Depot Town Dispensary



35 East Cross St., Ypsilanti, MI 48198


42.2461596, -83.6097235




10:00 AM – 9:00 PM


10:00 AM – 9:00 PM


10:00 AM – 9:00 PM


10:00 AM – 9:00 PM


10:00 AM – 9:00 PM


10:00 AM – 9:00 PM


10:00 AM – 9:00 PM


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Serving the patients of Michigan located in the historic Depot Town District of Ypsilanti. Providing top shelf medicine with a very knowledgeable staff waiting to help find the right medicine for YOU!


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583 reviews for “Depot Town Dispensary

  1. bentley734

    High Quality Meds And High quality service

  2. hstamour

    I’ve only been here twice, but the times I have came I have had great service! All of the employee’s made me feel comfortable and gave great service. Will definately be coming here again 🙂

  3. amber951

    Just went here for the first time tonight budtender did not know their specials today. On here it says buy 3 grams get 1 free but nobody in the store claims they knew of this so they said I couldn’t get my free gram even though I got an 1/8 which is more. They claim that special is for thursdays only but doesn’t say that. To me this felt like they were false advertising. I was tying to tell them to look at the mobile app but they said they have nothing to do with that because its all up to the companies app so it may not be updated. I still screened shot it though. Just be careful because some shops may not have updated menus

  4. ThaDonDaDa

    Nice location. The staff are knowledgeable and friendly!

  5. ashmp

    Can’t say enough about how much we appreciate the staff and product here. We happily drive over an hour out to Ypsi to visit Depot Town, there is no other place like it!

  6. freshgrows

    I will never come here again its to expensive, its pre packaged bud is underweight and the buds always look so sad looking.. there are way better places then this

  7. ProfBongsworth

    Great people, great service, awesome meds, and a chill atmosphere. Their renewal service is very streamlined too, no waiting hours to see the doc.

  8. FamousVegas

    Always great when I go in treats me like family

  9. allnew2020

    His was a great place for me, it was fast registration and very helpful picking out the meds that we’re best for me. Selena was a great help and very informed. I will be back to depot town.

  10. Rowley14t

    love the atmosphere!

  11. Kushuhrama

    Very good flower and edibles. The staff is very helpful and friendly too. Will visit again.

  12. A2HC

    Real Detroit voted #1 dispensary!!!

  13. Moriah86

    I love the Depot Town Dispensary and everyone who works there. I would recommend this place and their sister store.

  14. igfame

    amazing staff and amazing service, made the entire process super easy and fun. they’ve certainly earned my busines.

  15. Only1ang

    The service was great and the wait time was very good too.

  16. anowltyrant

    Very friendly service, great selection, lots of deals too, I know I’ll be going back sooner than later.

  17. hardiec81

    heard great things and about to go see. pretty convenient

  18. potsmoker14

    it was a good place to go and i will be going back

  19. Frenchfry69

    The people are very helpful and friendly

  20. kitty734

    This place is awesome. By far the best one I have been to in the area. They have awesome daily specials, great meds and wonderful customer service. I would recommend them to everyone.

  21. SunnyBird

    Great location with friendly helpful staff.

  22. ksweezie

    I had a great time at Depot Town! This was my first time stopping in a dispensary so I was thrilled when I was greated by one of the friendly budtenders named Ashley.

    Ashley was super helpful and showed me all of the many different products they carried. She even gave me a free medical joint for being a first timer. Everyone was super friendly and informative. I’d honestly like to go there just to hang out with the budtenders and conversate over cannibis. You have to check this place out!

  23. TilleyTrainwreck

    Employees are alway professional and helpful with anything and always respectful. Product is also top shelf and the deals they offer make for an excited Dispensary expirience!

  24. luckybadash

    This place ROCKS! I’ve been to many different places and Depot Town is by far the warmest atmosphere, with a great knowledgeable staff. I’ve always enjoyed the meds, and the suggested donations are reasonable for the quality of meds. Overall I highly recommend them 🙂

  25. HolySon

    Good place to shop

  26. highbiscus126

    bud is dry, like really dry. pre roll… dry.. like really dry. over priced and the chick had an attitude. never coming back. ever.

  27. Cocoa30

    Ian was great, felt comfortable walking in the door, very important! Very friendly and helpful! Knew what was what! ^-^ Thanks Ian will see you again soon!

  28. Aweidner2010

    Awesome service, selection, and staff! Two thumbs!

  29. azulhearts

    Great place to go grab some nice quality bud. One of the best dispensary staffs in ypsi!

  30. jp4254

    Great place overall. Quality meds, friendly people and a great environment. One of the best places in ypsi, check out their sister store located in Ann arbor, its one of my favorites as well.

  31. j1022

    The people that work there are really cool, they help me on deciding exactly what type of meds I need and they don’t try to push me to donate for something that I don’t really want like some other places I’ve been too. Also they always have pretty cool deals.

  32. PeabodyPoopface

    Helpful staff, great specials, doctor in house and lots of gear!!!!

  33. ldub88

    Great place! Highly recommend it. Knowledgeable staff.

  34. Justin923

    Convenient location and friendly staff here.

  35. itsbmoney

    Great meds an amazing knowledgeable staff members that are very polite, glad I found this place

  36. Barnes5468

    I’ve been to Depot Town Dispensary ten or so times in the last month and have to say every time has been a good experience. I’ve noticed they always have deals going on, which is nice if you are trying out different Meds. The staff answered all of my questions and are patient and informative. They have a reasonable selection of Meds (all of meticulously good quality) as well as medibles be sure to check out the “sushi” as well as their line of cannabis inspired creams and lip balms which they packaged up nicely for the holidays. The building has parking in front or back with a convenient alleyway from the back of the building to the front door.

  37. pothead2014

    awsome place good weed good people i wouldnt go any place else

  38. smokedaddy124

    I’m excited to celebrate Halloween with some flowers and wax!!! Always good stuff to get here

  39. antreonelove

    I love depot town. Great place To go is awesome very nice place.

  40. Datwizkid09

    The people in here are really cool. I haven’t had the time to try the meds but I no I’m going to enjoy it. They was really helpful when it came to this stuff. Love this place already.

  41. lavina214

    Friendly people working there. Greets with a smile every time. LOVE THIS PLACE!!!!

  42. madmarycat

    Love this place! Laid-back very knowledgeable staff. Daily deals. Decent selection of merchandise. Great locale with ample parking.

  43. haknapp323

    After going to 3 different dispensaries in the past 24 hours I can say this one has been the most helpful and eager to provide me with the best meds for me And they had a great selection of quality meds to boot

  44. thabatagreen

    Weed-Eaze helped my aching muscles!

  45. xkingeddiex

    Love the old style apothecary feel! Totally throws you back to the glory days of Depot town. Picked up a gram of the KRYPT and a couple of medible oreos. The medicine was bomb, the staff was super helpful, as this was my first time I was unsure of what to get! The store manager was wonderful to talk with, I will definitely be back to for more recommendations!

  46. Afische6

    Very friendly staff!! Great atmosphere!

  47. ArkOfTheCovenant

    I’ve been coming here for two years now and have always had quick, polite, and knowledgeable service from the many wonderful people who work here.

  48. jasonbev

    Awesome place

  49. oranges72

    good atmosphere with friendly employees

  50. jleibson

    Awesome spot. Great location and selection. Friendly staff. Great hours

  51. Cobra13

    This was a return visit and the atmosphere was wonderful and so was the service. I will be returning to this location again.

  52. SchoolboyRich_

    Staff was definitely good! Lady taking my order wasn’t to bad to look at! Meds were fire at a reasonable price too!

  53. SilentEcho

    My wife & I stopped by the dispensary this afternoon and we received great service. The staff was very helpful, courteous and went out of their way to make us feel welcome. We will be making plenty more trips to Depot Town in the future. Keep up the good work!

  54. jessiedoll

    why did I wait so long to stop in here? great selection; a little bit of everything. super friendly & helpful staff.

  55. drew101492

    I love Depot Town! Best dispensary in Ypsilanti!

  56. efranklin

    Everyone is so friendly ..they care about the patients well being and care. They have the bests quality of medication. Its so good to go to a place where they know you by name.I enjoy coming here.

  57. Trippwire

    Love the great employee’s and the profesional atmosphere along w/ the wide selection of product! The Best!!!

  58. ram4ever

    Great meds, atmosphere, and staff.

  59. nord

    Great dispense, smart people, good meds. A little on the pricy side, but with their specials, it’s worth it.

  60. mereshadow

    Great people. Great donations. Always a pleasant experience.

  61. Jtuttle7

    Its the coolest dispensary I’ve ever been to.

  62. murkeywater734

    Great place and environment.

  63. LillyMarieN

    I received great service, and the staff was very friendly. (:

  64. GnomeSayin

    Nice selection, friendly staff and sweet specials ! 🙂

  65. Ellawolf

    I love the ongoing specials, quality product, variety, and staff. Good dispensary.

  66. dannie5142

    It is a joy to come to this place. The staff is very friendly and helpful. The best thing is you are treated like a person (they remember your name, ect.).

  67. jshmjd

    Everyone is very friendly wide variety of products and strains

  68. nicks21

    The only Dispensary i go to got my card from there sister store in Ann Arbor but have been coming to depot town ever since. Ian and Jarred are really funny when they work together always good vibes. oh and the new chick dont remember her name but she is super helpful

  69. ram7879

    My first experience was good and I would definitely return. The meds were decent but a little pricey. Overall, it is what you would expect from a dispensary.

  70. Esme2030

    really love this place its one of the
    most help and caring people in there nice prices

  71. cerpintaxt848

    great spot.

  72. Mohanad

    Nice stuff real I will go back

  73. LiveforLove

    I love this shop! Always relaxed and always growing.

  74. sourgrapefox

    Good vibe. I got overcharged and was credited the funds with no hassle. Staff is pleasant.

  75. jbaas1

    Looking forward to broadening my horizons in THC world.

  76. Lfan1985

    Staff was excellent and very helpful, Carlos especially. They have everything you need. It has an old-timey pharmacy and general store feel. Very cool.

  77. DorothyEloise

    As a woman who is well into her senior years, you don’t find too many places with a staff who are willing to spend time with you and answer all of your crazy questions, but the staff at Depot Town were very patient and considerate. I was able to find medicines that have made it possible for me to spend my spring days gardening again. Thanks again!

  78. bakerme9

    Very helpful and knowledgeable staff. Lots of variety.

  79. kkartje

    Depot Town Dispensary has a great, friendly, and knowledgable staff. The quality and quantity is always there. Thanks Depot Town, keep up the good work!

  80. ng08ram

    best edibles around!!!

  81. jamiehauk

    Friendly knowledgeable staff

  82. denisesi

    The people here are friendly and know their product. This is a fun place to shop.

  83. WilliamDenton

    Prices are good, selection is good, everyone is friendly

  84. dabbs1185

    Need to keep wax in stock

  85. Jen23fer

    Very helpful

  86. ThatWuGirl

    This place is amazing. Great location and Great Service! Highly Recommend

  87. LovelyArii

    I Love the convenience of the operation hours. Friendly staff and Awesome Atmosphere.

  88. christine.mcdonald.96

    This place is amazing. I don’t think I’ve ever been into any store before where every single employee I’ve met is friendly, knowledgeable, and genuinely cares about their patients as much as they do here. Being kind of naive I was a little nervous on my first visit about sounding silly but they had an answer and a smile for everything. Their recommendations are pretty good and their specials come in handy when you get there and realize just how many strains they carry to try! Definitely visit.

  89. 420natty

    Great shop! Stopped in on 7/30 evening, young guy helped me, really nice and super helpful!
    Vintage dispensary atmosphere, very cool, lots of selection

  90. nutball

    I have recommended this place to a friend and been there myself four times and look forward to coming back for staff is very helpful and the quality of the material is very very high

  91. MrSmokeAllDay90

    place is awesome all the staff members are awesome and knowledgeable about the products, especially Jared he is Da Coolest lol Ian is airtight lol.

  92. Danie34

    I love this place. Very friendly people. Very knowledgeable

  93. friday420


  94. habitskid

    Very professional with good meds

  95. crobin

    I love going to Depot Town Dispensary. The staff is very helpful, informative and friendly. They have a great selection of medicine and accessories. The atmosphere is great. From day one it has been a pleasant experience being a patient with them. I’d recommend Depot Town Dispensary to anyone!

  96. fuzzybunnyqp

    Been going here for over three years. Always reliable and friendly service.

  97. bbaker420

    was a little slow to start. but definitely the largest selection of high quality medicine. will be going back for more dYtm+

  98. Mariek2477

    Love it… Super nice ppl

  99. cannapro21

    great place!! open earlier than all other places around!

  100. david.mock.52

    I love this place, the staff are very helpful and kind. the concentrates are well priced and there is various strains of both indica and sativa

  101. renman00

    Great place, very helpful and friendly staff, top quality flowers and edibles. I will be back for sure.

  102. TimmeeSims

    The best dispo in Ypsilanti and it’s not even close. The wide selection of product make it a good place for first timers and long time card holders. The daily specials are great because everyday you can get something different for a great price. Staff are both knowledge and patient. Awesome place.

  103. SWB101

    How wonderful it is, to legally be able to use plants and their product God has made for our good health! This was my first visit to ANY dispensary, as I just got my MMM card. Depot Town Dispensary was indeed sweet sweet SWEET! All these buds, beautiful, on display in hermetically sealed jars. Incredible edibles. Hash oils, ointments and salves. Clones on sale on Sundays. How wonderful. The staff knew so much too…what strains are good for certain ailments, for certain effects. What concoctions are made of, and what they do. So nice. So wonderful. I’m going back for sure!

  104. mcodecco

    all around great! staff makes an effort to learn patient names and they also have great cannabis. excellent choice for those who prefer excellence!

  105. AEUG

    Depot Town is a great place to visit so you should wander around and eat on your trip to this dispensary. Every time I visit the staff here are so nice. They really understand what each patient needs and make recommendations accordingly.


    I,ve been goin to depot town for the past yr now.. and I love the Twilight 101.. great service, great meds great ppl..!!

  107. purplelondon88

    Totally love everything about this place!…it’s all about the Peace, Love, and Green..:)

  108. slimeggers

    nicely appointed waiting room, ol’ time apothecary feel. the shop is clean and organized friendly knowledgeable staff…great ypsi resource.

  109. Xirtam22

    Awesome dispensery. Awesome staff! Always have good classic strains and good quality bud. Highly recommend depot town

  110. Paradigm

    Very nice establishment! The staff is friendly and knowledgeable! And there is a great variety medicine including beautiful buds, delicious edibles, and exquisite concentrates!

  111. Dubs44s

    Excellent service in a comfortable environment!

  112. Justajedi

    Amazing place great service. Bunch of good high quality products available.

  113. MsLeslie

    I had to pay taxes, plus $4.50 ,
    To used my debt card, total came to $28.. I didn’t take my receipt, so the next day I see a 35.00 dollar transaction to The Depot !!!
    They got me!!
    I was a first time patient ,
    So much for their smiling faces!!!
    Oh and my bank charged me an additional $2.50 for their transaction!!! A very costly $25.00 purchase!! Let’s just say I won’t be returning

  114. mjjustice66

    really good bud.

  115. xJohnJr

    Great visited for a first timer. Great service will be going back.

  116. brookelynnaustin

    Went here the day I got certified because they accept temporary licenses. The employee Carlos was very informative and kind when assisting me and also explaining to me the different kinds of edibles and their effects. I enjoyed my visit and will definitely return.

  117. popmad9

    Great place with friendly, knowledgeable staff. There was a good variety of product and the prices were fair. I will definitely go back.

  118. Mephisto

    Helpful, kind, and personable. Depot town is on point.

  119. Scarlet1234

    i come in once to twice a week. i enjoy trying the new stuff that comes in. staff is very friendly and helpful.

  120. Fiscalmoose

    Helpful and knowledgable staff. Enjoyed my visit. Will be back for sure.

  121. Loveingpeaches1

    I love Depot town I feel like it’s the best place to go because they’re very friendly it’s more like a home, family place but what I don’t like about but the prices are too high and the fact that you have to spend so much money in order to get one free gram. I definitely loved it a lot more when Depot town first open and there were more specials more friendly.

  122. cjordan8914

    I like their deals and friendly staff 🙂

  123. RJSmooth

    Everything about Depot Town Dispensary is wonderful! From its location to its staff and medicine, Ive always felt welcomed, understood, and supported. I love being greeted with a smile, especially by professional and knowledgeable staff who are always ready to answer my questions, give advice, and make solid recommendations based on my needs. Because of the great staff, great variety, and great quality Ill keep enjoying my trips to this dispensary and would encourage others to make a trip(s) as well.

  124. Brotherlove

    Very nice place ..

    Very helpful ..

    Will most definitely be back

  125. olive.fisher

    I just have to say how much I love your consistent hours. No matter if it’s a Monday or a Sunday they’re open the same time. This really made my Sunday great and the meds are always good!

  126. snead027

    And exceptional dispensary with top-notch quality flower and the budtenders really take care of your specific needs. Would definitely recommend!

  127. schrams

    my wife and i enjoyed our visit mI p.d.y. Ian was very helpfull with every question we had and we will be coming back for sure.

  128. easka

    I live within reach of a large number of dispensaries, but this was my first visit to this one. I like that I can park close, and easily, to access this dispensary. The atmosphere and staff were both excellent and it was a fun visit. I look forward to visiting again, especially when the new shipment of waxes arrives!!

  129. Zoidfarb

    Awesome place! Second time going in the past few days. Clean, cozy and the staff are super friendly. Their glass is really cheap for the quality of it and of course their flowers are all top quality.

  130. DonKahl

    Like everyone says great a apothecary feel to the shop. Very friendly service. Very knowledgeable staff. Very comfortable setting Very secure setting. I was very impressed with the establishment and I will shop there for all of my medicinal needs. I will be driving past 2 other dispensaries on my way to this one. I highly recommend this shop for all first timers.

  131. SinMelody2011

    Excellent place. real friendly

  132. jphill69

    I would highly suggest this dispensary. they have good concentrates and always have a good variety of both indica and sativa

  133. myklschom

    In comparison to the other dispensaries around the area, this one falls extremely short. Their prices are too high, the staff acts cold and even snobbish, and the quality of product is mediocre at best. The only perk about this dispensary is it’s location, but from now on, I’ll happily go out of my way to a different dispensary.

  134. mscamacho42

    Great variety!

  135. potcrates

    I’ve been to a few dispensaries and this one is by far the most professional. I can’t wait to visit again

  136. SwaggathaJagger2daKloudz

    Cool people, great meds!

  137. execatl

    Upon becoming a patient I went to a couple of dispensaries but none had the friendly service that Depot Town dispensary had!

    The bud-tender, Ian was very polite, helpful, patient and never made me feel rushed or stupid for asking the simplest of questions.

    My fav dispensary in Ypsi, def would recommend

  138. MisterLips

    This is my favorite dispensary in my favorite downdowntowntown. Their loyalty rewards are incentive for return visits, not to mention the apothecary feel of the shop, the most pleasant staff, and the incredible selection of herbs, accessories, and fooooood.

  139. Mandy91

    Cute building, but skimpy, overpriced bags. Top-shelf strains are good, but lower ones are not. Pre-rolls are all stems and leaves.

  140. kellyann68

    I have had my card for years but just went to Depot Town for the first time over the weekend and will definitely be back. Can’t wait to try the Key Lime Cheesecake the Lime Ganja Dip is wonderful no cannabis taste at all

  141. bencake420

    Great selection and quality

  142. troyirvine

    These guys were very professional and had a large selection of everything. Great quality meds and can’t wait for my next visit

  143. fashoo12

    great bud and good times are what this place is all about, can i get a hell yea?

  144. Stemen69

    great first visit, I’ll shop again!

  145. marijuanafairy

    I must say this is one of the more sketchy dispensaries in the area (and overpriced!). i set up an appointment with depot town dispensary’s doctor to get my card, thinking it was a good price. except… their doctor didn’t even have a license! my card application was denied by the state and i had to go through the application process AGAIN with a real doctor. delayed getting my card by about a month and a half. when i brought this up to an employee at depot town they pretended they didn’t know what happened with my paperwork and why it was denied. altogether very sketchy if you ask me – i would not recommend coming here!

  146. MisGlitter

    Love DTD! Always friendly, helpful and knowledgable. I’m extremely indecisive, so their patience and help is much appreciated!!

  147. koosy212

    Great service friendly staff

  148. Devonallenwilliams

    Great place to talk to a doctor, and great place for meds 10/10

  149. TylerDurdenCC

    GREAT selection of high end flowers; as well as mid/low range, oils, and edibles. Some grams are pricey than other locations, but you definitely get what you pay for. If you want great quality: shop here.

  150. ChefAce

    Nice place and a good experience. The staff are friendly and helpful.

  151. coop888

    Super friendly knowledgeable staff. nicely organized. very comfortable feeling . 🙂 thank you !

  152. clozer89

    Wow went to get pizza next door and found a TOTAL GEM next door.. I had no idea about Depot town dispensary TODAY WAS MY LUCKY DAY!! Thank you guys!!

  153. angelamadawn

    Love the pre rolled. super helpful

  154. puremorning4

    I’m a total newbie and my experience from start to finish couldn’t have been easier. The doctor was very pleasant and compassionate, as were all of the staff. The Budtender, Steve, was super knowledgeable and incredibly patient answering all of my questions about which strains would be best for me to use to medicate depending on what effects/side effects I was/wasn’t looking for. I only took a point off for atmosphere because it was really crowded and felt a little stifling the day I went. It was a Tuesday, though, which is the only day the doctor is currently there. Thanks again, DTD! I’ll be back!

  155. Nastytime734

    Good bud

  156. msamy

    I’ve visited this dispensary a few times now and love the people there. easy to get in and out. neat and clean. I’ve not been disappointed with their meds or recommendations. always some kind of special going on.

  157. livebythebong

    the best around! why go any where else!

  158. Nawkaraga

    First visit was fast and friendly. I plan to go here again real soon.

  159. PatBeguhn3

    Relaxing ambiance, friendly conversations, and the medicine is revitalizing.

  160. faplarp

    simply a stellar shop. people in it are extremely friendly and give great information. I’m hoping for some edible deals soon! it is a bit expensive at times, but that’s the world we live in.

  161. chipsndip

    Pretty pricey, half the staff is amazing and the other half can’t be bothered with any questions. They don’t have all the things advertised on here. Bags are pre-weighed and pretty stemmy. The flowers are pretty good quality, with usually a very strong (good) aroma.

  162. MarathonManpdx

    Very friendly and helpful staff.

  163. FatIceyBongRips

    Very nice place, the best dispo i have been to. High quality productsdY’.

  164. frink

    great strains and the best discounts!

  165. middybomber

    I like depot town dispensary, the location is very convenient and you’re always greeted with a smile, plus the meds here are pretty great too.

  166. riggs.brian

    Got what I was looking for in a matter of minutes. Great help from the staff as well.

  167. jknight5315

    Awesome shop, awesome service, great location!

  168. Ladyfarmerjed

    This is a great dispensary with very helpful bud tenders and a good variety of quality products. I definitely recommend stopping in and checking it out!

  169. Godfatherdoug

    very bad follow up with care giver. we asked that some one return a call more than 3 times and never a call back. shame on them.

  170. Ceilingfanman

    Best dispensary in the area, and my first choice when it comes to dispensaries.

  171. klamofanu

    for me the location is good, same distance as the ann arbor dispensary i go to. i go to dispensaries for concentrates. i have a grower for flower, this places wax is good quality same as the ann arbor store i go to. except the flavors are limited if they have any at all. poor consistency as far as that goes. their flower and edibles are quality i have tried a few varieties of each. the prices are not great, can do better at ann arbor store for the same distance drive, i like the atmosphere here it reminds me of old school head shops from the 70’s and 80’s it is kind of like the dream factory in brighton same sort of converted house type of vibe except depot town has medical marijuana instead of porn stuff, the ann arbor place is set up more like a cafe but prices are a bit better and the concentrates are always plentiful with a decent assortment. parking at either place sucks. ann arbor at least gives you a free pre-roll for your parking misery, over all i give depot town an ok it’s ok. staff is = at both places i go to both top notch. this place has a couple shared parking spots at the front door but good luck getting one of those they are shared with all the other stores on that street. although it does happen.

  172. Elzo99

    Driving 4 hours is worth it for me to go to this dispensary, they are nice and very friendly. Bud is fire and very tasty, edibles I would recommend getting

  173. pamsy

    Jared and Miranda were extremely helpful! They even stayed open like ten minutes late to let me run to the ATM the other night. Great people, great store. The wonder joints really kick my anxiety right in the ass. Would highly recommend!

  174. Greasegeek

    Very nice selection of edibles and concentrates, will be back soon!

  175. quillion

    great people excellent information. cool apothecary look. will be back highly recommend you check it out for yourself

  176. Dhw7172

    Great, helpful staff that knows their products. The place feels really laid back and stress free.

  177. bluedream123

    It’s just the best. Everyone and everything.

  178. tzatyracz

    Easy parking! Thorough friendly staff and a fantastic variety of flowers. I look forward to every visit.

  179. Doschuler

    Fantastic atmosphere and selection. I will be back. I tried the Instant Euphoria strain and it was perfect. Five stars.

  180. cearley12

    Friendly staff and quick appointments!

  181. dedabecool

    Very good, Saad was very helpful.

  182. jennifer.adams.77715

    Clean friendly atmosphere
    Friendly helpful staff
    Clean and inviting
    Great location
    Good medicine suggested donations
    Great variety
    Two thumbs up to this dispensary 😉

  183. Wonderb

    I have a scale. That scale has shown me that every bag sold here is short by .05 – .12 grams. I used to go to this dispensary a lot due to proximity. Never again. I have shown some friends how short their bags were, and they now go to a better dispensary.

    Buy a scale, dont take their word that you are buying a gram, cause you are most definitely not.

  184. rocknation

    it’s a excellent location with a great staff that’s informative about marijuana. great medical.

  185. yunngprahlum313

    Whatshatnin…. great staff and doctor. Great vibes I will be back!dY’a

  186. djlink

    The staff was very helpful and knowledgeable. i was treated very professionally and made to feel right at home. The medicine is of great quality, all edibles are sent to be tested for potency, and they have daily special donation amounts for the budget patient. A++

  187. buffalopunk

    these guys are awesome! well organized, friendly, knowledgeable and stylish! I would recommend their services to other patients with out a doubt. definitely coming back.

  188. ComedyNeverEnds

    The employees are very knowledgeable about everything they have. I went in and described my back pains and they explained to me different strains and the affects. The specials are pretty solid, $39 eighths and $99 quarters being some examples. With it being lab tested, it makes me feel comfortable in knowing I am getting a quality product. Definitely one of my favorite places.

  189. NickCageFan

    10/10 beat dispensary in Ypsilanti.
    I will definitely be coming back!

  190. Briggs615

    For a first time visit to a dispensary, this was a pleasant experience. Phenomenal customer service, and a broad selection from a friendly small shop. Will be back for many a visit, and recommend to others avidly.

  191. nicole86

    My first trip to a dispensary and everyone made me feel welcome&helped me with everything I needed. I will definitely be returning. Great products/great service! Depo town dispensary all the way.

  192. markscross

    I visit a few different dispensaries because I love variety, but this one is my favorite. Great staff, location and medicine. They always have great specials that keep me coming back.

  193. tschakin

    Going into the Depot Town Dispensary was a bit of a surprise. First their waiting area was beautiful, very comfortable with a touch of class. When I went into the back I was surprised by how professional the staff was. I received individual attention and all my questions were answered. The. I was most impressed was the medical knowledge that was shared with me on my condition. It didn’t feel like a drug deal, more of a tree pharmacy environment. This helped me feel comfortable and at home. I’ll definitely be back!

  194. robr

    de-pot i mean depot town dispensary is the place to go for all your med needs! great staff are very nice and helpful. plus free parking.

  195. h0neybadger

    Really great service, knowledgeable associates, and a great variety of products. Definitely my first pick for a dispensary!

  196. Kellinelson87

    I wasn’t sure what to expect for going for my first time. Everyone was super nice and super knowledgeable. I’ll be back!

  197. Cbmax

    Nice staff and reasonably priced gummies

  198. mikester

    besides being conveniently located across the street from me in beautiful Depot Town in Ypsilanti, this dispensary has been just an amazing place to go for my medicinal needs. as a chronic pain sufferer it is just fantastic having access to so many variety of strains and being helped by such an awesome staff that are both friendly and “highly” knowledgeable. sure it has it’s faults (sometimes the supply seems too dry or a pre-roll might be done half heartedly), but these don’t happen enough to raise concerns (although as you see, it cost a star on quality). I highly recommend this place to the new patient or even the old hands as you will not be disappointed!

  199. foreign7


  200. LoudPack313rd

    Nice staff and atmosphere but the med is ok to say the least. You can def find better

  201. Tgt1991

    This is one of the best places to get your meds from. They’re friendly and very knowledgeable about the product they have. They also have great specials everyday!!

  202. JMathzz

    Great budd!! Great wax!! Great selections!! Hands down best dispensary in washentaw county. Think y’all should throw sum 8 dollar grams on your menu and maybe 25 dollar eighths to capture more customers attention.

  203. TripleeX

    Good place with cool people always helpful!

  204. Coachm22

    Awesome employees and service! Meds are top notch with decent varieties.


    great hours 7 days a week

  206. CabriniGreeny

    Nice staff. Good quality of flowers but the selection was smaller then what was advertised online.

  207. GoBroncos

    NEVER GO HERE! I started going here a couple years ago and they were great, but NOW theyre a RIPOFF. Expensive, skimpy and sketchy. I got a $65 8th that was NOT an 8th. They don’t measure it for you, it comes pre packaged. So not only are you not sure of the amount but youre not even sure its the same strain you picked out.

  208. Kushmaster

    overpriced,underperforming flowers, rude staff,pre-weighed bags….did I miss anything?

  209. confusionishere

    Depot town has helped me every step of the way, im new to this , I am older , I very much trust them with their advice and product

  210. Thefoolkicker

    My favorite dispensary in the Ypsilanti area. Would definitely recommend to anyone looking for great meds at a great price.

  211. BuckWest

    Very friendly and experienced staff members made my visit very comfortable. Excellent quality flowers as well!

  212. MrJughead87

    This is the first ever despinsery I’ve gone to and I have to give them an outstanding review. Tom has been super helpful with helping me personally track down the right strain that works for me. I was able to bring back what I didn’t like a trade weight for weight on something that might be better. After 3 weeks of coming in and explaining the effects I was having and what I did and didn’t like we finally settled. Tom and the other staff have some of the most incredible patients and I appreciate their time and knowledge every time I come in now. Feels like home 🙂

  213. cartec

    One of the best places ever! ! !

  214. drewters157843

    Awesome environment, I would definitely recommend this to a friend. They’re so helpful and courteous it’s amazing! Love coming here and will continue to come here

  215. cem214

    I usually don’t write reviews, but I feel like this place deserves it. I’ve always had really pleasant experiences here with both the staff and the product. The staff is very helpful and knowledgeable, and I’ve always felt comfortable asking them questions. I’ve also never been disappointed in anything I’ve purchased. I would highly recommend them.

  216. robz718

    They open at 9 which is a plus, it took em a while to check my card then asked me to wait in the lobby…almost 15 mins later still sitting in the lobby while 2 of the staff held a conversation with a single patient. Maybe they were really busy or maybe they need to hire and extra hand. Cant speak on the quality , I got up and left.

  217. tubadude07

    The people who work there are so nice!

  218. Bard300

    A great location to safely access the best medicine in Michigan !

  219. bloodboogers

    It’s comfortable inside and the employee’s are always very nice and helpful *<|:^)

  220. Splodin

    Great dispo and close to EMU campus!! I won a 9g MASSIVE joint in a drawing here and enjoyed it 😀 Thanks Depot Town!! I will ALWAYS frequent this place!!

  221. Sradeback

    Great location! Excellent selection and good prices. I would recommend a trip here if you haven’t been.

  222. 420goblin

    cool place. crap product. don’t waste your time unless you like smoking regs for $20 a gram.

  223. splifroll22

    This building is sweeeeeeeeeeeeeet. Its like an old factory or something. I picked up a good special. Buy one get one half off the other week and they have some nice flower over here. The staff helped me out and talked to me and answered all my questions. I have a good visit when I go over here and they have some good eats too. Yum Buckeyes.

  224. gsmoke316

    great place Ian was super helpful
    finding what I was looking for

  225. granolachick77

    Good specials! Huge fan of their Monday specials on pre-rolls. Kind staff.

  226. CROMITVS67

    Totally top notch meds. & service! I would highly recommend this Dispensary to anyone!!!!!!!!!!!

  227. RAndiBugatti

    I had a wonderful experience the two times I went. I live in the area and have quite a few options on the same street I live on but these guys really did it for me. They were excited to have me, very informative on have the how to , what’s, and what nots, and overall just pleasant and seemed to enjoy what they were doing (caring for patients). I’m excited to be a member! Thanks guys for all the help!!

  228. AlexissEllefson

    A nice selection, also a good place to buy glass if you need it. Really laid back and comfortable.

  229. BLOWLOUD81

    i was jus looking up that good JEDI KUSH that i got today. But it said that the Jedi is not available in this area so from me to u good guys there try to update you guy menu so others will know where to get it if they want that strain

  230. MadawnA

    Love this space, friendly faces, very educated and helpful, didn’t rush me.
    Thank you, see you soon, love pre rolls, makes life easy.

  231. arachne69

    Great location, beautiful building with cozy atmosphere. Great staff, friendly, patient and very knowledgeable. Terrific variety of strains of absolutely top quality medicine. I love this place and highly recommend it.

  232. Kelly O

    This place is great & they are so helpful!!!!!

  233. Ganjaji

    This dispensary has a nice layout in beautiful Depot Town. The staff is very friendly and has knowledge of different types of strains. They have a variety of edibles with varying dosages. There are always many different types of buds to choose from. They also have weekly deals for every day of the week. To top it off they also have an onsite doctor every Tuesday so patients can apply for their MMMJ. I would and have recommend this dispensary.

  234. NickRage

    Awesome prices! Awesome quality! Awesome employees! This place has everything.

  235. kat9256

    By far my preferred dispensary in the Ypsi area. Nice place with a vintage apothecary look, staff is always knowledgable and curious, and they have a good variety and quality of meds to choose from.

  236. bpbratt

    My first visit to a dispensary EVER and I felt like I was at a jewelry store..personal service in a protected atmosphete and when I left I was safe as well..front door parking well lit in downtown Depot Town…I’m quite older & was very timid my 1st time. I will definitely go back the service rocked & product was quite tasty

  237. kaceyannemarie

    I went for the first time a while ago and have gone a few times since, but I’m just not getting to a review. Love this dispensary! Good prices and the people there are super friendly and easy to talk to.


    kool place

  239. HobbitsAreEntsToo

    Overall great place, friendly staff, donation prices higher than desired but thats more of michigan legislature’s fault than anything- pretty normal for the area. Decent parking out back.

  240. cochranthunder

    nice place good smokes and awesome place to get smoking devices

  241. EyeMhigh

    Great buds, awesome service. Never had any issues.

  242. Chulet1988

    Great quality great service very professional 5 out of 5

  243. maryjanetoken

    awesome place great staff amazing medicine

  244. chevonne17

    My fave dispensary hands down from selection to staff to quality

  245. sandraz

    Everyone at Depot Town have been very helpful and knowledgeable. I appreciate the time they took to answer my questions and help me make the right choices for my needs. Thank you!

  246. SinMelody

    Nice place, great meds even got a freebie for my birthday

  247. Blighted

    Great selection and their edibles are very tasty. Staff was helpful getting me all set up with the things I needed.

  248. RonnieO

    This place will steal you patients away from you . Twice the have taken advantage of one of my patient who is on SS and doesn’t have a lot of monies and had her sigh paper work that she didn’t understand what it was.

  249. mroreilly

    Jared was very helpful and patient with me when I came in. He helped me find exactly what I needed for my situation. A place that has exactly what you need.

  250. tdomes

    Great selection, and quality tested. Nice selection of edibles too

  251. Annabellebyars

    The staff was very welcoming and professional. A return visit is in order.

  252. jisrael3

    Good location with great specials and some nice glassware as well. Staffers were warm and convivial and meds are good quality. Would recommend.

  253. merirose

    Good shit good people.

  254. barewolf

    Was a great experience! Will be back and recommend to my friends.

  255. Weenhead21

    I love this place! I have been coming here since they’ve opened. Ive been to many in the area but always keep coming back to Depot Town Dispensary. Very friendly and knowledgeable staff, with excellent product. I really like there special through out the week as well!

  256. cannababe22

    great meds, happy atmosphere, definitely recommend!

  257. UndergroundDro

    if they posted prices they would get more business. it must be difficult being that close to Herbal Solutions.

  258. SpartanDrew

    I just drove all the way out to this place from Detroit. Called because my ETA was right when they close at 9. “Oh yeah it shouldn’t be a problem” was what the girl said. I drive 30 minutes out here to get some edibles and it’s closed. I was coming with $300 bucks. The guy working saw me and told me that they were closed. So disappointing. I would never go out of my way to come to this place again. I literally got there right at 9 and the door was closed. Waste of time.

  259. rae1308

    As a new patient, I came in pretty clueless. Right off the bat, the staff at Depot Town Dispensary made me feel relaxed and at home. The are all super nice and friendly as well as knowledgeable! The building is very nifty! I would definitely recommend them to my friends and I will definitely be back!

  260. tangel

    The quality of meds is good.There is always a good selection. The people that work there are very nice and helpful.

  261. mags54

    the staff is amazing and Ian is totally awesome. His recommendation for the Girl scout cookies strain was perfect. I am a definite customer and will be back. thank you for your time and consideration.

  262. painfree123

    Confidential and Discreet Service, Incredibly helpful, and I am pain free! I will return, highly recommend!

  263. bob0rene

    Depo town has a great selection and fair prices. I would deff recommend them to my friends and family. They also have a wide variety of bowls and accessories, deff one of my top places to go

  264. MrMiller

    Love tha people an atmosphere great location an tha coolest staff…

  265. zockaj

    Super friendly!

  266. 420medicated81

    Open late when you need them!

  267. killak666

    I absolutely love this place. friendly, and knowledgeable staff, and a good range of flower, concentrates, and edibles.

  268. Nlesiewicz

    I’ve had wonderful service from all the members in the collective. I think prices could be cheaper for donations; however I love the shop!

  269. laruesound

    Awesome meds, Fair selection, Great quality other products and smoking accessories, Very friendly staff, and beautiful building. Nice location.

  270. medicalme

    Nice variety of flower. They have a Tuesday special of 2 grams for $30, which is great.

  271. edsingodsarmy

    this place is a connoisseur’s

  272. Bigray70

    Nice looking place decent service shitty weed

  273. Catlover69

    I love this dispensary almost as much as I love my cats dY+-

  274. OldDawg554

    Comfortable surroundings, friendly tenders, quality meds.

  275. brennaniddings

    Best Meds and staff around! Pure medical quality product

  276. zmd94

    This dispensary is awesome

  277. detroiter429

    my first time and I was not impressed all there shatter and crumble were not hi grade at all they were all dark. and there 54 dollar 8th was loaded with seeds I will not be returning

  278. bus16

    Very good

  279. stixbuild

    Every one is always friendly and helpful

  280. allidoisblowtree

    They really know how to treat their customers

  281. bliisful

    “Who ever loved that loved not at first sight?”

    This is my favorite dispensary hands down. The staff are so knowledgeable and friendly, wait times are basically non existent unless it’s doctor day. Do yourself a favor and stop by here for your meds.

  282. Bulldoggin33

    Very pleasant staff

    Warm and welcoming environment

    Meds are Eh ok at best I can only speak for the marijuana as I have not tried any edibles

  283. kitkat568

    Absolutely superior medicine and staff. For people who want kind and knowledgeable service hand-tailored to their needs, this is your place. They take the time to listen and answer all questions. Highly recommend!

  284. candleman

    First time experience was comfortable. Courteous and knowledgable staff. Thanks.

  285. MedicateEveryWhere

    this place is great the people are great and the smoke is good

  286. bliabenow

    This was the my first time here and the staff, shop and medication choice was amazing. The staff was very knowledgeable and helpful. I might be a little bit of a drive but I will be back.

  287. skunkunkunk

    First time in the other day and this place is fantastic! Great medicine and more! Customer service was on point!

  288. cee313

    Very friendly and informative staff. Advice for the first timer, go for the silver tier or above. Great quality meds!!!

  289. julkurz

    Always happy with the quality and love the staff. Unfortunately, the selection is slender and in my experience, they run out of certain strains each time I’m there. Has everything I need, friendly, gives great info.

  290. sonfire

    Hands down the best dispensary in Ypsilanti. Thank you for being there for us. Lub you.

  291. brizzo_vasquez

    Wonderful customer survice. I noticed tha miranda and sadd are really dedicated to their job. Id definitely shop here again

  292. Spuratik

    First time in and I was amazed. All of the staff are very friendly and knowledgable. They provide a great customer experience. And they have so many options to choose from. I’ll definitely be coming back!

  293. bhastings800

    It was good . Could see the product dYtm,

  294. Lilone313

    love the people and staff always has the best stuff in stock love them

  295. kzilla2590


  296. djheru

    So, I had just gotten my certification, and was a little unsure about the shopping process, so I decided to give the store a call. I spoke to Ian, and he was very friendly, but a little circumspect, however he encouraged me to stop in. So I did. What followed was one of the best shopping experiences of my life. The store has the look of an old-fashioned jewelry store or apothecary, and the personalized, friendly help I received was reminiscent of your grandparent’s description of customer service back in the “good old days”.

    Ian asked questions to find out what my needs were, and was very patient and helpful. Additionally, his co-worker, who I believe was the store manager, was very helpful in getting me registered as a customer. They also have specials for first-time customers, and a great selection, so I advise that you stop by.

  297. Shayasunshine

    What a wonderful staff!!! I love how patient and knowledge everyone is. Definitely my first choice in area.

  298. 420wdlmj

    Vera nice. Beautiful location and decor. excellent supply and variety of edibles and accessories.

  299. wickedwitch420

    Good meds. James & Corrina are awesome

  300. alganja3

    Love the spot where its located, grade A meds and perfect staff.

  301. desidiva

    Everyone is so nice and extremely knowledgable as well as helpful. It is a professional place with lots to offer. Best edibles around! I recommend them to everyone, they have a doctor on site as well.

  302. kmawby

    Very high in price. It is good to keep an eye on the daily specials they have. The specials they run are worth the trip. Very friendly.

  303. nikki199025

    this is a calm friendly environment. I always feel safe and welcome to visit this location. they are very helpful and knowledgeable. this is the only location I visit.

  304. ganjagranny

    The best place around. Stopped in for my renewal about a month ago and haven’t gone away where else’s since. Quality meds at comparable donations but the knowable staff and superior customer service set the apart.

  305. sannis

    Great location service and meds love then glass jars

  306. atrain321

    Blah went and visited two others and way more impressed

  307. Zanderp

    Super cool staff and great products!

  308. YoYo-Pete

    I keep going back to DTD for the friendly staff who is willing to talk things out with me and help figure out what will help.

  309. rickarrie

    Nice people and very helpful.

    Will go there again.

  310. Laser94

    I personally like depot town because the workers there make me feel welcomed. They always inform you on the daily deals and when asked about the particular strains that they have, they tell me what they recommend and what is the most popular strain. The wide selection of meds that they have make choosing hard but I am never disappointed. Depot Town Dispensary is a top of the line dispensary and I recommend any new or old patient to shop here.

  311. Jeffin

    First and favorite dispensary. They are always extremely friendly and helpful for any questions I have. Quality is always top notch.

  312. mrmarkj

    Staff was amazing……. Nice flower well trimmed…. Great place…

  313. mrsiveyblue

    Very nice atmosphere and bud tenders. Nice variety. Great bud and edibles

  314. drakejc

    First time visit was great. I felt at home like everyone was my friend like I’ve been there before. I definitely will return.

  315. fchesher

    I love this place!! great service friendly staff and most importantly GREAT MEDICATION!!

  316. SmokinKush734

    Great Meds Great Service!

  317. MrReefer420

    this place has a great selection with an awesome staff

  318. scm777

    Awesome place to get your meds from!

    Super friendly and helpful!

    I’d recommend them anytime!

  319. vaporkid

    Love this place. Great staff and service! They will gladly help you find what you need.

  320. berto123

    The atmosphere in here is simply amazing. The service is wonderful to say the least, any questions asked are always answered and how outgoing & friendly all the workers are here is great. It’s always a pleasure shopping here. Best
    dispensary that I know of for sure!!

  321. dashaisacooldude

    my favorite dispensary in the area. the staff is helpful and the selection is amazing. would recommend!

  322. starchild6669

    Sent my best friend this way for the first time, I’m glad to hear she had such a good experience. Nice to know the bud tenders over there took care of her needs.

  323. phylistene1

    this is a good place to go the people are well inform and they treat you so good.

  324. Kolynn24

    This was a great experience all around. I was a little hesitant about getting my card but the doctor and staff has made this experience easy and stress free. I now have my full card but keep coming back because of the knowledgeable staff and easy going environment!

  325. Jwinters

    I love this store everyones attitude is great

  326. twchurch1989

    I’ve been here 3 times they are very nice and helpful and can help you through the process of getting medical help. A little pricy but they have what works for me.

  327. 3trips

    this was a great experience. I would recommend to other patients

  328. Buttboogers

    I love this place, they’re always very nice every time I come in. The edibles are really good and strong and the oil is the best I’ve ever gotten!

  329. Buster734

    This was my first time ever going to depot town, service was quick and really productive! Came in around 10:40 and was out before 12 place had really good atmosphere a1 meds! I will be back Ian took care of me cool dude.

  330. smokeitbytheo

    Overall in my experience I’ve been to a few dispensaries and this is the best by far they have all 5 stars from me … Ian is the guy that assisted me on my first visit and didn’t steer me wrong, every question answered quickly and efficiently I might add . Thanku for that depot town …. K if u haven’t been there go u have nothing to lose. Ask and enjoy. .

  331. daveofthewave

    Great selection, helpful staff!

  332. kdumas1954

    great store! people friendly.

  333. mitchloudz

    good spot for some clones!!!

  334. grant.finch.18

    Great wax it’s very potent! Coming back Forsure! Great service and very professional

  335. SapphireSky

    It is awesome that they always have organic meds!!

  336. Jbizzle81

    The only place I go! Always friendly, fast, and informative. Nice deals everyday, highly recommended!

  337. xanaxe6

    Great place love it.

  338. Novich

    I’ve been coming here for the past few months, and it’s my favorite dispensary by far. I don’t go anywhere else. The staff is extremely friendly and helpful. They get you in and out, can answer any question, and make you feel super comfortable the whole time. Everyone should definitely be going here.

  339. dezdatguy

    dept town is a great place the staff is great the meds are great and it is a great location I will give them 10s across the board…

  340. 420concierge

    good bud but prices to high only go for specials

  341. DankMasterNic

    Very helpful and friendly. Staff made me feel right at home during my first visit and had an excellent menu with plenty of variety. I will definitely be visiting again.

  342. Nano5643

    They are always nice and welcoming!! Great selection and top shelf flower!

  343. spazx666

    I wish I could afford to come here more often but all around one of the best dispensaries in town…

  344. ei420

    good customer svc, always helpful, good strains, selection, decent prices, specials.

  345. david2828

    Very friendly, helpful, staff. Large selection of meds. Easy sign up. Great parking and access to dispensory. Love Depot town!

  346. Sandman75

    Meds are good, great atmosphere and I really appreciated that Ian took the time to answer all my questions and explain everything. I never felt rushed and I will definitely go back.

  347. mlewis

    The best thus far.

  348. lilljeni

    Great shop! Everyone is super nice!!

  349. nativechiefah

    Very helpful, very friendly!
    I would visit again!

  350. Epiphany82

    I’m a newbie and I’m in love with this place! Kind caring and pretty awesome faces!! Thanks guys! xoxo

  351. mamamia07

    Very nice place and staff is very nice..! Very nice product for a great price..! Will be back soon..!

  352. waskatie


    Excellent medicine selection, extremely knowledgeable & helpful staff, and great hours. I love the guys at Depot Town Dispensary! They always go out of their to help and make me feel comfortable. Love the frequent buyer program. If your looking for great medicine and great customer service look no further!

  353. kathy01

    Good first experience, will be back!

  354. AmberOgKush

    u like this one they have great edible selection

  355. ddl

    Great quality meds, decent suggested donations, amazing specials. Less than ideal parking comes with the area so it’s nice to have a spot provided specifically for their customers.

  356. JayDee923

    Worst experience thus far at a dispensary.. sub par flowers, horrible customer service and just not a good vibe! Nothing worse than impersonal, rushed customer service!!

    Won’t be back here again!

  357. midwestxtrendkil92

    very friendly staff and good strains.

  358. SuperTurboCool

    This dispensary is the best! There are closer dispensaries to where i live, but i still choose to come here. The staff as well as the quality are 10/10. Would recommend to anyone interested in a great dispensary with knowledgeable staff.

  359. LDOBIES

    Good selection, great staff. Answered all questions completely.

  360. Ykurona

    Great people and service they are willing to help out with all your questions you have

  361. niseema

    Easy to find, park, register. Nice selection of flowers, oils, waxes & accessories. Knowledgeable and friendly staff helped me pick out a vape pen and oil. Even gave me free meds since it was my first visit. Will definitely be back.

  362. zm2017

    The bud tenders all have excellent product knowledge and truly empathize with your needs. Everyone has gone the distance to make my experience amazing. This is the place that keeps me coming back!

  363. Zero1984

    Welcoming atmosphere, impressive selection of flowers and tinctures and a knowledgeable, friendly staff.


    The products are great, but a little pricey. Also the Bud tenders are nice, and informative.

  365. RobRobRob

    Plus, they follow up with you and check to see if you have any questions, concerns or are looking for any strain particular–which I call “exceptional customer service,” despite the what the haters think; I have yet to find another place that will personally follow up with you on the phone.

  366. KyzerSalsa

    Still as high quality as ever. Ask what’s on special if you go. Might be something on sale. *wink wink*

  367. DADAGOO

    The worst dispensary in town. It was good 3 yrs. ago but has gradually going down hill. Most flowers are not worth the price and are not well grown. My biggest complaint is the staff. Completely ignorant beyond ‘indica or sativa’.

  368. sweet60024

    good product and friendly staff

  369. dank1978

    Super friendly staff, proficient in patient satisfaction. Good effective flower in a large variety. Excellent edibles…i definitely advise blastoids and donating on the Alan wrench

  370. treetowndogfather

    I enjoyed everything about my experience at the Depot Town Dispensary. They have great selection, daily specials, knowledgeable staff! They are located in beautiful Depot Town, right along the Huron River in Ypsilanti, very easy to find. The location itself has a very warm and welcoming atmosphere. I look forward to my next visit!

  371. unclefreddy

    Depot town dispensary is in a prime location and the new signs they just got are awesome. They have some good quality meds and there is usually something on special for people on a budget. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable. The only knock is their prices but they have to make enough to pay their bills and I understand that. Keep calm and vape on.

  372. hashberryskunk

    I mean I will say it .. Prices are well.. Way to high , the lowest price bud is like 16 dollars a gram. And their pre rolls are literally half of a joint for the full price ..the wax quality is horrible and I mean horrible . No terpenes what so ever in the BHO barley even a smell , then the shatter from here you might as well not even waste your time Or even purchase some of the worst I’ve seen . Dark no flavor leaves a residue on my nail I don’t like to much . They give their club meds people a gram a month … Are you serious ??? You can havey 12 plants for a crappy 12 grams a year .. Thanks for being a over greedy dispensary . I can’t understand how they are still open . I will only be stoping in for my gram a month from now on

  373. Gsx1978

    Not a fan of preweighed medicine. It dried out and was too crispy in the foil bag. It lost weight too and was harsh. Eighth donations were higher than other local places. Won’t be returning.

  374. bagel2404

    This is a great store with an amazing staff. They were very helpful and answered all my questions. I will be returning soon, and would recommend this dispensary to anyone!

  375. mamalitha16

    I love everything they got

  376. rapsody

    good place I just wish they would not pre- package the strains I like to see the scale of what I am getting and also the prices are steep good meds thou

  377. itchimol

    Depot Town Dispensary is easily my favorite in the area. They always carry a good variety of products (edibles, flowers, and accessories), and the staff knows their sh*t. The atmosphere is warm and intimate, with a retro-apothecary kind of feel, and it’s a good one-stop shop if you need to get registered as well.

  378. TeddyGrams1

    Great selection, with a welcoming/helpful staff and I’ve never been disappointed in any products. Pre-rolls are my favorite!

  379. mmoran

    They really believe in the miracle of cannabis. The staff are very professional and compassionate and will have you on a first name basis almost immediately. Great place, great staff, and great medicine!

  380. baybegurl84

    This was my first trip to Depot Town Dispensary and I would/have definitely recommend them. They are super friendly and really helpful. Since it was my first time I wasn’t sure what I was looking for, but they pointed me in the right direction. I absolutely love my purchase and I will most certainly be going back again

  381. foreignexchange1

    krypt fire og granddaddy purple only good strains

  382. WeedMonster48198

    Always very friendly service in a cute, apothecary-style setting. Had some excellent GSC and Cannatonic.

  383. robertpatrickm

    Great area full of nice people and frieds

  384. tpeyton21

    Great place my first experience was great,and they have the best deals on town.

  385. ricbickn

    The staff are warm and attentive, their flower is top-notch, at the same time, their selection is more limited than I expected. And still I’ve always been able to get what I needed there.

  386. hraz

    great shop with friendly and informative staff also carries amazing edibles

  387. dominosgside

    depot town was very accommodating and very friendly. awesome atmosphere!

  388. bakermo2

    Not a big fan of the frequent price change-ups. I went in on a Thursday and grabbed Sour Diesel for $47 per 1/8. I went back in 2 days later and was charged $60 for the same 1/8 of Sour Diesel.

  389. OracleAndEssence

    first time there today. Nice friendly staff and good selection of medication but lack of oils and hash 🙁 . calming environment

  390. Jpeyde

    My favorite dispensary in Ypsilanti.
    They remember my name every time, and staff members like Ian are more than friendly. Would definitely recommend I anyone looking for a great dispensary with chill vibes.

  391. kspears8

    great people

  392. mrrollnsmkn

    great place overall !! can not beat the location !! best staff, great specials !! very good quality and selection !!

  393. Brohoe225

    I love this place. Friendly staff, very thorough and knowledgable. They have great edibles!

  394. courtcurtis99

    My first time there and I felt very welcomed! The guy answered all my questions and was a big help! Definitely going here more often!

  395. jostutes

    loved the insight I was given. They definitely know what they’re talking about! pretty small selection, but great daily deals

  396. serendipitys1566

    Very helpful friend people know their stuff, very informative and great quality!

  397. lurk-mafia

    I love this dispensary. They are the best. Would recommend it to anyone interested in a great dispensary with a great atmosphere.

  398. OgDaddyDave

    Great shatter and edibles

  399. petitepanda

    Great selection, great deals. The staff is knowledgeable, wonderful, and always ready to help!

  400. Misterb46

    Great place to visit the staff are friendly and really cared that I received the correct meds I will DEFINATELY recommend them to all of my friends and the best dispensery I’ve ever done business with thanks for your help Depot Town and your specials ROCK!! A DEFINATE A+++ The place for all your medicinal needs great selection

  401. grassman69

    it’s perfectly good

  402. qdogg3212


  403. Alvaroc96

    Great cool and really helpful people

  404. hairballz

    very friendly helpful and knowledgeable. one stop shop with lots of selections

  405. amurphyj

    I truthfully enjoy the product here.

  406. cobrarwanab

    The staff was very informative and was pleasantly surprised at the large selection of meds available. Will definitely be returning.

  407. Lildawg7

    The best,this place is so nice it makes me want to invest into my own dispensary I love it

  408. islandstyle87

    many choices.. A+ in my book.

  409. drkimble85

    The best meds, accessories and medibles you can find! The folks at Depot Town are fun and friendly, and the meaning of compassionate care is patient service to them. They have a doctor and are accessible; parking can be tricky on a Friday, but they feature TGIF BOGO 1/8ths. First timers get a gift, and few folks know about the discount for being in the med room when the train goes by. Check em out!

  410. Alex1585

    The medicine is the best around and the staff are amazing. Check this place out if you haven’t! Ask the staff anything, they know their stuff!!

  411. Im_just_jb

    I Love the staff I have epilepsy and they are very knowledgable about what strains can help…Also they are very friendly and this place also has specials very frequently

  412. Serephrmeral

    I’ve already referred two others to this dispensary. Friendly, knowledgeable, wide variety of strains and products. Some really awesome glassware, too!

  413. BigJoJo89

    this is hands down my favorite shop anywhere around ypsi. The service and knowledge is tremendous and the staff is the bomb

  414. LosTheMonstro

    One of the coolest places to buy from top notch product & knowledgeable staff!

  415. JEFEJIM818

    First time today liked it real good. Staff was courteous and freindly I will go back.

  416. Bignate

    Great deals on meds and really nice people!

  417. LithaO

    I think it’s one of the best one’s in Ypsilanti for the house blend….

  418. boofgang

    love this place! great bud, great location and, and good deals. I love that its within walking distance

  419. happybudz420

    Great place! Danielle was especially helpful as I was having a hard time deciding on which strain to use to help my insomnia. She made a perfect recommendation !

  420. Adrianbudking

    Great staff, and even better meds!

  421. to66

    great people !!!

  422. CutefaceKate

    Totally knowledgable! I’m new to all of this and every question I had was answered with a smile! Grade A products too!

  423. medwar41

    Great Staff, wonderful place. I love coming here, I find something new every time. They’ve got some delicious good qualify stuff and it’s usually pretty quick to get in. my first dispensary yes, and it will always be my favorite. a~+

  424. lucashasenburg

    Liked the place

  425. kozmicblues

    Went in and felt incredibly rushed. Very poor customer service. Selection was sub-par. Not impressed and I won’t be returning.

  426. aeguus

    knowledgeable and helpful staff. Decent deals regularly, check em out.

  427. Stativaman9987

    Great place can’t wait till I come back

  428. NicoleH

    I have sever endometriosis, this is my only medication! Love your store! Xoxo Litte Nikki

  429. naysjems

    Very cool. I am from out of town and was taken care of like I was VIP. I will be back

  430. mattmoy123

    Great spot! My go to in Downtown Ypsi. Staff is cool, deals all day.

  431. sweetladyk

    Love the people they are very kind love the store they have a variety of everything haven’t been in a minute but I would sure have my friends come to.

  432. NessaM710

    Great experience, very welcoming, I’ve already recommended this shop to a few friends, so glad I came here for my first time!

  433. con420con

    Good ol’ Depot Town.

  434. bakermade26

    Love the staff! Really great with suggesting what’s a good match for you personally. Yummy edibles! I’ve tried the fruity pebbles, brownies, and gummies and they’re all unbelievably strong and tasty. I live over an hour away and you better believe I’ll be back

  435. ceecee3927

    Top notch service & meds! I’m here every time I’m in town…I highly recommend!

  436. YpsiPat

    My second visit. My first I filled out the state forms and spoke with a doctor who determined that I was qualified for Medical Marijuana treatments. I went back for meds since the area where it is located was so historic and has a couple of good restaurants. The staff is helpful and the product is of good quality. Suggested donations are on the high side worth it.

  437. STGgetup

    really need to get new strains and stronger wax I went throw a gram like nothing. Plz get better wax and get rid of the Chinese glass get local made.

  438. theDailyDro

    Flowers were a bit expensive but the staff was very knowledgeable and friendly. Free pre-rolls for new patients and after you write a review on Leafly!

  439. apexprey1

    Easy to find peeps are friendly and know there stuff

  440. pushkins

    This was the first dispensary I had ever gone to. I’ve tried a few others since I moved from ypsi, but I always find myself coming back. I’ve renewed my card here twice since my first visit through them and always have an enjoyable experience. I will be returning soon.

  441. Kennedy73

    Very friendly and informitive staff.

    Excellent variety of buds, oils, edibles, pipes and papers. Laid back, comfortable enviroment. Best dispensery I found!!

  442. nanette169

    Wow!!! Love this place!! I am a stage 4 cancer survivor and was steered to this place for pain management and they knew exactly what I needed and it was right on!!!! The pain is almost gone and I feel so much better!!! TY!!! 😉

  443. 562blazer

    the staff here are simply AMAZING!! just moved out here from california and found this place not to far from wherd I live.. always good flower and the budtenders are extremely knowledgeable.

  444. jinxaaa

    I simply love this place. It is my favorite place in town. The shatter is cheap and the selection is awesome.

  445. therealadamteel

    Their staff is super friendly and can always answer my questions. The atmosphere is great, the prices are fair, and the quality of their bud and wax is also fantastic!

  446. Avyrus666

    Love Depot Town Dispensary!

  447. angamo

    Love the employees…and the information they are able to help with

  448. Lila7

    Very knowledgeable and friendly staff! loved the layout and display set up with visible donations. Will definitely be returning 🙂

  449. paigechi88

    the staff is super awesome!

  450. mohanad08

    Nice staff friendly

  451. RedZeppelin

    Staff was fast and friendly. And very helpful with any questions I had. Will return.

  452. Lush.Haven

    I have been going here for about 9 months, and what struck me immediately on my first visit was the clean, well organized facility. They have a beautiful location in Ypsilanti’s historic Depot Town district. The office itself is very secure, they check your ID and then you get buzzed in to the main store area, it gives you a very safe shopping environment.

    The second thing that struck me was the incredibly professional, friendly and knowledgeable staff. It’s very apparent that their number one priority is making sure you get exactly the right strain for your condition, and have been EXTREMELY helpful when I have had to make an emergency stop to get meds to alleviate my pain.

    They have a great selection of meds, from edibles, oils, pills, and buds.

    Keep an eye out for their specials… Including Fridays where you can make a donation for 1/8 and get one half off. They also have a nice selection of accessories and vaporizers. The suggested donation rates are great too.

    I highly recommend them to anyone who has a medical need. I was new to Canibus use, and I never felt like they were annoyed by my flood of questions. I Can’t say enough good things about the staff!

  453. 10144217a

    This is my first time reacquainting myself with cannabis in 15+ years. The dispensary made my reacquainting with cannabis, due to my medical needs, safe, educational, and comfortable. The staff sees you coming and puts you at ease by easily relating personal stories, opinions, and recognizes your need to be guided through the process. This is also one of the only dispensaries in Michigan that reciprocate the medical cannabis laws with Ohio. Buckeyes! This is your cannabis destination until Kasich in the rest of our cannabis ignorant politicians get their act together and open up dispensaries. Hopefully it will not be in 2020.

  454. katherinesmith

    very good meds.! lots to choose from. staff friendly. I love going to get meds. here

  455. cristo

    Old fashioned good place w/t good people

  456. HikerRay

    I love buying from this dispensary! The tenders are always friendly and the quality of the products is top notch. Fair prices and friendly people: you can’t go wrong.

  457. hb32214

    Great vibes man- best shop in Ypsilanti

  458. scottyo

    I was referred here through the
    AAHC. They have a good selection of meds and the staff are all super friendly. Plus, the location is great

  459. rxstep

    I visit here several times a week. The Staff is very courteous and helpful. Great selection of strains and edibles. Always my #1 choice for medicine.

  460. myles420

    Great place, friendly staff It’s my main source for Meds they know there product highly recommended from me

  461. ForrestO

    Ian was very informative and helpful. This is one of my favorite dispensaries. Great vibe, friendly staff, good hours

  462. GCebina

    Very knowledgeable staff an excellent products. It is the only place that I go to in Ypsilanti

  463. jdogbandman

    Great place like it good lil spot

  464. NikkiB420

    Quick in and out, friendly helpful staff, and quality meds.

  465. alloftheweeds

    This was my first first experience in a dispensary I witnessed confident knowledgeable employees educate not only myself, but also some veteran smokers as well, with medicine that is sure to please and service tailored to the individual. I will be returning!

  466. collegeventures

    Great group of people. Their passion for patients, knowledge and understanding is second to none. They take the time to help you figure out the landscape if you’re new, and they’re quick to provide service if you know what you want. The staff is friendly and the location is great. I try to grab a bite at Sidetrack when I’m in the area!

  467. Demos

    awesome location, was quickly seen and the meds i received were superb. the free preroll i got for first time visit was good.

  468. Nicetryskeleton

    My favorite dispensary in the area, great prices and excellent quality.
    Ian and other staff members always know exactly what I want, and always remember my name.

  469. PornStarJacqui

    Nice shop, easy location, friendly employees. They have a large selection as well. They aren’t pushy about their product either. Good job all around!

  470. Krashex

    Nice selection with a very knowledgeable staff, Ian was a huge help that’s time I stopped in.

  471. jaobb13

    I feel this place is overpriced, for what you get. $20 a gram for stuff that’s normally $10 anywhere else. $25 Half grams of wax, which Is slightly better then their previous price of $30 but still not as good as $20 else where. Sometimes the staff would be cool, other times it was quite shitty. Great old look though. Probably the coolest thing about this place.

  472. raejeff

    my husband and i had the best time with ian can’t wait to take my sister dY~

  473. MidNiteToker734

    fast and friendly. really nice staff. parking is close to the dispensery.

  474. bonniesp1

    This place is so great! They have been so helpful and supportive of me as I walk this new journey. I have felt so much better ever since I started this regimen. Thank god and god bless you guys!

  475. whardy1

    This was my first visit but won’t be my last. Everyone was very helpful and professional and they have a good selection!


    Enjoy the quality of dY”Y=dY”Y=dY'”dY'”dY'”dYOE!i,dYOE!i,dYOE!i,dYOE!i,

  477. BIGJAY77

    Very friendly and helpful staff, and great meds. Loved the selection of edibles too!

  478. noelm

    Nice clean place. The counter person was well informed. Good selection of product. Will return again.

  479. tiffyono

    Staff was welcoming and super friendly! Clean and cool atmosphere …. will be back for more! Tons of edibles to pick from (:

  480. Thatspat

    Cool people, very comfortable atmosphere. I’ve never been disappointed with any product, edible or flower. Look out for their daily specials to save some considerable money on purchases. Otherwise you are looking at $20/g

  481. MaliciousBane

    Depot Town Dispensary was very helpful and informative in helping me get the medicine I need daily. The Doctor was kind and understanding to my pain and the employees were very informative in suggested strains of medicine that helped me.

  482. AsianStonerBabe

    I don’t trust anyone else with my cannabis needs.

  483. Dano23

    Polite, knowledgable, and very helpful employees. Would recommend!!

  484. thegreatbanjini

    Super nice guys, helped me out with a grain strain for my nausea. Will see again!

  485. arielanastygal

    I had a great experience and the team is knowledgeable. I will definitely return to try their private selection- “twilight”….

  486. Kredley

    Love Depot town will never go anywhere else. Best dispensary in Michigan. They have the best staff and the best meds ever. I will be going tomorrow.

  487. MissSativa

    Depot Town is very convenient, reliable, and always extremely helpful!!

  488. Eric13

    This is the first dispensary I had been to. The staff was extremely kind and helpful.

  489. carbatch613

    location is great staff is alright. I was turned away with my temporary card after using it twice at this location, and told to wait for my card to come in the mail. Flower choices are not that great, small selection and none are potent. would not shop here again due to mediocre level of service and inconsistent policies. would not recommend anyone looking for flower shop here due to weak selection.

  490. overthere

    great medicine for great suggested donations.

  491. Badbradjones

    very nice courteous little pricey but other than that that’s all good prices are very high from specially for people on disability

  492. stoggiewalls

    Smaller Dispensary with decent flowers

  493. mr.stan54

    depot town dep is great always greeted with a warm friendly smile and service is the best.

  494. jrizzay

    it was a great first experience! great ? products and a even better and friendly staff!

  495. shiftyme65

    Staff was courteous and helpful found donation pricing a little high and parking needs improvement

  496. xxMMMxx

    This is my favorite place to go. I have been to every other dispensary and none were as compassionate and courteous with our needs. Overall a very positive environment for patients

  497. blitzed14

    The staff here is always extremely helpful and they have a good variety. I love the pre-rolls and edibles as well. I would definitely recommend this dispensary.

  498. Jmrandal1711

    A very warm atmosphere. The staff is highly knowledgeable and professional. I will not go to any other locations. Chalena and Eddie are very friendly obviously take their jobs seriously. They are welcoming of questions and always have the best suggestions.

  499. Nickf9012

    Great staff. Great medicine. 5 stars all around

  500. rvicious8605

    great place. employees are always friendly. mos def going back

  501. abbyisok

    a little more expensive but can have fairly good deals sometimes. However
    you are definitely getting what you pay for.

  502. mschankin90

    This was my first visit to this dispensary. It was my only second visit to any dispensary. the staff (Iaan) was very friendly and walked me through everything and answered my million + 1questions with enthusiasm 🙂 . Their selection is beautiful and their medibles are delicious. I will deffinetly be going back to visit many many times. Their weekly specials look great plus you get a free gift on your first visit 😉

  503. bigroo68

    Great atmosphere, fast friendly service, and great meds.

  504. dwo8485

    Great place and great meds. Will be back again!

  505. ypsiwitch

    I’ve been going to the Depot Town Dispensary since I got my card. I’ve been to most of the other dispensaries in the area and they’re all nice but Depot Town is the best, in my opinion. The staff is always really friendly and knowledgeable, they know what I’m looking for when I ask for their best sativa. The atmosphere is really inviting as well. I don’t feel like I’m hiding in an office to make my purchase, it’s out at a counter like any store. Cause it’s legal. I love these guys.

  506. SwampBeard

    Does not update menu. drove 20 miles to find out the employees have no idea what is being advertised. The concentrates looked like mud or fudge and not like the medicine I want to take. Nice place poor meds.

  507. aaron69420

    This dispensary was helpful, had what I needed and had friendly service.

  508. hanszo

    The staff made the experience enjoyable and I will definitely keep coming back.

  509. Slurm

    Everytime I come in, I’m further impressed by the incredible staff and their clear dedication to the patients and their continued satisfaction.

  510. treepuffer

    Friendly first time visit, was helped in a caring manner and found what I was looking for.

  511. christy1387

    Very informative, very friendly.

  512. ABenson

    Everytime i come its a great

  513. ajjanik

    Loved it. Friendly, knowledgeable staff with a good selection and great atmosphere. Stop by ASAP, you won’t be disappointed.

  514. aishajones34

    Love how friendly the staff is! They have awesome concentrates and the flower in the prerolls (much of their own selection minus the medley prerolls) is superb!!!

  515. kstarosta

    Nice little shop. Very knowledgeable staff. Was very helpful for a first time buyer.

  516. woompwomp

    th workers were very helpful n didn’t get an attitude wen answering my 50 million questions.Lol

  517. dhorgrow

    I really enjoy this facility.

  518. mrtoastyboots

    I Love it here! So will you! It’s my favorite place in ypsi!

  519. rschafer823

    Very friendly. Good strains!

  520. leamonmosley

    Great atmosphere and the staff was helpful and welcoming. I will be back.

  521. kindmc

    great place and people

  522. loucaloo

    This is a good dispensary with quality bud and friendly people. The staff was more than happy to help me find what strain and accessories I wanted. Very nice place with sick deals too!

  523. indoorgrower

    gooooooood service

  524. Feynman

    Thanks for answering my never-ending questions, CW! We’ll be back soon 🙂

  525. ashleycloutier

    came in for my first time on Saturday around noon. friendly staff, helpful, and to the point. prices were better than I was expecting. great medicine. will be returning and referring!

  526. barbbev

    it’s a nice place an they have nice people 🙂

  527. jtmudman

    Quiet, Calm, Professional, well-stocked. Did not carry Canna-Cubes but had suitable “gummy” star edible for half price of a Cannacube. Nice Freebie for joining. I will return for more meds.

  528. zmarks2

    very convenient! and Very people all the time.. definitely will be back soon

  529. octodrone

    visited for the first time last week. it’s a great cozy atmosphere with informative and helpful budtenders. definitely would recommend to others.

  530. Hyyy

    Bad experience today, the girl was rude and didn’t know any of the THC percentages. They were not labeled and she said no description available. They acted like it was a problem to tell me about the different percentages in the flower. I would like to know what I’m buying. Usually no problems.

  531. tauras_perfection

    GREAT FLOWER, decent prices, awesome staff. Already have been there mutiple times.

  532. ceecee1978

    They were very helpful & patient with me (a 1st timer). I’ll be going back!

  533. mmmpcompliant

    I will be honest Depot Town sucks! I wrote nice review for a free joint but guess what I do not support them at all. Depot Town made a complete embarrassment out of the Agent Orange strain WTF? They are a sad joke I am glad to have found a real affordable spot down the street. Now I can get high and look down upon them LOL I have waited a while to tell this hole off!

  534. MehlMann

    The place is awesome, wonderful selection of meds Employees are very friends and accomendating . Discount are also very good

  535. GingerMacabre

    Awesome people and quality!

  536. kwg420

    Good meds and good service, will be back soon.

  537. pizzaismylife

    I absolutely love this place they are always happy to see me and have a wonderful selection!

  538. Napier616

    Super friendly and accommodating staff. I can be incredibly indecisive and they’ve known shown an ounce of annoyance. Love the local business

  539. Angelsphoto

    Awesome doctor! Perfect Staff! I loved my experience front to back!dY~EUR

  540. anthony32

    Came in for the first time the other day. The shop is clean and pleasantly decorated, the flowers (ken’s GDP and fire og) are smooth and effective as I’ve had, and the young lady I had the pleasure of being amicably assisted by most definitely knew her shit. Now my 1st choice in aa/ypsi area.

  541. navnotrom

    Great service and very good quality….I will visit them again very soon

  542. MattS31

    Very friendly, and helpful! Love this place!!

  543. analee222

    love this place, love the recent price changes as well. comparable to street and other dispensary prices. high quality flower and wax.

  544. lareechka

    My favorite dispensary ever!!! I will still make the trek out here after I move. Great specials, great people, good quality. Thanks depot town!

  545. xxmMm-420xx

    I love coming to Depot Town I have been to all the other dispensaries around and this one is my favorite for sure. I always set myself a money limit and I always go over no matter what. Best bud and edibles ever. Ian is very helpful and friendly he knows what he is talking about too.

  546. SabrinaY74

    I had the best experience here. They are very knowledgeable with the Sativa and Indica’s, knowing which one would work best for me. Thank you guys 🙂

  547. kek123789

    Wonderful dispensary!! Wide variety never disappointed with cutsomer service

  548. Ricanbandit64

    Excellent spot for this newbie patient. The team definitely made me feel at home and answered my numerous questions. The medicine was of great quality and while the cost seems a bit higher than other places, the convenience and chill environment compensate for that in my opinion. Highly recommend.

  549. therealhova

    great place with great product

  550. makelovenotwar

    Beautiful old fashioned apothecary type of feeling here… you will enjoy the shopping experience just as much as your smoking experience! Exceptional customer service both on the phone and in person. Great selection of edibles. The quality is a little more middle of the road than I’d expect, just drier weed than I’d prefer on some strains, but never seedy or stemmy and the effects are always good and strong regardless! This was my first dispensary when I got my license and it will forever be my favorite. Wonderful place, wonderful staff, wonderful cannabis.

  551. phindog

    always a good experience, staff is nice & very helpful.

  552. Whitney1986

    Informative and friendly staff plus top shelf meds A+

  553. jberg1984

    The store is clean and the atmosphere is friendly. All the staff is knowledgeable about the products they carry and can help meet all of your med needs. I will definitely be returning and suggest that you check them out too!

  554. amandakrotak

    it’s okay. good stuff, okay with prices… could do better with customers though… I always felt not very wanted around. or like I’m just annoying.
    I only stopped in every other week.. might not anymore.

  555. ceecee39270

    Every time I’m in Ypsi, I make sure I stop by. The people are friendly, helpful, & patient with new customers.

  556. hesstrain

    Love this place!! Great staff and great meds. I wouldn’t go anywhere else.

  557. kushway1231

    Awesome place! Ian, Chelena, and the staff are kind and helpful.

  558. theoggreenbean

    some of the worst bud ive ever had. the quality is not worth it.

  559. aziz88

    The staff was very informative and was pleasantly surprised at the large selection of meds available. . the pack the meds nicely. Will definitely be returning.

  560. BiGGiE93

    Great bud, amazing service. Well worth the extra drive time

  561. pitman

    great people with fantastic kn owledge to assist.. and professional..

  562. Jchalm01

    Great service good medicine good location

  563. mrsannarbor

    I like this dispensary very much. Staff is outstanding-Ian knows his meds. I Always take his recommendations. And am always happy. Excellent selection of edibles.

  564. itsmemike

    The staff was awesome. I went in at 10am and even though that’s early they were more than willing to help this information junkie out. Awesome place. Great selections. Thanks again yall!

  565. cammyboy1

    Excellent place for all marijuana patients, thanks for the love, and support throughout this journey. But still learning about products and growing some good products, hope to work for a dispenser hopefully someone hires Givan@

  566. carofly

    Been to this shop twice. Great staff and customer service. They were helpful and made the whole thing a cool experience. Weed is awesome. They have a sativa called Instant Euphoria that’s awesome.

  567. Grlwwutangtattoo

    I love this place and the budtenders…. AAAAmazing!


    Excellent Dispo, helpful and knowledgeable staff, great selection – very convenient and user-friendly! Lots of customer rewards, and special offers. Best experience in this area.

  569. rrrdawg

    First store gone to since I got card. Great, quick service and they have good deals.

  570. BiaggioSklutas

    They sold me a $40 cartridge that did not work in any of the three standardized sizes of vape pens I use. I do not know of any other sizes. I called the store to ask them about this – no answer during their normal business hours and no voicemail set up. Don’t go here unless you want top burn your money for nothing.

  571. theshopes

    Good service. Professional. Great selection.

  572. gregreid

    Great place..

  573. CHALENA

    Professional and helpful staff. I will definitely be going back.

  574. wikipat

    Always great quality and variety

  575. Corporaltaco

    great dispensary, great people and service!

  576. PigDog89

    Depot Town is a great and dependable dispensary. I enjoy the quick in and out service, there is never a line and they always have great specials going on.

  577. geradbott

    Never been disappointed walking into this place. Always has some of the best customer service and some great Edibles too!

  578. GEMC

    Great place, Depot town is top notch!

  579. LovegodSmokegood

    The thing I love most about this place is the atmosphere. Good music great service and quality DANK!!!

  580. edaddy.1428

    This was my first dispensary ever and I was impressed! Very professional and friendly staff. The young woman was knowledgeable and did a great job showing me everything. I also got two free gifts which was a nice touch. Secure, comfortable place that I will be going back to often.

  581. jessejtuttle

    High quality meds and awesome service. Its honestly the nicest dispensary I’ve been to. I would definitely recommend them.

  582. katherine68

    My first day a young pretty blonde with tattoos ( I loved her red tail hawk feather she had) I dont remember her name but she was very nice and patient with me, which made me feel very comfortable so i was able to get a lot of info. I will be back not just because of the good flower but because of how well i was treated their. see you guys soon.

  583. baudganja420

    if your n ypsi check out depot town dispensary there the best. everybody n there is cool and plus they got the best Tahoe og everdY’OEdY’dY’dY’-

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