Treecity Health Collective

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2730 Jackson Ave., Ann Arbor, MI 48103


42.2820534, -83.7857467




11:00 AM – 8:00 PM


11:00 AM – 8:00 PM


11:00 AM – 8:00 PM


11:00 AM – 8:00 PM


11:00 AM – 8:00 PM


11:00 AM – 8:00 PM


12:00 PM – 7:00 PM


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NEW PATIENT DEAL | TreeCity will match any first donation up to a $60 value. Spend $60 get matched $60 in medicine! This deal is only valid on your first visit! (21+) AND WE REQUIRE A THIRD FORM OF ID FOR ALL NEW PATIENTS.

TreeCity Health Collective is a medical marijuana dispensary located in Ann Arbor, Michigan. We provide medical marijuana to Michigan medical marijuana patients in accordance with Michigan law.

Our goal is for our patients to always experience the highest level of compassion and professionalism. Our staff is well educated and excited about sharing our knowledge of how medical cannabis can enhance our lives and alleviate many different symptoms and ailments. Bring us any questions or concerns you may have about marijuana, or its uses or effects, and we will be happy to answer them.

New patients can relax knowing that our consultants will work with you to answer any questions and suggest the best products for your needs. Experienced patients are always happy with our variety of potent strains.

Stop in today! We’re right off the I-94 exit on Jackson Avenue in Ann Arbor. We’ll take care of you.

Looking for a doctor referral? We may be able to help. Give us a call at 7343693212.

WE ARE A 21 AND OVER ESTABLISHMENT. Underage patients are welcome if they are accompanied by their registered Caregiver.


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188 reviews for “Treecity Health Collective

  1. MotherMia

    Product quality can’t be beat. Professional and friendly atmosphere. My favorite dispensary by far.

  2. splifroll22

    I like this place because of its convient location and that they always have good stuff.

  3. mrmarkj

    Wonderful, wonderful,,, place very comfortable atmosphere. Great staff and great product…

  4. ajbaker47

    Best pre rolls in Ann Arbor, friendly staff, good environment

  5. aimeebee83

    Best dispensary around! Super clean, friendly and knowledgeable staff, and fantastic products!

  6. DitchT

    When working down in ann arbor I always stop at tree city. freindly staff, knowledgeable, great product and great prices

  7. JadedTakesThisSerious

    Dear tree city- I just saw your reply to my honest review and I am slightly irritated. You say you test all meds before they hit your shelves and appreciate patients who under stand that.. Here is a list of flowers i had from you that had ZERO TEST RESULTS IN AT TIME OF SALE- 313 cash plant, rasberry cookies, blackberry, triangle og, white walker.. In total i have purchased 10 strains from you and 5 of those 10 had results.. So let’s be real here. I appreciate someone who sees their faults and works to correct them not cover them.

  8. DevourtheFlower

    I stoppied into this location for the first time about a week ago. Upon entry it was clean and professional. The staff was very friendly and the sign up process didn’t take long at all. My budtender, Olivia, was so helpful. She really seemed to know the products and could suggest specific ones based on preference. I purchased flower, and I assure you, it was top quality. Personally, I think it was the most effective, flavorful, and pungent flower I’ve tried thus far. I will definitely return.

  9. Mike029

    Nice little tucked away location feels private. You can’t beat their first time costumer deal… ANYWHERE. But you come back for the quality. If you buy a shirt and keep it in your car. Throw it on when you walk in for 10% off. It adds up. My first time in there today and I didn’t feel rushed at all made me feel very comfortable. The edibles I wanted were on sale too. Great selection great quality I will be back very soon.

  10. ladyofalbion

    This place has it all! Great variety, great establishment, which they’re constantly working to make better for their patients..and great staff. I couldn’t ask for a better place to get clean, safe meds.

  11. MishLe

    wish they were open later, but the prerolls are tight

  12. emza666

    I’ve worked at another local Provisioning Center, have also shopped at other places in town; but this spot is the best in town! I’ve heard people talk bad, about the prices, so I steered clear for a while. But since my first visit, the prices make sense for the quality your getting! And, it’s some of the best I’ve seen. Keep up the good work.

  13. ImDrillin

    Top quality weed with the best first tip special around

  14. rfrank

    This is a great place to go for all medicinal needs – the quality is equal or better than you would typically experience and the price points are fair. They have awesome deals, and not just one time “I visited once” specials either, but that special was quite generous! One of the only places I go.

  15. zoxsweed

    staff was great and and the dollar for dollar first time visitors I will be telling people

  16. mustardt1ger

    Pretty great, high qual, good selection of cbd

  17. Armaria

    Wonderful! My first visit to any dispensary and I’m so glad I picked TreeCity to be my first. They were very helpful and didn’t try to rush me, even though I had lots of questions. I have since visited 4 other dispensaries in the area and not one has come close to TreeCity.

  18. TimmeeSims

    Beautiful location, the staff are friendly and very helpful. Great selections of product as well. Can’t wait till I return!

  19. munkiezbizness

    I have had many positive experiences here. I appreciate the quality concentrates* and top shelf flowers. The staff is super nice and knowledgeable. The building is extremely comfortable with the coolest lighting

    I’m still waiting on a t-shirt tho and have had one poor experience with a concentrate that tasted like butane 4 months back…

  20. AlyssaShelton66

    love it. for your first time they match you up to 60 dollars. they have the best deal for your first time there. the staff is very nice. great atmosphere very clean and professional. great flower.

  21. Wyck13

    Great selection, friendly staff.

  22. hampels

    Let me start by saying *clears throat* If YOU DONT SERVE ME MY FLOWER IN JARS DO NOT SERVE ME MY FLOWER. But seriously, presentation is perfect from the storefront to the glass containers. The staff was helpful and laid back, as well as knowledgeable of the product. Will be coming back!

  23. zackjmello10

    Very frustrated that I live an hour away. I called the store and they assured me it was my first visit and so I drove an hour to get the new patient deal. They then informed me I had already visited so I wasn’t eligible which is fine but it’s a complete waste of my time and money. I will refer as many people as I can to other shops.

  24. ballchampions

    Impressed by the budtenders and their product. 60/60 match for first time visitors (as of 9/28) is an awesome way to explore their various products without overspending. Will be back. Also, glad they have a restroom for patients!

  25. Nortron01

    Loved the staff,super easy location and incredible medicine!thank you Tree City!

  26. a2pothecary

    great atmosphere and very friendly.

  27. rosarioj

    Great customer service. Easy in and out with a good selection.

  28. skirta

    Very friendly and very helpful

  29. bobbyblazed

    I enjoy visiting TreeCity on my occasional trip to the east side from Kalamazoo. The flowers are some of the best I’ve had and I’m a big cannabis enthusiast so that’s saying something. Had some really dry herb once or twice but nothing bad other
    than that. Will continue going to TreeCity!

  30. MurderMitten

    TreeCity is the only dispensary I will go to. Professional, knowledgeable staff along with high quality, SAFE medicine. Also extremely convenient being located right off of the Jackson Ave. exit ramp on I-94 lets you hop right off and get right back on the highway.

  31. Stackz420

    Love the people here, they are super nice and friendly. Products here are great, same with the prices! Will make this my #1 place to get my medicine.

  32. Worm

    Ganjamamas is a really cool relaxing environment, the staff is awesome, there selection is always fantastic. I will definatly be back!

  33. stoney91

    Great service on Sundays! And patient!

  34. K80

    This is the only place I will ever go! Knowledgeable, professional and kind staff. Amazing medicine selection!!

  35. J3nga

    TreeCity is by far one of the best looking dispensaries in Michigan. With those aesthetics and convenience do come slightly higher prices. Despite the higher prices ($10-15) over normal half grams, the quality is second to none. Will you spend a little more than you’re accustomed to? Yes, but the quality and potency will be more than worth it.

    As someone who drove from Detroit over to Ann Arbor, I wish you guys had a closer shop.

  36. Felinius

    Great quality, great selection, amazing staff. First dispensary I’ve visited, and plan on making it my go-to, due to convenient location!

  37. Dragonzwing14

    Very nice dispensary. As an elderly patient, I appreciate the professionalism and time that they spent addressing my specific medical needs. Will definitely go back when I am in Ann Arbor!

  38. vladtheinhalore

    Quality, customer service, and professionalism are all things I look for. This place has all of those in abundance. I can’t remember the last time I was this happy with any customer service experience. I will definitely be back.

  39. Zigzag13

    Meds are priced right, and are good quality.

  40. Mr.Scott

    I have been to every dispensary on leafly within the A2/Ypsi area with the exception of OM(yet), reaping the rewards of a new patient. The only test that I didn’t give them was reaching into the sample jar for a texture sample, and that was only due to an engaging conversation, but I will assume by their dedication to satisfaction that they would have welcomed me to do so. Ganja-mamas is the only experience that I have had that was worth creating an account and leaving a message of appreciation. The vibe when you get there is like you just made two new friends. They have a wide variety of medicine, as well as ways to ingest your medicine, all reasonably priced for the quality. But the main reason for the review is the friendly service, I can’t put it into words, so take my word for it… check these Ganja-mamas out, you won’t regret it.


    I love Tree City. The staff is so knowledgeable and helpful. Their edible choices are impressive.

  42. jostutes

    Love the budtenders here! Very helpful staff and they really know their products

  43. goo1105

    This is a great dispensary with a very nice environment and friendly staff. Great waiting area with free tea, and then prompt service. One of the very most streamlined dispensary experiences in Ann Arbor.

  44. riley14

    OMG dY'”that place should be nicknamed the sugar house buds sugary, service sweet, and taste so good thanks for your service

  45. WildReLeafClubhouse

    In our opinion, Treecity Health Collective, is the leading dispensary in SE Michigan for any of your high grade medical cannabis needs. They offer the best first time patient deal, spend up to $60 and they will match with same amount. Also, they give you first-class treatment with a well designed and classy lounge that has a calming impact on anyone who may be nervous of entering a medical marijuana patient dispensary. Once you are allowed to enter the area where the Cannabis product is located and where you’ll be selecting your Cannabis treatments is when they offer you top notch service to help accommodate your symptoms with the best method for your personal Cannabis use. It felt perfect, the exact way a medical Cannabis patient and their dispensary’s relationship should be. Along with all the aforementioned reasons, Treecity Health Collective offers your some of the very best medical Cannabis. Their selection of flower is vast and of high quality. They also offer high quality wax, oil concentrates and edibles.

    WRCC loves Treecity and they will be our exclusive medical Cannabis dispensary.

  46. meljr329

    I really enjoyed this place. They answered all my questions, and weren’t bothered by all my “newbie” questions. Great location, easy to zip on and off the freeway, no matter where you’re coming from. Great meds, as evidenced by my sudden desire to post a review lol. My only small, minor complaint would be that the furniture is very low for people who have mobility issue
    s, such as myself. I really liked this place, and plan on returning over and over again!

  47. nliedel

    An excellent place to purchase medicals. The staff is smart, informed and kind. They lead you to what is right for you and your individual issues, without pushing, or trying to over up-sell. Just a top-notch place that feels clean and comfortable.

  48. spoondaddy29

    calm n respecful polite n helpful. they
    all my new friends

  49. bambambooshka

    This shop is always one of the best around! There’s consistently top shelf stuff and the layout is very modern and unique! A+

  50. Lanarosebuds

    I Iove this place I’ll never stop recommending it. so much great product and a very friendly staff makes for a good time everytime I’m in tree city.

  51. CBDprincess

    Wasn’t too impressed with the flower I tried, but since it was the cheapest strain they had I’ll give them a second chance. Can’t beat the new patient deal, too! I took it as an opportunity to try some of their more expensive concentrates and was blown away. Both the fraction extraction and house waxes were the best I’ve ever had, ever. The budtender also impressed me with his familiarity with each medicine and was able to offer some spot-on recommendations. Very clean and trendy atmosphere. A+

  52. juniemoon2001

    Only place I go now for my meds. An hours drive but worth it for the service, quality, and knowledge and help from all the staff. Location is great….do not change a thing. Going to be there this Wednesday. Location perfect …. quick exit off 14 or 94. But I cannot drive any more….so my driver is a happy camper also.

  53. tonytuba

    Amazing spot.. Great atmosphere, quality product, incredible staff. 5/5

  54. Redhemi350

    Went here first time two days ago, going back today. Very clean!!! Some of these places are pits! Friendly staff! Seen budtender Chase, wouldn’t let me tip him but he was worth a tip! Knowledgeable, friendly, n sweet! That’s all the secrets I’m giving out about this place!

  55. Woodywoodd

    Best spot in michigan. Period.

  56. sagaciousmoke

    I was impressed through and through with TreeCity. The friendly young woman at the front desk welcomed me and walked me through their policies and new patient sign-up process, which was quick and straightforward. Just a few minutes later my budtender took me to the back room and talked me through their well-organized displays and product selection.

    Smoked two of the three strains I picked up so far, and both have had good flavor and very nice effect. This place is a bit out of the way for me, unfortunately, but I will definitely stop in again whenever I’m in the neighborhood.

  57. mykillz

    Tree City Health Collective is hands down the top of the line. Best product, most intelligent staff. **Add to Favorites**

  58. bobcatmom

    Love the staff and the products. Can’t be the first time deal. I highly recommend Tree City.

  59. rootchakra

    This is definitely one of the best places in Ann Arbor! The highest quality product by far. Not to mention the only place I have found a pre roll that doesn’t run.

  60. muddx2

    My favorite dispensary by far. Product, service, and presentation is top notch. dYOE2dY”Y=

  61. loszway

    Best place in Ann Arbor!!! Great bud great edibles and best of all great people!!

  62. Tonyar

    Awesome place clean and professional

  63. CannabisCures

    This place is amazing! I’ve been to collectives all over the world and been using cannabis for over 10 years. GanjaMama’s has top notch, world class service and medicine.

  64. Moomin3

    Amazing first timer match deal, kind budtenders, and quality product. Love that they always have fraction extraction cartridges in stock and they had an awesome Black Friday deal this year.

  65. hardiec81

    first review didn’t post..but I love the buds here, perfectly trimmed, top notch, and some are very rare like the dphb cbd strain. Awesome!

  66. Keqal

    Best first time deal, that I have found. Also best top shelf that I had.

  67. nicschultz

    First dispensary I ever went to, excellent 1st time special. I’m no veteran yet, but this place is on par with the best I’ve visited so far.

  68. Mawmaw48116

    Great service great staff great product

  69. DTL84

    I drive from Detroit to visit this wonderful place. Best quality I’ve seen since the dispensary boom. You will not be disappointed in the product or service. Knowledgeable budtenders as well.

  70. Wkrmum

    Great Experience with the sales people! Always knowledgeable and friendly!

  71. trailch

    This was my first time in a dispensary and it really set a high standard for all the others I’ve visited to attempt to follow. Displays wye sensible and beautifully put together, the staff was incredibly knowledgeable and answered questions I’ve had for years, and the product is truly top notch!

  72. kawallski69

    The most professional dispensary in the state. I been going here when I’m in the area for over 3 yrs and never had a bad experience. I think they’re vap cartridges are the best of anywhere I’ve been and I have been to a dozen or more and Treecity is THE BEST… Zigzagman00

  73. stoney5150

    This dispo has excellent flower.
    The staff is knowledgeable.
    I have insomnia and the budtender recommend the Monster Cookies.
    It’s my go to strain.
    I highly recommend TreeCity.

  74. kingofkush1914

    One of the BEST in Ann Arbor, hands down. Prices are comparable, but the meds are SUPERIOR to most shops I’ve visited in the world.

  75. yinglinglived

    Staff was very kind and knowledgeable. They have a great new patient deal, I will be returning.

  76. sugarpearl

    Amazing quality! Great location too right next to the highway. staff is always helpful and knowledgeable. I’m recommending tree city to anyone with a card!

  77. thsizzle

    Great store easy to findand CLEAN

  78. igobytony

    I come here every time my caregiver is low, or when I just want some extracts or edibles. Great people here!

  79. Marigold

    Great atmosphere, very professional. They know what they’re talking about here and have a very medical vibe. Their Granny Panties strain was great for daytime fibromyalgia relief and focus. Can’t wait to see more!

  80. shiftyme65

    This is my go to stop for all my medication needs. The consistent quality and friendly service has yet to be beat by any other dispensary I have tried.

  81. ForeverK1NG

    The ladies at the desk was very nice and the strains was amazing.

  82. Sasha420aleks

    As usual, my visit to tree city was excellent. I picked up a quarter split between skywalker OG and kush poison. Both are great. Its nice to know you can buy the expensive stuff and know that it’s going to be just as beautiful. They’ll keep me coming back with the quality.

  83. Emojiking31

    Top notch facility that’s ever improving, amazing quality & variety of medications and who could forget the friendly & knowledgeable folks they have on staff. Checked them out because a friend said I was “a fool for going anywhere else” and they were right because I haven’t gone anywhere but TreeCity since. Keep up the great work guys dY’

  84. KLandJR218

    Very friendly and knowledgeable.

    I drive 2 hours to get medicine, and wouldn’t go anywhere else.

    Knowing that they require testing to be done on every incoming strain, justifies the cost.

    Plus, they gave me a discount for my first time coming in.

    Will definitely be going back soon.

  85. karmaselene

    very professional. amazing quality. their durban poison is the best.

  86. hstrees

    The meds look great and medicate really well. Suggested donations are good. New customers are welcome, and staff was helpful. Treecity is recommended

  87. Series420

    alright place. no sativas

  88. ChaosBlu

    Knowledgeable and courteous staff, great meds.

  89. TheBrain

    Feel very welcome being here. Not only is the receptionist friendly she is very knowledgeable about MMJ laws in Michigan. Even though it is always busy, I never feel rushed by the consultants. The medication is top notch especially Durban, The White, and Girl Scout Cookies. The Essential and Fusion caps are on point as well. Not to mention that blond woman that works their is a sight for sore eyes. TreeCity is setting the standard for Medical Cannabis in Michigan!

  90. Eatmyturtles

    I drove 80+ miles for the new patient special and became a regular in minutes. The women at the desk were very polite and easy to talk to. I had the pleasure of having Kevin as my budtender, he was very knowledgeable and listened to what you had to say. I asked a lot of questions and didn’t get rushed out in any way. The atmosphere was great, the place felt like home. Once I finally got home I tried some of the “Durban Poison” flower I purchased and was thoroughly impressed. It’s sticky, it smells amazing, and works even better than it tastes. I will be back at some point.

  91. GeriRose

    The best I have been to…Never disappoint me…friendly and knowledgeable staff…

  92. mcissney

    Love this place very friendly gelpful staff. Great deals awesome product.

  93. lakotasue

    Tree City is a very professional and friendly place. all the staff members are very nice, very helpful, knowledgeable, and patient when I ask multiple questions. I never feel like they’re trying to rush me out. The clinic is clean and well-maintained. It’s a bit of a drive for me but I would much rather drive a little than go to the other clinics around me that look like “head shops” and have a staff that knows very little about their products. Thank you, Tree City, for a stress-free experience!

  94. Zero1984

    excellent medicine. I highly recommend the white. phenomenal service, comfortable atmosphere

  95. Sjburke25

    This place really met my specific needs with top quality meds and a wholesome vibe. The Granny Panties was the most medicinally neuro-muscular relieving strain with a rare complex taste. Their comfortable greetings and coffee were very accommodating, I will heavily recommend the Lovely Ganjamamas.

  96. Joey627

    I am very pleased to have gone to TreeCity as a newcomer to the use of medical marijuana (I am over 55). I was given a very patient assistant who answered ALL of my questions and never acted like I was wasting their time. I appreciated all the information and the combination of products that were available to help me with my needs. I am a new customer but will be using this business for many years to come.

  97. amberleebrooke

    Very nice place, clean and great location. Everyone there has been very helpful. Great quality, never unsatisfied.

  98. grandmamipurp

    Ayyyyyyyyy tree city wit the flame! Very happy with my meds (flowers are just positively driippping) and a 60$ first timer match? Might b making special trips to ann arbor now that I found yall. Very impressed with the collection and great customer service.

  99. mitchloudz

    Nice inside, some good meds. great first time deal. I went here awhile ago it’s a lil drive for me.

  100. waskatie

    Tree city
    A+ Very welcoming atmosphere, very cute and clean. The medicine selection was just right. Not to much not to little. You can really tell that they take pride in selecting the best of the best medicine. The bud tender Chase was very helpful and knowledgeable and made it an extremely welcoming visit. You can’t beat their new patient special. I recommend this to anyone and everyone that wants the best of the best.

  101. kaceyannemarie

    This was probably it the nicest looking dispensary I’ve been to so far. It’s so clean and modern looking inside, that atmosphere was nice and the people were chill and informative. Going into one of the rooms felt like walking into the future lol. I loved it, and you can’t beat 50% off your first visit! The prices are worth it if you want the highest quality products! Pre-rolls are also dY”Y=

  102. h3lpinghands

    Was referred by a friend and was not disappointed. The staff was incredible, variety of product and a great 1st time patient deal. I will be sending friends and returning myself!

  103. jhooks17

    Great place, friendly staff and they are very knowledgeable. Thanks for being patient with me and explaining things! Great selection as well 😉 I will be back

  104. growwingpains

    Great place, great products.

  105. L1ngL1ng

    This dispensary sets the bar for the industry in Michigan. Clean, well lit, beautiful aesthetic, excellent customer service and above all the quality of the medicine is unparalleled. Seriously, not one other collective iin the area has comparable quality, its actually quite laughable. Keep it up Tree city

  106. ihateszombies

    Great place great meds

  107. MildishBrandino

    Love the people.

  108. thecrimsonking87

    I’ve visited a few times for my patient now and have been very impressed every time. Both the employees and meds are awesome

  109. xskeptictankx

    First the atmosphere is very comfortable & friendly. The building is an old house with a decent sized parking area in back. They welcome anyone in with our without a card to ask questions & learn about the licensing process. Currently they have a doctor on staff every Thursday afternoon but are working on expanding their clinic hours. They even offer special deals around town to members – this month & next it’s free West African dance lessons! Membership is a fair $10.

    I often get into interesting conversations with the employees and other patients while I’m waiting my turn. They’re verrrrry friendly and they try to stay in the loop about rallies, compassion clubs, the status of local laws & other things that may interest a patient.

    The bud-tenders are very knowledgeable. I always ask for their recommendations of the day & they’ve never steered me wrong. The selection is fantastic: edibles, drinkables, hash, hash oil, tincture, pre-rolled & so on are almost always on hand. They even sell some glass so you don’t have to make a separate trip to a head shop. Most exciting is that lately they’ve been having great deals making the “dispensaries are so expensive” argument pretty invalid.

    The only “con” about this shop is that they only accept cash currently, but the hot tea they offer at the door more than makes up for it on a cold day like today.

  110. Mlgibson

    I’ve been here a couple times now and I just love it! The atmosphere is welcoming and very clean! Staff is super friendly and knowledgeable!! The quality of flowers is wonderful!! Definitely worth a drive!! I highly recommend this place to everyone!!!

  111. steveo2161

    The best AA dispensary! Top quality product and top quality service! Storefront is clean and privacy is valued.

  112. Per420

    Super professional. Great place!

  113. wolvesandpizza

    The staff is friendly while entering and leaving. The bud tender engages with you in side conversation which I find nice. Makes it for a more relaxed atmosphere. I got a pre-rolled of the blue permafrost and some of the orange kush. The blue permafrost is a very nice creeper. It was perfect for exploring the forest for a solid 2 hours and staying medicated, and seeing a few deer run past me right after smoking was magical. The orange kush gives you a nice cerebral high. I recommend ganja-mamas.

  114. mmiller4303

    we normally go to Lansing but were on our way home from Detroit and decided to stop in because of their amazing first timers deal. let’s just say we don’t get this kind of service in Lansing. the budtender was very well versed in every strain they had and was very friendly. their flower is top of the line and well priced. registration was very quick, as well, when we arrived. highly recommend this place. thanks for a great experience.

  115. amber.trichs

    TreeCity consistently has the absolute best quality in town! It’s my only choice!

  116. jbfraser03

    Easy access. Very clean facility and high quality medicine. Highly recommend

  117. alejandrarose2590

    this place is beyond amazing !! great selection of flowers !! great budtender just great everything!! definitely worth the drive and definitely recommend this place to everyone.

  118. cultdj

    As a first time patient, I was a bit apprehensive going in, but they quickly helped me out. The service was incredibly friendly and very, very knowledgeable. I had perhaps the best customer service I’ve ever had at GM’s. The meds are amazing, and they knew exactly what to recommend for my needs. I can’t say thank you enough to them, or recommend them highly enough. If you’re in the area, definitely give them a visit, they will take care of you in the best way possible.

  119. MissGreenBean

    New customer deal is amazzzing! Lots of parking. Pleasant, attractive lobby. I was offered tea. 2 minute wait at most. My budtender Brian was very helpful. Graciously turned down my $5 tip. Appreciated the gesture. Educated me on several strains to help me with my condition. Lots of good advice and suggestions. Really nice flower display. Was able to examine buds in lucite containers. Premium bud is prepackaged in glass jars. Really positive experience.

  120. Griser123

    Friendly staff, great atmosphere, great products, great location, and lots of parking. Definitely the best dispensary in Ann Arbor.

  121. bigdog42069

    vary awesome place bud tenders were the best. top notch products.

  122. Alshaffer

    Loved this dispensary. It was my 1st visit. Very nice staff & good product

  123. drjekyll

    Treecity is the finest establishment in Ann Arbor, an I have tried multiple in the area staff is always friendly, always knowledgeable and always pleasant. The location is a very clean and well maintained shop that I feel proud to call my hometown dispensary. Will always shop here.

  124. sulfur

    great concentrates

  125. steeeve

    Out of the three collectives I’ve tried in a2, nothing compares to the quality and selection. My only complaint is a lack of CBD-rich flower, although they do carry CBD infused products (10mg, I believe). There’s an above average magazine shelf in the lobby.

  126. AnnArbor420

    They have a great cannabis selection, at a great price. The staff was very knowledgeable, I will be coming back to this collective.

  127. tl420dr1time

    Great place and great people

  128. Schlomojones

    Awesome! Very professional staff, knowledgeable and friendly.

  129. EVlis

    products are the best around and the facility itself is clean and co.forting and the budtenders truly due their best to find what it is you want and/or need. prices are a but high, but the quality is that much better than any other place I have yet to have been to. %100 worth the trip and can almost guar
    antee you’ll be beyond satisfied with medication.

  130. amcquaid

    Great operation. Knowledgeable staff, good product selection. Not so nice retail store front (outside) but very nice indoors and it’s evident they maintain a quality center.

  131. bakermo2

    SUPERB!…..Now, stop reading reviews, get off your ass, get into Treecity and experience it for yourself fool.

  132. tankeddiebob

    I think the location is perfect. Plenty of parking and the staff are friendly and knowledgeable and very professional. They have some of the best quality medication in the area.

  133. rjc3964

    Great Place, Never been disappointed, From flour to edibles.everything is top shelf with great fair pricing… My only place i go!!

  134. 1broblue

    great place,staff is very helpful.i like the one on one attention i receive

  135. Pitamarie23

    I drove by one night on my way home from work and stopped by the next afternoon. There was plenty of parking and the moment I walked inside I was blown away. Beautiful, relaxing waiting area, quick,efficient and knowledgeable staff. I had no idea of the promotional deal for a new patient and I was beyond grateful. The mess lasted me longer than I expected, beautiful medicine. I can not wait to return and advise everyone check it out. Thank you Treecity Health Collective.

  136. Spartan38

    It’s great check them out

  137. CreeCree1

    Convenient location. Wonderful staff and great selection. I’ll be back!

  138. 5827granny

    I love this place and the service the products are the best. The staff love you all a$? thank you for caring for your patience.

  139. jewuan

    My first time walking in I could not have felt more welcome. The Staff greets you with a smile. The Budtender was polite and didnt have a problem answering all 200 of my questions. Great Selection of Medicine, Medibles, and other merchandise. Easily the best Dispensary in Ann Arbor!

  140. DurbanTurban

    best dispensary in A2 hands down, most likely in the whole state but that is speculation 😉
    use the 10% special with a tshirt on fridays to feel OK about paying the top shelf prices, because there are a few strains that are definitely worth it.
    (Durban Poison, Gorilla Glue #4, Trainwreck..)

  141. nick s.

    best shop in town! only one i go to

  142. UniverseAccordingtoRob

    This is a professional business that treats their patients with courtesy and respect. Service sometimes depends on who your client service representative (“budtender”) is. You are always treated with dignity, like I stated; the quality of service that I find inconsistent is the knowledge of staff from individual to individual. Some who have been with the company for a few years are knowledgeable and helpful; others are more likely to know less than you, or appear harried if you have more than a few questions and can’t make up your mind. The selling point in my experience is whether they can tip the indecisive customer in the right direction towards one or the other potential strains; being indifferent is easy to tell; one who can’t persuade you towards what you are looking for should be allotted a different role within the company.

    Otherwise, the quality of medicine is usually medium-high to high gradeaEUR”with some that are solid and some that are not so much. You could say that you should expect that from any business, however, that’s not trueaEUR”as others are consistently high grade, truly medicinal, at any given time. The flower is their par excellence; while the tinctures, oils, capsules, and edible selection are not as diverse or high in quality as other places.

    That is not to say that I would dissuade anyone from doing business here, as it’s a place I frequent oftenaEUR”and in my opinion and experience over the years, places second on the best dispensary in Southeastern Michigan area in quality of medicine available. It’s a great place that is in a convenient location if you are looking for convenience. Though I would not say it’s the most harbored or comfortable location. But that is just my opinion, as I prefer privacy and a discrete environment where I can shop at ease without feeling rushed. Therefore, I give 3.5 stars for service and location, and 4.25 stars for quality of medicine. Being that you can’t give fractions, I rounded down to 3 stars because I don’t think the service and atmosphere qualifies for 4 stars; nor do I think it deserves less than 3.

  143. galleyllama

    Great place. Friendly, straight-forward service, and they’re one of two places that I know of where flower IS WEIGHED IN FRONT OF YOU. Why this isn’t industry-standard practice, I don’t know, but these folks do it right. Quality flower, honest pricing. Do it.

  144. Sharonbare

    Great place to get everything you need! friendly staff! I highly recommend the elmer’s glue, you will not be disappointed! Happy 420!dY$?a

  145. kruss77

    friendly helpful staff, very knowledgeable, will be going back.

  146. captainfabuloso

    Blackberry was a terrific purchase. Sour Power was nice as well. Prices should be 50-55 max 1/8 but when competition is falling behind people will pay $20 grams. Have had friendly service each visit. Co2 oil is limited to fraction extraction with their flavors at your mercy. concentrates look nice but will experience those after some more searching for the best Ann Arbor dispensary. fire OG was potent, buds too small and on dryer side for 20/g

  147. MichiganTokerOG

    First-time patient deal was awesome! Very clean facility, well knowledged staff, high-quality meds. Can’t wait for my next visit highly recommend!

  148. airplanepilot

    Well informed and a nice environment to get your bud.

  149. ssvegeta4369

    Nice place, selection lacking however

  150. kitkat568

    Very knowledgeable staff and a great variety of products. They took the time to answer my questions and find the specific strain that suited me best.

  151. Eddiet45

    perfect really easy to find

  152. SpaceFace1234

    Outstanding, the most professional dispensary in Michigan.

  153. remixman

    A few good people in there, one or two people are very helpful and knowledgeable about the products, and uptempo about everything

  154. ChaseG.

    Best place in the state!! Highmy recommend checking this place out! They have the best first-time patient deal, but I will bet you will return for the quality and atmosphere.

  155. amberer1028

    Drove from Grand Rapids to discover they’re closed.

  156. kg1988

    Can’t beat the new Patient deal of matching any purchase up to 60$. The staff were all very welcoming, and the shop provided a clean calm atmosphere. Last but not least I was very impressed with the quality of flower here. I mean no place around seems to come close.

  157. Dmc62516

    Very helpful and friendly staff. Great quality medicine and low donation prices.

  158. kellykellkell

    I am so sorry I cannot remember the super cool, super friendly, super patient,dY~Schick who tended me…She was truly amazing! Of course that amazing match deal was the drawing point for me… Who could resist, honestly?? However, prices start $14-16 a gram… so it’s better to come prepared for a lil Sticker Shock… HOWEVER… I sampled four separate strains, & all but one was fire in that range… I will personally tell THEM the “dud” when I go back!!

  159. 4phy2sic0

    Friendliest staff and crazy good deals, love the logo too.

  160. JackAttack813

    After a couple of stops into this establishment, I can say that I have found the best flower available in all my travels right here at Tree City. I vape so flavor is key, and this shop delivers with some top notch buds of amazing quality. From, sweet to sour, floral to chem, even their aEURoelowestaEUR tier of flower is excellent, and you had better fasten your seatbelt for their top shelf strains. The aEURoenugsaEUR are that good. These folks only select the best medicine for their patients, and it’s easier to make a selection when you only have to choose from between a dozen or so of some really terrific strains. Friendly, happy bud-tenders make the visit a pleasant experience with superior service being a priority. I have read other reviews that quibble about pricing at this and every other shop that I have been to, so my advice is simply to buy what you can afford. I’ll gladly continue to pay for the quality of product and service I receive at Tree City.

  161. Tammybetel

    Staff very knowledgeable and friendly. Nice product.

  162. Mammabear420

    The staff was amazing !!!

  163. Exley53

    WOW…just WOW. TreeCity is everything I have been looking for in a dispensary experience. From the second I walked in the door, I could tell there was something about this place that was cut above and, man, did they live up to that! The staff was friendly and intelligent, which really put me at ease. And the meds! Seriously, the BEST and most effective I have had from any place in MI!! Highest of recommends, from top to bottom!

  164. Riddler1

    Very convenient, yet private.

  165. midprocess

    First visit as a new patient. Was a very nice place and the bud tender made me feel. Importable and did his best to inform me about all my choices. Would recommend.

  166. sticky6450

    love this place…best in MI

  167. Andy P

    Great atmosphere and a professional staff that helped with all my needs. Awesome first time special and great location close to I 94. Always excited to go to my favorite dispensary

  168. subarudon88

    Love this place. Very friendly and knowledgeable staff. Absolutely awesome meds; definitely connoisseur grade. I am extremely particular about what I use to medicate and I would recommend Treecity to anyone that has a medical card. I drive all the way from the tricities just to make the trip, and it’s well worth it.

  169. roadhog1

    Great Place
    Very professinal and friendly staff. Very helpful. Good choices.

  170. errlydabber

    First visit today was a 10/10 I was in and out quickly, they are friendly, and the shatter is exactly what shatter should be! Very stable, good taste, and strong! They matched my $60 donation, best first time patient deal I have seen!

  171. Dukeigloo

    This place had some of the best meds in town.

    Nothing higher than $18 donation for top shelf. Not the cheapest, but beats 20-25 a gram elsewhere for the same strains and better.

    One of my regular stops.

    Never let’s me down.

  172. kcolley42

    Hands down best dispensary in the area. Last time I was in they had at least 20 different flowers and a good dozen or so concentrates and each one seemed better than the previous. I recommend the Mango Puff if it’s in stock…sooo frosty. They have also stocked some really killer non solvent full melt hash recently which is hard to come by around here!!! The staff is extremely knowledgeable which really helps when there’s such a wide variety of strains, concentrates, oils and edibles to choose from!! Great location, super friendly and knowledgeable staff and more dank to choose from than anywhere else I’ve been!! What’s not to love?!

  173. abroucek

    Out of all of the dispensaries in A2, I choose TreeCity for a couple of reasons.
    1. They are always super efficient. I have never waited more than 5 minutes there!
    2. The staff is incredibly knowledgeable and helpful when it comes to deciding on trying new things or helping with my ailment.
    3. Most importantly, they are super professional and the decor inside is beautiful!
    Overall, top notch place that I will recommend left and right! 🙂

  174. Texasfirefly75

    The location is great!!!! Fabulous staff that is knowledgeable and very friendly and the products are top shelf!!!!! I’ve been to other dispensaries thinking that they were the same quality and they were nowhere near!!!!!

  175. J-Wet

    Treecity has the best meds in town!! Their staff is very friendly, extremely knowledgable and always willing to give advice. They have one of the best first time vist deals and have great prices!!!

  176. AEUG

    This place feels like an upscale bar. Very clean and tastefully decorated. Great selection of flower. A great matching fir first time visitors, spend $60, get $60. Highly recommended.

  177. somo

    I love how knowledgeable and compassionate the staff is at this collective! They are super welcoming and its a very relaxing and comfortable atmosphere.

  178. churn2b

    Best informed staff in town. Very clean and bright. I could take my mother here. Great first time deal. Regular prices good.

  179. littlebennysmom

    What a great experience! Open, comfortable atmosphere, very knowledgeable bud tender, I will be back

  180. SparkyPeacegirl

    These people are the definition of compassionate. Every visit is a pleasure and the best flower in town, hands down.

  181. gamergirl

    Very nice, professional facility. Great new member deal. Some of the best edibles I’ve had taste-wise but a little on the weak side. Only tried The White in flower and it was fantastic. Staff very nice.

  182. Punkee

    Great Strains! Great Staff! I love the Migun Bed, my sciatica hasn’t come back since I regularly started using it! Thanks Ganjamama’s, your the BEST!

  183. Robhunget420

    Great customer service, answer every question, huge selection, decent prices, all around great place!

  184. Kharvey12

    They match your first $60 donation and have pretty fire bud. I haven’t been back since my first visit but need to return. The Grand Doggy Urkle I got back in June was a true sleep aid.

  185. _joeg_

    Super friendly and knowledgable staff, always pleasant and attentive. High quality products and a large selection. Highly recommended!

  186. peoplewish

    Every other dispensary is a joke compared to Treecity. From the quality of service to the quality of medicine TreeCity is by far the most sophisticated and most knowledgable dispensary in Michigan.

  187. ddrawkwardd

    Treecity is my go to despensary. There is never a wait, their staff is very knowledgeable, and their new patient deal can’t be beat.

  188. red.leaves.

    I came here for my first time to a dispensary and loved it! Had a great talk with the people there and they really seem to know their stuff. I felt comfortable there and can’t wait to go back!

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