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Mayflower’s mission is to nurture and improve the health of our patients by producing the finest cannabis products from Earth’s favorite flower.


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28 reviews for “Mayflower Medicinals

  1. HempHead22

    First off the news will have a field day with this! All the info updated as of yesterday online for the thc in their bud is wrong! They’re purposely lying on the website to get u in there but the thc is nowhere near what it says online and the menu was updated yesterday!?!. I have the menu from the flower I bought yesterday specifically asking about the thc levels in the flower I was buying. Was told and showed one thing but when I got home and opened my package up the the cookies and cream are below 22%thc and the rugburn og is at 19%!!! Totally not what the menu will reflect on the packaging of your flower! Which is put in snag and u can’t even look at the box to read it as if they’re trying to be sneaky! Well this isn’t the first time I’ve caught on to this BS technique of showing higher thc levels then trying to explain it away to the customer once they drove a hour just to come get what you had listed on ur website and it menu! UNACCEPTABLE! I will be reaching out to Mayflower today for a answer to this. Why did the menu say it had such a amount of thc in it but when I got home and looked at the box it was over 5% less than stated on menu and out of the employees mouth. Flower is so dry it’s not worth $120 a half ounce for flower that’s not even in the 20s% thc wise. Have to smoke 3 joints compared to another dispensary who doesn’t have to lie to get customers to buy their flower! U should be ashamed of yourselves! This will be a huge story now that I spoke w the operations persons yesterday confirming the lie about the THC% in their flower. Shoddy business practice of lying to patients should be a crime! I am buying medicine aren’t I?? I want this rectified somehow or whatever u guys have to do to make it right. Anyone who buys flower from there, make sure to take the box out of the bag in front of the budtender to read the thc levels on the box as they will be different from what’s on the menu! I would’ve got flower elsewhere that at least had rugburn OG higher than the 19% the box read compared to the menu I was given while there yesterday. U guys should really be ashamed to have to lie to get business and still have bad quality product that is overly dry and probably less thc now that it is so dry and been sitting so long. Do urself a favor and buy elsewhere! Of course the staff n everyone is nice! Who wouldn’t love that job?! But lying about the product will not be tolerated!!!!!!!!!!

  2. BenzGang

    Friendly staff,good quality bud…I think they need to work on being on time with delivery’s and the person who answers the phone should be a little more knowledgeable about the products…other than that,I recommend this place and I’ll probably order something from them again.

  3. cdos90

    Stopped by for my first time today and the associates were very helpful and polite. small shop but with great variety.

  4. M321G321

    I am a new patient and So far I have only tried their Pre-rolls but they have been great. I have no complaints about this place and I am sad to see some of the other negative reviews because I am extremely satisfied with my experience at Mayflower. Their prices and specials are hard to beat and the quality has always been great. I will admit I have been confused about the THC percentages that are listed and seem to change at times but I’ve seen this happen at other dispensaries also so it has not bother me. Also I referred a friend here and tried to take advantage of the referral offer but then found out I had to visit with the friend. This was not listed in the website so keep this in mind if you plan to do referrals. That being said I still love this place and Overall this is becoming my favorite and most visited dispensary.

  5. Lighteyes5978

    Since the first time i entered, they where very helpful and friendly .. they are amazing in answering your questions and they don’t make you feel like you just asked the dumb question lol.. I prefer driving the extra 10 minutes.

  6. jsmithy121

    Very friendly and helpful staff. Good selection of flowers and excellent prices.

  7. corvidae19

    Beautiful atmosphere! Love the set up of the shop. Customer service was top notch. Price is the best game in town in Massachusetts with $200 OZ sales and 10 dollar prerolls. (Those are Maine prices!!) I live 40 miles North of Boston, and would totally come here again! Highly recommend!

  8. catelyn.b

    Mayflower is the best new thing in Boston. Walking distance from campus, high quality product, and amazing, helpful staff. I couldn’t be happier with this gem!

  9. RedPanda93

    -Incredibly friendly and helpful staff
    -Great products and layout
    -Great deals and variety

  10. maviss

    Friendly, good service and parking. I will gladly return to Mayflower.

  11. JoeBudd2

    excellent location + flowers service was great .

  12. altahol

    I’ve been coming here ever since I discovered that they have a FREE parking lot which is a huge convenience given their location. I’ve never been disappointed. They have very good weekly specials and have even surprised me with unannounced specials from time to time. The hidden gem is their ginger shortbread cookies! Love coming here, Amanda always greets me by name. leafly pickup is an added bonus! My only suggestion is to expand their concentrates selection in 2019!

  13. weedisgay420

    Messed up my transaction and had to wait for a while but product was p good

  14. Onewhitedolemite

    Knowledgeable staff, but the lack of deals and subpar quality of the flower is a letdown. Leafly pickup is convenient. Bags could be more discreet. Nice atmosphere, but the meds are hit or miss. I’ll shop there again because it’s close to home.

  15. mrbostoned

    Definitely worth a try if nothing else good deals good bargains good bud tenders.I only gave them four stars each not cuz they did anything wrong but anybody can always make improvementsdY’OEdY~

  16. Amouna

    Great customer service and great product. I love having access to delivery and they don’t leave you waiting at home all day for your delivery. Can’t wait to visit the store location when it opens too!

  17. aprilwednesday

    good experience and product

  18. annecampbell03

    I like this place I am able to get in and out quickly

  19. angie916

    goin back for more cookies. hope they get more in for mirco dosing patients.. flower selection is decent and staff is very very helpful

  20. Smmcd71

    Definitely some of the best flower around. I have been to a few dispensaries and Mayflower has the best flower. My budtender was smart and did a fantastic job with my order and discounts. Thanks Carl

  21. youngjefe45

    need a instagram and more deals on the flower

  22. TheStonedBadger

    Great spot, friendly knowledgable staff. Good variety of strains and have great deals!

  23. hiiiprice

    I’ve been in several times for an array of medicines and the staff is always incredibly knowledgeable. The layout is exciting and allows you to check out the current strains at the bud bar (the smells tell you everything) or use their interactive screen to find even more information. I haven’t had a bad experience here.

  24. morningwood

    Visited Mayflower twice in the last week taking advantage of a great Superbowl deal on pre-rolls (5 for $40, then 5 for $30).
    Quick and easy experience as usual, placing order on leafly pickup, and was ready once I got there.
    Helpful and friendly staff as usual.
    Not sure why this place has under 4 stars, as they have good products and some of the best pricing and deals around.
    If only Fakespot existed for Leafly reviews, these dispensary ratings would be a lot more reliable.

  25. alyawesome242

    I’ve been to a few dispensaries in MA and was originally very excited to learn that Mayflower was opening in Allston.

    Overall I’m disappointed by the quality of product that I’ve gotten from Mayflower.

    1. Poor product packaging – when you purchase product from a medical dispensary you expect to receive it in a customer friendly package. Generally dispensaries have to make their products child proof but I spend 5/6 minutes every time squeezing trying to open the pre-roll packages for Mayflower and do not have this problem with packaging from other dispensaries.
    2. The house strain (Grady’s Cure) is garbage – I tried Grady’s Cure and it was the only Sativa that has ever made me feel racy. A friend of mind on another occasion tried it and asked me whether it was actually weed because it burned more like a flower.
    3. Lack of paper bags for discretion -Dispensaries should offer paper bags for clients who don’t fee comfortable walking out of their store with a bag that marks them as a Marijuana user. That’s just common sense.

  26. jgrace1140

    the only reason I’m giving them a 3 is because their prices are really good they have parking and I enjoy talking to their staff. as far as the medicine it was good right off the bat but has steadily declined since. more often than not the body is dry crumbly and tastes stale. terpenes are not present. as a patient those are the two biggest turn-offs. their packaging isn’t very good. you guys have the potential to be a great dispensary and I really want to be able to come back. hopefully you guys will make the changes that you need.

  27. addysully01

    The pre rolls are on the small side,the flower itself is below average,type of place that cannot compete with bigger dispensaries around the state due to their below average flower..can’t foresee this place staying open,i def won’t be back

  28. Hlk13

    I drove for one hour to Mayflower Medicinals and it had closed 3 hours early at 4 pm. I am very disappointed that the website and Leafly said they would be open but they were not. I wasted 2 hours of my time sitting in traffic for nothing. 🙁

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