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513 W. Cross Street, Ypsilanti, MI 48197


42.2455702, -83.6196771




9:00 AM – 9:00 PM


9:00 AM – 9:00 PM


9:00 AM – 9:00 PM


9:00 AM – 9:00 PM


9:00 AM – 9:00 PM


9:00 AM – 9:00 PM


10:00 AM – 8:00 PM


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The #1 dispensary in Michigan. Stocked with a variety of high quality edibles, concentrates, sativa, indica and hybrid strains, always offering the best specials.


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95 reviews for “The Shop

  1. blasianpisces223

    This is hands down, one of the best dispensaries I’ve been to. GREAT customer service is an understatement and the prices are excellent! Looking a weed home, this should the place!!!

  2. dump2490

    The Shop is great. Excellent product and the price is always right. Customers are treated with respect and the location is great. Gotta love The Shop!

  3. Jwinters

    I love this place it’s just like home just lovely, everyone that works there has a beautiful personality.

  4. rapsody

    love the mom good meds!

  5. greencross420greencross

    The quality of meds were very low. I walked out without anything. I visited at the beginning of summer. I felt it was on the bottom of my list for quality.

  6. GreeleyE

    Nice shop, good prices, staff was friendly to me. Not given much time to browse/windowshop, but still pleased with the selection


    This place is a joke lol and as far as the YOUNG PUNK owner’s son working there he doesn’t know crap about flowers!DON’T WASTE YOUR MONEY OR TIME PEPS FOR MID-GRADE MEDS im just sayin coming from a gal who has been smoking flowers for 30+yrs and ak lobbyist for medical Marry Jane.I won’t be back to the shop lol.

  8. powertrip91

    The shop has a very kind helpful staff, that have extensive knowledge of the medicine they provide. The atmosphere is great, you feel very welcome on first arrival. Now let’s talk about the meds, they are far superior to anything I’ve ever had. Potency and quality seem to be their only interest. I WILL be shopping here from now on.

  9. kpyles

    I went in with $140, made a $30 order which I paid for and then added another $15 of product to the order. He said $45 total so I gave him the additional $15 and he acted like I hadn’t paid him for the first part of the order yet. He had an employee “check the security footage” (that I’m not shown) and let me know that I only gave them two fives and five ones… I very clearly have $45 less in my pocket than when I went in there… I just left as if it was my mistake but just pay attention with Country so he doesn’t try to pull s**t on you.

  10. DetroitFrog

    Very nice store.. Top quality buds. Very good selection of 10 dollar gram.. Not like your normal store. Very 1 on 1 customer service

  11. HolySon

    I would shop here everyday if I could.

    You guys our my fav ypsi dispensary so far

  12. JohnB87

    Great prices, great selection of medicinal product (and pieces!) and a very friendly staff made this my favorite dispensary!

  13. dhorgrow

    This location has good products, yet bellow average service and atmosphere. I feel uneasy whilst within their establishment. I believe that improvements can be made, but if you just require medicine, then they will get the job done.

  14. crudpackjack

    I’ve been lucky to have the shop as my neighborhood dispensary these last few months. GREAT prices on flower and wax (I don’t really eat edibles but I’m sure they are priced well). Their shake is the best deal around.

  15. bestmeds

    Brought meds in twice for testing, staff somehow lost my meds both times! very disappointed. Staff offered to pay for another testing…..why bother. I will not be visiting this shop again.

  16. AmberOgKush

    love miss lisa

  17. zuqaqipum

    Got a few edibles and some decent-looking Blue Dream. We’ll see. Definitely a classy joint, very professional yet welcoming and friendly to a first-timer. Nice range of flowers and eats.

  18. LPNate

    I’ve been coming to this dispensary for the past 2 years, and pass multiple others on my way to the shop. I do this because of the level of professionalism and service i receive. The staff is very welcoming and make it enjoyable for me to get my meds. I’m confident with their level of commitment to overall quality. Thanks for what you do guys!

  19. StonerSimpson

    Had my first trip here the other day. Staff was very friendly & my purchased weed was bomb(Larry OG)! I also received my first visit free cookie :). I will be returning!

  20. tylerj660

    Nice downtown area, good for business.

  21. Solti

    Clean, well lit, friendly and knowledgeable staff. Nice array of medications.

  22. cearley12

    Nice staff, good product. Liked the “freebie” edible on my first visit.

  23. breboo

    First time in there and I was impressed with the edible dosages. I have been back about three times since. They helped me figure of my vape pen, the Jupiter OG wax is amazing. I got a oil while I was there too. I don’t like how they taste. I don’t know much about oils though lol
    They are so friendly and dope. Country has my back!

  24. Actually_Here_For_The_Medicine

    This was my first visit after getting my medical card, so I had a lot of questions. I talked with “Country” and he answered them and steered me right with a recommendation of Cannatonic that does exactly what I wanted. I’ll probably visit a couple different dispensaries, but I’ll definitely be back to The Shop.

  25. Seekryt

    i love that they open up so early!!!

  26. da2015

    Great place! I visit about once a week and I have no complaints. The medicine is the best way to get relief. Nice selection and the Mary-nara with egg noodles is awesome!

  27. mariad48

    High my name is maria and i am From Amsterdam i’ve bin in multiple Dispensaries now and many many Coffeeshops before! but the Sop Has Awesome staff they are very good for their regular customers ,they even spoil Veterans and the Quality from flowers,Well we are sativa smokers and so far i was not dissappointed! i find their quality Way better ,than the others i visited over here i can peacefully say This Dispensary The Shop comes to me the closest to a Real coffeeshop From Amsterdam!! if i could give more stars i would We are always Welcome and The Staff is Always Relaxed And Super Friendly! And Also Very Important Big Homemade Pre rolls! Keep Up The Good Work Guys We Love coming to you cuz you let us always leave Happy!!

  28. hardiec81

    This place made me want to get my med card. awesome

  29. Ericapic

    Love the shop! Literally the only place I go. Everyone that works there is awesome. Great deals and great product! dY’dY’dY’dY’

  30. dian1

    I love the shop. I have been going here for over 2 years. they are a family ran company. very friendly and helpful. I have been to many different places, but the shop is the best one by far. they have good quality medicine and good prices. I would recommend this place to anybody.

  31. 4billerj

    Great medication, quick service. Just feels a little sketch when you’re in there.

  32. jaobb13

    Didn’t get a first time freebie, like everyone boasted about 🙁 But I bought a gram of wax, it was nice, not the worst, not the best. Have yet to go back.

  33. ruralman85

    Convenient location. Display area is a small office and it makes you feel rushed. Quality meds tho.


    my names Greg b.I’ve been goin to the Shop for almost 4yrs now… and I’ve been a cannabis smoker for almost 20yrs.. yeah I’ve been to other places in town but I always wind up goin back to the Shop… awesome staff, meds and prices!! great hours too!

  35. thatgreeneyedgirl

    Great shop. Great location. I will definitely be back.

  36. serendipitys1566

    I think they are a class act! Been going there for over 3 years …l highly recommend The Shop!!

  37. halfbaked212

    drove forty two minu
    tes to find out they did not have
    what they claim on leaf fly. gorilla glue #4

  38. 420concierge

    older guy older lady was very nice and informative way better experience then when whoever the other guy was dirty blond brown hair short forties and sold moldy bud and had me drive back and no reimbursement for
    coming back shame on him today the old guy and lady were super cool

  39. wayneb

    I cannot say enough good about this facility. exceptional meds, plenty to choose from. The professionalism of the staff is absolutely the best. I will most definitely give cross St. The shop my loyal business.

  40. vsop420

    Super Friendly and helpful!

  41. Joebobareno

    Excellent dispensary, employees and product are
    top-notch. I have recommended this place on more than one occasion and will definitely keep coming back.

  42. bobcatmom

    Great selection and great product. Love the staff aoeOEdY1/4i,

  43. icochr4218

    I frequented The Shop on many occasions while at school in Ann Arbor. It’s a little out of the way from all the A2 dispensaries, but it was worth the drive. Best edibles I’ve ever had came from The Shop.. I now live in Detroit and often ask myself if I should make the trek. I usually do.

  44. JMathzz

    The weed is really earthy. Your top shelf is equivalent to other dispensary’s bottom shelfs. Need to get new people to get budd from. Am not impressed flower wise. Your Wax is good and edibles as well. But your ripping people off by selling them that kinda weed. I like that you attempted to keep up with the rest of the dispensary’s. But I will not be purchasing flowers from y’all ever again. Wax and edibles maybe. But flower hell no.

  45. nette7577

    I think its a good location. Not a lot of people hanging around like the Detroit area. Its a safe location

  46. MrReefer420

    this is my favorite place to go in Ypsilanti always has a great selection of quality medication with great staff

  47. Karmani84

    This place is great i love all the staff and products!

  48. Deker

    This place ROCKS!!!! Awesome specials, top notch meds and everyone there is really cool. I “HIGHLY” recommend.

  49. Jennihamburger

    As long as it is not a really busy time of day like lunch breaks theres super easy meter parking right next to the shop

  50. jugg734

    best quality smoke in Ypsilanti. Recommend everybody to get hip.

  51. mitchabc

    Good bud and donation prices

  52. cmcfish

    NEVER BUY FOWER HERE! Wekest flower in Ann Arbor/Ypsi area. I have purchased here two times, three (3) different eights and no effects from their products. Will never be back again. BAD BUSINESS. BEWARE!

  53. incognito2963

    Just mmmmhh! I’ve defiantly been to better! The selection pretty much sucks!

  54. ddl

    They work in a pinch as they have later hours. Bud quality isn’t the greatest. Smaller selection than I’m used to for the area.

  55. TheKid2112

    absolutely love this place. Great atmosphere. Good bud, good prices!!!!!

  56. Frog_Leg

    I’ve been to “The Shop” about 3 times. The most recent visit I purchased a quantity based on the weed tender’s recommendation. The medication was measured and then an assistant to the weed tender took the measured medication to the back room and supposedly vacuum seal it in a plastic bag. Well, I suspected wrong doings. Purchased it anyways, went out and bought a scale and measured it at home.
    What I found out was it was the amount I asked for and by all indications was the type of medication I wanted. I believe that what they did was a bad practice, but I would recommend “The Shop” and I will return. Polite, Professional, Great Place.

  57. bdizzzy

    Found this searching around ypsi and the stuff was great!!i will be goin back for sure

  58. jbwan

    This was my first visit here today!!! What a nice place….the lady and gentleman that helped me were just great!!! Like a family feel, and that made me relaxed right away!! Not a huge selection of concentrates, but for what I got and paid it was well worth it. I really liked this place, good and convenient r get to. Thanks to the folks at the shop for the freebies, and the advice!!! See you again real soon!!!

  59. TylerDurdenCC

    Just discovered The Shop thanks to Leafly. Very happy I did. The owner is no nonsense and to the point at providing quality sticky buds and very affordably priced edibles. Waited to review after my second visit; definitely glad I went back.

  60. Weedsearcher1

    As a critical weed searcher, I do expect the budtenders to know about the difference of effects of strains, so when I ask for a Sativa for focus and anxiety, I do not expect to be given an Indica. Since I can’t look up strains in the office, I do expect to be told this strain is or is not what I’m looking for. Needless to say, this didn’t happen and I went home with an indica without any of the alleviating effects I was looking for. So, not really impressed with the customer service or selection. Horrible 1st time customer gifts too.

  61. Litara34

    I love the deals and the the people are awesome!

  62. Jchalm01

    I think that they have especially good service, good product and bud, the employees take care of you and know educated in the product.

  63. kushlorde

    The new cookie they got in, is dank. Top shelf quality fasho.

  64. mommyboo

    this is the first dispensary I’ve visited. I didn’t get a free edible. I didn’t feel welcomed or like my business mattered. Haven’t and won’t be back.

  65. olive.fisher

    This was a great visit! I got a little extra of the green crack. Great smoke and the lovely lady giving bud always makes me laugh when I’m there.

  66. Mizzbetty

    I just love this place!!!

  67. oldmcdonald34

    Get the charlottes web and mix it with whatever you like. Gives a nice edge 🙂

  68. shop

    I came to the shop for the first time last week. The products were great! The staff was great. They walked my daughter and I to our car. I will be back soon.


  69. cartokurtis

    Great guys here. Knowledgeable and fitting to the area. Easy to ask questions and answers are understandable. Typically awesome selection.

  70. Sourpatchkid420

    Went to this shop on a whim, just trying to find some meds while on the rd. When I first walked in I was a little sketched cause it was pretty small and no one at the counter but within seconds someone came to me and the process began. I was in looking at meds in under 3 minutes. Now the only downside I seen was that they had a limited selection on forms of meds….not much edibles and no concentrates but, and this is a big but, they had great flower! I got the og13 and I’m a qtr a day smoker and this is definitely 1 of the top strains I’ve seen come out of the 30 dispensaries I’ve visited. And their prices are pretty midrange when it comes to dispensaries so it’s worth it. Also the people running the shop were very friendly, and conscious. NOT off in lala land, like they just did a huge dab before you walked in and have no clue what your saying. We all know the type I’m talking about. Overall I would say that this place is definitely a nice stop when your on the run, and need to pick up some good flower without a hassle.

  71. wwtkd

    Stopped here today because I live nearby. Nice people, good quality meds and cute little mom n pop shop. Thanks for the free medible!

  72. boofgang

    I love this dispensary!!! everyone is so kind and they have the BEST deals in ypsilanti.

  73. Mikef1973

    Great group of guys. Bud tenders are dedicated to fair and quality service. Best prices in Ypsilanti!

  74. Novich

    Every single person here makes you feel super comfortable, and being comfortable is really important when you’re shopping at a dispensary. They answer any questions you have and always have a great suggestion if you aren’t sure what you want or need. Love it here.

  75. MisterLips

    What a great addition to Cross Street. They have very competitive donation suggestions. The staff is knowledgeable, fair, and friendly.

  76. ssteve26

    This was the first place I went to when I got my card, just because it was within walking distance from school. It’s kind of a ghetto place. They didn’t have the greatest selection, and the guy that helped me seemed really stoned. I understand that it’s a dispensary, and they sell marijuana, but that doesn’t mean that you should be stoned at work. It was kind of unprofessional, I mean if you went to a liquor store and the guy behind the counter was drunk would you want to go back? There are so many dispensaries in the area that it’s easy to find a better option. I’m glad I ventured out and found other dispensaries because this place isn’t great. The lady that works there is very nice though.

  77. leveling420

    Great staff, great meds, super comfortable. Definitely will be back 🙂

  78. mrmarkj

    Excellent staff very personable and knowledgeable… Nice meds… dY’

  79. packasmokes

    unique selection with great quality at a friendly price ! coffee is also a must have

  80. BigSuze

    I have tried other places in Ypsi and Ann Arbor and either atmosphere was wrong for me or customer service was lacking. Each time I visit here, I am greeted and treated well. I have never had an issue or problem with service, quality, or safety.

  81. neveraloneneverapart

    friendly staff, good knowledge, best bud in Ypsi.

  82. veganbeefleaf

    Travis is my fav budtender in ypsi.. dude’s got great customer service!

  83. frink

    not a good place at all!

  84. tauras_perfection

    Great place, absolutley going to coming again and again. Already have recommended to to friends. Good selection and prices.

  85. Doomboy

    Great meds with a knowledgeable staff equals a happy patient.

  86. EvilAngelofLight

    This is the best shop I’ve ever been to 🙂

  87. ZeekRaw

    I stop in the shop often and have always found a calm and casual atmosphere. The people working are knowledgeable and helpful. This place also runs great Dailey Specials and has the best deals around on all your basic needs. Best dispo in the area if you ask me!!

  88. mrsannarbor

    The Shop. Only dispensary worth your money! Try the Salt n Peppa !
    I highly recommend it. Excellent Med.

  89. zmd94

    Great place, Great medicine

  90. baudganja420

    They are very helpful

  91. mbaker4201

    Love these guys. My favorite go to med shop 🙂

  92. SwaggathaJagger2daKloudz

    Awesome staff, flowers, and wax-Best Larry OG in town!

  93. weedu

    Great people! Awesome herb!

  94. Crew2Good

    This place gave me some greeeeat deathstar bud for a good rate, good price! Hooked me up with a fiine edible that had me feeling some crazy way. Front room had essentials from vaping to smoking. This joint is in downtown ypsi so before I walked out, the owner offered me an escort to my car that was parked down the road and around the corner. I’m a city girl, but not to this area. Security walked me right up to my car, made sure I had directions and waited until I was safely down the road and on my way. I’m so thankful for thisdY’*Keep it up Guys!

  95. glb32

    It was nice

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