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999 William S. Canning Blvd, Fall River, MA 2721


41.665018, -71.156388




10:00 AM – 9:00 PM


10:00 AM – 9:00 PM


10:00 AM – 9:00 PM


10:00 AM – 9:00 PM


10:00 AM – 9:00 PM


10:00 AM – 9:00 PM


12:00 PM – 9:00 PM


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Northeast Alternatives was founded with a clear purpose and a core belief. Our purpose is to enhance people’s lives with the highest-quality, safest cannabis available. Our belief is that with amazing, committed employees who have years of cannabis experience working together in a high-performance culture, we will deliver on our purpose. In so doing, we will be known as the Best Damn Cannabis Company in Massachusetts!

Northeast Alternatives established our first cultivation facility and dispensary in the great city of Fall River, MA. With a storied history as the largest textile producing center in the US in the 19th century and a more recent resolve to "Make it Here", Northeast Alternatives is proud to play a small part in the revitalization of Fall River. Our address is 999 William S. Canning Boulevard, Fall River, MA 02721. We are located near the original settlement near Notre Dame Cemetery, just off of Rte. 24 at Exit 1. We are also located between the new SouthCoast Marketplace and soon-to-be-completed, Tiverton Casino Hotel, which is conveniently located in Southeastern Massachusetts and near Newport, Rhode Island.

Featuring a wide selection of high quality, naturally produced cannabis flower, concentrates, edibles and other infusions, Northeast Alternatives boasts the finest variety of cannabis and CBD products in the state! With a total commitment to quality, safety, and compliance, Northeast Alternatives is everything a dispensary should be.


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107 reviews for “Northeast Alternatives

  1. gravesisme

    Great experience – in and out in 5 mins!

    Other stores need to take note, NEA has this down to a science. Ample parking and staff directing where to go. Orderly line inside as well as an app to join a virtual line if the inside line backs up. Great menu of flower and concentrates. Overall I was very impressed with my first recreational store experience!

  2. Phrankie63

    I use to love it but they treat non card holders..better then those of us that have a card we are ushered to the rear of the lot because non card holders are parked up front…we are told we have to wait in line they never ask if we have a card then the Med side has 2 cashiers so we wait forever to be waited on it’s sad now its about the money not med side of it…I’ve gone threw this 2 times you shouldn’t be allowed to sell you have gone back on everything you said you would not do sad

  3. Jeff_G

    PM’d NEA through Facebook, they responded promptly. Walked in, showed my ID(one time only), approached the register and made my purchase. Swift service from start to finish. All other dispensaries should take note.

  4. CannaGetTo1

    I find that the veteran discount makes a big difference. I affirm most others when saying staff is capable and helpful. My first visit, I saved 40% and had the most gorgeous bud tender. Good set up, too.

  5. lunamv

    Fast, knowledgeable and nice! Gary was great and answered all of my questions. Very professional! I will be back!

  6. cliffcon

    Nice to find a dispensary that gives you the whole bud instead of the trimmed down to nothing buds you find at other dispensaries. With 3 sets of price levels you can find what you are looking for. The girls that waited on us were very helpful. They will defiantly see me again.

  7. Long.Leggs

    Some of the best. Stopped by 4 diff dispensary’s that day, the best customer service all day long. Going back for 3 trip love this place

  8. johanpaul

    Location is great. Has parking and right off the highway.

  9. Jonnywagon32

    I went for my first time with my wife,sister and brother Inlaw, place is beautiful inside staff is very knowledgeable and the quality of products is perfect if your looking for some great products take a ride on over and I know you won’t be disappointed.looking forward to grabbing some more products on my next visit..

  10. Pinkgirly84

    Excellent product! Kyle assisted a friend and I and he was so knowledgeable. We asked many questions and at no point did we feel rushed. He was seriously the sweetest!!!

  11. SlickRichTheRuler

    Let me start by saying the location is perfect. Other than that I felt as though this dispensary is lacking in the medical aspects and is clearly providing trash quality products. I picked up a cartridge (which ended up being from aEURoeIn Good HealthaEUR in Brockton) awful! Plastic trash cartridge with a wick on the inside. I can literally taste the Chinese grade plastic when I took the first few puffs. This is not medicine and I’d be interested to see how many people get sick or have adverse reactions to the poor quality being offered there. I was also taken back by the tip jar out on the counters. I understand being provided a service but I’m not sure this is the right way to go about procuring extra money from patients. I don’t tip the pharmacist when I pick up any scripts… Also… no bathroom! I have bladder issues and drove over an hour to get to your facility. Poor experience. I’ll stick to the dispensaries closer to Boston. Peace!

  12. anthonyp1

    Staff was very friendly and knowledgeable, beautiful facility and great looking flower.

  13. buzzard19

    Very clean and friendly

  14. Hobo_420

    Friendly staff. Good product to choose from. Clean and organized displays. Recommend to anyone in the area 100%

  15. nebeane

    This was my first visit to a rec shop, although I had a medical card for a year. I visited a couple days after they started selling rec, so I was expecting a line. To my surprise I was waved right into the parking lot by an attendant and found only 4 or 5 people in line in front of me.
    They had a handful of strains available in grams and eights, so I got some classics- Pineapple Express and Green Crack. They also had a variety of concentrates and vape cartridges but no edibles or topicals at the moment it seems.
    The bud tender and the dude who checked my ID were perfectly pleasant and I was in and out in a 5 minutes tops.
    The product itself is perfectly fine. I only bought one gram sacks so it’s hard to fairly judge the appearance, but the taste was good and effects as anticipated.
    Prices were standard medical prices plus tax. About $21 a gram and $60 an eighth.When you factor in the ridiculous tax, anywhere is going to feel like a rip off, but these are pretty standard prices it seems.

    Considering they just opened, this place seems great. I’ll be excited to see more variety and some edibles in the future. I’ll definitely be back.

  16. Kevsants87

    Just got back from the shop. It was a great experience as usual.

  17. Darinski

    Was a all around good day. Eric did Help out major. Thanks

  18. Noomus

    Thanks Ramona

  19. Spac3waste

    Perfect location.

  20. phrankie77

    I love going here the people are awesome

  21. Mcosta1119

    Kyle was super helpful and knew what he was talking.

  22. Drumbumm88

    I think this location was awesome. However since the Recreational transition it’s gone down hill. As a medical card holder as well as my mother we got set aside and the usual stuff we got was no longer available. Medical dispensaries should have stayed medical and have a separate location for the Recreational.

  23. Ringo67

    This was my first time at Northeast Alternatives and my first time buying marijuana, although I have smoked quite a bit before. Sean (I think that was his name) was a great help in finding the strain that would give me the effects I was looking for, mainly pain relief this time around. There was no wait when I got there, but there was an assembly line kind of feeling. I didn’t feel rushed when I was with my budtender, though. I’ll definitely be coming back again soon.

  24. GumbyOK

    AJ. and the crew are awesome.. help me out with any questiond i might have. i like the fact you have different levels of pricing. im there twice a week…

  25. NTR2018

    My absolute favorite dispensary anywhere. Super friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful staff. Feels very secure, more like a jewelry store than a typical pharmacy. I will always come here for the best quality products, prices, and excellent customer service for patients.

  26. MichaelxPanama

    Great. Just pricey but high quality

  27. LawyerStoner772

    Always out of weed. There online menu is never kept up to date either. They update it once a week. So don’t rely on it when traveling from a distance. Twice I’ve checked the menu before making my trip and twice they were out of what I wanted. Grams are rare now to get.. be aware

  28. guido4040

    place is very professional. a little on the expensive side. didnt have much selection of the product I wanted because they were sold out. the product i did receive was high quality

  29. Fisky42069

    I’ve had a great experiences over the last 2 weeks shopping here. I had the same guy three times in a row. I have no idea what his name is but he looks like a Benny so I’m going to call hin Benny. I went in today and have a hilarious guy who I shall know call Smooth Operator as I’m pretty sure he stole the guy in front of me’s girlfriend. I’ve only had one strain that I didn’t care for that was the white 99 everything else has been totally worth getting the tax on…

  30. jgriffjr

    Very nice, clean facility. Easy access off of Rt 24.

    I have been to approximately 8ish dispensaries in Massachusetts. While all of them have their own unique strengths, Northeast Alternatives seems to have all the strengths! Their expanding product line is excellent, their pricing is constantly improving, and their staff is fantastic!

    Both Ro and Erik have helped me each time I have gone in! Others there have helped me greatly as well, I just can’t remember their names.

    Give it a try. You won’t be disappointed!

  31. Paigep67

    I am a medical patient and have been here several times. I’ve always had great experiences. Today was my first time going since they started selling recreationally. It definitely wasn’t the same as my previous experiences. I used their menu on Leafly to decide before I went in what I wanted to buy. I get there and waited 30 minutes in the medical line. I notice the menu in the recreational room is different than the online Leafly menu so when I get into the medical room I ask for a menu and they don’t have any. They had no product list at all in the medical room to look at and the menu in the store is different than their menu online . I then ask for the 3 items I had decided on through the online menu and they didn’t have any of them. The bud tender had no knowledge of any of the products I was interested in and couldn’t help me with finding any alternatives . I was there for about 45 minutes today and left empty handed. I understand that’s its only been a week since they opened for recreational sales so I’m hoping they are able to fix some of the issues I experienced today and get back to the great service and products I’ve been coming for.

  32. Sstanley1018

    Carlos was amazing! I am a medical patient and he helped me so much today. Whenever I am there and he helps me I know I am going home with something I am going to like.

  33. Jah47


  34. Bruce6358

    Staff right down to the security guard are all very friendly

  35. fantasticsam

    Great location over in Fall River right off the highway. The security guard outside is always friendly and it’s very easy to get in and out. The dispensary design is nice, it’ll be interesting to see how it works when they get busy and start recreational.

    The staff is friendly and while they are new and still getting used to their products, they are sincere and want to help. They’ll be great in no time.

    My only complaint is the products, and since this place isn’t producing its own marijuana yet (I’m told that will be happening soon), it’s more a complaint about quality of some products in the state.

    The flower from Bask is overpriced for what it is. They have some great strains but they are grown poorly. I used to go there when they opened and stopped because of all the seeds. I grabbed a little bit of flower from NE Alternatives that came from Bask and it was seeded up like usual. What is going on with that place?

    The flower from Berkshire is pretty decent but nothing crazy. They have a good selection of edibles here from Central Ave and Insa and a few others. They have vapes and everything else you might be looking at.

    Hopefully when they have their own harvests they come out with some good flower. Buying wholesale is okay for now but if you’re just selling a mediocre grower’s product, it’s not going to be good long term.

    I’ll definitely go back when they have their own flower.

  36. seanharris2019

    Thought i would give it a go this week ….Dry flower, below average service. Will not be coming back

  37. themanimalaron

    From the moment you are greeted by the desk, to the time you hit the counter, rounded out to your departure…the staff and experience is relaxed, friendly, and overall incredible.

  38. Tiredlizzy

    Everyone who works here is very kind and welcoming. The place opened a couple days ago and looks very well organized and clean. The flower quality is awesome too. Would recommend.

  39. SlowBurnJams

    The atmosphere is so good, you can feel the tension lift off of you immediately. I visited around closing time last night (Jan 25, 2019), and I was welcomed into the dispensary, not just my money. Security guard is astute, but patient amd present. My first time buying legal rec, and I got a gram each of Golden Goat and Pineapple Express. Shoutout to Trinity for being phenomenal while budtending. Her knowledgeability and raw enthusiasm for weed made getting my last minute purchase easy. It’s refreshing to see a dispensary where the employees care about weed and the people they give it to.

  40. Pinkfloyd66

    Been there twice.
    Leafly updated 33 minutes earlier but had only one item out of five available.
    Also the prices on Leafly are totally diferrent than at this place (higher)

  41. Daizycakestv

    5 stars all around! Front desk was all smiles.staff was awesome, our budtender Josh was amazing! Very clean and inviting atmosphere.

  42. OACyberiad

    Cool decor, fair prices, and friendly staff. I’ll defiantly be coming back!

  43. dmjmc7

    This place is wonderful and everyone is so helpful!

  44. meekyb

    Best spot for recreational, hands down…. Quick even with a long line in front of you. Also NO SHUTTLE. Nathan waited in me today was very well informed, makes buying that much more interesting.

  45. Cpires24

    I went there yesterday my server Devon was alsome it’s a cool place really expensive but with time I see prices dropping highly recommended

  46. mandampot877

    love it so nice very kind helful

  47. PoetPirate

    Stock doesn’t match newly updated menu whatsoever

  48. Apollo500

    They’reeeeee great!

  49. Zachar1y

    It’s the first time in a dispensary. It was an ok experience. It’s exactly what I thought it would be .

  50. pfitz888

    I arrived on a Sunday afternoon. It was easy to park right in front of the store and after presenting ID, I saw two lines and I was directed to the recreational line. I noticed the Medical line was very short, with 2 people. My line was longer, perhaps 20 people but it was moving. The crowd was all ages, and there were a few people in their 50s like me but most of the crowd was younger. I was helped by Chad who gave me 5 star service. He answered my questions and helped me with flower and concentrate. I told him I would like to try vaping and he explained what I needed and recommended a highly rated concentrate. He hooked me up with everything I needed and no more than 15 minutes later I was getting into my car, on my way home. It was a very pleasant experience. I had some hesitation about what to expect but really, it couldn’t be easier. The store is well appointed and Chad was very knowledgeable, helpful, and professional.

  51. ArmyGirl

    Very neat and clean. Very knowledgeable and helpful. As it was my first time loved the discount.

  52. DogMom88

    Great first time visit to a aEURoepot shop.aEUR
    Every staff member was genuinely friendly. My bud-tender was courteous and knowledgeable; he recommended a specific product based on my needs and I am very happy with it so far!
    The only negative for me was how quick the experience was. It felt rushed. Everything was very well organized and they are very talented with their operations but I kind of wish I had more time to aEURoepoke around.aEUR
    Overall I am very happy with my visit and am looking forward to trying more products!

  53. waltermitty420

    Its clean good staff friendly people. they are getting better quality of strains. products ect but the flower is dry all the time. its quality flower just turns to feify dust prices are fair try it out chemdawg 4 is on point.

  54. jdcmurphy

    Great atmosphere, and a super clean and organized dispensary. Between flower and concentrates the menu is pretty expansive, and I can tell will only improve with their own product. A good selection of accessories for smoking and concentrates are also available.

  55. Brina1316

    Nathan was excellent and very informative. The building was clean and warm. Wait time was only about 10 minutes and everyone was friendly.

  56. smc484

    I was a consistent medical patient at NEA. Now that they are rec, their priorities have clearly shifted and I won’t be returning. Truly doesn’t seem like they care about their patients/loyal customers. Medical patients aren’t aEURoecompletely separateaEUR as I was told, you have to walk through the crowds of rec customers to get to the closet where patients now order in with no nice screen menus. The menu is a laminated ring of papers that they just scribble out what isn’t in stock. Much less inventory on medical side, said I had to go to the rec side to buy supplies. They don’t sell rolling papers or filters. No deals like other dispensaries. Have found seeds and stems in my bud. I’m gonna just finish off my reward points and not return. Highly recommend Bask.

  57. smokingman420

    Blew by this place a few days ago, I really dug it. Cool older guy showing people where to park, had a good conversation with him when I was leaving. Really cool dude, very welcoming start!
    Went in expecting that what was on their menu on Leafy is updated, but was disappointed to find out that it is not updated, and from speaking to the budtender, this seems to be an ongoing issue.
    As far as experience, while other dispensaries I’ve been to have nice printed menus or nice signage up, this has more of a warehouse feel with a menu only meant for the staff, nothing laying on counters and was handwritten, even the staff had some issues reading it.
    so, on to the good stuff.
    The budtenders were helpful, they steered me to some good strains, strawberry lemonade, durban poision(preroll only) and mendo breath.
    All 3 strains had great taste and aroma, nice bag appeal too. Excellent smoke!! I loved the strawberry lemonade good mix of head high and some body relaxation but not too much. Smoked a bowl got blasted went out for some drinks and was happy, chatty but in a cool not overpowering way.
    I will be back

  58. Trkdlr1

    Great location, not so crowded so you want to leave.. almost a well oiled machine.
    Only thing I didn’t like was that I felt like I was being sold something and was asked about my budget.. how much I could afford..
    I’m a first timer and wanted to try a couple of things, which means I spent some money.. regardless, good product so far but you have to wait a couple of weeks for edibles, etc.

  59. Ebanger1313

    got shatter with mold on it instead of just taking it back or offering me a refund they told me it wasnt mold won’t ever bother going back just going to report them to the board of health

  60. Shauncy

    well considering I live next door, I love the location it works for medY$?~

  61. kieth72380

    How anyone could say Adult users are treated better then Medical Users with a Card is beyond me, the proof is in just what the difference is in what the menu’s are for each. Paid ed them a visit today looking for 2 loaded Vape Pens the names Wonder Skunk the other Purple Urkle and was told for Adult users it was sold out but for Medical Card holders it was there to get.Just by looking at the Menu’s for both you can clearly see there are Double the Products if you’re holding a Card. BIG WASTE OF MY TIME. BE WARNED There are 2 Menu’s the one for (Card Holders) who have a choice of close to 1 hundred products where as for (Adult user’s) you’re lucky if you have 30 Product choices.So what i was looking for was 36 dollars a p reloaded vape tube so they give you the line they are out for Adult users then try to take you to the cleaner’s for a Vape Cartage that cost 87 Dollars and you have to pay again for the Vape Tube itself plus Taxes. Look for yourself at both Menu’s. You would not even know there are 2 different Menu’s unless you go into the Shop. Not looking for Flower but i must say i’ve seen better Flower off the Streets then i seen in there cases. Thank’s for the run around.It’s all about getting you in the door.

  62. Bluntforce71

    Very nice and clean atmosphere. People are highly trained that work there. And very good product!

  63. JT-420

    I have been a patient since before they went rec. Although it has become much busier, I find that being able to circumvent the long rec line for a much smaller one very beneficial. The service is still up to par in my eyes, everyone seems generally knowledgeable. Some associates know more than others in certain areas, but all share the info with each other in order to give the patient/customer the best info possible. Last time I was there, which was the first since they went rec for me, was no hassle at all. I was guided to where I needed to go with decency and respect. At the medical counter Abby greeted me with eye contact and a pleasant smile, a uplifting personality and she was easy to converse with. She definitely went the extra mile to get my questions answered and the strain I was looking for. I will continue to get my medication from them.

  64. connoralves

    Great customer service, fixed a problem immediately, nice place and great concentrates and reasonable prices

  65. ChandlerDezign

    NEA is a very nice dispensary with knowledgeable and friendly staff.
    I’ve enjoyed every visit and every product purchased.

    One downside is their lack of CBD products. I refuse to use online CBD Hemp Oil available from hundreds of suppliers because it isn’t as good and tastes horrific.
    Eagerly awaiting NEA to restock their CBD pantry. Been waiting since November.

    Overall I highly recommend NEA!!

  66. Ncps6176

    The line was quick. Everyone was friendly. had been wanting to try a cartridge pen. I picked up the bannan cream disposable one. The battery died within 48 hrs with product left still in it. :/ Not a bad product, just wish battery lasted the whole cartridge.

  67. sdumont

    Let’s be honest, the true test of a business is how they handle things that didn’t go right. I visited and bought an edible and a concentrate e-nail. My budtender Amanda took all the time needed to help me pick the right products for me.

    However… when I got home I discovered that there was a problem with the charging port on the e-nail which would prevent it from working. This was a manufacturing problem, not a dispensary problem.

    I returned to the store and was directed to a manager, Matt. He handled the situation very professionally and I was happy from the outcome.

    It’s never good to have a problem on the first time doing business with someone new. But, instead of it being a negative, they handled it very well and it makes me feel comfortable saying that this is my go-to dispensary from now on.

    Check them out!

  68. Dchaves79

    That one gemale staff very cute and knowledgeable made me feel real comfortable and answered all my questions

  69. JbcMA

    Pineapple Express is a must try.
    The medic (I think it’s called) taste like a tropical fruit had a baby with another tropical fruit.

  70. Teddynuggs

    awesome stock and flowers and concentrates are to die for. this lotion they now have is great.

  71. Goldan1

    Good location, good products, very helpful staff

  72. evelskunny

    Went there last nite,kool place,nice inside,but I got some pot that was absolutely awful,was excited to get it,but when I got home,I broke it out and proceeded to break it up,it was like breaking up dirt,dry dry dry,and it had the worst taste,I my as well been smoking a cigarette,I can get better pot from s guy at work lol will probably never go there again,was like goin out to dinner and the meal was terrible!

  73. allyguz

    it was great! friendly, helpful and right off the exit

  74. Nicklopes2

    First time wasn’t great bought some flower looked and smelled great but had no taste and was dry. The live sugar I bought was really good but the lady I purchased it from didn’t have much knowledge on the concentrates. I have gone back a second time a month later, a lot better, wasn’t dry and had a better taste

  75. Lack0530

    fast easy service very helpful and knowledgeable

  76. Jcamara8686

    Staff here is freaking awesome always greet you with big smiles, very knowledgeable of what NEA has to offer.. I will always come back here

  77. Jcoache

    Location great. Everything great. You need more of a variety though. Edibles would be good.

  78. JayFrostTHC

    I’ll def be back line moved fast and staff very helpful and the fact they take debit is a huge plus

  79. Red10Speed

    They were knowledgeable and friendly clean and well organized Fast service In and out

  80. checkrdshoeschel

    Out of all the dispensaries I’ve been to as a medical patient, this was my least favorite dispensary. The security at the front desk to check in was rude, and made it seem like I was supposed to “already know” where to go for the medical line. I waited in the medical line for a few minutes, no one approached me, no sign saying I could walk through the door until I went to the express line and a different security guard guided me to the correct place (he was very nice). Felt like a total idiot and awkward. Other than that the budtenders we’re very nice and helpful. Will be trying my preroll later. Not sure if I’d come back here.

  81. Zsouza

    Great shop friendly employees who know a lot. Good prices and medical patients don’t wait in line. Highly recommend this place

  82. JshibbyC7

    yes, that is all.

  83. YFTonya

    Gary was a lot of help and insanely friendly!

  84. jiggyjames80

    Great location best GG4 in the area. Staff was pleasant and engaging will definitely be coming back and spreading the word.

    Thank You!

  85. Hank77

    Everyone there is very helpful and very knowledgeable! I’ll definitely come back again!

  86. Mizalovesyouuu

    I went to check out the wax . It was pretty lit

  87. Beamabrian

    very professional and solid product

  88. Scott414

    I love the quality and the service. I am a medical patient who hates to smoke. I need a thx/cbd tincture for under my tongue or capsules to swallow for my glaucoma. Please carry these items. Thank you.

  89. NMO_stonerchick

    So, I love the interactive deli bar pick your nugs vibe here. Marley’s singing sweet melodies and the bud qualities and new varieties are intoxicating to behold. Come down and get your 20% off your first purchase and meet the amazing staff.

  90. Bossmanweed

    love em

  91. djunior420

    Great place to visit!! Great people great product great place!! I tried the BioDiesel flower and let me tell you I’ll be back for more!!

  92. jacko43

    This place is convenient, has knowledgable staff, and very high-quality products at decent prices. They know how to get people in and out efficiently. Excellent experience overall, highly recommended.

  93. Quak22

    They offer a 20% discount for Vets and a loyalty program. All the staff Aj, Amanda . Eric, ,Carlos,Ramona, Ryan , Anais , And Morgan are always there to great you as if you were on the set of Cheers. Top notch service. And very clean. The meds are good and they are working on things to improve and I am optimistic that they will be one of the top dispensary in NewEngland one day as they have the attributes in making it happen…. ty guys.. dY’

  94. miked4041

    I visited NEA on Sunday, the first day of rec sales. The coordination with the app, staff, and everyone involved was amazing! I can’t say enough about their customer service also, I had an issue with one of the vape cartridges I bought and AJ and the rest of the staff took care of it with out hesitation. Great products, staff, and I look forward to going back soon!

  95. Zen__ben

    Super streamlined and convenient with the use of the online app line system. I queued in at 1130, had about an hour wait at home, got a text that I had 30 mins to go so I headed there. As soon as I got off the highway I got a text that I was at the front of line and could enter, which was great since the dispensary was right off the highway. It took a total of 10 mins from parking to entering to purchasing and then leaving. Awesome job!

  96. Alwaysmedicated

    Are the prices before tax?

  97. Killab508

    Best place around southeastern Massachusetts hands down

  98. JeremyB.

    Very pleased…

  99. Kenny_Gracia

    I’m a med patient and have been here about ten times over the last two months since I got my card. I love everything about this place and have never been let down by the products, especially strains produced by NEA. They grow some amazing stuff.

    Got some Gorilla Glue this morning which is super frosty and fresh. The place was packed with rec customers but was in and out in less than 5 mins. I was very pleased to see the express line and seperate room for medical.

  100. Desb420

    Been waiting for their own product to be released, but keep getting different dates every week for it. The product they have now is from other dispensaries; better off just going to them. Budtenders are very nice. Prices are obnoxious for less than street quality cannabis (flower). Wouldn’t recommend edibles if you have a high tolerance. Would advise going with your caregiver if they aren’t to familiar with purchasing, because mine was just charged over $100 for less than a quarter of flower. Very frustrating. I get a half ounce for that price at other dispensaries.

  101. Jennivh

    I really liked This dispensary they were very helpful and I will be back soon review

  102. irishj482

    Clean facility, friendly budtender, knowledgeable about the products. Smooth first experience here. Keep up the good work. I will be back again!

  103. Jmawhinney87

    Very professional, clean atmosphere

  104. Stonedturtle91

    This place is great!! All of the servers are knowledgeable and fast they know their product for the flower alot of variety, the bud was deffinatly high quality , great atmosphere deffinatly will be back and recommend to many friends!!!

  105. DirtyRiverJon

    Best Bud and Dab in the city! the prices could be a bit better, but it is still worth it.

  106. Ajanea76

    Friendly staff and comfortable atmosphere. Great weekly deals. Good variety of products.

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