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Taste Buds New Management



8600 E 8 Mile Rd, Detroit, MI 48234


42.44638, -83.0173329




10:00 AM – 9:00 PM


10:00 AM – 9:00 PM


10:00 AM – 9:00 PM


10:00 AM – 9:00 PM


10:00 AM – 9:00 PM


10:00 AM – 9:00 PM


10:00 AM – 9:00 PM


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dYs”Fridays Flower Specials dYs”
dY’oeSFV OG 4g for $20 ($140oz)
dY’>Headband 4g for $25 ($170oz)
dYSS!Red Velvet Cake 5g for $30 ($180oz)
dY’tmForum Cookie 5g for $35 ($200oz)
dY’sGelato#25 5g for $50 ($280oz)

*New Oz specials! (see below)
dYY=|$100oz White Rhino
dYY=|$100oz ATF (Alaskan Thunder Fuck)

dYY=|$50oz House Shake, perfect smooth smoke for the LOW! Works wonders for baking!
dYY=|$120oz Premium Shake, a mix of everything in the house!

*Wax slabs:
starting at $399oz!
Wax grams starting at $25g

OG Hash $25g
Black Sunset $25g

*Oil Cartridges:
dY”+-Claw Cartridges $40 or 3/$100 Pods $40 or 3/$100 – $60 3/$175
dY’” Platinum Vape $40 or 3/$100
dY’” Platinum VFire Pods $50 or 2/$90
dY’Y= Claw Cartridge / Vfire Pods (.5g/1g) $40 or 3/$100 / $40 3/$100 $60 3/$175
aoe”Dank Vapes $30 or 4/$100
dY”Y=Fire Stix $15 or 10/$100
dY+Pure Gold $40 or 3/$100
dY’SFwaygo Extracts $25 or 5/$100
dYOEaTerp Talk .5g/1g $15 or 10/$100 / $25 or 5/$100


Alaska aEURC/ Arizona aEURC/ California aEURC/ Colorado aEURC/ Connecticut aEURC/ Delaware aEURC/ Florida aEURC/ Hawaii aEURC/ Illinois aEURC/ Maine aEURC/ Maryland aEURC/ Massachusetts aEURC/ Minnesota aEURC/ Montana aEURC/ Nevada aEURC/ New Hampshire aEURC/ New Jersey aEURC/ New Mexico aEURC/ New York aEURC/ Oregon aEURC/ Pennsylvania aEURC/ Rhode Island aEURC/ Vermont aEURC/ Washington aEURC/ Washington DC aEURC/ West Virginia – Ohio (must have printed and laminated medical marijuana card)
We DO NOT accept any Physicians Recommendations

aoe”FREE top shelf pre roll and goodie bag for 1st time patients
aoe”FREE topshelf pre roll for reffering NEW patients
aoe”FREE topshelf pre roll for your birthday
dY~Leave Us a Nice Review Under weedmaps.com and/or Leafly.com & Recieve a FREE Topshelf PreRoll!


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248 reviews for “Taste Buds

  1. DaliDagger

    The people who work there are super cool, accommodating and knowledgeable. I’ve had the pleasure of dealing w/ Nick and, most recently, Tabitha. I explained my complicated medical history, coupled with my freakishly high tolerance and I’ll be damned if she didn’t find me not only the perfect flower but a kick ass cape cartridge made by Goldrop,strain 24k.They really care and they have some of the most potent product around! I’ll be back there today!

  2. Johnboi313

    top 5

  3. Acire304

    I love that everyone was very friendly and nice and explained everything very well

  4. nlaughery1982

    Thanks to my girl Liz I am now a frequent customer! Where Liz goes I follow…The deals and products are great! Go see Liz, she knows her stuff, she always knows what I want before I even get it!

  5. rallington16

    Great dispo would recommend to anyone good flower selection and good cart prices

  6. Anisaded

    I love this place! They always have what I want. This is my number one spot , always

  7. Acsmielewski

    Friendly staff, great product selection, 5/5, will recommend!

  8. deeplyrooted313

    very warm welcome. lobby clean and everyone friendly … cant wait to taste the buds

  9. Tricie44

    great place, awesome variety, wonderful goods

  10. Morton.jesse1988

    This disp is my all time fav. The most friendly staff, daily deals, and great product. See you guys soon!

  11. MichelleFields

    Great Dispencery, Great Prices. Knowledgeable tenders.

  12. Domhal123


  13. tcrtard

    awesome place. Natalie is awesome

  14. BalenciagaBravender

    Very nice and knowledgeable staff, not overly serious security and i would give all of the budtenders my snapchat no hesitation dY’EUR

  15. Tinapuzan

    Very clean and very friendly. Love coming here

  16. jacobmichigan313

    Great product, and awesome service, looking forward to coming back!

  17. Katiecoon

    Fantastic service and knowledgeable staff!

  18. rexakin

    Amazing place A++++++

  19. Nic0le17x

    Nice location with a good selection. Love the short wait time!

  20. Batmanmayer94

    my budtender (Talia?) was fabulous. I didnt know about the 10th visit reward (free gram of choice) which was awesome! Little stock on Platinum Vapes vs their same VPod stuff. love you guys though.

  21. JohnnyBlaze4614

    Great spot. Super glad I found this place its my good to for all my meds. Great service, selection and always quick in and out

  22. gabl3

    Can’t beat a five dollar gram Great security

  23. Dirtyglovefarms

    What a great store. Came in for first time and was greeted by some really nice bud tenders who really helpful. HUGE SELECTION AND GREAT PRICING!. And to top it off they gave me a free 8th and good bag. Will come back for sure

  24. Tayylurr

    Never disappointed when coming here! Great staff too!

  25. Xspens83

    LIz is the goat see her for your herbal needs

  26. SexySharie38

    Great Location! There very Nice and have some Nice Deals!

  27. 420crystals

    great options for flower ounce deals, loved being helped by Tabitha she seemed like she knew a lot

  28. GorJessica

    I love coming here because there is never a long wait and the environment is very very clean and always smells good dY~%0

  29. sambe97

    Good dispensary quality products and quality products

  30. vannncantu

    Always my go to place, I’ve tried other dispos but this one is my favorite! Great deals everyday & quality bud. Staff is very nice & knowledgeable!
    High recommend

  31. Bizzarb

    The best pre rolls in the D. Great service. Friendly and knowledgeable staff. I love this place. 🙂

  32. CoachK_007

    Hands down the best depo on 8 mile. Super friendly bud tenders. Fire deals on everything. Well organized. Keep up the great work ladies

  33. Joatoz

    This is a great dispensary! I was pleasantly surprised to see all women here and one tasty looking security guard! I’ll be back.

  34. Terminaljudged

    best place to get medicine!!

  35. Warrenclouds313

    On my way gotta for fill my taste buds. Ya know lol tonytopp313

  36. Puckhog2666

    Greats place always love coming in!

  37. Sexired420

    great place

  38. habaneiro

    Do you get thirsty? The koolaids here really aid you..pretty sure youre getting nore than you need. 😉

  39. krissyredd

    Never disappointed with the product quality

  40. Curtswifey

    awesome people, awesome selection! I’ll definitely be back!

  41. four20qtpi

    Great customer services. Awesome flower. Recommend to anyone

  42. Xspens93

    Finally back open dYtmOE

  43. EasyBabyBiggz

    Thiz 1 My Spotz FrFr…. I mean I Don’t Kno Whatz Better The Ladiezzzz or The Smoke But They’re Both A Reason 4 A Visit dY’-dY’adY’a -DankaveliBiggz-

  44. GOT MILK 09

    i really like this place n plan on returnin

  45. puck83

    Nice place inside and out , decent deals friendly and helpful bud tenders. I always seem to get TabithadY’OE… There’s plenty of parking and the security guards don’t make you feel like a criminal when you enter the building !

  46. Tnttwo

    First and second times coming here, both times were very pleasant. No stress no pushing for sales. But they do suggest one of their great products. Thank you my new go to dispensary.

  47. cdmoore812

    My first time was great! Natali was the best. love the knowledge of bud and was very polite. would go back everyday!!

  48. chris61500


  49. Yooperjay

    First time wasn’t the greatest… but gave the new shop a second chance and met my expectations and then some.

  50. MannyPakBeLoud

    Great bud great staff

  51. tokenvet

    Every time dY’-dY”Y=
    The staff all great

  52. SmartassGarage

    This place is awesome, great selection, super friendly staff, knowledgeable tenders, very competitive prices.

    I was very happy with this dispensary and will be going back there again

    This place unironically has a lot of edibles too.

  53. Danarchy

    nice quick check in. gonna check the product

  54. Dbutchko

    Prices look fantastic….cant wait to get their!

  55. nfleck

    They have great deals and better bud so it was such a let down when they had to close, but they are back open now so im glad I can continue shopping here!

  56. mrsalfred2018

    waiting room was clean…. knowledgeable budtenders… no rush…no wait..

  57. andreawash83

    I travel from Southfield for this location.. Sophia is super nice and fast when checking in. good bud

  58. gigix71

    awesome budtender very knowledgeable always give me great product

  59. jhuber420

    awesome shop great experience

  60. Deja50001

    Do you have to have a medical card in order to buy weed

  61. woodwardwarren

    About a year ago I stopped at this location and swore I would never go again. Found myself there last week and was blown away at what a nice dispensary it has now become. Love the daily deals on flower.

  62. jinmoney313


  63. Jnewt420

    First time here and they hooked it up with fire and they have platinum vape

  64. Armani313

    I jist started shopping here and the service is great and everyone is extremely helpful and id like to thank Tabitha for giving me a good experience

  65. allie117

    amazing buf and fabulous budtenders. absolutely in love with tabitha. shes got the hookup. frfr

  66. Grass710

    I just called with a question and the lady that answered the phone practically told me she was too lazy to go check the thc level. I’ve been to going to this place quite often and I can’t believe how rude the lady on the phone was. Plus the weed isn’t the best.

  67. indicaqueen456

    Fantastic! Free 1/8 for my first visit. Location was secure, staff was friendly and knowledgeable. Great prices too! Definitely my new place.

  68. IntiShan

    One of my favorite spots to go to in Detriot! If you are near, think of stopping in.

  69. geomofo48060

    love it. Staff is courteous, knowledgeable, and al about the patient
    The manager is my fave! She rox!

  70. lajones0421

    Friendly and knowledgeable staff, super short wait time, great selection of products. Will be coming back asap!

  71. Morton.jesse

    Friendly staff, great product. My fav so far.

  72. pino070169

    first time here, it’s a nice cozy place and they have a nice size of inventory of weed and the people are pleasant. You are in and out quickly and the price is right! I can’t complaint.

  73. MonicaLouise

    Heard wonderful things about this dispensary, good location and pricing mainly.

  74. 10305439

    great dispensary, freindly service!!!aoeOE

  75. Bentunicorn

    awesome place friendly family atmosphere

  76. Andreas1477

    Really good service, great bud!!

  77. millikengage

    decent location good staff

  78. dr.detroit

    I love this place. Im going there soon for their great products and service.

  79. christy822

    Helpful and informative.

  80. Brittany2020

    I love this place

  81. Kevinformella313

    perfect dispo

  82. KathrynMcKee

    Thank you Taste Buds for being my dependable source.

  83. Yungal125

    a>1/2i,a>1/2i,a>1/2i,a>1/2i,dY”Y=dY”Y=dY”Y=dY”Y=dY”Y=I love the daily specials

  84. Judahbudah

    First time patient at this location. Purchased 220 dollars in product and didnt receive any free 1/8 or gift bag? Didnt even know that existed until i was home. Budtender was kind of rude but great security. Might not go back.

  85. vpatton31

    My budtender was Lavia. She was very friendly and answered all my questions. Lavia also gave us the best deals and they were good. I got some oatmeal cookie. It was dY”Y= Thank you see ya soon!!

  86. zachb693

    favorite place in town! awesome staff with great variety of products!

  87. jokersmoker31

    I found it easily and I’m from out of town, so I think it’s a good location.

  88. senorsmoke7243

    i would visit again

  89. Leftystriker15

    I enjoy this location because the bud tenders are honest and give me good opinions on new flower to try


    The employees here are welcoming and take the time to explain everything you ask. They had what we needed and at a reasonable price. The only downside is that they’re writing on the purchased product labels aren’t legible and the music being played can be off putting. Nonetheless, it’s still a good place to buy medicine.

  91. Russel kovach

    this place is great

  92. 16charger

    Had an incident with another patron. Security threw me out instead of both of us. It made me feel as though I started things which wasn’t the case. Security allowed the person who started it to stay. I use to visit here daily but will NEVER come back because of the negative experience. Security didn’t protect me but punished me.

  93. Shortee610

    I love ths place ALWAYS on point!! AWESOME staff

  94. Satyrlibra

    First time here and I am NOT disappointed! Got three different strains yesterday, and have now tried all 3 and they all are fire! Sweet island from here WAY BETTER than I have had from other dispensaries! Even hook you up with a gift back with more than $5 worth of stuff in it!
    Mall size parking lot and minimal wait time.

  95. fashji

    This was a pleasant surprise. Both Sofia and Natali were wonderful. Great flower and products, with world-class service. I’ll be going back regularly.

  96. Mishy132

    I went there for my first time and it was some great people I personally really like Tabatha she was very friend and cool to me I would highly recommend them dY~

  97. jonnyweedseed

    Loving the daily specials,with knowledgeable budtenders on deck always my first choicedY~Z

  98. hashcakes420

    budtenders are helpful and professional!

  99. Winter17

    Nice costumer service. Helpful. Like the deals. My new second best place.

  100. Improve573

    Kind friendly staff. Very knowledgeable. Safe environment.

  101. Lashawntae

    I love this place so much. Great people and great bud.

  102. Big_Buds_Black

    It is a awesome place with a very friendly and knowledgeable staff, and a extensive selection of flower, concentrates, and other items you’ll love.

  103. Sherrijordan

    Very professional staff. With a great selection.

  104. Shashastaysmokin

    awesome dispensary! love it!

  105. -smokeahontas-

    Good first time experience. Bud & wax are both great!! Staff was friendly and knowledgeable

  106. timber1245

    love the bud tenders absolutely hate the security he made me want turn around at the door,but product is great with good deals

  107. NatrualGrower313

    Seems cools nice products

  108. Jlafond

    awesome place great selection and great staff

  109. jesuisvanity22

    The best place to get the best quality for the best price.

  110. ashcash17

    only the 2nd dispo i have been to , not sure if i will return to my old one after this! pretty awesome vibes and budtenders! safe clean environment and feel:)! first time patient incentive was great!

  111. lisa.usa1

    awesome prices Bud tenders and not a long wait

  112. HighestCloud

    I’m overall a very satsified patient. I like this location. I really liked my budtender Rena..she was very kind, and I’m really happy with how professional she was with me. I like the product..I appreciate the security. Ill definitely be coming back, Thank you for the compassion. sincerely Yvonne.

  113. Tucker27

    love it

  114. Julia36

    Love this place dY’OE

  115. Amy102

    I really liked this place! Great selection and a very chill vibe unlike some of the super busy dispensaries around. Great first time customer package.

  116. Vinnie_b

    great little shop very knowledgeable budtenders defiantly going back

  117. Ilikealfredo

    Always fantastic products and customer service

  118. DailyGreenRx

    Got the taste for Taste Buds today!! Tabitha is always the one I want… you might too. Great deal today and they had the inventory to offer the options i wanted.

  119. Shannybear86

    I dY’~ going here best staff around safe and clean! Not to mention the Medicine is always great!! Thank you for being here for us!

  120. hprell3

    I love it

  121. loveupload

    We drove from the West side to try them. Good selection of products. Natali was knowledgeable and cool. I will definitely be back!

  122. mattbrownsfan

    I never leave Detroit without visiting Taste Buds! Always have great buys.

  123. pOrAn13

    Tabitha was friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful.

  124. countdankula1

    When I asked the budtender to show me the buds with terpines she obliged and presented all jars that had good smell….she knew her product and didn’t try to sell me schwag….thanks love

  125. rumflows2000

    green crack is phenomenal and the girl scout cookie is on point a bit higher priced than some places but overall great quality

  126. Larry420710

    when a snakes top dispensaries check out the Great Deals great prices wonderful staff make sure when you go in town snakes that you God bless and rock the f*** on and most of all state does refer this to anybody and everybody that’s got their card and if you have your paperwork from the house today please go check out taste buds tell snake that you

  127. Ncook611

    I absolutely love this place! The entire staff are so friendly and they always help me choose the best of the best marijuana! On my way there now to share a few laughs and get medicateddY~S

  128. MzCurrencygal

    Sharon is great been a member for 4 years almost… not nice strains wonderful edibles great prices

  129. Mgrege13

    Always has great deals!

  130. TrueBreeze

    First time coming to Taste Buds & it was pretty cool, there were 2 lady budtenders who gave me a few nice sativa recommendations. Definitely will be coming back soon.

  131. SauceEST19XX

    Love this place there’s never a wait, budtenders are always really friendly & healpful & they always have great flower!

  132. iTaterTrot

    Liz was very helpful during my visit and I got a great deal on their top shelf.

  133. Ricomiller6

    nice variety great service

  134. Funkmasterflex69

    Best place on the whole 8 mile strip. amazing people, amazing products.

  135. 420sSecurity

    friendly staff. knowledgable crew with great cartridge options. good quality flowers and unique strains you will not find at other dispensaries.

  136. Jinmoney31313

    best ever good people

  137. sillydog

    Great meds good people knowledgeable!

  138. Purplekush2317

    good quality

  139. samnjosh037

    I love this environment. Tabitha is always super sweet and helpful. Always greets with a smile. Highly recommended

  140. Jkeffer1

    My first visit was great , good deals , friendly and helpful bud tender !! 100 statisfactory & greatly recommended

  141. Lilylarowe44

    Rushed …

  142. Lano2888

    My favorite shop all ways great service and good flowers good deals and beautiful women 2help you with anything

  143. Poison1030

    absolutely love the staff!!!

  144. Ralphg33

    First time in this place man the waiting room the best i have seen so far. The budtenders great job. The flower real good as well as the house shatter. Will be back soon.

  145. loveofflavors

    What I like is Sophia great personality Security not so much they go to far weed don’t make people act crazy it calms you when you have my ID with camera’s everywhere why would I act stupid ijs.

  146. maxdarrin

    Exceptional customer service. Knowledgeable and friendly staff. Highly recommended!

  147. Longstache

    The BEST SPOT in town always consistent smooth quality meds even the house shake and house shatter the Ladies in the back at excellent knowledgeable about there business

  148. Aryxx18

    most phenomenal first dispensary trip ever

  149. Codycash96

    best spot on the east. great bud

  150. kp313

    Wouldnt go to any other place. great bud and the bud tenders are so knowledgeable.

  151. seektheface

    The young lady that helped me was very patient and took the time to answer all of my questions. I didn’t feel rushed or like a nuisance. I felt very confident with my purchases when I left. After trying everything out, I was very happy with the whole experience. Thank you!

  152. Aoldz

    awesome i feel safe coming to this one great parking everyone is so helpful

  153. Sinsinsin

    i love this place …glad i found out it was there

  154. BirdGuy83

    good staff

  155. DieselStrains

    I got a quarter of the 9# Hammer and it is dY”Y=dY”Y=dY”Y= if you are in the area go to tastebuds

  156. moroni21

    I love it! Fast Friendly & a clean environment with Great deals.

  157. x_2high4this_x

    One of the best if not the best dispensary, and also great service especially from Crystal. She helped me choose a great strain of the many they have and I was disappointed.

  158. CornellJr

    Great staff, great prices, the spot to go!!!

  159. dispodrew

    Great Service. Great Prices. Tabitha is awesome!!!

  160. feelfit59

    First off, I am a genuine medical mj patient. I know very little about mj lingo, etc. . That said, I did research a bit before going in to this dispensary. I am not physically able to handle much, if any thc. I wanted a cbd dominant product. I have high anxiety and ptsd. I discussed all of this with Natalia, who is said to be a manager here. While, Natalia was very nice and customer friendly, she did not select medicine that fit my needs (high cbd). I specifically asked for ac/dc and she said that they did not have that. I did not want a huge head high. I wanted relaxation.

    What I was steered towards was Clementine and Blizzard Bush (i think that is the name) I spent 100.00. When I got home, I looked up these up, and they did not come even close to meeting the profile of the effect that I’d asked for. Additionally, their menu stated that they did indeed have AC/DC, the strain I’d originally inquired about.

    I called the dispensary several times (the next morning, that afternoon and the next day) and while someone answered the phone and took my number, Natalia never returned my call.

    If you are truly a medical patient and know very little about particular strains, do not count on help here. I feel this is more of a recreational shop than anything that comes remotely close to a medical dispensary.

    Meanwhile, I am out 100.00 :/

  161. Kburr13

    Super friendly and helpful plus some tasty products dY~ I’ll definitely be going again!

  162. coachk007

    Super friendly staff! Spacious parking lot. Fire deals! Keep up the great work

  163. jessica101089

    Very comfortable and clean place. Very friendly and knowledgeable. Great selection, best pre rolls I’ve had from a dispensary. Will be back.

  164. Daydayyy

    I absolutely LOVE this place! the quality is great and the budtenders are awesome!!

  165. Kristile

    EAsy to find; GREAT prices GREAT products!!

  166. Basheera

    best buds and amazing service. definitely would stop in.

  167. I.am.tater

    super clean. love the ladies in that place travel from the West to go there

  168. Tizzle1

    Great place, first time patient and was treated professionally and friendly…Tori was great…

  169. Vmane27

    Nice variety. Nice staff. Convenient parking.

  170. SmokyRobinson91

    The Staff is extremely friendly and very helpful. You feel welcome from the moment you walk in and you never leave disappointed. The staff is very helpful in assisting you in finding what you both need and want.

  171. Rania

    I love these people they are all friendly polite and always smiling I always come to this place only place I go too love you girls

  172. Brenda0711

    The help was AMAZING walked in felt like home! Wish I could remember my bartenders name she really knew what she was talking about!! Next time cuz I will be back!!! Went across the street and was the worst experience EVER!! Glad I came to you guys first!!

  173. LLforestIO2

    liz is super awesome. amazing selection

  174. rawdog68

    really liked the prices.

  175. Old_Crow

    This is my go to spot.
    The specials on edibles are good and they have a large variety of flower.

    Shout-out to Nick and Tabitha holding down the counter and answering questions.

  176. AMessenger

    When I came here I was greeted with a very nice security guard and a sweetheart desk clerk. The service was great and in the product was great. they hooked me up for my first visit. I would recommend this place to others.

  177. Baby_Berry

    Favorite spot in Detroit.

  178. Buffieman

    Great place good deals and always great flowers

  179. Justinbrownlee

    Very comfortable atmosphere. Great product for all budgets.

  180. Shortstuff8989

    Super fast. Very informative Budtenders.

  181. Jalapeno9313

    I have been going to Taste Buds for months and never go anywhere else. The lines are never too long and the service is always great. They always have cartridges and great deals and bud. I’ll be heading back soon!

  182. Tombrady4208

    I miss Liz but this is still the best spot!

  183. Banks313

    great weed nice deals

  184. Jennyrae888880987

    Awesome people Natalie is the best

  185. Pdlk48236Don

    Taste these buds! Can’t miss this one they have great selection and staff that is knowledgeable.

  186. candlejac

    The only dispensary I go to. The flower that they carry is always top notch. It’s been a minute since a Detroit dispensary has had quality products but they do! Budtenders are knowledgeable as well. Would definitely recommend. If you want a good sleepy indica check out the super glue. dY”Y=

  187. Kingfrenchbud

    This a great place.. Nice selection. And great customer service. This is my new bud hub….

  188. Dmoerner91

    Came in for Moxie live resin carts, as I had called 3 hours prior, and was told that they were in stock. After arriving, I found out there were none in stock. I then purchased a different brand tank, as the lady behind the counter stated they were live resin. Of course these are distillate and not LR. I am extremely disappointed in this as I spent 500+ in that single visit. Please let me know how you plan to make this up. If you could let me know when you do have MOXIE, LIVE RESIN CARTRIDGES in stock, all will be good!

  189. Therock191

    Great Staff will help you get what works for you

  190. Deeratt

    Nice and friendly atmosphere. Nice products and variety of flavors.

  191. Teresa2

    Very nice ppl, lots of flower and platinum vapes to select from!!

  192. Correctchris99

    I love this place its a must try…

  193. mollyrocko

    Liz was the best everything there was wonderful I have said in the past I’ll never stick to one place I’ll never stay loyal to a dispensary but this place I have to say changed my whole perspective on things

  194. Nademan

    Very helpful and specific medical value flower

  195. Dragonree

    My bud tender Tabitha was great real informative and super friendly

  196. Saaralgris

    Visited for the first time last week, very clean atmosphere and ample selection of flower, personable budtender as well. Definitely will be back on the weekly tip.

  197. greensnveggies

    Dankkkkk bud

  198. Margo4hope

    Love them here!

  199. mikewfitz1

    very nice and clean friendly budtendrs great selection I recommend everyone tries this place

  200. Freeunclebone

    good place great deals and good flowers

  201. Brabbit170

    love it. amazing staff, vcart prices are 5h3 best around town.

  202. Tracy1313

    safe. friendly staff. good product. fair pricing

  203. YupShawn

    Never disappointed

  204. heatherxxbear

    This place is awesome! The staff and deals keep me coming back

  205. titanman28

    by far the best around!!! gotta give a shout out to Tabitha awesome budtender

  206. kushMan0921

    This place is awesome!. Meds are great can’t go wrong here! So check it out!.

  207. Markus313

    Nice stuff dY’-

  208. creepycarol

    this is hands down one of the best places I’ve ever been to get my meds great friendly staff always quick and prompt service never been disappointed by any other flower or other products I’m definitely giving this place a 5-star review and would refer to my family and friends

  209. Nicolepaigge420

    was ok..

  210. tkwpoms

    I absolutely love this place!!! I am from Cali and came here over holidays to visit. I needed some medicine while here and thankfully they took my med card. When I walked in, I was blown away by the selection of products!! I have not seen such a variety of products in any of the dispensaries that I have been to in the Golden State. The bud tenders are great and excellent customer service. Thanks guys for such a wonderful place. Anytime I’m here for a visit, this will be my place.

  211. Kelly300

    Beautiful customer service and great prices. Some of the best flower in the city.

  212. Drema17

    Great first time, great service, friendly environment

  213. BT45

    Wonderful service!

  214. Perkey

    very friendly & helpful staff easy in & out.

  215. Jenna1206

    Best prices and quality product. Bud tenders are great too a$?i,a$?i,a$?i,

  216. Kaamilya

    Everyone was helpful and considering on your interest. Thank you all Kaamil!

  217. Escort83

    I passed several shops before landing here,saw the tender(Tabitha)she took her time to educate me about a few things,she’s very knowledgeable and passionate about her expertise. dY-dY3/4dY~ZdY’OEdY3/4

  218. Xristos420

    Came in looking for something they didnt have it recommended a flavRx cartridge and it’s absolutely horrible

  219. PurpleUnicorn14

    First time patient here. No complaints! Security is tight and thorough, easy and plentiful parking. Everyone I encountered was polite and smiling. I had one small issue but Nick handled it quickly and efficiently! Quality products and a great selection. I’ll be a return customer. dYtmOEdY>>dYtm,

  220. McLovinMIchigan

    My go to dispensary for claw products (vfire especially). Nice selection of flower and gummies as well. The $100oz specials are killer too if they have a strain that you like!

  221. Xspens9333

    Still. The best on 8 mile

  222. Lo_1995

    First time coming in, had a very helpful budtender. Got a goodie bag and free eighth for first time patient. Also some edibles were buy one get one free. Would definitely recommend and will for sure be back soon

  223. DaronMarley

    I greatly appreciate the knoldge if the budtenders helping pick amazing strains.

  224. KueenKush1

    Ijs these other dispensaries better watch out! I will be going back for sure!

  225. Shone0079

    2nd time there. The first time was really bad. I decided to give it another shot. Told the girls about last time, and they said it was new owners. This time I grabbed some triple og. Saw it at the counter, looked great and smelled nice. Got it home and it didn’t look or smell the same. Tasted and looked like crap. I’m glad I didn’t buy more.

  226. Icyall420

    i really Loved the layout everything was clearly visible and understandable. the bud tender was very helpful. great atmosphere, I will return

  227. Skippy1321

    I can’t say how much I love this place enough. It’s not terribly large, but it doesn’t need to be. Taste Buds has great employees who get familiar with the patients the more we come in. They are friendly and have no problem answering any questions and all of them from the security to the budtenders, all of them are personable. Tabitha was my budtender today and she was amazing. Very helpful, extremely friendly and made the experience all the more enjoyable. Highly recommend them. Prices are great, quality and selections are amazing. Not really looking to go anywhere else anymore.

  228. CherylR

    Good flower. Will definitely be back.

  229. Porthuron614

    Knowledgeable and friendly staff. Good selection and prices

  230. Dfurton83

    Everyone there is really friendly and helpful. The flower is good and the donation requests are very reasonable. I’ve visited a few times and will definitely be back

  231. FlashNodrog

    Great staff and prices.

  232. gingerhaze13

    Excellent service & product! Keanna always suggests the best product. She is awesome! Desk attendant is always helpful and super friendly. Security is super friendly and welcoming! Seasons Greetings to the entire Taste Buds team! a,,aoe”a,,

  233. weedman921

    Great place! The staff was very informative and helpful. Amazing buds and concentrates! I would highly recommend tatsebuds to anyone!

  234. 420lucylou

    Yesterday was my 3rd Visit.. Although the other ladies are sweet I had the pleasure of having Tabitha yesterday for the first time… She was so friendly Happy and Knowledgeable about everything in the store… I am new to all of this .. she was patient, suggested CBD for me and I have to say Last Night was one of the best nights I have had in a long time. I am truly grateful for you genuinely making me feel like you care…Thank u so much

  235. CadillacMassey

    Absolutely love tasty buds dY$?–
    You will not find a better staff. Unlike other dispos they keep their budtenders. From A to Z they nailed it. Keep up the goodness dY”!dY’OEdY>>dY~ZdYY=++dY”Y=dYOE3dYZ,,

  236. Reygron

    Poor service, I think they’re trying to empty their shelves like most other dispensaries around here. No care for quality any more, the 15$ grams of wax are beyond awful

  237. kristyr212

    very convenient location with a safe feel. bud tender was pretty knowledgeable and a huge help. i will definitely be going back. all staff was freindly and helpful. great 1st time patient incentive. the vape battery i bought was awesome, until not even a week later it would not open and close properly. i am not sure about a refund/exchange policy, if any, so i keep it for a back up at home. the oils and flower i got was great as well.

  238. amberlynn4

    Awesome people and atmosphere, and free eighth for first time patients!!! Amazing!

  239. Werthman211

    best place around. I wouldn’t go anywhere else! great staff, prices and best selection around

  240. Sammyz92

    Tabitha was awesome! Great deals and great bud!

  241. Randallhannah47

    MY 1st time at TASTE BUDS & they have great deals & the BUD is TOP NOTCH & a free 8th for 1st-time patients . THEY have a whole line of medical marijuana products . NETT & NATE THE BUD TENDERS are terrific, the receptionist SOPHIA & AMIR on SECURITY are amazing

  242. Ltaylor7108

    Very clean and organized dispensary. Great flower specials and the budtenders are awesome!

  243. DabEmpress

    I was here once before the ownership was changed. The new owners are doing such a better job. The environment is very positive. The prices are very reasonable. Very impressed!

  244. Rockythatgirl

    Daily spot Liz is the most knowledgeable budtender in the Eastside

  245. Lucydog1116

    Love this place knowledgeable staff good meds!!

  246. kendramb420

    Super cool first time experience. My budtender really helped me pick a good choice!

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