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2001 Washington St, Hanover, MA 2339


42.1541154, -70.846806




9:00 AM – 7:00 PM


9:00 AM – 7:00 PM


9:00 AM – 7:00 PM


9:00 AM – 7:00 PM


9:00 AM – 7:00 PM


9:00 AM – 7:00 PM


10:00 AM – 2:00 PM


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Curaleaf Hanover is located on the beautiful south shore of Massachusetts, conveniently off of Route 3. Curaleaf is your destination for quality medicine and friendly, knowledgeable staff in a warm and welcoming environment. With a cultivation team dedicated to using their broad horticultural expertise in order to best meet the needs of our patients, our mission is to develop safe, effective, innovative medical marijuana products for Massachusetts medical marijuana patients . We cater to all levels of experience with marijuana and offer one-on-one consultations for patients seeking guidance.

Curaleaf Hanover gladly welcomes medical marijuana patients from the following areas: Hanover, Hull, Hingham, Norwell, Marshfield, Plymouth, Rockland, Cape Cod, Quincy, Pembroke and anywhere else within Massachusetts state lines!

Open seven days a week, come in and see us! We can’t wait to meet you!


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52 reviews for “Curaleaf

  1. MadameGreen3988

    There is nothing wrong or bad or sub par here. Shame on those who hate.

  2. mlink078

    This dispensary is great. All staff are very knowledgeable on product and industry. Sales are great. Great quality flower good prices. One of my regulars.

  3. Callaway500

    Pleased to have a dispensary so close with an entire range of flower with good potency. I found blue nina great for chronic pain. Seems like some reviewers have an axe to grind–maybe they work for delivery service or other dispensaries. He flower is cured corectly and on par with the 6 other dispensaries I’ve visited.

  4. purpdrmz


  5. morningwood

    Only been once, and it was back in late spring on the way to the cape. Not eager to go back.
    Flower was OLD, and yellow, and dry. Staff was rather rude when I asked about some of the flower being 10+ months old.
    I will say that I’ve heard that quality is much better now that they only sell their own flower, but I’ll believe it when I see it.

  6. bostonguy16

    Unreal – selling very old brown flower from another dispensary. They need to hire a quality control person ASAP!

  7. Jmorgo5

    Very knowledgeable and kind staff! Immaculate, great variety popping of products.

  8. jimflana

    Great staff, cool setup, great product and prices!

  9. DarrenJC

    Great staff and very friendly. Check it out if your in the area!

  10. Sxyslb

    Great place! Knowledgeable staff and good products! Sativa chocolate bar and indica chocolate bar are great!! They have deals on prerolls Wednesday morning.

  11. cvm3

    great people, great selection

  12. LouGalli

    Enjoy learning new info on app

  13. emperorcannabis

    Curaleaf is One of the best options south of Boston. Great staff and always great customer service. Great prices as well. Very cool location too, sleek and professional atmosphere.

  14. Gphillips36

    The flower is top notch, fresh and properly cured. Staff is reasonably knowledgeable. Pre-rolls are absolute SHIT though. Bud is ground so finely it falls out through the filter in the packaging, leading to each joint having a couple of MM of empty space between the filter and the bud which makes it impossible to smoke. I swear it looks like they used a coffee grinder on the bud. They are also rolled poorly, either too tight or way too lose. Stick to the flower.

  15. barecove

    Have really tried to like this place,especially since it is a breeze getting there. Unfortunately they have repeatedly sold VERY OLD as the expiration date was 5 days BEFORE the purchase date.I am aware of “curing” your weed and how to do it… and keeping it packaged in a way that it dries out WAY beyond the desired 62% relative humidity. I have no axe to grind, as I have said, I really want to like this place but they make it hard selling other dispensaries OLD product. I know it’s not easy getting enough good product together, but it is paramount to building a GREAT establishment that people will want to come back, for the product… not the convenience … I would refer a friend and I will probably shop there again… with great reservation

  16. Beardo02045

    They are rude. Rude when I walked in. Rude about the forms. Then when they asked what I wanted they said they were out and offered a product that was not comparable. She was rude when I asked why something on their site wasn’t available. Ive been to 3 other MA dispensaries and the people are much nicer and keep their sites updated.

  17. YupIts420

    My 2nd visit to this spot. Tried their Diesel Fire the first time which was real nice, and just hit them up again today for their $200/oz deal. New flower looks and smells pretty damn good, and at this price you can’t go wrong. Spot is easy to get to and the staff moved me through pretty quick.

  18. hermitacorns

    Excellent staff.

    Excellent flower selection. I absolutely love Guptilla and Blue Nina; I will be returning for more!

  19. greenmom143

    The place is clean and smells great and the customer service is great, however, the weed is old. It has no smell and is dried out. I started going in January when they opened and have been trying different strands and I’ve gotten a few decent flower but this is the last time I go here. I am not wasting any more money.

  20. LexMichael8508

    False advertising “fresh flowers”. Every visit i had they had old dried out popcorn nugs. Wish i can send a pic of the GG4 i purchased. Waste of money.

  21. CyclingAroundU

    This is my new favorite dispensary. Good selection of flower and concentrates in a pleasant, friendly environment. Prices are a little higher than Boston Dispensaries, but location and strain selections make up for it.

  22. anniemick1958

    Really convenient south shore location with extremely helpful staff. Looking forward to trying more of their own homegrown products as they get them in. They give you discount on your entire purchase on your first visit so stock up! dY’dY>>

  23. mrsjfc

    Love it, although I do wish they had a bit more variety as far as candies, patches, honey, etc.

  24. capechic

    Best experience thus far. Staff professional and knowledgeable . I don’t feel like I’m dealing with stoners .
    Highly recommend Xavier. This girl knows her stuff.

  25. Pokeysmama

    Awesome friendly & educated staff. Some less humble than others. But professional but friendly staff. Killer specials

  26. Chris77701

    A great friendly place. I want to know if and when your getting the Santuary chocolate back in stock?

  27. dgasse

    Old flower is just old flower. I thought the pricing was great until I found out how old the flowers are. The prerolls may have well been dust. Just my two cents.

  28. Pablonadoe

    Nice place, nice people, good security,favorite shop.

  29. Yamar13

    Visited Curaleaf Hanover for first time. Not exactly sure where other reviewers are coming from but the assorted buds I acquired were all very fresh and tasty. $40 per 1/8 oz. is decent pricing. Packaging the buds in hard plastic containers would be better than the pouches. Pricing on Vape cartridges is however questionable. Curaleaf sells 250mg (0.25ml) Vape pen cartridges for $60 when all other dispensaries are asking LESS money for double size 0.5ml cartridges at equal or better quality. That said, the Granddaddy Purple cartridge was excellent quality.

  30. indicadude111

    Worst dispensary in Mass hands down. Flower was so terrible I seriously threw it out and that’s saying a lot! It was harvested more than a half year before sale. The staff couldn’t know less about marijuana and the Mass DPH system.

  31. Srt0914

    I enjoyed my first visit to the Curaleaf Castle today. Great selection of flower at best price around, including 3 strains which just dropped this week. Flower is fresh and, although prepackaged in 1/8 quantities, it all was packaged today or yesterday. Appreciate the rewards system and look forward to flash sales. My tender Diana was so sweet and helpful!

  32. Mw1978

    Selling Expired bud. Old Brown no flavor or taste. Grams of Co2 Oil in syringe flavorless little potency. Called Mgmt was rude said nothing was wrong with it.

  33. Jennkenn

    Amazing staff amazing product

  34. princrssinboston

    very dissatisfied with the OPens that I purchased. Called and called with no return call still and it has been over 2 days.

  35. golemmar

    The staff is great – every time I’ve been, I’ve had great and friendly service. The environment is very relaxing yet professional.

  36. BeefSquatch26

    Very nice people.

  37. CuraleafMA

    The young man at the front desk was extremely nice and helpful;Overall my experience was outstanding! I look forward to going back soon!

  38. bostonstopangel

    gorgeous building. convenient location. helpful, knowledgeable staff

  39. FortDrastic

    Lots of room for improvement. Emo help girl was very anti help. I had heard they were going to supply another type of chocolate brand. But they hadn’t. She recommended that I melt their chocolate to offer different options… Huh? She might’ve been having a bad day but they need to understand there’s better options very close by.

  40. fenwayman1804

    Great dispensary, very helpful staff, great flower selection, finally a $40 eighth in MA

  41. Justadad

    Very professional operation.

  42. BostonBakedBean

    I have been critical of this place is the past and unfortunately, my criticism must continue. The flower here is really of poor quality when comparing to what other RMD’s are offering here. Very low on strains, those that are available are low on trichromes and terpines. Pipe ash is bright white (no nutrient flush at end of flower cycle). aEURoePopcornaEUR nugget is sold for cheaper but that title is misleading because they are micronic nugget with plenty of random stems in the pre-weighed bag. They do not weigh anything in front of you, it’s all prepackaged…No chance to look or smell any product before purchase.

    I appreciate this place as being a haven for noobs, local troglodytes, and the likes, which is great because it keeps them away from the good spots.

    Do yourself a favor….stay away from this spot if you are educated and experienced.

  43. Baddabing4

    I’ve been a Curaleaf Hanover patient for over a year. During this time period I have witnessed consistent improvement. The security and staff have always been welcoming, genuinely kind and knowledgeable. I ask a lot of questions, and take my time to make sure I am getting the medicine that is right for me. Thus I appreciate the one on one service that the bud tenders provide. The facility, with it’s castle exterior and comfy interior, is kept immaculate. The most significant improvement has been the quality of Flower. They have their own strains and each batch gets better and better. Best prices, deals and specials around. They also pride themselves on giving back to their host community. Most importantly I always leave happy!

  44. Jocknock

    I like when I come to Curaleaf in Hanover, MA, that there is usually no wait, or a very brief one. I have been in long lines at Brockton and Quincy, so it takes up less of your time.

    I ESPECIALLY like the sales and (Get this!) the discounts offered by this MMJ supplier…(There are no sale prices on the black market.)

  45. Mvgenduso

    The waiting room requires you to wait for a cannabis rep to come out and assist you. This isn’t such a bad practice, as it is aEURoeunorthodoxaEUR….all the proper checks are in one and the menu is diverse! The products are of INCREDIBLE quality.

  46. lauraevalyn

    excellent facility

  47. Eramus3


    Today was my 4th or 5th visit and up till now everything was great. Today there was very little flower selection and I could not use my debit card. This is not so bad really, but the fact that their website had not been update to reflect these things is unacceptable. People were showing up only to see a paper sign on the door about the debit cards. I saw at least 2 other customers arrive, see the sign and have to go back out, presumably to an ATM. It is absolutely vital that important info be indicated online. I will not go back there until I have confidence that their website is reliable.

  48. rkymtndeb

    This is the first time, since I got my med license almost 2 yrs ago, that I bought from a dispensary such dry, crumbly leaf product! Straight out of the bag when I got it home!!

  49. WAREAGLE1005

    They are selling another dispensaries old bud now. The last two times I went I got bud from may and june test dates which means it was harvested even sooner than that. When it’s that old it turns brown and tastes terrible. Don’t open if your not ready. No patient should be sold that quality of medicine for what we pay to get a card. Sorry but being nice and having a super cool place isn’t going to cut it if I get home and open that stuff up.

  50. Emsdad

    Weird place, atmosphere was a little off putting. Too bad because it has potential. I bought a pre-roll that was8 months old and a premium vape cartridge that tasted awful. It’s closer than Ermont, but the quality is severely lacking.

  51. Sugarbush811

    Convenient location for me. Very professional. Doesn’t smell like weed in there because they grow their weed at a different spot. People are very helpful and actually know which strains are good for which conditions- strongly recommend Guptilla!

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