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3549 S. Dort Hwy, Flint, MI 48507


42.9907838, -83.652645




10:00 AM – 7:00 PM


10:00 AM – 7:00 PM


10:00 AM – 7:00 PM


10:00 AM – 7:00 PM


10:00 AM – 7:00 PM


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27 reviews for “Michigan Organic Solutions

  1. splittailsophisticate

    you can get as much or as little as you need without feeling like you’re a hassle. product has always been priced appropriately and there is something for every pricepoint. employee recommendations are always on point.

  2. MaeWee

    Convenient location, Budtenders are very friendly and helpful. Wide variety of strains, always get a deal. Free pre-roll on Tuesdays!

  3. jsin5j


  4. stonerstine

    Best Provisioning center in Michigan! stop in if ever near Flint! well worth the drive!

  5. bullethead

    won’t be back, bud was
    dry and mostly shake. Did not taste good and did not help my pain as advertised.

  6. mswilliam


  7. jparkerpunx

    The bud here is hit or miss. Sometimes it’s top notch, sometimes it’s not. The people are cool. Some of the bud can be a bit pricey. You can get some of the same strains, cured better and cheaper, right in the same area. You can get decent stuff here for as little as $10 a gram and they will usually cut you a break if you ask.

  8. qlo37

    Great staff great meds first time visit I was satisfied

  9. somve69

    Best experience ever.

  10. cparent8532

    the tenders were great and the product was great as well

  11. MomNotSittingAround

    Little room for dispensary and then a nice selection of products in larger space. Very nice girls in there. Will go back for some handspun glass bowls that you won’t find anywhere else.

  12. Ctowns5

    Good, it was good quality

  13. terry.adolph.9

    Good choice of meds.Got 2clones & had good results from them.

  14. sharky21

    Ashley was awesome help me out tremendously

  15. hillaker72

    Terrible place. Walked in and first impression was the need to clean the place up. Kid behind the counter was incoherent and mumbling. Would not recommend to this dispensary to anyone.

  16. Ver0nica141

    Usually have a good experience here. I must say though that sometimes the workers look a little spaced out and confused on how much things are. Also I brought cans in for the food drive and DID NOT receive a discount. The product from here is good though. I stand by the medicine, clones, edibles etc. I would recommend it for smaller amounts but if you want a OZ from any dispensary, you better get ready to pay $250-$350. Which is outrageous, let’s just be honest.

  17. DougNunn

    Today was my first trip to Mi Organics, and overall I was very pleased. When I first walked in I was immediately asked if I was a new or current patient there, and had to fill out a single sheet of paperwork before I could be seen, very simple. After I completed that I was taken back into the very small, but well organized room where they had two separate stations set up with 30+ strains set up across the top of the station and then edibles and concentrates below in the glass cabinet, $6 grams immediately caught my eye and the buds were actually pretty dank, ended up paying $38 for 6.1 grams (one gram being an $8), they hooked me up with an a extra .6 for nothing! Only thing I didn’t really like was that once in the show room they didn’t really speak unless spoken too, it’s always kind of nice to have the employees let you know what deals are going on and to at least make you feel like they’re happy to have you there. Other than that one SMALL thing, Mi Organics is the shit!! Will be coming back

  18. mconn2112

    First timer caregiver. My wife is my patient. I took her here for her (and my) first experience. She has no experience or knowledge and she was looking for compassion and help. We received neither. She has fibromyalgia, chronic pain from a twisted tailbone due to traumatic births and severe anxiety. The biggest mistake I ever made. There was one girl that took a lot of time with us and helped explain a lot to my wife. They only let one patient in at a time. Apparently we were taking too long and the owner made some sarcastic comments about cycling people through and people were leaving because of the wait. It was ridiculous! We bought things hurriedly and left but we’re made to feel like we did something wrong. My wife broke down in tears in the car! She didn’t want to go anywhere else. I went to another dispensary that had an Owner I knew and respected and the experience was amazing. I went back (on principal) to return the meds and get my money back (free brownie and all). It was right at closing. The childish Owner made me wait until they counted their entire inventory, insulted me and cowardly fled to the back room. I guess he was upset I wanted my money back. I started to relay my reason for the return to the guy who rang me up before and the back door flies open and the Owner instructs him not to give me money. Then he curses at me, insults me again and tells me doesn’t have to give me anything and to get the f out. I will admit I lost my cool. I proceeded to tell him I was nice, I didn’t say a word when they made me wait, but he treated us badly, took our money and now has the audacity to curse me out and try to keep my money. I told him he was the exact reason I was returning the meds and taking my business elsewhere. He proceeded to curse and tell me to get the f out and take my money, etc, etc. I had some choice words for him once the money was back in my pocket. He cowered in the back. He is a belligerent, uncompassionate and unprofessional. Don’t be fooled. This guy only cares about your money. I could not have imagined a worse experience.

  19. LOLITA82

    got ripped off 1/2 gram !!! called and complainted got treated very rude !! not impressed …check your weight before you leave with your own scale

  20. 1.618033

    They need to turn some money back into the store. I mean seriously guys… I can’t comment about the smoke since I don’t buy pot but the clones have all been great. I liked the White Widow clones and how Pungent they were. People told me the Blue Cheese, AK; WW and Chocolope and Strawberry Cough I grew from their clones was the best they ever had of those breeds and they all like to get hit by “Truck” 😉
    Their Elephant bud on their other hand was very disappointing. It had small buds with a strong fruit punch flavor and scarcely any effect. i tried coco, soil and dwc and all the same. It finished at about 45 days but I let a few go 60 and one 80 days but no difference. It was big and full and bushy just weak Elephant genes if it was Elephant. There may have been a mix up.
    But they have all been clean so far *** knock on wood***
    All and all kind of shady looking business but I’ll return.

  21. ang2601

    good product

  22. spazzspazz


  23. vampress134

    I hate giving a bad review but other than my first visit, I haven’t had much luck at this dispensary. The second time I visited, the scraggly looking gentleman was not cordial and seemed to rush me out. The third (and probably last) time, I arrived a few minutes before close and no one wanted my business. Oh well, maybe they’ll get their shit together…

  24. zneeley15

    First time stopping by this dispo. Everyone was super nice and informed me off all the specials going on and weekly. Great environment

  25. navnotrom

    Again flowers are “hit or miss”.Most of time meds are good. Service is much better when jerry is on duty. need more lower price grams $10-15. Not a bad place to go.

  26. GrandmaFlexington

    Good service and Medibles

  27. jeffamy3

    Would love if the location moved to a safer place for me… Good place… Good product.

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