122 Pleasant Street, Easthampton, MA 1027


42.273327, -72.662218




10:00 AM – 8:00 PM


10:00 AM – 8:00 PM


10:00 AM – 8:00 PM


10:00 AM – 8:00 PM


10:00 AM – 8:00 PM


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10:00 AM – 8:00 PM


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150 reviews for “INSA

  1. Hophead49

    Been to a few of the other recreational spots in MA and INSA is by far superior in quality and the overall atmosphere of the of its staff and patrons.

  2. sublimenaz

    I just went for my fourth time since it went rec. The quality of the flower is true quality and potency. I’ve tried now my fifth strain via flower and vape. Today was the first time with the new podcell using the xj-13, a first for both things. Love the pod, so stealth and sexy looking.

  3. Anjimay

    Quick in and out. Everyone that worked there was very friendly. Flower definitely better then Neta!

  4. Bruiserbud

    What a nice experience. I went online and selected what I wanted. Used the pre-order feature. Went to the door and rang bell. Man came out and checked my ID to see if I was 21. Then ten steps to the express counter,showed ID again, picked up what I ordered. Then I registered with them and was able to enter the showroom. Maybe a dozen people in line, but it was Friday afternoon at 4pm. Bought another 1/4 oz, paid, and exited. You can buy 1/4 oz per visit, but can visit 4 times a day to reach the limit of 28 grams/ 1 oz.
    People were upbeat and courteous.
    Only negative is the packaging of the flower/buds. Like a zip lock bag without a slider. Hard to separate sides to break seal. No big deal. Only other downer is the prices. $100 + $20 tax for a quarter ounce. dY~Y= But I picked strains that were the highest in THC and that aren’t available locally. I’ll be back!

  5. Momatthews

    Got right in and out! Staff were super nice!

  6. Richardsonc91

    Very laid back environment, very friendly staff and the express pick up was fantastic! Definitely the go-to facility for the region!

  7. Mscrystal

    Placed an express order and within 2 minutes confirmation of my order came across, went into the door and within 5 minutes I was out the door. Not bad on a Sunday afternoon.

  8. Scari_Sari

    Beautiful set-up, products are in glass shelves for viewing and their menu scrolls on flat screens to glance at while in line.

    My first visit was around noon on a week day, no line. My budtender lacked all knowledge of their product, I was suprised and glad I did my research of strains on leafly before setting foot inside Insa! I told her that I medicate for anxiety and I was looking for a pre-roll. She recommended “critical mass” and twice mentioned that’s their “best-seller.” When I told her that anxiety was a highly reported side-effect of critical mass (and reminded her that I medicate for anxiety) she just shrugged her shoulders at me. It was evident that she was trained to just sell the stuff and that’s it. …I settled on a trusted and true pre-roll of “flo og.”

    Second trip, took no chances, I did my homework and knew exactly what I wanted when I got there, Sunday morning at 10am. They were late to open which caused the line to back up, 20 minute wait. We get to the counter (my partner and I) and it’s the manager, great! “We’ll have an 8th of killer queen flower, 2 slim pre-rolls of Apollo, and 1 slim pre-roll of White Fire.” He tells us he can’t fill our order because their rules only allow one of each product per person… meaning 1 pre-roll, 1 flower, 1 edible etc. So, one person can’t order 2 pre-rolls… even though Insa sells pre-rolls in a 5-pack?dYtm,, Did I mention that Insa doesn’t sell their flower by the gram? Nope, they only sell 1/8th’s.

    This place needs to get it together, nearby dispensaries have better game. I might shop here again if there’s a strain I really wanna try, but it’s not my go-to place.

  9. joencma

    After visiting NETA Northampton for recreational, I was wondering how the experiences would compare. I’ve been to NETA many times and every time I’ve had to wait anywhere from 30 min to 3 hours.

    As soon as I got to INSA, I got out of my car and walked straight inside. Was helped after maybe ~5 min inside. The product at NETA is excellent, but from what I’ve seen so far, I think INSA has NETA beat. plus it’s equally comparable or cheaper prices at INSA.

    Can’t wait to go back.

  10. Menace2424

    1st time here but I did my research and pre ordered my conconcretes thru the leafly app! And it turned out to be a great move, I hardly had to wait was in and out in 10 minutes. The friendly staff was on point double checking everything in my order quickly. Overall I’m super satisfied and I’d “highly” recommended you check out Insa and make sure you use the Leafly app, it makes the process so much smoother.

  11. mannabud


    It’s way too awesome and then the lines will get long. Haha.

    Fantastic service and product. Smoothly run, aesthetically on point, nice and varied selection, and simply a positive atmosphere.

    Well done, Insa dY’S

  12. Starlordcdxx

    Have been twice and have enjoyed my experience both times. Little to no wait the 2nd visit! The cartridges are tasty and pretty strong. All the flower is of good quality got one 8th which was a little dryer than I’d like. It’s a trip for me so may not return soon but i hope they expand to the metro west!

  13. phxkevin

    Have been to this site several times. As an express – preorder customer I waited over 45 min. Those in the slow lane were faster than the preorders.

    Prior times express was express. Return to the faster process

  14. antimutual

    Amazing. They knew what they were talking about and had a good selection. Prices were a bit high but that’s to be expected. No line at all. Very professional environment. Workers knew what they were talking about and had good advice. Very patient and cares about the customers. Easy, close parking too!

  15. jenpollock1

    Location was nice. Product was not. Got the gram of clementine vape and it tasted like breathing an air freshener and burned through it fast. So not worth the money. Not buying anymore vapes.

  16. Chitty33A

    Nothing but good all the way, the express pick up is so convenient. Everybody there has been so friendly and helpful. Will return for sure.

  17. Nowayman444

    Awesome staff very helpful

  18. cheeseball

    the staff is Friendly and very knowledgeable.

  19. Moya0207

    I recently relocated from San Francisco where everything was top shelf, but I at least expected some moist nuggets. That being said, I have purchased a total of 4 grams of flower at various times. I am extremely disappointed with how absolutely dry the product is. It crumbles between 2 fingers with the slightest pressure. I may need to settle into this new normal dY~”dY~”

  20. creekguy420

    First time there and couldn’t be happier with the service and parking. The quality of the product was like I use to get in CA so good.

  21. Isthatabong

    Easy in and out service when it’s not busy… order ahead on busy days. Staff have been super nice and helpful during all my visits. Concentrates have been on poiny, way better than the other local store.

  22. GlenWarnr

    Great products. Fantastic staff.

  23. Matt010288

    Loved everything!

  24. JonRupe

    Good friendly staff, great product, the only downside is the extremely high prices

  25. Cheo1331

    Please make sure to open your pre rolls before paying or leaving the counter. I was given 2 pre roll containers with no joints inside just an empty container. I should have checked to make sure everything was there so It was kind of my fault for not double checking but come on who would think that they would give you 2 empty pre roll container. I really feel ripped off and will never be coming back to this dispensary. Watch out people and please double check everything before leaving the counter and this happened in the pre order area so you all know.

  26. NateeB91

    A+++ Best Spot Around! Quality Staff! Organized! The nugs have so much flavor and smell amazing grown with love! My go to spot from now on! Thanks again

  27. Emilymarceau

    Very nice, not difficult process

  28. Tylervswrldx

    Really nice place

  29. Deemal18

    Great experience!! Staff was awesome!! Express pick up took 5 minutes!! Will be back for sure!! Will definitely recommend to my friends and my family!!

  30. Cpietras08

    Really nice location and friendly knowledgeable staff! Minimal lines if any for rec.

  31. gf101413

    Very friendly, knowledgeable staff. Wait time has never been an issue. Ordering online is so convenient.

  32. Oryon06

    Great place

  33. Xaffect

    This is how I expected a shop to run. Plenty of signs, plenty of parking, and I was in and out in 5mins. I couldn’t believe how smoothly it all ran. I did the order ahead and I will do it again.

  34. laterunner

    Very friendly, knowledgeable staff. Very comfortable and interesting.

  35. Gabealbizreh

    Quality , informed, pros

  36. Magicmike420life

    very quick and efficient…I love this place, my only complaint is about the strain they sometimes have called “prez kush”…it’s complete garbage and hopefully they got rid of it but other then that ,everything else is awesome and i’ll definitely be going here often.

  37. JeffD-1972

    Great place, quick line. I wish they stocked more edibles – most of the time they are not available.


    In and out. No waiting in the cold. Quality product. Won’t go anywhere else.

  39. Rduke

    very professional staff and well organized. this location was easy to get to and plenty of parking.

  40. travellingchef

    Grown and packaged on site….doesn’t get more farm to rolling papers than that! Quality was great and chocolate is delish dY~

  41. happygirl0330

    The staff at INSA is consistently knowledgeable, friendly, and patient. I had an excellent interaction with Adam yesterday who was very helpful when it came to what strain to use for what symptom. This kind of advice/help is essential when trying to navigate the cannabis strains and match them with medical symptoms. The facility is large, clean, airy, and uncluttered. The lines are neatly organized and we medical folks can not only park right in front (thank you!), but we have a special line and are taken first. The prices at INSA are better than those at other area dispensaries. I love their products- great selection. I really love this place. Thank you, INSA. Your commitment to your clients is evident and much appreciated. I am a loyal customer (as are other members of my family!).

  42. Mommylinz

    Preordered , no line . In and out . Loved it . I will definately be back .

  43. the_dopest_dope

    The best establishment: online ordering, parking, packaging, and customer service.

  44. Spage

    It’s great!

  45. Nickc199116

    Easy parking, did the express pickup and I was in and out in 5 minutes, no lines. Great products with reasonable prices, excited for them to expand their stock in the future.

  46. NIcDisco

    my local shop. Quick and easy.

  47. Krismck1

    Great place all around!! very friendly employees, quick service!!! Highly recommend going here,they make you feel like family!!

  48. rhp11019

    Insa Easthampton exceeded my expectation of what the adult use dispensary experience would be. I traveled from out of state and arrived around 5 on a Thur afternoon. I was in and out with my pre order in hand in less than 10 minutes. Upon returning home I sampled the quality of one of the prerolls in my order and was equally impressed with the potency, and I’ve been smoking for many years. Also impressive was the packaging of everything I purchased…well designed and airtight.

  49. SxSxDx

    Loved it! Great service

  50. Blackman70


  51. east_ent

    Staff was nice, as was the store. But I was disappointed in the condition of the flower. Way too dry – smokes with no flavor, and the potency seems low.

    Even so, this is the best retail cannabis in the area. I hope they can adjust their curing process to prevent the buds from turning to dust.

  52. Meatmoutn

    great location for parking prime quality I drive 4 1/2 hours to shop here only

  53. Darkstar1967

    Easy in & out with Express Pick Up. Staff was very friendly. And yeah the buds incredible! Hawaiian Spice highly recommend!

  54. Tgellinger

    Great staff, better parking than other dispensaries and a better selection too. Well worth the visit.

  55. Sanderslpn

    Love the Industrial vibe of the location. And the staff I encountered addressed me by name after seeing my ID, which made for a very friendly feel.

    I couldn’t be more impressed with the ease of the Leafly Pick-Up feature of the buying process. In and out in no time with no actual waiting on long lines.

  56. flyboyjustice

    In an out !! Plenty of parking

  57. Bobsalamone13

    Ordering ahead through Leafly was very easy and convienant. Ive only tried a couple flower strains and cartridges but they were all PHENOMENAL! Buds were dry and brittle but I just threw them in a jar with a moisted q-tip taped to the inside of lid. I was disappointed that they didn’t have any flower available in grams but I’m guessing that will change in time. Keep up the great work!

  58. normalisrelative

    So happy to see how well the opening process has been. Leafly pre-order/pick-up was a breeze, the staff were friendly and were eager to answer questions. In and out in under a half hour with all the questions I had, answered! Highly recommended and great product for the price and selection. Will definitely be back

  59. DurbanDream

    On-site parking. Order ahead! Call # on website and tell them what you want. It’s ready within 30 mins. Walk up to door and inform employee you’re there for pre-order pick up. You can go right in. Relatively short line for non-reserve orders at time I visited. Picked up 1/8 Green Crack, 1g XJ-13 cartridge, chocolate bar and pre roll. High quality bud, cartridge and edible but pre roll joint was garbage. Would not buy again as it was mainly chopped leaf clippings. Aside from that, this store had a good selection for non-medical clients, however, limited quantities per transaction.

  60. ecat1881

    Parking, plus the express pick up line, on a Saturday afternoon, were not too bad. My major ding is for how my order was changed without my knowing – from Blue Cookies flower to Flo. I understand if strains run out, but think a quick text asking if the change was okay, or if I’d prefer something else, would have been appreciated. I’ll give them one more chance in the future, but a 2 hour (each way) drive is a bit much for a strain I’m not super enthused with.

  61. a166524

    Went here a second time, this time I actually went inside instead of just placing the online order. Wow. Super fast and friendly service, amazing atmosphere, super clean store. 10/10 will definitely be back

  62. Brye2040

    An absolute dream. I was in and out in 5 minutes with my order completely accurate. I did the express pick up and could pay with a debit card which was nice. They do have an atm but the debit charge appears on your statement as an atm withdrawal which is great for privacy. The man at the front counter was very professional and kind. I only tried the fire OG vape pen I got there but let me tell you it packs a punch.

  63. Mik128

    Easy in, easy out and that’s the best thing I can say for it. They are always out of edibles. Their pricing is outrageous, you’re paying twice the amount for bud than you are now AND the “flower” is dry as dust. Order online and make it easier on yourself. I won’t pay the price for the quality they have.

  64. Rudski

    Express pick up is super convenient and the quality is great too.

  65. KScat

    Third visit here! Outstanding parking, very little wait – used reserve ahead, an awesome feature! Outstanding selection, diverse products – pretty and easy to get to area! Looking forward to no limits and tinctures would be nice!

  66. Angie2549

    Effective, efficient and the staff are caring and polite!

  67. Dagroom107

    Great place . Large selection

  68. LJR2017

    great service. not crowded

  69. larry1351

    Easy in…quick…easy out

  70. Smels

    Love this location

  71. Lynni350

    Clear instructions on entry, plenty of parking. I used express, and was in and out in one minute. Staff is professional and polite. I purchased the White Fire OG. Product is exactly as described, and great quality.

  72. Emich

    Close to home, wonderful and helpful staff, one of the best vibes I’ve seen from a dispensary.

  73. Nanojaner

    We went on a weekday and there was no wait. Everyone was friendly, relaxed, and happy, but business-like. Met with Anders, who really knew what he was talking about, and was very patient with our many questions. After reading reviews of other places, and having been to INSA, we have no desire to go anywhere but INSA. A terrific experience in every way. They’ve got it figured out there.

  74. Scott413

    dY$?(c) great first impression

  75. Jwaring77

    Great quality

  76. JustinJThomas

    Love how you can order ahead, made things nice and quick!

  77. Shawmm

    Super friendly and knowledgeable staff. Product on display under counters. Beautiful atmosphere. New favorite place.

  78. Jcali123

    I have been to 3 of the 5 open recreational dispensary’s in mass and this one by far exceeds everyone I have went too. Not only is the product top of the line and well taken care of, but the staff are all very knowledgeable and helpful. I left a happy customer with my goodies in hand and knowing I had a great experience. This spot unfortunately is the furthest from me, but the ride there is scenic and totally worth it,I’ll definitely be back guys! Thanks!

  79. ryananddenine

    First stop here and was very good. Preorder is the way to go. Cut the line and got in and out in maybe 15/20 mins. Not to bad for a Friday afternoon. Quality of concentrate I thought was good. Packaging was nice. Product as expected. Staff was friendly over the phone and in person. I’ll be back. If you need more then one item make a profile with the dispensary and you can make multiple visits in one day to get around the daily cap.

  80. lilyofthepond321

    Great service and selection.

  81. Dos56

    Easy parking, staff is professional and very knowledgeable. I had a few questions, they were answered right away

  82. Edo4888

    Easy and the bud is great

  83. B17baumer

    Ordered online, 15 minutes later got a message saying it was ready for pickup. Very high quality flower and a great staff! Very pleased with my experience I will be back and will encourage others to come here

  84. Jay-C1974

    My first visit today. I’ll probably be back soon!
    No wait or line at all today. Allowed to purchase 7 grams of flower!

  85. Chrissyann

    Treats us recreational users with decency. Even though though I’m not med card (I could be) Insa unlike Neta treats you with respect even when your just “rec”.

  86. Hmookie420

    I love this place super fast better quality flower than NETA.

  87. Madcatx1

    Well organized and informed operation. Very impressive!

  88. JerBear80

    Knowledgeable and friendly staff, clean comfortable atmosphere, quality affordable product. Would vote best in the valley!

  89. HappyLittleTreesRoss

    What a way to start the new year! I went on New Years Day, (which by the way , Was impressive to see them open on New years!) My first time there, I have been to Neta 4 time prior to going here. INSA is hands down superior in Quality. Just in comparing the wax, INSA wax is more potent, has better consistency, better smell, better taste, and over all better affect. The packaging is pretty top of the line also with that rubber seal. The vibe is way better also, great staff..customer for life!

  90. sschmoe

    Shopped here half dozen times or so, and have absolutely nothing but GOOD to say about the whole experience.From the ease of parking, and entrance and exit, to the warm and friendly greetings from the door sentinels, to the considerate and kindly budtenders, and the excellent quality of product. The fact that its in a re-purposed factory building, instead of the whole structure just continuing to decay,is really cool. My ears popped up when I was told that INSA herb is grown on site! Cant get much fresher than that, its like buying fish right off the dock! Cant wait to see what this place looks like in the spring and summer, its right on the bike trail with the factory hydro pond out back. Props and mad respect to all the staff and to the planners for getting this gig so right! Other joints,(pardon the pun), have you standing in a mooing cattle line ,and then boarding a bus, to then travel to the building! Seriously? I haven’t been on a bus since Junior high school, and i am not about to start doin it now! It was so long ago, my memory banks are fading, but I remember it was a big orangish/yellowish thing, with smelly exhaust, and no seat belts. No wait,that was my first motorcycle. All kidding aside, INSA has this down pretty pat, don’t change any of the main beams! A little honing of the dull spots on the trim that may show up , but that’s about it! Call ahead ordering actually works, and you can actually get someone on the phone to answer your questions! So i vote this place number one for ease of shopping and customer service. Everybody else in the biz, best lung up to the bar and learn from these peeps, they’re doin it real right! I will most assuredly be returning,and let all my burrito friends and family know to definitely check INSA out

  91. dreroberts84

    Great product! Great staff!

  92. JessicaLavalley

    Hands down the best visit ever. I was nervous at first after seeing NETA open but this location has it figured out. I have been twice and did express order both times and truthfully didn’t even need it. Staff was knowledgeable, friendly and on top of it. I love knowing I have this little gem in my neighborhood. Keep up the great work!!!!

  93. Pwaydee

    Great. Quick service with express through Leafly.

  94. LorriLaBarge11

    The drive was worth the time we spent there. Ordered online and was ready within fifteen minutes. Standees in line for 5 minutes and the staff was professional, educated, and friendly. Only reason I have 4 stars for atmosphere is because we didn’t go into the actual shop so we couldn’t really tell but it looked nice! We want to go back to go inside!

  95. Izabella_b

    Good buds quick in and out easy reserve place is great

  96. bigguy45

    Great location

  97. greendreamn

    It’s fine but their ordering policy is not clear. I had my order confirmed but instead of having 2 regular and 2 slim pre rolls ready they only had one of each. I would have liked to be notified they modified my order.

    Also, the line situation also not 100% clear. So many people have no idea which line to stand. Easily solved with some slightly better signage outside. If the patients line also said something like “also if you reserved on Leafly” that would be much clearer.

    Not crazy about standing outside so long, at least 30 minutes and another 10 inside. Growing pains I suppose. It helped that it’s a happy line 🙂

    Having said all that, product is first rate.

  98. Zoegirl55

    Liked everything. Very nice old industrial redo building and nice staff down to the man at the door. Everyone, customers and staff, low key and orderly. Professional feel with a good vibe.

  99. DonOfTheDead138

    Just made my first visit to INSA in Easthampton a couple days ago this past Monday afternoon. Very professional and friendly staff! Atmosphere was very inviting and welcoming. I pre-ordered through Leafly and was able to walk right in when I got there! I love how they group their products into easy to understand categories. For someone that is looking for daytime relief from anxiety and also something that will help with insomnia at night it’s super helpful and easy to browse. I purchased a 1/8th ounce of Berry Sherbet and a 1/2 gram of Tangie Wax concentrate. Very happy with both items! The Tangie is perfect for daytime use and the Berry Sherbet is wonderful before bed! Highly recommend INSA! Well worth the hour plus drive I had to take from Connecticut. I will definitely be returning soon!

  100. Upatnight

    Always a solid variety and always quick in and out service. Flower has been dry the past few times

  101. divinedank

    friendly staff,relaxing atmosphere,was a little anxious first time going other week because well anxiety and overthinking where to go and if i was in right spot and staff was helpful. 2nd visit and much easier now that everything was explained about shopping there and browsing.

  102. dar285

    When making my purchase I was told that there’d be a $3.50 charge to use my debit card. I asked what I’d be charged if I used their ATM machine and used the cash to pay her and was told $3.00, so I handed her my card and made the purchase which included the $3.50 fee. I was actually charged an additional $3.00 ATM fee by my bank, even though I didn’t use the machine. I called because I thought it was an error and was told that over the counter purchases using a debit card are also charged the additional fee. On principal I exlained that it was deceiving because I wasn’t told that I’d be charged a fee twice and when I didn’t accept the initial explanation I was hung up on.
    Other than that, I was able to look into the shop thru a window (inside) while waiting just a few minutes to pick up my order at the express pick up window and was impressed with what I saw.

  103. tonynet69

    Fabulous place. Highly recommended

  104. Reesecup45

    Loved the reserve pick up in and out boy times sure have changed it’s great loved the experience dY~dY~dY~dY~dY~dY~

  105. Bdakid413


  106. Seanpog

    Great experience. Friendly staff. Knowledgeable.

  107. Ptp115

    Great concentrates and flower. Reserving ahead makes things quick and easy in and out

  108. SMP9000

    Good selection and high quality product. Desirable effects from all strains I have tried. (Sweet Skunk x Jack, prez Kush and Strawberry Banana Sherbet are my favorites so far)

    Only complaint is that they do not press Rosin. I prefer solventless concentrates. I also prefer Full Spectrum CO2 oil as opposed to Distillate w/added terps in vape Pens.

    I will go elsewhere to find these items once they become available at other AU locations unless INSA starts carrying them.

    Packaging also is a pain. I always have to transfer my flower to a different container because the bags they come in are small and hard to get in and out of and often smash the buds.

  109. vakeough

    Really kind and helpful staff. They make you feel very comfortable to ask questions and there are a lot of femme employees which makes the space more welcoming than other smoke shops.

  110. bo0tpAw

    when they’re for my first time today and it was fantastic! very chill vibe in and out super quick and no traffic nightmares like other places in the area. I will definitely be going back and I would recommend it to anyone.

  111. Nuggsy97

    Fast, easy preorder, they even let me pick up a battery I had neglected to order online, without waiting again! Will return!

  112. MontegoHaze

    I have been to this location twice, reserved a head both times and was promptly notified within 30 min I was ok to come pick it up. Again, both times I walked right in the wait was less than 5 minutes. I do like the fact that the portions are half grams (concentrates) but wish recreational customers were able to purchase more at one time. Usually you can get one wax,shatter,crumble ect. Its understandable being new they need to conserve product and anticipate for the future, that being said 5 stars all around.

  113. kmorse149169

    This was my first time to a dispensary, & I thought the whole experience was different but in a good way, the service was very good & atmosphere was very clean & inviting. Will definitely be back.

  114. Timg8994

    Love it. Clean, professional, quick if you need. Good operation so far for sure

  115. Badassstang

    For all of you that haven’t been to insa you must experience it atleast 1 time maybe 2 or 3 times

  116. LanyeW

    Really impressed with INSA! Their product is high quality and delicious. I pre-ordered and walked right in. Even the walk in line was 5 people at most. Every employee I spoke to was friendly, knowledgable and helpful. Ample parking and near the hwy. will definitely be going back!

  117. WesGee

    Really nice store. Friendly staff and great products.

  118. Ejgubbins

    Very positive experience

  119. crawman

    Of the 3 dispensaries I have been to since the opening of legal rec. INSA has the best quality flower by far. NETA is also great, looking forward to both of them bumping up the flower limit. Cultivate is a waste of everyone’s time.
    The folks I have interacted with at INSA have been down to earth & 100% friendly.
    Hopefully we’ll see some Holiday specials this year & lower prices all around soon.

  120. Jawalker1231

    Very quick online pick up, awesome and friendly staff, very nice environment. Will be returning.

  121. Tmedeiros

    Love going there what great customer service the people at Express pickup are always awesome they are friendly and always fix any issues if any or answer any questions I may have. They are fast and always seem to have exactly what I want. There products are great and are priced great also. This will be the place to visit if you want the best customer service and the best products. Going to be go to spot from now on….

  122. GhaniGautama

    Definitely my preferred dispensary in the area.

  123. ForzaJuve1

    The ability to ask questions and get honest raw feedback is why I continue to visit this dispensary.

  124. Northeast420

    very convenient, well located, good parking and professional staffing

  125. GLAD2014

    The parking lot is well marked and large enough for the establishment. I pre ordered and walked right in picked up my order. Didnt wait a single second. The man who took care of my order there was professional and able to multitask very well. One TINY “complaint” is I ordered two grams of two different flower and got two grams of the same flower. I am not even upset about it because the quality is out of this world!!! Plus had preordered and accidents happen.

    Overall this place is great. I will 100% be returning and passing along the good word.

  126. Nickrock913

    This place is amazing for anyones first time visit and any visit after! The pick-up service employees were amazing they had so much patience when I was having card issues and when I returned a couple days later treated me as if I had known them forever. Can’t wait to visit Easthampton again so I can visit this amazing place again

  127. proficientpirate

    Please get your 5 pack prerolls back! They’re a wonderful deal for $20 and $35 and hopefully you guys might have some shake available sometime!

  128. Hameehead

    Very nice and helpful staff Lewis in exprsse pick up has helped me on a few occasions allways very nice helpful wit any questions I may have keep up the great work my go too spot

  129. Nino96

    I bought edibles from here multiple times 100mg everytime. Very weak
    I domt know what there doing to theyre shit. Plus you guys need more outgoing happy employees that have more knowledge on the shit there. Not miserable old farts that dont know anything!aoeOE

  130. teeo9111

    Ordered online (recreational),received a text ten minutes later that my order was ready. Drove up there and was in and out in literally two minutes. Great experience.

  131. Jonmad21

    Will revisit Theory Wellness and NETA before i ever return to INSA. Don’t waste your time.

  132. IrishDub

    In and out quickly on easch visit.parking is easy.Product is top notch.Staff are friendly and helpful.I,ll be a reqular shopper here.

  133. Mikey602

    Definitely recommend INSA over NETA better staff better quality and more of a convenience, pluss you can view and discuss the product before purchasing will not be going back to NETA anymore

  134. Shady6

    Head and shoulders above my experience with another adult use facility. Used express pick and was in and out in 10 mins. Few associates I interacted with were friendly and welcoming.

  135. Quinlan001

    Express pick up is the best!!!!!!!

  136. MunchiesYeah

    INSA is great. (Except they were out of all edibles and a few flower strains.) But the wait line wasn’t bad, better store layout and design, more open, glass cases, product viewing/smelling, decorated, inviting, (not a boring orderly bank style transaction like ‘other locations’), and friendlier staff. I’ll be going there from now on, and ordering ahead using the Leafly app. Good job INSA.

  137. MW01842.

    Staff Always friendly and helpful. Great product.

  138. SmolderRock

    Very quick and helpful staff, good merch.

  139. Saraha912

    Place is great. Service is great, quality is great but I absolutely hate what they bag the product in. It’s kept at a certain dryness perfect for rolling but that also means it crumbles easily. Bought one of the few grams they had, it was completely crushed when I opened it and was not fun trying to remove the product from the baggies. Would get caught in the corners of it and ended up cutting them up.

  140. rivkele

    I love being able to shop at home with the leafly app, and then bypass the line to pickup.
    True, you dont get to look around the showroom, and you don’t get to ask questions for recommendations. Still, the online listing has a lot of detail on the virtues and issues of different strains. And THANKS for dealing with the parking needs! The neighborhood around NETA IN Northampton still resembles circling the blocks in da Bronx looking for parking. I like INSA.

  141. bobbyroastbeef

    A little tricky to find, and the parking lot is a bit funky, but everything that really matters is top notch!

  142. Josh1982

    Excellent no wait times in and out great quality

  143. Bosshog153

    By far my best Mass recreational experience and also the product is AMAZING!

  144. asjudge

    Pre order and there is NO line. Less expensive than NETA. Better atmosphere, staff is in control but very easy going!

  145. Geronamo95

    The place & the service is great especially when you order ahead of time to skip the line. I recommend everybody to come here.

  146. Andink14

    Everyone was really friendly and I was in and out fast.

  147. Doncalzonevip

    Quality product as always. Very friendly and helpful staff. In and out in less than 10 minutes

  148. Kyle1456

    Best dispensary in mass hands down. Never any wait time staff is so helpful and polite & most of all the quality of the products can not be beat!!! Keep it up INSA!!!!

  149. Mgrim89

    Horrible customer service

  150. Vap1nG33k

    I have made a few visits here so far and it has been by far the best recreational experience I have had at the new Mass shops by far. Walk in line is quick, but the order ahead is the way to go…

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