1103 14th Street West, Bradenton, FL 34205


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10:00 AM – 7:00 PM


10:00 PM – 7:00 PM


10:00 AM – 7:00 PM


10:00 AM – 7:00 PM


10:00 AM – 7:00 PM


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Trulieve is a Bradenton Medical Marijuana Dispensary

Trulieve is honored to serve medical marijuana patients in Bradenton and the Manatee County region as a Florida Department of Health licensed medical cannabis dispensary. Dedicated to helping suffering patients in need, Trulieve’s Amendment 2 compliant dispensary provides top-tier medical marijuana with dedicated, compassionate patient care.

A team of medical, horticultural and pharmaceutical professionals founded Trulieve out of passionate belief in medical marijuana’s ability to relieve a variety of health issues. Trulieve believes in the holistic power of cannabis’ healing potential, particularly in the face of those suffering from opioid addictions due to prescription medication. Serving Bradenton patients both before and after the passage of Amendment 2, Trulieve provides individuals with low-THC and full medical marijuana treatments coupled with the best of patient care.

Trulieve’s medical marijuana dispensary team is committed to providing Bradenton patients with a custom-tailored cannabis experience. Highly knowledgeable in all things medical marijuana, their employees can work with their patients’ doctors to provide the optimal cannabis care for their particular qualifying condition. They welcome every visitor to their Bradenton dispensary with a smile. Patients can rest assured they are receiving the latest in cannabis research and best in product quality when they visit Trulieve-Bradenton.

Dedicated entirely to their patients’ wellness, Trulieve designed their marijuana products to aid treating seizures, chronic pain, nausea, appetite loss and many more health concerns. Patients can medicate discreetly with their line of vaporizer pens and cannabis oil cartridges, available in Indica, Sativa, Hybrid and high-CBD strains. Their oral marijuana syringes are perfect for self-administration under the tongue or filling empty pill capsules, and Trulieve offers pre-filled marijuana pills to ingest like any other medicine treatment. All marijuana products undergo lab testing before becoming available for patient purchase.

Trulieve welcomes both debit card and cash payments at their Bradenton facility, and welcome both walk-in patients and scheduled private consultations. Their marijuana dispensary provides plenty of parking with ADA accessibility.

Service Locations:
Proud to serve as a member of their Bradenton community, Trulieve offers compassionate medical marijuana therapies to patients in West Bradenton Palma Sola, Bradenton Beach, and the Longboat Key. Folks in Palmetto, Memphis, Ellenton, and Oneco can easily access Trulieve’s dispensary services. Their marijuana dispensary will serve qualifying patients from Bayshore Gardens, Whitfield and Anna Maria with dedicated care. Whether patients reside in North Sarasota, Kensington Park, Lakewood Ranch or Rubonia, Trulieve strives to eliminate as much suffering as possible through medical marijuana.

Location Information:
Bradenton stands in Manatee County, located along the Manatee River to the south of Tampa Bay, Florida. The city hosts a number cultural and entertainment attractions, such as the LECOM Park spring training baseball field. The DeSoto Square Mall hosts a variety of retail destinations for shoppers to enjoy, while the coast of Bradenton beaches offers sunbathing and swimming. Visitors can travel through the Sarasota-Bradenton International Airport, while the John and Mable Ringling Museum of Art feature 31 different art galleries. From the Bradenton Area Convention Center to the Palma Sola Bay, Trulieve is honored to help heal their medical marijuana patients.


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34 reviews for “Trulieve

  1. Happyhashpants420

    Really love this dispensary all budtenders are super friendly & very knowledgeable of the medicine. I am a repeat patient mainly cause of quality of meds superb top shelf 4 sure

  2. MatthewWilson78

    I have been a Truliever for a little over a year. I have been to Fort Myers, Sarasota, Saint Pete, and Bradenton and I always have a great experience. But I must say that the Bradenton location feels the most welcoming and knowledgeable. I recently had Justin as my consultant and i felt like I made a friend. Extremely knowledgeable and kind and he is the reason I’m leaving this review. I would recommend requesting to speak with him if you’re a new patient because you can tell he loves to teach and presents it in a way that is easy to understand. Keep up the good work guys, you have a Truliever for life!

  3. trixynoxx89

    Very informative and super laid back people.

  4. mb194911


  5. melicole

    So helpful! I had no clue what I was doing, and they took the time to walk me though every step!

  6. sunerok

    The truclear chem dawg is incredible! very high in thc and vaporizes very clean. The vape cartridges are nice too, I really like the girl scout cookies and bubble gum.

  7. Ladyzluvr3209

    I have multiple sclerosis and optic neuritis along with ptsd and they go above and beyond to make sure I am comfortable with my pain level. Most of all do what they can to deliver it to me in a timely manner. All the staff are kind and and make my life with my diseases a little easier God bless Trulieve.

  8. robsaal4

    Great location! Great people! Great product! Thank you!

  9. Selyob46

    Great quality products that will never let you down. The service is the best all-around from front to back office. The sales staff is always very friendly, truthful and knowledgeable about the product line. Great professional atmosphere.

  10. brian2177b

    Over priced product. Deceptive labels. Poor customer service. Surly security guard. Employees that simply don’t care. Miserable customers. Long wait times. Broken ATM. Always out of product. I will never give this company another penny.

  11. fanatics

    This location is very Convenient, they always have product and might I say they always have new product 1st. The product is reasonable and the staff make sure you know what you need. They also conduct themselves as a professional would. So kudos to you guys keep up the good work. I can’t wait till flower comes in!!

  12. CM13

    Service and professionalism are lacking at this location.

  13. Mdevaney

    Buy area was kinda oddly setup I think. It’s not very store like.

  14. PUREVIBEvape

    Very comfortable environment.

  15. swflcanna

    awesome location.. very friendly staff and trulieve products are by far the best in the state. TruClear is straight fiyyya.. try the 9lb hammer!

  16. dolcej

    I have been there 2 times and the staff is helpful and very friendly. They answered all my questions and helped get me the right product. It is not the staffs fault when they are out of product.

  17. Cannakaely

    awesome place!

  18. bobb2166

    I’ve never had a good experience at this location. It’s always something.

  19. Suziesilverado

    The products are good but they have items listed on the website that you can order but are then not in stock in the stores. So you make useless trips to the dispensary. (this holds true for all of the Trulieve dispensaries near Sarasota and Bradenton)

  20. Shutterbug64

    the location was ok,..on the main drag, but alright none the less to get into, like to see more of a bigger location to get to, to turn in to the parking lot is rough,…watch out ya don’t get hit from behind……the staff was very helpful…especially Jewels,..knowledgeable & friendly,..differently if not a promotion a bump up in pay id say,…she was very helpful …best of all, my perches was a tasty morsel to say the least!…

  21. BucsGirl420

    Love it 🙂 was my 1st time and awesome experience

  22. David.S.

    They run a well oiled process here and I’ve found it to be the Best Dispensary amongst them all. Product-wise, they have the best Selection and Prices. Especially on the Pure (Remedy) CBD Tincture, 500mg. Which I find to be my base product, from which I feel I get the most medicinal relief. It’s $70 and I’ve done a comparative between the other Dispensaries Products and I believe it to be the most cost effective, taking into account the purity and actual number of doses in a bottle. Start slow – you may be surprised how little can be effective for a myriad of symptoms. They also have a comprehensive assortment of both CBD & THC Vape Carts, Vape Cups, Syringes, Tinctures, Capsules, Accessories, Topical’s, Nebulizers and even Concentrates & Flower. I’ve seen no other Dispensary with such a wide selection of products and they are truly of the highest quality. The Staff is helpful and the Service is personalized, they’ve consistently answered every question that I’ve thrown at them and made me understand the difference between all the Products. Kudos!!!

  23. sctskyler

    Hat’s off to the staff at Trulieve Bradenton. Their patients, including myself, are a challenge to deal with at times. Thanks and happy holiday to all at Truelieve Bradenton.

  24. zeemeister

    Used the Bradenton location to call in delivery to my home in south Florida. Excellent delivery service, easy customer service interaction, called to change order no problem. Nice variety of hybrid vapes, first time discount as well. Atmosphere rating irrelevant to this review as I did not go to location. Highly recommended.

  25. hakuna1919

    Not much parking? always busy too.

  26. jhsllc

    I love it.

  27. litasweeta

    this place is ALWAYS busy- but i get it. they’re the only dispensary in the area and they have great and fairly priced products. this is hands down my favorite dispensary that i’ve been to. the staff have always been extremely kind and helpful. i’ve also used the atm every time i’ve gone (usually once a week) and never had an issue. you do have to be patient here because i have always had to wait, BUT that is not anyone’s fault really. there are a lot of people who want products and it’s a small store. waiting for 30 mins in the waiting room is a small price to pay for the product and service you get here.

  28. robweedio

    Tastes like candy not happy with Relieves products plus the guy kept a 20.00 and said he didn’t I prefer flower over vape and I hate the drops. But unfortunately flower is not legal in Florida and I have had much better vapes that at least taste like thier natural flavors

  29. KushyMcKusherton

    Small building and parking but the staff here makes up for it. They are all so kind and helpful and took the time and patience to walk me through everything. Very knowledgeable on the medical side and the products are great too!

  30. jaceparks

    the staff were helpful describing whats the best for pain . truclear is the best. love trulieve

  31. Ku5hMon5ter419

    I was a first timer and only had my email, The staff was great and on point with any questions, and their security protocols are simple but very effective. Finally a place to go where I dont feel out of place when I speak or visit.

  32. blanchlo0906

    Friendly staff. Very educated on product.

  33. NK0119

    Everytime I come in, the staff are always extremely nice and understanding. Not to mention the outstanding quality of their products. They’ve helped me with my chronic pain, insomnia, anxiety, etc, more than any medication I’ve been prescribed has before. I found it also supplements well with my antidepressant. I would, and have recommended this to others who have similar problems to me, and I’ve seen it help them tremendously with the problems they’ve been trying to help: insomnia, chronic pain, post traumatic anxiety and panic to name a few. I really do wish that this could become more mainstream just because of how much I’ve seen it help people struggling with chronic or debilitating issues.

  34. BigSpirit

    Very knowledgeable staff that can guide you to the product for your needs. Convenient location in Bradenton with a good parking lot. Love trulieve. Y’all are killing the game. – BigSpirit

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