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124 W Michigan Avenue, Ypsilanti, MI 48197


42.2412906, -83.6142102




10:00 AM – 8:00 PM


10:00 AM – 8:00 PM


10:00 AM – 8:00 PM


10:00 AM – 8:00 PM


10:00 AM – 9:00 PM


10:00 AM – 9:00 PM


12:00 PM – 5:00 PM


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Herbal Solutions is a licensed, non-profit medical marijuana provisioning center conveniently located in Ypsilanti’s historic downtown district. We are dedicated to providing our members with a safe, professional and caring environment where you can receive medicine, as well as education, resources, and consultation services.
We offer free membership, daily specials, and additional special deals for Veterans, Seniors, and recipients of SSD benefits.

We test our medicine through Iron Laboratories and you can view the results on their website.

[1]: http://www.ironlabsllc.co/view/members.php/"Iron Labs Results"


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370 reviews for “Herbal Solutions

  1. MzPurple

    Awesome place!!! I love the variety and cost! Everyone was very nice dY’oedY’oedY’oedY’oe

  2. Redgriff

    Very welcoming experience and location – easy to find – quality flower and a typical selection of concentrates. My bud tender Cameron was very friendly and helpful. Good place good people.

  3. tholos

    Best dispo in the Ann Arbor/Ypsi area. Quality is on point, and prices are way lower than everywhere else. Concentrates you will see from $60-100/g in other dispensaries around the area are from the $40-60/g range. I rarely go anywhere but Herbal.

  4. karilynns

    This location is a very welcoming store. The staff is awesome and I can always get what I need and are very helpful in doing so. Great location and even better product.

  5. Ypsi4g

    I drive 40 miles for this dispo, if you live near it. GO TO IT. All the workers are amazing and 26%thc strains on the 10$ shelf. UNBEATABLE.

  6. bc27

    My go to spot in Ann Arbor. Always the best quality flower and people.

  7. Quicksilver81

    Good location, excellent products, and very knowledgeable bud-tenders! What’s not to like. I’ve been going here for m medications since 2011; that says it all!

  8. Bestbudz2845

    I have been to almost every dispensary in the surrounding area and Herbal Solutions by far has the best selection of meds that i am looking for. The girls at the front counter are always extremely friendly and welcoming. The guys in the back are well knowledgable and friendly. Nick was incredibly helpful and had great med recommendations. Their superior customer service and selection will keep me coming back.

  9. chronman

    Please. If it is a keif compressed puck.it is NOT bubble hash .I’m sick of going in just because your menu says bubble and it’s jot even close.prices are expensive but good quality flower just not hash .

  10. melissa.stamps3

    products are very good quality and I like the atmosphere

  11. leewymike

    This place is awesomesauce

  12. Kzoo_Loud

    I come here all the time. I drive almost an hour and a half for the amazing service and friendly environment. I’ve been to dozens of dispensaries and Herbal solutions beats others out 10 to 1. I’ve brought 5 other med patients and they now make the same drive. The concentrate selection and quality is absolutely impressive. You will never walk in and not be completely satisfied. Best there is hands down.

  13. ajoyfleming

    They are very nice people with great service. Their product is the best I have tried in all of Washtenaw county. I won’t go anywhere else!

  14. jessiedoll

    this was not just my first visit to this shop, but to a dispensary in general. staff was really patient with my lack of knowledge and overall very helpful. the budtender cheerfully explained the different properties of and recommending strains based on my ailments. loved that the potency test results were displayed on the wall. I will definitely be back!

  15. staba

    Got my alien bear rig here love it high quality glass love it. A++ yo check them out.

  16. Lalacamillia27

    Came here for the first time. All of the staff were nice and very knowledgeable. I like that they have all the buds laid out with their info right there.
    Definitely coming here again, and recommending to everyone. (:

  17. cackiebg

    this was a perfect experience. the staff was friendly, helpful and professional. well worth the drive from Grosse Pointe.

  18. MissAngel

    Very personable! Descent prices. Thanks for the military discount. I appreciate it a lot guys!

  19. Pyroape420

    I choose to go here because of the high quality of concentrate and good variety of options. I also like that the menu is online and can be used for online orders for when I want to skip the wait in line.

  20. Majesstee

    Everyone is really nice and I love that they do punch cards ( a reward every 10 purchases)! No one else around town does this and its a great incentive to shop there 🙂 High quality products, knowledgeable budtenders, two thumbs up guys!

  21. yurimish2

    this place has been my go to place since 2014 these guys set the bar and everyone follows my boy jeff took care of me today hes awesome and very thorough. why go anywhere else!!

  22. quorian1

    Best dispensary in town!

  23. mycandyanykind

    Great service

  24. Katybro

    Would recommend this place to anyone whos looking for legitimate medicine and great staff


    The best in town. Been a member for four yrs. and have only seen it get better. Flowers and edibles are top-notch. The staff is very friendly and knowledgeable beyond compare. I truly love this place.

  26. joeshmoe.surdock

    I have been to many dispensaries, Herbal Solutions is by far the most impressive in terms of quality & profession.


  27. rapsody

    Love this place, been going since they open great atmoshere, and friendly staff and the meds are very good

  28. gregz

    I have been 2 all disp-co ops in the Ann Arbor- Ypsi area Herbal Solutions is far the BEST. The top shelf flowers are the strongest you can find. I should know this year its been 40 years smoking flowers. If shopping go there first.

  29. ElMister

    Great service….great meds! Shout out to Nick!

  30. whoayeah

    Great medicine. Hands down the best place in A2 or Ypsi for quality, service, and knowledge

  31. Jgrove403

    This is by far my favorite dispensary. Their selection of flowers is unbeatable, their staff is amazing, prices are fair, and they have a huge selection of waxes. They are very knowledgeable about their products, and honest as well. Loyal customer.

  32. rpwwprof

    I have been a long time patient here. they have the best service around and best meds for great prices

  33. Nokturnus

    Excellent selection of waxes and concentrates. First dispensary I’ve been to that has more than 2 choices. Good people. I recommend!!!

  34. valentinos

    Been coming here for 3 months and loved it everytime. They have a super chill and friendly staff and a real nice place. The buds are top quality and the prices are perfect. They also have the biggest selection of waxes that I’ve ever seen from Ypsi all the way to Detroit and this is my go to place. Thanks to Ben too

  35. spazx666

    herbal solutions. the best place for concentrates in town. ive never seen as much wax anywhere else..

  36. jazmine271990

    Very friendly, knowledgable staff. great variety of flowers, concentrates and edibles!!! one of favorite spots!!

  37. KyleAprill

    This Dispensary Herbal Solutions is by far the absolute best! Especially when they have the best Indica/Indica Hybrids in town, plus a great fun and educated staff whom are welcoming

  38. Bluechevy86

    #1 in MI. Staff is very knowledgable and friendly. Been my only go to since my first visit in April.

  39. kitty94

    very impressed withthe service here. i was able to order through an email while working, and delivery was early, speedy, and very friendly. 🙂 flower is great quality. will definitely order again!

  40. SReefer420

    this place is the place to go great selection of medication with a knowledgeable staff

  41. lilmisshonkeytonk420

    Everyone is so patient and helpful. Cool waiting area with a few seats, patients and bud tenders have been very nice as well. Huge selection of meds from oils, to bud edibles!

  42. margie1964

    Christian and Nick were both very helpful to me it’s a great place I will definitely go back good products good prices.

  43. louinski

    super lemon haze is awesome.
    best sativa available.

  44. riskit4biskit

    WAX MAN! You need a good dab this is the place to go. They have the most variety wax of any dispensary I’ve been too.

  45. baudganja420

    That purple og will blow u away

  46. Cynicus

    These guys are very reliable and professional

  47. 52golfbum

    Very personable, nice variety of flower and etc, Excellent quality and good deals, I will definitely be going back. Nice secure location great staff.

  48. logansahadi

    Excellent service with bho to match. I also liked the discrete “word of mouth” approach to advertising. Definitely will return.

  49. reamy05

    Great place, good people, quality meds

  50. bnr224

    went there for my first time today had a great experience.they had a very comfortable waiting area.the staff was very nice and knowledgeable.the smoke was great and the indica cap was very nice they have a great selection too. the donations are about the same as everywhere else.

  51. Cyb3rkn1gh7

    Absolutely amazing place! They have professional service and lab reports on their strains. I am very picky and this place made my list of best dispensaries.

  52. CodexMoDz

    Great quality cannabis products. The service was absolutely amazing very informative about what’s in stock. And it’s just a great atmosphere the people in there are very friendly.

  53. dabmasters710

    This is one awesome dispensary located in Ypsilanti MI, I highly recommend stopping in if your in the area, they have really great prices and awesome medicine. Also the staff was really cool. Thank you Herbal Solutions!

  54. MEllis87

    This is the only spot that I visit to get my meds. The staff is great, and the product is top notch. The best dispensary I have been to to date.

  55. Traviskushman710

    Excellent service. Cameron was my bud tender last two times. Super chill and doesn’t BS you about which is good.

  56. HomeWorld

    The ordering process can be a bit intimidating but good prices and good stuff. Very knowledgeable.

  57. GasWhatISmoke

    best flower and concentrates around. always a huge selection

  58. Mizzbetty

    The Best place to get your meds!!!! Always happy with the products.

  59. Aherrington213

    My first time as a patient, Bret and Eric were very helpful and I will be returning. My partner frequents HS as well and never a bad experience with strains.
    Thanks again

  60. dhorgrow

    I really enjoy this facility.

  61. krazeekatt71

    Treat ya like family here and always have good Herb!dY’OEdY’oeregularcustomer

  62. adudek

    This place gets busy. The line to get in was not formal. I like the place for the concentrates it has and will go again in future. The man getting me my Meds was sipping on a slurpy. Unprofessional I thought. He didn’t know much about the product I was getting and failed to show me more about the concentrates. Knowledge is power, so know your stuff before you buy something because it has a cool name

  63. dereksimler

    Great suggested donations, great bud, great people. excellent service i would definitely recommend this place. best dispensary in ypsi, way better than the ones in that area.

  64. MDM1369

    great selection great original staff. have a little bit of everything for everyone.

  65. Troyg88

    I absolutely love this dispensary. best bud around for great prices

  66. cammyboy1

    Amazing marijuana dispenser excellent customer service, thanks for all the love keep up the quality products

  67. midwestxtrendkil92

    budtender was very professional and friendly, he went over expectations in customer service. herbal staff is always coming through with good quality services and medicine.

  68. wildstonerbill710

    Herbal solutions is by far the best dispensary in the state. They have a huge selection on EVERYTHING you are looking for! The staff is awesome, everyone is very helpful and intelligent about their products. Ben helped me last time. He was very polite and helped me pick the meds i was looking for (thanks again Ben)!. I recommend this place to anyone who wants great quality and service! I will be back for sure!

  69. dwo8485

    Good location, great meds. Will be back again.

  70. SunWutang

    such an amazing place, very organized, clean, chilll, the employees are definitely nice . my bud tender was Eric and he was so helpful and patient. such an awesome dude . but the whole ambience was friendly. overall a great place . will definitely be a regular.

  71. Rodgee

    Been going here for a while now and tested a few others here and there but never found one yet better than my home town dispensary….they have the right bartenders cool pretty receptionist overall excellent place to shop….having a bad day I walk in here and can’t help but smile or laugh not one bad experience….see y’all later my friends!!!!!!!

  72. ourhighlives

    Love this place! Great variety of flowers! The bud tenders are always friendly!

  73. leafdabs

    can I give a 6 out of 5 stars!? I love Herbal Solutions!

  74. mommatld

    Dom u dY$?~..

  75. nrizzo

    best place ive been to best products best employees

  76. jllasich

    Great store.

  77. Nikolaiw734

    Best dispensary I’ve ever been to hands down.

  78. SlabDab

    Ben is one the best budtenders and all around people in general super helpful and always cool, Jeff and Adam are great people as well. I would refer this establishment to everyone and their grandmother lol.. Big shout out to Ben tho you are a wise and noble sage haha

  79. bjoza4379

    First time there, wish they explained process when checking in… The guy I worked with was very nice!! I felt a little silly but he made me feel comfortable…
    Best thing was very happy with my purchases!!!

  80. michaelb1203

    Awesome Sauce!!

  81. tyler_nakas

    Great place! Love the concentrates and Matt is a very helpful guy! Thanks herbal solutions for continuing to have the best medicine

  82. naturalcauses

    The staff is pretty chill. Biggest selection of concentrates in the area so you really cant beat that. Insane looking/tasting bud with great prices.

  83. incognito2963

    This has by far been the best place for me to get the reasonable priced meds that I’ve needed the last few weeks. They have some of the best flower, some of the best concentrate I’ve ever taken. The best place in Ypsi for sure… Don’t miss out, but leave some for me! WBBTS Soon!

  84. Danimals907

    Herbal solutions is the Boi! If you live near the dispo come in make friends with the bystanders, they’re super friendly and make the whole process smooth. Great products good prices one of my favorites.

  85. mavistheweeddemon

    At first I thought I wouldn’t really vibe with this place because the people working inside looked like the kind of people who wouldn’t be nice to me “in the real world”, but I have had so so many good experiences at this place. The people who work there are AMAZING. They have been so awesome at meeting (and going above and beyond) my needs as a patient. I have only had to wait longer than a few minutes once or twice, and I’ve been going there regularly for about four months. AND THEY REMEMBER ME! Not just remember me but remember our conversations and ask me things. Excellent customer service. The meds selection is the biggest I have seen in the area. And I have never once been sold seedy flowers, which has happened at other local dispensaries. I highly recommend Herbal.

  86. zebraboy24

    Bud tender was friendly, and receptionist was nice. Very clean place, aesthetically pleasing (not that it matters). Most importantly, bud wss good and prices were reasonable.

  87. Yheulonk

    The service is always great and their products are the best in town!

  88. bderrick84

    I will not go to a different shop after being at this one I’m glad the old shop I went to was out of wax and I found herbal solutions . Very nice concentrates and you don’t have to pay an arm and a leg .

  89. Mr.Reefer313

    This place is the best quality medication at great prices with a knowledgeable staff that are eager to help make sure you stop by you won’t be sorry you did

  90. codea777

    Best concentrate selection around

  91. shawn618

    I visited yesterday for the first time, and I must say I was highly impressed. The meds were of the best quality, and the staff was very friendly and personable. Dominic was my budtender, and he went out of his way to take the time to show me a variety of strains and to be sure I was satisfied with my choices. You absolutely can’t beat the $50 donation match for new patients. I was impressed with everything about this place (location, atmosphere, ambiance) and would highly recommend others check them out!

  92. Shauzy88

    Good location, friendly people.

  93. sweet60024

    Best Prices around…….will be shopping here often

  94. syndicatedsmoke

    Awesome place, with an attention to detail, and a passion for some very high quality medicine. Having been to many of the places in the city, I find their selection to be the very best, and have always found the medicine to be a high, consistent quality, making this by far my favorite place to go, and in my opinion the very best in the city.

  95. PeaceTeaJake

    Professional and great atmosphere

  96. rrhyun

    Always have a great experience here. Highest quality meds I’ve been able to get in the area

  97. Spazzoidjenae04

    Cameron was awesome! He is very friendly and actually relatable. I love how he is laid back but actually shows he cares about your concerns. He suggested the Private Reserve OG and it tastes amazing!

  98. Bmf765

    Always good stuff my go to

  99. jinxaaa

    Love the staff and the products. Simply the best around.

  100. Silke

    Wonderful experience! Educated, knowledgeable service!

  101. kushlorde

    Friendly staff, GREAT selection, and prices. Cannabis cup winner. Great location. Get that gsg Einstein. It’s fiiiirrreee

  102. ogpurpleking

    The best around by far. Huge selection of everything. Great customer service. Will be back asap

  103. ShawnP09

    I came in a few days ago to get some wax, and I have to say that Herbal is definitely one of the best dispensaries in the state. I was helped out by Jeff and as usual he provided the best customer service. He’s always knowledgeable of all the products they carry. I can say that I never walk out the door disappointed. If you have never been, you’re missing out.

  104. Double419D

    I live in temperance, It’s over 2 hours to drive their and back. I do it every week, Best quality medicine in Michigan, Congratulations on the new awards.

  105. theshape31

    I live 90 minutes away, but this is the place I will continue to get my medication from.

    The first time I went to Herbal Solutions, I ended up getting there at least 5 minutes after closing. But they were so nice and considerate to let me in and help me out. Customer service is absolutely a strong point.

    The atmosphere itself is more of a professional ‘office’ appearance than most other dispensaries. It’s fairly small, though they do a very good job of assisting people at a good pace. All the while taking the time to address any and all questions/concerns.

    The quality of the flowers is, hands down, the best I’ve come across at any dispensary. They lab test everything so you know exactly what you’re getting. Their menu is always kept up-to-date online, which is perfect for me since I live so far away.

    The suggested donations are about average, but the quality of the service and product are exceptional. It’s worth every penny, and this is coming from someone who is often broke.

    Herbal Solutions receives my highest recommendation, regardless of your needs as a patient.

  106. ghettodonald

    Great people great service best meds in south eastern Michigan my buddy Dom Who is one of the employees always makes me feel like family

  107. 420medicated81

    Great place clean good meds

  108. waxheadpizza

    By far the best place for a variety concentrates and the location is perfect.

  109. srm2486

    Everyone here is always very nice and helpful. The service is also quick.

  110. detroiter429

    great place great prices high-quality flower and concentrates I will be back.

  111. franc73

    Best dispensary in Michigan!

  112. brick2316

    Don’t like the parking but the surrounding area is nice

  113. Chelsbelle6

    Absolutely love this place!!! Second dispensary I have ever went to, and I will never go anywhere else!! Friendly, amazing front desk staff, and amazing budtenders! Ben has been extremely helpful especially!! Best flower, concentrates, and edibles!! You won’t be disappointed! 🙂

  114. Potsy720

    Great meds and great service! Nick was very helpful. This will definitely be my go to place! dY~EUR

  115. msstonee12

    I couldn’t be happier I’m a out of state patient, you guys welcomed me and made me feel comfortable , your meds are the best . I definitely can’t wait to come back . a$?i,

  116. AmberOgKush

    Lobe this place

  117. NessaM710

    This was the very first dispensary I tried out because a few of my friends recommended I try! I was very impressed. They have a very welcoming environment and very friendly staff. I accidentally dropped one of my cards behind the desk and the lady had to move everything just to get it and I felt really bad but she kept saying oh no problem! The guy in the room I went into was very friendly as well, very informative and sounded genuinely happy to have me there. Also at least from what I purchased, it seems as though the menu on this app, is very well updated, which is good for someone like me who lives a bit out of the way! Thank you Herbal Solutions! dY’s

  118. cartokurtis

    Great place. Very nice and well kept. Staff members are quick and helpful but not the most social. Some of the customers will orbit around the open doors to the patient rooms which can be aEUR

  119. cammyboyyyy

    Best place I have ever been to, even having been to Colorado. They have awesome employees who care about you, and great product and prices, as well as variety. Only place I trust and go to these days.

  120. Lisa333

    Great product, great staff.
    definitely worth the drive. 🙂

  121. josh.banach

    Herbal is by far the best dispensary to get any kind of top quality meds you could possibly be looking for. Herbal not only has the best quality wax of any consistency, strain, and even offer bomb live live resin way that will rock your world with bliss. No matter what dispensory you go to now , One visit to this amazing dispensary and you will never want to get your meds anywhere else. Lastly they have the best punch card system out of any dispensary IV seen, the great weed,wax and friendly fun service keeps me coming back again and again

  122. gleaco21

    Best shop around. Selection of both flowers and concentrates can’t be beat. Dom is an awesome guy! Lots of positive vibes. Don’t waste your time anywhere else.

  123. willisOg2

    I really like this place

  124. ronnydiesel

    I live on the east side of Detroit and I still drive past all the ones down town to go here, they have the best concentrate and the best prices iv seen. The whole staff is great and helpful from the girl at the desk to my mans Dominic who is always a big help!

  125. jbwan

    This is the only dispensary that I will go to. They are the best in knowledge,price, etc!!! I haven’t been able to go for awhile, went today and my bud tender Chris(sp), was so helpful, and gave me information about things that made this place even better!! From the front window to the back door, your experience will be great!!

  126. CBDprincess

    My favorite dispensary in SE Michigan. Can’t beat the quality or the prices! The selection is phenomenal; tons of great concentrates, and even the $35/eighth flowers rock. They keep the test results for all their flower available to review while you’re waiting. I have never been disappointed with anything I’ve gotten here!

  127. oranges72

    Impreccable flower. Cant get anything better

  128. infinitylord

    The 1-on-1 atmosphere was really cool. Good selection of bud and wax. Cheaper than a lot of other local dispensaris too which is nice

  129. OGHead_734

    Friendly staff, nice environment and pretty good bud quality. I was allowed to pick up samples myself and examine them without feeling like a nuisance. They display their awards but nothing of Cup-winning quality was available for purchase. Prices are the same as everywhere else. There are daily deals on certain strains. A good conversation with a knowledgeable budtender made it an enjoyable experience.

  130. Northrup

    Friendly knowledgeable staff. Great selection of flower and reasonably priced. Definitely will be returning 2 this location.

  131. ddl

    Best dispensary around for good donations, specials and great quality smoke. Always many strain varieties. Staff is very helpful & patient. Everyone’s friendly & professional. Parking sucks but it is downtown Ypsi, after all. Once I came here I didn’t want to go anywhere else.

  132. 420concierge

    A 1. bud best place ever after coming here every other place is a let down

  133. Loveingpeaches1

    Love this place they have good meds good-quality strands I just wish they had better parking and great staff

  134. garrettbonem

    Best Dispensary in Ypsi! Nice staff, High-quality flower. Good prices. Great edibles, concentrates, everybody is friendly, and helpful. Definitely check this place out if you get a chance. I highly recommend it.

  135. Pwmercer13

    Great service and knowledgeable staff. Best concentrate selection around

  136. mrriley2380

    the location is great tucked away and it’s a nice place the staff is also very helpful and very informative I go back

  137. AgentClaret

    I went here one time and the service sucked. My budtender honestly stayed on his phone the whole time texting and didn’t seem to want to deal with me. Also, I seriously have to carry an extra card to go here? Nevermind!

  138. eff_ewe_2

    Will NOT be going back to this place!!

    I decided to check this place out cause I wanted to find some place that had a wider selection of meds and decided on this place. When I walked in the door I had to wait my turn cause there was a older gentleman in front of me, when it is my turn I hand the guy (who was the owner) my id and card, he seemed kinda disheveled and explained that his receptionist was not there today, he takes it and looks at it for a good 2 mins and asks me if I am a cop, which I responded no, he said that he was asking due to the recent Michigan Supreme Court ruling about banning dispensary’s. As he continued to look at my ids and started questioning me something about why I don`t go to dispensary around my house, in which I responded that there were really 2 I would go to cause frankly I refuse to go into Detriot and rather driver further out if it is worth it which I did, and then he asked where I worked, which I responded that I was unemployed. At one point he seem like he wasn`t going to serve me and was thinking that I just drove a hour to check this place out and have to turn around or go some place else, but he finally handed me paper work to fill out which I did and returned it. When he looked it over he asked me again “are you sure your not a cop” which once again I responded No! I was getting pissed at this point, I didn’t hear him giving this much hassle to the older guy infront of me that was new and was about to leave but did not. After that I was led back to another guy who served me and was great. Over all the place was ok if you can get passed getting hassled by a ignorant owner that should leave the receptionist job to some that is qualified to do it with pissing off new clients.

  139. Bdizzzy12

    my go to place.Super nice people and always have quality flower

  140. kylerearick

    Easy to join and great deals. the people were great and very helpful.


    I was treated a bit indifferently for my first time.. surprising after reading all the good reviews. I won’t be back.

  142. RonnieO

    friendly staff , good Meds.

  143. Ceearnold

    If you want great herb from awesome tenders come here! THE best concentrates in potency and selection! See my guy Nic and he will get you right. See you there!!

  144. DillonJaye

    Hands down one of the best place to get all your meds from, people are super friendly and they always look out for you when it comes to cutting deals. Much love to the bud tenders!

  145. foreign7

    cool nice buds

  146. fchesher

    I love this place great service and lots of knowledge about medication

  147. JTaylor19XX

    I’d honestly have to say these people are some of the best around. everyone was very knowledgeable about what they had provided. they have some of the best flower and concentrates that ive seen and smoked/dabbed thats in the area. I highly recommend stopping in and trying these guys out…… Taylor

  148. smokedaddy124

    The location is low key, despite being located downtown. The service is top tier, especially from chris. The prices are very reasonable, and the product you get in return will be worth the cost. I would go for their $8 fruity rice crispy treats.

  149. Gall4DaGreens

    Jeff was da coolest very helpful. Felt very comfortable awesome selection. I will be back soon.

  150. johnmitter

    this place has everything I could think of and some stuff I’ve never even herd of its amazing and the prices are adorable

  151. mohanad08

    The best quality and very good service I will go ther again thanks dY’OE

  152. bendabood

    Best concentrate in the area

  153. 734TRU

    I find myself coming here EVERYDAY sometimes 2 or more times a day. Great Service and even better bud!

  154. Maudib282

    Thank you so much for the fantastic meds! Drove 38 minutes each way to get here and it was extremely worth it. Dominick was very helpful. Will be back!

  155. Lizliz11

    Such an awesome dispensary!!

  156. Craftegal

    Great selections. A lot of varieties of etibles as well.

  157. Blessed2

    Excellent quality, excellent people, just all around a great place. Staff really care for their patience and have birthday presents!!!dY~oedY~oedY~oedY~oedY~oeand who doesn’t like freebies?? Plus cards for every 10th purchase gives freebies!!!

  158. Bradaigh

    My dude Cameron is awesome. He’s exactly the kind of budtender for me that I enjoy seeing. I’d try to mimic his skills if I were to become a ‘tender. Anyways, the flower here in my opinion is the best that I’ve received in Michigan to this date! I’ve been around a few joints and have been all over the scale of my feelings. This place rocks! Please get some herb and see how pliable and delicious it is.

  159. virus451

    I absolutely LOVE this place. They are consistent in their service and quality of product. I go multiple times a week. The only draw back is that are so good, sometimes the place is packed and there is a wait to see a budtender.

  160. Nastytime734

    Great meds !

  161. Foreskingump

    Very good selection on flowers and concentrates. Friendly staff and good atmosphere

  162. Morprin

    By far the best informative service for a newbie! Wonderful service from entry to exit! Will definitely be back!

  163. joesupdevine

    I love this place. They have a variety of products to choose from.

  164. TERIMI

    Easy to location, easy access. Parking not too bad weekdays….within a block at most

  165. Lesha3507

    By far the best place And I’m always satisfied with the product.

  166. nickwhite

    Best place in ypsi

  167. haknapp323

    definitely a good place to get quality meds. their concentrates are absolutely amazing and donations are priced really well too.

  168. rowleyk74

    go to spot! glad they’re back open!

  169. bnapier96

    Wonder selection of medicines with a not so harful price though the customer service and vibes recieved
    while there was not too its complete potential.

  170. xXxsmokeythe420bearxXx

    great place with awesone welcoming atmosphere and a vast, top shelf yet affordable selection of bud, concentrate, and edibles! definitely the best place in the area for concentrate, you cant beat the 40$ Gs of delicious tasty terp-full live resin!

  171. Keikosama

    The staff were kind and friendly. The store was neat and organized. The only thing that disappointed me is I explained I was a new patient and what my goals were. They were not good at explaining edible dosage to me. It was definately a learning experience.

  172. VapeBigClouds

    Clean secure location. Great meds, lots of variety, friendly knowledgeable staff.

  173. Mann24

    Friendly service with staff that takes the time and has the knowledge to explain the product. Excellent first time experience. I will be returning and I would recommend Herbal Solutions to a friend!

  174. amberleebrookes

    Great experience for a semi-rookie. So very nice and just easy going, chill atmosphere. Andy was very knowledgeable and matched me up with the perfect flower. Great quality too!

  175. cousinstrawberry

    Best meds around! Great staff! Blows anything in the D out of the water. Make the drive.

  176. rocknation

    excellent location with enough parking

  177. Michigans

    Herbal Solutions has the best quality Meds around A

    they have a knowledgeable and polite staff

    and they have reasonable prices with a flexible price range

    the number one spot for Meds Herbal Solutions

  178. Antsizzle

    I loved the experience I had with you guys

  179. highbiscus126

    I absolutely love this place. there is no other in the entire state as professional and high quality like Herbal Solutions. everytime I get the chance I tell people “don’t waste your time and money, go to herbal solutions. the staff knows what they’re talking about and always have the answers.

  180. jthilman

    These folks are great! Very professional and knowledgable. I like that they have the meds tested and can tell you the levels of thc and cbd. They helped me figure out what would work best for my kind of pain by giving good advise on what strains to try. I highly recommend them. And the prices are decent, compared to some places in the area.

  181. zmd94

    Great place, the staff is knowledgeable and friendly

  182. Angelsgrace16

    One of the most knowledgeable people in the business I’ve had the pleasure talk into with. There is a passion here I’ve not seen in other places. I got a strain with 13.3 cbd! I’ve never seen that before.

  183. jayhey

    Great buds, cool staff,easy to get to. Can’t say anything bad about herbal solutions love it!

  184. arcashbase

    been too about 40 different dispensaries this my favorite one hands down great flower!

  185. BaronVonSavings

    INSANE collection of concentrates, super good prices and great atmosphere. Worth heading this way from Detroit every time.

  186. theped


  187. jazzy73

    They have the best meds in town!

  188. greenguy734


  189. nickwyte44

    Herbal solutions Best spot in ypsi good bud good vibes

  190. John1224

    Best Dispensary In Michigan.

  191. dabbins710

    I enjoy going here out of most of the dispos in Ypsilanti. Nice relaxing environment, friendly staff and good meds.

  192. Musicmuah

    My first visit was last week, and I was impressed by the service. Chris took his time, was thorough in explaining, identified my needs, and he matched me with the right medicine. I had a wonderful first experience!

  193. tatsey.frazier

    Great products

  194. DopeGawdSadiee

    my first time visiting and I loved everything about the experience except for the staff. they were very rude and not really willing to help.

  195. crackahunky

    easily the best dispensary I have been to. Everyone is friendly, and the meds are top notch. the selection and quality of their concentrates is also amazing. highly recommend to anyone.

  196. Sioux54

    Very knowledgeable and informative!

  197. keny84

    Best locatiom in AA/Ypsi area. Most of the budtenders are great; theres one or two that seem to rush you and dont seem genuinely interested in educating patients in their products. Quality is next to non with amazing concentrate selection. Flower quality is fantastic.

  198. motherof27576

    I LOVE this place. The Budtenders are amazing, the quality is great. I would and do recommend Herbal Solutions to all my associates. I’m on a fixed income and I am a senior. I come here several times a week. Often, it’s my outing for the day!! I always leave Happy. Thanks guys, you make an old lady very pleased. XOXOXO

  199. michiganmeds2

    This place is the best in the state hands down!! the meds are amazing with reasonable donations and the staff is great and answers any questions you may have about what you’re looking for. I live 45 miles away and make the trip often. Thanks H.S.

  200. StoneyReviews


    Herbal Solutions is your one-stop shop for quality meds. Although there is no need to elaborate, this place deserves it. Professional to a tee. Knowledgable and friendly staff, and they have proven to put the patients first. Got a problem? Herbal Solutions.

    Herbal Solutions has my vote. Cheers for doing things right.

  201. Jake0399

    Rick’s the man! He hooked it up. First timer, drove a long way, free way was shut down and I got stuck in traffic, but this place was worth driving too. It was awesome. Rick was awesome. And the girl in the front is CUTE! Worth going.

  202. Jchalm01

    Best bud in ypsilanti

  203. Derrick78

    All I can say is it’s worth driving 2hrs. Go see Dom.

  204. Abass71

    First one to visit and the staff was AMAZING!! Made my visit comfortable.

  205. Clev216Rasta23

    My the service was very good and my favorite strain from you guys that strawberry sour diesel

  206. hardiec81

    I love the cbd cap here, kill pain almost instantly. The Flowers and edibles are awesome aswell. everybody is completely professional; -)

  207. Ms420Virgo

    <3 <3 since moving to the tri-city area finding my guy Mike has been AWESOME!!! love the fact he takes cdc speedy service i support #HerbalSolutions

  208. Suley12

    Best dispo with the most amazing staff even when I annoy them and come 2mins befor close

  209. mrmarkj

    Great place all your meds at one place… Nice selection of flowerand aand a mountain of consintrates

  210. iodumjr

    Herbal solutions is one of the best places in Ypsilanti/Ann Arbor area. Great prices, people, and bud.

  211. ChemDawhMillionaire

    very nice and comfortable place to be. great and very knowledgeable budtenders. absolutely the best medicine I’ve had by far.

  212. BIG_BRO

    Great staff

  213. trailch

    It was my first time in yesterday. The staff was knowledgeable and compassionate and the really helped me out!

  214. bigroo68

    My Favorite place to visit.

  215. igrantham

    1 of my favorites

  216. nick5969

    This is my preferred local dispensary all the people know what they are doing, I have yet to go home disappointed!!!

  217. Laciegreen

    This is one of the best dispensaries in town. Always have great flowers on hand. A couple of my personal fav. are the Obama Kush and The White. Both are great looking and smooth tasting. Not to mention they get the job done. Im in and out every time with little wait time here. I will be going back asap.

  218. Freddie79

    Good service , try purple og

  219. EliciaS5

    Best place in town with prices and products. I’m always satisfied leaving this place.

  220. Beelzebudd

    Easy to find, close distance, super dope workers, became my main forsure!

  221. Raymond.R

    Steady patient for about a year now. Great location, and friendly knowledgeable staff.

  222. rockferg

    Herbal Solutions is the most conveniently located medical dispensary in Ypsilanti, Mi. The staff is welcoming, educated and pleasant. Herbal Solutions carry all the best/top strains for the area…as well as, medibles for every condition. Go buy a T-shirt, sweater or your new pipe. Tell them ROCK sent you!

  223. dklapko

    great place always take care of me everytime I’m there..

  224. krazychemist92

    I love this place, it’s a fantastic place all around. Especially in the concentrate department.

  225. Abc123tt

    Best shop in the nation with products and staff

  226. nugsmchewen

    Best D in A2 area, top quality medicinals, excellent tenders, flowers, dabs, glass. Awesome!!

  227. Litara34

    I enjoyed the one on one environment, and the great selection. Thanks guys u rock!

  228. Andiedawn

    knowledgeable, friendly, & great overall experience.

  229. Stoysus

    Super nice bud great place felt just a bit rushed but I’m a vet and know what I want don’t need to much advice. But I took some Purple OG Herbal OG and Sour OG and all three are super loud !! Two thumbs up fire !!!!

  230. Ccastle0

    A 5 star place. Great staff. If you have never been here you should try.dY’

  231. ceecee39270

    I love this place! HS is 1st in its class for dispensaries in Washtenaw County. Great prices, amazing meds, fantastic people; I highly recommend!

  232. YpsiPat

    Nice facility in an old storefront. Very easy to join and the product choice is respectable. Good prices and knowledgeable staff.

  233. highmachineguy34

    Words cannot fully explain my experience. The staff was nothing short of amazing and very insightful. Shout out to Eric, I truly appreciate your insight and recommendation m/

  234. lukepalacios710

    a little bit far from flint, mi but the meds are worth the drive & the staff is cool & knowledgeable about the products. …

  235. Devillettuce88

    Best quality and quantity in town I travel 35 minutes just for the atmosphere and the product

  236. dizzlenkush

    best choice of quality flower… the staff is awesome… especially Avery… since they keep saying he gets bad reviews lmfao

  237. Jucsville

    Awesome deals everyday, great bud at great prices. Definitely my go to dispensary.

  238. jstricker07

    WOW! today I stopped by first time and they matched me to 50. I was starting to think, ” maybe I can gwt high anymore?”. then I tried MOTORBREATH. HOLY JESUS BATMAN! Medicine was just amazing and I thought I was getting the best.
    To top it off the guys there are awesome and have true passion to help.

  239. SwaggathaJagger2daKloudz

    Fun friendly staff and atmosphere! Great flowers! Reasonable donations! I’ll be back!

  240. Ferg62


  241. HighOnFire 420

    Best meds in Ypsi! Great atmosphere
    and people are very helpful. Would definitely recommend this place!

  242. Paullyrj21

    First I’ll say that I drove two hours to come to this place, so my expectations were incredibly high.

    Herbal solutions definitely did not disappoint at all! The level of service was outstanding from the moment I walked in the door. I was greeted promptly at the door, they took my information down and then gave me my own personalized membership card.

    Inside the shop it was very professionally laid out. I’ve been to several dispensaries across the state and this place was heads above the rest. Other places seem so shady and give you the “am I about to get robbed?” feeling. Not this place. You could tell they were in it for the right reasons.

    Eric was the man! He was patient and informative especially for having to deal with a first time visitor and a MMJ noob. They have about 25 different strains and they display all of beautifully in these glass mason jars. They also display the Iron Lab testing verifications for each strain.

    I ended up with a CBD rich tincture and a little Blue Dream. Since I was interested in the higher CBD medication he gave me a free gram of Cannatonic for my first visit.

    All said and done, it was about 15-20 mins but this will be my go to place from now on even with the drive.

    This is the dispensary that other dispensaries want to be when they grow up! Well done Herbal Solutions.

  243. corynsam

    great staff. good prices. my bud tender eric was really great and made this my best dispensary experience by far. answered all my questions and took the time to explain things. thank you so much. i will definitely be back.

  244. kruss77

    friendly staff, very knowledgeable, definitely the place to go in Ypsi

  245. cooley211


  246. rbowden65

    Thanks so much for taking good care of me for so long. You know who you all are.
    -r y a n

  247. Jeronclayton

    Great selection of buds and concentrate, everyone that works there is welcoming and very helpful. Family atmosphere. Hands down my favorite dispo around here. Better than any Ann Arbor shop

  248. Splodin

    Very genuine employees greet you with a smile, very clean and state-of-the-art operation, and great quality! I will be back.. Often!!

  249. turpintime14

    This place is awesome. Great vibe, great location, n great bud at a great price. i always take my business here.

  250. clemmie

    Best dispensary around. Consistent quality and weight, great prices, great staff, and my favorite part is the online ordering system! Saves me a ton of time and pickup is literally an in and out purchase. Their flowers are always delicious and not too dry/wet, free or stems, and taste amazing. Also have a reward system that I dig. Will be my main spot from now on!

  251. ThisIsTree

    Love the concentrates

  252. rememorizing

    the lobby looks very professional, and the way they handle everything is well put together. the selection is amazing with so many waxs to chose
    from and the bud quality is high for a eighth.

  253. Johnherbal420

    Best Meds In Michigan Hands Down

  254. RoyHobbsJr734

    This is one of the best dispensaries in the state of Michigan. Any of their top shelf flowers are of the quality you would find out west in California or Denver. Super Lemon Haze, Purple OG and Bubba Chem are just a few strains of fire they have in stock from time to time. The staff is also helpful and I like how Nic the bud tender is always honest with me when I have questions about any new strains they get in. Just ask him what your seeking and he’ll place the right products in your hands. Highly recommended to any new comers who may have to make a trip to get to Ypsilanti. Trust me you won’t regret it.

  255. jbuda12

    Best place in Michigan. I wouldn’t go anywhere else . All the bud tenders are very helpful and professional and the medicine is always top notch.

  256. Tray9912

    Great location, Larry OG wax is great! OG Kush is fantastic!

  257. pothead89420

    very nice,clean,and proessional

  258. RustyShackleford88

    Jeff hooked it up with awesome first timer pre-rolls and some cool birthday gifts. Great prices. Great bud. amazing customer service.

  259. methotikal

    love this place! best buds and waxes around all with a friendly and helpful staff and great prices! this is my favorite dispensary ive found in the ann arbor/ypsi area!

  260. Krashex

    Best all-around dispensary I have ever stepped foot in.
    Upon walking in you are greeted with a very clean modern front and friendly smile to check you in. Once in the back waiting area/lounge they have a menu you can browse while you wait or check out the glass for sale. Very comfortable all around feel, not like you’re at a back alley spot or stuffed in cramped confined area waiting. They also have a couple TVs on with test results scrolling in the rooms which I thought was pretty cool. Now in the hot seat of the private room, you are presented with a multitude of choices whether it be flower, concentrates or medibles the selection is immense! Thankfully there budtenders are friendly because it’s kind of overwhelming and I generally have a ton of questions; but they really do help on informing what everything is and what will work best for you.
    This isn’t just a dispensary it’s an experience! A must visit for anyone with a MMMP Card!

  261. Lyssalou

    Great location, wait time wasn’t long, and easy to see and smell samples. Definitely gonna try it again!

  262. munkiezbizness

    Best Dispensary in Michigan. Super Fire. Loyalty Extracts is amazing. Great bud tenders. always a pleasant visit

  263. jaobb13

    Great place, very nice selection of not only flowers but wax also, biggest selection I’ve seen and it’s very potent. The bud is great also. The staff is friendly and the have killer specials. Would HIGHly recommend.

  264. blazinjrb2008

    I purchased some 250 mg rso capsules. I got home and realized they were leaking in the bottle. I poured out the ten pills and then realized there was 00 ,0 and whatever is smaller than 0 mixed together in the bottle. Now how can three different size pills be the same milligrams. I’m not very happy about that and will not be returning. Be sure to double check your meds before leaving. To many places are trying to screw us.

  265. mrwright986

    Amazing place, staff is always friendly and helpful. Avery, Chloe, and Brett are usually who I see there and they’re always awesome!

  266. thagoogster

    Very nice tenders.. Very knowledgeable staff.. Amazing selection..

  267. jofelony42

    Absolutely amazing facility, great staff, and medications are top of the line. Was my fist visit, must say was extremely happy all around! Thanks!

  268. logic13bb

    Best dispensary in Michigan! highly

  269. genesys420

    love this place …I’m an FCUT fan….n feels for anyone that has to wait for meh to get done shopping….

  270. boxer1989

    Just had some OG 1 Kenobi ..
    Amazing!!!! Best bud I’ve ever smoked !!

  271. DriftWood

    This place is very professional and with very high quality medicine. The selection is unbelievable with wide variety of donation ranges. So far, every question I’ve asked has been answered fully and clearly. Luckily, I live down the street and I will be back very soon.

  272. BLOWLOUD81

    This is my #1 Spot this is my number one spot that I come to because no matter what your budget is they work with you

  273. dahw55

    Great staff and product.

  274. drl33083

    herbal solutions is a fantastic dispensary, the customer service was fantastic a great place to be in. The selection was outstanding definitely the best dispensary I’ve personally been to so far the employees were extremely kind, caring, and helpful and answered any question i hax, they we’re completely patient about everything i couldn’t have asked for a better experience.

  275. Bobert77

    First time visitor and this place was great! Super friendly staff, nice waiting area with plenty of seats, and a menu available so you can get your order together before you head in to make your donation. Tried some Herbal OG few tokes and I’m straight for the rest of the night! Thanks for the free J for being a first timer!

  276. W4ffles20

    This one of the first shops that I ever went to and have been a loyal customer ever since!! I can not say enough good things about Herbal Solutions!!

    Not only do they have an incredible selection (you name it, they probably have it), but the rates are incredibly reasonable, and their staff is always friendly and extremely knowledgable! I have a hard time trying new places because this place has raised my standards so much that anywhere else pales in comparison.

    The only downside is that they are usually very busy, but that means they must be doing something right!! The wait is always reasonable anyway, and might give you the chance to chat with the owner, who definitely knows his shit and is very easy to relate with. I have never been disappointed by this place. Keep it up!!!

  277. skunky777

    Cameron! Thanks for your help buddy! Great service from all the budtenders. This is the only place to get high quality concentrates, consistently. Love it. Top notch nugs, live resins, shatter, the list goes on.Love the set up.

  278. StonerSimpson

    By far the best weed I’ve purchased so far in little Ol’ Ypsi! Great environment, great prices, & you can’t forget the gorgeous front desk assistant!

  279. Therock191

    love It they treat everyone with respect and are knowledgeable budtenters

  280. bigG66

    The bud was all beyond what is available on the west side of the state. And for those of you worried about the prices, keep in mind that you are paying about the same through out the state, but getting some of the highest tested strains to come out of the state of Michigan.

  281. SayDroToNugs

    i’ve been here on multiple occasions, great friendly staff and amazing meds of many types.

  282. Sammy2010

    I cant stop coming back. The bud is top notch. The wax is fire. and the customer service is amazing. They have so much to choose from i almost never have to get the same kind of anything… unless i want to.

  283. JenNay8

    Friendly, helpful staff & a great selection to choose from. I’ll definitely be back!

  284. JerichoWest

    This place is amazing, best selection in Ypsi by far, even better than any place I’ve found in Ann Arbor, too!

  285. w0nderfuI

    Suuuuuper cool place to go. Probably my favorite so far. I’m transgender so I sometimes have anxiety going somewhere new but the girl at the front desk was so cool about it. They had some badass deals too. Probably going to be my go-to.

  286. ypsitoker

    Excellent professional and secure dispensary. The medication rooms are private office like spaces and the staff are knowledgable, easy to talk to, and honest. I was impressed by how low-key and solid this operation was. They run a tight ship, with great medicine, and a good rotation of strains. I’ve been to several of the local Ann Arbor / Ypsi dispensaries, and this one is the darkhorse winner of them all. They don’t pummel the area with ads, they have great meds, and they probably have the best prices locally. Recommended.

  287. bebexo21

    best in Michigan , strains are top shelf always good no matter what strain you get . PREROLLS are the best

  288. yogi1414

    Love this place wouldn’t go anywhere else fire…..

  289. SleepyEyes2430

    This place is hands down the best choice in town! I go nowhere else. My dude Nick hooks it up hardcore! Straight up knows his shit. Along with everyone else I have encountered there. There’s hardly ever a wait, but I might be good with timing lol.

  290. Artiejoe65

    I have a new dispensary! One on One private service. Very helpful than most!

  291. tauras_perfection

    Awesome location. Very Helpful, nice Flower and wax.. Very fair prices and friendly staff. Looking forward to coming back.

  292. caseyabass

    Best dispensary experience I’ve had in Michigan! Justin was knowledgeable and friendly!

  293. Skywaytraffic

    Place was awesome and Dom was an encyclopedia of knowledge. Great meds too. Crazy selection. Definitely impressed!

  294. Zero1984

    excellent hash. very knowledgeable staff. comfy environment. new fav place

  295. aaron1412

    Awesome experience, I met with Chris who clearly knows his stuff. There is so much I have yet to learn but definitely started on the right path. The quality and price are top notch dY’OE

  296. nrosssr79

    Always stop here when passing thru. Very professional, top notch meds and a great selection.

  297. izzywankenobi

    A commitment to excellence.

  298. duke017

    awesome establishment. staff is wonderful and kind. beat dispo in michigan no doubt

  299. tbyrd420

    by far the best place Dispensary in Michigan. great quality everything. keep up the great work. highly recommend herbal solutions to everyone

  300. MadawnA

    Super friendly, can’t wait to be a first time patient.

  301. slightlyslim

    great place!! come here!!!

  302. cboyce4

    Nice service very professional, highly recommend

  303. spazzoidjenae

    This is the only place I get my concentrates from. They have such a wide selection and are reasonably priced for them as well. Cam, Dom, and Brett are awesome budtenders without a doubt!

  304. indica4201

    Great place. Greats meds. Jeff my bud tender was VERY helpful with finding the right medication for me. Will definitely be back.

  305. roadkillskunkluvr

    All i can say is i’m not going any where else for my medicine… The Deathstar is skunky & on point for medY’dY’dY’-dY’-the flower quality has improved greatly cant remember all the strains i’ve tried but the the purple punch was really good… No attitudes & they try to get you in & out as fast as they can unlike another place i know… I’ve been consuming Cannabis for well over 40yrs these ppl are REALLY GOOD PPLdYtmaoeOEdY’dY’dY’-dY’-dY’-dY’-dY’-

    Signed the son of 2 Vietnam Veterans
    Greg Howell-Basquin

  306. SynChronicPizza

    The bud tender, Chris, was absolutely phenomenal, I’d recommend Herbal to everyone!

  307. tastynugs333

    Herbal Solutions is Long Beach’s best kept secret. The meds are exceptional & the service is awesome! Dahlia is a sweetheart & knows her shit, and if you’re nice to her she’ll make sure there are no stems in your purchase.
    They have different special deals everyday, but I go for the DoGos (donate for one get one free) where else can you get double !!!!
    I love this place!

  308. LegendaryBananaKush

    possibly the best visit to a dispensary I’ve ever had. I was recommended great strains by Ben (ogkb and Chem valley kush) who seemed very knowledgeable. The atmosphere was great and all the staff seemed happy and friendly. Ill definitely be back to try something new, Thanks! The free pre roll was awesome!

  309. ConductorCarnage

    Very friendly and helpful staff! The flower I’ve gotten here have always been tasty stuff, the concentrate, strong and tasty. They also have the best customer rewards program in Ypsilanti with their punch card!

  310. gonzalezfg

    Great service and variety!

  311. CabriniGreeny

    Poor service & an unprofessional attitude by your bud tender has cause you to lose a 4 year/$2000-$5000 a year paying customer…

  312. Codybailey35

    Amazingly great

  313. Patient2982

    First time patient today. Everybody was amazingly polite. They went through a line of 7 people in around 9 minutes that’s fantastic compared to other ones I have been in Ann Arbor. The medicine is great quality, very well tested and it is even weighed right in front of you. The first time patient gifts were awesome as well. Other than parking being a bit inconvenient everything else was great.

  314. Funnyman5455

    i came here when i was out in ypsi and i can say this is one of my favorite place awesome quality and the staff is awesome i will be coming back again

  315. theincognetorebel

    very professional great meds in a wonderful location

  316. Ypsilover222

    I come in here almost daily and it’s always a pleasure. Great staff and great quality products for an amazing price. Hats off to Cam, Eric, and Chris! Hats off to all of them

  317. Kushmaster

    Not bad place. Pretty good meds. Customer service good be better.

  318. bcrites23

    Great location, great experience. Domenic was very polite and helpful. I use to go to Stickypsi and now the only place I will go to is Herbal Solutions

  319. egghead614

    Best concentrates hands down!!!! So much variety !!!

  320. kennedysweets

    The best. Truly. Always a great selection.. always some organically grown… one stop shop!

  321. tytym420

    Great place!

  322. Craven7

    wonderful place to go has a spectacular concentrate menu, but a smaller flower menu

  323. bubbybear420

    Good location, relaxed atmosphere, staff that is kind and knowledgeable and meds that are great quality.
    Recommended by a friend and definitely worth a visit.

  324. RosinLabs

    Widest selections. Knowledgable staff. Easy parking. Centrally located. Take an afternoon and cruise the neighborhood. Lots of cool shopping in the area. Very professional.

  325. boomann2

    Good customer service.

  326. Golana

    It is a great location. Right on Mich Ave.

  327. Ricanbandit64

    Went there my first time and it has become my go to place. Considerate , caring, compassionate care seems to be at the forefront of their efforts. Great selection, good prices and a true no rush environment.

  328. harrisAh6

    Loved your capsules, and you edibles,will be Back
    ,very friendly.

  329. gzirker

    I love it here! The service is great and no extremely long wait times. They also offer a loyalty punch card program. Very professional environment and good selection – best of the best!

  330. cannababe22

    I love my friends at herbal they are the best in meds & keep a professionally happy atmosphere. definitely recommend!

  331. arp716

    I stopped in just because I happened to be in the area and it popped up on my GPS. Minimal paperwork with ID and hard card and friendly receptionist. Went to the back to meet the budtender at a desk. There was an impressive variety of quality flower, and all were labeled with their THC and CBD content, which I have never seen. Donations were a little high, but I was looking for flowers 20% THC and up. I did not consider concentrates or any other meds. The flowers were pretty good. While I like to walk and browse a little, sitting at the desk was a little weird and I felt some pressure, even though the guy was great. I’d come back again, but I don’t know if I could afford it regularly. My free first time pre-roll was about a quarter g inside of the cone.

  332. sgivan

    The best in the game shout out bartender Cameron, all those good quality products is recommended to all patients@

  333. erg420

    best place

  334. redeyedstonedmonkey

    best dispensery around. they got a big selection on every thing and great staff i always go here

  335. Flushman

    Herbal solutions was clean, friendly and comfortable. Loyalty extracts is some of the best medicine in the state and HS is the place to get it. Dominic did a great job helping me choose from the wide selection of flavors and types of concentrate. I drove an hour to get there and I’m glad I did. Will be coming back!


    Great place luv the quality dY”Y=dY”Y=dY”Y=dY’-dY’-

  337. Locwolf

    Great meds relaxed environment with friendly and knowledgeable staff

  338. miah420

    Eric was very helpful! This place is the best so far that I have been to!!

  339. OGKushBreathh

    dopest dope I ever smoked(:

  340. konykush

    great quality, quick and efficient, love their crumbles.

    not the cheapest place in the world but 100% quality and worth it.

  341. blueeyedpupil

    Herbal Solutions is a great dispensary. Quality and Good Pricing. Nic is one of the Budtenders and he always remembers me and knows what I like. Nic exudes professionalism and knowlege. He always answers my questions about anything, and never makes me feel stupid. I have recommended Herbal Solutions to every patient I know. I would never shop anywhere else.

  342. penta4321

    You’re tested meds results are insane. There are no strains testing anywhere at 28-32%. total BS.

  343. Teesigns

    It’s a pleasure to stop in.Everyone is friendly, knowledgeable and quality is ON POINT!

  344. treepuffer

    Came in with legal paperwork to purchase medicine and was told couldn’t be helped for twenty days even known had all the right paperwork. I was told I didn’t but I went to another shop down the street (literally right after) and they checked it out and it was all good and they helped me with no problem, I felt as a customer I wasn’t taken seriously and was treated poorly you won’t be seeing me again…if you don’t want my money fine there’s other places that will accept me with my legal rights to get my medicine

  345. domoperk

    The place is awesome very welcoming staff and they also have the best strains. I love sativa!!!

  346. galaxyganja

    My first time going into a dispensary so naturally I had some of those excited nerves. Everyone made me feel comfortable, explained how everything worked, and was patient with me. Happy with the products I picked out so far- the potency I expect from my medicine. Prices are reasonable and they have a pretty big range, so even if you can’t afford much you can find some good quality stuff in your budget. Tons of edibles and concentrates to choose from which was exciting 🙂

  347. Kingreef1221

    The Meds are not that good for the price they are asking.

  348. Dreganja420

    The motorbreath is fire next time anybody goes I recommend u try it before its gone

  349. ebryant6

    Awesome dispensary!

  350. Stevemcc420

    This is by far the best dispensary I’ve ever been too. They are very honest, friendly and knowledgeable. The products are always high quality and they are always getting new products.

  351. DaddyManda

    Never got a bad wax from here. Always happy with the buds and great service. Parking sucks but if you are too lazy to walk from a parking lot to the store then don’t go. Could use better handicap parking. I am not in need of it but I do know others who are. Great place love it.

  352. kaileP

    They have the best weed in Ypsilanti/ Ann Arbor

  353. dcrosb

    Best tenders in Ann Arbor/ Ypsilanti area. Upmost empathy for patients and an excellent 1 on 1 environment and in and out 90% of the time, A+ establishment.

  354. Lafemmenita17

    I really like it here the variety is great and the people are awesome. I would recommend anyone there. Ive already referred 2 people here and i just came today!

  355. BubbaK7950

    Had a dope experience visiting for the first time. Quick, organized, and friendly service.

  356. GreenTeam2002

    Awesome variety of medicine and knowledgeable budtenders! Great experience every time!

  357. RubixKyube

    This is the only place I really go anymore.

    You can’t ask for much more than good weed/medibles, decent location, cool staff, alerts on specials via text message, and nice atmosphere.

  358. habitskid

    Everyone is friendly. Got a great price on vape pen set up today. Good atmosphere

  359. Alainareed

    Hands down best dispensary I’ve been to so far! Amazing staff :))

  360. MrPassThaCarbCap44

    I love this place . only been here since I got my card . never a complaint about the strains I’ve tried . deals are great & I love how the Lions are almost always on when I come in lol . 4 star on service because not every bud tender seems happy to be working . much love to my friend brett . & bossman keep holding it down -Coop

  361. JackShores

    All 11’s here! Great customer service, superb product and pretty ladies for eye candy! Prices are perfect, and I find myself here EVERY DAY! I travel over 30 miles round trip and wouldn’t change it at all

  362. mrgreenjeans313

    Good Meds, friendly Staff, clean facility. Just want I was looking for.

    Thank you Herbal Solutions.

  363. RickCamaro

    A very professional, friendly and knowledgeable staff. Excellent choices that fit your needs and budget. They have everything you are looking for to treat the many illnesses that medical marijuana can provide. I thank them for treating me so well, as I am very disabled.

  364. kgriff12

    great service. high quality bud and great concentrates.

  365. nativechiefah

    The folks are very helpful and very kind.
    I would visit again.

  366. azulhearts

    I love herbal solutions. Great prices great bud

  367. errlydabber

    Used to be my weekly dispensary. The concentrate quality has gone down unless you are willing to spend $60/gram+. Last few times I came in, I felt like I was bothering the employee’s by the way they acted. I spend a lot of money and do not mind avoiding Ypsi as a whole. $40 buys you a gram of high quality shatter in Ann Arbor, it should buy atleast the same or better in a lower rent area such as Ypsi

  368. redwings2676

    Great location

  369. Keithjpeg

    I’ve been to a few shops over a year, this is by far the best on my list!
    Great quality, huge selection, and the friendliest staff!

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