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10:00 AM – 12:00 AM


10:00 AM – 12:00 AM


10:00 AM – 12:00 AM


10:00 AM – 12:00 AM


10:00 AM – 12:00 AM


10:00 AM – 12:00 AM


10:00 AM – 12:00 AM


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We are here to serve you, for any questions or comments please call or text directly at 1 (800) 963-1327

Primo offers fast, professional, medical marijuana delivery at your home or business

You will only be required to register as a patient once but you must show a driver license and your MMMP card at time of each delivery.

Delivery fee depends on location call for details.
$50.00 minimum order.
$5 off your first delivery.

Michigan Medical Marijuana Licensed patients only.
Max purchase 2.5 ounces per delivery per day.

$120 limit- $3.00 fee.
Call in at 1(800) 963-1327, once placed, you’ll receive invoice by email or text, pay by credit/debit, then delivery is on its way.

Once order is ready for delivery you will receive a text that will allow you to:
-View your order details
-Call/text your driver
-Track your delivery driver via GPS map

-The Clear – 3/$100
-Wax – 4/$120
-Motor City Cannabites Edibles – 3/$20

We deliver to most cities in Macomb, Oakland & Wayne county! Now delivery to Detroit as well!


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Credit Cards

Money Back

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264 reviews for “Primo Medical Delivery

  1. tanda420

    Amazing service,

  2. knswirtz17

    Amazing staff, great selection and fast delivery

  3. edjezz

    Primo is absolutely the bomb. They never fail to surprise me with excellent product and customer service. The drivers are always friendly, courteous, and knowledgeable. Mike and Andrew at the dispensary are great guys and a pleasure to deal with on the phone. Thanks Mike for the kick ass birthday gift! I’m going camping next week and that is going with me.

  4. fitlyunit

    fast and great quality medicine

  5. dawndw81

    sweet great help. Fast!!

  6. 07shelby

    Driver went out of way to deliver

  7. Marcopolo248

    well I was first skeptical about using a delivery service because I couldn’t see or smell the medicine. but I was surprised that the gentlemen that helped me made it feel like I was there with how descriptive he was! not to mention how fast it was I was shocked! will for sure shop again.

  8. pg1174

    I have used Primo medicals for over a year and have been very happy with their service and quality of medicine. Deb is extremely helpful and pleasant , the delivery drivers and friendly and helpful as well. the standard for medical cannabis delivery.

  9. HighPopFly

    Great delivery service. Fast and convenient. Excellent product!

  10. PirateHouse

    I have used Primo for a while and they are always very helpful! They are the only delivery service I use.

  11. chinkyamazon

    Great product and customer service!

  12. hopemwells

    Everything about PRIMO is awesome! They make me feel like a VIP. I love that and the delivery tracker too….

  13. 1OldGal58

    I will never drive to receive my medication again from the online sign up to delivery at my door 45 minutes.

  14. andupras

    staff were extremely friendly and knowledgeable. This was my first time using the delivery service and it was spectacular! only criticism that I have is to update the menus on the social media apps.

  15. bradb89

    This was my second time using a delivery service and thanks to Primo I’ll be ordering delivery from now on! Great wax, beautiful flower and incredibly friendly drivers. I love the driver tracking feature as well. Dom was my driver and he was extremely polite and punctual. This company is incredible!

  16. Drago46060

    I ordered for the second time and was supposed to receive a first time customer gift for my first order that I never got and a gift for my second order which guess what I never got. I am going to try and get both of these on my final attempt to order from here and see if I should give any more business.

  17. romsherb

    Quick delivery and being able to use a card to avoid a trip to the ATM is clutch

  18. rgerjekian9

    great people there, just very nice and very convenient. On time and a great service!

  19. Asb21

    Quality products and prompt service, always deliver within 30 min, plus they happy hour

  20. metaljustin

    Love using there service, every time. Boy is that Dom fast!!!

  21. Detroitkyle

    Why was I going to the dispensaries?!? Yeah…not any more. Excellent customer service. Brianna was very helpful. On time. Great product. Try the RSO gummies bears.

    This place is aEURoenext levelaEUR.

    Do yourself a favor and try them out

  22. Datsetterberg

    These guys are super friendly, always prompt and easy to deal with. I’m a fairly recent cardholder and these guys have been my goto delivery service. No reason to change that any time soon.

  23. hugz4900

    i just used this delivery service for the first time and the staff were nice and very friendly. unfortunately i think that your pre rolls are smaller then the ones i purchased when i go to a dispensary myself and your pre rolls are $5 dollars more.

  24. Fuz33426

    First time using the service. Nice and helpful staff. My order was missing a item. They were happy to get me my missing item still the same day. Even though it was another 11p. They corrected the problem and just gained another repeat customer.

  25. taytertot46290

    Great experience when i ordered! referred some family who also had great service.

  26. FatKidd51

    Great smoke and always super friendly. Love the delivery and you have a lifetime customer in me now.

  27. damianhd7835

    You should only get your meds from here. Fast delivery and and even better costumer service.

  28. uniporn

    Easy sign up, fast delivery and EXCELLENT Product!

  29. LostMinez420

    THE BEST HANDS DOWN!!! And they come to the city(the hood) unlike the others and they ETA’s be on point with live tracking of your driver!!! Only one I would recommend if your not able to go get it yourself!!! P.S THE GLUE TECH IS THE SHIT

  30. CareBear24

    Prices at great prices when delivery is needed, never been more than 30 mins,Thanks, Demetrius,also Deb,and my driver Kyle,great employee,thanks for great meds and backing your products, thanks David Keith ,Try some blueberry og,master Kush awesome stuff, excellent service,great Vapes edibles,a must try, Call ask fo Demetrius,afternoon,Eve,Ask for Deb in am

  31. Beasmokesloud

    BEST delivery system ever. I never knew this was actually a thing. I’ve been ordering from here for about a month now and they never disappoint me! They have the best selection on flower, concentrates, crumbles/wax AND edibles. Love love love this place a$?i,

  32. QueenBee78

    Great option. Fast Delivery and really professional. Thank you!

  33. Geoff48

    Excellent service. Great variety. Awesome delivery updates via text/gps map! Thanks PRIMO!! Marvelous.

  34. bmv1984

    Great experience both times I used primo. Great staff with the phones and lightning fast reply texts. Awesome drivers that are faster than jimmy johns. Keep up the great work primo I will only call you guys from now on.

  35. desmondjordansr

    I love the delivery options and the product is great!

  36. leaflymariguanas

    My first time trying a delivery service was Primo, and it was the right choice. Tim was very friendly and helpful. The GPS tracking is sweet, and the service really is fast. Purple Bubba was delicious. Definitely going to be back 🙂

  37. redwing1972

    Primo is the top dispensary in town.. Quality service and fast delivery.. The only place I order from.

  38. secretserpent

    great deals abpve avg bud

  39. Jhermies420

    Thinking about ordering from them tonight! Can’t wait for the great service they give

  40. Killakushifyouknow

    Edward was fast friendly and the app is very accurate..

  41. Myron1269

    I am impressed with the professionalism , The service is impeccable

  42. SKB4LIFE

    Fast, friendly, and on time delivery

  43. gryan11

    Great service great staff

  44. Emtee009

    One of the best!

  45. JustADollarSign

    UPDATE TO THE PREVIOUS REVIEW. We were able to remedy the situation and they were very apologetic and I can tell it really got to them that I was in a bind like that. I am very happy with how it ended.

  46. HossBossington

    Primos always delivers and is always on time! Quality stuff, friendly staff, and great menu!!!

  47. DreB5

    Great Customer Service. Dom was very helpful.

  48. sabrina21

    nice kind ppl always out to help

  49. dlkelly27

    quick delivery and always helpful

  50. SarahVict0ria

    Was kinda scared to try a delivery and I am sooo pleased with Primo! Kind friendly service I called my order in and the bud tender was so sweet and knowledgeable at the other end of the call! Honestly this is how medicine from a dispensary is supposed to be! Beautiful buds, fat weighs and oh so convenient! Semi pricey bud for my taste but honestly after I tried the bud the price was no longer in my mind! Plus I got some goodies – free gram and free delivery

  51. MelvynnTaylor48

    Fast fast fast friendly they were polite positive and prompt loved my losing my virginity

  52. theguccigatsby

    Pretty straight forward process once you call-in, the website can be a bit glitchy. Estimated delivery time was definitely off (by 30 minutes) and they sent me the wrong tracking text. Still great people, cooperative af, and ultra convenient! Pretty good offers for first-time users too!

  53. ageetillidie4988

    Absolutely favorite place ever! Quick, courteous, rain or shine! These guys are great. Won’t ever go elsewhere!
    David Hall.

  54. ramijamil1

    Hello Mr Nice Guy dY’dY>>dY’dY>>dY’dY>>dY’dY>>dY’dY>>. The future of awesome is here

  55. Slayerstar

    Fast and friendly, I especially love the text line. Answers to my questions and recommendations on the fly with no pressure to buy, I do anyway.

    Looking forward to trying some house products.

  56. Twill1208

    They are reliable and has great service

  57. Felton18

    Awesome! A bit skeptical at first, but I now go to primo mainly now. Delivers within the next hour or 2. Friendly drivers, and awesome to use, if you’re home late and need some trees.

  58. Karijohn

    Fast delivery and very friendly staff!! will order again!

  59. girlblazer

    primo offers alot of good deals. plus you can’t beat delivery

  60. Katherinenowicki93

    I love primo medical it’s the best. Great service. Very nice people.

  61. MeggersB123

    It is the Golden Age of Self Medication, folks! Primo is my new go-to and I don’t even have to go anywhere!
    I have vestibular dysfunction in both my ears and that impacts me in a big way. I am always dizzy, nauseated, fatigue, weak, super sensitive to sound and it impairs my vision. So, driving is not in the cards for me. (This only covers my issues neck up!)
    I stumbled upon Primo today and texted the number on their page. I was able to register as a new patient and order over the phone with text messages! I did not have to drive anywhere and all of my questions about the strains I was interested in were answered VIA TEXT! Did I mention that I have super sensitive hearing? That means that I hate the phone. And I hate going to dispensaries and waiting in super noisy rooms with the TV blaring…
    This place really gets me.
    My delivery guy today was Eric. He was super chill, friendly and helpful.
    Now if only my health specialists and masseuse made house calls, I’d be in heaven!

  62. MsHeather313

    I have been with Primo for at least a couple years now. They are my number one go too hands down. Its always good to call before 2pm bc of Happy Hour and make sure you check out ALL the’d be pleasantly surprised what you’ll find mid-bottom shelves even though my go to is Top Shelf…ya never know!! Thanks for taking such great care of me you guys!!

  63. pinkxxsmoke

    so the first time I ordered through them it took over 3 hours for delivery to get to me when ETA was originally 45 minutes then I ordered through them again last night and I got a 40$ 8th and a 20$ gram….lol I’ve been smoking for 3 hours and I’m not medicated at all also they are like 10 minutes away from me and still charge me a delivery fee the other delivery services I use way further out don’t even charge delivery fee so I’d say pass on these guys dY$?*

  64. maryfeighner

    super fast delivery and great product!!

  65. rpk14000

    going on 15 months never any issues if there is a problem they fix it with no issues always friendly drivers are just as great always been open an honest with the strains which is another reason i highly respect primo

  66. nlaughery1982

    Love this delivery service….the product is fantastic, the bud tenders are personable and reliable, and there always on time!

  67. Jweed1234

    Wanted something different for this evening and due to work i waited til the last minute to figure out where to go. These guys were the only place open so I went with it. The delivery was fairly prompt and the driver was super friendly. I got a free gram for it being my first time and it’s actually really nice flower, not like a lot of free stuff places give you. The animal cookies I got is pretty good but the whole experience with them went very smooth. Will definitely use them again.

  68. nylesprice

    Great Service. Great Product. I recommend them to all my friends

  69. schmaleo505

    Everything about this experience was great. It was my first time using a delivery service, and they were tremendously helpful in making sure I was fully taken care of. Would absolutely recommend this service to anyone in the area.

  70. THCworks4me

    Quality and service were excellent. Saved me a trip to 8mile or further. I will use their services often.

  71. MarieVanPelt

    What a great experience! As a first timer I needed help and the staffperson, Mike, was knowledgeable and organized. Delivery was fast and super efficient, honestly, start to finish I had my product at my front door in half an hour. I was able to track my driver on their app and knew exactly when he drove up. Very personable, friendly delivery person. Nice first time treats 🙂 Will def order again.

  72. Supertrooper0518

    I would just like to let everyone know that Primo is PRIMO! and you should experience their quality service and products. Then you will know why this is their name. Enjoy yourself

  73. freetrog

    Primo makes my life so much easier – good assortment of quality and fresh bud, relatively quick delivery (20 – 90 min), and most importantly friendly/genuine customer service. I’ve gotten some freebies like grams and papers which is nice

  74. midnighttoker247

    Excellent service. Clutch when the weather is nasty and you need your meds. I find myself ordering more and more from them. Their selection has something for everyone.

  75. MichaelC.

    I utilize their service for my medical delivery needs and they are always prompt and helpful. I highly recommend them for anyone who would prefer to have a delivery service to their home rather than to drive with any substance. I especially like the ability to track the driver as he/she is on the way!

  76. robdix1977

    Love the flower The delivery time

  77. scm777

    Awesome people and products!

  78. Mydogiscool1

    Made my first order from here today, was told a driver would be be by within 45 minutes to an hour. 2 hours later I call and the guy tells me a driver just got back and was taking my order, another hour later I called again and the girl tells me it still hasn’t left the store. Waited 3 hours and then cancelled

  79. SCOOBY89

    Great service great weed and great speed all in order love this delivery service above all the rest!

  80. JohnLennon720

    First time getting a delivery and definitely won’t be the last. Showed up quick very friendly all around great stuff

  81. Mtp420

    Never been to the location but had it delivered. It was fast and the driver was friendly and in a timely manner.

  82. Lakeshow313

    Good Tree I will order again

  83. yogagirl143

    I placed 2 orders with Primo now. I typically smoke $15-$20/g and at first I was nervous about the quality I would be getting, especially since you can’t aEURoelookaEUR at it first. Well I have gotten 4 different types of flower and all of them have been great. The moon rocks are better than anything I’ve ever gotten in a dispensary. I don’t want to sign up with other places to get a aEURoefree somethingaEUR. I’m just gonna stick with what I know is good. Thanks Primo!

  84. MunchyPanda

    Another awesome delivery, excellent communication, very courteous!

  85. Witty94

    Friendly and fast service. Will use again.

  86. Groose_Is_Saul

    AWESOME SERVICE!!! This was my first time calling for a delivery, and it was a painless and pleasant experience. Gentlemen on the phone were lovely, and the product was top notch! Would use again!

  87. samgold248

    They are really clutch! They deliver until 10:30pm! Drivers are nice and trustworthy. Great service!

  88. Meeerc

    By far the best delivery service around. Honestly I go to them way more than storefronts because of the quality meds and awesome customer service( Paul is usually who I talk to and Dom is usually my driver) they are amazing friendly/knowledgeable people! 11/10

  89. Caricor

    I really loved how they were willing to go above and beyond to set me up!

  90. Wnderwoman

    Great service overall. I was hesitant about ordering through delivery because it was my first time, but I’m glad I did. The guys on the phone were helpful and the delivery was fast. Also, because it was my first time, I received a few complimentary gifts. Will be ordering from them again for sure.

  91. BrittMoxley

    I ordered from Primo Medical multiple times, but I did not write a review because I wanted to be sure of the review I give. The staff at Primo is excellent and professional, but one rep in particular I have to give a shout out to is SARAH!!! Today when I ordered my delivery was slightly late due to rush hour traffic, so I called to see what the status of my order was. Sarah answered and at first I gave a bit of an attitude just to see how the staff is trained to respond and/or if they’re even trained in this area at all…plus I was in a lot of pain due to having Lupus and not being in remission. Sarah apologized for the slight delay and remained extremely professional. I was completely taken back at how professional she was since I haven’t experienced this level of professionalism from other medical marijuana dispensaries in Southeastern Michigan. Sarah had a way of calming me down and reassuring my satisfaction with her professionalism, kindness and gentle spirit. She even compensated me for my late order without me having to ask. She even followed up with me via phone when my driver was in route, when he arrived and made sure I was happy with my product. Again, the entire staff at Primo is extremely professional and knowledgeable, but Sarah takes the cake for exceeding her duties. I’d absolutely recommend the manager and/or owner considering Sarah for a leadership position. Thing about this is, I’m a professional Medical Marijuana Dispensary critic (M.M.D critic) for Leafy and Weedmaps. I get paid from both sites to give such feedback for true and accurate reviews. Sarah, the manager and the owner did NOT know this at all yet they remained professional and showed they care. Primo has a huge inventory including top brands and so much more. I can get information on ANY product from any staff member and I know it’s accurate which puts my mind at ease and I can enjoy my product. The delivery people are very professional, kind and personable when needed. Delivery is fast which is why I called to see what happened in the first place, come to find out my slightly late delivery was just a human fluke. I cannot thank Sarah enough. If it wasn’t for her professionalism I would have given a different kind of review to Leafy and W.M. As a professional MMD Critic, I will ONLY be getting my medicine from Primo medicals from now on and I suggest you do the same if you want quality and excellent customer service from a staff who cares about you as a patient and not about their profit.

  92. SkyDabbing

    Figured I would give Primo a try when they popped up on the Leafly app. They were awesome! By far my best delivery experience yet. Driver was fast and professional.

  93. mskenpoman

    my name is marcus H and this was first time ordering from a delivery service in years and this was by far better than the delivery service intried 3 years ago. the bud tender on the phone was very helpful.

  94. lumberzac

    I will be calling again. great meds and Dom was awesome.

  95. rpk1400

    Been staying with primo for close to 6 months now and love it best of everything with them

  96. Bowers1123

    It was my first time trying a delivery service. phone call was very easy, the staff was great and delivery time didn’t take to long. also thought it was cool you could track your order.

  97. Jake93839

    Very nice selection and price of concentrates. Cool delivery tracking feature

  98. KristyRyan

    I have ordered from Primo a few times and am never disappointed. Friendly, professional, on-time and quality products.

  99. JMMC1978

    There delivery was prompt. Their service was great. If they don’t have what you are looking for they will find something they have that is comparable. Their delivery range was just short of my home but they worked with me in getting it to me at a convenient location. Product is great.

  100. BADsmokes

    Primo always hooks it up. Quality bud and great service. They are my go-to ever since i ordered with them. Never stepping foot in a dispensary again.

  101. jonsno313

    Fair prices. Excellent customer service.

  102. JmanJammin421

    I’ve been using this dispensary exclusively for two years and I will continue to use it because I haven’t found a place that is better. I like being able to track my delivery. Also I like the quality bud dY’OEdY~ at great prices. Order before 2 pm to get the best price.

  103. dirtyjeep420

    Staff was very helpful,never ordered before and everything was easy and professional.great place and great herb

  104. freemysoul

    I would rather drive to 8 mile than invite thieves into my home that get to keep their jobs

  105. MISSLLH

    Ask for John to deliver! He’s super knowledgeable and can help answers any questions. He’s professional and just a cool guy! Primo is great! Great product, fair pricing and awesome service

  106. a761506

    Solid service and product, lightning quick delivery, very professional, A+

  107. Bre22

    I love this place from the flower to the beautiful people they have assisting over the phone I will definitely be ordering again dY”Y=dY”Y=dY”Y=dY~$?dY~$?dY~$?dY~tmdY~tmdY~tm

  108. Nateistheone

    It’s close and convenient a

  109. jbayour

    Super Convenient. Quality products. Very friendly staff

  110. Dankmaster1313

    I could not believe the ease and convenience of this service. Eric brought my medicine within 30 mins of my order. And the tracking system is to cool. I will always use this service.

  111. ChiefWoo

    Great service. First time patient deal is decent. Will be shopping again.

  112. Scabby

    It was all too easy, from registering online to receiving welcoming service as a first time customer. Quality product was delivered far in advance of guaranteed deadline. The dispensary a two minute walk from my front door has forever lost me. Thanks, Primo!

  113. Herron22

    Good and fast.

  114. dwit89

    I switched over to primo deliveries a couple months ago when my normal despo was shuttered. super fast, easy, great prices and great product. pay with card via email and they’re a the door in about 15-20 minutes. the. best. period.

  115. amorgan1207

    Fast and friendly

  116. Linz4

    Best delivery, Best flower out there! Friendly and fast service…QUALITY!

  117. treezyjay1805

    First timer regarding delivery services here… Primo was extremely fast, they are in ferndale but came out to me in clarkson which is awesome since I have trouble getting around. I was able to track my driver which made it easy to wait and meet up. Definitely recommend to anyone looking for a solid delivery service! And great buds to top it off!!!

  118. flonominal247

    Delivery service was extremely easy and hassle free!

    Shout out to the driver Dom!!

  119. ickyvicky420

    These guys always have great recommendations, and have been so helpful in answering my questions. Love them! I love the delivery tracker too!!

  120. detroitdabber

    Wow is all I can say after my first delivery from Primo. The service was quick, professional and knowledgeable with all of the questions I had. I would definitely recommend Primo to a friend and will be a returning patient. The daily specials they run make it feel like you’re always getting a hook up!

  121. tehbrookebear

    Great delivery service. Saves me so much time, fair prices, great quality and friendly professional staff!

  122. Moecurly840

    The delivery service is great. They were prompt with getting my meds to me

  123. Jtmiller81

    I ordered a pizza and an 1/8 at the same time. The 1/8 got here first. dY’

  124. maddogars

    Fast and took away my anxiety. Will definitely order again.

  125. Maryweedy

    love it havent visitd store but just received delivery dY~Z

  126. TheMikeyLeo

    first time here and I will definitely be back. I usually like to see and touch the bud before I purchase but that wasn’t the case here I had to choose what I wanted without seeing it. but I got exactly what I described and Damn it was Dank. absolutely loved it and got a free goodie bag and something else that really cheered me up. call and find out. Thank you also Nathaniel for being quick and very nice.

  127. missheather313

    Never a dull strain these guys are extremely timely and always super friendly!

  128. indicaismygirlfriend

    the delivery driver was awesome, the weed was good and came in a timely fashion. got a free gram, a grinder, papers, and a lighter included. great service, im sure i will use again.

  129. beautifulone1

    Great location. Closer to home means quicker delivery. Very reasonable and curtious.

  130. happiness73

    Driver Ray was right on time and professional, PIRMO brand cartridges are off the chain!! Got a free gram (fire!) These guys knocked it outta the park! Only ones to give an actual goodie bag w lighter, papers… REALLY APPRECIATE Y’ALL dYOEY

  131. damianhd78

    Always great prices, chill delivery drivers and great quality productdYtmdY>>

  132. campb3sm

    Great selection of product. And I described what I wanted to the delivery driver over phone and he knew what to give me. Great service. Very quick and priced better than most storefront dispos. I would suggest this as an option especially if you need product late night!

  133. tyrian7268

    Awesome service. Fast and Accurate.

  134. budbuddy25

    Incredible delivery service. I tried a few but ultimately ended up going with these guys every time now. Super fast service, incredible flower and CBD products. They even give me correct estimated delivery times!

    Found a gem. Keep it up guys!

  135. Mh711

    Made me pay for delivery fee the first time even though they said it was free for your first delivery, the guy sat outside my house for like 30 minutes afterwards, and the whole exchange was weird because the guy was irritated about traffic… for mediocre bud..

  136. carnealsr

    placed order a few weeks ago and received and even left review that I was sold seeded 20 a gram bud. well a new low has been found these people called me today saying that I was under billed $7. then had the gumption to ask if they could invoice me for something that I their mistake. avoid these con artist at all cost and I mean at all cost.

  137. acsuri76

    Fast service and GREAT product!!! love!!!

  138. Jennarosie

    This is only the second dispensary I’ve purchased product from. Let me tell you, the delivery service is so convenient. It didn’t take long for my order to arrive. I was very impressed overall. I had some questions so I called before placing my order online. The person who answered was very helpful. Since I was a first time customer, I received $5 off my delivery fee, a free gram, and a start-up kit (lighter, papers, grinder). The free gram was one of the strains that was recommended that I didn’t purchase. That was awesome because I could decide which I liked best between the two strains that were suggested since I had only purchased one.

  139. kmchooch

    First time patient. Very pleased with ease and speed of service. Great product selection.

  140. cathycorning

    excellent service drivers are super nice will be back

  141. Oakes44

    I’ve used Primo now 3 times for my medical delivery and every time they’ve exceeded expectations, especially with how bad it’s been snowing lately! They continue to kill the game!! Thank you!!

  142. CDU1974

    Very professional with the patient care and really good delivery service always meets with an smile the one by far

  143. cponce98

    Dom was very friendly and professional. Quality bud, will buy again

  144. Swissy420

    No better place to get a delivery from. they are fast, professional and polite. The process was great from start to finish.

  145. Meandjuliobogart

    I’m a little further out than Primo normally delivers, but with a $75 minimum they willing to accommodate me. I was very grateful because I couldn’t go out myself and was in pain. Everyone I spoke with was polite and helpful. The product was good, the price was fair, and the delivery was quicker than anticipated. I also received a free gram and a goody bag. All things considered, Primo exceeded my expectations by far. dY~

  146. Cookies313

    I love the service here everyone is very nice and helpful love the happy hour and the delivery is amazing the driver was a cool guy I’m definitely gonna back here


    What a great menu and great prices and quality assured
    So if you need great top notch medicine Primo should be your one and only choice. I say this because a buddy of mine got Blue Cookie and was amazing brst Ive had in a while
    Professional on time. Great job guys.

  148. Gdogreensmoke

    I did not visit the location however I got a delivery first-time patient very pleased very nice welcome package very friendly people very high-quality product my new Dr

  149. Dynastyleigh

    I do love this place… try it out fast delivery. Tip the drivers!

  150. GreenWoman

    First time ordering from Primo, I was a little skeptical of a delivery service but the reviews convinced me and I wasn’t disappointed. Professional, helpful, and most of all friendly and kind service from start to finish. Mike on the phone didn’t make me feel rushed or dumb when I had product questions. I liked getting the text alerts for when the driver would be expected. Took about 90 min for delivery from the time I hung up the phone to place the order. Quality bud and gave me a free gram and free delivery for my first order. Paid attention to what I ordered and recommended a strain that would complement my preferences. I tried it first and loved it. This has been my best dispensary experience since getting my card. It’s a little pricier than the one I usually go to on 8 mile but you get what you pay for with quality and convenience.

  151. yoitsjoe

    I was brand new to delivery and I was amazed at how fast and professional Primo was. It was super simple to call in your order then you get to track it to your door. I will be ordering again very soon!

  152. aitha1

    Communication and delivery were spot on.

  153. Alsmitty

    On time delivery. Good product. Would def recommend again and again!

  154. LissaJ

    does anybody actually use this service the prices are a joke

  155. dominusofall

    Some bud here are pricey, but its flushed well well and always fire

  156. BlackCloudRevival

    Though delivery was fast and of high quality, the meds were not. Not worth your money or time.

  157. shovelsgt

    everyone involved in my purchase excelled in their field of service. more than satisfied.

  158. jayblue120

    Extremely convenient and efficient; Upon calling for the first time, they were very understanding and patient. I’m a huge fan of potent edibles, and they appear to have a decent selection. Hopefully they will continue to add to their inventory, because I am a HUGE fan.

  159. tmkuzdal

    Absolutely wonderful! For my first time using this service (first time delivery service ever) it was so hassle free! They were fast, (love the gps tracking too) my delivery guy, Andrew, was so nice! Probably the best service I’ve gotten even at a brick and mortar dispensary!!

  160. Yep55

    Awesome experience from start to finish and great product!!!! I will be back.

  161. Bungieasg

    Great service, fantastic staff, and great delivery. I will be using them again and highly recomend this place to anyone that wants great and high quality delivery service.

  162. Mdgirdler

    I live in Ohio and the service and the product keep me coming back. Keep up the great work guys.

  163. gr8scott1005

    They even told me they’re taking scheduled deliveries for Ann Arbor/Ypsilanti!

  164. Meduseroak33

    I have used Primo several times now and each time has been a great experience; Not only does the person taking my order take extra time with me, but the drivers have all been extremely professional and on time. I was a bit weary of a delivery service at first but can assure you, they are completely legit and will take care of you.

  165. jacobtrombley3

    Great delivering system primo has going on. Their tarantula joints were phenomenal, very happy!

  166. malalo

    I tried the delivery 3 times and each driver came on time and were polite and the buds were dry and had a lot of stems. I did not feel much from any of the 6 varieties I tried and none of them had a very long buzz time. Maybe and hour. I didn’t find the quality very potent and won’t be buying from them again even though it’s convenient to have delivery.

  167. DrAwesome

    From start to finish an excellent experience. The ordering process is simple, clear and you have excellent visibility at every step of the process along the way. My delivery driver, Dom was also professional, curteous and arrived very promptly. With a delivery service like this, it’s going to be a minute before I drove to a dispensary!

  168. poochnme

    This place is the best. They are super friendly and knowledgeable. I’m a forever customer.

  169. Cveeder

    First time I have tried delivery service… will officially never again be driving to the dispensary! So pleased and excited to have this service! Driver was super friendly and phone order employee was very helpful!

  170. PyroJoker

    the drivers are always polite and friendly the ones that work answering the phone are just as friendly as the drivers

  171. Satyrlibra

    this is my third time using the service, first two times was good, but what I wanted was out, and the next sativa I asked for was out. The guy recommended a strain I knew was an indica hybrid, and I wanted sativa! I waited and called back with another choice, but they were out! He recommended a strain, it sounded good, but after getting it and smoking it, it’s definitely a indica! I specifically asked for sativa. They even gave me a free SATIVA pre-roll for being outta what I wanted! I’m sadly disappointed dY~z? Don’t think I’ll invest in bad recommendations from the people that are supposed to be giving me meds to help, that I know works! Not just push whatever you’ve got in stock! That’s some bs!

  172. LilJujuDetroit

    Love them! And Dom is the best!!

  173. fibrog

    I was very impressed with Primo Medical Delivery Service from the very first phone conversation with Rae (sp) to the driver, Dom who delivered my very first order. They were warm, friendly, knowledgeable, and VERY professional. They are clearly focused on making it easy for the patient.

    Dom arrived quickly and did a great job of answering my questions. It was an entirely smooth and easy process. I was expecting good service. What I got was GREAT service. I’ll definitely be a repeat customer. I strongly recommend them. 5-star – A+

  174. Mamas4

    I’ve not been in the store myself but the delivery service was great very prompt and the girls on the phone total sweethearts and very helpful.

  175. Bigmac80

    Worst service ever! Took almost 4 hours to get productz. What I ordered was not delivered and they were supposed refund my money. Just kept getting the run around with a manager. Service and customer service is absolutely terrible! Don’t waist your time or money!

  176. Gemini78

    Primo has the best and freshest cflowers that I’ve had from a dispensery. They have great customer service and they respond quick to text messages.

  177. Boardasf101

    Had it delivered , good timing ,nice driver great smoke I’ll definitely order again

  178. mirsaad94

    Super fast you guys are the best 🙂

  179. tmb29984

    As a working mom, without dispensary locations close to home or work, this service is a lifesaver. They are incredibly quick and kind, and product is always quality!!

  180. littlerice

    The ability to place an order online, pay via credit or debit card, and get real time updates on driver location with their app. Highly recommend for fast service and quality products. What I love about them the most though is, I can order a few different grams so I can enjoy a variety of strains.

  181. Dbain313

    Amazing delivery service! Also good customer service. Never have problems ordering or with the delivery.

  182. robbinbuck108

    Fast and friendly service.

  183. nriecher327

    Great service and great top shelf flower

  184. Racheldougherty821

    Always ontime

  185. Muddinbabe8914

    i like it. its easy for people who doesnt have a car to be able to get their medication. ill keep using it!

  186. shannondyson

    Very fast delivery. If only could get a pizza delivered as fast as they were here!!!!

  187. sos79

    very kind and helpful staff. will definitely be my go to for delivery!

  188. Nickfly300

    always great products.

  189. nickosebree

    Give Primo a call they have it all…

  190. Lkimberlin

    I had a great experience with primo. They deliver fast and we’re very good at helping me make my selection. I will be using them often.

  191. blowinswisherz69

    It’s really unique how I can I order weed to my doorstep, can’t do that in Toledo. Delivery man was friendly, and as a first time customer I got an awesome free goodie bag! Definitely ordering again.

  192. whochrisjones

    Been using primo for awhile now they are great! Fast and the product speaks for itself!

  193. cawhaley30

    Quick service, nice people, great meds! I will definitely be ordering again!

  194. Conscience333

    Got some vanilla kush from here. Really good app quality with some great buds. Highly thc level

  195. Rwscott

    Great first time experience will keep using them it’s so simple

  196. Wheatie0620

    This was my first time ordering and I am very impressed. Very prompt customer service, fast/friendly delivery and great product!

  197. Janice2018

    Absolutely the fastest and most friendly delivery in town this

  198. daveraw27

    It was my first time using a delivery service and these guys set the bar high! Flawless service from the ordering process to the friendly professional delivery driver. I would definitely recommend these guys to anyone in the area. Keep up the Primo service Primo!

  199. Fastman556

    5 star service every time you call! Very friendly and helpful staff and delivery is pretty quick and they always have top shelf products! Would recommend Primo to anyone!

  200. Majikshrub112

    I’m new to the area and decided to look up what dispensaries were close. I saw Primo had delivery service so I called to see what I needed to do. They lady on the phone was super helpful and literally within an hour I had meds at my door. Quality was good. Legit delivery….primo has my return business!!!

  201. joshuabbott

    Dom was super cool and fast I recommend

  202. Blossem9505

    Very knowledgeable and helpful in selecting products for my ailments. Fast delivery with some
    great discounts.

  203. Paige_M

    First time ordering. Paul was very friendly and helpful. Great service with both drivers and those taking your order. Definitely will be ordering again!

  204. SupaDankz

    Nothing but professionalism coming from all the staff.

  205. eunice.jacksonhicks

    Excellent service and friendly staff and nice prices

  206. BorntoDie78

    I love them always the best.
    fast, friendly, great customer service.
    Deb is outstanding! always helpful!

  207. Rayallen175

    great bud perfect timing

  208. HighestVibes247

    I love Primo. They have good recommendations for whatever your problem is weather its Anxiety or Insomnia ect. Plus I love they are open later when I can’t get to the dispensary. 🙂

  209. Minbargen

    Ordered from Primo for the first time recently and was blown away by the quality of the meds and how fast they delivered. I used to have to make a long trip for my meds, so a convenient and all around awesome delivery service like this has been a life saver.

  210. emily11391

    best flower around!! the one delivery service out of dozens that actually impressed me.

  211. Kamkrotzer

    Primo is the best.. order online and usually within 2 hours it’s at your door.. great staff

  212. Goocifer

    I love Primo for the RSO.:) You are helping me immensely! Thank you.

  213. beccawal

    Primo is very quick to respond. Very friendly people. Awesome gps to watch your delivery. Highly recommended delivery service. Definitely will be back, they deliver anywhere I need. Bud is great as well.

  214. heavenly73

    The driver was so nice, polite and friendly. I recommend Prino to anyone looking for a first class delivery experience.
    Shout out to Joseph for being so great with me. Shout out to Primo for making customer service a priority.

  215. Pattykayh

    Great delivery sevice. Bud tenders on phone are great! Drivers are great! Fast delivery! All around great delivery service!

  216. Chelios22

    Every time I’ve ordered, delivery has been quick and painless. Reliability and flexibility were what I was looking for and, so far, Primo has exceeded my expectations. In my experience, nobody else comes close, so not only would I highly recommend trying Primo, I would ONLY recommend Primo. They set the bar.

  217. kushMan0921

    I called an placed my order at 11pm didn’t arrived until 1am in the morning dY’ZdY3/4.
    My meds quality was dry and sandy broke down before I even really got itdY’ZdY3/4

  218. BeatflDisatr8

    My experience with Primo has been amazing thus far! I have been with your company since the beginning, and plan to continue to do so. I call, place my order, and soon after pain & anxiety are relieved. Whenever y’all have new products I am made known about them, as to what may help me with my alimentary. Thank y’all for everything Primo Medical is the Best!!!

    Bethany Culver

  219. bemitgib

    Excellent service! Been using them for a while now. They are the easiest and best priced service around. Every driver and everyone over there on the phone and email/txt are great to deal with. Ordering today again. a~(r)i,

  220. beaner155

    Great experience!! Why would you ever step inside a dispensary again?? From start to finish Primo was friendly, professional, and informative. Very happy I decided to call for info. I will use them frequently since their delivery charges are very fair.

  221. Itsjustme21

    This was my first time trying any sort of dispensary due to anxiety. The woman on the phone and the driver were both very nice, my order was put together and at my house within an hour. Being able to track was great. The product was great as well.

  222. Dominiquw

    Hand’s down, the best in the city! They are taking over!

  223. AJAirika420

    Nice people, great medicine 🙂

  224. sclaf919

    Primo is the best! Great service, the quality of their bud and edibles I have tried have all been top notch. They truly care about you, and help with any questions or concerns you may have. Mike is great as are the drivers I have had! Highly recommend Primo to anyone

  225. BloomfieldBob

    Forgot to mention that Dom was very professional and Paul very thorough

  226. JG248

    Ordered exactly 3 hours ago and still waiting. Was originally told it would be delivered within an hour. I’ve now wasted an entire afternoon waiting for this aEURoespeedyaEUR delivery. Very unimpressed! Hopefully, the product will be worth the ridiculously long wait.

  227. Kraezykush92

    Sent two sour d sativa carts when ordered one sativa and one indica..
    no first time patient kit..
    Ordered at 8:45pm
    delivery guy showed 11:57pm
    asked if he needed to check my ID cards and brushed off
    “nah I don’t need that”
    Such an unprofessional response considering $110 worth of product was ordered and it was all incorrect.

  228. ImperialDivine

    Good weed, could have better customer service.

  229. bardenbella86

    I like the fact that that they deliver, i live pretty far from all the dispensaries. The First time i called they were very friendly and helpful. I’ve been a customer since.


    Love the staff, very knowledgeable!!! Amazing customer service, seriously GOOD people! I adore them, they take such good care of you very accommodating!!! And that’s how they keep my loyalty! a$?i,dY”Y=dY'”dYOE2

  231. KReckless

    I was very impressed with how easy and convenient it was using Primo. And I’m definitely impressed with the products. People I spoke to were friendly and helpful and the process was quick seeing as it was my first time. Thank you

  232. BethAnn420

    I want you all to know that Primo medical is awesome and always prompt with response time. Kelly, Brianna, Selena, Nicole and everyone else is doing so awesome. Thanks again for your help and support.

    Bethany Culver

  233. Chips92

    There was a small mixup with my delivery last night and they went out of their way to make things right. Thank you Primo!

  234. nasty90sjoeycrack

    dY’ZdY?dY’ZdY? this is the McDonalds of dispensaries, super cheap, VERY poor quality bud. Talked to owners about getting refund and they were very rude about it. Never will use this garbage company again. Would rate ZERO stars if I could

  235. radd44

    deb,the lady who took the call,was outstanding,took my info,took my order,and said i would get a text when driver would leave 30 minutes later text came 25 minutes later my man nick, the driver showed up,this place is lit,and on fire….TOP NOTCH,THANK TALK TO YA SOON……NOW ON ATMOSPHERE,AFTER NICK LEFT THINGS DID SEEM A LITTLE HAPPIER

  236. lifted4ever

    So thankful to have found Primo… They were friendly, patient and answered every question I had. The delivery was fast and discrete. Thank you son much

  237. katcain

    This was my first time. The person on the phone was kind and helpful. The delivery person, Johnathan, was very patient and made sure I knew how to use the products he delivered.

  238. Ddog123

    Great people great service great cannabis fair prices and quick delivery

  239. Scorpiogirl1110

    Absolutely love them! Only place I order from! Constantly recommending strains and have been spot on every time!

  240. vmcliett

    Excellent service..good quality!

  241. spidguy420

    Great service, prompt and professional delivery. would probably order again but only if I’m in a pinch.

    Good variety at first glance, but i ordered shatter from a few different strains(indicas and satevas) and I’m 90% sure they were all the same and just labelled differently.

  242. Margoblue

    Very friendly & quick service! Fair prices.

  243. WU-TANG_75

    Fast delivery! Great meds at good prices!

  244. BadJuJuJibberish

    I love this service. I can’t drive, and getting to and from dispensaries can be difficult. Being able to peruse a menu beforehand is very helpful, too. The people I talk to on the phone are helpful and professional. All around a fantastic service.

  245. Patrickjim

    The service is great. I gave the wrong address and dispatch and driver kept in constant contact solving the issue quickly. My driver Dom was the epitome of what you’d want your company to project.

  246. PaigeFane

    Great service, the people are so nice and some the best bud around, hands down

  247. Reykeith

    fast and friendly. I read the “about” section and it went just like I read. the driver was friendly. I wasn’t sure of the etiquette since this was cannibus, like does him come in or no? I just treated it like a normal delivery. dY$?*dY?aEURatm,i,

    nice quality product, fast friendly and convenient service. Good selection of strains. I’ll be using them again.

  248. Rnieves1987


  249. Mbuhr50

    Great products, fast delivery and very friendly delivery people. plus the delivery fee is very cheap! all around A+ for this service

  250. Andro586

    My first time using a delivery service, it was great. Can’t wait to use again. Arrived in about an hour!

  251. smokingguns

    Great place to shop great bud….

  252. 21cassara

    I ordered my first delivery couple weeks ago and it was great. On time, I was getting a text notification on the delivery status and time. Friendly and professional about to order again.

  253. MrsFrosty

    Wonder delivery service! They never fail to impress. I love ordering from this place. Thank you for all you do!

  254. mitch1te

    Very friendly and professional. Good product and delivered quickly.

  255. OldGal58

    This was my first time using primo delivery boy this was so easy and fast. I did the online sign up for new patients then called the 800 number placed my order. My medication was at my front in 45 minutes this is my new way to get my meds.

  256. Domo118u

    I LOVE THESE PEOPLE! Deb, my budtender, was the most helpful, positive, happy, nice tender I’ve had out of other provisionaries ive been with! Edward my driver was a very nice and a pleasure to meet and talk with!thank you so much! You had me when non one else did!dY~,,dY~,,

  257. Samanthareneexx

    First time using a delivery service. So happy with what i was provided. I won’t use anywhere else again. Would HIGHLY recommend 🙂

  258. Batkat08

    Super convenient and good service.

  259. Wymer

    Love the delivery. Always on time. Prices are ok.

  260. clareedward

    Wonderful service. Helpful and Friendly Staff. Fast service. Seamless. Why would I go anywhere else!

  261. minameli

    This was the easiest process and so nice to have delivery! Will definitely use Primo again!

  262. HappyNewPatient

    My second order was handled with the same personal service and efficiency as the first. Very happy with Primo Medicals. One quibble: I was supposed to receive a free gift with my second order as a thank you for my first review. It was not included. My delivery person said it was a mistake and I would receive two free gifts with my next order. I guess we’ll see. But overall, I’ll stick with these folks.

  263. fregu

    A really great and speedy service

  264. magmae

    Great quick service

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