People’s Choice Alternative Medicine



2247 W. Liberty St, Ann Arbor, MI 48103


42.273552, -83.77731


















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People’s Choice is OPEN to new members!

Hours of Operation: Monday- Saturday 10am-8pm and Sunday 12pm-5pm

We are located at 2247 West Liberty in Ann Arbor. There is a parking lot in front of our building that you are welcome to use for free.

We are happy to be in a wheelchair and handicap accessible building.

We also have ONLINE ORDERING available on our website! This will have the most up-to-date menu at all times!

40% OFF Entire order for new members!

The team here at People’s Choice are very excited to be able to serve the Ann Arbor area, and we hope to see you soon!

Strains, products, and donations posted here on Leafly are subject to change at anytime. This menu is not a guarantee of what we have in stock or the donation price accepted.


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161 reviews for “People’s Choice Alternative Medicine

  1. degjr42

    great staff!! even special orders!
    if the order works , could very well be my go to spot!!!

  2. haknapp323

    these guys know what’s up there 20 dollar Simpson oil is both cheap and really effective the flowers are tasty with reasonably priced donations and the concentrates are pretty tasty

  3. Joebird9000

    This was my first time to a dispensary. The staff was professional, knowledgable and very helpful. The atmosphere was incredibly friendly. I am a military veteran and not only was I thanked for my service on more than one occasion but I also received a veteran discount which I am extremely thankful for. The staff took the time to talk to me about their different meds and helped me find exactly what I was looking for. I would recommend People’s Choice to anyone looking for a friendly, professional dispensary with extremely high quality products.

  4. amperez

    People’s Choice Alternative Medicine is the “go to” dispensary in The Ann Arbor/Ypsi Area. Upon entry their service staff greet you with a smile and make you feel comfortable for the duration of your visit. They are knowledgable and are happy answer questions. There is always a variety of flower that cannot be found in other dispensaries, the pre-rolls are the largest in the area, and the donations won’t leave a hole in your pocket. They even have a Keurig in the waiting room stocked with coffees, teas and chi lattes! Check this place out. You won’t be disappointed.

  5. aldoushuxley

    Excellent prices. Friendly, knowledgeable staff. Nice waiting area. Huge selection of edibles.

  6. basilokh

    Peoples choice is the only dispensary I go to, for various reasons, mainly because of the affordability, It makes more sense at this place as apposed to other places that can care less about people who can’t easily afford alternative medicine.

  7. jcop2296

    Quality medicine for good prices. Never wait too long, and staff is always friendly.

  8. jostutes

    Odd set up inside, but the staff and product offering more than makes up for it. Great place to go!

  9. dwomack734

    Good bud from good budtenders… Namuuuuuuuu!!!

  10. TheChoos

    Great selection and a very helpful staff and answered every question I had. The location is a bit hard to find but once you do it’s easy to remember. If you’re looking for a friendly place with a great selection I would recommend People’s Choice.

  11. mstrazz

    Really nice staff and great product!

  12. scott.hespen.1

    People’s Choice is awesome! Open early and some of the lowest donations around!

  13. OldSchool2

    I’ve been going to PC for 5 years. It was the first dispensary I ever visited. I’ve always thought that the meds were pretty competitive for the donation price. Until now. $504 for an ounce of top shelf? Outrageous. I am so disappointed in you. I won’t be gouged for medications. I definitely won’t be back.

  14. mwest734

    One of the best dispensaries around ann arbor.. definetly my go to.. Always recommend them

  15. souppysue

    I love Peoples Choice! i have been going there for years! the staff is always helpful & friendly! its close & convenient! i love you guys!!!

  16. montemanss8

    Great staff and great Medicine.

  17. LudwigVonMises

    Great place that has everything anyone could want at all different donation levels.

  18. Midnighttoker1st

    Great people, great medicine, great prices

  19. crudpackjack

    Great flower prices and extremely friendly staff. Can’t beat the location and service.

  20. bobm98

    great place to go. Good service and products

  21. deepin6692

    definitely my favorite dispensary in the Washtenaw County area. Very nice atmosphere and the staff is incredibly helpful and knowledgeable. this is the only dispensary I go too anymore because there prices are the best around.

  22. JessWeimer82

    Still one of my favorites. Always pleased with the quality

  23. Bluedumptruck

    Great place with good people.

  24. exe1147

    The staff is knowledgeable, courteous, friendly and helpful. Product is excellent.

  25. Jxywxy

    The meds were great for the best donation I have seen around. Will definitely return and recommend to others.

  26. kubop1977

    Absolute best dispensary in town, great consistent selection and helpful staff!

  27. rojo420dank

    Totally awesome! Very patient and answered all of my questions. No pressure peaceful atmosphere!

  28. rmaser

    Came there in Dec was a great experience. Friendly helpful. Coming back this weekend. Can deal with the 2.5 hr drive from the southwest corne .

  29. Wjohns13

    Very professional and knowledgeable staff. I’m always in and out, and very rarely do i have to wait longer than 10 minutes. The bags are discreet, and the environment is safe. I recommend.

  30. adub734

    Eh. Your typical low-end dispensary, they offer 3 or 4 strains per tier, although the only ones wort getting are the top shelf. Wax is atrocious here I strongly advise against buying anything from PC for they have very little knowledge about bho & do not have any of their meds tested. Sadly, this place is just not where you want to go if you’re looking for actual medicine. This is the type of place where you’d see people walking out of the door only to hand their purchases to someone in a different car lol.. Don’t go here.

  31. greenscream

    Great bud, great prices, and friendly people.

  32. KnowledgeGeek

    I’ve been a member here for several years, since before their move to Liberty. The staff’s always been friendly & knowledgeable; suggesting good strains for treating my chronic back pain as well as migraines. Their sales make it affordable to sample a new strain w/o straining a person’s budget terribly. I highly recommend their establishment to any in need of good quality, alternative medication.

  33. cammyboy1

    Best marijuana dispenser in town, thanks for all the love

  34. ElMister

    Been a member since I got my license in 2010. Old school service and top shelf meds will keep me a loyal patient here at People’s.

  35. JessWeimer

    great place . one of my favorites.

  36. chiefchief4444

    I was one of their first customers at the original Main St. location. It is great to see their selection of top grade buds at reasonable prices. PC is full service, from the seed to the bud, and all stops in between. This is the best medical Marijuana dispensary in Michigan

  37. Mrobi72

    Great people, great product! Highly recommended!

  38. zef420

    Great service. Great people. If you have to wait it is not long at all. Magnificent choice of flowers and edibles. Great range in prices. #1 place to go and walk out with a smile everytime.

  39. xxriverboyoo

    This place is great! the service is fantastic. the customer service was very pleasant and helpful in my descion making.

  40. Turnque

    My favorited dispensary by far. Quality at a fair price.

  41. BigRedGrowGuy420

    Very cool place and friendly staff. High quality selection and very knowledgeable about the strains they carry.
    There is a high quality selection for you as well.

  42. rebmamarie

    Awesome spot. Professional. Love the privacy.

  43. jujgriff

    I like it, it’s kinda drab inside but that doesn’t matter. Great stuff

  44. lisalisalisa

    the quality fit my medical needs..:)

  45. Dreamydee115

    I like the friendly customer service and quick response to my immediate needs. Very knowledgeable about product. Would love to work there myself

  46. igrantham

    Great place, quality bud

  47. Ksizzle83

    This dispensary its absolutely superb!! The staff is friendly and knowledgeable. The bud is quality and they have a great selection!! I highly recommend you checking then out.

  48. jbarnhart22

    I was treated with full respect, great atmosphere and cheap donations for the area.

  49. yolowgo

    Uncured, wet, chemical taste, high leaf content. Smoking their flowers is almost as bad as being in constant pain.

  50. Zero1984

    Excellent service. Good daily deals. A wide array of flowers and edibles of varying concentration for a fair donation.

  51. mbaker4201

    I had never visited a dispensary before, so this was my first time. The staff was incredibly knowledgeable, friendly and very helpful. Will return again and again 🙂

  52. ntp426

    Good location

  53. deadpidgeon

    Nice, friendly casual atmosphere. Meds are good, doantions excellent and service is great. Convienient location and easy parking.

  54. lesinski17

    Great place with great meds staff knows their shit and look to help you in any way they can recommend to any patients

  55. kjknight

    Plenty of parking, great staff, good deals and wonderful medicine. Two thumbs up.

  56. whitetrash.talkradio

    ideally in a perfect society all medical marijuana facilities would strive to be as caring and compassionate as people’s choice I have been to a lot of dispensaries all around the state and I have never been to a place that compares to people’s choice the staff the atmosphere no stairs fast service and not to mention the best medical marijuana out there. there is always a huge selection with multiple donation ranges and the wax is always great one last thing sweet smoking accessories for cheap if you haven’t been to people’s choice you need to try at least once because you don’t know what you’re missing

  57. redneckrandy66

    Top notch place and people. one place I’m happy every time I leave.

  58. dommaman

    Excellent service once again. The only issue that I have is that I wish you would have the THC/CBD percentages posted on the available flowers. It is nice to know that they are lab tested for safety and a chemical free medicine, but it still would be nice to know more details on them as well.

  59. jjohns2013

    Came to get clones!! Got 3 beautiful clones! Thanks! Service was excellent!!

  60. jiminen

    great place!

  61. stoney91

    I’ve been a member of this collective for years and they’ve always impressed me with there large selections and wonderful staff, who’ve given great advice and are very resourceful as well.

  62. ZacharyH

    Great place to come. They have a wide selection of meds. Very friendly and informative.

  63. ecollins80

    I really enjoy coming to People’s Choice. The staff is great, very compassionate and laid back. They have a great selection and affordable donations on everything. Great selection of medibles, concentrates and topicals. Overall a really great place!!

  64. jofelony42

    Amazing staff! Super great feel and high grade meds, hard to match place in A2!

  65. Dhunt84

    Friendly staff, good medicine and fair suggested donations. Can’t beat it in A2

  66. iloveitloud

    great place .

  67. BlueDogMedaFections


  68. Javv.williams

    Was a nice first visit very busy environment. The service was friendly and exclusive. Took me about an hour or less to shop successfully though. Next time hope not to be so busy.

  69. Mansermike

    Very good service, good atmosphere

  70. jjsm

    Pretty new to People’s Choice, but the moment I walked in I was greeted and felt safe. Great selection of bud and for my personal use great wax/dabs options. Worth the hour drive!

  71. sammymac27

    The atmosphere was so inviting and the donation prices were very modest for the quality! Would highly recommend to my other patient friends and girlfriend.

  72. armin geddon

    Nice selection, nice service. I stop here every time I come to Ann Arbor.

    Thank you!

  73. lilbri420

    great atmosphere, great people and a ton of options! i will be back for sure

  74. vegasjake

    great meds, but very pricey! bring donations down 20%-25% and i’d give 5stars across the board.

  75. DanielSaleh

    the greatest customer service very friendly. I will recommend friends and family to go there. I loved the products they. this place is most definitely more then a 5 star.

  76. JaguarKnight

    I drove out to Peoples Choice from the East side and it was totally worth it.

    The staff was very helpful and knowledgeable, their prices were reasonable, and they provided a Pre-Roll for becoming a member, that shared the likeness of a baseball bat.

  77. buddro7

    What to say what to say… Here you will that your “favorite shop” is no more. People’s choice is a wonderful place to go. The people are very friendly and know what they are doing. But the plus is they are the best place to go for prices and pretty flowers

  78. MagicLeaves15

    Medication is top notch & you absolutely can’t beat the price. They have soo many options, & different shelf prices. The staff is good, some better than others. Theirs two girls their that are the best! Always kind, very helpful and accurate on prices & discounts. The only dispensary I recommend in Ann Arbor.

  79. Gates38

    People’s Choice is by far my favorite place to come for my medicine. The staff there make me feel like I am coming to visit my friends. The lobby is so welcome and laid-back. love having a delicious fall tea to brew fresh as the weather gets colder. The Only little thing, that I know has nothing to do with them, but I wish the driveway was a little smoother. 🙂

  80. rfrank

    My number one stop for all things medicinal. The staff are friendly, knowledgeable, and always have good suggestions and offer great feedback. The selection ranges from very well priced flower to various edibles, concentrates, etc. Most importantly, this dispensary cares – it was one of the first places I tried in Ann Arbor, and overwhelmingly is where I choose to go. They frequently have new strains, new types of edibles, and a constantly rotating good selection of healthy clones – if you live in Ann Arbor, this is the place to go. Other dispensaries nearby aren’t bad, but you’ll pay a little extra, for a little less, in both the quality of service and the goods. (First visit was nearly a year ago).

  81. dreadpiratebuttercup

    Second road trip here!! Still great! Will continue to visit here!

  82. tzatyracz

    Death Star is the best!

  83. fopofosho

    best flowers I’ve ever seen, big selection of flowers concentrates, edibles, Simpson oil, pieces, extracts. great helpful staff.

  84. mikesos

    Best place in town to get your meds. friendly and knowledgeable tender service, you’ll always leave with a smile.

  85. halco

    I love goin to PC, easy to find, friendly n knowledgeable staff.
    Two green thumbs up

  86. Davejonesin67

    Look else where

  87. kxody

    Amazing service, location, budtenders, products, and you walk out with a smile every time.

  88. Hairy515

    I love the pot it’s the best ever it’s like the 70’s all over again

  89. Sativa_D_Va

    Odd location, Brightly colored shop. I was most pleased with Raw Diesel, Rare Darkness, and BUBBLE!! Prices are on point and meds are of fine quality. Well worth my drive. However, an incentive isn’t a t-shirt. A point system would keep me driving back more often.

  90. Heuristocrat

    This is the best place I’ve been to in Ann Arbor. Good service, products and price.

  91. jordan5002001

    Awesome staff.Great selection and fantastic medicine A+++

  92. shwitty22

    the staff is stellar. Shwitty3974

  93. HerbSpirit1989

    Good spot very friendly staff. But did anybody else get charged tax here? Is that a new thing? What should have been a $50 order ended up costing my like close to $70?

  94. Jpete1331

    Best suggested donations I’ve seen.

    Friendly Staff. Great and healthy clone selection. I will be back soon.

  95. jstaup1

    I have only ever been to 4 dispensarys but of the 4 that I have went to I think this one is the best. I use to have my patient card but it expired. I only have a caregiver card now for my wife, so I dont buy meds for myself, but my caregiver card lets me go in with my wife to keep her company since she has anxiety disorder and sometimes gets in moods where she dosent want to go in anywhere by herself. She has always been happy with the quality of the meds she has got here. I have got 4clones here and I am verry happy with them. They were 4 or 5 inches tall when i got them 3 weeks ago and now they are almost 2 feet tall and look very healthy. I now have them planted in 5 gallon pots in ocean forest soil and useing General Organics nutrients. I have them under a Area 51 led pannel and i plan to put them in flower in 2 1/2 more weeks since my 155 W led pannel isent big enough for them to get much bigger. But they look very healthy so im happy with the quality of the clones. I will be getting alot more clones in the future since i have caregiver rights for a second patient on the way and i am ordering another led pannel that is alot bigger.

  96. sameesy

    top meds in town at bottom donations. awesome staff too

  97. jjsm710

    Always satisfied. Great wax selection and prices!

  98. allnew2020

    They were very friendly and helpful I came in at lunchtime and fogot cash they got my paperwork and info entered so I didnt have to wait when I came back

    Give them a try

  99. kashif

    This place has a super lovely med selection i have never had such cheap qualty meds this place is the peoples choice

  100. mattymountain

    I love this place!

  101. 2STRAINZ

    Low key, real clean experience. Great quality product and service.

  102. solidandy

    Great place, great people, great buds. I highly recommend this place

  103. Crustysandman

    Great place, with the best prices from a dispensary that I have seen in A2. I loved the free gifts for joining! Can’t wait to come on back.

  104. DrChronic2474

    FANTASTIC medicine. One of the best dispensaries in Washtenaw county. Good prices, great staff, and good environment.

  105. ccslowski

    The selection is great, the location is great, the service is great, and the prices are very competitive.

  106. MzJuan414

    I drive 100 miles (round trip) to this dispensary. Very friendly and knowledgable staff. Quality products and reasonable donations.

  107. Kacey48

    Very friendly and great medicine. There are a variety of choices and it’s a great atmosphere.

  108. Per420

    Probably my favorite shop. Great prices, knowledgeable staff, good atmosphere. The product is always top notch and they are one of the few places around that sell clones.

  109. Growrilla

    This place has NO Medicinal Standards! Old school owners think they know everything, yet they have a lot to learn about today’s medicine. Do Not recommend!

  110. dayblay

    Great place, great people

  111. treez4lyfe

    Peoples choice is a great place, easy to find, have the nicest staff and best donation prices in town, never got a bad product

  112. joebailey823

    Great service knowledgable staff great quilty products

  113. asquareina2

    Today’s visit was how it should be. The staff was very friendly. The selection was great. The quality was great. I felt like a valued customer when I left. After expressing my frustration when I had a few bad experiences here, I thought it was only fair to say when things are great. Thank you again, today was great.

  114. Lokdar333

    My wife and I have been patrons/members here for years, since they were at the old location near the big house. Since the move to Liberty, the customer service has improved, strains are more consistent and available, edibles are now worth buying, and every now and again I am lucky enough to find incredible kief and hash. While the prices are usually more than I would pay with my caregiver, they are still affordable with several tiers available for those Patients with limited means and/or fixed income. Sadly, my caregiver died a few months ago; since their passing I have been exclusively acquiring my medicine from Peoples Choice and have not yet been let down in terms of quality. Previously, we would stop in when in town for Alumni events; usually to purchase small amounts for local use and/or kief/hash as an occasional treat. Coming from the Rochester/Auburn Hills/Pontiac area it is out of the way for us but, still worth the trip due firstly to customer service. You really feel respected as a patient/patron, very rarely are you rushed, never are you made to feel as if a purchase must be made on the spot, and at times the staff has gone above and beyond to ensure your comfort at the store.

  115. BFatts

    People’s Choice is a phenomenal place. Always friendly staff with first-hand knowledge of their product. Excellent recommendations for new patients unsure of what to get. Their selection of concentrates are usually pretty good with a mix of shatter, wax, and hash. The only complaint I have is the wait times, some of the time. There are times when you are in and out in a few minutes. Other times, you are sitting there waiting for another patient to smell every jar of bud to walk out with a measly 1/8. I know everyone is a patient, but when you’re back there, be considerate of the people waiting…

  116. mstree

    The staff here is wonderful. They are always friendly, helpful and caring, which is especially nice when you are sick. They are also very knowledgeable on the medicine and can make sure you get what will help you most with whatever your problem may be. People’s Choice also has a great location, in a safe area, with ample parking right in front of the building (so you don’t have to walk far). They’re donation prices are the best I’ve seen around with some of the greatest quality and a huge selection on top of all that. I love this dispensary!

  117. bobcatmom13comcastnet

    Love this place, highly recommend it and bring a friend. aoeOEdY1/4i,

  118. michigrower

    Didn’t look closely at product as I was only seeking clones (and in MI anyways). Great clones if you like THRIPS in your garden.

  119. herbmansanchez

    Cheapest prices in town for the same quality as everywhere else. Great staff and great product… I think yes

  120. A2Dweller

    I have been to many dispensaries in southeast Michigan including about 6 in Ann Arbor and 3 in Detroit, and People’s Choice is my favorite, hands down. They always have the best deals in town (by far) and great quality bud, as well as a huge selection. I usually just buy the $10 or $15 grams, which are plenty strong for me. I also really like their cannabis pain salve!

  121. Austezzy

    The service is fantastic and the vibe is very chill.

  122. Bugzey

    Stop having us wait in your lobby for sooooooo damn long shit! Fix that bullshit no one wants to be sitting around waiting to see everybody in the city. Yaw store is where all the Rats “Snitches” shop!

  123. tabby24

    Great place for my medicine. Very friendly workers. They’re very helpful. I’d recommend my family and friends to go here. Love the variety of medicine. I’ve never got anything that I didn’t like. It’s all good nothing to complain bout. I enjoy going here to get my medicine.

  124. thisisbiza2

    Very helpful staff, great quality meds!

  125. tangeladd

    I really like this place. The staff are super nice and helpful. It is one of my preferred places to go. Prices are good and product is better. I would definetly recommend.

  126. joannafran89

    as soon as I walked in I felt very welcomed, great staff.

  127. jm60960

    The meds are incredible only shop I visit, even was addicted last summer

  128. Lifted12

    If in Ann Arbor, and in need of a dispensary, this is your place. They have a vast selection of affordable, yet high quality strains. My absolute first choice out of all dispensaries in Ann Arbor

  129. Lesha3507

    Every visit I’m very pleased with the service and product. I would highly recommend this to anyone looking for a great dispensery.

  130. sfsccc33

    Great selection and product knowledge. I would def recommend this to anyone

  131. t00tsmcgoots

    Amazing products, amazing service, great location.

  132. kkeshner

    drove out there and place is closed for business.

  133. tyw

    I love the feel of this place people keep up the great job and nice smiles

  134. islandstyle87

    i love this place! they are always on point and not ridiculous with donation prices. the staff friendly and knowledgeable. …#1 in A2 hands down.

  135. Jaybone28

    I’ve been to a lot of places in A2. This place is the best. Lowest donations. Easy in and out as far as traffic and parking. Quality is top notch. They gave me an awesome preroll for my birthday and one of the bud tenders is just smokin’ hot

  136. dvd

    They are knowledgeable and friendly and I will definitely be a returning customer..

  137. Mrpopit

    Great group of people and exalent quality.

  138. Redneckrandy10281992

    long time patient here, top notch, top quality, has amazing staff. also their preroll containers are waterproof.

  139. b.a.ulch

    This place sucks. they did not honor any! of their online prices. for people who have to travel out of town for a dispensary, it’s nice to go online to see what you’re options are and how much money you will need before making a trip. this place totally blew their online prices off and would not honor them. any other dispensary that I’ve gone to that had a change in their menu and didn’t update it, have still honored their price. this place WILL not! I would not go here again. rude people. made me feel like I was dumb in there. fuck that place!

  140. sequoia

    I had a great experience at People’s Choice. It was my first time at a dispensary and they really made me feel really comfortable. Friendly people and great specials. I’ll be back again soon. Thanks guys.

  141. hannah_2_b

    The place is amazing very nice people they know there stuff. I came in last minute and they were still so very nice. I got some great bud and a yummy magic bar! But i got 5 of the suckers …. they were nasty i couldnt even eat one 🙁 they tasted horribly burnt. I was sad, they are my favorite edible.

  142. FreeSkyDays

    Best suggested donationsaEUR”quality meds in town. Coolest and most knowledgeable staff hands-down!

  143. smokingator

    I really like this going to Peoples Choice. The atmosphere is very relaxed. I especially like the hot teas and water offered. As well as the informative information shared just for us. the staff is really cool and helpful for your needs and concerns.

  144. beckysue2173

    Great staff very knowledgeable, quality meds with low donation prices for people whos funds are tight. They have a large clone supply most of the time and they have a grow shop right next door. I have been a member for 3 1/2 years and trust and value Peoples Choice!

  145. Chipper7

    Best wide range selection of flower and edibles

  146. zachj7221995

    Great deals, always good service.

  147. stickyfinger14

    The staff is friendly , but the meds r junk, all taste and smell like shit, they only take meds in on consignment so when that junk don’t sell they will give back, most peeps who go to this kinds of hole don’t know any better or this is the safer way , peeps I’ve had better Rego with more flavors and work better then most of meds they carrie in house , it really sucks what peeps do for cash , offering low budget meds at top dollar , and then to make it worse they have a bottom shelf too , only thing good is clones , sorry pc, step up your game on the meds your bringing in

  148. ATown

    Really like the friendly staff an location. When my caregiver cant provide its my only choice!

  149. REEREE


  150. stoney5150

    Awesome place.. Went there often a couple years back and loved it. Just started going again. Girl that helped me was GREAT.. Didn’t get her name.. Knowledgeable, friendly and very helpful. Most definitely going back.. 🙂

  151. ksharp623

    Friendly staff, great prices, great meds.

  152. BIGPOPPA1

    Love this place!! very laid back informed and educated staff, medicine always good

  153. ghostgrowerX420

    Simply put, I love it here. With a knowledgeable staff, and nothing but the finest selections at this Cannabis Collective, why wouldn’t you shop here? Here you can find it all, flower, extract, edibles even apparel. If your looking for 16% THC all the way up to 30% THC flower, your needs will be met. I would consider Peoples Choice just that, and definitely one of my choices in selecting a dispensary to meet my needs. Thanks to everyone at Peoples Choice, keep up the Green Work.

  154. Penny57

    TOTALLY DISAPPOINTED….After rave reviews from a club member. No TWO CLUB MEMBERS!

    AFTER!!! I took a 45 minute ride to People’s Choice…I was informed that they weren’t taking any NEW members. They should have put it on the website or at least emailed their club members. What a let down.


    Still Hurting.

  155. julihdez

    Super friendly and helpful!

  156. jwau

    Best dispensary in Ann Arbor. A little out of the way, but it is right on the way to my gym. Best prices and quality for donation by far that I have seen, with a really nice selection of edibles.

  157. jsaxton1

    Always have a good selection of medicine available. Very good hours of operation as well

    -josh s

  158. CorporalEarthbender

    Well worth the hour drive from Metro Detroit to Ann Arbor! Great customer service, extremely helpful staff, and some incredible products! Coming back soon!

  159. nater1026

    Great place with a great staff! Great high quality meds and they regularly have keif which is a favorite of mine.

  160. tojaprz82

    my personal home dispensary. always have the quality that I’m looking for and the prices are the best in town

  161. Chillvill


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