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67 Broadway, Somerville, MA 2145


42.3871324, -71.081068




9:00 AM – 8:00 PM


9:00 AM – 8:00 PM


9:00 AM – 8:00 PM


9:00 AM – 8:00 PM


9:00 AM – 8:00 PM


9:00 AM – 8:00 PM


11:00 AM – 4:00 PM


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Revolutionary Clinics is a professional, well-respected medical marijuana clinic offering natural solutions to patients across the Greater Boston Area. We seek to improve the lives of patients in our community, providing natural solutions to a wide variety of illnesses and chronic conditions.

We’re open from 9am to 8pm Monday thru Saturday. Come by between 11am and 4pm on Sundays. Located at 67 Broadway in East Somerville, we’re right off 93 and have plenty of FREE PARKING!

Revolutionary Clinics now offers delivery to over 24 towns in greater Boston! Are we in your town yet? Find out:


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141 reviews for “Revolutionary Clinics

  1. JSpicoli

    Where did the waxed and shatters go?

  2. Nieves28DelValle

    My favorite place to visit. Staff is well organized and educated.

  3. jason12483

    Out of all the dispensaries out there Revolutionary Clinics is by far my favorite. Not only do they have great quality on there products but the bartenders are very knowledgeable, helpful, and will go far and beyond to help you. They will also go out of there way to accommodate your needs. Especially Jennifer, Jane, and/or Lauren just to name a few.

  4. claire21therese

    Best place in town

  5. Jmarhow17

    what can I say. first time visit was 4-21-18 and this place is by far top notch. I’ve been to 4 different dispensary and this has got to be the most knowledgeable place I’ve been too. Lauren’s great she knows her shit and helped me out big time. love how she’s helped me out before she gave me great advice on choosing the flower that would help me and sure enough it did. So Lauren Rev clinics thank you for being around. dY’-dY’<

  6. Farnicle

    The location I went to was really cool looking inside and out, it’s like an old blue house. They only had 3 types of flower, all were terrible. I bought a quarter of the black mamba, they gave me 7 seperate grams each in its own container (waste of plastic). Each gram was riddled with seeds and smoked terrible. I don’t recommend buying any flower from rev clinics.

  7. Vickybaybeee

    Greg (Gregg?) is amazingly helpful. He turned me on to the vyb gummies to use medicate morning/noon and night. They are the best and pretty much the only product I’ve tried to help with anxiety, sleep and energy in the middle of the day!!!

  8. LeonPerez

    Probably my favorite dispensary in mass so far. Great ambiance. You feel instantly comfortable walking in. The staff is knowledgeable, passionate and super nice.

    They’re still not fully opened so they only have a few of their own strains, but all of their homegrown bud is top notch. I loved the KT dawg and Stardawg

  9. kiz307

    Great location. Great service. Great options. Just go there and you’ll see!

  10. Emmanuell

    The best thing about Revolutionary Clinics is the atmosphere. I’ve been to most of all the dispensaries in the Boston area, and no dispensary makes me feel well welcome than revolutionary clinics. I really love the new pick-up feature is much faster because the products will be together and prep before your arrival. With little delay at the cashier. But as more people use it, I know it will get done much quicker in the future. The lounge area makes you just want to stay there little bit more there’s water, and tea available. Also I can’t forget their local art gallery that’s amazing and it change constantly. PLEASE visit Revolutionary Clinics you would not regret it.

  11. Lights28

    Why did you get rid of your prefilled distillate applicators? I used to come to buy the 3 pack you guys have always sold for 3 .5 for $100. How come ho longer?? At the fresh pond location is just one of your vyb float applicator w very low thc count.? Those were a product favorite of many!! Even your sour diesel, applicators are no longer a part of your menu?? How come??

  12. Araggamuffin

    I reviewed a while back about recommending a strain that wasn’t a good choice for me. I contacted them as asked to discuss what happened. I couldn’t be happier with the response I received. Sarayana helped me a great deal no only with her knowledge and recommending different products that I wouldn’t have tried otherwise. Everything is top notch. I highly recommend the salves. The regular salves are great for sore hands. The vapor rub helps a lot especially with copd. I can’t thank the staff enough.

  13. elton67

    This is a first-class operation. It is a beautiful, modern facility with very knowledgeable and helpful staff who helped me figure out the best product for my condition. Minimal waiting time, and ample parking right at the building. Highly recommend!

  14. dgasse

    (Just about the flower)

    I really like this dispensary. But, as we all know looks aren’t everything.

    As of 6-1-18 I have been to Revolutionary Clinics twice. The first time was about a year ago and it was just OK as far as the flower goes. I bought an eighth of purple glue and an eighth of Double Black Domina. BOTH had seeds. I was seriously shocked since this is not usual this far in the game. SEEDS??? Are you guys seriously selling this??? Forty-five bucks for terrible tasting weed. That is very poor quality control. You guys should be ashamed to sell that.

    Now, maybe this was an isolated batch, I have no clue. For that though you lost my business and anyone who asks me for feedback on your place.


  15. Slooone

    I want to move next door!!! Their location is great, for me. A little nostalgic. The building and parking lot fit perfect in this location. The staff is great, warm and welcoming. Go on a snowy day, you might just might get a free hug.
    In the past 2 weeks I’ve made my 14 minute commute 3 times. ( mind your times to go, as far as 93 traffic is concerned)
    Their flower has been very consistent as far as cut, moisture, bud to stem ratio. It’s, it’s pretty close to perfect. I love it, I’m in love;)
    Anyways I’ve also tried some concentrates, tinctures, vape cartridges, and concentrate.
    All I highly recommend.

    And for the first time I bought a new VYB Float vape cartridge yesterday.

    And my thoughts, if you must….

    If you vape, you have to try these, you really shouldn’t have a choice. this is the one you’ve been looking for. I’ve only tried the Float, it’s amazing, flat out amazing. The taste and flavors and tiny little burn (that takes a few to dissipate) but it’s awesome. I’ll be down yet again just to pick up a few more of these.

    I really, really, really can’t say enough about this place. I’m home.

  16. vania143

    Very helpful and nice people!
    They made my first time so comfortable!

  17. Boston420local

    The edibles where delicious the flour I had not the best. Staff seemed miserable but the girl I had was very nice.

  18. Starscr33m

    Clean. Well laid out. Knowledgeable staff. Comfortable atmosphere. Purchased pre-rolls and felt close to the mouth tip wasn’t packed tight. Had to repack for a proper pre-roll.

  19. corvidae19

    I think I like the layout and the atmosphere of this dispensary more than most of the dispensaries I’ve seen in MA so far. Friendly staff, I was offered hot cocoa when I came in, great first patient discount. Excellent Bubba Kush, that gives a europic, but clear headed high.(Thanks to thr Terpine: Pinene.) Would highly recommend!

  20. KayseS

    The location is great, easy to access with lots of parking. The dispensary made me feel like I was in a high class spa. The staff was exceptionally knowledgable and courteous offering guidance on the different strains and methods of ingestion. I have been there a couple of times and found their own product to be better than the offering from other suppliers.

  21. HawiianWoman68

    I was Very Impressed with their Experience. They sat me down. They explained they difference between the the products. Which one’s will Work for my PAIN, ANXIETY, INSOMNIA. Which One’s are Good for the Day. That Won’t Make Me Sleepy At All Either. Or if I wanted to make my Day into an Pain Free Day. And Just RELAX. And Don’t Do Anything Day.

  22. GiG10

    Great location. Plenty of free parking. Quality product and service. Make sure to stop by and see Jennifer.

  23. PiperL

    I am quite new to the world of medicinal cannabis and was glad to be introduced to KT Dawg and Cantalope Haze at Revolutionary. KT Dawg I take at night instead of a drink to relax and start shifting me into bed. Cantalope haze starts my day! Can’t wait to try more. Start low go slow!!

  24. BuddyHolly420

    Friendly, knowledgeable staff who takes time to engage you and get a better idea as to what would best suite your needs. They offer some unique strains not found at other local dispensaries. Would recommend to anyone looking for something different, all while retaining a similar friendly vibe found at other local spots.

  25. Paulie426

    Great spot! Good prices, excellent product! And PARKING!??

  26. Gumbii

    My first visit was easy, pleasant, and serene.
    These folks know their stuff and what wonderful products they carry!!
    I was made to feel comfortable, that’s a biggie for me. I’m an anxious person.
    I’ll visit again and often. asap!!

  27. Fundueler

    Great people, product, location

  28. Mandb13

    cant say enough about these ppl and service all great and referral with 100$ off !!! love this place kushberry and gsc carts are my favorite

  29. emells

    Fun group of people here.

  30. SeriusBuds123

    This is by far the best shop I’ve been to. The quality and range of products is outstanding. The service is above and beyond… very knowledgable, professional and patient. They take time to listen to you, understand your needs and provide you with great options. They have great new customer and referral discounts. They hold educational and social events. They seem genuinely interested in cultivating a relationship. I couldn’t be happier. Wait time is short, with free on-site parking. Located near Assembly Row and other great local shops, so it’s worth a trip in. Give them a try. You won’t be disappointed.

  31. ashjamal

    very friendly and patient staff. great prices and I like the uncomplicated, straight forward menu. oh, parking is awesome too.

  32. Sparky80

    Every time I’ve gone here it’s been a pleasurable experience . Frequently has good deals, giveaways and sales . Flower is generally good , well trimmed and not a year old .

  33. youtalkintome

    Not bad, not great. But I was happy with my purchase. Thank you guys!

  34. mikeey777

    Great people, great meds and really cool and comfortable place! The parking lot is one a my favorite things about this place! Really happy with my visit!

  35. KJBEL

    I’ve been to a few dispensaries, but none like Revolutionary. I can’t say enough good things about the staff and the owner they are SO friendly, helpful and very educated on every product they sell. I am loyal to Revolutionary because of their amazing staff. There is never a long wait. They are simply the best a$?

  36. bladecrab

    My first was amazing. The feel of the place is very chill. The sales associate who assisted me was ver knowledgeable, & all the staff was super nice. The flower looked amazing. They have the best looking Rocklock in Nee England. Zero complaints. It’s also very close by if you live in the city 10/10 !

  37. gangagal

    My first time visiting Revolutionary Clinics (RVC) and I was a bit disappointed.

    Free, dedicated parking lot! In Somerville! Yes!
    Awesome discounts especially the first time discount (4, $50 off of $50 vouchers), survey discounts, referral cards, etc.
    Huge variety. Seems concentrate focused but that may have been the day.
    Great staff, specifically the ones that transferred from ATG in Salem. Shout out to Jenn, Lauren, Dan, Savies and anyone I’m forgetting!

    I was sold flower tested on Jan 1, 2018 (purchased 8/05/18) and packaged on April 24, 2018. No bodeva pack. Just dried out, old flower. The next day RVC released the same strain fresh and with 10% higher TAC. The fact it was old was what got me. Anything that old shouldn’t be sold. Ever.
    The budtender misinformed me on a product they carry from Ermont. This led to a waste of a $30 edible.
    The budtender would not answer me when I asked which indica did they recommend. It was like I asked for her first born. aEURoeI can’t and won’t answer that question.aEUR It wasn’t until I stared for a solid 15 seconds and asked aEURoewhich indica would you recommend for insomnia?aEUR That she responded. I can’t stand to be treated like a seeker when I have a medical card and am treating a medical condition. Thankfully it wasn’t one of the aforementioned staff from ATG.
    They process you your order, which is then processed in another room where you go and the bag is already sealed and ready to go. If I trusted in prepackaged product, this would be awesome. Because they sold me very old product, I don’t trust it. Had I seen the package before I left or when they were ringing it up, I wouldn’t have got it. Now it’s too late.
    It’s a little hectic. For being not busy, people were rushing me everywhere. I don’t even think I got to look at the whole menu even after asking for time.

    Overall, meh. I’ll be back to use my vouchers and hopefully they’ll win me over. If not, back to PC and ATG for me.

  38. drunkenspy

    By far, the best staff around. This place started small, but are very passionate about what they do. They’re finally getting their own strains and they are amazing. Also one of the few places with free parking!

  39. afc048

    all time favorite shop! the staff are always so helpful and great. they are always telling me about the deals and points. the flower is top knotch. I love the gummies, perfect dosages. highly recommend this dispensary!

  40. CJRibbles

    Great quality flower even in small quantity.
    24k is a new favorite of mine and I’ll come back as long as they continue to have it.

  41. deidraruvido

    This location is outstanding! Free parking lot! Handicap assessable ! Friendly down to earth staff ! Did I mention knowledgeable and kind. Can’t wait to go back. This is my new FAV! Not your average Dispensary. A+++

  42. Litchy

    Savies the bud tender…what can I say. His expertise and warm greeting and personality made me feel right at home at Rev. clinic. There are so many choices I really put him though heck trying to decide, he was completely patient and compassionate as I have a severe back injury. Highly recommend a visit.

  43. Kimoskimo

    This is for the gentleman who works there Kurwin.
    Thank you for going over and beyond helping customers like me.
    Best place ever to shop. Classy and the employees are courteous

    This is my place to shop.
    Thank you revolutionary clinic

  44. Summahville

    I have been a patient for about a year now._. I have been to every dispensery in the Boston area._. This is my fav because of the great deals they are offering ._. Its nice to be able to actually afford my medicine

  45. BostonBakedBean

    As mentioned, they long hair fella has a way about him that infringes upon the overall experience and environment of the place in an awkward and off putting manner.

    Limits on certain strains based on their aEURoepopularityaEUR seem more about driving profit as opposed to offering genuinely inclusive compassion and relief.


  46. cmsander73

    Rev Clinics is my go-to for cartridges. They have a big selection and I love their loyalty points. I always get a few bucks off from previous points. Jack Herer, GSC, Skittlez, and Sundae Driver arA(c) great carts. Love the 420 packs. Great staff!

  47. kellmorris

    The woman that works the phones at the new Somerville location is super rude. There’s plenty of other dispensaries in the area with friendly, knowledgeable, and kind staff. I strongly recommend avoiding the off putting experience of this location.

  48. FWest

    I don’t want to review this wonderful place for fear it will get super popular, I want all the goodness to myself! The Indicas are great, the shatter is clean and tasty, the people foster a neighborhood environment, and there is parking. I’m a happy repeat customer.

  49. HJ55Sour

    Awesome location and a really good flower selection. But I’m really here to leave a review for the CBN capsules. OMG so I’m the type that doesn’t really get more than some couch lock even from the most potent of kush’s. But these CBN caps went beyond putting me down. I feel asleep within 45 minutes of ingestion, and woke up 7 hours later in the same exact position. Truly a first! Awesome product, I plan on stocking up!

  50. dragon0315

    nice location

  51. thepretty420

    I’m so disappointed in this dispensary. Since they dropped concentrates, which help my seizures, so I’m officially done
    With this company. Flower was great… but that’s it. The staff are amazing, I must admit. Just seriously underwhelmed, disappointed, and getting great concentrates elsewhere.
    Sorry guys, you were wonderful in the beginning!

  52. cablestone

    Friendly, confident and knowledgeable staff with a very nice and well designed environment. Their CO2 Oil is on par with ATG, their distillate is crisp and terpy, their rosin is made from whole buds and has a full spectrum flavor profile, and finally they have new patient specials!

  53. Kundalinigirl

    Super nice homey atmosphere set in an old house w a big parking lot and plenty of street parking. I was honestly a bit confused which buttons to press at the door, but I’m thinking that’s just me. Fortunately, a kind, friendly man came along and helped. Someone inside said he was one of the owners. Ha. And ha. The basics were really as simple as ringing a bell and holding your med card up to the tiny camera before they unlatched it. Fascinating and ridiculous I know. But I guess I’ve been used to low-tech dispensaries w outdoor security. I like this idea.

    First time visit paperwork was easy. Comfortable waiting room. I noticed it seemed very wheelchair accessible, which I always respect. They offered water, hot cocoa lol. Just sayin.

    Loved my budtender, Super Savie, well versed and easy going. Product variety is very good. Not overwhelming yet substantive. From a med standpoint, I look mostly for deoxycarbolated gels and additive free / pure distillate cartridges. I’m less excited about bud; it’s abundant. However they definitely have a decent bud list. Today, for a quick sampling, I picked up a distillate cartridge aEURoe2:1 aEURoeclementine THC:CBDaEUR and one of their indica deoxycarbolated gels for sleeping aEURoeFade.aEUR It was pretty cool to hear that none of their cartridges contain PEG/PG polyethylene glycol/propylene glycols Please, everyone, pay attention to this simple and important fact: watch what your cartridges are cut with. There are no laws requiring companies to disclose additives so it’s best to stick w CO2 distillate / additive free. Some people like the terpenes added back in and it’s cheaper. I stick w good old fashioned distillate. Anyways, I love the mouthpiece on the pen! I expected it to feel clunky because it’s larger than I’m used to and plastic (not ATG’s metal) but it’s very comfortable.
    The taste is smooth and clean with a nice clean smoke and a steady energy boost w some pain relief. Great blend for my medical needs which include small fiber neuropathy, headaches and muscle spasms. Revolutionary also has a nice quality aEURoeapplicator,aEUR as they call it. Other dispensaries call it a syringe. Their applicator is cool because it’s short and stubby, making it easy to carry discreetly. I have another one from a different dispensary about 5 inches.omg. Definitely not safe in the pocket. I’ll be checking it out results tonight but the dispenser is gorgeous. The taste is exactly what I was seeking.
    Looking forward to returning!

  54. Chouzen184

    Today was my first time visiting this facility and it’s been my most favorable of all the dispensaries I’ve been to in the state. From the aEURoefamilyaEUR feeling quality service to the amazing product I was given, I give this place 2 thumbs up!

  55. lisaann76

    I love that this dispensary has its own parking lot. A beautiful spa like atmosphere and great prices .

  56. andrade_g20

    it’s great they have parking and are on a convenient location, very easy to get to

  57. Cbird456

    Never ever has flower in stock. Website never updated.

  58. SOLID.cannabiz

    Am a happy buyer of your great product! Thank you for having the LV Bubba Kush!

  59. mattyJ420

    great edibles

  60. agnostig

    I began my journey as a MMJ patient in July of 2018, which would be the day my life dramatically improved. I am diagnosed with PTSD stemming from my deployment to Afghanistan and spent several years struggling with substance abuse which culminated in several overdoses and a diminished capacity to deal with life on life’s terms. Revolutionary has been part of an incredible eight month journey in which I have accomplished things I truly never thought were possible. I can’t begin to convey my gratitude for what the staff at Revolutionary Clinics has given me, which has been an overwhelming sense of community and care. Starting from moment you walk into Revolutionary, you can expect to receive nothing but the best customer service starting with Dan and Alex (who are the two best security personal you could meet), then to Gabrielle or Barb who will have a smile and greeting waiting for you when you check in, and when you are being attended at the counter you are now in the best hands you could ask for when it comes to cannabis. Lee, Sanchez, Terrence, Lindsey, Sarah-Jaana, Kerwin, or one of the few other incredible dispensary agents will do everything possible (within reason) to provide an excellent experience. When you receive your product, you could not ask for better dispensars than the “Dave’s” and Trey, who make sure you leave with a smile (if not laughing).

  61. HempHolistics

    First time to this RMD. Immaculately clean. Great presentation of products. Inviting. Friendly and knowledgeable staff. Can’t wait to go back to see what other products they come out with in the future.

  62. estproph

    Great location, fantastic staff, awesome products! I went in to find some products for sleep and pain relief and Barb was very helpful. She spent a long time with me and answered every question I had. I didn’t feel rushed and I was really happy with my overall experience there. I even went home with a cute tote bag. Everyone had a smile and was upbeat. I’ll be back in soon!

  63. 401escapades

    bring back the VYB drinks please. love this place x 1,000,000

  64. me6285

    Just WOW! Incredible amount of variety with a great atmosphere. All the variety you could ask for and then some. Free parking and incredible staff!!

  65. Longcoldriver

    awesome people work THERE and sense the first time i went i continue go there i just pick up some purple dawg it was great relaxing feeling for about 3 hrs have got that for awhile.

  66. lf9778

    Went to this location for the first time today…I am new to medicinal marijuana. I found the folks behind the counter engaging, informative and most of all desirous of making sure I felt comfortable with my flower decisions.

  67. zb8

    super friendly and helpful staff

  68. Liberty978

    Great prices and plenty of parking at this beautiful dispensary with super nice staff.

  69. Rainyb

    Best Dispensary around. I love Rev Clinic. From my very first visit, they have been amazing. The Bldg is a beautiful house, very inconspicuous, with a good sized private parking lot. They update the menu on website, and on leafly consistently, which others do not. Easy registration process, and a clean and organized clinic. Great new patient Discounts, and friendly, educated, helpful staff. I’ve really enjoyed the flower, but absolutely Love the Dark Chocolate high THC bar. It is the perfect five section dose. It has helped more with pain and sleep than anything I’ve tried. I hope they have them in stock again soon. The topical balm they had is fantastic as well, and helped immensely with neuropathic and arthritis pain. The dark chocolate bar alone is reason enough to use this dispensary, but everything I’ve purchased has been top quality.

  70. stephanieroto

    ALWAYS a pleasure!

  71. morningwood

    Review is for visits a few months back, but still remember well.
    Very nice site inside, and friendly staff. Didn’t like at all that you buy the product, then pick up from another area of the dispensary. That doesn’t allow for checking harvest & testing dates to be sure flower is fresh.
    That said, all bud I’ve gotten there has been great quality, and recommend Lemon Merengue and Purple Lamborghini.

  72. Geena2019

    People are great and the place is amazing honestly……
    Just a thought fixing the ingredients…. meaning so you can read the label on your purchase

  73. LDan

    I had a wonderful first visit. I was advised to request a personal consultation and did so. L, the person that helped me was friendly, professional, patient, and extremely knowledgable. I’m also very happy with the products I purchased. The white chocolate bar is especially nice.

  74. luckylucardo

    fantastic.. great tenders.. and all around staff.. location is easy and parking free and plenty full.. ambiance is the best around.. warm and welcoming.. product top rate..

  75. veryhigh

    This place was great but I found seeds in black mamba and the peach puree

  76. IkeepsItGully

    concentrates are off the hook… sage product at lower prices!!! amazing. speaking of amazing, they let you combine any and ALL discounts you’re eligible for so don’t forget to ask! Love these guys and I guess the point here is check them out they’re amazing.

  77. shauntufts

    Great dispensary for tinctures!!! I would call before you drive all the way there because I found they are normally pretty low or out of bud/prerolls. They have only been open about a year so I’m hoping these problems will be ironed out soon because it’s usually great product when I can get it..

  78. BiggPimpin93

    Europe’s looking guy can be really annoying when he’s tendering to you. He doesn’t let you speak when up at register it feels more like he’s counts the seconds,minutes, and hours so he can go home for the end of the day. Doesn’t make me feel like he loves what he’s doing or at least pretend to, he doesn’t even do that..

  79. mgallant

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE this dispensary. ALL of the staff are super friendly & knowledgeable about their product’s. “LOCATION LOCATION LOCATION!”. HIGHLY 😉 recommend.

  80. Roma1774

    They need to flush the medicine before harvesting. Medicine would NOT burn and turned into charcoal tried to smoke it, but it would not burn $160 dollars of pure crap.

  81. megz1007

    The staff are amazing and so welcoming and the bud tenders are very educated and informative! Great for me as I always have questions about different stuff I’m looking to try but they have incredible flower and prerolls at great prices and I walk out happier than heck with my experience and purchase every time!! Love the staff!!! You can not aEURoefakeaEUR exceptional customer service and they are the friendliest staff ever! I am a repeat customer. Great location as well and free parking. Great ambiance as well. Go find out for yourself!!!!!

  82. wpos70

    About 4 years ago I got my medical card after exhausting all options to deal with chronic pain due to upper and lower back injuries plus two labral repairs on my L/shoulder. At that time there was only one dispensary in the area and after few visits was quite disappointed with the whole experience. Most frustrating was the feeling of no privacy. Luckily I was able to find a great caregiver in the area but he’s got limited stock on items I like to try. Then one night on Fox 25 I saw a story on your dispensary about giving veterans discounts for their medicine. As they showed the facility I was thrown back by the laid back atmosphere. Today was my first visit and everyone I spoke with were absolutely fantastic. Also very convenient for my schedule. Thanks again! See u soon.

  83. mr_blizzack

    Busy location so be prepared to wait 10-15 minutes. They only carry 3.5 grams in a couple strains but offer 1g for $15. So if you buy 3 g it’s $45 vs buying 3.5 g for $45. Basically, due to their inadequate inventory you pay the price of 3.5 g but only get 3 g. I also don’t want to carry around s bunch of small 1g pouches. I’ll go there when I’m a bind since they are open late. However if I have an option to go elsewhere I will.

  84. EnricoPalazzo

    This was my trip here and it was wonderful! From the kind hostess at the door, to the knowledgeable budtender, everything was great. Bonus, free parking!

    I’ll be coming back, for sure.

  85. Taramdot

    I couldn’t of asked for a better experience. Every single person was friendly AND knowledgeable. The place is beautiful, yet comfortable. Everyone feels approachable. My only criticism is the lack of Indica only products. I was able to get the Double Black Diamond but was surprised they didn’t have more selection.The first patient special was great and received $50 off my first four purchases. DEFINITELY recommend.

  86. Pizza_Monger

    Best bud-tenders in the city. I recommend this place to any patient type. Very large selection of extracts….Bonus! and word on the street is their flower that is currently being cultivated will be uniquely awesome to the Boston area.

  87. JimiJet

    I had an enjoyable experience there. The building is beautiful, with plenty of free parking. In and out in 25 minutes, and that’s including filling out the new patient paperwork. The take in person was very friendly, and walked me through the process and loyalty points program. I filled out some paperwork (1 page) while waiting in a lounge area. Within a few minutes I was called up to talk to a bud tender. Shantey was very friendly and helpful, finding the best deals with their new patient coupons and loyalty points. It was my birthday, so I received 300 additional points! Shantey also made some recommendations based on my medical needs. After paying (yes they accept debit cards!) I brought the receipt to the pick up area and received my purchase. I would definitely recommend Rev clinics to anyone in need.

  88. kmart12

    I’ve been here twice now and both times it has been an amazing experience. I’ve worked with different bud tenders each time and they both were very comfortable to talk to and open to teaching and learning what it was I needed. I’ve been using cannabis about 2 years now and at some locations I feel like I go in and they ask what they can get me and I feel intimidated in a way, like I should already know everything. here they ask what I’m looking for help with and what times of day and kinds of treatment I need.
    It’s also super cool they do open houses to teach non patients more about cannabis. it feels more normalized there than some other sites

  89. GunnyOG

    Been to the both location. Great customer service all around, they really do care. They’re also very generous. I use only vape carts and both their distille and Co2 oil are top notch. Their Sour D does the job.

  90. BostonStoned978

    great place, great service, product is on point both flower and the shatter i purchased. Happy customer here and i will be going back soon.

  91. Laurarei

    What a magical discovery. I’m so happy I was able to find this place. The selection is amazing. There’s a fabulous bunch of edible options, including one you add to your soda etc. Their cartridge choice is great as well. It’s like going to a spa when you come in. You get offered tea or water while you wait. Every person I came across during my visit was helpful, kind and funny. I can’t wait to go through my stash from this shopping spree to go back!!

  92. queencelis

    Love this place! It’s so warm and cozy inside. Such a nice change from the white and sterile atmosphere of most dispensaries. The staff are very knowledgeable and friendly. I purchased some vape cartridges, flower and pre-rolls. I was happy with all of it. Their new patient special is fantastic.

  93. bast

    Made my first visit here yesterday. Great discount for new patients. Bought a dark chocolate bar and a vape cartridge. Very impressed with the quality of their products so far. Staff was friendly. Budtender took the time to answer my questions and didn’t feel rushed. Plenty of off street parking. Will definitely be back.

  94. prismacolorOG

    rev clinics has a great selection of buds and concentrates. rasta lee helped me find everything i wanted and more

  95. Jahgeo

    Awesome staff and selection!

  96. Danteonem

    I love this dispensery. Everyone is helpful and friendly.

  97. SlickRichTheRuler

    I was contacted by a representative after my negative review and was provided a 10% discount on my next purchase. I appreciate the customer service.

  98. agrammas82

    the “fade” vyb cartridges taste awful. overall best dispensery in north shore area

  99. HempHead22

    After reading your menu online for 2 hours before taking the 1.5 trip, I arrive to be told that they did not update their Leafly menu often enough and I needed to use a different menu version. Well not cool at all man! I went there for specific medicine that you did not have but it was on your menu, which is why I decided to return. Server was awful. Bad personality and made me feel intimidated and nervous about asking questions about the menu and I just drove 1.5 hours and I feel the situation should e been handled better and the guy I dealt with was talking w other patients and just not paying attention to me, my concerns or my order. Instead of screwing it up making me wait and just a awful reasoning about a different updated menu? Everyone else’s is updated on there, at least that I’ve been too!… I was rushed treated badly and very unhappy w the server who should have to take a few more training classes or something, just piss poor service. Thanks for ruining my day Rev.. Fix the menu issue on Leafly! Not a easy ride. Was very happy to arrive. Greeted by the security guard along w the intake ladiesdYtmf who were more than warm n welcoming. The security guard had more personality and was more friendly than my “Robot” attendant.

  100. seauxlifted007

    Great location. Nice sized parking lot. Most importantly, amazing product. I will go again and again.

  101. TheProphetess

    This place is my favorite, by far! There’s free parking, so that’s a plus, and the inside is relaxed, warm, and inviting. They even have a fireplace in their art lounge where they display local artists’ work. Every time I visit, the staff is amazing. They welcome you as if you are old friends, they laugh and enjoy each other, and they are incredibly professional and helpful with your every question and need. Barb at the front desk always has the best smile. Sarayana helps me with my questions and encourages me to call her with more – I never feel like a burden or annoyance. One of the budtenders, Terrance, always makes my day brighter with his laughter and fun personality. The guys at the checkout counter are friendly and ask about my day every time. I love their vape cartridges (GG4 especially) and their hazelnut spread will make your mouth (and head) happy. I love the purple lamborghini flower when I can grab some and they have little 4 packs of mini joints that are perfect for me. I feel like I’m home at Rev. If you haven’t been there yet, make the trip!

  102. Highguy781

    First trip to revolutionary clinics…. showed up 15-20 minutes prior to closing on Tuesday June 26th and was denied entrance because “The new patient paper work takes too long to complete, we close at 8 and if we let you in we’ll get out late” SMH

  103. eeksmcbeeks

    Delivery Service! This is my 2nd review of RevClinics. They have the very best customer service- by that I mean,if you have any kind of issue they are committed to good communication and making it right for the customer. Love these folks! They offer a wonderful delivery service that is well run and easy to use (ordering through the web).

  104. nspatient

    The check-in person was really friendly. The budtender had a great personality and was extremely knowledgeable, frank, and helpful. Service was prompt during the entire visit. Really impressed with the product that I received.

    The lot was full mid-day on a weekday, but there was street parking a reasonable distance away.

  105. LBBoston

    Very friendly and knowledgable staff, amazing flower(I plan to try everything eventually!!). Did I mention PARKING? It’s a beautiful, shiny new dispensary with a parking lot. It took me less than 10 minutes to get exactly what I needed! Quick, efficient and prices are lower than other area dispensaries. #winning

  106. Iheartbud89

    This was my first time to this dispensary, and i will be going back 100%. . . very knowledgeable and patient bedtenders, cant wait to try much more of their selection.

  107. smokey13

    love this place ppl are down to earth

  108. bostonscoe

    great variety, excellent quality, competitive prices

  109. WarHeroWilliam

    The VYB drinks are the best edibles I ever tried. Perfect dose every time. I tried the mojito drinks from bask and they were duds!!!

  110. sandy56420

    I have been to many dispensaries and this is my #1. Parking is awesome! All the security is wonderful and what can I say about the staff?A?!! Jen Lauren I can’t spell or pronounce the other girl’s name….Sarianna(sp) Matt Mike etc. all are so nice and very knowledgeable!! I’ll be in tomorrow…Wednesday the 23rd…PAYDAY!! See u all tomorrow. Best strands of flower and my favorite is I always get a hug before I leave. Love this place!! a$?

  111. ryliekoeppel

    The location was good plenty of parking. I got some rosin the dream lotus and the tangie.i Was disappointed at how dark the tangie was and didn’t have that crazy of a terp profile. The dream lotus had a stronger terp profile but was still a little dark in color. I bought some flower as well and once I opened it up it was all dry and not as impressive as I was hoping. All there packing is pre weighed up bags that don’t t keep the product fresh or retain any terpene profile of the strains. Got 24 k and it has zero smell of what you think it should smell like based on the genetics. The Rosin also was from Sira naturals based on the packing so I was not overall pleased with the product but the staff and atmosphere of the dispensary were pleasant. Will not return anytime soon.

  112. iloverosin

    I love the fact his place has its own parking. I have heard great things about the flower from this place, unfortunately I am more into concentrates. I should have gotten the flower and pressed my own, because I was not very happy with the rosin from this place. I picked up 2 1/2 grams of mr.clean, 1/2 gram of meltdown, 1/2 gram of stardawg and 1/2 gram of lemon meringue. They were all very dark low in potency and highly lacking in taste. One was unstable, and packaged in a container with no parchment, and some of it stuck to the plastic lid. I would also suggest the representative be a little more knowledgeable with the concentrates. I do plan on going back and getting some flower to make my own.

  113. blcklb420

    I am so happy to discover this clinic. Quick, easy, friendly, parking. Very impressed by CO2 vape cartridges. have not tried the rosin yet that i purchased but will update once i do.

    – advertise the 1st patient special on your website. i looked in the past and couldn’t find it so never visited. i found about discount at the cannabis convention.

    -co2 cartridges. dispensaries should advertise this more loudly because patients really do care and look for this prior to visiting.

  114. jcg1407

    great place kt dawg is good stuff

  115. Josua27176

    Great visit it was my first time there and everything was so smooth from ordering to pickup and they have a great rewards program for new patients I’ll definitley be back

  116. Sammi_S

    There is nothing bad to be said about this place! I live about an hour south of Revolutionary Clinic as long as there is zero traffic, but it has taken me up to two hours to get there before, and it is completely worth the drive! When I first arrived I was thrilled to find on site parking. There is also a security guard who stands outside and watches patrons coming and going, so you can feel safe walking back to your car after making a purchase. When I got inside, check in was fast and easy. Revolutionary Clinics has a promotion going on right now where you get $25 off your first four visits with a purchase of $50 or more, and that was a nice bonus. They also offer a 10% hardship discount for certain people, which is also a big bonus for me! The atmosphere is wonderful inside! It’s bright, and comfortable with couches and information spread all throughout the dispensary. You can sit and wait on a couch and sip on some complimentary water, tea, or hot chocolate while you wait for a cashier to call your name. There are even little snacks sitting out! I checked the daily menu before taking such a long drive. When I got there I purchased a KTdawg cartridge for my vape pen, and 7 grams of BioDiesel. I was disappointed to find out that they didn’t have a GG4 cartridge for my vape pen, especially since it was listed on the menu for the day. When they were filling my purchase the woman behind the counter, Jennifer, told me that they had received a shipment of the GG4 cartridges, but they just hadn’t been stocked yet. I decided before I left to give a suggestion to one of the managers. Jennifer called for a manager named Meg to come out and speak to me. Meg was wonderful!!! Sweet, accommodating, and very helpful!!! I suggested to her that whoever runs their website should not post anything to the menu until it has actually been stocked because some people, like myself, drive a great distance looking for certain products. Meg immediately asked me to sit on one of the couches in the waiting area and explained to me that she would handle this issue. It took less than 10 minutes, and Meg had me back up at the register with another manager named Mike (I think this was his name!). They were both very kind and explained to me that they were going to pull a cartridge out of the shipment for me, and they gave me the GG4 cartridge complimentary! I really cannot say enough good things about this place! The atmosphere is 5 stars, the staff is 5 stars, and the products are 5 stars! I will always be willing to take the long drive up there, because this dispensary has it all! Thanks again to the staff for making my visit so wonderful!

  117. CaptainSpaulding

    Quality bud tenders and quality bud

  118. danwas44

    So I am a 60 old retiree looking to get relief from pain issues that i can’t seem to get resolved. Today i made my first visit to a marijuana dispensary and it was a very pleasant experience. Parking was plentiful, staff was friendly and knowledgeable. I didn’t know exactly what to expect, but the staff made me feel welcomed. They provided me with a variety of options, and helped me make the right decision. I will surely be back.

  119. kslom

    I recently place a negative review due to a misunderstanding at the door but I unfortunately left a hasty and emotional review before allowing time for a resolution. Very shortly after the manager, Julie, reached out to me personally to help remedy the situation. Julie and the staff do a great job in taking care of any concerns that I have had and this was no different. Julie personally reached out to clarify the situation with both myself and the department.
    This dispensary has been my go to since my first visit shortly after they opened as they have the best prices and give discounts for your first 4 visits and for referring any friends. This has made a huge difference in affordability. Julie always personally leaves me with a smile on my face every time I visit

  120. yesitsryan

    can’t open on time either. “store hours” guideposts at best. tried to go before work. also tried after. luck either time. a constant disappoinment

  121. Ballbusterofficial

    The strain specific distillate carrridges are great but the Vyb float and fade cartridges OMG are the best concentrate I’ve ever used for sleep and relaxation!!! Haven’t tried peak or boost yet as my needs are primarally related to sleep. Run don’t walk to this place for vyb!!!!!

  122. canton420

    They couldn’t answer a couple basic cannabis questions. With that said. Never go to a dispensary that can’t answer your questions.

  123. Jayboith2

    Called to see about delivery , ended up learning a lot. Professional and patient with all my questions. I can’t wait to go in =)

  124. tianerrr

    From start to finish I had a fabulous experience at Revolutionary Clinics in Somerville! The girl that checked me in was about my age in her 20s and she had so much personalityshe made me feel totally comfortable being there and I had literally shown up sweating and anxious because of the long drive to get there. She offered me tea and coffee which was in a cute little lounge like area which i found very cozy and inviting .I had Mike as a budtender who was great and and helped answer all my questions & another employee Michael even came over and helped give me some tips advice and pointers! I ended up getting wax and some Kushberry flower and lemon skunk and within minutes of leaving the building I was feeling fabuyhaha All in all I had a great experience especially being someone with experience in the dispensary industry. There are A lot of attractive things about this spot and you can cant tell they are only going to grow and get better. Keep it up guys! I shall be back soon!

  125. Jadedshisou

    i have been to both locations. both have their own individual style. wonderful place to be. Greg is always so warm and welcoming everytime i stop in. thank you for the whole entire revolutionary team.

  126. Mikeem

    Excellent quality product and first rate service.I would definitely recommend the Cambridge dispensary.

  127. Drewbie23

    This was my first visit to this dispensary. I am a caregiver for my adult Son with autism and just recently acquired a card for him. I had a lot of questions and was thrilled with the service that was provided by Kerwin. He was knowledgeable and funny! I was also impressed with the selection of edibles.

  128. altahol

    I’ve been coming here for a few months now. In fact, this was the very first dispensary I visited. I still feel the same positive vibe and excitement as I did on my first visit whenever I walk in the door. They are hands down my favorite dispensary in the Boston area. Their selection of flower and vape cartridges are excellent and so are their prices. They always have different specials every week. Their staff is excellent. I love the atmosphere and their parking lot is just icing on the cake. I highly recommend their KT Dawg flower and vape cartridges!

  129. mikebono617

    Awsome appt been going since it was open always have dank bud as well as other products best prices out of all the clinics in mass as well

  130. Bostonchic

    I am so disappointed in the very small variety of sativa flower!! seems these new dispensaries have nothing different to offer (SATIVA). so I’m supposed to settle for one strain? back to Salem.

  131. marco80

    Best product

  132. justi316

    Friendmy and courteous staff.

  133. brigman52

    Great first time! Remembered a few from another dispensary. Great people, atmosphere and overall great experience. Will be visiting again in the near future

  134. Gunz0813

    Never been but herd good things

  135. dmackay1985

    The staff is so friendly and knowledgeable. Really great experience. Great job guys!!

  136. starbot

    Having been a patient in MA since 2014, I have now been to every dispensary within 100 miles of Boston, and can’t say enough about this particular gem.

    For anyone who has been to any of the dispensaries in or near Boston proper, your first shock will be the plentiful parking at the location (right off 93). Don’t drive past the nicest looking blue house on the street, as that is the storefront.

    Enough… the meds.. they’re amazing! From their Hemlock flower that I tried the first time, to the shockingly good rosin and shatters (currently the best prices on concentrates and edibles, for my research). I’m on the way there now, and did check Leafly which they seem to update often. Absolutely packed menu… nowhere else in Mass has 10 different concentrates on the menu.

    And the spark for my review is because I believe a staff member went above and beyond in creating a plan for a relative’s debilitating MS symptoms. Having a professional’s advice put here at ease, and so far she has good luck with the guidelines. A great experience.

  137. sarah11354

    Love the service and the selection is always plentiful. I have a dispensary closer but they are always out of what I want. They are so helpful with finding a doctor for certification. Wish all the dispensaries were as good. Also they have a great new patient deal.

  138. Wetmokakisses

    I love this place

  139. jmoniz666

    Great people very friendly and knowledge of the product great.

  140. NewmansOwn1

    Just had my first visit at Revolutionary Clinics. I have to say I think it’s my new favorite. From the moment I was impressed. They have a big parking lot which is really convenient so no having to walk with meds down the street and no worry about paying for parking. Once inside they have a very unique atmosphere that gives it a very homey and outdoorsy feel. You are greeted by the friendliest staff I have come across yet. My budtender was an awesome guy who was super friendly and easy to talk to. The part I think is awesome is their ordering process. To reduce lines they have an ordering area where you will purchase your meds and then a superset fulfillment area where you bring a receipt to the desk and they have your bag ready to go. The only downfall to this is they do not weigh out your product in front of you but this doesn’t bother me personally especially if it reduces lines. The only reason I gave 4 stars for quality is due to the fact that they don’t have their own flower yet so I can’t really judge it. The flower they have purchased from other dispensaries is top notch however.

  141. Lisacapps

    Love it hear. Everyone is so knowledgeable and friendly. I brought a friend in with me and Rasta Lee was so awesome with her. She felt great leaving there. There products are real nice . I have never had any issues with there vape carts.

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