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134 E Edgewood Blvd, Lansing, MI 48911
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105 reviews for “Best Buds Lansing (Edgewood Wellness)

  1. WaterboyFarmer

    This is bye far the BEST shop in Michigan IMHO. They have everything a patient could ever want at an affordable price point. The staff is loaded with knowledgeable and friendly members and the Owner #JB is a personal friend. Stop on bye and tell them WaterboyFarmer sent ya

  2. BuddtonsO

    Always friendly and a great selection

  3. Ghostgrower0420

    One of the most Professional, Knowledable and Hospitable Dispensarys in Michigan. The staff is informative and eccentric, more than happy to help you with whatever may be your medicinal needs. I live in Jackson County, and drive up once every few weeks to re supply my medication. I am happy to call Best Buds my medicinal facility and will continue to recommend their services to fellow cardholders. Thanks guys, see you soon. Go Ponzi. #dazedandnotconfused.

  4. richardm7395

    I love this place! I have been to many dispensaries all over Michigan and this one is my absolute favorite. I drive 3 hours total each time to go to this dispensary which I do quite often and I will continue to because of the high quality meds and amazing service the tenders provide! BestBuds is always my first pick.

  5. PurPCloudz

    The best spot in lansing, really do have the best bud! I never go anywhere else.

  6. MarijuanainMichigan

    This place is the go to place in lansing. everything you need is there.

  7. N84D76

    Discreet storefront and friendly, helpful staff. Great selection and prices on concentrates! Would recommmend this place to anyone.

  8. feralparakeet

    Super-friendly folks and a good selection! A little difficult to find since they just opened up and there’s not a lot of signage -the entrance is on the left side of the building. I’ll definitely be back whenever I’m in Lansing!

  9. ButaneGame

    I have never been more impressed with a location. First time at best buds and I immediately felt comfortable. The staff was friendly and knowledgeable, the shop was clean, the bud was top notch with a wide variety and great prices! I don’t think I’ll go anywhere else now.

  10. KKAGSOM1911

    The waiting area was small, but great staff and selection.

  11. johntibbs23

    They were friendly, they seemed to be following necessary laws and regulations, they had decent black friday deals, but I was overcharged. I appreciate how the other places in Lansing build the cost of tax into their prices because it’s easier to know exactly how much you are spending when you order something and you’re not given a total a moment later that doesn’t add up, leaving you to either magically become a mathematician or just go with whatever you’re told. As a first time patient, I was given a free preroll, but I suspect that I was actually charged for this preroll. The cartridge I bought was $50 and my total was over $60. Figuring in the new required state taxes, the price still doesn’t come close to what I paid. I think it was just lack of attention to detail and maybe lack of training? I can’t really speculate as to what actually happened, but I know that I overpaid. I came here because they had something on their menu that other places did not. But I will just in the future find something else from one of the Lansing dispensaries that I trust.

  12. PocketsNevaSkinny

    I don’t leave reviews about the places I explore, but this time I had no choice. I was in there today and picked up some of the Doughy Cookies flower and a couple types of the house cake batter, MEDICATED to another level. Best Buds has “Lansing’s Finest” locked down, for real. Done looking, found my spot.

  13. Bdubs120

    Had a lot of options and was professional.

  14. MichiganStoner7392

    From the begging I felt welcome and relaxed. The bud tenders are attentive and knowledgeable. The bud quality was very high for the best price I’ve found in any shop. The shop is small and cramped, but it is far worth the experience.

  15. djvlive

    I work in customer service and this place was constantly being recommended to me by the general populace of Lansing, MI. Of the places that are left this is easily one of the best. Great location not far from Frandor and 496, quick, discreet in-and-out (which I prefer; they are most likely capable budtenders but I typically come knowing exactly what I want), friendly staff, up to date leafly selection, etc. Most importantly: great prices on dried flower that packs a freakin’ punch. I’ve def found some lackluster flower in the city but after my 2nd visit and being blasted into space after just half a blunt, I can say this place has the goods. I would actually give this place more stars if possible only because they have the best selection of Haze strains (my fav) in mid-Michigan.

  16. sleeeppyyy

    10/10, this is one of the best dispensary arounds. Everyone is friendly from the doorman to the budtenders. You’re paying for quality meds but you still leave feeling like you’ve got a good deal and when you get home and medicate you most definitely come back again.

  17. agent00spliff

    I’ve had great experiences with this dispensary in the past however with the current dispensary market one bad experience is enough to turn me away for good. The medicine i got home with yesterday was not the same medicine that I smelled and inspected in the jar at the counter. I am by no means a expert but I’ve been a patient and a caregiver long enough to know the flower I got in the sealed bag was wet to the touch and smelled of flower that someone had tried to re-hydrate. Everyone who has tried to re-hydrate flower knows exactly what smell I’m talking about. Partially my fault? Yeah it is I should have made sure the budtender was going straight from jar to bag. Make sure you do!

  18. mojorisin309

    Great place. Glad I found it. Hard to see from the road but great service and prices

  19. Sitbackandchill

    Really cool ppl with great meds I will be going back!

  20. hap

    great quality and helpful service definitely best buds in lansing! dopest dope I’ve ever smoked

  21. zigzagman00

    Found Best Bud a cpl months and absolutely luv this place,great people, great service and the product is top notch… Tx Best Bud for all the help. Would highly recommend..dY’dY’dY’


    day best

  23. Daltonc46

    this place has no concentrates from any reputable company, has mid-grade flower, has two edible products, each of which are sub-par, and when I bought their concentrates from one of their managers, Becky x purple punch, banana og x sfv live resin, and motor breath, I was shorted on all three of them. I got half grams instead of grams. I would not ever go back to this place unless they have a deal that you can’t pass up.

  24. jasminaaxo

    This is probably the dopest dispensary I’ve visited before they actually had lots of choices and I’ve tried many buds before but its great to see they have some that even I’ve never heard of before.

  25. dharmapile

    I visited this location while I was in the area for Halloween, and was glad I did! I keep thinking I should have picked up more sunday driver because I can’t find it in detroit!

  26. L00thoarder

    Love this place! good prices, friendly staff, and clean shop. One of the best in Lansing maybe even michigan

  27. Marcedawg

    Staff is always super friendly and doesn’t talk to you like you’re dumb.

  28. williamshatterextracts

    great location great products and prices and super friendly helpful staff, I always stop here when I’m in lansing

  29. Biffmaster5000

    Great bud tenders

  30. Livewirelady

    Love this place – the people & the location. Will always go here.

  31. bulldogmasta

    This place got the fire best service in meds north of detroit California genetics true genetics only place in lansing in my opinion

  32. zneeley15

    Good location, great bud I’d recommend the deathstar great strand

  33. TonyL1612


  34. carl74

    Store is unreal! Best location in the area hands down, the staff is very friendly and knowledgeable. Excellent selection and quality. Will be coming here all the time!!

  35. helloimdean

    great selection & prices

  36. Topherdasmoker

    Hands down best shop in town name said it all best buds!!

  37. Kushionconvector

    First time was a great experience. Good selection at great prices. Discreet parking and friendly knowledgeable staff. I’ll be back.

  38. nolani

    Was a little difficult to find but was a very nice set up. The staff was great and very knowledgeable about the products. Very nice selection and prices in my opinion.

  39. wedoweed

    I’ve never had a bad experience here. dank bud for great prices. highly recommended

  40. AlexGetz

    Great staff. Very helpful. Stock was a little low when I came in, but the meds I purchased are all very high quality. Will be back.

  41. bonshighs

    Had an issue with a purchase. In a polite open manner the budtender immediately put the product in quality check and resolved my issue. I’ve been back multiple times since. Can’t go wrong with the house extracts.

  42. EmoKittieKat

    this is my favorite shop hands down and I have been to several

  43. kaceyannemarie

    Everyone where was really friendly and informative, plus their selection is awesome as well as their deals/sales. I will definitely be coming back.

  44. ahansen596

    I love this place. I used to drives almost 30 mins away to get stuff and then learn of here and doesn’t even take 15 mins to get there and back love it.

  45. West1

    I think its name says it all. Truely lives up to their name. Best smoke in town and bho!

  46. srdabsalot1991

    i love this store is one of the only i go to i drive 69 miles one way lol just because good prices and amazing products i am a dabber threw and threw so.if you like to dab check em out and check matt brown out on facebook shoot a friend add and he dose a taste and tell twice a week on all there wax sorta a try before you buy thing tuesdays and fridays so shoot a add thanks

  47. Sadboys2001

    Awesome. Great selection.

  48. Dwebb95

    I have been a long time loyal customer of Best Buds and I really love the place, it stands way above the rest! Please, Please,Please! Stop prepackaging your oil! Over and over again I have received a half gram in a gram package, and just received a strain not long ago that wasnt even the strain I chose due to improper labeling. I always call about any mistake without touching the meds offering to bring it back to exchange for the right weight or whatever and I’ve not had a problem besides the inconvenience in the past until the last 3-5 times which is rediculous. Every time I have called the women at the front desk always tell me they will right a note to make it right when I come back and each time I offer to bring my untouched meds back and they say they can’t be taken back which is understandable but every time I’ve come back to buy meds and pick up what is owed there is never a note and I usually tell them exactly what day I’m coming back and everything but still never a note! This would never be a problem in the past it was always made right, right away but now I’m out at least 5 grams!!!!!! All the oil is amazing but recently it’s been wrapped in the parchment paper terribly!!! I have no idea how it is globbed in every layer of the folds of the wrapped parchment paper but is causes an impossible way to open it up without the paper ripping off all in it! It’s also amazing how wet and terpy a lot of the oil is but its bad when I lose a gram from a few grams within the parchment paper. I know the parchment paper strips used are always .3 to .4 but an extra .2 to .3 has been soaking into the paper that cannot be retrieved from every gram I have had lately! I would really love to see the oil not prepackaged to avoid these problems from now on and honestly don’t think that is much to ask at all! Why anytime I ask for something weighed do I get the stink eye from the bud tender? I drive 2 hours one way to come here so these smaller problems are a pain for me especially because I am terminally ill and do Need my meds!!! If I didn’t want to return I wouldn’t even waste time writing a review I write this because Best Buds is the only place I want to go to!

  49. ActiveIngredient

    My budtender was awesome. I believe her name is Danielle. Great service and decent prices.

  50. SativaSteve745

    The best there is in Michigan. Best buds, best variety, best prices.

  51. BobTabor

    The variety is amazing, however there isn’t much on display. That isn’t an issue, because they’re happy to show it to you, but I worry that I take too long because of my urge to see everything. Medication quality is superb.

  52. agedbud

    The name speaks for it’s self simply the best bud in lansing nice people and great prices solid edibles to go with it. highly recommend this place .

  53. samIam1325

    I’m a total newbie to the scene, and thankfully the staff here patiently treated me like one. My questions were answered, good suggestions were made, and the prices were right. I recommend Best Buds to everyone from the new patient to the experienced one.

  54. nickegg

    Best Buds is the best dispensary in Lansing area hands down. With a range of products to choose from, awesome staff, and relatively cheap prices, I can’t keep myself from coming in nearly every day.

  55. bgreen1

    Very nice staff, great selection

  56. Anstien

    This is probably by far the best location that I’ve ever been to. I have been to several places in grand rapids, and lansing and the prices are unbeatable for the service provided. The employees are extremely knowledgeable and are willing to help and explain.

  57. Tjd317

    the staff was very friendly, will be back in the future

  58. Ddav24

    Great store great product great service

  59. thegrinch517

    Best Buds is one of the nicest shops in Lansing from their fire selection of all sorts from edibles to flower to oil they never disappoint. I’m in a oil guy myself and enjoy everything that I look for is good extractions. Holla at my boy Anthony for the knowledge and mention that we keep it kajukin he might have something nice for ya.

  60. tonyfish42

    Never fails best buds for the night caps. Guava and every indica strain they have does it’s job. Every body there is awesome an definitely going to see lots of me!!

  61. rachelkelllyy

    love best buds! hands down best dispensary in michigan. just wish you guys would stop putting sugar wax on parchment paper. so much soaks into the paper and gets left behind. i weighed my paper after transferring meds to containers & i lost around .3-.4 out of the 2g i bought due to it being pre packaged on paper.

  62. jmesgirl

    We are now just back from our weekly long trip to Lansing for our medicine. We got some moon rocks, some 9lb Hammer, Sensi star and crouching tiger! We are so happy that we switched back here! The flower quality and variety is much better. If you’re coming from miles around you better get the best in town. Thanks BEST BUDS!

  63. Gatorman712003

    I had a great experience here today. super friendly and helpful.

  64. shaylalala25

    Convenient location. They had a friendly and helpful staff. Public restroom which was a life safer. They have a friendly greeter pup and a great selection of bud and wax. Love the CBD isolate

  65. Copper_topp

    Reliable and wonderful

  66. Pinkk74

    Its a great location

  67. brahmbus

    One of the best places in the area for bud; less so for edibles. Awesome deals, location and selection. They sometimes mislabel flower, but that could be the farmer so I give them the benefit of doubt. I make this a regular in my rotation.

  68. delacruz3381

    Great first time visit. Great selection and good pricing. Insane waxes, literally Best Buds. Staff was amazing. I will be a loyal customer from now on. Thumbs up Best Buds.

  69. mrdookie

    The Face Off OG is legit

  70. LeaflyShopper

    The “Top shelf” flower quality was sub par for the price. You can get much better deals all around the Lansing area. Will not recommend.

  71. jayishigh86

    Great atmosphere, great flower, super friendly staff!

  72. droser79

    I was very impressed! I was unsure of what to expect being a new card holder, but everyone was kind and helpful and I got exactly what I went in for. This will be my go to for sure!

  73. juggalomeddaugh1792

    I like this shop it’s really convenient to where I live. nice environment. friendly people.

  74. thecaleb

    These guys got the fire. Great oil, good selections on top shelf buds, and delicious edibles. Staff is cool and know thier stuff. A++

  75. PeaceLoveAndPot311

    This place has an awesome selection of high quality buds at fantastic prices. I don’t know anywhere else in Lansing you can get a $40 8th of flower that is 20-25% thc. Best buds have the best buds, and at the best prices! They have a huge selection of edibles, and everyone there’s always smiling. If you’ve never been here your missing out!

  76. ribbskush

    Top notch, been there several times. From GR, these doods are solid.

  77. jarrid42

    best place to get your medication. Best prices, best quality, best atmosphere!

  78. game78

    Great people great service and great weed 🙂

  79. Lacylou420

    First time ever going in a dispensary store. The guys were super helpful and friendly. I was a little scared with anxiety at first. They made me feel very safe and welcoming. Thanks guys I will be back

  80. nbp710

    Love this place man,, real people running the place,, and they’re super easy to talk to. First time I tried offering a tip, they put it in their veterans jar, to help the vets out when they need medicine. I’ve never seen a place do that. But the employees are always willing to answer any and all questions. 5 stars all day

  81. Freeband100

    Best Wax

  82. bikeman

    very professional

  83. kidcannabis710420

    best spot in Lansing hands down

  84. Jenu12000

    I waited a day before I done this just to calm down. I only gave a 1 because I had to choose a Star, they would have gotten none. These people looked me in my eyes, smiled and sold me $300 worth of stems. I 2oz for 140.00 each and they did not do me good. I can not imagine them staying in business much longer. I can tell from the lack of care that they do not. Thank you for you help. I will not be coming back. I recommend you save yourself the trouble and go to a better facility.

  85. Hatebreed

    Great staff great weed great prices

  86. Latviancamp

    The Best! Everytime!

  87. NaturalMedicineMi

    Best Buds is a great dispensary. It is very discreet which means that you may drive past it, but that is fine by me. Knowledgeable, honest, and patient bud tenders let me check out every strain I was interested in without pushing sales. There is a nice variety of bud, edibles, and other things I didn’t look at too closely. The prices were fair. Check it out for yourself!

  88. Trippyc99

    The buds are always nice, and the budtenders are nice. I go back to this place often.

  89. stoner.mike

    new to this dispensary but its a great place , great meds , the budtenders were cool and had a lot of knowledge about the menu. will for sure be going back

  90. Sorensmokesgreene

    I’ve gone and explored many different dispensaries and have found that this one hands down is the best. they have great prices that are very competitive. Their customer service is through the roof and they will make sure you are happy and satisfied with the amount and type of medicine for you. I always make sure to stop in here on my medicinal pick ups. thank you best buds!

  91. levus

    Great, professional atmosphere. Ample selection, good prices.

  92. 3213cs

    They make sure they take good care of you. Good flowers.

  93. fredsgirl

    New location is nice. Budtender was extremely helpful, making recommendations and suggestions that were very good for me.

  94. KushBlunts999

    Great location, quality, and staff make this a must-stop in Lansing.

  95. kiefpants

    Incredible staff, and an amazing selection of concentrates and edibles. I was recently in when they had CBD isolate, and would recommend it to anyone who needs CBD, I can’t wait until they have more, as it relieves pain better than any other concentrate I’ve tried. Donations are incredibly reasonable, and the quality is on point. The staff are generous and have always been able to answer any questions I’ve had.

  96. Bluejay517

    I make the trip from Grand Rapids any time I need to pick up. Great people, fair prices, and they’re super knowledgeable.

  97. Tami1

    This place is awesome. Great ppl…great service. Only place I go. Love them dY’*

  98. Remies151

    Nice people and clean store. Make you feel welcomed. Good selection and reasonable prices. Will recomend to others.

  99. Thirtyyearvet

    Sundae Driver should not be sold on top shelf. I just bought a $70 bag of brussel sprouts…. clear trikes all day. Thumbs down.

  100. smeltz710

    First time I was there was an awesome selection. Then the second time I called before and they said they had about 3-4 concentrates they had 0000 of. Very disappointed and I drive over an hour for my meds. May not be returning. 🙁

  101. Shadezofcool

    Can always count on Best Buds to have the best product for great prices. Highly recommended. Has become my favorite shop in Michigan

  102. Oscar825

    Hey, if you want the BEST Shatter/Concentrates, then please try the House Oils!!!! The Blueberry Cobbler will leave You Speechless!!!

  103. lin0rez

    Great selection, reasonable prices and friendly staff. Large variety of edibles.

  104. bathena12

    First time customer and I was really impressed. I got a nice first-time customer gift and the friendly, knowledgeable staff were patient and I appreciated the guy who helped me catering their options to my symptoms and desires. I will definitely be back.

  105. Maria62

    Super discreet and was able to use the backdoor per my wheelchair…easy to get in and out of was hoping the whole time that the visit would b worth the energy it takes to get in and out of my vehicle. To my relief it was def worth the trouble. Treated kindly and wasn’t made to feel like the questions i had was slowing them down any even though I know it did. Thanks for answering my questions, making me feel like i was at home and most importantly the quality of the meds i wheeled out with were def topshelf. Thanks again guys and gals.

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