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Route 9 West, 255 Turnpike Rd, Southborough, MA 1772


42.2910664, -71.539429




11:30 AM – 8:00 PM


11:30 AM – 8:00 PM


11:30 AM – 8:00 PM


11:30 AM – 8:00 PM


11:30 AM – 8:00 PM


10:00 AM – 8:00 PM


11:30 AM – 6:00 PM


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CommCan, Inc. – The Commonwealth Cannabis Co. is Massachusetts’ home grown option. Founded, financed and operated by lifelong Massachusetts residents this family owned business produces world class cannabis and cannabis products out of a state of the art, new-construction 60,000 sf facility which houses their cultivation, lab and kitchen.


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57 reviews for “CommCan

  1. Saraswati3

    Wide array of products and a knowledgeable staff.

  2. d1no311

    Great location. They help you better understand what options are available to you and what medicine will work Best. Great atmosphere in there as well.

  3. Bertieckid

    I like the location. I appreciate the staff. I enjoy the product. I just love having access now in MA!

  4. mlp22198

    In my perspective, Commcan is currently the best medical dispensary in MA.

  5. Emilio1024

    It’s the best place I have been. people are helpful and pleasant, they give you information on the product to familiarize you in what the product helps . My #1 choice.

  6. probk1

    Great selection and courteous staff, awesome all around!!

  7. 420_Dude

    My Second time back, I saw Sour Diesel show up on the menu one day, Im so glad I got there and grabbed a 1/2o as the next day it was off the menu and looks to be still sold out.

    Great quality nugs with that deep earthy oil smell with a hint of pine.

    Vapes great , burns a bit harsh. Both methods give a great full energy high, you have to remind yourself to not do something if you use this for pain as you often forget something even hurts in the 1st place.

  8. kjanovsky

    Love the packaging, love the location, love the staff. I can’t remember the girls name but she made me feel like an actual person and not just some stoner buying a bunch of goodiesdY~

  9. deedums

    Returning patient! I like going to CommCan because it’s a lot closer than most dispensaries around me. The people are super friendly and the flower is awesome. Always a great deal going on.

  10. jumplikeawillys

    I like this place a lot. Everyone was very friendly and helpful. They have all kinds of sales and discounts available. The smoke is a little dry but it’s still good. Nice wide variety of strains too. Worth the 35 minute drive for me

  11. Htartag11

    Bud tenders are 10/10, so kind and informative! The deals are also fantastic!!

  12. Flmmkr

    Love this place. Friendly people, great vibe, great choices. It’s my go to place!!

  13. nondescriptive

    I mentioned that today is my birthday and found out that gets you a $1 pre-roll of your choice. Bonus! Happy Friday, indeed!

  14. Kitheory

    Came there to escape reality for a moment, and enjoy a world where I can once again be a private customer away from the publics eye. I work in the industry myself, so once in a while I need to venture, towards a new scenery. Wow such a peaceful shop, with a warm ambience. Once you step into the place, it feels like a second home. Met the nicest budtender in town! She had a magnificent spirit, that could really light up a whole room! Very, very knowledgeable and dedicated to the craft! Was given a very nice prerolldYZ “Honey Banana”dY-dYOE for my b-day! Also an Industry discount for being an RMD Agent. What more can you ask for!! You’ve earned yourself a loyal customer dY’dYOE?dY’dYOE?dY’dYOE?dY’dYOE?dY’dYOE?dY’dYOE?dY’dYOE?

  15. Bmccarthy04

    Been a frequent visitor since opening. Staff is always friendly and knowledgeable. As for prodcuts, The new Jane West Sour Diesel pre-rolls are excellent. Also check out their website and the deals of the week..great value! Definitely recommended this dispensary for all your medicated needs.

  16. BobbyMc

    Easy access great products.

  17. ScubaST


  18. djwedge73

    Perfect on Rt 9.

  19. taylormaec

    Commcan is bringing service to those who were struggling to find rides into Boston, just to get their medicine. Their location can’t be beat! Their store is clean, organized, and customer friendly! On my first visit, I was welcomed with smiles. As someone who’s struggled with sativas, one of the reps named Cece was quick to recommend products better suited for me. I will definitely be back!

  20. Sexygranny

    Everyone is very knowledgeable and friendly.

  21. MAhockeyDad

    They have the best selection and the widest variety of flower anywhere. Very knowledgeable staff and the bearded guy that works there is a stud. He thinks I’m straight.

  22. Dperper

    excellent customer service. a hefty mistake was made with quanitties in a purchase but error was fixed promptly and with curtosy. shoutout to stephan.

  23. Emmykoza1997

    Recently switched from NETA to CommCan medical dispensary. The atmosphere is very modern and clean. The sales /good deals continue to surprise me as well as other patients I’ve met there. I find CommCan’s service to be a much more pleasent experience where friendly staff members like Mendi get to relate to patients on a personal level and actually remember names after first encounters which is rare! The chcololate edibles they have are gourmet quality. The wide variety of products keeps me interested but the fact that they are run by mass residents is comforting to me. 🙂 Check out their bio on the website and don’t forget to peep dY’EUR the menu a$?i,dYtmdY1/2dY”Y=.

  24. bairosb

    Had my first visit today, & came away very impressed.

    I’ll definitely be returning.

  25. T0asty

    I have to say, the VYB drinks are by far the best beverage product I’ve tried. I used to live in CO and the Dixie drinks out there were my go to. These taste 1000x better with a much better effect

  26. babbalooeybooey

    CommCan is conveniently located on RT 9 westbound in Southboro, close to both the mass pike and 495. They have an excellent selection of high quality highly distilled vape cartridges, which is how I typically smoke, unless I’m hanging in one place for a night or with my friends for a weekend, etc.

    Emilie was my aEURoebud tenderaEUR. She was (is) highly knowledgeable and helped me pick 3 strains: GG#4, Do-Si-Do & Valley Vixen. I like they non of their cartridges are made with Proplyene Glycol. Pure THC, some infused with terpenes.

    They have excellent deals too- 25% off first time (my first time was today), and another coupon for $50 off my next purchase of $100 or more. That’s pretty good if you ask me.

    Highly recommend!

  27. Taichidiva

    Visiting Comcan for the first time I was a bit nervous, not knowing what to expect. Just received my card I wanted something that would help me and there was quite a plethora to choose from. The people were very helpful and patient explaining my options. I will be going back. On the very plus side even though I live in a town with a medical dispensary the fact that Comcan offers better discounts and more viariety makes it worth the trip. thank you for your help .

  28. mindorato

    Good quality and friendly atmosphere.

  29. pimpedoutmonkey

    Easily commcan has the best selection of flower in any dispensary in MA, and a very friendly and welcoming experience the whole way through. The bud is excellent, the prices and deals are awesome, i tried at least 8 strains at other locations, and it didn’t really help, but this dispensary had it, and not just one strain, buy a few. You will be 100% be satisfied, what are you waiting for just go already.

  30. bruntainia

    The quality of flower is great here. i have personally tried the BioHazard, GMO, Crippy Killer, and a number of other locally grown strains!

    The staff here are great. And very local good people. A family owned local company that supports MA community agriculture. What more can you ask for!

    A very calm, welcoming,and private location greets me every visit.

    **veteran friendly**

  31. Maximus14

    I’ve been to multiple dispensaries throughout the Boston area and Commcan without a doubt provides the very best customer service. Emilie in particular was extremely helpful and knowledgeable, and I would strongly recommend seeking her out.

  32. Mike_W

    Great spot, great bud! Mendi is a very nice guy, all the staff is wicked knowledgeable. Will definitely return. You can order ahead via this app which is a plus.

  33. madhattercello

    love the service and selection at commcan. there’s always a wide variety of flower and vape pens, I’m still trying new strains each time I visit. staff in knowledgeable and professional. the flower has a tendency to be drier than that found at other dispensaries, but it does not negatively impact the potency from what I can tell. one of my go to dispensaries for sure.

  34. Gameshow420

    Finally a place with no moisture packs! My lungs felt better instantly and I can get all the flavor that’s missing from damp weed from moisture pack dispenseries
    Nice nugs to bust open not much popcorn The 4 strains I tried were fantastic
    I’m so relieved to stop killing my lungs with damp but not dank weed that burns forever like wet leaves on a fire
    Thank you kindly

  35. uvgrant34

    I’ve been going here for several months and I would certainly recommend this place to friends, doctors,

  36. ebono2798

    Awesome service from great people, very helpful and informative staff supplying great bud.

  37. Fahmah23

    Second time here and did a Leafly order this time. Had it ready in five minutes, DAMN! Place is nice, clean , and the people make you feel comfortable. My guy went out of his way to make sure I got discounts and I was happy. Any savings is awesome especially when you take 13 RX a month plus this medicine. Medical costs are sky high when you’re sick. Will be coming back, great dispensary!!!!

  38. BrianParmenter

    Ben does an amazing job running this shop and he’s hired the best crew outta any dispensary I’ve visited so far in MA. It’s the only shop I’ve been to where the manager is involved enough that he’s gone out of his way a few times to help me come in under-budget! And the floor crew just updated me thru text after I placed my order about a deal they were having, and had everything ready by the time I made it there!

  39. RAB2004

    love it there. people super nice.

  40. Fredddy

    Avoid. over priced midi.

  41. Logantaylor7

    I went into Commcan today and was very pleased by the customer service. The dispensary was a little busy, but the staff made sure you were welcomed and were very patient as they were pleased to answer any questions you may have.

  42. JonBlaze060420

    One of the best in the business, the staff is awesome, their flower is fantastic and their drip brand is the best oil around. Be sure to check out their weekly deals they have the best prices in all of MA

  43. samanthadael

    Awful. No concentrates even though their menu online literally lists rosin and shatter. And the woman who helped me had a massive attitude problem. Will never come here again.

  44. Acn420

    By far best herb you can find out in this part of Massachusetts

  45. sa83083

    The location of this dispenserary is very convenient and very accessible to anyone in the metro west area.

  46. cv2213

    Every time I go, the service is incredible. All the staff talks to you, educates you and their products are amazing. The staff always helps me choose the best for aEURoethe gigglesaEUR and the best products for sleep. Very helpful!

  47. theJester83

    Hello all!
    So I’ve been here three times and I thought I would leave a review as I have been so impressed with the care I’ve received here, that the least I could do is leave a review and an honest one.

    First the place is nice and welcoming. It’s spacious in their store, they offer a wide variety of items and the location is excellent.

    The staff have been some of the friendliest I’ve met and I’ve felt welcome each time. The staff have had great recommendations and seem to know their product well.

    I’ve tried a variety of strains because with the wonderful discounts they offer that stack by the way, it allows to try more for less.

    I’m looking forward to my next few visits and am looking forward to trying new product. I feel like this will be my go to place for a while as there are so many wonderful things about this place!

    Definitely a place to stop if you’re medical!

  48. TheITGui

    On this day of three dispensary visits on December 8th, this was by far the best of the bunch. The staff were all amazing, right down to the young lady texting updates about the Leafly pickup. I accidentally reserved the wrong edible and she asked if I wanted the special, which I did. Other people and places wouldn’t have been that forthcoming.

    Once we were in there, the girls helping us were so friendly that it felt like we’d known them for a while. It was a very comforting and welcoming atmosphere. We spent more than we planned because we genuinely wanted to give them the business. They have great specials and great service. Highly recommend this location.

  49. Smmcd71

    This store has the best deals, specials. The best distillates, in syringe. I go to this store for mostly concentrates. My one flower purchase was very dry. It had no packet to keep the product fresh. Not sure why they don’t use them for freshness.

  50. Borii69

    The only dispensary that knows how to take care of the patient in Holiday Once for 200$ you can’t beat that Good Quality of Flowers and Goodies A+++

  51. AppleDrip

    Very conveniently located right off Rt. 9, CommCan has definitely become my go-to for a quick pickup near home. I’ve been in several times since I got my card (they were actually my first dispensary too!) and the staff has always been friendly and has helped me with my section each time.

    Definitely visit if you’ve just gotten your card (for the first time or renewed) because they have discounts for your first month.

  52. Sproutlette17

    Absolutely amazing place to shop people are always pleasant and friendly

  53. JbcMA

    Fun place to buy from awesome flower options.

  54. 19YrOldMedPatient

    Comprehensive and educated staff, quality products with competitive pricing.

  55. Ready_Freddie

    Amazing location, great costumer service. The staff are very knowledgeable and friendly!

  56. TooCasual508

    Commcan flower is probably some of, if not the best in the state. Amazing flower, knowledgable staff, and very affordable accessories.

  57. StellaBlu82

    This dispensary is in a great location. The staff is friendly and energetic in addition to being extremely helpful and knowledgeable. Newer to the MA dispensary scene, they continue to develop and introduce new product offerings with quality that is exceptional. Even though they had technical difficulties on my first visit (as anyone who’s ever worked retail would understand) the staff handled it with professionalism and courtesy. Looking forward to my next visit!

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