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693 Elm St., Bridgewater, MA 2324


41.9868057, -71.0219714




10:00 AM – 7:00 PM


10:00 AM – 7:00 PM


10:00 AM – 7:00 PM


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Setting the standard for Medical Cannabis in Massachusetts

Alternative Compassion Services is New England’s premier destination for medicinal Cannabis. Founded on the principles of product quality and outstanding customer service, ACS makes cannabis as accessible as possible to patients in Massachusetts.

Our vision is simple, and is reflected in our name.

At ACS, our core values of Quality, Integrity, and Safety set us apart from other options for cannabis in Massachusetts. It begins with the source. We carefully select award-winning seeds and strains that offer specific benefits to patients.

Most importantly, our growers and dispensary staff all share a passion about producing high-quality medicinal cannabis and delivering customer service that exceeds expectations.

At Alternative Compassion Services, we help patients make informed decisions about cannabis.

If you have additional questions, we provide free on-site consultation with our friendly and knowledgeable staff.

Our consultation includes: dosing recommendations, introduction to titration methods, and accessories demos.

Please call us at 508-356-5151 to schedule an appointment.


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45 reviews for “Alternative Compassion Services

  1. Amanda_cullinan

    The best bakery items! Awesome staff! Ordering on the app. is super convenient!

  2. Beautifulqueen717

    This was a fun experience. Staff was friendly, great edibles and the best topical I’ve tried thus far for my back pain. They were out of some of the edibles I was interested in. The prices were great! I’ll be back.

  3. clownmagic

    Friendly, helpful and accommodating staff. dY’dY’

  4. econn1125

    Everything about this dispensary is great! The man at the door and the people at the counter were all super friendly and made everything so easy. I wish I could remember the boys name who took care of me because he was incredible. Will definitely be back!

  5. BenFranklinDC

    Our favorite dispensary around! Used Leafly today for the first time to order ahead. Locked down my strain – worked out nice! Quick and easy.

    Been to five dispensaries in MA and two in RI and we keep coming back to ACS.
    -Best flower around (quality and selection)
    -top notch concentrates (try the Silver Mountain sugar!)
    -20% hardship discount
    -10% loyalty program
    -Nicest, kindest staff – can’t say enough about them. Just amazing people


  6. Skyineyes

    Fantastic product, staff is very helpful and knowledgeable
    Great place!!

  7. SueZen333

    Very friendly and helpful staff! Trying the edibles after reading the great reviews.

  8. Wabe

    Cornbread is fantastic! Greatful breath is also top notch. It’s great having another dispensary in town with high quality flower. Keep up the great work!

  9. Sarah92200

    Awesome!!!! So freaking wild !

  10. purpdrmz

    I think that medical marijuana should not smell like hay as if it was low grade When HCS first open I feel they really cared to get the doors open. But now I feel as if the quality is going downIf people are getting lazy honest opinion

  11. Southsho

    This place is quickly becoming my go to spot. Great flowers, fair pricing. Really like the purple chemdawg and chem 4 flower.

  12. hydroman956

    After getting some A.C.S. flower someplace else I figured I’d just go to the source. I’m sure glad I did. I’m a flower guy, to be fair I haven’t tried anything but. However A.C.S. is now my favorite dispensary. If it’s flower you seek Chechen them out for sure. They’re on MY short list. lol

  13. smoker508

    excellent , one of the best dispensary’s in the state.

  14. nlh

    Fantastic. Extremely professional. An a very beautiful building ..

  15. Bin169er

    All around awesome place. Amazing edibles and concentrates.

  16. Dianond

    Love love love this place!

  17. SnowSnot

    Very nice setup and friendly staff.

  18. Ghostmonkey39

    I love not only the care and high level of service I receive every time I go, their product is outstanding.

    I tried Lavender Jack yesterday and the effect was soothing and put me at ease. I was anxious and it faded away, without plastering me to a couch. I’ll definitely be back for more!
    N. Goetz

  19. edenm1234

    Staff are very friendly and knowledgeable. Products is always great quality. I do wish it wasn’t pre-packaged, but this is my main dispensary. Decent pricing, great rewards program, steady supply. I highly recommend ACS.

  20. 4thand20ish

    Very clean, very helpful staff. Will definitely go back again.

  21. Dmonmcd

    Love this place, people are very knowledgeable and very personable, no bs with this group. I’ve bought there, going over with the bud tenders what’s a good strain, concentrate, or edible and never left me without the best quality. I have also done the Leafly pickup, live the texts with the progress and frankly had it ready as quick as possible! So easy to do and was in and out in no time. Have to mention the great deals they have as well, always deals! Also love the fact you can sit down and figure out what you want too!

  22. billybeans02341

    Quality products as far as the flowers go. Chocolate chip cookies taste great but, I make my own with trim from a friend and they seem to pack a lot more punch. Friendly staff and again, excellent flowers.

  23. binks1989

    The best flower in Massachusetts. Exceptional service!

  24. Fahmah23

    Went to ACS last Friday for the first time. Used the Leafly pick up app and my order was done in about 5 mins. I got Purple Chemdawg and WiFi something. The PC was some of the Best flower I’ve had in a long time!! Have to try WiFi later on but this place has GREAT flower so far. I think PC tested at 29%. Awesome! I’ll definitely be back soon to ACS.

  25. Sxyslb

    I love it! You have to try the edibles, they are the best around! Good variety, always have something new! The staff is friendly and knowledgeable. You can order ahead with Leafly and they take canpay.

  26. respectpeace

    Excellent dispensary for genetic variety and single source medical quality. Also provides a great price point for CBD products, unlike most other businesses in massachusetts.

  27. Gwendalynn

    One of the best in terms of quality and customer service.

  28. Bostonsue7

    Great atmosphere, friendly staff and they offer Pick-Up through Leafly which is a huge bonus for patients like me.

  29. wally1960

    Worth the tripdY$?tm

  30. fantasticsam

    Really well grown flower. The Rudeboi OG and Lavender Jack were really nice. Good selection of other products too. My only problem?

    Buying an 8th of “Uplift” or “Relief” or “Focus.” This is a new trend in the marijuana industry started by non-industry people. It’s so goofy! There’s no reason you can’t call a plant a sativa or indica and then describe the effects for people and believe me, I’ve heard this argument before.

    This one is sort of a Catch-22 because people familiar with marijuana do not want to see strains classified this way, but on the other hand it might make it a little easier for new patients.

    All I’m saying is that the decision to classify plants this way was not made by anyone growing the plants.

    Either way, great marijuana, goofy classification. Which means really, it’s a good spot.

  31. OptimusRoy

    really nice location, great selection. picked up chemdawg, and purple chemdawg. really nice flower.

  32. Derfdaddy

    I’ve visited many dispensaries in MA, and ACS has stood out to me. The strains are well developed and all have unique smell and flavor profiles. Their Purple Chem is one of if not the best strain(s) I’ve come across in the medical circuit here in MA. Staff is also very helpful and works as a team to help answer any questions. Great place all around!

  33. quesodepapa

    I love this place. 99% of the time I go there’s no line and the people are wicked cool and sweet! They have tons of variety and budget friendly options. They’re overall very affordable and have a rewards program too 🙂

  34. Kjc143420

    new dispensary. very knowledgeable about the product … wifi43 $35 for an 1/8 … will be back often

  35. Amybadd1124

    So friendly and comfortable, good flower and sweet prices for ediblesdY’Y=All of them are more than happy to help and get orders quickly.

  36. nafas

    It rocks! Staff was professional. Product was very high quality and all questions were answered with great patience (and I ask a lot of questions). I also adore the display of flower – we can hold, smell and examine each strain under a magnifier … so cool!

  37. Shezabiker

    Love this place – the prices are very patient friendly & always a good deal going on. The staff is always friendly and informative. Using the order ahead option through Leafly was sooo easy!!

  38. DedhamBoB

    I went here for the first time yesterday and loved it so much I went back today for more! Great prices, great products and great discounts. Definitely recommend going.

  39. MannyB508

    Nothing but the finest here good smell good taste good quality & quanity

  40. chetremblay

    Absolutely fantastic! Flower is the best around! Patient service was enjoyable, very personable staff….I will be back!!!

  41. Ambie0284

    I love coming to ACS! Their prices, variety and customer service are all 5 stars! Their concentrates hold a special place in my heart.

  42. LexMichael8508

    Best Dispensary in Mass.

  43. Bathory737

    Place was amazing. Wonderful staff

  44. Wescyd3

    Great atmosphere, very friendly people which makes approachability very easy. Very progressional. Product was A+++ and would recommend this place to others without hesitation

  45. Ramrodd103

    They are all in industrial zones which is good cuts out a lot of riff Raff

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