122 Pleasant Street, Easthampton, MA 1027


42.273327, -72.662218




10:00 AM – 8:00 PM


10:00 AM – 8:00 PM


10:00 AM – 8:00 PM


10:00 AM – 8:00 PM


10:00 AM – 8:00 PM


10:00 AM – 8:00 PM


10:00 AM – 8:00 PM


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INSA’s vision is to improve/enhance the lives of consumers by developing premium, personalized medical and consumer cannabis products. Through education and product development, we hope to shed the stigma of cannabis and make it broadly accessible to patients as well as available to consumers.

Our mission is to create trusted, personalized medical cannabis products. The basis of our products will be proprietary cultivars grown in a controlled environment to create the finest cannabis plants. Through research and development, we will craft our premium cannabis into innovative products tailored to patients’ lifestyles capable of providing a consistent and high-quality experience.

INSA is an ethical company that fosters the trust of its patients and team members. Everything we do is geared toward creating the best experience and value for our patients.

INTEGRITY: We are committed to being open and honest, so patients can trust our products and services.

INNOVATION: We are building a culture focused on continuous improvement in order to advance the cannabis industry and enhance the experience for our patients.

QUALITY: We are committed to providing the highest quality service and products for our patients.

COMMUNITY: We strive to improve our local communities.

EMPLOYEES: Our employees are our most valuable resource. We aim to attract talented, motivated individuals and help them develop their skills to be leaders in the cannabis industry.


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28 reviews for “INSA

  1. trudat

    Retail anyone?.. Flower is not good. Just another place getting their foot in the retail market.

  2. ReptilianWizard

    I’ve been coming here for over a year about every other week. I’ve always had positive things to say until i saw the differences between your recreational menu and medical menu. What’s the deal with holding out all the high potency flower and better concentrates for recreational only? Seems pretty backwards and certainly not “patients first”. The newer pickup order people are horrendous they don’t care to pay attention to what they’re doing and need to be corrected consistently by the customer if you want your order correct and don’t want to be overcharged. My order has repeatedly had over $100 worth of product missing from the order (wasn’t charged for it) and things just subbed out for other things I didn’t order without being told, so I get home and find it’s not what i ordered.

  3. weedG23

    Great place! Staff is friendly and knowledgeable and the product is great! From flower, concentrate, to edible they have all been superb! I’ll keep coming for sure.

  4. BerkshireBud52

    I have been multiple times and I like this place a lot. Their Live Resins are very nice and their $150.00 for an ounce of ground flower is great for making butters and teas. Plus the 5% back is a very nice bonus.

  5. Franniepoppins

    Again we find the menu for Easthampton is not current. Call before driving there.

  6. Alicat322

    ALWAYS a great staff. Very calm and relaxed vibe. Great variety and great patient appreciation deals. I wish I could give individual shout outs to each one of the staff members because THEY ALL have been awesome.

  7. Pufferguy

    Friendly staff great place and very well organized definitely the best

  8. Deminyun7

    No one inside except staff. Alot of empty space and a higher charge for debit than other dispensaries. Very old concentrate that I purchased because instead of getting what I ordered on the website I arrived after being notified my order is packed and ready for purchase I get told oh sorry were out of that but we have something else….. you guys made me give you my number for text notification yet you didnt notify me over text that my order wasn’t ready and the item I had ordered was sold out? And the item is still on the menu 2 hours later??? Only reason I go here is for half grams of concentrate but I guess it’s not even worth it anymore. It’s now 01/03/2019 and the concentrate I purchased was tested on 04/04/2018 and packed on 8/24/2018 and before testing it was probably made in February 2018 so almost a year old. And before anyone claims I’m just ranting or something like that, this exact thing has happened before to me before at the same location so I figured why not let other people know what’s going on.

  9. AubreyMG15

    I was asked today if aEUR~after being at neta and insa which do you prefer and why?’ I can honestly say that INSA had me from the first time I went in! I have actually never been to neta just because of how warm the welcoming at INSA was right from the start. I’d recommend to everyone

  10. Baddog1

    Thank you for Helping people getting their life back ……. Great patient appreciation day thank you all dYtmdY?

  11. peanut70

    I always have fun shopping here. The staff is very friendly and quick to fix any issues I had using the express service.

  12. rollalabama

    Super personal staff, love the greens 11/10

  13. BTownpeeps

    Have been there four times and one time they were out of edibles at 6:00 pm and another time arrived at 7:45 and were turned away because they said they were to crowded. However they advertise closing at 8:00 pm.
    Very frustrating cannot wait till other dispensaries open.

  14. salnicke

    I am a new patient and getting familiar with the dispensaries around my area. Let me just say that I have visited two other dispensaries (other than INSA) and INSA has my vote, for sure! The welcoming staff was very friendly, paperwork was straightforward, and set up was very well organized. Heidi (I made sure to remember her name!) was an AMAZING help in finding which strain best suited my anxiety disorder, as well as finding a good balance to increase my appetite. Heidi (as well as all of the staff I communicated with there) was extremely knowledgeable in every question I asked; and this was exactly what I’ve been looking for! Not only were they very knowledgeable- every single employee was really friendly, and that goes a very long way. The deals for Thanksgiving week were amazing! This place will absolutely be getting my business, even though you guys are the farthest from me location wise! Definitely worth the trip 🙂

  15. Madbarber

    Great staff and very pleasant experience

  16. Dantheman082

    Express pickup line was over 45 minutes today, ordered on leafly and received confirmation it was filled and get there only to be told the only have 3 grams instead of the full 8th of what I ordered, no chocolate bar that was ordered and a .5 gram joint that was supposed to be 1 gram. Kids running express checkout were overwhelmed causing a back up in what would be or should be pretty simple. May return only due to dankness of bud..

  17. SuttonChurch

    A very cool place. Helpful staff and great products!

  18. tffish13

    Great staff best parking and nice location. Been coming here since they opened…great peeps and an ever-changing menu which is awesome with new additions regularly…..keep up the good work and keep the CBDs coming

  19. happygirl0330

    Really love my local INSA. It’s never over-crowded, the staff is super-knowledgable and friendly, and the parking is great. I always get very good advice about what to purchase to help with my various medical conditions. Not only is the advice good, but the products work! The prices at INSA are more reasonable than other local dispensaries which is important to me as well. There is nothing to dislike about INSA! I’m not going to like to share you with the recreational folk when that time comes. Medical cannabis has saved me!

  20. casualpleazure

    Need better flowers!!!

  21. TheITGui

    My wife and I visited this location on a weekend after Thanksgiving. The people here were very friendly and knowledgeable. We got a good value for the money and are satisfied with the product purchased. I would definitely recommend this location.

  22. sschmoe

    Shopped here half dozen times or so, and have absolutely nothing but GOOD to say about the whole experience.From the ease of parking, and entrance and exit, to the warm and friendly greetings from the door sentinels, to the considerate and kindly budtenders, and the excellent quality of product. The fact that its in a re-purposed factory building, instead of the whole structure just continuing to decay,is really cool.
    My ears popped up when I was told that INSA herb is grown on site! Cant get much fresher than that, its like buying fish right off the dock! Cant wait to see what this place looks like in the spring and summer, its right on the bike trail with the factory hydro pond out back.
    Props and mad respect to all the staff and to the planners for getting this gig so right!
    Other joints,(pardon the pun), have you standing in a mooing cattle line ,and then boarding a bus, to then travel to the building! Seriously? I haven’t been on a bus since Junior high school, and i am not about to start doin it now! It was so long ago, my memory banks are fading, but I remember it was a big orangish/yellowish thing, with smelly exhaust, and no seat belts. No wait,that was my first motorcycle.
    All kidding aside, INSA has this down pretty pat, don’t change any of the main beams! A little honing of the dull spots on the trim that may show up , but that’s about it!
    Call ahead ordering actually works, and you can actually get someone on the phone to answer your questions! So i vote this place number one for ease of shopping and customer service.

    Everybody else in the biz, best lung up to the bar and learn from these peeps, they’re doin it real right! I will most assuredly be returning,and let all my burrito friends and family know to definitely check INSA out.

  23. linkdead56k

    UPDATE 2/22/19

    Thank you for including the genetics in the description. Truly appreciated!

    Please consider making the menu more user friendly for the medical patient. Currently we have to go through two profiles on Leafly.

    …But I recently picked up Larry OG. FiredY”Y=

    Always good terpenes and flavonoids!

  24. thepiginzen

    Great selection, knowledgeable and engaged staff, and halfway-decent prices. Probably the best dispensary in the Valley.

  25. Zgreens

    Walking into INSA was my first experience with a RMD. I have to say, I was very nervous about the process, but from the second they buzzed me in, everyone was caring, compassionate, and friendly. My budtender took the time to show me all the different products that they offer, and never got frustrated with my repeated requests to see and smell things, even when I let her know I was just curious, and not looking to buy. They offer good products and great promotions, and the service is top notch. they even hold ticketed information sessions for inexperienced folks. Plus, their 1:1 CBD hard candies have given me the relief I’ve needed for over 10 years. My only regret is not going to them sooner.

  26. ebhdN14

    I visited INSA in Easthampton for the first time, I’m a Easthampton resident. The service and help I received from Adam Black was outstanding, he was very helpful and professional, he took his time to show me around, answer any questions and took his time to help find what would work best for my medical conditions.I was not happy with the cartridges tho, I’ve had many others in the past. This one I feel was not full all the way it didn’t last as long as other 1000mg cartridges that I normally would buy and I feel I had to smoke more of it to get the effect I normally would get from other said cartridges that I have been using, so those are getting a 1 star ratting, I wish I had spent the $80 on one of their vape pens for other concentrates I will definetly be coming back tho and look forward to seeing the friendly staff and great products. I highly recommend trying a Hawaiian spice cone if you haven’t already.

  27. 413plus7

    what is going on with your menu? why do you only have 3 of your lowest testing strains on the medical side then 8 strains for rec that have 10%+ more thc… same for concentrates. all your best stuff is only recreational. kind of messed up considering the CCC said dispensaries were required to set aside inventory for medical so we have better access to meds.

  28. melodysplace

    Enjoyed your store very much store and Hawaiian spice is awesome

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