17243 Mack Ave, Detroit, MI 48224


42.3971362, -82.9208003




10:00 AM – 7:00 PM


10:00 AM – 7:00 PM


10:00 AM – 7:00 PM


10:00 AM – 7:00 PM


10:00 AM – 7:00 PM


10:00 AM – 7:00 PM


11:00 AM – 5:00 PM


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47 reviews for “MindRight

  1. mjmitchell187

    Great location with amazing service. Meds are all amazing.

  2. deburg

    This is absolutely top knotch and EVERYTHING is tested, labled and absolutely what every oother place wishes they could be! From the professional lobby and budroom to the frieldly receptionist and all the knowledgable budtenders absolutelt top knotch. If you want it , they have it and its run by Veterans and have generous rewards programs as well give them a try tell them deburg sent you

  3. pmusall

    clean, professional and knowlegable. Haven’t went anywhere else since I met the guys down at Mindright. Check it out, you will be impressed.

  4. octopusinks

    Excellent service and staff. They provide a non intimidating atmosphere in which I felt comfortable asking as many questions as I needed. The variety is very nice, and prices are very reasonable. They even have a happy hour with every day specials. Mind Right is doing a great job of improving the image of this industry.

  5. Sam420313

    Best dispensary I’ve been to by far. Meds are always good and the staff is always cool and knowledgable

  6. uncleTboe

    Best on Mack, hands down. Best staff in the city. Most try the Sour Tangie.

  7. j6string

    Without a doubt the best location in Metro Detroit. I can’t believe how other locations have 5 star reviews. I’ve tried 2 or 3 dozen locations, and none come close to quality of products and staff. Everything is clean and tested, and I feel confident with my medicine. I won’t even consider going to any others in the area, and I drive an hour to get here. Just about perfect.

  8. finster1964

    Great meds, good prices, excellent service. would recommend this place to anyone.

  9. MindRight_Patient

    Best customer service around. The flower quality is unbeatable, I’ve never been let down. I was even amazed by their gourmet medible selection. If you’ve never been you have to at least stop in and check it out.

  10. yoyobear70

    Very Nice Place! Good Hospitality!

  11. anasty99

    Great meds, great service and great people. Wouldn’t go anywhere else.

  12. pothead89420

    one of my favorite spots!!!

  13. moefish

    This is my number one place. They have the best meds top quality. you have great sales happy hour everyday. And the guys are really take care of you

  14. byrdman31285

    Sweet place I’ve never experienced a better dispensary and I’ve been to every one in the metro area

  15. DaBeast420

    Definitely the number one of my top three dispensaries. Biggest selection with no regs passed off as medical grade just to add strains. More deals and giveaways than anywhere I’ve been, and that’s a lot. The people are really nice too, if your in the Grosse Pointe area this is the place to go. They also help veterans, check’em out!!

  16. ForensicScene

    Awesome atmosphere, friendly staff, and great location. Some of the best quality flower I have come across in MI.

  17. Nancyk

    a very comfortable place to get meds. Staff is fantastic. Very kind and knowledgable. Meds are top notch.

  18. dgordon

    Great selection and staff. Definitely going back.

  19. carmelfrapps

    This is the only dispensary I recommend coming too! Every here is very knowledgable, they have a wide selection of medibles, buds, and concentrates! Also they are open late which is super convenient! Never a long wait and there’s even a rewards program! Come get your mind right and tell them Brianna Sajor referred you!(:

  20. brandenb12

    absolutely my favorite place my to go too my first choice in dispensaries. the whole staff is extremely knowledgeably friendly and they make you feel like family

  21. TwentyeightGramz

    This place is great. Cool and knowledgeable staff, laid back atmosphere, and some of the best meds around. Definitely going back

  22. TattuuJason

    Very nice, clean setup. Nice neighborhood. Budtenders were very helpful. Veteran friendly. most definitely be back


    Mindright is the standard for the industry. Everything is top shelf, from front desk,bud tenders,management. Plus is is great for what they do for veterns

  24. meagansommers

    this is the best place I love the people that work there! quality of everything is dY’dY’- keep doing what your doing:) I hope one day I could work in such a great environment dY”PS shout out to Mind Right

  25. ctbtjr22

    after visiting several other facilities mind right is by far and hands down the best of them all selection is top notch and sometimes overwhelming with choices. but as far as it goes great neighborhood clean store and the employees are second to none with knowledge and helpfulness

  26. kushclouds78

    Great atmospher. Very professional and helpful. Would reccommend to anyone. Lots of choices with the flower and edibles. Really took care of me for being a first time patient. Check this place out of you haven’t been here

  27. tfunky

    Excellent service. Love that Box. Found me a new home

  28. LovelyAriiM

    One of the BEST that I have been to.

  29. randomaction

    Hands down the best in Michigan. This place rivals harborside in San Fransisco both in attitude and quality. I drive past 5 spots just to get here and I would not go anywhere else.

  30. danksauce23

    They have great flowers and the staff is great.

  31. DeJanelleLanee

    Honestly, what better place to shop for Meds than Mind Right Detroit !? Extremely convenient, safe, & reliable with a staff that is by far -THE MOST welcoming & down to Earth there is!

    -Medibles to Concentrates
    -Flowers to Merch.
    This place right here ladies & gents – THE BEST first time experience you will ever have.


    They even give back to you with a very generous point system and first time gift!

    I mean…how AWESOME is that people!?

    Now what are you waiting for?

    Go get your Mind Right!
    You definitely won’t be disappointed in doing so.

  32. newsome

    amazing staff very knowledgeable on there products. great selection of meds from flower to concentrates. would recommend them to anyone even if its a little bit of a drive.

  33. jenkris1969

    I really like this dispensary. It’s consistent. The product is INCREDIBLE. Beautiful inside. Staff is friendly and knowledgeable. I would recommend it. Impressive. 😉

  34. cheriemontoya

    Got to be the best weed out there. Great service


    question is what do I think of the location? Honestly the location is absoultely perfect , but that’s the least to say, the people who run this establishment are some of the nicest, most sincere professional people I’ve ever met in my whole life. I’ve been going here since it was open the MEDICINE has been above amazing and everything from Top Shelf MIDNIGHT ROOTS strains and the Blood Orange (PersonalFav). The edibles are all soo good. It’s all Super Clean and Cared for my the tenders. The place is Soo Clean, the lobby is gorgeous , the Apperal is better quality then most stores. Get a Hoodie they have stash spots and interchangeable laces. Anyways , in my opinion to get quality Meds YOU need quality service. This is the best . They are the best. GET YOUR MIND RIGHT!

  36. BigDabTommy

    With out a doubt the best clinic for concentrates. They are extremely knowledgeable, and highly informed about concentrate’s. They are always friendly, and it is always a pleasure to stop in. Not To mention their points system is unbelievable, and you accumulate points for every purchase which goes toward store credit. All in all great meds, great service, and a great place.

  37. zkroll

    I really dig this place, and it will become my home for top shelf pick ups. I would never go to one dispensary exclusively, and I wasn’t crazy about their lower shelf strains, but they’re easily serviceable.

    The first thing you’ll notice about mind right is that it’s clean, and very well designed. The materials used through out the space were very rich, from the granite counters to the classic furniture. I’m big into that, usually people who take pride in their facilities also take pride in their meds. This was definitely apparent as soon as I walked through the vaulted door into the bud room. You’ll be greeted by 2-3 (white) guys who know a lot about gardening. I talked for what seemed like an hour (it wasn’t) with one of the bud tenders about the genetic origins of their in house flower. Cool guys for sure.

    I grabbed a “bottom top” shelf 8th ($55) of Samoa Cookies yesterday and it’s easily the best flower I’ve smoked from any dispensary since I’ve been certified. This was on my 2nd visit. My 1st visit I took home some of their in house head band and instantly fell in love. Unfortunately it was all gone when I came back.

    I will be back when this is done, I’m not crazy about spending $50-60 on a bag, but I went to my top option “bottom
    Shelf” dispensary right after and was severely under whelmed. All I could think about was the Samoan cookies. Come to think of it, it’s all I can think about today as well. Bravo to the grower on that, just a stellar job. I’m a Gardner myself and am really impressed. That rarely happens with the flower I see in most dispensaries.

  38. TayfiousThaLoner

    My favorite dispensary hands down. The staff is awesome, and unlike most dispensaries, they can’t give you the facts on their medibles, flower and concentrates. Flower is ALWAYS phenomenal, concentrates as well and their show madd love . I don’t go anywhere else.

  39. XxStorchxX

    Everything here is just how it should be. This is always my first choice. From bottom to top shelf, you won’t be disappointed in quality. The prices are just right and they have a huge selection of anything you’ll need. Not just flower either. Professional and down to earth staff. If you haven’t checked them out yet then I highly recommend you do. Keep it up Mind Right dY~SdY’

  40. domodbg1

    convienently located and good quality and quantity.

  41. sampsonsimpson1

    Absolutely great dispensary. All different flowers at different price ranges which is convenient. The premium top shelf is always worth the money. Good edible and concentrate selection also. Overall environment is very welcoming and this is my go-to place


    Awesome the location has the best deals around. Top notch strains an wax,oils,edibles,big candy store where there is butter and suger for your needs. The people are so nice and you help out the veterans of America.. dY~S dY~S

  43. Beefer

    Great place! Great Meds! One of the best places In the D!!

  44. Ashleykop13

    Love this place. Really clean place super nice on the inside/friendly environment. All the workers there are really nice and have nice meds. Favorite place to go!
    Always satisfied.

  45. sugarmamapat

    The best location salesmanship courtesy product is the BEST…I LOVE THESE GUYS…IM SUGAMAMA….SEE YOU AFTER 2…YOU HAVE TO CHECK THEM OUT TELL THEM SUGAMAMA SENT YOU..dY~%0

  46. stever1019

    best meds on the east side. hands down

  47. pretzer420

    great place, great meds and great service!!!

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