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50 Ecorse Rd, Ypsilanti, MI 48198


42.2402862, -83.5991686




11:00 AM – 9:00 PM


11:00 AM – 9:00 PM


11:00 AM – 9:00 PM


11:00 AM – 9:00 PM


11:00 AM – 9:00 PM


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CannaCure is a safe, conveniently located, licensed medical marijuana center. We are a members only educational club consisting of a closed network of patients and caregivers operating in full compliance with State and local law. We provide a safe and secure environment for caregivers and patients to meet and become connected through the State Registry Program.

Our facility provides registered members with access to some of Michigan’s finest grade lab tested medical cannabis and consulting services.


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71 reviews for “Green Vitality

  1. seaali02

    I love the low key chill atmosphere. The employees learned my name fast, and I’m not the only customer they greet by name. The bud selection is nice, and the tenders are very knowledgeable! Great little shop!

  2. greencross420greencross

    Great place solid staff and meds.

  3. theincognetorebel

    good meds great employee’s and a wonderful atmosphere

  4. RenaissanceMan

    I called to make sure they had the product I needed and they said yes. When I arrived the bud tender said “we ran out yesterday”. Menu is not kept up to date. Selection was small but good quality. It’s a small shop for a quick stop… Once they restock cannatonic I may stop back in.

  5. hb32214

    Kinda janky but I’ve seen worst . Bought some of their too shelf flower and it was dry brittle and sandy. Very disappointed in my morning stogy. Other than that, my edible was THE BOMB 😉 but never again.

  6. ChefAce

    Great staff, meds and location. The staff is very friendly and knowledgeable about the products they serve.

    They also offer a “Rewards” program which is something unique compared to other dispensary’s in the area.

  7. bigreggy

    cannacure is the place togo friendly people and thay help you out if you need any info on any med’s nice music too if you have a waiting time and trust me thay help as fast as thay can I love canna cure great place

  8. WashtenawOGkush

    This place is awesome! They weigh everything heavy on the spot for you and the quality of bud is amazing. They even have a rewards card where you get free meds. The building is huge and very nicely laid out.

  9. RJSmooth

    If I was to operate a dispensary it would run a lot like CannaCure, I thought the place was great, affordable, and the budtender weighed the medicine in front of me; I thought that was great, other dispensaries haven’t done that as part of their protocol for me. I just might make this my only dispensary, they know what their doin.

  10. frink

    best meds in town! and great deals!

  11. dabbins710

    The first dispensary I went to was this one, I enjoy the staff there very friendly, most of them know me by my nickname. And they already know to pull out the concentrates when I come in the door! Haha

  12. vinnie107

    Quality medicine, capable and courteous staff. Hard to beat.


  13. MidNiteToker734

    very friendly. nice place. in and out with what I came for. very helpfully.

  14. spazx666

    Cannacure is the shiznito bam snip snap sam!A!

  15. Ypsidude420

    Awesome place. Super fire buds and good stuff for $10 a gram. They weigh it right in front of you and always weigh it heavier than its supposed to be. Really nice place and friendly people. Def be back

  16. treefiddysev

    Best place around fire meds good prices friendly people 5/5

  17. Mikey5549

    good bud and good bud tenders

  18. sampson710

    I have been to a few places since I moved to the ypsi/arbor area. and cannacure is a place I will come back to for sure. They weigh the meds in front you and it was heavy too! . No bagged meds or bait and switch, great flower, and the staff was super helpful. I told them my issues and the lemon Thai was spot on. you should check out cannacure for sure if you have not yet.

  19. Davon

    Great customer service.

  20. kenny90

    very nice place very nice people explain everything that I need to know did not rush me would definitely shop here again

  21. PauvreRichard

    This is more of a high-volume prophet Centric semi recreational type of place. They really don’t have time and our little annoyed by people who ask questions. I have been there four times in the past 2 months and three of the products that I bought came with some seeds including one that was supposedly top-shelf. On the bright side I have a small grow room and am now enjoying a few ounces of the medicine that I bought a few months ago so I am grateful to them for this relatively inexpensive cannabis.

  22. Deet

    very good deals

  23. toniovalenti

    The best in the Ypsilanti Ann Arbor area hands down. They a huge variety of meds, a great staff and all the extras. Plus a great members program.

  24. SativaGirl077

    Great selection of products from flower to edibles to everything in between but not overwhelming. Budtenders are knowledgeable & helpful. Ask about their private shelf flower! Definitely a regular stop for us!

  25. Repiman123

    Great flower and service

  26. krzesi

    the location isnt Ideal however the staff an the business make this easy to look over. Everyone of the staff had great friendly energy. The budtenders were confident in their knowledge and product. I didn’t stop in for much but I was treated well and respectfully. I certainly will be coming back

  27. JMathzz

    Amazing weed guys! The weed you guys had when you were canna cure was awful! It was way to dry I’m loving the sticky icky y’all have now and I am proud to say I am a every day customer now. Keep up with the good budd and you’ll continue making my money.

  28. laruesound

    Great staff-full of knowledge and always smiling, Nice location, Great meds and specials. I especially love the rewards program (Free gram or eighth every ten visits)

  29. joshua.j.perales.3

    this place is awsome! ive been to about four other dispensaries and this one is the best by far. they weigh ur donation out heavy, and their meds are always the best! another cool thing is no flower /bud is over 20 a gram unlike other dispensaries where there top top shelf is 25 a gram. fast service and really helpfull staff! my go to place!

  30. Killakushifyouknow

    Best place in Ypsilanti they always have your back shout out to will always gives you the best bang for your buck … And if they made a mistake they fix it unlike other places….. 100 percent great customer service

  31. Chatmane


  32. incognito2963

    This place had some good flower meds for sure, but I popped in for my free gram and was less than amazed! I felt like I couldn’t do better on hashish than that though. Nice place that I’ll visit again.

  33. dangarman80

    I stopped in on 2/20 night. This was my third visit. I was again happy with the strength of the green they had on special…I was disappointed when I got home though. I separated the loose stems from the bud and my 3.58g was suddenly 2.19g, and that’s not including the stems on the bud, just loose ones.

  34. Demos

    Every time I go here I have a pleasant experience. They know what they are selling, and are always willing to tell you what they think is better. Not the biggest selection, but quality and service are top notch.

  35. rapsody

    awesome place wish they would post menu with prices thou

  36. StereotypeMustBe

    I thought the place was great. Not as big of a selection as I am use to. The staff were super friendly and hooked me up on my first ever visit. The bud was pretty great. I totally recommend their Green Crack.

  37. mavistheweeddemon

    This place amazed me immediately with how low-anxiety and chill the atmosphere is. Their meds are typically awesome regardless of what shelf they were on. I mean, bottom shelf are bottom shelf, but surprisingly decent quality there. The folks working inside are all very sweet and easy to talk to, with one exception being the tiny brunette gal who was working reception for a while who for some reason was sweet as pie to everyone else around…except me. Everyone else is awesome though! There’s one guy in particular who is especially wonderful with customer service and just has a good attitude all the time. I wanna say his name is Jeremy? Anyway, good stuff, nice setup, friendly service, anxiety-free atmosphere. Great little shop.

  38. Reggie12

    Love this place.dY’oedY’oedY’oedY’sdY’sdY’s

  39. dhorgrow

    A calm environment, located next to a convenience so I can get medication along with snacks. They have high quality meds along with good staff

  40. 420concierge

    great bud top. 20 good mids 15 lows mediocre 10. never good selection on lows

  41. baudganja420

    Great staff good product

  42. waskatie

    Great first experience! Staff was friendly and very knowledgeable. New patients receive a free joint, which was a pleasant surprise. Excellent medicine choices and quality. Looking forward to my next visit!

  43. teeyoung

    I loved the place the people made you feel welcome and had a good time talking to the staff. omw back with a friend.

  44. Caspr16

    Excellent communication and suggestions thank you brilliant and hospitable

  45. Briggsie

    I really liked the friendliness and knowledge of the employees. The young lady at the entrance desk was very sweet and professional. The guys behind the counter really knew what they were talking about and were very accomodating. I will be back.

  46. foreignluv

    Good bud

  47. AYoshi9950

    ok, not the best place. inside was dusty and looked like the staff doesn’t care. its all about quality and service, they could use a refresher

  48. rr91

    Usually a great quality location with quality meds. The current blueberry is HEAVILY lacking in any sort of flavor though as a heads up to fellow blueberry lovers. It seems an issue on the cure, which is odd considering the location’s name lol.. still a great place for meds.


    This is the best place in Ypsilanti!!!! I have been to the other local dispensaries and they don’t even compare to CannaCure. The Waiting room is nice and friendly, the longest I’ve ever waited is 5 minutes so no long waiting periods. They give classes monthly at low prices. The medicine is always great and they always weigh a little over every time (can’t argue with that). CANNACURE IS THE PLACE TO GO!!!

  50. galleyllama

    Outstanding!!!! This place is legit. They weigh in front of you. (I want Leafly to start stating whether or not places do that) The flower, which I’m enjoying at the moment, is on point. Great indica selection, super professional service. In A2 its Connoisseur Collective, in ypsi (and on sundays!) its CannaCure. Everywhere else is ok at best.

  51. Teezsmoke

    The best dispensary around the area! The is the coolest catz, they know me by name I’m in there so much. Just wanted to send a shout out to cannacure!!!!

  52. dwo8485

    If you have not been here, you MUST go! Great quality, good $’s, friendly staff and great atmosphere.

  53. Zebras.Will.Fly

    I have been a chronically ill medical patient of theirs for 6 months. I exclusively use Green Vitality for not only their medications they have to offer, but the knowledge their staff have to give. I have gotten the best help from all of them. We have worked together to make the best ‘treatment’ plan to help with my various needs. The compassion is so unreal. Kevin the Owner/Manager has so much passion for the patients alone. A month or so back we discussed RSO. (Granted i am sure i am not the only patient) But he promised me he would work to get it in. Almost every time i see him in there he always asks how I am doing and would give me a update on how the process was going. 5 days ago I was in there and he told me he got it finally. Today he followed up to see how it worked. That, right there is a FANTASIC man. As long as he is there, i know the staff and products will be top notch.


  54. Pixienixie

    Cannacure is wonderful! The staff was friendly, knowledgeable and informative! I really enjoyed my visit and will be a repeat customer!

  55. bigG66

    In my mind quality comes first. Location and price are an after thought. As long as quality is your main priority, then this is the dispensary for you, because it carries Fire no one can match. From presentation, to smell, taste, and finish, CannaCure, in my opinion carries the finest medicine in the state of Michigan.

  56. littlebennysmom

    Nice meds, very helpful staff, they know they’re stuff – thumbs down on location and furniture, located right next to Dollar store, uncomfortable

  57. veganbeefleaf

    Cannacure is my fav spot over all! I feel as if I am part of their dispensary family.. the best people I’ve met in a long time

  58. vegeta88

    great spot for some bud . friendly people, good selection and a nice atmosphere. This Ghost Chem I definitely will come back for more of it

  59. chxstripsnfries

    This is my favorite dispensary in the area! I always come here. They always have great deals and the staff is so friendly and knowledgeable.

  60. amyR

    GREAT place! Great quality, great prices, and friendly staff. So glad I found this place!

  61. ComedyNeverEnds

    Had fantastic selections of herb, the budtender was excellent in explaining their rewards program and finding me the best strain to buy. Overall staff were very friendly and prices were fairer compared to the other dispensaries in Ypsi.

  62. tabby24

    Great place. Friendly people. Love the quality of medicine. I never got anything bad. Love the location it’s easy to find. I would recommend family and friends to go here.

  63. johnnyappleseed

    i gave them 2 stars for service only because the online menu is never correct. i will not go here again because when i go to a dispensary i want to view the online menu first and actually have the place stock what they advertise. other than that, they do have awesome buds and cool people… if they start to have an accurate online menu, i will go back.

  64. bigroo68

    Go there all the time, great atmosphere, fast friendly service, and great meds.

  65. jmpsrv15

    I have been to well over 100 dispensaries in Michigan and this is by far the best one. I knew in five minutes. The staff was friendly, the prices were more reasonable than most places, and the selection (especially of flower) was fantastic! Very high-quality.

  66. DjShoney

    Nice Clean Place, Like the people here. Very Helpful.

  67. chesherfe

    i love this place!! great service and AMAZING medication

  68. bdub313

    This is the best dispensary I’ve ever been to and I’ve been to a lot of them, if you haven’t been there yet it’s time you go. I love this place!!!!

  69. brook718

    Great medicine, 1st timers get a gift, and the staff is amazing.

  70. flemos

    Great selection with decent prices, friendly folks, and nice reward system

  71. cearley12

    Very nice staff and products. Like the punch card system and that they weigh the medicine in front of you.

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