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401 EAST MAIN STREET, Georgetown, MA 1983


42.706978, -70.9597748




10:00 AM – 7:00 PM


10:00 AM – 7:00 PM


10:00 AM – 7:00 PM


10:00 AM – 7:00 PM


10:00 AM – 7:00 PM


10:00 AM – 7:00 PM


10:00 AM – 7:00 PM


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OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK, 11am to 7pm!
(For updates regarding our hours during bad weather, please call, visit our website at or follow us on social media!)

Healthy Pharms, Inc. is a dispensary of high quality cannabis for registered medical marijuana patients in Massachusetts. We offer a wide variety of reasonably priced cannabis treatments carefully cultivated and processed in our state of the art facility in Georgetown. We offer a supply of consistent and artisanal strains including Indica, Sativa, Hybrid, Balanced CBD and High CBD for all methods of consumption to assist patients with a broad range of conditions.

All of our cannabis is cultivated on site and independently lab tested for contaminants and quality to ensure you always get the best of the best. We carry a vast array of cannabis products and frequently update our menu with new and exciting options.

We are conveniently located just off Rte. 95 at Exit 54A in Georgetown, MA.

Be sure to follow us on social media, just search Healthy Pharms! If you have any questions or comments, feel free to reach us at or give us a ring at (978) 352-8286.

As a friendly reminder, to be admitted to Healthy Pharms, you must have both your Massachusetts State Issued Medical Marijuana Patient Card, as well as a second valid government issued form of identification (drivers license, passport, ID) to be admitted into the building. At this time, we are only able to accept debit or cash transactions. If you are a new patient, we recommend you arrive at least one hour before closing to ensure enough time for initial registration and orientation.


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132 reviews for “Healthy Pharms


    Great vibe & energy here. Really just a place I enjoy coming back to.

  2. danocdman

    Very nice space and atmosphere. The staff is very helpful and accommodating. Good product mix that is expanding and Will definitely be back.

  3. xmaddeyx

    Great atmosphere, made me feel comfortable during my first purchase as a patient at a dispensary! I sampled Purple Trainwreck and Blue Cheese, both of which were outstanding in treating my back pain neck pain and muscle spasms. The shatter was also great, but it could be lighter in color. I’d rather have a more honey-amber colored shatter, but it is a new product at this dispensary. I’m sure it’ll get better with time!

  4. Ccellbythecshore

    Enjoyed every aspect. Exceptional service and pretty good bud. Place is really nice, glad to have visited before going recreational.

  5. zckdion

    Great place. Great product. Overall would recommend.

  6. dragon888

    First time visitor this past week. Large parking area. Selection was very good, which is why I came here! Bud tender Kyle? was very informative and very customer centric! Will be back.

  7. scole832

    Used Leafly pickup for the first time last week… I should have told the 7 people waiting before me they should have used LEAFLY PICKUP as I was leaving before them! HAHAHA love this service!

  8. Gunz0813

    My buddy recommended this place and he says it’s great mark Harrington he gets a Referral do you get discounts for referrals

  9. kaubin

    Fast and easy

  10. Mghilliard

    Very limited supply of Vape cartridges. That’s all that I am interested in. I’ll go to Melrose from now on.

  11. Reli0304

    Great place and great service. They keep their menu up to date and are very helpful and friendly

  12. Leezza

    Went for my first visit today and I was very impressed. The location is easy to find and offers plenty of parking. The security is excellent and they were very helpful with any questions. The BudTender who served was able to guide me with my purchase choices and was very knowledgeable on the products best suited for the benefits I needed. I will go back and recommend them to other!

  13. peacestarr

    Easy to find

  14. dabbingdave85

    I’ve visited Healthy Pharms three times so far, so I think that gives me a chance to give an accurate review of their service and product quality.

    I have been to 8 different dispensaries so far in my two years of cardholding, and Healthy Pharms is by far, without a doubt, the best one I’ve been to yet.

    The atmosphere is so relaxed I could’ve fallen asleep on the couch in the waiting area. The sales staff are all very knowledgeable of their products and were able to answer my questions without leaving me wondering.

    I was told by the manager, Jeff (Geoff?), that we should be starting to see concentrates hit the shelves in a few more weeks. If their concentrates as good as their flower (which is some of the best shit I’ve had in years), I’ll never shop anywhere else.

    During my visit today, I grabbed an eighth of the new Chocolate Mint OG strain they just came out with. One of the staff, Derek (thank you so much for the help dude), told me they were supposed to be beautiful and effective buds. So I took his word. When I got home and popped open the bag, I was shocked at the quality. Dark purple, dense as hell and smelled SUPER dank. I was more than pleased with a sense of full bodied relaxation with this strain.

    The only negative thing I can think of is their uber boring packaging. But the quality of the stuff inside FAR makes up for it. If you guys keep up with what you’re putting down, you gained yourselves a customer for life

    Healthy Pharms is Phucking great!

  15. wrmiller1992

    They have a suggestion box, but your suggestions will most likely go unnoticed as I’ve made several with no positive outcome. Prices are a bit more expensive then most dispensaries out there. The staff are friendly, but there are a few that can rub you the wrong way. The pre rolls are hit or miss, many that I have bought here are unable to be smoked because they grind the MMJ so finely and cram it all in a pre roll – therefore does not hit, just burns your money away. The pre rolls are where you get the most bang for your buck. Usually no problems with Lemon Skunk. When you ask if you can have a refund they say no, and give you a sad face after you’ve spent over $200 in a month. Bingo Sundays are fun, however I wish they had a different reward system. The menu often has items unavailable. The wax / shatters are mediocre. The staff is pretty knowledgeable when it comes to MMJ, however the customer is just another dollar to them. Great location, however wish my suggestions were heard, as many of my friends go here and feel the same way I do.

  16. Franko74

    So convenient. Easy on, easy off the highway. Very helpful and knowledgeable staff. Fantastic products.

  17. jojisness

    Very friendly knowledgeable staff. Quality product….only problem is they need to increase their flowers and vape catridges variety.

  18. jmerna

    So i went to Healthy Pharms soft opening tonight and i was excited ! Healthy Pharms was conveniently off 95 and in a private location. The style captured me instantly ! This place didnt overly smell of cannabis, which it shouldnt ! Appeared to have a basket of cookies on arrival, and an unrushed waiting area. I almost felt like i stepped into a place i could relax and not rush out like the other dispensaries. I filled out a little paperwork and i was on my way to get what i came for!!! I met with a budtender who walked me through different flowers the have in a glass case before the registers. it wasnt akward to ask or see the flower since we were not rushed at the counter. I picked sapphire og and blue cheese. i have smoked both and have high quality written all over them. Both flowers had high levels of trichromes, very vibrant and fragrant. the biggest factor was they were buds … not popcorn buds with leaves like i have seen all to much.. over all first impressions mean a lot and i believe they won my business for now!

  19. xyzzy98

    Healthy Pharms in Georgetown is currently my go-to MMJ dispensary. Like any business that grows its own crops, some MJ strains and forms of processed cannabis tend to go in and out of stock, but I can usually find what I need.

    The staff is knowledgeable and friendly, and I don’t feel rushed when I’m placing orders. If I ask about a particular strain, there’s always someone to tell me its effects, and if I ask about a desired effect, I’ll always get a few suggestions about what might fit the bill. If I want to smell a strain (which tells me quickly about the terpenes), there are jars of flower samples.

    On the rare occasions that I’ve had problems with products, I got a credit without any grief.

  20. mcnutt87

    This is by fare the best place to go get your meds. People are awesome to deal with always have information on every product. They don’t try and sell you something that isn’t needed for your symptoms. I go here everytime minus the few times I go to other places just to get the free first time buyer deals.

  21. Caylight

    So happy to have found this place. Very helpful staff. In and out quick with a preorder online.

  22. Natlyco

    Absolutely love this place! Beautiful atmosphere inside, and the staff is so friendly and helpful!

  23. vanillafudge83

    Great staff and sales floor. Awesome products and helpful deals. There is always room to improve even if I cannot find any flaws.

  24. souljaadult

    This place blew my mind. I stopped in yesterday for some bud and vapes, and maaaaaannnnn this place has some top shelf shit. Sapphire OG is BOMB. Purple and green like crazy. It’s mad cool that they do everything in the same building I been smoking for 20 years and they have the best tasting flower PERIOD. There supervisor Dereck was very curtious and professional, he gave me the rundown of the place, and my new bro Joe is hilarious and knows his stuff. Can’t praize this place enough! Much love. aoeOEdY1/4

  25. michinman

    This place is above the rest. Been there twice this past week, the staff is very helpful. The flowers are amazing quality. Tried blue dream, sapphire OG and Blue Kush. Amazing! My new favorite place!

  26. Cpell

    I have been exclusive to this dispensary for one reason the compassion of their staff and the consistent quality of their natural vape cartridges. I look at the website everyday to check for an update and can’t wait to stop in on their first day back online. I honestly beleive in their product. Anyone who goes there realizes it.

  27. BuddhasNephew-_-

    Solid variety of buds + fresh. Daybreak cart tastes gross, but mostly everything I’ve had here is great.

  28. lspencer_MA

    Great location, staff and most importantly; PRODUCT! Have tried Blue Dream, 707 Truthband and OG Kush…each one has been so helpful medically. I deal with fatigue, pain, depression, anxiety, stiffness in all my joints and brain fogginess to name a few. I am so excited about the products I’ve tested now and will definitely be making Healthy Pharms my primary dispensary even though I live in Western MA.

  29. cloudeadeye

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE this dispensary!! Everyone that works here is so nice and welcoming and their bud is excellent. I like to ask opinions on different strains and I’ve never been steered wrong. The atmosphere is warm and inviting and I look forward to visiting when it’s time to stock up or if I’m in the area and I want to grab a quick treat. Highly recommend this place!

  30. Boogiemandii

    The staff is super friendly and helpful! Great flower and shatter.

  31. rdupont43

    I’ve been here a few times now. I was very impressed on my first visit. picked up some of the 707 truth band, sapphire og and blue dream. Staff is always super friendly and the location is great for us capeann folks. Anyway, being a slave to the pax vape, I loaded up some blue dream. wasn’t what I expected for flavor profile, but not bad. the sapphire og was so beautiful, I couldn’t bring myself to crush it. But I crushed it…. pax flavor unreal… lemon zesty citrus and a heck of a punch.

    The truth band is the best I’ve had so far, when it comes to taste. Flavors of citrus/tangie/gasy. REALLY good. In currently smoking some lemon skin in the pax as I write this, very good. In also a fan of your CBD line. The purple orange vape is very nice. Great for my anxiety during the day at work. Also a great night cap. This along with the pharmers 1:1 are great additions. my recommendation is go get some better porcelain type vape cartridges. The truth band, the purple orange and the sapphire are great but would be better in one if those higher end cartridges. Maybe start a recycle program like people near Lowell to allow you to control cost on the better cartridge? I see great things happening here. I look forward to og kush CBD shatter and vapes!!

  32. JKBA11

    Great dispensary – the best in the north shore for certain. Friendly people, a welcoming atmosphere, good product and relatively decent prices.

  33. sarah4909

    Very welcoming and friendly!

  34. Jgoodness


  35. greenbean78

    great atmosphere- super helpful and happy staff. delicious medicine. love the leafly reserve ahead

  36. BDEYES81

    Even by the high standards set by the dispensaries I frequent, the staff here stands out with a tangible sense of passion for the plant and the benefits it offers each patient. Brandon took all the time I needed to show me each of the many strains that interested me. He gave so many fascinating details in addition to answering all my questions about each strain and all of the edibles, with an engaged, calming demeanor that was particularly beneficial to someone like myself treating anxiety and depression. Indeed, everyone who I interacted with was friendly and full of knowledge and it made for a uniquely pleasant time. I went home with perennial favorite Blue Dream and most of the quarter was comprised of two huge, dense, beautiful buds so perfect that it killed me to break them up! This kind of care for superior cultivation speaks volumes. And I’m just as impressed by the unparalleled effects of my medicine. Since first using it in Amsterdam and many times in LA, I can honestly say I have never had a more beautiful, potent batch of Blue Dream than what I took home from Healthy Pharms. And I am equally satisfied with the lozenges! Just one was perfect for unparalleled relaxation, surprisingly potent with lasting effects in easily manageable doses. I have no complaints but I do have one suggestion: I would love it if the menu descriptions for edibles included whether it leans Indica or Sativa. (I confirmed from the staff that the lozenges I purchased were Indica-derived, and I hope I’ll benefit from the same effects with future purchases!) This dispensary exceeded my expectations and truly raises the bar for everyone else. I can’t believe how much I lucked out that it opened up so close to me! But even if I lived far away I would still make it my new go-to: everyone who benefits from medical cannabis will especially benefit from Healthy Pharms.

  37. stevezappala

    I love this place. Excellent quality, friendly staff. Only con plant is that they do not offer half gram pre rolls.

  38. Lisachaput

    Really helpful and kind staff and a great atmosphere.

  39. SFSFSF

    UPDATE: This place needs to get its act together. The ‘promise’ of the healthiest,purest products has not come close to fruition. CO2 process your product for Tanks, and sell grams of new flower so we can try them without taking a chance on the unfamiliar. Offer some Landrace strains and Classics. Yes-good-you offer Blue Dream, BUT your BD profile is the weakest finger print out of all the other Dispensaries who sell it. Grow strains with the highest profiles of cannabanoids(like have SOME CBD in your non cbd specific strains!!! There are othe letters beside THC. Let’s see a lot more of them with some high percentages.Getting closed because of contamination should be an embarrassing wake up call. You have so much potential. We want you to reach it.

  40. Jitza444

    Great little shop, the staff is always beyond pleasant and very helpful. I used Leafly pickup for my most recent order and it was ready for pickup within 5 minutes of placing my order. Their prices are slightly higher than the bigger dispensaries like NETA but only marginally higher.

  41. Chadkarahalis

    Friendly and quick service with great product.

  42. billhightheganjguy

    great service with knowledgeable budtenders who are passionate with helping patients find the right medicine. ten Outta ten!

  43. Squishlife

    I LOVE the location, and the staff! I just wish they’d have more to choose from

  44. 420brobro

    First time visit. Stopped here on my way to the lake this weekend. I saw they got vape pens in, and I was a little hesitant to try it because of the dark color in the picture, but HOLY FLAVOR. So tasty. I’ll be back to stock up on them. Grabbed some Blue Kush flower while I was at it. The quality is superb. Very comfortable atmosphere and great service.

  45. byrdisthewyrd

    Healthy Pharms is poised to become my favorite dispensary in no time flat. First impressions (and I was indeed impressed) showed me a friendly and caring staff, beautiful and pleasing/calming facilities, a more “hands-on” shopping experience (I really enjoy getting to look at and smell the bud I’m buying), and most of all, PHENOMENAL PHLOWER.

  46. addysully01

    They just have inferior product insofar as their flower is concerned….

  47. Saturnine1313

    I have been visiting Helathy Pharms (Georgetown) since they opened and I am going to be their customer for the foreseeable future. The products, staff and atmosphere are exceptional. When you first drive into the parking lot there is a sense of security (based on their dedicated lot with large fence.) Check-in is quick and easy which was simple for first time client intake. The space is large with exposed wood giving it a boutique feel down to the printed menus. I like that they call your name to the counter making for a more personal experience. If there are any questions the staff are helpful and forthcoming with their knowledgeable suggestions. They have small samples of their current products for you to view in locked glass cases, if interested. The variety of products they offer are top notch. The flower is dank and every strain I have tried has its own unique profile. Their vapor cartridges burn evenly with no failures. The edibles are the best I have had. I am impressed with their delicious variety. The ingredients list is short and contains high quality products. Right now, my favorites are the CBD honey and CBD macaroons respectively. Now that they use the Leafly order pickup, my visits are even more convenient as you skip any line. I have only good things to say about Georgetown which is why this review is so very long.

  48. DFELIX002

    Menu is much better than other dispensaries I have visited.

  49. Ranchcop

    I love this place. The people are super nice and helpful. The products are high quality and tested. And I live about 2 miles away. Definitely recommend

  50. drpatti

    Extremely knowledgeable staff and great product selection.

  51. Rlacasse

    Good friendly and knowledgeable staff !!!

  52. GreenEyedFlowerPower

    I liked that this dispensary is right off 95, the location is very secure – no hangers on in my experience. The staff is very professional. Jill has helped me the 3 times I have come in. This is great for me – I have a better experience the more familiar I am with someone.

  53. sativaafevaa

    Great customer service

  54. MadameGreen3988

    Just awesome! Staff friendliness and courtesy top notch! This is worth the visit from anywhere in MASS. The discounts are dope! The flower is perfect, amazing, gorgeous. Their Mobb Boss is a must try!

  55. brigman52

    Hey guys/gals!, the Alien Rift is fantastic and currently enjoying it. Very, very relaxed, but not couchlock relaxed(Yet). Can still function and not too overpowering(see, I’m writing). I am, however, inhaling Italian Xmas cookies.

    Highly recommend. Limited supply so hurry and stock up.

  56. cbencale

    This is my favorite dispensary. the staff and atomospher are amazing. The prices are very competitive and the quality is top notch.

  57. tedratyna17

    I’ve been several times now and I love the easy in easy out convenience! The staff is always friendly and helpful. Plenty of parking too!!

  58. 420TokerNoJoker

    Had my first visit recently to this dispensary.I am a regular customer of another dispensary and thought it would be a great idea to try something new.When first arriving at Healthy Pharms i couldn’t believe how large this place was.The building looked like it could have been a home depot.The man at the front desk was very friendly and upon entering the building i was amazed at how nice the interior was.I was given the standard paper work to fill out that you get at most dispensaries when becoming a new patient.It only took a few minutes to fill out and then i was ready to make my purchase.I was approached within seconds by a very nice man who handed me a menu that looked like it belonged in a restaurant.It was a much better experience than my usual paper take out menu at my regular dispensary.I was then asked some questions in order to give me some recommendations.After bringing my choices down to 2 strains i was shown and allowed to smell the strains from sample jars they had on display.A much better experience than the guessing game i play regular at my regular dispensary.I approached the counter and withing minutes i had my product.I was surprised by the packaging.My usual dispensary uses bottles but this dispensary uses zip lock style bags that are black and allow you to feel what your getting rather than getting home and being disappointed with the mess someone made when chopping up my product.The whole process was about 20 minutes as a new patient and this was while they were busy.My regular dispensary im usually waiting 45 minutes with the same amount of customers.I am happy i took the extra 10 minutes to drive to Healthy Pharms and i highly recommend this dispensary for those who want the feeling that they are more than just another customer in a line at a take out restaurant.My only complaint is there is a little to much stem in the package but my flower looked cured properly and worked as it should.The edibles looked home made which was nice and not something that looks like it came from a mass production factory.I highly recommend Healthy Pharms

  59. lisamorrissey7

    Very friendly people and not crowded at all.

  60. shannonglynn63

    At first I was very impressed with the service and the quality of bud, but then one day I went in and bought a dab pen. I took it home and went to use it and realized it was either broken or I just have no idea how to use it. So I brought it in and asked them to show me how to use it, which they gave me a hard time about, and it turned out that the pen was defective, but they refused to take it back because it had been opened… but my question is how am I suppose to know it’s defective if I can’t open it???? Also when I brought this to their attention they made me cry from their rudeness (also because I’m a patient with severe anxiety and confrontation makes it much worse) but because of the type of facility it is the employees should know to be sensitive to that type of stuff. Just overall very disappointed and will do my best to avoid this establishment.

  61. Vakman1

    Super nice and friendly

  62. PyroPothead420

    Excellent customer service and amazing products! Would definitely recommend to any medical patient.

  63. Dodge1478

    employees are extremely helpful, and knowledgeable.
    today was my first time going to a medical dispensary……. the woman that helped me was awesome (sorry, I forget her name)

  64. jgrace1140

    They have improved since first opening. particularly the quality of their flower. Need to work on terps. I wish I could give them a higher rating for service because they’re all very nice people but they just don’t seem to care about patient suggestions or act as if patients don’t know anything. atmosphere is great right off the highway lots of trees around and the inside is lit just right

  65. Abraxas6

    I’ve visited Healthy Pharms twice now and both experiences have been great. The staff were knowledgeable and articulate in making recommendations to suit my needs. I’ve tried a number of their strains and the favorite so far has been the Purple Orange CBD. A nice light head high with a relaxing body tingle that leads to great productivity and no couch lock. Runner up for productivity would definitely be the 707 Truthband. Super spicy, earthy tasting flowers definitely giving more of a buzz than the purple orange CBD, but just as stimulating. Currently smoking on their Blue Cheese and loving it. Very unique taste profile and euphoric high!
    The packaging they’ve used could certainly improve but I appreciate the air tight seal over the pill bottle other dispensaries are still using.
    With the quality of the flower I’ve seen so far, I cant wait to see what kind of concentrates Healthy Pharms will have to offer in the future!

  66. PhilD72

    What can I say! This is the best dispensary around. From the great people who work here, so friendly and sympathetic to everyone. You would never know if they were having a bad day, they treat everyone with respect and kindness. Their products are great and the prices are best!

  67. CustomaryPanic

    I was nervous the first time I entered Healthy Pharms but once I was inside the atmosphere was so calming and welcoming that I was able to relax a little. The first visit was amazing. I sat down with one of them and we went over everything. I have been back twice and the quality of the product, and the knowledgeable friendly staff has impressed me each time. They have answered every question I have had and helped guide me to products that best suit my needs. I LOVE pre ordering through Leafly, it is very convenient for me to be able to stop at the end of the day to pick up my order and it ensures that I get the product I need.

  68. Saturnine13

    This dispensary has more of a boutique feel. The quality of flower and edibles (that they make on premises) are top notch. Their Sapphire OG is amazing! The property has a huge metal gate and dedicated location which gave a sense of security. The floor plan was open and welcoming to compliment their caring and informed staff. Registering as a patient was quick and easy. MassHealth patients get 10% off with no dollar or product limit.

  69. mtmx45

    I really enjoy every aspect of the experience here. It’s always a friendly and calm atmosphere combined with a very helpful, informative, and welcoming staff. Also, it’s super easy to get to and the inside looks nice 🙂 .
    – Michael

  70. buddyguy3

    Nice store, nice people. Weak flower and the vape cartridges look like motor oil – garbage!!

  71. renhoek420

    Great oil but I’d like to see better quality cartridges that use ceramic heating elements instead of metal. Its kind of like the PEG issue. Your all natural oil paired with glass ceramic is the way to go no glycol, no metal, just medicine.

  72. stonedonthebus0101

    Visited Cambridge first then here. Amazing place. HUGE!!! Great flower, cant with for the menu to get bigger in the near future

  73. Jaclyncolby

    Location is great, it’s the only dispensary near Newburyport. I am in a wheelchair from becoming paralyzed, and I have to thank all of the employees for treating me so well. I love every time I go, I swear every employee is super nice and knowledgeable; they usually can answer all my questions. The store atmosphere is very unique and beautiful. Lots of wood and feels very homey with nice lighting; not like a salem one where the lights were so fluorescent and bright. It was like being in a hospital room. It’s not very settling. If I could give Healthy Pharms ten stars I would. They just have the best employees, they genuinely want to help you and are all chatty with me. I cant wait until my next visit! A+++

  74. kevinggg

    Pretty nice dispensary, but just look at the THC numbers on the menu. I should have looked before I went in. I bought a cookie because, how can they screw that up? But the flower is a joke imo!!

  75. hintemerata

    I was helped by Brendon, who was very accommodating and friendly! Strain selection, preroll quality (rolled by Brendon & assoc), and Sunday Bingo are great. Definitely will be back.

  76. Lulu419

    Love the product but I wish the vape cartiridges would stay in stock more and with consistent strains. If seems a batch comes and then you have to find a new strain because it’s a hit or miss. Still missing Sapphire OG & Lavender strains! Fingers crossed they return in both flower & vape!

  77. acw1007

    This place is amazing! They just opened recently, and I’m glad this app showed me this place. The budtenders know the strains well, and are excited to help everyone. The quality is great, and both times I’ve been here I haven’t had to wait. I highly recommend.

  78. Unknownangel

    Convenient. Easy. Quick. Amazing and helpful staff.

  79. Lisamarie0312

    Great selection, knowledgeable staff (and AWESOME). I cannot even begin to tell you how amazing this place is. Go!! AND hi everyone!!! Is it Bingo time???

  80. bawbb

    Never had anything but good experiences here.

  81. 423111

    Very quiet. Tons of parking

  82. bagelstein

    Very nice place, great location, however the flower is not fresh. One of my eighths was packaged almost 4 months before the day I bought it and because they put little humidity packs in the baggies the flower was damp and mushy. Otherwise a good experience and tons of great discounts, but I won’t be going back for flower.

  83. gearysouzam

    I am a regular of Healthy Pharms and I love it!! Wonderful, caring, and helpful staff along with a beautiful menu make for a truly wonderful experience. I went in one day when I was in quite a lot of pain and my budtender offered to help me out to my car. Overall a wonderful place with great quality product.

  84. tiredmountain

    Healthy Pharms is my go-to. Absolutely the most delicious carts I have ever had.

  85. Lookadiss

    I love bingo!!

  86. BStevens43

    The staff is so friendly! Always a pleasure coming here.

  87. nebeane

    Very cool dispensary. They do have a more thorough first time check in than the other places I’ve been, but it wasn’t really an issue. Another thing that is different is that they have the samples of the products in cases out on the floor so you can look and smell before purchasing. It was a really nice touch! The young woman who helped me was great.
    The flower was really excellent. I LOVED that they had two different strains with a 1:1 thc:cbd ratio. I sampled the OG Kush CBD and the Sour Kush. Both were great. As good as anything else I’ve had from the medical dispensaries.
    Blue Dream cartridge was pretty standard and functioned well. The Purple Trainwreck shatter was fire.
    The prices on the edibles was pretty steep for me. I usually require a higher than average dosage, so they may be fine for some. I usually make my own, anyway! Oh, that’s another cool thing. They have a discounted assortment of popcorn buds/shake that I imagine would be ideal for making your own tinctures or edibles.
    This is a great one. Well worth a drive.

  88. Conemarra

    What a fabulous experience. The people were so friendly and extremely helpful. I will definitely be returning!!

  89. vivianst

    Very helpful staff. Great atmosphere.

  90. rperrone1

    Seems like they have best flower around so far

  91. stevemorleycomcastnet

    Great people
    Great service

  92. Pcagg1810

    best dispensary around

  93. WYSR

    Super inviting and warm.

  94. GoWalt

    Great parking. Handy to I-95. Enthusiastic staff

  95. AndreahRose

    First place I’d been, everyone was so helpful!

  96. MLO14

    I been to the Healthy Pharms a handful of times… Amazing, friendly staff. Very relaxing atmosphere. That alone is worth talking about.
    As far as flower goes, not impressed.. Blue Cheese was by far their best one. Blue Dream really didn’t taste or feel like Blue Dream. I did try everything they had in, which was 9 different ones.
    They need true sativas or at least a 95-90% sativa.
    For my needs, I need strong flower.

  97. J_Rock99

    Best dispensary on the north shore. 5/5 Use leafly pick up, so easy.

  98. Octogenarian

    I’m 80 and suffer severe pain in my lower back, all my joints, and hips. My first time experience at Healthy Pharms in Georgetown, MA was truly amazing. I was given access and helped at every point. Due to stroke and arthritis I’m unable to handwrite. The manager helped me with the form and was very helpful in explaining everything. Because I was hobbling along on a cane, Sarah came over to me instead of me having to stand at the counter. She gave me some very useful handouts as well as explaining the different products. We then went to the counter where my transaction for my “Healer, Perfect Balance Tincture” was quick, helpful, and confusion free. I highly recommend Healthy Pharms, on it’s pleasant premises, the buying process, and it’s terrific staff…Thank you all so very much. …….By the way, the tincture is working miracles on lowering my pain levels.

  99. WeatherednBoston

    I’m a new patient and I’ve only been to two locations so far this one and Salem. I came here first and I bought nine different strains to try out. I was very happy with the quality of the buds. they trim them nice compact, fluffy this was my first time buying Medical and wow very impressed. Sapphire OG is my favorite and I came back for more. OG Kush CBD is my favorite for daytime use. it has really helped me with severe anxiety and panic attacks, morning nausea and has slowed my speech which is normally Auctioneer fast.

    I went to Salem a week later only tried one strain but the buds were completely different than what you get here and it was more expensive. I won’t be returning to Salem. Georgetown is definitely my pharmacy from here on out.

    I have an idea for a future promotion you should offer a discount to people who only buy at your store and nowhere else. I know everybody keeps a database of everybody’s purchases so that would be something that would be easily doable. thank you and keep up the good work I hope nothing changes because what you’re doing is perfect

  100. 3katz2015

    I love the employees and the atmosphere,.

  101. gibsonson87

    First visit. First 5 star review. I’ve been to several other dispensaries in the last couple weeks, and I couldn’t have been happier with my time at Healthy Pharms. Huge open layout, calm atmosphere, check-in was a breeze, and very pleasurable & compassionate employees. Every question I asked was answered, and they even took the time to tell me about how they got started and gave me insight to all the new things coming out in the next few weeks. They made the whole experience very personalized. I got some 707 Truthband, which they said was their best seller next to another strain called Sapphire. They were sold out of that, but let me know it’s getting packaged this week. I can’t wait! I’ll definitely be coming back. This place is going to do great things! Thank you Sara and Joe!

  102. Monkalina22

    The staff is the absolute best here of any dispensary I’ve been to, helpful and super patient for a novice.
    After 17 yrs of horrible pain it’s helped me achieve relief at times

  103. GFShaker

    First time I did a dab was 2 years ago (from my mechanic). Loved it!

    Today I finally decided to get into it again. Was not sure what to get. Koren hooked me up with an APX Wax rig and some Mob Boss shatter…


    I’ve visited a few other dispensaries but The Pharm is my happy place.


    PS: Paint the place RED

    PPS: Beware of Jim


  104. NidhanJotSingh

    Absolutely beautiful facility. Very nice staff. Great selection of flowers to open with and I hear more rolling out over the next few months. I wish them much success.

  105. raw5224

    Staff was very friendly and knowledgeable. Great variety of flower. Easy to get to. Very pleasant shopping experience.

  106. babbalooeybooey

    Nice, big patient welcome area and counter space. I’ve yet to have a less than positive interaction with any bud tenders at any MA medical dispensary, and Healthy Pharms is no exception. The only thing that was disappointing was they had an issue with their heat press which is needed for vape cartridge production. They do all cultivation and processing for all product in a huge facility connected in back.

  107. AEM0402

    This is my favorite dispensary. Everyone’s always very pleasant and helpful. I love Leafly pick-up, because, you can decide at home and not worry about them running out of something. They fill your order right away and you have all day to pick it up.

  108. Doomtrain_MD

    This is my favorite dispensary in MA (the only state in which I have relevant knowledge). The atmosphere is very clean, friendly, and calming. All the employees are nice and have anecdotal experiences that have been helpful as well as knowledge of the strains themselves. I’ve gone to other dispensaries and asked about specifics and gotten answers like, “uh it’s Indica, you’ll be tired”. Here they can tell which Indica is most sedating or if you’ll get dry mouth. They had closed temporarily and I stretched my supply as long as possible, so that I could return here. I obtained my medical card with no prior recreational use, so I’m grateful they were able to help me learn.

  109. dzanchi

    Staff was friendly and helpful. Quality of product is good as well. I will shop there again

  110. bast

    Just tried a half of the chocolate mudslide cookie and 20 minutes later I can feel the effects. The cookie is delicious and you can’t even detect the cannabis in it. I highly recommend the cookie for both taste and effectiveness. It helped take away my headache and body pain. Will definitely be buying these again.

  111. stfunoob90

    Decided to come here after hitting up their new Cambridge location. WOW. The menu is INCREDIBLE here. They have so many options, I was like a kid in a candy shop. If Cambridge gets even half of what this location has, the Bay Area dispensaries will have some serious competition. And I love the points program! Already more than halfway to my first discount!

  112. corvidae19

    Friendly staff that was willing to answer any questions that I had as well as making me feel welcomed. I have already purchaced 2 vape cartridges here, and the ones i have purchased have lasted at least two weeks so far. Best quality cartridges in the state in my opinion. Would highly recommend.

  113. apkelley93

    Untill they add a full menu with concentrates and rotate strains more often there’s just no reason to go back. I’ve been 5-6 times now when I first went I was blown away. I enjoy there flower although I believe Salem has the superior flower in the state. we will see how things go when concentrates are added I will for sure be there the day I see they become available. last thing I’d like to touch on are the hours. noon to 6. whoever decided this clearly wasn’t thinking about how serious it is to have medicine be available when needed. WERE NOT ALL A BUNCH OF STONERS SOME OF US NEED THIS! last visit I pulled in 5:58 on the dot and the sign was already turned closed. as I buzzed noone came to the door for about 3-5 minutes just to tell me they were closed at 6. felt extremely disrespect maybe they should get in touch with the state on their legal hours as other dispensary are open later so people that have to work all day can still be able to get meds.

  114. blessedrelief

    Excellent location, right off 95. Friendly staff, from the guy at the front desk to the budtenders. Very helpful, listened, didn’t talk over me, and then offered advice when I asked. A very low-key experience that I really appreciated after experiences in other dispensaries. Shout out to Megan who was super helpful and just plain nice to deal with. Decent flower and they expect to have tinctures in a couple of weeks. They had about 10 different flower strains which was great but add another 5 to 10 and I would give this place 5 stars. I am definitely making a return visit.

  115. avertical


  116. notjeffbridges

    I love this place. All around great experience. Thanks guys.

  117. Tdelisio01

    The best dispensary I have ever been to

  118. Jamazoncat

    Great staff and products, best pre-rolls around!

  119. Laenyarea

    The staff is knowledgeable and helpful.

  120. JuniorRMd

    very nice pple

  121. skabdlrba

    My last review was flagged for some reason… I love this place. I’ve been going here for a long time, and I was sad to hear the news about the DPH suspending their sales. Healthy Pharms went to the DPH themselves about the pesticide issue, and then destroyed all of the affected product, so none of it was sold. You can read it in their statement and all of the news articles out there.

    What blows my mind is that there are a couple other big name dispensaries in MA that were exposed having been aEURoedunking buds in hydrogen peroxideaEUR and aEURoemoldy products returned by patientsaEUR. And they NEVER got shut down!

    The DPH is picking on the little guy. My trust in Healthy Pharms is stronger than ever because of their honesty. I cannot wait until they are able to open again. #FreeThePharm!

  122. Tchowe22

    Very friendly atmosphere, great location, lots of parking, and best of all quality meds. Healthy Pharms is by far the best experience I’ve had anywhere in MA.

  123. Macbianco58

    comfortable, pleasant and super employees

  124. Mhkelly

    This is how it should be ! Great location right off the highway,plenty of parking and a helpful staff. I found this place after my spot went recreational. It was worth the ride Flowers always fresh and they got that honey oil distill that is fire. They do loyalty points , bingo on Sunday and if you bring back 20 dube tubes you get a discount
    Love this place ! Ty

  125. kellsfowler13


  126. gleff49

    I’ve been to this dispensary 3 times so far (one time was the open house) and all I can say is that we have a gem here folks ! Product, staff, & service area all top notch. Their offerings the very first week in business were impressive: Indica, Sativa, CBD, flower & edibles with more options coming soon and they take debit cards too! I’ve been to a couple of other dispensaries in the state of MA but I’m pretty sure this one will be my go-to from now on. Thanks Healthy Pharms for all that you bring to the community !

  127. losgtr

    Great vibe very friendly and helpful staff

  128. mikeroberts

    Healthy pharms is a great place. Every aspect of the experience is excellent, including the country drive there.

  129. patsfan128055

    Each staff member goes above and beyond to help you with whatever it is you need or have questions about, the service is impeccable. The sour tangie is some of the best I’ve smoked in years and each bud/strain is trimmed perfectly. Having just opened, they are still figuring out phenotypes but have already shown serious quality in there first batch. Without any exaggeration, the 707 truthband vape cartridge has lasted me 4x longer than cartridges from dispensaries. There is no doubt in my mind that this place will be the number 1 in Massachusetts as soon as they narrow down the phenos.
    Healthy Pharms doesn’t even list the TAC, which I think can be a misleading number. In short, Bud quality right now is A- but everything else about this place is A+. Newest bud is A++. They are going places.

  130. skibro

    I have tried most of the flower here and I am not that impressed. I stopped in yesterday and tried the gorilla glue after trying other places and it was terrible. Total amateur grade! Won’t be back except an emergency.

  131. diana2dogs

    My favorite dispensary they always have what I want they always have what I need I have never had a problem with them and their staff was wonderful and the facility is fantastic and the ease of use and getting there is just awesome so I’ve been going for a year now and I’m not going to go anywhere else unless I’m traveling 🙂

  132. gangagal

    I’ve tried edibles from nearly every dispensary and administered as much as 120mg at one time and had NEVER felt any relief….or anything at all. I was always left with no money and crushed hopes.

    Then I tried the almond cookies from Healthy Pharms and got high af. Chalking it up to a fluke, I tried an 80mg PB cookie this past weekend with my girlfriend (she had a cookie also). Almost exactly 1 hour after consuming the cookie (not on an empty stomach), I began laughing and didn’t stop for an hour. I was laughing at the fact I was laughing. Then ish got crazy and I was the most medicated I have ever been.

    If you’re looking to top shelf edibles that taste like heaven, try out Healthy Pharms. They’re responsible for me no longer having edible FOMO.

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