Sticky Ypsi

Sticky Ypsi



1090 N. Huron River Drive, Ypsilanti, MI 48197


42.2554885, -83.6265703




9:00 AM – 9:00 PM


9:00 AM – 9:00 PM


9:00 AM – 9:00 PM


9:00 AM – 9:00 PM


9:00 AM – 9:00 PM


9:00 AM – 9:00 PM


10:00 AM – 6:00 PM


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Sticky is a cannabis provisioning center hoping to arrange access to education and information regarding holistic healing and the wholesome use of marijuana for medical purposes. Sticky is here to provide Michigan patients in need with safe access to high quality medicine, wellness services and educational resources.

Sticky operates in full compliance with the law, and maintains the highest standards of professional operation to truly serve the needs of our members. We have both our City and State License, and do all we can to stay compliant with the ever changing industry.

All members must be valid Michigan Medical Marijuana Patients.
Proper documentations and identification are required for membership.


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26 reviews for “Sticky Ypsi

  1. Eddible

    Visited here a few weeks ago, bud tender was super friendly and so was the Blue Dream i got. My go to place when in the area

  2. jsmit2306

    Supper chill, very friendly bud tenders, top notch quality strains!!! Highly recommend coming through, friendly people and good prices!!!

  3. BANDS83

    I have been a patient at the Ann Arbor Health Collective for quite a while now, and I have to say the quality is pretty much the same across the board depending on the variety, but the prices make this dispensery my got to spot! Plus the points system is pretty sweet too!

  4. Honda1231

    Good place good people need more of a selection of $10 grams other than that love this place good pre rolls too.

  5. starchild6669

    Dude I don’t know what the other reviewers are talking about…first visit today and it was awesome! I loved the set up. Prices were great! Budtender was super nice and matched me up to $60 for being a newbie!!! I’m totally gonna come back and tell my friends.

  6. Barbosa94

    Been here a few times and never disappointed. Very knowledgeable staff aswell

  7. AYoshi9950

    great spot nice business location as well

  8. krissy734

    prices suck. Friday is the best prices day…if you buy an ounce of top shelf on Friday, you spend nearly $400… ON THE BEST PRICED DAY… this is an emergency only stop for me. too many other reasonably priced options near by with more product options and better atmosphere.

  9. Legend777666

    Very quaint and personable atmosphere. Staff is friendly and service is quick. The rewards programs are probably the biggest attraction and is extremely generous to its patients. They seem to be rather conscientious here: they encourage recycling with discount, know their products well, and genuinely seem to care about doing right by their patients. Variety may be on the more limited side, but what they have usually works and is rather unique form week to week.

  10. bella1958

    i enjoy the knowledge, medical variety, great customer service, and fair pricing! no judgement zone, its nice to go where u can get help and schooled on the different products. recommended dispensary!

  11. tt1211

    Impressed. Staff was super friendly and knowledgeable!

  12. ksev51

    Outstanding experience. Was greeted by a cheerful employee, who helped me with paperwork. Then, I met Nina. She helped me select cartridges and concentrates (she was spot on, the sugar terps are great). She got me a t shirt for first visit and was so sweet throughout. I felt welcome and trusted Nina’s judgement about items. She even complimented my shirt which was a pleasant surprise lol. Would recommend to anyone!

  13. jgabriel711

    First time patient, was impressed with selection. They didn’t have many but they were mostly all good. Need lower prices but discount for students is a plus.

  14. keytroit

    I had such a great time coming here!!!! the people were very nice and helpful. I haven’t stopped bragging about this place honestly to anyone that will listen….usually when I go to dispensaries people seem not interested or they are just trying to move people in and out. the only complaint I have is I can’t go everyday! I CANT WAIT to go back to sticky ypsi

  15. caciejean

    MOST AMAZING FIRST TIME PAITENT DEAL EVER. The staff was super nice and friendly. Eric (or erik sorry) was pur budtender and he was super fucking nice and cool. Not a huge selection of product but still had a lot. Big fan!

  16. Metta22

    I love this place great customer service..dY’tmdY’>

  17. Auutumnal

    Super laid back vibes, incredibly warm and open staff, great herbs.

  18. Annoonymouss

    They are back up and running and with prices back to normal. People don’t understand it’s not about capitalism or any of that shit. It costs so much to test their product, that if they want to stay in business, they have to do it. Blame the state, not the dispensaries.

  19. Killakushifyouknow

    Hannah was great picked out the best buds and was very friendly great customer service

  20. juniemoon2001

    Good location. Like not having to drive in Ann Arbor. Product great and price better. Product always good. Will be going here more often. Good job!

  21. MadawnA

    Coming to be a first time patient today, I can’t wait. I hear such rave reviews

  22. JayDee923

    Great place with great staff.. I’ll be back sometime soon!

  23. xcelle

    I absolutely love Sticky Ypsi!!!! They have the products I want, the prices are great, the rewards program is fantastic and the staff, especially Tyler are superb!!! This is my go to place every time. I’ve already suggested Sticky Ypsi to my friends and family. The location is only 5 minutes from my residence, a fact that I love, too

  24. skyliewalker

    This isn’t a typical review. I’m so very disappointed that you guys became slaves to capitalism, and are raising prices because you’re the only open dispensary. It’s disgusting to do this to medical patients, especially those who already have financial issues. It makes me sad, livid, and nauseous that you would do this to your patients. I’m one of your most loyal customers and have never had an issue until now, because this is absolutely outrageous and sordid with greed. Please fix this.

  25. nomsfud

    I used to like this location until they sold me over purged oil they called shatter. The only way this would resemble shatter was when I put it outside in 6 degrees farenheit and it semi solidified.

    Of course the one time it was in it’s solid state was when the clerk behind the counter saw it. I brought it inside from 6 degrees and he said because it was solid he couldn’t return it. I got home it was liquid again.

    The level of service coupled with the quality of the “shatter” and the refusal to return a product that by all means should not have been sold for any amount as it was over purged, tasted horrible, and provided a terrible high, has left me feeling as though this is a location in Ypsi I will never visit again.

    For better product, better service, friendlier people, better prices, and just overall better everything drive the extra mile to Patient Station. It’ll be worth it

  26. myklschom

    Sticky staff are very friendly and personable. They have a nice selection of buds and have pretty good deals. Would recommend this dispensary to everyone.

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