Flavors Detroit

Flavors Detroit



5700 East 8 Mile Rd, Detroit, MI 48234


42.447691, -83.046472




10:00 AM – 8:00 PM


10:00 AM – 8:00 PM


10:00 AM – 8:00 PM


10:00 AM – 8:00 PM


10:00 AM – 9:00 PM


10:00 AM – 9:00 PM


10:00 AM – 8:00 PM


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Flavors Detroit is a traditional Provisioning Center with a modern twist. We strive to supply high quality products at an affordable price. Flavors is bringing class back to Detroit!

New Patients: First time patients get an automatic free pre-roll.


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160 reviews for “Flavors Detroit

  1. Traintime911

    Detroit Flavors not only have the best bud tenders they also have the best flower. Check out their oz specials everyday.

  2. radd44

    they are going to reopen

  3. Chippy90

    I love the strains they have, very friendly bud tenders and they are very knowledgeable

  4. JBarbu

    awesome place, friendly service, great products and a free preroll on my 1st visit! I’ll be going back soon

  5. CARL1629

    I drive all the way from up north to come here best deal best buds best budtemders around

  6. Username_Kronik

    One word. Seeds…

  7. Glh111572

    Ruba, Justina, Danny, Stan, Antonio, Roger, n Mario…solid man. Customer service is top notch- mad respect to the flavors crew. They do what they gotta do to serve you right! dY$?~dY1/2

  8. Taylorterbush

    420 was a busy day to come in for a first visit. ,but totally worth it.

  9. Calsxx97

    Great selection, haven’t been disappointed yet. Go to shop forsure dY’dY1/4

  10. Luvlost2

    Quickly has become my number one location for supplies. Quick check ins, nice place, brings the future of the business to present time.

  11. Dominoeffect123

    It was a good experience.

  12. hammase

    wow. I regret signing up for text messages.
    Any way to chill on all the text messages? My phone goes off at least 3-4times a day with multiple texts from flavors. It’s a little excessive

  13. SnowKnitter

    Live the atmosphere…knowledgeable staff.

  14. JaneMccaster

    today was my first time visiting this location I was driving down 8 Mile to my normal dispensary and notice the sign so I thought I’d give them a try me and my husband was greeted immediately by security my husband brought his gun inside which he normally doesn’t do but the security was so courteous and explained everything calmly and made us feel welcome we then were processed and we made our way to the back there was no wait time the staff behind the counter was awesome I explained to them our budget and we left out with more than our budget could afford this place is now my only dispensary I will ever come to…..

  15. Boonana29

    Best place ever. Best deals around

  16. Bentunicorn

    used to be a great place but now daily specials always seem to be gone and except for security the budtenders are sort of rude

  17. nachogirl

    Super helpful staff, easy check in and little to no wait. ATM within. Great selection and knowledgeable staff help find the products that work best for you. Plus adding in some suggestions. I myself get social anxiety and shut down and my budtender was amazingly patient. Answered all my questions and even though I was taking up his time he kept a smile on his face. Told him my budget and what I needed- and he found everything. Great place and great staff!

  18. mymanz

    I thought this would be my new spot then a dumb azz rule comes into play…
    We Can’t Split Quarters anymore… dY~’a~1i,
    Stop being lazy!

  19. Big_Prophet

    Been here several times. Normally quality is good for price. The last time I was in I got Blue Cookies on special at $165/ounce. I was not impressed and the bud was seeded. I even asked the budtender if he had tried it and he said yes its real good. Every other visit was a good experience I just hope this isn’t their new normal.

  20. Weedheadfred

    Best dispensary around

  21. Chad hyatt

    The best in Michigan hands down!

  22. geomofo48060

    great product and staff

  23. Poison1030

    I’ve been here a couple of times and will go back! the staff is amazing, friendly and informative

  24. EdyeB

    awesome dispensary staff very knowledgeable bud tenders are amazing

  25. Quirky76

    I like the cafe vibe

  26. BIGAL1978

    This dispensary has very nice and respectful staff and they are very clean inside our bud tender was very kind and sweet see you on Tue thanks again for being so kind

  27. Tucker27

    love this place

  28. sillydog

    Love this place they have it all good staff great quality!!

  29. HighestCloud

    I woke this morning and I couldn’t remember If I wrote a Review/comment..Im HAPPY and I’m very greatful to live life without pain tying me..AMEN..I really like this place..trying to build a report bc of medical issues and I think I ran smack to what I need as far as. that goes, a good budtender is essential for me. A friend referred me..I went to this one by accident and it turned out Good. From the security to the front desk..I felt good…Im really satisfied with the results of the product..So My word is all I have, I will be a returning patient..Thanks for doing a Great Job. See ya soon dY~SatmY=i,dY’-

  30. Oneida77

    nice set up lots to choose from but as a 1st time patient i was shorted on my 8th.So tired of running into this its 3.5 no more no less

  31. BestAuntEver1115

    I love this place. They have great deal on both flower and carts. I would recommend this place to all of my friends.

  32. Kingpin31325

    One of best to me

  33. Chouck03

    I think the staff is super friendly and the prices are great

  34. Tyki3

    Great good stuff

  35. Mitzzzzz

    all around great place to shop at .nice astompher . nice staff

  36. Tattoodaddy313

    Flavors is the only place I go! Free preroll Thursday! Get ur buttz down here and check it out! I love flavors Detroit!

  37. Correctchris99

    I sent my cuzin in this place to get flower for me yesterday because i left my mmm card…it was very tasty…

  38. fashji

    Atmosphere/ Ambience was cool. But, I’ve never been anywhere else where I had to stand in line and then get short-changed on weight. Best price is not everything.

  39. thesupreme91

    Absolutely love this place!! I’ve been coming here for a few months, and the outstanding customer service I received on my first visit made me switch my home dispo. Thanks for the great service guys, keep being the best.

  40. Dragonree

    Very nice place, very friendly bud tenders

  41. Tony088

    Great Deals

  42. PhoenixRa

    This a great establishment with amazing deal specials and great product. I will be a frequent customer!

  43. Nbucci1621

    Best dispensary in Detroit. So many options and wonderful staff!!

  44. Ethan0472

    Now this dispensary is nice. Not intimidating and knowledgeable for first timers such as myself. Brought my first Ooze pen. Thanks

  45. SuLyMa

    Nice comfy waiting area

    TIP: move or turn down music speakers so patients can hear their names being called

    Staff is great

  46. THCworks4me

    I like this place. I’m old fashioned. I like good flower. This place has it. Especially their gorilla glue. Great smoke. And unlike some of my other reviews, this one is untainted by the offer of something free for a good review. I like this place.

  47. ScottsWife2014

    beautiful clean location. helpful budtenders. great atomosphere. fast service just dont go on a Friday after work beacuse wait times can get long

  48. LikesDabud1

    Always happy with the bud. The staff is very unfriendly.

  49. Saramarie88

    I spend money here all the time. I get home to look at my flower and the guy didnt even pick my stems out i have a gram of stems…. & its not even 14gs….. This is my fav. Place but honestly ill NEVER be back… Cant believe he sold me stems.. Ill let my homies kno to quit going to u guys…. Who wants stems

  50. vic810

    Great deals and awesome meds I live over an hour away from here but I always come back here. Very organized and professional

  51. xhailed20

    The last two times I have been in here I bought an ounce each time. Both times not only was it short but super dry and harsh. I get it sometimes things dry out if you put it in a bag but I shouldn’t be two grams short. you guys have now jipped me out of a whole eighter. It really sucks because other than that the place is friendly and great.

  52. Mdedvukaj233

    Best despensary in Detroit… amazing selections for wax and weed…all weed is great here even the 8$ a gram

  53. 313Rasta

    5 star shop best quality in the city buds are perfect visit to find out!!!dYOE3dYEURdYOE+-dYOE?

  54. mamasandy1

    Great service. I usually have to be at least a 3peat customer before staff treats me like I matter. I felt genuinely welcomed.

  55. billyg313

    Fantastic bud tenders, very attentive. Good quality products and a very awesome variety

  56. sherita27

    Very nice inside quick budget good 4 my $$$$

  57. Jmiah4214

    I love all the different flavors best spot around most convenient!

  58. Natedog12

    Very Fair Prices, Extremely GOOD FLOWER.. Uplifting atmosphere everyone i saw walking out was happy ! that says allot !

  59. DeeTown313

    Best dispensary on 8mile rd! dY”Y=dY”Y=dY”Y=dY”Y=

  60. DailyGreenRx

    Always happy knowing Flavors is open. Great staff. Modern, open and great meds any shelf

  61. ColyCo

    Very friendly and helpful, Quality customer service, Quality products, and well maintained. They really try to meet the needs of their patientsdY~S

  62. PhillyBree

    The staff was very friendly and knowledgeable. Chelsea made some great recommendations. I will definitely be back!

  63. Reggiecanty

    Best spot

  64. Bowers1123

    Great place to go. Nice and friendly staff who is helpful. Took a few of their recommendations and everything has been great. Great selection as well

  65. lenised

    My favorite place by FAR! Staff are so down to esrth and knowledgable! I just love this place! Never ever have they done me wrong and I ALWAYS get the BEST advice on what to use for my medical condition. Btw the Red Sativa Shatter is amazing!

  66. Babytooth72

    top notch flower prices set to beat excellent service

  67. Benbradford365

    Always have the best flower for ounce specials

  68. krazydrama

    Great prices large variety very helpful staff fast service highly recommend

  69. sdanna23

    4 people deep in line, Clerk on the phone for at least 10 minutes not helping anyone. I eventually left. So did the guy ahead of me. Too bad. I WAS a returning customer. Not any longer.

  70. artattack

    Excellent selection
    Great value
    Great staff
    My one stop shop!

  71. DerrickKing11

    Great prices on flower and awesome flower!

  72. Leeleebelle

    I’ve been to a lot of places an FM this by far is my favorite. The tenders are friendly and always helpful and the bud is great. I send everyone to flavors

  73. ronsexton3

    Simply the best place in town ,the best selection of high quality bud at great prices.

  74. palomaordaz

    I love that they always mention there specials

  75. Medogrol

    This is my favorite place to go.

  76. subzero15698

    Laura was really sweet, Came in feeling shitty, but the product perked me up!

  77. 22jt

    100% recommend for everyone. If it’s your first time ever medicating, or you are a seasoned vet, these budtenders are there to make sure you leave happy. I’m 10+ years into management in customer service, and wish I could find people like this. No matter the product, I’ve never left with an unanswered question. You would think the amazing atmosphere was to cover up a mediocre product, but you would be wrong. The product is prime, and plentiful in selection. They have everything you need, something a little extra, and they do it with a smile.

  78. Spen313

    Blueberry headband was great dY”Y= for a good price

  79. Jennyrae88

    Ruba is my boo love her chip the security guard is on point love him! Of course everyone else! Only place I go

  80. RapBrown76

    These guys are horrible. First, the bud tender seemed totally annoyed that he was dealing with me, ask him for sativa strain that was like Catfish, he sends me out the door with an 85% indica, which is stated right on the label and nothing like Catfish, couldn’t read it in the store because the label that states the product is so goddamned small you need a magnifying glass to read it. I call back and ask for a return and am told “tough luck”. There are a lot of dispensaries on 8 mile that I’ve used, I’ve never gotten this kind of piss poor service, going elsewhere next time, so should you.
    Only reason I used them again is because they do get you product quickly, but if they don’t give you what you ask for, what good is that?

  81. 305clo

    recommend there glue sale !

  82. Arsenic_

    Excellent location, especially when you can pull straight into the parking lot at the light. Security is excellent, I had a guy walk up to me and ask for money as I was getting out of my car in the dark, security kicked him out before I could even say a word. Good selection of flower that rotates frequently. The staff is friendly as well. Only like 2 of them are knowledgeable about the products, but everyone else usually makes good suggestions anyways.

    Now for the airing of the grievances.
    The layout of the building is modeled after ikea, but decorated like zumiez, and only consists of right hand turns. There are lounge sofas, but they’re roped off, so if your legs don’t work too good, you’re on your own. Last but far from least is the volume of the music. I’m deaf in my left ear and and when I’m queued in line, I can’t hear when my name is called unless I see someone waving at me. Then when I’m asking questions I have difficulty hearing the answers.

    Besides the noise, I would still recommend it to others and will still frequent here in the future.

  83. Nat64

    Definitely the best dispensary in Detroit!
    Best atmosphere, best bud tenders, most of all best selection and best bud!

  84. michelle71428

    Flavors Detroit is hands down the best dispensary! Everyone is super nice and great flower selection!

  85. Dundermifflinaire

    Staff were super helpful and very patient, great selection and some of the best prices for bud that I’ve encountered in the area

  86. Minnix79

    Great staff, great flower, great prices! This is a must-see dispensary! Look forward to going back again!

  87. Ollodownshame

    owner disrespectful refused donation and kicked me out over giving bad review don’t shop where they don’t appreciate your loyalty never coming back

  88. YokoYakazumaa

    very fast and informative will definitely be back

  89. loveofflavors

    Love this place would go everyday if I had the $

  90. Bignif

    The moonrocks and flower here we Amazing. The service is exceptional as well.

  91. sirwilliam9190

    I’m a fan, drove by last week and stopped in, had never heard of the place, but I’m glad I did. Great quality meds at a reasonable price and the guy that owns it seemed like a good dude himself. I’d recommend, I’ll visit again for sure.

  92. Freeunclebone

    great place good flowers always get the love showed

  93. Bailey1227

    This place is great best flowers best deals and the best BUDTENDERS and the Security man is Awesome.THKS Guys keep up the good work.

  94. growwingpains

    Great place, great flower. Employees are super nice.

  95. TStarks

    Very clean, budtennders are friendly and full of knowledge. I can honestly say I’ll be coming to Flavors a lot!!!

  96. GOT MILK 09


  97. stitches420

    good quality meds at a reap descent price. definitely my go to place for meds

  98. ardie2002

    Tried this Location for the first time ,Day before yesterday…. cool atmosphere for a Fairly new spot. The staff seemed friendly, but my budtender acted a little irritated or newbie like. Think he was having problems with math with the grams. I purchase two different strains (both of which I’ve had several times before from other dispensaries ), and both tasted unready, as if it wasn’t dried enough. Not trying to give a bad rep, but I will not be returning… honestly I really don’t care what the atmosphere or service is like… jus need my bud to b rite!

  99. Sarakun

    Location is easy to get too, handicappers don’t have a long walk to the door, atmosphere is friendly and all of their inventory displayed on screen.

  100. MizDay04

    This dispensary is amazing they have top quality products and very knowledgeable employees. Really like the way they advertise their goods on tv in their dispensary so you can see what the deal of the day is and more.

  101. ScottGJr

    Best in Detroit! Huge selection of amazing quality meds, With the best prices I’ve seen yet, This will be my #1 spot evrytime.

  102. beckyweed

    love chip the security guy. this is the best place ever

  103. Pdlk48236Don

    Great selection and bud all around great atmosphere!

  104. KushGodSolo

    One of my favorite spots

  105. Stonermom6720

    awesome service great weed and very high tech. will def come back

  106. KellyNicole78

    Great Stop, Always walk out happy quality products nice employees

  107. Duda313420

    Loved the deal on Platinum’s

  108. iaintgotlessthan30


  109. ChuukBHigh

    Straight Krud Only. #certified

  110. Anna1973

    Best place in town

  111. mackave31

    I entered the establishment feeling a little blah, nevertheless, I was more than pleased with the end results! This is the sure spot, for sure!!!

  112. Christy371

    Hands down best dispensary in Michigan I recommend all my peeps to go they treat u right an have the best meds arounddY’sdY’sdY’-dY’-dY’-

  113. Margo4hope

    Fun place! Great staff!!

  114. millikengage

    I went in as a new patient expecting a decent gift and good quality medicine was not really happy with the medicine I got and for my gift from the dispensary they gave me a shity pre-roll and I also was unhappy about the labeling on the bottle it is incorrect it says strain is a 50/50 and 0% THC I probably will never go back to this place too bad

  115. bludreamandwanderlust

    Any budtender I’ve worked with has always been friendly and helpful. The environment is always clean and appealing. I enjoy going here and frequently refer friends.

  116. Sdarrow


  117. amac313

    Nice shop but the seems uneducated and top shelf bud was crap.

  118. I8munkys

    To many strains to choose from. I takes forever to look at them all.. lol.

  119. Papa.Duane

    Very poor service. Today was likely my last visit. Maybe half dozen customers in the store. After getting someone to wait on me (young male)I ask about RSO. I wanted to know about the THC contents. He didn’t know. The product is not labeled. He ask another person who yelled out (while servicing another customer)the numbers. I asked to a print out or an email. They said no problem. Well after they took care of another two customers, I just left. They didn’t have time for me. LAST STOP. I do not recommend this store. Just another senior shopping at the wrong place for his meds.

  120. Albro87

    LOVE them! Went in specifically looking for a few strands to help with insomnia. The bud tender helping offered his opinion of a strain he thought would help better than what I’d researched.. THANK YOU FOR YOUR INPUT!! Best night of sleep I’ve had in quite some time, & no foggy groggy feeling this morning! You definitely earned yourself a regular! Thank you – see you guys again SOON!

  121. highsyd94

    If I could give more than five stars, I would! I’ve been here a couple times and always have had a pleasant experience. My most recent experience was even above and beyond the call of duty for a budtender.. Shout out to Antonio for lending me $5… The honey is great dY’dY>>. Will continue to go many times again.

  122. KevinMacmartin

    very nice shop.
    friendly staff and very good buds!

  123. Perkey

    nice easy atmosphere lots to choose from. Staff is great helping explaining advising . i really enjoed my first viait

  124. Loegria15

    I love the atmosphere and the people – and the products are wonderful, as well! Thanks Flavors Detroit – from Lucy Gothro!

  125. Ms.Catwoman

    They really know their stuff. Excellent place to shop

  126. polisht

    just amazing best deals on flower the bud is fire

  127. purebeauty2020

    Nice place. Good bud

  128. Ricomiller6

    nice clean helpful service by Rodger

  129. Cat56

    it was my first time there. everybody was so friendly my budtender was excellent very helpful definitely will be backdY’aoeOE

  130. Happytime75

    Fantastic Flavors

    My favorite spot for sure! The quality of their flowers are awesome. You definitely want to check out Flavors! Shout out to Roger & the entire staff for giving great customer service to their customers.

  131. CliffK1979

    The budtenders are amazing! Quality of medicine and prices are great! Check this place out and it will be your new spot.

  132. Blueyed0115

    Great products and great deals. Definitely recommend.

  133. Paris1019

    Overall has the best meds at a affordable price with a great high. Go here ever day an they still have yet to disappoint me.

  134. Eplloyd

    Best sativa around. Excellent service and cool ass deals!!
    I recommend this place to everyone!

  135. Dragon111

    this is about the only despencery I go to I really like there meds and staff..

  136. Therickker2

    very awesome people,always have everything you need and want buds always on point and pre_ rolls very good no shake all flower!

  137. Detroit96

    some of the best strains around with the best deals I love coming here

  138. Lantanacamar

    Great staff and customer service. Easy and ample parking. Had a leaky cart and they swapped it no problem 🙂 large selection of strains and other products ~ great ounce deals too! If you’ve never stopped in I’d recommend you give em a try.

  139. MECDanks

    It’s a big dispensary don’t get me wrong, but their products quality is kind of mediocre, purchased a $25.00 aEUR~cifgar’ that had moonrocks in it, didn’t even smoke at all.

  140. hprell3

    This is a wonderful place they have some fire fasho I always go here to get my quarter

  141. erikserica

    Awesome!!! Cannot wait to get back & OMG- the Ice Cream CookiesdY~dY~dY~

  142. Jami.shull

    Large selections, great products, knowledgeable & helpful staff!

  143. pookie67

    I like the gg4 good bud

  144. chrisdeek

    really good quality oils and at fair prices.

  145. QueenPDC

    Excellent service atmosphere and
    products. Safe environment

  146. Ghstreveries

    awesome dispo! One of the best around. Felt at home first time there. The staff were all super cool friendly knowledgeable and patient. The crumble was really good and the flower was all top notch. Will be back soon thats for sure!!!

  147. superhotpeter

    Great dispensary nice atmosphere nice people Ruba is amazing!

  148. SlothBoss

    This is my favorite dispensary. It’s completely unpretentious, and it’s apparent that they’re trying to give you the best bang for your buck. I rarely have had to wait, and if I have, I’m generally next in line. The selection is moderate to large for all categories and flower. The floor plan is open and unconstricting, like some of the little panic-rooms that dispensaries have. The bud is on the counter, accessible to both parties, rather than guarded behind glass. I find it condescending when I am treated like I might steal something, even though I know people are just generally trying to protect themselves. As far as the bud goes, I’ve only tried a few of their strains, but I’ve been super satisfied. Some of the $50 quarters I’ve gotten here have rivaled some of the top-shelf stuff I’ve gotten elsewhere. Their $25 premium golden house shatter is generally excellent for the money as well.

    I’ve saved the best for last… The REAL reason to go here are the budtenders. They are so completely (again) unpretentious and personable. Smiles every time, and I genuinely believe they remember me and are happy to see me. Always time to chat, always a “real” person, not some inexperienced kid who’s just happy to be working in a dispensary, not some sexy bitch who I’m supposed to be impressed with… This place immediately became my “home” dispensary. Highly recommended.

  149. mcapadagli6

    First time here and I will definitely be back! I have been to many other dispensaries but I’d have to say this might be my new favorite. Quick and friendly service, QUALITY bud & a great atmosphere. Shoutout to Danny my bud tender on giving me a personable & knowledgeable first experience here!

  150. budyzr

    best bud on 8 mile

  151. kmconner1991

    never disappointed.

  152. Penglish

    BEST in town

  153. Larry420710

    snake and his brother will be in there to buy some ounces cheapest ounces great service great loud wax loud weed don’t forget to tell em snake sent you and will be down there in 20 minutes to a half an hour we need a few ounces God bless and rock on

  154. Johnnygj99

    Good place.

  155. mrsalfred2018

    I like their setup… ..my budtender was awesome, was very knowledgeable…will be back!!

  156. Cam52

    great people great prices

  157. 21stoner

    Great flower trying the concentrates when I visit again.

  158. Blake005

    Great environment and deals!!

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