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1222 Glenwood Ave., Flint, MI 48503


43.0107385, -83.7037402




9:00 AM – 7:00 PM


9:00 AM – 7:00 PM


9:00 AM – 7:00 PM


9:00 AM – 7:00 PM


9:00 AM – 7:00 PM


9:00 AM – 7:00 PM


12:00 PM – 6:00 PM


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1222 Glenwood Ave
Flint MI 48503


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182 reviews for “Liberty Meds

  1. danktigo

    Picked up some master press hashish!!!
    Dog it. Just like High School !! Awesome !!

  2. day2334

    Nothing but the best from Liberty Meds

  3. Smokeeater74

    I love this place,if i could move in i would. Just that family atmosphere. only thing missing is the Thanksgiving turkey.

  4. blasphemoussmoker

    great I just got the award winning cone from mark…all i gotta say is how this placed 3rd other than number one.great flavor burns slow thanks again liberty meds for great product keep up the good work

  5. Missi_rose89

    I love the budtenders and the quality of the product

  6. Cheesehead1972

    awesome place

  7. 2Krizzle

    Matt is the man. He knows more about cannabis than anyone in that building, the owner included. Anyhow, those First place Caviar Cones from Abracadabs are out of this world! Killer selection of dabs too!

  8. Aubrey45

    The location is good but the og-18 was mostly leaves. Very disappointed

  9. Jenna92

    I love everyone in here and they always help pick what will help!

  10. die8old

    my go to! they have all the indicas i’ll ever need.. i go in for an ounce or so every week or two and they never let me down. i’m always looking for their GG4, Purple Kush, and 9lb Hammer! i’m an extemely heavy bud smoker and they’ve got me hooked!

  11. alan4864

    Location,location,location. it’s like a shopping mall… my place now..

  12. Krazeykiki

    The best dispensary in Flint hands down.

  13. kevwilsonhustleshard

    Jenn and Jaymee are My Favoritee

  14. AidanG666

    Very friendly staff and offers a free gift for my first visit!

  15. Eyes4music

    Great Deals! wish we could know them the day before, to plan better.

  16. Tish2311

    They were very professional and management was awesome.

  17. Roamngjoker420

    Love this location peaple and medication never go anywhere else. Never any problems with anything.

  18. Ndunbar9115

    great place this is my to go place everytime.

  19. DomGxG

    Best place in Flint for Good quality for fair prices

  20. 420german

    great place staff is very friendly good place all around

  21. Pearlssmoke

    I really like the people who work here, very down to earth, knowledgeable and friendly. I enjoyed the edible and the buds.
    New place to shop for sure.dY~EUR

  22. delexies

    clean, safe, and quality products. nice variety and friendly helpful staff!
    Love it!

  23. DocDutch1

    Great place. The prices have gone up but so has flower quality, which is really difficult in that they always have had great flower. Love the new bud tenders…very nice.

  24. Rick22Green

    Love There Meds

  25. Sherinpink

    Great service , great Quality

  26. Jezadiah1

    Love my people! So knowledgeable! And friendly!

  27. SniperOnePsycho

    Quality meds, good staff. Faster service when you order online and pick up, in and out fast.

  28. hayhay272

    Great place best around. Great people

  29. jedilance

    go to place

  30. Lilsis420

    They have great weed and great prices, also very friendly help.

  31. Autumnluvdrew

    Great people, great products. Cant get enough, hqve to visit almost dailydY~EUR

  32. Melissaseman

    That Do-Si-Do ain’t no joke. Whoever is growing that shit is on it. 100% dY”Y=

  33. 7574

    The best in town

  34. Kcow810

    I love this place. great meds and the best staff..

  35. Perfectmama

    I love liberty. There products are always great, and the staff is awesome. I recommend them all the time.

  36. Kaylabou

    Great service friendly people

  37. ahnarose01

    Love this place and all the knowledge they possess!!

  38. rodie211

    Had a great time and visit I’m never disappointed with my selections

  39. chrisinkw24

    best spot in flint

  40. Stonergirl2012

    Never disappoints!

  41. Klons

    was very happy with selection and service.

  42. Schrodinger697

    Yup yuplol wubbaluba dub dub

  43. Joymabs

    This is the only place I shop for my medical needs. They have the best staff and best bud for your money.

  44. Weazel01

    Not bad!

  45. Wickedray

    whats the fire

  46. jdbunch03

    awesome products and awesome people

  47. kendrasui

    Best prices. Best staff, best weed!

  48. EliciaS5

    If you go elsewhere for flower and concentrate you’re missing out. Hands down best prices and flower around.

  49. Tibbitts86

    Love this place

  50. fuckoff1234567789

    Liz Sadie and Jake are Amazing

  51. MrSmiles64209

    I really enjoyed my visit. Didn’t really like their location. Very helpful and knowledgeable of what they have. They had a big variety to select from which was nice to see. Even in edibles, they had a big selection, and tempting. There was no rush. Great deals! Would surely go again.

  52. Xman3018

    its was a great experience cant wait to go back

  53. ThaGoodGuy05

    headed up to #Libertymeds to grab my V fireclaw heard is top notch best thing on the Shelf !!

  54. shadyjaylonghair

    friendly people awesome prices

  55. Eatmyturtles

    I’m a regular here and I came in and purchased 6 prerolls this afternoon, I’m terrible with names but my budtender was really sweet and truly made my day with how far she went to make sure I left happy and taken care of. Always great people with great attitudes, always worth the tiny wait in the lobby, merry Christmas! See you soon.

  56. beastly1133

    great shit man this guy knows his stuff and give you his own product.

  57. Teralynn

    Love this place I don’t go no where else

  58. junefritz

    super polite well informed about the marijuana news local and state….

  59. MzTasty

    I love it

  60. Redmariana5

    Very friendly people, and great prices!

  61. Adamschick

    The only place I’ve gone through for six months and will continue to do that for the rest of the time and I am a cardholder and this places around keep on being amazing liberty

  62. TheJimer18

    best one stop shop in genesse county been in many of time love this place very knowledgeable staff as for the products everything I have had I loved definitely a place to go before the rush which they def have and parking is tight I park side street just past parking lot again amazing place must stop shop if in area

  63. TheJonDam

    First time visiting but absolutely loved my experience! Great product, variety, and service! Excited to stop by more often!

  64. bsilva01

    Awesome product and employees!

  65. mjaredmerin

    wonderful place for everything

  66. Justjae810

    Since they’ve moved from Sweet Leaf I haven’t visited another Dispensary since!! Love this place…and the bud tenders are cute!

  67. JustKitty13

    Okay so I’ve already left a review, BUT today was such a great experience I had to do it again. I came in after what was a really awful morning and afternoon and I left with some really amazing product, AND it turns out that one of the staff is a member of my family that I had never met before!! How cool is that?! As I said last time, the place is just wonderful. It’s always a trip I look forward to, not just because cannabis is wonderful, but because I always feel better when I leave than I did when I came in, and that’s even before getting home to enjoy whatever I’ve picked up that week. Y’all are amazing, thank you so much for doing what you do.

  68. Minniema85

    My fav place to visit great people with great service Jen is great

  69. kids9597

    I liked it. I went for the first time on Friday the 12th and was very impressed. I would definitely go back and tell my friends to also

  70. mjaredmerin09

    great places for all your goods

  71. pinkwarrior

    The budtender was very informative and helpful.

  72. thelazygrower

    Third time visiting and love it Jessica is great along with all her coworkers

  73. applemartinispritz

    very friendly and helpful ! will be coming back again very soon ! Thank you to the ladies working today 1-25-18 didnt catch names but both were very helpful as it was my first time in .

  74. SMOKEY2022

    Friendly staff. Great selection. Better yet, the prices. Only shop I attend in Flint.

  75. Fuk3r

    The best place around

  76. scropiostoner

    Love this place

  77. Dwil34

    awesome people

  78. AngelBarnum

    they are always so nice and helpful.

  79. w33dnurs3

    New AND improved location !!! Same great knowledgeable staff. A must see!

  80. Mallymall74


  81. moonlightchild

    Super nice budtenders, great prices on buds and wax. If you mention to security at the door you’re a new patient, you get a free preroll and t-shirt. They told me they were about to open a compassion club in the basement this summer with no membership fee. Great dispensary.

  82. plaidcupcake

    Great selection of edibles and fantastic prices, and the budtenders are so helpful!

  83. originalbreed

    Been here 2x, this place is the best especially if you are a new patient. Not only are you treated with care but he takes the time to explain everything and makes you feel at ease. My last visit i was recommended a vape with Gorilla glue (my fav) and mind blown..great products..knowledgeable staff..great prices. Trust me..this place is great!

  84. shayne77

    Great place people deals and product

  85. MoneyMatt2374

    Thank you Liberty Meds!!! Sadie you were very helpful!!!

  86. Tae33

    Best staff best Bud best dispensary around !!

  87. LargePepperoni

    It ‘s great! Excellent selection and great powerful strains!Excellent knowledgeable staff.

  88. Asanti23

    I love this location!!!!!!! jenn was my tender!!!!!

  89. Chanenray2

    I love it here! Visited other locations only to wish I went to Liberty! This Location is close to my house… great service and good variety & prices!

  90. Believe16

    My favorite place! I’m always helped with whatever I need and with a smile! Love them!

  91. Madkavar

    Definitely my go to spot. Employees are awesome and knowledgeable. Products are great and prices are fair!! I love Liberty Meds!!

  92. Kidkiller412

    Love the quality and selection great staff.

  93. Matilda911

    Best product and price in town. Also the nicest peopledY~S

  94. Agtuzar

    I’d recommend this company to any patient. Good central location and cool staff, oncormative and helpful. I’ve dealt with Liberty Meds for over a year and always leave satisfied.

  95. knightsheart

    I love liberty they always have good specials on the quality products I need to maintain my pain dY~%0 the staff is always friendly and helpful. Not a pretty building in a pretty area but the pretty souls and pretty buds do more than make up for that! you wont be disappointed! I can promise you that!

  96. LissaJ

    nothing but the best here

  97. Keef3348

    Great friendly staff

  98. leszek1991

    This place is horrible, bad selection and nasty pre rolls. Don’t check this place out waste of time and money other places are way better

  99. BurritoTheBoy

    Great bud and good prices my favorite dispensary in flint for sure.

  100. TurboTht

    Google the definition of unprofessional and liberty meds will come up. Not only is their page not updated, but they’re out of some basics, which is understandable but should be advertised. Colon cancer(embarrassing but true) has brought me to this place for 5 items, and unfortunately I could only purchase one. The atmosphere was very unprofessional, no real “front desk” just a dude looking at cards. Parking lot could use some work as well, almost needed to stop back in due to injuries sustained trying to leave. A little sketchy and very underwhelming.

  101. Thebudwatcher

    Outstanding atmosphere, excellent prices and top notch quality AND service! I highly recommend

  102. HaleyHayes

    Good vibes and a good selection of products!

  103. TheDankologist

    Got my card in the mail today and decided to try out Liberty Meds as my first dispensary to check out. I’ve been around the block when it comes to quality and overall satisfaction of the products. Liberty Meds just moved into a new location inside a beautiful building filled with artistic graffiti on the outside walls. Obviously, since it is a new place they’re still small and barely got anything operating. Which, Is why I have 3/5 on atmosphere. Granted, the owner was very sure he would have the place looking great in the next couple of months. I walk into a small room in a corner that is the main operating room til the dispo gets underway. Meet a lovely blonde woman who helps me find everything I need. Let me smell whatever I wanted/ touch and grasp any nug I wanted. To top it all off I was given a free preroll for my first time ever being there. I will be back most certainly. Phenomenal dispensary. Can’t wait to watch it change into a beautiful business.

  104. Stabone69

    Just like way to many pretty girls working there…makes me forget what I’m there for

  105. Kregermike

    Very helpful with vape products

  106. Atomic_Nut_Squeezer

    Libery Meds is absolutely the best establishment to acquire MMMP medication in Flint! They have great prices, excellent quality and selection, as well as some of the most friendly and knowledgeable staff I have ever encountered! I would without hesitation recommend Liberty Meds to any medical marijauna patient.

  107. BlowClouds

    I go no where else! They have everything you need from flower, concentrates, distillent, edibles, vape cartridges…you name it. Prices are extremely reasonable and the guys there are wonderful. Shatter is always on point. Trust me when I say, this is the place to be!

  108. TinaHiller420

    Been coming here since they opened. Won’t go anywhere else. Good prices and quality meds

  109. Maylynn2017

    amazing workers they really help me in any way possible!!

  110. Westjordan

    Best place good prives also friendly liz was Awesome!

  111. Jblmrobins

    The most options I’ve seen. great people. great experience.

  112. Acereno

    This is the place you want to go to. Great customer service. Good deals,very organized place ;and they have everything you could possibly want!

  113. Tisha1123

    This is the best dispensary in flint…hands down. great flower and great customer service. bud tenders are the best.

  114. Erraticgeek

    It is my favorite dispensary in Flint

  115. peachypie05

    I absolutely love this dispensary! The girls are amazing, the bud is good! This is the only shop I go to!

  116. Deep_Purple

    Best dispensary in Flint

  117. Crazyazwhtby

    Pretty nice people and knowledgeable

  118. yourbrobrad

    Best place inside Sweet Leaf. Bud tenders know their product very well. Always willing to help you in any way possible.

  119. Ilovegangja

    Shout out to Jake on the Thc Bomb suggestion, it’s str8 dY”Y=dY”Y=dY”Y=

  120. Boyl3724

    The best dispensary in Flint by a landslide. Great product, prices, and customer service.

  121. Julianvelez

    This is the only place i go to, it has the best quailty bud, and good deals. BEST HANDS DOWN. Highly recommend going here.

  122. katmolson3

    feel like in adult Willy Wonka dY’YdY’YdY’Yit.

  123. MitchellandFinese

    I wish there were more stars available to really tell the truth about this establishment and bud-tenders. From the time you walk in you are captured by the aroma of bud and then welcomed by warm smiles.

  124. kjostrand

    Great security and good products. it’s a weekly stop for me from now on!

  125. zneeley15

    Great atmosphere made me feel real at home my first visit, loved the free liberty meds tank top and the staff was friendly and helped me out a lot. Great Dispo to stop at

  126. tash48418

    My favorite place in Flint!! Love it

  127. soccerdog1313

    Drive 50min every couple weeks just for their amazing bud and even better prices!

  128. FahQ48507

    Very friendly place all around. Security is always pleasant to people, the rest of the staff is great too!! Prices are usually really reasonable for a “dispensary”. The quality is good too.

  129. Minniema31

    I love the bus tenders, the meds,& quality of the product

  130. Granddaddy_Purple420

    great place, great atmosphere, great bud tenders, nice selection of everything, legit prices!

  131. PoppinNugs1

    Love the employees knowledge of different types of strains and concintraits!

  132. Flintshayne77

    best place in the city of Flint

  133. bgdadee

    The best place I’ve ever been and staff is a1 and product is a1 will go no where else

  134. ClayClutch00

    One of my favorite places to go very nice people

  135. paigefiebke

    I like the location, I wish it was closer to my place, but worth the drive for sure!!


    I have nothing but good things to say about this place. They offer a variety of flower, edibles, and concentrates. I can always count on then to have great meds.

  137. Chanenray

    Back again and won’t be going anywhere else!!! Try them and believe Me You won’t go anywhere else Either

  138. edbeoriginal

    Great place to shop staff was very knowledgeable about products, pleasantly helpful, & everything you see online is available not just up for display. Been several times this week alone… 2 green thumbs up!!

  139. Cjones278


  140. cparent8532

    This is hands down the best in Michigan!! I’ve been all over the state and liberty Meds is at the top for flower and concentrates!

  141. thefly355

    Great vibes soon as you walk through the doors. They are well stocked with a wide verity of products from sugar free edibles to bath bombs. The staff is super nice and knowledgeable, it’s great, I’ll be going back for sure. I recommend giving Liberty Medz a visit.

  142. Jodisher

    I think you guys have a great way of organizing and giving info on ur product

  143. Josie85

    Very professional atmosphere and lots of varieties of whatever you’re looking for

  144. Jswift420

    Great products…was disappointed with the pre roll though… flower in pre roll was definitely not flushed properly black Ash and was pretty harsh… tenders were great…and awesome selection on all concentrate

  145. Tykeis

    These guys are great and have always taken care of my green needs lol. Plus they have a cute red head in there.dY~,aoeOEdY’OE

  146. WormCake15

    this has to be the best shop in a 30 mile radius at least.

  147. Purkush420

    amazing service and awesome deals

  148. Manda04

    Tons of selections

  149. Amk1231

    Medibles are awesome!!!

  150. Jbrunell

    awesome place

  151. Jaytee824

    They always take care of my needs here. Best staff around

  152. bectay13

    This place is by far my favorite dispensary in Flint. I haven’t even set foot back in Sweet Leaf since they moved. Every time I go there I’m treated with friendly faces and pleasant conversation. I don’t see myself going anywhere else anytime soon

  153. gonefishin9_5

    I’m a newbie, I’ve been there twice and each time my questions were answered and suggested strains have been right on, great quality at a great price and the employees make it a very pleasant experience, thank you for making meds possible for people like myself aoeOEdY>>

  154. scanman91

    the staff was very helpful and knowledgeable about there product

  155. Kohn1993

    Great product, better staff! Best place in the state.

  156. elias265

    Great Dispo, reasonably priced bud, topical ect. I highly recommend going here plus the staff are awesome.

  157. Rdaisy

    best place in town

  158. deliciousTHC

    I like the claw cartridges.

  159. BigMoe43

    The best dispensary around the Flint area the staff (security and budtenders) are the best


    This is my go to shop! Great selection, and great prices too!

  161. Delmond810

    Great location, ample parking, security on site. Great selection of flower, capes, etc.

  162. Sonja10

    I love the friendly people.

  163. jimbo22

    Very nice staff very nice place would recommend 100 times over

  164. Rmartin01997

    Best place in Michigan!

  165. justinb2184

    (First Time visit at this location)
    Liberty Meds is a blessing! Just checked out the new location since they moved out of The Sweet Leaf. Didn’t get to see Mark or Andrew like I usually did, but I did see a knowledgeable medical product tender there for the my current life situation, the locks had been changed on my own residence that I bought locks for and much more, but I won’t get it into that.. I’m just going to say the service was great, very patient & kind with me, and they are new people I need to get to know. Mark and Andrew an Matt, you hired some good people. A++++++ even though thr location may seem small they have great medicine when you really need something to help because man I needed something, my blood pressure has been at 143/90 or higher lately, and I finally got some kind of relief for this current situation. Remember, treat one another the way you want to be treated, be true to yourself, and your heart, and love one another has yourself.

  166. Tricy2Times

    There’s no other place that I need to shop. From the friendly and knowledgeable budtenders to the great flora there’s no other contenders. Shop nowhere and nothing but Liberty Meds

  167. alexisstoneburgh

    Got to check out the new place a few days ago! Loved everything the flower was a+ in my book! Got to meet one of the new girls I believe her name was jess! She was super nice and friendly! Can’t wait to come back! Keep up the good work you guys can’t wait to see what you can make of the new building!!!! dY’sdY’sdY’s Alexis Stoneburgh dY’sdY’sdY’s

  168. Jwillma

    great price awesome people

  169. jhrejjdnfnd223

    Jenn Liz Keen GRACEEE ARE WONDERFULLL dY’-a$?i,dY,dY~++dY$?(c)

  170. Michchris1983

    prettiest budtenders in the city. great products


    Great place

  172. Salena984

    Liberty Meds is a top notch dispensery. There bus is excellent with unbeatable prices. The atmosphere is wonderful and rhe staff are extremely helpful. Liberty Meds is all around the best dispensary around.

  173. koyote3000

    Friendly service, great prices but, most of all quality. This is the place you’ve been looking for.

  174. kaseylynne

    I Love these guys! Best spot around!!

  175. CatMama712

    Awesome place I love going here to get my meds…Great service!

  176. flintfogger

    the guys at Liberty are genuine and ama-zing. good clean meds.

  177. wicked79

    The blue guy is the shit. Period like to go. Decent flowers diesel concentrate do some ediblesLast couple times I’ve been here the staff is very creative and comfortable and knows their knowledge.

  178. Jari94

    I’m having a shitty day!!!! I walk in and all my nerves settle lol honestly the best atmosphere!!!! Very friendly very patient!!!!

  179. Reaglebeagle

    location is great. close to downtown Flint.

  180. Lex2018

    awesome products at a great price some amazing tasting bud and wax

  181. Probama

    I wanna live there!

  182. 1AlexVargo

    Do you guys sell clones?

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