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42.4087279, -72.539477




9:00 AM – 8:00 PM


9:00 AM – 8:00 PM


9:00 AM – 8:00 PM


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RISE is proud to connect qualifying patients in Amherst and beyond with nationally trusted, award-winning medical cannabis services and top-quality therapies. Our dispensary staff is passionate about empowering patients to use natural, holistic alternatives to achieve wellness and relief.


RISE began as a team of compassionate entrepreneurs who saw immense potential in the healing benefits cannabis had to offer individuals in need. Their founders pursued this gratifying opportunity to provide patients with an alternative relief to harmful or addictive pharmaceutical treatments. RISE began in Nevada to heal their suffering community with effective, lasting cannabis relief. RISE’s success in their home state inspired them to expand to the Massachusetts patient community and serve as the vanguard of dispensaries to aid Amherst patients in need. Soon, their team of care specialists will offer valuable guidance and healthcare services to enrich the Amherst patient community. Through community events and educational sessions, RISE centers everything they do on bettering their patients’ lives.


The care specialists team at RISE is dedicated to assisting patients in understanding and accessing the marijuana therapies they need. They take their time with each new guest to fully understand and empathize with a patient’s situation and make sure they’re comfortable. RISE will then work with each person to find the optimal medical marijuana solution for their concerns and track subsequent visits and successes to confirm the best product and dosages. RISE wants every patient to feel welcome and respected at their Amherst dispensary and designed their facility to be open and warm. RISE always wants to do right by their patients and will take as much time as necessary to provide individuals successful cannabis treatment and education.


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68 reviews for “RISE

  1. Samcosta

    I’m a regular customer and I’m like there almost every weekend and it’s me favorite place to go. I always feel welcomed and the people there are awesome. I feel guilty when I go to any other dispensary other than Rise.

  2. woodstock68

    As soon as I walked in the door I felt at home here. The facility is well decorated and feels more like a boutique than some of the competitors I have visited. The staff addressed all my questions, were knowledgeable and patient. I wish all the Dispensaries in MA were like this one.

  3. jkusnierz

    Absolutely great place. Today was my first time and it surpassed my expectations. Alex was awesome to talk with and it was a very mellow, laid back feel and I love the fact it’s still medical. Absolutely beautiful inside. I will be frequenting.

  4. Dlvactor

    I was so fortunate to have this location as my 1st dispensary I visited. The most aEURoecommunity basedaEUR and CARING organization I have yet visited after now visiting 70% of the dispensaries in Mass.
    Rise is still my 1st choice with the best selections, product, pricing w daily specials, and a staff that genuinely cares about their PATIENTS and does not treat them as aEURoeCLIENTS.aEUR
    Love these guys like family!

  5. madswami

    I had to give a Five star rating for a few reasons. RISE in Amherst was the very first dispensary I visited since i received my card. I really didn’t know what to expect. I had done a lot of research before picking where to go first, and these guys won by a long shot. It is a long trip for me, but well worth it if I have a decent amount to spend on medication. The building is beautiful and the staff was very happy to help me to the fullest extent to make my first experience awesome. I called three times during the day to ask various questions before I went, and the employee I spoke with (I believe your name is Nathaniel aoeOE) was very patient and helpful with all of my millions of questions, and that was much appreciated! I don’t drive…. so it is hard for me to get to Amherst from Gardner, but whenever I can I will visit this location for my products. Also, the prices on their concentrates are great compared to many of the shops in MA! Thanks for the great experience guys and girls at RISE

  6. Chefsea54

    I just wanted to say Thank You !!! Rises High quality medical Marijuana helps me with my pain, and the people that work there really can’t say enough there outstanding and professional. The place is very clean and plenty of reading materials about Marijuana. Everyone leaves with a smile. Great job , Don

  7. Veeclark

    My favorite dispensary in Mass! Top notch product, knowlegable and friendly staff, and a great rewards program 🙂

  8. JSeeders420

    I really enjoyed my experience at rise amherst. The staff and facility were amazing. The team really walked me through all the education I needed. I will be returning soon.

  9. connorvandyke

    All employees are the most genuine, caring, and all around awesome people. Made so easy to get in and out, all while learning along the way.

  10. kalethesnail

    Today at Rise I spent a long time looking at various vaporizing products and talking to the staff about different options available, and I had a LOT of questions. The staff member helping me out was very knowledgeable about all of the products the location has and gave me great information so I could make a cost effective and efficient choice. dY’OE

  11. ebhdN14

    Always a great experience an great product. All tho my last 3 purchases not to happy. Very small nugs on the brownie scout 1/8’s. Which is a rare find for me, but 3 in a row. My bud tender even witnessed it. I have pictures of all 3 jars and to top it off I get the brownie scout dab cartridge and it’s half full. The receipt saw 300mg and it’s supposed to be a 500mg. I got it thru my points I earned and I must say I am disappointed as of my last few experiences. I hope it will be made right. I plan on taking the ride their today. I still do recommend checking them out tho. Great people and good products. My complaint here. Is a rare thing for me to see from them.

  12. BlackStarHawk

    It is perfect for me. They are a friendly and knowledgeable staff. I highly recommend RISE

  13. Brix0902

    My honest opinion of Rise in Amherst, MA is that they could improve their selection by investing in higher quality cannabis. Other dispensaries have higher testing THC index’s and improved terpene profiles. Rise’s bud tends to give me that hangover high when I smoke smaller amounts or smoke all day.
    What I love about them is their cleanliness and professionalism when handling their cannabis and during the process of purchasing.
    Another thing that would help patients is he ability to make debt card transactions.
    Their location is great. They also have other interesting products that in the future I hope to try. My review is strictly regarding cannabis or flower. I have been enjoying their sales.
    My favorite strains so far are Poets Walk, Cannatonic, Sacari (but the higher testing one), and Orange Chameleon. Lastly, Nathanliel never fails to make my visit more then amazing he’s great at helping patients select what they need for their symptoms and he always has a smile. I hope to one day improve my review! Thank you Rise!

  14. jdrab

    Everything about this place is great. Super well-informed staff, friendly and good listeners who work hard to respond to what you need and want. It’s easy to access. And the product is fresh and high quality.

    Also, just a lovely, sleek interior. Like a spa. Clean, open, sharp.

    Best dispensary I’ve been to here or in Los Angeles, where I’ve spent a good bit of time.

  15. 413plus7

    Always enjoy checking out the new products this dispensary gets in. Madison is always a huge help even when I ask to look at a million different samples! Always appreciate the staff and medicine at Rise.

  16. dfunis

    Great place – exceptionally courteous & informative staff, nice range of products, plus ongoing specials & discounts. Totally sold on RISE.

  17. jeffs1

    Beautiful, no hassle environment. Staff is super friendly and helpful. Always a pleasant visit.

  18. OconnDeb

    I just Love this dispensary, Unfortunately I am away from this location nowdYtmdYtm. I’m so sad. But sometimes you have to do what ya gotta do…… No I’m not in jail lol, or illdY~3.
    Only time will tell our path, So to ALL of you I thank youa$?i,
    This regimen I have acquired now, has helped me SO much I don’t NEED ANY PAIN medication other than an occasional aleeve!!! So now my fibromyalgia is way under control with medical cannabinol, and vitamins, I am back enjoying my LIFE!. Can’t wait to back for a visit!!

  19. Christopher84

    Easy to find location with a great selection. Very friendly and knowledgeable staff.

  20. Jinx7118

    Staff was friendly and the place looked nice but the bud was extremely dry and was all small popcorn nugs.

  21. kinofrad

    Friendly informative staff, pleasant relaxing atmosphere.

  22. SandyGirl24

    Very helpful staff. Knowledgeable. Liked the selection.

  23. Grahambam

    As a first time patient at Rise, I have to say that I wish I stopped in sooner. Great variety, the laid back “sit down with your budtender” style was much appreciated by this pretty knowledgeable cannabidroid, and I’d bet is even more appreciated by patients who have a lot of questions.

    The staff were also truly awesome from the moment I walked in. Welcoming, fun to talk with, and super helpful. I forgot to ask anyone’s names because I am a silly person, but you were all great. dY$?~

  24. redthorne

    The folks at rise are very personable, professional, and knowledgeable. They are always eager to answer my questions, offer advice, and they are never ‘pushy’ or elitist.

    As for the selection at Rise, I have not see anywhere better, especially for oil cartridges. Also, I particularly enjoy the Rhythm brand flower that Rise offers.

    All around a very good experience.

  25. Gameshow420

    Although I have never been there I have purchased the French King (30%) from 3 different dispensaries and it’s the best all around bud by far in a jar
    I hope to come in person someday soon but until then you are the winner of the first-ever Gameshow triple cup award dY+dY+dY+
    I bow to thee oh greatest

  26. chuckcase01

    Fantastic staff all around, fantastic atmosphere, medicine is top notch. Rise truely helps patients and am very grateful for them. A huge THANK YOU to DAN over at rise as well. You go above and beyond

  27. Whittydankman

    The building, atmosphere, and staff are great. The limited menu they have now is really good quality, and they said that they would have a lot more soon.

  28. neighborhoodghost

    Friendly staff always makes me feel welcome. If I’m not sure what works for me they’ll talk you through it. Plus its all on the menu and on their Rhythm bottles. One of the more trans friendly spots I’ve visited. Though every dispensary tries, they seem to have it down. I love that they source from so many different places, they have chairs to wait and at the counter (not all places have that even though its a medical facility). I haven’t been to another dispensary since trying Rise.

  29. Stoney53

    I have been a medical patient now 4 @ 31/2 or so yrs.. at that time only one dispensary was @.. now many more out there to choose from?? Out of the 3 I have been 2 Rise without a doubt is #1 they have it all.. if I had to put it all down I would b writing a book so go an find out for yourself u won’t regret itdY$?(c)

  30. SpaceQueen94

    5 stars across the board! I’ve been coming to this place since they opened and I can’t express enough how awesome I think this dispensary is. The employees are incredibly knowledgeable, caring, and patient. The product has been consistently great and the price is consistent with competitors, sometimes lower. Compared to the other local dispensaries, RISE is much more welcoming and knowledgeable than its competitors. I can’t recommend this place enough! Also if I haven’t won you over yet with this glowing review, RISE also offers lots of different discounts to make their products more affordable. I’ll be back soon!

  31. Bahamamama21

    This place is amazing. Staff are so friendly, professional and knowledgeable. I feel as if each patient gets the time and care needed. Can’t say enough about how impressed I am with RISE. Love the express pre-order option.

  32. Toro69

    My niece is a regular customer due to severe back pain. Nathaniel has been caring and understanding of her condition and can speak to her in Spanish! He takes the time to listen and recommend what he thinks will help her most. So far he has been respectful, kind and shown compassion of her condition. I trully believe he is an asset to your store. He makes sure she feels comfortable to express her needs and has developed trust in the recommendations he offers.

  33. JDcan81

    3rd time here. Excellent kind and informative staff, great selection of products. They also have a decent selection of discounted/lower cost items (like carts) which helps out many folks like myself. Only dispensary (in my area) that has a generous industry discount, i def appreciate that. Theyre only getting better, Im glad i came back.

  34. SikNik

    The workers at rise in Amherst are really professional, they always make me feel like a VIP which is why I keep coming back.

    I noticed the selection is much better than NETA’s atm, probably because of the acquisition!


  35. Littledeadlycreature

    Great place with a wonderfully friendly staff and tons of selection. Great glassware too! I love this place. dY’-

  36. FriendofFerris

    Ordered pick up. So easy. Great service and excellent curated selection. Thcv products! Thanks again.

  37. umassdad

    Very helpful, clean, excellent staff!

  38. Shari80

    Very helpful staff always willing to go the distance and great location.

  39. MrBdubs

    Awesome people! Super friendly and knowledgeable staff. These folks know their products and are all about supporting the local growers and the local economy.

  40. Ghostbabies

    Always helped with a smile, knowledgeable staff who can help and understand each patients needs.

  41. Pinepitches

    Amazing first visit – I happened to stop by when the place was completely empty and had it all to myself.

    I consider myself pretty knowledgeable but Nathaniel V was super helpful in looking at what I ordered and suggested a few new products too. The strains are amazing and the Dog Walkers are so cute as well as the perfect size.

  42. Hurleyintl1080

    Great service as always, very welcoming and peaceful.

  43. jmotro86

    RISE is great! well informed and super friendly staff in a great comfortable atmosphere in a quiet safe area not to mention incredible top shelf flower, specifically their house brand RYHTM. excellent variety of strains for any purpose and also a good assortment of vape and smoking accessories. my go to spot for sure.

  44. kkj95

    Great products

  45. Pmg54

    Just came from my second trip to RISE what a pleasure!!! Nathaniel was so informed and helpful as well as extremely compassionate. My first visit Dan the manager assisted me and it was a great experience….cant say enough about the whole operation…starting when you ring the buzzer (didnt get receptionist name but awesome customer service.

  46. WW44

    Great selection, friendliest staff around, love points & sales too. Thank you all

  47. OtisOmelet

    Very comfortable. Friendly and knowledgeable. dY’dY>>dY’dY>>

  48. EdinaMonsoon

    Really nice staff, pleasant atmosphere. 4 stars for service because I find that the daily menu online can be a bit frustrating to access. But I’m sure they’ll work out the kinks in that area.

  49. BillWatson

    Great reception as soon as you walk in very polite people they made the visit very enjoyable

  50. scottynutz

    Rise is a bit of a drive for me but we’ll worth it. The courteous staff and phenomenal product make that 45 minutes seem like 10. I can’t wait to go back

  51. Samantha0303

    I was so pleasantly surprised by this gem of a dispensary when I first tried it months ago. I’ve been a consistent customer since and frequently visit. From the weekly deals and offers to the quality/variety of products RISE has it all. The staff is kind and knowledgeable. The loyalty program is amazing. I have yet to have one negative thing to say and I’m a prissy pot head lol! Hope this helps dY~f

  52. krissyb123

    Great little dispensary. The staff were all really knowledgeable and friendly. Great product quality. I will definitely be coming back!

  53. Fairyg

    Love it there. Rise Rocks

  54. jabuh96

    Did a p/u order and it’s quick and easy. The staff are all helpful and friendly.

  55. HuntyBlunty

    Until today had very good experiences. But today I bought a gram of Sacari that looked horrible. On checking the label I saw it had been tested in March of last year, so from harvest we’re basically talking year-old weed. Completely discolored to brown, smell was totally gone. Not being a snob here, go see for yourself.

    Again, normally I have good experiences, and most of their flower is solid. But this was clearly unusable, and the manager refused to offer a credit or exchange, instead pointing out it was on sale ($12 a g down from $15)… The budtender looked apologetic, but the manager seemed totally ok with me wasting almost an hour worth of wages and the half hour to buy and try to return it.

    Full disclosure, I do work at another dispensary in the area. My views are entirely my own and do not represent my employer, but this is just me as a fellow toker warning y’all to check the test and pack dates on flower from here, or just stick to concentrates. You will get no sympathy from the manager if you are suckered into buying horrendously stale nug.

  56. jesuan89

    All i can say, is that i have been to most dispensaries in Massachusetts and i can confidently say rise is number 1.

  57. PatriciaTC

    Nathaniel went above and beyond professionalism to understand what I needed to relieve my back pain. He was kind and patient and worked with me in Spanish, my native language. It is comforting to know that you have an employee that can communicate with me and take the time to help. and thanks to Mark that helped out a lot! Thanks!excellent place!

  58. casualpleazure

    This is a great dispensary! Great products!!!

  59. RISEdispensaries

    Best menu on this side of the state (at the very least) and the friendliest people around. Huge selection, fair pricing, high quality, AND they have PAX pods (one of the only shops in the state to do so).

  60. superdude123

    Great staff, very knowledgeable! Willing to answer all my questions, very helpful!

  61. Raibard

    What a pleasant, clean, and professional store!

  62. alexxthelionn

    RISE Amherst is the place to go for your medical marijuana needs! It was such a great first dispensary experience–the staff is knowledgeable and friendly, and they explained everything to me so I could understand how the products worked and how they would alleviate my symptoms. I will definitely be back soon!

  63. CapsHockey92

    Best dispensary around! Awesome staff that is knowledgable and friendly, and the products are top-notch. I can’t wait to see what’s in store for the future here!

  64. anadams4

    Thank you, RISE Amherst, for a great experience, and for educating me about an alternative form of medicine–I’ll definitely be back!

  65. MercedesD2018

    love this dispensary. very nice. quiet. good product.

  66. simplyweed420

    There isn’t enough time to express the plusses of driving over an hour to visit Rise. First they sell sourced product for less than the actual source. Second their pricing is on par to be the lowest in the state. Third the products are terp filled and enjoyable to the max. I strongly encourage anyone who hasn’t been here to compare the Rise menu to your local. You won’t be disappointed. Frozen Gelato Wax, Blueberry Shatter and Congolese Kush Shatter are my favorites. Helpful and Knowledgeable staff make this a total score.

  67. Hotcoffee1

    Nice Friendly People Clean Only Dispensary With Lots Of Vape Choices

  68. lorlabelle

    Consistently high quality products and unrivaled professionalism in a warm, welcoming atmosphere. Top notch.

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