

    the gg4 is bomb af and issac is a cool dude happy to do business with pros like these guys

  173. Crs100

    Awesome staff and a great selection.

  174. gmoney96

    Great location and customer service!

  175. greenlung710

    One of the best in Ann Arbor. Friendly staff, great selection, competitive pricing. Def worth a visit if you’re in the area

  176. aflack313

    Great location, high quality flower, and educated and personable staff.

  177. Koozman

    The front desk staff and the budtenders are so awesome! They are very nice and extremely helpful. Not to mention that the meds are to shelf! The East Coast Sour Diesel is so fire!!

  178. kimgulley

    Love love love these great people, I highly dY~Srecommend.

  179. Daedae45

    Great location

  180. Mitchell cc

    It’s the best there is

  181. MarcDemaco

    Incredibly convenient location, with a great homey atmosphere. They offer a personal experience in getting medicine.

  182. carter135

    the green planet is the best dispensary in Ann Arbor.

  183. middybomber

    Green planet is awesome. They take such good care of their patients and where the cost is a little on the higher end you won’t be disappointed with the quality of the medicine. The staff is more then willing to answer any question you have and are extremely friendly. I definitely reccomend this place if you get a chance to stop in.

  184. thewoodman111

    Wonderful and helpful staff. Large selection of quality medicines. I look forward to my next visit!

  185. mastalos

    Super nice place. Quick service helpful associates.

  186. Phoebeelisa

    Not too talkative but their labels speak volumes!

  187. 24Buzzard

    Great Location.

  188. Wolverine1233

    best place in town! high quality medicine at a great rate with a fantastic staff and wide variety to match! they always make me feel like a patient and never like a customer!

  189. db24

    Staff is always friendly, and quality is always great!

  190. saclunch

    Awesome atmosphere with really friendly and helpful employees. The bud is high quality and they have a great selection of well priced edibles!

  191. CandyQueen07

    I love the building!!! It makes the place look very inviting.

  192. goochsquad

    Very welcoming and warm environment. This was the first place I went when my card came in the mail. I have yet to find a dispense in the 734 with such a diverse and consistent collection of concentrates. Their flowers are not to be overlooked either. The Green Planet is in my top three collective/dispensary in the Ann Arbor area

  193. Benjier

    it was a good variety and an easy walk from town will come back when in area

  194. harris0n

    Very friendly staff, knowledgeable bud tenders, great quality items and good prices, Green Planet is great. Definitely one of my favorite places in Ann Arbor.

  195. remixman

    Great place. They have parking for their patients, knowingly that A2 is known for never finding a convenient parking space, during rush hour

  196. drakegordon

    Great, definitely recommend

  197. growingstrong247

    Good prices great staff knowledgeable

  198. slin2

    Great staff, quality, and selection. This place is my go to and has never been a let down!

  199. Iallen20

    Best place in michigan

  200. mkc1858

    Loved this dispensary. Will recommend to others.

  201. MollyMB

    Highly recommend Green Planet. Extremely satisfied with knowledge of staff & easy to see product with prices. Great bargains on their specials. Will be back.

  202. mmhardy

    best purple og everdY~S

  203. beccad123

    Easy process, great and helpful staff

  204. Bdizzzy12

    Love this place Top Grade Meds,
    Recently started adding deals which I love

  205. LunaFuriosa

    I wish I lived closer because this is my favourite place to go. knowledgeable and friendly staff and very professional

  206. RebelSoulstice

    Very cool little spot right next to Dominic’s which has nostalgia from all of the past hash bashes for me =}

  207. djirws

    best in town

  208. rjr517

    Great staff and buds

  209. 12gzalez

    By far my favorite dispensary in Ann Arbor. Great selection and great staff! Green planet always has what I need for a good price!

  210. Pedro422

    Dank selection, best in town!

  211. lbender42

    location is perfect for me

  212. PeachGoddess

    fast and curious service ! everyone was so helpful and informative, DEFINITELY high on my list of recommendations for sure!!

  213. jefish04

    Friendly and knowledgeable staff. Great selection. Highly recommend.

  214. Buffard.t.justice

    The location is in the heart of Ann arbor, the meds are very modestly priced for the good quality they have here. The selection is big and they have good 15 dollar half grams of extracts.

  215. olivialovesweed123

    Love love love this place! Best meds around!

  216. DowntownDabberOG

    Was cool mos def, good deals on wax on the regular. Homie gave me a Green Planet Shirt, tight pre rolls that test beyond 20% guaranteed. Would go back again.

  217. Dvladimir27

    Great place, love the meds, awesome atmosphere. I drive a long way to this place just because its the best. Overall A+ place

  218. brianbeckwith

    Great selection and service. I am a new patient and they were understanding and willing to help me and answer any questions!

  219. antiquer420

    Green choices. Informative bud tender. relaxing atomshpere

  220. moshphil

    I just got in here for the first time last week, at long last, and this spot will be one of my regulars for a good while to come. Friendly & approachable staff, GREAT bud still at a decent price!! Wonderful first time deals. Going back today!

  221. denisep420

    excellent product service and atmosphere. just totally awesome.

  222. mattf132

    Love it, best located dispensary on Central Campus and now great daily deals.

  223. tiffanyyfawn

    They were very welcoming! Loved their selection also. It’s my favorite dispensary to go to in A2!

  224. simbaflipside

    I’ve been to many shops and Ann Arbor and this in my opinion has the best flower by far.

  225. shadowHD

    This place is very patient and understand what their patients are going through! My last visit was with Nik and I am very satisfied with the product and the service! Thank you all for making my day a little easier!

  226. chiroboy1

    Loved coming here. Super warm welcome and pretty good prices. Would recommend to anyone

  227. NyQuil13

    Juan is cool as hell. good vibes good buds

  228. vid3985

    I enjoyed my visit! Got a preroll, some concentrate and some bud. Buddtender knew a bunch!

  229. kellyunderwood2

    Great staff and buds!

  230. Cchaldo23

    I love this place. They take all their customers seriously and provide really trustworthy service. Best dispensary in Ann Arbor !

  231. jimmyohh

    I’m from the Detroit area and when I come to Ann Arbor I come here because the meds are great

  232. Komfyken

    The location is nice. Parking is not seemingly limited but there usually parking nearby. Staff was nice and pleasant. Product was nice but prices were kind of high.

  233. Sparty380

    This place is awesome, the staff is knowledgeable and helpful! Great bud! Great wax! Edible selection is slim but everything else is crazy good! If u go to one dispo in Ann Arbor make it green planet

  234. Marymargobrien

    I go here every time. Great location, quality products and awesome people

  235. joe1865

    Some quality products that could have a little more variance, but what I appreciated about this place was the atmosphere. Atmosphere was extremely friendly and professional and because of that I will be going back here.

  236. token4bacon

    Very nice environment and very knowledgeable staff

  237. Conbleez

    Very accommodating and friendly!

  238. blackwidow7

    great place!

  239. rece08

    Lets just say that I keep going back for a reason.

  240. poiboi187

    Green Planet Patient Collective has the best medicine with the best service in the Ann Arbor Area. Everyone should go here for their medical needs.

  241. tomharris825

    This place is very comfortable. I drive from 45 minutes away and would drive double that distance to come here. The budtender was very helpful and knowledgeable.

  242. troyboy081

    great service and good deals

  243. DrFace

    This place rules. I like medicine.

  244. lil_shyt420

    Liza is the best and my favorite! She has all the information you could ever need. Top of the line strains and delicious edibles.

  245. lolobelle96

    Erica is amazing!! So kind and patient and seemed to understand exactly what i needed!! Thank youuu!!!

  246. ericajaffe

    great staff, dank bud, good environment

  247. CaptainSolomon

    awesome quality and the guy who helped me was very knowledgeable.

  248. Mimunson

    Nice staff, fast service, good medicine, and they got chocolate at the front

  249. zzent44

    Great staff. Definitely my go to dispensary in the Ann Arbor area.

  250. Joeblow734

    Very fast, great quality, and friendly.

  251. mikedunn

    great service i would come back for sure..

  252. camdot

    Love this place, they have the best customer service and selection

  253. Smoog

    Always been one of my favorite places. Very helpful and educated staff and great products.

  254. CrazyBuckeye39

    Stuff just awesome

  255. allkindsofgains

    Good medicine and prices

  256. andrewrmanni

    I will be stopping here anytime im in Ann Arbor. High quality meds, knowledgeable staff, and a 1-on-1 consultation. Very professional.

  257. EricVann

    Everything here is A+. Great Atmosphere, knowledgeable staff and great Meds

  258. budslinger19


  259. Ryan1983

    The people were awesome and super friendly! A new favorite!

  260. chilledout27

    I drive over an hour to this location because they are the most professional and knowledgeable. Plus it’s in one of the most beautiful cities.

  261. PoisonIV

    Biggest critique I could make is their menu online. Their website is kinda difficult to navigate and it’s not as comprehensive as their in-store location. I’m not saying that their website isn’t accurate, it is, but it is very hard to actually find what you’re looking for. But every time I visit I get exactly what I am looking for, curtesy of the staff recommendations

  262. MoneyMike16

    Best Bud In Michigan

  263. Javv.williams

    Hey headed here soon for the fire preroll sale! Love this location right across from one of my wives universities’

  264. mjueckstock

    Very knowledgeable and friendly staff- great products

  265. Mr.Reefer420000

    This place is amazing top quality medication from the concentrates to the flowers the staff the awesome and very knowledgeable as well make sure you stop by next time you’re in ann arbor

  266. coreymurray

    Great place. Helpful and well priced. Will come again.

  267. MotaPota

    Very conveniently located and great store front. The people here are real knowledgeable as well as just genuine nice people who want to help you out. Will be visiting again soon, would recommend to whomever.

  268. jefeOculto

    Take a look at their concentrate selection, guaranteed to find something that will make your headband spin.

  269. khorn

    Great products along with a very kind and helpful staff make this the best dispensary in the Ann Arbor area!

  270. sparksjacob

    seems to be friendly staff clean shop

  271. BigRedGrowGuy420

    Very impressive establishment. This place is top notch. Even the pre-rolls have testing information on them. It is one of the best dispensaries in the state, hands down.

  272. nwolfe311

    Awesome customer service! Great selection and quality products! Highly recommended!

  273. Teezsmoke

    This is by far the best dispensary I’ve been in in the state of Michigan. Great service, nice staff.

  274. Hobagz

    Comfortable environment, good product. Have already recommend others to go

  275. kreimesa1

    love the selections. great deals. high THC. most reliable in ann arbor

  276. Covyaw

    Really like the quick service and friendly staff

  277. smokingator

    Very nice quality and attending staff was cheerful

  278. alienxtraL

    Super convenient location in Ann Arbor! One of the best store fronts around.

  279. MickD420

    love this place me and my son come here all the time. if you have not been here yet i would definitly check it out they have great deals for first time patients.

  280. SRome

    This is my favorite dispensary in Ann Arbor by far. I have tried others that have more edible options, but no shop beats GPPC in quality and price.

  281. medicalmadnesss

    Very pleased with Green Planet. David was very knowledgeable and helpful. Will be back.

  282. mikesworld

    Excellent 1st time visit!!

  283. ninjakrs

    this is one of my favorite place to get my med’s from good price good people

  284. Sidvic

    Definitely a must see. Made green planet my go-to spot for meds. Awesome and easy selection. Friendly staff. Quick procedure. Thank you. And keep it green!

  285. Macdaddyzac

    Very easy to find

  286. pppppaaaiiiiggggeee

    This is an awesome place with great product

  287. stevethebeave

    Great bud and amazing bud tenders. Great atmosphere as well

  288. bluntedpanda

    Best dispensary in Ann Arbor! Best selection and prices.

  289. felisa67

    Very compassionate and knowledgeable. Will definitely return

  290. MrReefer420

    this location is great I have actually brought people here and will continue to do so they have a large selection of quality medication with a great staff

  291. Sefthuk2

    A very good place to go. Very understanding of patients needs, and always willing to help you figure out what will help you the most. The educated staff works well, and the private viewing areas are very nice. The product is very high quality, and the prices a competitive. Recommended.

  292. asoleimany

    Best quality medicine in ann arbor and solid selection of flower, edibles, and concentrates. Best customer service with the most informed staff. 10/10 would recommend. The staff is always friendly and courteous. I love green planet.

  293. trailch

    love this place, everything is labeled with effects which is huge for me!

  294. jinxaaa

    They have great deals on shatter and the flower is on point. Simply my favorite dispensary hands down.

  295. tmatson90

    Great selection and great prices.

  296. vkannarbor

    Great service and selection. Best 1/2 oz deals.

  297. Anthonyapap1979

    Great buds, a little pricey but still better herbs then most places

  298. njansen

    They always have a nice variety with everything in stock, great prices and a really consistent quality. No complaints!

  299. Dave921

    Very nice people and the medicine in town.

  300. mitchm50

    The location is great, the service is great, and I got way higher than I thought I would. A great experience!

  301. Cellus241

    love you guys best place in A2!

  302. mineich

    Great resource, helpful bud tenders. Feel very comfortable going here. Definitely recommend. Very helpful and explain what I dont understand.

  303. GriffinNeumann

    Very good service and great products

  304. Runecraft546

    Awesome spot with great staff. The location is more than ideal and their bud is exemplary

  305. jcoppie

    Green Planet always has the best flower, and not to mention their concentrates are always on point!!! Also, the staff is helpful with any questions and makes your experience very enjoyable.

  306. cognac85

    My first time there the guy at the front desk was awesome but when got to back with the consultant he said hi how you doing literally that’s all he said to me while I was there so I felt like he just was kinda rushing me to pick something when it was my first time there and he didn’t mention the 40 top shelf 8th for new patient I was going to spend a couple hundred there but instead I got one pre roll and decided to take my business some where else

  307. cjdenney

    Great service, better prices, had a great overall experience.

  308. ForrestO

    My first visit was great: amazing selection of pre-rolls and you can’t beat the location. Super relaxed but professional vibe.

  309. slalomboy123

    Great place, great product

  310. blueman97

    Knowledgeable and friendly staff. Always have great wax and flower selection. The Green Planet boasts a convenient location and competitive pricing making it my main dispensary in aa.

  311. teamtempleton

    Staff was very friendly, knowledgeable, and professional. Clean, good selection and display. I have yet to medicate with my purchase, but looking forward to reviewing the product once I am home.

  312. n8dogee

    Fantastic Service! Helped me find a high cbd strain for my needs.

  313. norei

    Awesome atmosphere and great selection of flower. Budtender was attentive and knowledgeable!

  314. giftedstoner

    they are ahead of their competition

  315. alexdavoudi

    Have been going here for a while now. Very cool staff, great environment, and the best meds. Would recommend to everyone

  316. BBennett1

    This place is beyond amazing.. so many great strains and deals! Everyone is so nice and helpful!

  317. Wiitigo

    The location is pretty busy

  318. The_Canna_Cook

    Everything here is top quality. From the meds to the budtenders, you know you’re in the right place. Today was my first time and I was greeted with an excellent selection of flower and wax along with one of the most knowledgeable budtenders I’ve met. He recommended an excellent Golden Lemon Live Resin, which I received a great deal on for my first purchase. I’ll definitely be back if I’m in the Ann Arbor area.

  319. MDM1369

    I love the people prices areaEUR< reasonable, went to another one that looked respectable but thier product was so terrible I wasted my time and money. This one a good one went twice two days in a row.

  320. acb210

    great place, everyone is very nice and helpful and great bud there too!!

  321. Devonlinder

    Very friendly and knowledgeable staff. Good selection with fair prices.

  322. tylerj660

    Nice chill atmosphere, great bud!

  323. krb72

    Dave, Austin, Sam, John, Nick are AweSome. Very knowledgeable and always excellent service. Great
    concentrates, wide selection. Niiice choices of prerolls and flowers.

  324. blazegood23

    Awesome meds great staff

  325. spazx666

    the jedi kush I got from here was soooo good!

  326. SissynTerry0513

    Good meds there everyone should stop by they have awesome deals. ..

  327. Andrewk23

    Great staff, great meds!

  328. chrissteele420

    Dope place good staff

  329. Deaf6661

    Always satisfied by the service and products I receive here, their honest and courteous whenever I visit

  330. DitchT

    freindly staff, good meds, good prices

  331. skinsey

    best selection and great atmosphere .

  332. TitiLovesWeed

    Mellow, knowledgeable, great-to-talk-to budtenders give the best advice. I look forward to seeing them!
    The selection is always well curated and great quality.
    They put excellent and accurate descriptions in the display, so you know exactly what you’re getting without having to do any research in advance. You can tailor your experience!
    They take good care of the neighborhood and it’s safe,
    It might be my favorite dispensary!

  333. MikeManitouBeach

    Great Products for the Price here. Especially like the small room for private selection from a counter where everything is priced out by gram / 1/8 / 1/4 / 1/2 & 1 OZ.
    Friendly & efficient staff. Only drawback is limited parking & having to pay meter to park on street there.

  334. boldt81

    Great overall experience, will be a customer for life

  335. tomcar520

    Great selection of top notch products. the service was great, a super knowledgeable staff made me feel super comfortable on my first visit.

  336. KyranW123

    Best place in ann arbor to get your meds

  337. kenhayd

    They are very friendly and helpful, they are also the only dispensary I have found in the immediate area that carry the High-Grade Gummies edibles, which I find to be the best bang for your buck

  338. GanjaKing2016

    Amazing Dispensary, Amazing Quality Bud, And Edibles. Definitely my main dispensary to go to. Great Selection, Great Prices. Always great customer service

  339. rybakor92

    Good service and work hard to get you a great deal!

  340. vinnyramos

    Felt very taken care of my first time going in. Great quality product. Cant wait to go back!

  341. GreazydaSurfGod420

    Great dispensary. Excellent staff, John was very friendly and helpful. Quality meds, will return again.

  342. jackster0

    This place had bomb concentrates. I am very pleased with the service that i was provided with. Friendly-smart people.

  343. BigD11237

    Great job, really appreciate the labels with plenty of information. The caviar is delicious, I sampled .5 and came back 2 hours later and got another 4.0 topShelf !

  344. Kriegslayer

    great selection, great guys

  345. ykahala

    The location is nice and easy to access, parking can get a little tricky sometimes

  346. Hensels

    Great selection of strains all out on display and clearly visible. Helpful staff.

  347. jgoods5

    The employees are excellent!

  348. jojathompson

    I love this place, warm feeling once you walk in the door

  349. brakup

    This is a great medical dispensary. They have lots of strains which are all very potent. I would recommend 10/10.

  350. rizzrazz16

    Great location. Very friendly and knowledgable staff. Highly recommended and will be back.

  351. cmcfish

    Very clean, professional facility. Knowledgeable, friendly staff. Will. be back!

  352. Therrien85

    it’s clean, friendly and easy to find.

  353. Greenman16

    Great people, awesome product, will definitely be a returning member

  354. lesfei5

    I’m used to going to treecity which I thought no one could top, well until I came to this place. The meds are close in quality, though I would give tree the nod, but similar quality for a much better price, now we are talkin. I liked the atmosphere, and customer service much, much more than tree. Treecity is a bit tense and snobby (if a particular girl is working it’s even worse) making me dread going in. Not Greenplanet though. They maintain both fine professionalism and comfortable friendly service. The finishes and decor are top notch as well. High end, natural surrounding, like perhaps a med spa. love this place and am omw there today. Thanks Greenplanet for freeing me from Treecity’s wrath.

  355. Abby101

    Very friendly!

  356. twan420

    Great selection very helpful staff

  357. libbydibby

    i like the lobby

  358. LivinLifeoyea

    I like the classic rock playing in the lobby it’s very laid back in there. Everyone there is real nice and likes to answer your questions. This will be a regular for me…

  359. ghostjerry

    Good meds friendly staff

  360. 420twinks

    my favorite dispensary in Ann Arbor 420 out of 420 would go again.

  361. xswordknight

    great service, amazing product.

  362. Candyspicefire

    Very comfortable and professional environment. Staff are highly knowledgeable and will steer you in the right direction. High quality medicine with the best pre-rolls I have ever purchased from a dispensary! I strongly recommend you check out Green Planet.

  363. 66Thunderbird

    Awesome staff, very professional, knowledgeable and curtious. Fantastic variety of strains for every medicinal need. Clean facility as you would expect in a doctors office. If your seeking a high quality dispensary, look no further! Thanks to all the staff at Green Planet!

  364. bbworthing

    Favorite location, and got a great new patient discount. Green planet also has my favorite packaging of the bud

  365. Trees4me1234

    Best bud in Ann Arbor hands down. Great service too!

  366. agazzy

    Been coming here for over a year. Quality is always exceptional. Price wise it’s on par with other a2 dispos.

    Service is good. Bud tenders are always cool.

  367. Asquare

    Wonderful place with a diverse selection of products and extraordinary knowledgable staff! Would Recommend to anyone!

  368. Grob135

    Very friendly service! Welcomed me in right away and answered all of my questions. Will definitely be coming back!

  369. YouthfulSage

    love the location, nice staff and a good variety for both flower and edibles. This is my new permanent place to get medicine!

  370. JadedTakesThisSerious

    Updated review.. I have been coming here for specific strains for a while now an honestly everything has been great, so time to add stars. I have had Austin as my budtender at least my last four visits an he is always friendly and helpful. The flowers are consistently good and labeled with thc and cbd potency. In my opinion this place is probably in the top 5 in Michigan. Parking is still a mess near there but it’s Ann Arbor so what can ya do.

  371. Nicole112982

    I was very impressed and pleased with the service that I received. Vast variety. I was not rushed in and out. Very friendly.

  372. Gsizzle42018

    very nice great meds very friendly and helpful

  373. kiefbloom

    Good location!

  374. carsonmoutsatson31

    Very friendly staff and nice office

  375. dkdk

    Location is amazing. Budtender is great with great selection.

  376. noahhayes95

    best dispo in town

  377. loyalcustomer

    Knowledgeable, friendly staff. Great flower selection. Would not hesitate to recommend 🙂

  378. ApolloKingpin

    Cool place. Cool meds. Cool people

  379. jmerklinger

    this is my favorite place to go!! great staff, prices, and product!!!

  380. a2w

    Best service & product at the best price you can find in AA.

  381. balsam

    Very friendly and down to earth staff my first pick for quality of total experience will be going there for now on!

  382. Bk7

    Nice flower!

  383. sirstanley420

    I was absolutely pleased with this dispensary. Great atmosphere, knowledgable staff and great cannabis. I would recommend any cannabis connoisseur to stop and enjoy.

  384. MrReefer4200

    this is hands down one of the best dispensaries I’ve come across in Ann Arbor the selection of medication is great and all of it is quality above and beyond other dispensaries the staff is very knowledgeable and helpful make sure you stop by when you’re in the city like me and my wifey do

  385. HerbalH327

    Professional atmosphere, knowledgable staff, and good selection at fair prices!

  386. michaelm244

    Great bud, they’ll always take the time to explain what they think is good right now.

    Amazing service, very professional as well.

  387. MichaeLPhelkeY

    Very inviting and filled with compassion I purchased Ghost OG and was very satisfied by the effects reliving my back pain wise

  388. msmiron

    Fantastic location, fantastic staff, fantastic product. Boom. It’s that easy.

  389. Hereforthegreen

    Really a friendly staff with a good selection!

  390. bryansebes

    Great buds and great staff !!! Look no further.

  391. Chiraisedme

    The staff is well informed on the product and very eager to assist you if you are a first timer


    This place is awesome.

  393. NYMed

    Awesome staff with a great quality product selection. Definitely a go to place

  394. sheflyhigh13

    I went there for the first time yesterday is a new patient and had a wonderful experience I was in and out very quickly which was great for me the service was very friendly and the people there were very knowledgeable definitely will be going back

  395. mfriend132

    Love this place. Great service, always remember me, and not pushy at all. Want what’s best for customer.

  396. doryforous

    My go to place in A2! Great people great medicine.

  397. Place1lj

    All good!

  398. drfishie

    very helpful bud tenders good environment great products for a good price my number one stop shop dY”Y=

  399. trich22

    Great friendly people and environment love the location to my new house. Bud tenders are very engaged and knowledgable of their products

  400. 1truestarr

    This was a true find as a patient from California looking for someone local who is up to date on state laws and would honor my prescription!! I am quite pleased with the location, awesome staff, and selection pretty on par with what I can get in Cali. Donations here are higher, but that was expected. I will def be coming here when I’m in the mitten.

  401. GingerBee83

    Its good but kinda hard to find the first time good thing the building is green. Good products and I enjoy the edibles also.

  402. namdeew1

    The service was fast and the staff knew the answers to all my questions! Highly recommended.

  403. goblue5307

    Best dispensary in Ann Arbor. Great service, great selection, and fantastic location.

  404. Sammy981

    amazing dispo. Reasonable prices and great location.

  405. xxriverboyoo

    great location on the corner of the block. also the place is very induvialized go in and see your own specilist with all the medicine sitting out right in front of you! some of the Best looking medicine around as well!

  406. Dr.Nick

    Best in Ann Arbor.

  407. natebaird719

    Awesome place with the best meds and prices in town!

  408. issagir

    great bud

  409. bEZKittyKat

    This was by far the best first visit I’ve had at a dispensary. The atmosphere was very welcoming and professional. I have some complicated health issues that require certain qualities from different strains. Austin was very understanding, patient and informative in helping me choose what would work best for me. Clear, detailed information on products made it a very pleasant experience all around. I am so happy I found this place!

  410. Shimmiebobo

    Great place overall. Go see for yourself

  411. annarbor96

    Great service, staff, and selection

  412. n90lolo

    amazing first time visit today will go back shortly

  413. persbran

    Best bud in town. Great staff and selection

  414. brendanc

    Their selection is phenomenal, prices are fair, and the staff are great!
    -Brendan C.

  415. nugsnugz

    Great place, lovely atmosphere.

  416. Primitivep

    Best dispo in the ann arbor area !

  417. tauras_perfection

    Reception was kinda cold, but Sam was awesome and the choices were awesome, best flower around and pretty good prices. Had been looking all over for something and this is only place I’ve found it.
    Will be going again for sure,

  418. nmitrunks

    Awesome location and great deals. The staff is friendly and know how to sell the product

  419. austinjayyo

    This place always has great and helpful. Staff great quality chronic and amazing taste

  420. loszway

    Great place great ppl great meds!!

  421. dapperdabber314

    I have been coming to GP for years. Anytime im in the area, i make it a point to try and stop by. They have excellent products and an incredibly knowledgeable and friendly staff. Not to mention fair pricing. Green Planet is A2’s finest!

  422. Tregina12

    great people, good bud.

  423. krazychemist92

    Great place! They helped me get my card, the staff is great, and donations are fair.

  424. Alexcost_644

    Always very satisfied with meds and the super friendly atmosphere. They were calling me by name by my second visit, very impressed.

  425. ElTissimoChase

    Great place with great prices!!

  426. notmike

    I learn a lot about my meds every time I come here. For this stop I was having pain from wisdom tooth surgery. I was recommended a high CBD strain (Herkle) by Liza. She really knows her stuff. I was amazed by the quality of pain relief and anxiety reduction I got from the strain. As usual, the price was the biggest negative factor. This is easily the most expensive bud in town, but it is quality.

  427. moore.2134

    Best one in town. The staff are all knowledgeable and very friendly. Very professional.

  428. troyirvine1

    very clean and beautiful buds

  429. st918713

    So nice to see friendly face…awesome wax

  430. Lemonzebra

    Very knowledgeable and friendly staff. Well stocked bar and great flower!

  431. Wolverine12

    Great location right on campus! Staff are always extremely helpful and they have a great selection. Very efficient and am a loyal patient for years now.

  432. bazzi48

    Easily best in town, great staff, great service!

  433. SReefer420

    this place is amazing they have a great selection and awesome staff

  434. MarcieM

    Easy in & out! Great prices & great products

  435. Azurefec

    Honestly this place is amazing!! Super professional, helpful, good prices, and really friendly staff

  436. Brian6976

    This place is really great! Very friendly staff. Easy to park. Great selection and competitive prices!

  437. sunnydazewest

    Great place to come if you’re looking for legit quality meds. They have connoiseur strains that will impress even the pickiest of patient’s. Nice atmosphere as well with a wide range of different options to medicate. Easy to find and worth the stop. Two thumbs up guy’s!

  438. Cosmo29

    Staff is great and easy to talk to quality flower

  439. Shortynphildo

    Very nice people & very nice place. First visit was about 2 or 3 months ago now & i have been back over & over.

  440. serndl

    Great place to have a simple and easy experience. The set up of the shop is very intimate but professional. I would recommend checking out this dispensary.

  441. tygahh

    Great staff. They really help you get what you need.

  442. lovesosa13

    Great Pre Rolls

  443. Justin923

    Great selection of concentrates and pre rolls. Love the free parking and nice staff too.

  444. ScuddaDab

    By far has the best staff when it comes to friendliness and knowledge of the products they provide. great prices and so many options.

  445. Alank25

    Quality bud and inviting atmosphere.

  446. detrosie

    Private and very relaxed. Products at great.

  447. paytonmcl

    Great service, very comfortable place to be. Easiest place to make a purchase in AA.

  448. sanemblidge

    love this spot, best bud in town

  449. Bfry2017

    Fantastic place

  450. Lf415

    This is hands down my favorite dispensary in Ann Arbor. I come here all the time and highly recommend them.

  451. m1rand1e

    they are super friendly and really helpful! plus all the glass is really reasonably priced 🙂 will def be back again soon!

  452. Kathryn626

    The staff was friendly and helpful. The product was great and prices great. I got a great deal as a first time customer. Check it out. You’ll be glad you did.

  453. Mark1979

    Love the one on one experience

  454. lyonsbp

    Great place, great staff

  455. Johnnyboiyy

    cool place, worth the visit

  456. kmc29

    I loved the fast, professional atmosphere and staff of The Green Planet. The parking on the side of the building is an added bonus, especially during art fair! Sam helped me out and was very knowledgeable and friendly. There are multiple private rooms where you look at the product with a sales associate which helped me ynot to feel as pressured to make a decision. Overall, I would highly recommend!!

  457. MoreCashMade

    5 stars, nothing less. One of the great dispensaries in Ann Arbor. If your not in the area, it’s still worth the trip for the first timers special at least. I’m sure local patients shop here often, they would be wise to

  458. johnnyboiy

    Greg and Kristine were awesome!

  459. kevpeter

    One of my go-to’s in Ann Arbor: dank nugs at affordable prices.

  460. almeiring

    I love place. Wide variety of flower and concentrates. Better prices then most places in town for the same or better medication. The staff is very friendly and knowledgable and I got in less thanks ten minutes my first time.

  461. Mmhopkins

    Most helpful I’ve been too. Kind informative. Easy to work with. Always come here when
    In Ann Arbor

  462. getitin100

    I think this place is very laid back which makes me feel


  463. cannibiscures

    Incredible location with personal parking available for patients/members. Very friendly and knowledgeable staff! Great quality medicine with every strain I have tried. Green planet is worth the drive I make from Jackson, check them out you will not be disappointment. Try the purple OG Kush.

  464. birwood523

    The products are the best around.

  465. blem4real

    Great place! Consistent quality

  466. CAtransplant

    The best in town. I leave happier every time I go. Incredible staff and products keep me coming back

  467. Curly808

    Green planet provides a comfortable, friendly and warm enviroment. The budtender was very knowledgeable. Great selection.

  468. dianebuckley1980


  469. chesterbait616

    A great place to get tasty bud and good concentrate! Very friendly staff, glad I can be a member here.

  470. Ypsirebel

    Best bud tending stations in town and quality ia premium!

  471. Hanins

    They have a variety of flower that they display out for u and what I personally like is they have a description of each flower so u know what to expect from different strains, also loved how friendly and energetic everyone was!

  472. jisrael3

    I loved everything about this place since the second I walked in. Quality meds and service. I can’t wait to recommend to friends.

  473. mbrownsr

    Green Planet offer quality products and great prices. I recommend everyone go there for there medical marijuana.

  474. tjmy96

    Great experience every time I go in! The staff is very kind and informed. Would recommend with no doubt

  475. Yupp91

    Best place in a2!!

  476. gratefulexpert4

    awesome spot

  477. queenairie

    Great range of products and friendly, entertaining staff. I would definitely (and already have) recommended to a friend.

  478. jplarsen17

    I have been going here for a couple months now and t is for sure one of the best in the area. They have a ton of strains to choose from, all of which are reasonably priced. The staff is super knowledgeable and helpful!

  479. Brooke13

    I love u guys

  480. Hotpants

    Best dispensary on this side of the Missisisppi. Knowledgable staff, great selection. Best price in town on quality waxes. If that’s not enough, they even have candy.

  481. MLorenzetti420

    Highly recommend this shop,

    Personally Im very picky, GreenPlanets prices are respectable and their quality is consistent and reliable,

    Keep up the great work team!!

  482. RUicker

    Couldn’t ask for more! Many quality options to choose from, nice budtenders every visit, never have to wait, etc. Definitely recommending to all peers!

  483. joshknab6

    Very well organized establishment with helpful and knowledgeable staff. Will definitely be coming here more often!

  484. mollyb3

    My favorite place. Awesome buds and great people

  485. LinzC

    Only dispensary i will go to. Friendly, very knowledgeable staff, best meds and prices

  486. Miss0mee

    I love it! It’s convenient, no wait, great staff!

  487. YabbaDabbaDoob825

    dY”Y=dY”Y=dY”Y= alert! This place has the bomb flower! The staff are great too! Very nice and helpful when you have questions

  488. acedavis

    Professional yet approachable. They try hard to do the right things the right way. Generally an excellent selection of flower in particular.

  489. inkyts

    Great Meds. Best Clones Around.

  490. Eagle159

    Employees are the greatest, great customer service, great prices, the only dispensary I go to.

  491. irbowen

    Great bud, great staff

  492. robsmall

    Been coming here for 3 years now and have no complaints.

  493. Eagles21

    always a positive experience. clean and professional facility and the staff is wonderful. this is definitely my go to spot when I’m in ann arbor

  494. Jimmyd1

    Wide selection top quality friendly atmosphere

  495. dh5era

    The dispo is very clean and the bud tenders are very helpful

  496. Hommer69

    nice place

  497. mwagar

    They have good edibles and bud!!

  498. chupp

    very nice environment…. the employees were great and great products

  499. mardavis

    absolutely love this place employees are amazing and the stuff is great quailty

  500. 11b20cib

    Out of towner here; couldn’t be happier with the atmosphere and staff, treated me like a brother. Top notch meds and choices.

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