Area 51



16301 W 8 Mile Road, Detroit, MI 48235


42.4444366, -83.2091338




10:00 AM – 8:00 PM


10:00 AM – 8:00 PM


10:00 AM – 8:00 PM


10:00 AM – 8:00 PM


10:00 AM – 8:00 PM


10:00 AM – 8:00 PM


10:00 AM – 8:00 PM


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73 reviews for “Area 51

  1. duaneet

    tricky to enter

  2. Tiffany3807

    I like the staff and the selection they have is very good .. and the price is right

  3. Michelle72

    Love this place..very informative … and the weed was great..

  4. PurpleGoddess313

    I went here about a week ago as a first time patient and I loved it. The staff was great, they didn’t rush me and they took the time out to explain the strains I was interested in. I will be a repeat customer 🙂

  5. Eatz72MMM

    This is a good role model for other dispensaries and have to give a shout out to Josh for being a fountain of knowledge while generously sharing his know how on quality products.

  6. 1kinggene

    I absolutely loved the first time coming here service really helped me out and didn’t have that much to spend but they gave me more than i thought i could get and a great goody bag. I recommend this place to anyone looking for great meds and great service im going back today.

  7. mollywooden

    Very helpful and nice prices

  8. bigsmoke313

    Friendly staff, lady helped me and 3 other customers and never missed a beat. Really good product, my only complaint is my free per-rolls were way to tight to smoke. Small problem, but doesn’t effect the shop at all!

  9. FrogChick79

    Love you guys UD u rock (K) highly recommend paying them a visit

  10. kingjames11

    friendly staff. with top notch cannibus!

  11. annel

    awesome place

  12. Flower_enthusiast313

    I visited Area 51 today to get some edibles, they always have great deals on them so I come here to stock up. I was supposed to get 13 but only got 12. I didn’t notice until I had already left.. tried calling but got no answer.. just a heads up. Check your bag before you leave everyone! The service is always great here so I was a bit surprised.. but mistakes do happen. I’ll be back tho

  13. mostetzguy

    this place now totally sucks. i was a regular, two or three times a week and always spending into three digits. why i always felt i was being cheated and continued to come here, i don’t know. yet, i did and was happy to earn points and get a freebie joint. and so, i make a purchase of nearly 200 bucks and ask for my freebie jointaEUR|”only on monday” i was told. huh? you’re going to skimp on a shake freebie joint? it was an owner who refused me the joint and i thought “you know what? right down the road, right next door, right within a minute are other dispensaries, i really don’t need you.” haven’t been back. now, they’re closing due to “state regulations”aEUR|.uh huh. area 51, get your act together, get rid of totally stoned out bud tenders, don’t ignore people and treat your customers like crap.

  14. Jkele1985

    This is one of the best shops around …. they try to stay competitive on prices and product.

  15. brianna1196

    I really liked it. Definitely will come back

  16. Rathur

    Great place! First time here!

  17. 4shley


  18. Smokymomma4261

    Love this place. Great peeps and amazing staff. On my way right now. Lol

  19. fwilliams3899

    good bud, good people, amazing deals!

  20. Lmack78

    Quick service great selection of eatables and great deals

  21. funnyfarmer10

    Good meds, good staff, no clones / seeds, limited CBD selection.

  22. Cynfl211

    I’ve been there several times and they are always extremely knowledgeable, friendly, and helpful.

  23. npytel27

    Great place!! Great place to stop and grab good meds for the low .. on my way again dY~+-

  24. theblaksmith

    The Alien outside on 8 Mile is what drew me in. The budtender sort of looks like a younger version of the main scientist in Independence Day. Real nice first time perk bag!

  25. Allied001

    I visited Area 51 purchased A Kali Larry og cartridge price included free ooze pen. When I Got home looked into the bag I only had cartridge and no ooze pen. I went back on November 5, 2017 since I’m in area to get ooze pen. Can’t use cartridge without pen. I ask budtender to place my cartridge into my bag along with my pen I’m pissed the FaEUR”aEUR”k off I get home open the bag no cartridge In the bag However I have ooze pen. No one has time for games I have spent to much money in there to be played like a fool dY~!

  26. Mskittikatt1

    great location… love everyone here!!! thanks josh n lucky

  27. Sennti17

    Great place, medicine, and people. Haven’t had any problems here. Def check this place out, make it a regular. Got helped by MJ initially, which makes coming here a calming experience. She knows her stuff, so it’s great to feel like you have nothing at all to worry about.

  28. kayboox3

    I went there two times and they have awesome deals!! i would recommend people to go there(:


    Amnesia is my favorite so fardY~,

  30. BFAB2501

    I like the set up and the different prices. Flower was good too so looking forward to coming back

  31. SlowPokeRodriguez

    Great shop, kooky and fun. The budtender J is pretty cool, he hooked me up with everything I was looking for. I’ll be back for sure.

  32. artnorris

    MJ was a delightful. Great flower and oil cartridges. Knowledgeable staff and a secure environment. This may end up being my new spot!

  33. yatta18

    Very good play and awesome choices and very cool people with patience and prices are very good at times

  34. robj35

    this is my stop, everyday after work, before going home..I love this place

  35. joejs

    great place

  36. Jj32k

    Great staff and service!!!

  37. Msfeelgood2

    #1 Dispensary in Detroit….I would like to give a shout out to the best budtenders everrrrr MJ …JOSH….EL cant be beat. Very friendly atmosphere and always great deals.
    Hey yall Vegas signing out……c u soon!!!!!!!

  38. DerrickKing11

    Awesome place with great prices

  39. GreenGirl17

    Love this place- definitely a go to! All of the staff is great, especially Josh 🙂

    Great prices and happy hour.

  40. KAROL1259

    worst dispensary I have visited

  41. cowgirl457

    Not technically my first visit, it’s my second. But first time leaving a review! Got a free shot of Highdration, which was awesome haha.

  42. cdmoore812

    was very shocked at the mass selction of flower. they have great products and deals.

  43. mspoppins35

    love the place second home

  44. Amy4205150

    I liked this place my first time super helpful and alot to pick from I will be back

  45. univeralcurrency

    everything is 5star here.

  46. Banks313

    good weed nice deals

  47. kevinhayes

    Great place safe staff well informed and friendly

  48. trollman101

    smoked eighth of weed in one joint og 18 best sleep I had in a long time

  49. AmyTheNarcissus

    This was my very first dispensary after receiving my card. Super cool atmosphere and great staff. Definitely coming back 😉

  50. HardRockingOG

    A great place with the best selection of medibles I have seen so far. Great deals on quality products. Very friendly knowledgeable Staff. Very much worth considering to shop at.

  51. Rick_pedigo

    Wodnerful bud quality, great tenders. I will definitely be coming back

  52. Jarrel

    Great location. Great selection of buds

  53. Maudib282

    MJ and the crew at Area 51 are always there for the patients. I came in and picked up two Thone products, one Strawberry Twinky and one Peach Iced Tea. Both were delicious and the cake was moist! Best little treat I have had in a while. Thank you again to everyone at Area 51!! Will be visiting again soon!!!

  54. Kmkmoore

    Come check them out good customer service and weed with other treats

  55. game78

    great people great service and great weed..

  56. pcb12

    loved coming here, phenomenal service and cool atmosphere

  57. Jazzyjan12

    Good prices and products. The atmosphere could be better

  58. EhEhRon

    The staff is always friendly, knowledgable, and helpful. Wide selection of strains with prices to fit any budget. They’ve got a house strain and weekly specials.

  59. Poobie07

    Great prices for great quality bud

  60. mrscollins1

    Good location, seen it driving by and had to Stop…ii’m so happy that Idid. I met *Joshua* (Thank You) I truly Appreciated your Great Customer Servicea~o
    I will Definitely will return

  61. AJIV

    Quality service and uniquely creative product mix

  62. Ldwar

    Whatever questions I had, I got answers with a smile. I just went today, and will be back.dY~

  63. hjohnston74

    I worked to make sure they were open till 8 on the holiday. She confirmed they closed at 8. I left work and rushed to get there at 7:53. They already locked the doors. Wasted an hour of my day I could have been working. Now, I have to come back tomorrow. I will be going to a different dispensary tomorrow.

  64. chasew47

    Great deals on shake, bud selection could be better.

  65. SuperJum

    Went there before heading off to class, got helped out by a kind women named MJ. Her knowledge and recommendation was ideal for anyone who wanted to try new strains. Picked up some Jesus Sativa and some Tangerine Kush, I look forward for my next visit.

  66. Lydiajaye

    I love it at Area 51 they have the best deals and the bud tenders are the best! I really like my man jimmy

  67. kingofcrud

    Best for your buck. Stay great!

  68. refusalxx

    This place is awesome and the prices are great!

  69. jessmills

    I love this place great Customer Service Josh is GREAT knows exactly what I want. Defiantly the spot.Thanks guys…

  70. SelenaSounique

    They were very nice , she explained to me where everything was in the store . I got a free goodie bag with two pre rolls . And bought an edible . Can’t wait to try it

  71. damtam14

    Awesome service and smoke. Love this place. Thanks for making my day. M J u r the best The best medicine in town

  72. woopsimemily

    I love Area 51 everyone is very knowledgeable and helpful and their $25 eighths are fire

  73. nicole010

    An 8 mile hidden gem! It’s right by an overpass and would be easy to miss if you weren’t paying attention. Make sure you don’t miss it!

    One of the friendliest staff yet out of the 20+ dispensaries I’ve visited in the area. Check in process was very easy and fast. Very personable service, one of the guys wished me a happy belated birthday. I visited a few dispensaries on my birthday and they could care less.

    The backroom was very big, I can’t lie I didn’t check it out in much detail. I was so focused on the sale they had going on. Also staff very nice and knowledgeable not to forget honest.

    I was very happy, smiling walking out. That never happens lol. I mean most of the time I’m trying to get to my car as quick as possible. Lived in Detroit most of my life, you get something and get on. Way too many people looking to rob someone. Lol don’t touch me or my bud!

    Overall great dispensary, you can tell they care about their customers. They offer free stuff to patients, which is nice. I felt like a human and not just potential money. Will come back and visit!

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