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1764 Main St., Leicester, MA 1524


42.2525389, -71.9450326




10:00 AM – 8:00 PM


10:00 AM – 8:00 PM


10:00 AM – 8:00 PM


10:00 AM – 8:00 PM


10:00 AM – 8:00 PM


10:00 AM – 8:00 PM


10:00 AM – 8:00 PM


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Cultivate is excited to bring recreational cannabis to +21 adults in Central Massachusetts! We have been diligently working to be one of the first licensed retailers of adult-use marijuana. Come check out our quality product and our knowledgeable, friendly staff. We have easy one-level access, ADA accessibility, a parking lot, and are right off Rt 9 in Leicester between the Leicester Drive-in and Breezy Farms. Check out our website at


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126 reviews for “Cultivate Recreational

  1. Odiddyo

    Product is as explained and advertized, I like the packaging. I ordered ahead on leafly, and there is a seperate online pickup line. Everyone was great, the security guards, the budsperson, the shuttle driver… I had a nice time on the shuttle; but it was a fun one or two times kind of fun, when it’s not busy.
    One of the best things about pot being legal should be that we don’t have to cram 10 people into a vehicle driven by a stranger for a short weird ride to go get weed.

  2. Estimtdprpht

    A Thursday morning, arrive in lot by 9:45 a.m. park and shuttle to store right at opening time. 1 hour wait. The line moved fast, people were friendly inline. The workers were nice and helpful if you had questions. There was a limit 1/8th on flower and there were no edibles. Bought some cantaloupe kush, 60 for 3.5g it was very dry and crumbled apart, but nice energetic high though. Overall I would go again if I were in a pinch or if they begin to consistently carry edibles otherwise the prices are simple bit much for me.

  3. Mrz917

    Good but I can’t figure out how to do pickup on the app

  4. BoneCity

    I’m very impressed with Cultivate Recreational! Thrilled it opened in my area. The products are top quality and the atmosphere is friendly and informative. I bought a concentrate, flower, and pre-roll. Do some research before you go to make sure you understand the differences between Sativa and Indica.
    I’m enjoying learning about the different strains.

  5. unbiasedoper

    if you go here, be prepared to be disappointed. wait outside in line for an hour only to wait inside in line for another hour. literally a “rope a dope” scheme at this place. only ever 1 strain available on any given visit. Went in wanting to buy 3 J’s at $20 ea.(ZOiNks) Was told “technically we can’t sell you more than 1”. asked how much weight in 3 J’s compared to the 8th. was told, “the 8th has .5 grams more”. then asked for an 8th. was told, “we only have quarters available”. <- up-sell tactics. Online menu's not updated to reflect available on-hand inventory. continued with what strains were available. was informed "Lemon Jeffery, LJ joints, LJ extracts, LJ edibles, LJ flower". just LJ, nothing else. What's nice is they do have printed menus strewn about inside, but they need to bring them outside and hand them out in the parking lot so folks don't waste their time in line should they not have what one wants. better yet, update the online menu on a daily basis and save the drive. the extracts are $80 for .5grams. I asked how many hits can one expect from it. Was told "about 80". I figured a buck a hit was doable, but had to opt in on the $15 pen (w/usb charger). the extracts lasted me 3 days. It may be longer for you depending on your consumption. I did grab a J but found it was VERY dry. excessive amount of plastic packaging. Do they have a recycle program that allows customers to return them for re-use? I also noted the package the joint came in had multiple labels on it indicating it was relabeled/reused. edibles may as well be sold in a grocery store for the low amounts of THC they have. I fail to understand the logic behind allowing ones with a med card an ez pass to the front. physically, mentally handicapped or challenged, yes. But if you didn't use the handicapped parking and rode the bus with everyone else... They only allow the sale of 1 of each item they have on hand. at least that's been the case on my visits. 1-j, 1-edible, 1-flower, 1-extract, etc... I will admit, I did like the LJ extracts. I enjoyed it's effects and flavor. The LJ joint tasted nothing similar to the extracts. little to no choices here. there's a chance my review is too critical but there's definitely room for improvement at cultivate.

  6. Dpringle1025

    I like the leafly app. BUT your online menu doesn’t reflect the same products as on the menu when I arrive. I always have to change my order. So what is the sense of placing an order for pick up if you just have to change it. The employees are wonderful. Only had an issue with 1 employee and if we weren’t paying attention… she gave us all wrong items. SHE wasnt paying attention and not very personable. I see that she works at the medical part now. If I’ve seen her at a register I avoid her. And go to someone else.

  7. tokinthedevilzlettuce

    I’ve been calling for hours with no one picking up the phone. I want to call first before making the trip.

  8. Moverjen

    I knew that going on Black Friday I was going to be in line for the day and after waiting in a car line, to get to the designated parking, to get a ticket to get on a shuttle to wait in a human line (5 1/2 hours total) I finally got in and was impressed with the friendly and helpful staff, the ease of purchasing and the professional packaging and presentation was out standing. I am a novice smoker and wasn’t sure what to get. I like the concentrates purely for the ease of it and got the Tangie and after just one hit was very pleased with the result. I also bought blue dream for my husband who suffers from back pain and insomnia so hopefully that will help him. I also bought two pre-rolled and 1/8 to try out different strains. I will have a supply that will last us a while but look forward to returning when things slow down and the lines are much shorter. A word to the wise, pay attention to what the police tell you. You have to get a ticket and a shuttle to get in the store line. No drop offs or walk ups. I learned the hard way dYtm,

  9. Bethunes05

    Awesome people

  10. HerringCove

    Of course people from the Boston area would like a shorter trek, but it’s a straight shot down the pike. Go to the outstanding and beautiful Tree House Brewery in Charlton 10 minutes away and make a day of it!

  11. Morenito

    Handled the crowds perfectly. Excellent product.

  12. Allisonalegriaa

    Love it here 🙂

  13. mamalewis2008

    Start to finish took an hour. Heated tents were nice as was a free shuttle. All products I purchased were high quality. Staff was helpful and nice except for parking lot attendants in the auxiliary lot where the shuttle picks you up, they were openly mocking people parking and commenting how they aEURoeclearly need to smoke because they’re bad at drivingaEUR. Those attendants were the only bad part of my visit.

  14. Knight2000

    I would expect to pay a little more in the beginning. The prices will level out in time. Its Business. This place worked hard to get to be one of the first ones to open, they have a beautiful, well kept clean store front and they are an all in one facility. I give them a lot of praise for what they have managed to accomplish. Thank you Cultivate 🙂

  15. JRou013

    The shuttling in for recreational sales is inconvenient, but I understand the current circumstances and the fact that it is necessary. Everything about the store itself is amazing and well organized though. Definitely recommend!

  16. 4warvet

    Bad Luck —
    I visited 2 weeks ago, for the first time. At first everything was fine, then the tent heater went out. Then the internet went out (first time for them). We, as a group, waited inside the tent for 1 hr 40 minutes. It was FREEZING out as well. They kept us updated and TWICE someone from the crew came to brief us that because of the “glitch” we would all get $10 off our order. There was another announcement made right before they opened back up for those that wanted to leave. Those who left, got a manager to sign their slip to ensure they got $10 off on next visit.

    Fast forward and we FINALLY get inside to thaw out. The first few people got to counter and mentioned the $10 off. Managers were called over, and they flatly denied what ALL OF US actually heard with our own ears/brains. RIDICULOUS! More than a few customers were pissed off.

    Now the product. As MANY have mentioned. Dont go by whats on the online menu. It wont be there when you arrive more than likely. The flower i purchased (2 strains of 1/4 oz) were extremely dry and perhaps the smallest 1/4 oz i’ve ever seen. It was “OK” stuff, but the dryness was ridiculous. The price was also CRAZY! I understand the taxes, but cmon….$420 per ounce??? I can literally get REALLY good stuff for $220 per OUNCE !

    Hopefully these items all get worked out in the near future, but for now i will stick with my source and get better product, for half the price.

  17. Brucefenn


  18. highlydope

    The whole thing is kind of painful from start to finish. Remote parking area is a mud bowl. Shuttle driver was grumpy. Outdoor tent was barely warmer than outside but at least protected from wind. Long wait outside followed by a 20 minute wait inside while you listen to people tell their life stories to the cashiers instead of being mindful to those still in line. Not enough cashiers. The in-store menu is 100% different than what the website menu. You have to provide personal info if you want to use a debit card. Flower measurements seem light, prices are high, and the flower seems to be over-dried. Place was clean. Would I do it again? Probably not.

  19. Psilva92

    Love it!!!

  20. Charcart

    I’ve been here a handful of times now and they’ve been improving every visit. I love how much their selection changes, but it’s unfortunate how quickly they go out of stock of certain products.
    If I had to recommend some strains to check out.
    White Walker Kush
    GG #4
    Headband (& Blueberry Headband)
    Black Cherry Pie

  21. Llamaqueen97

    i absolutely loved the pick up the only downfall was that one of my joints wasnt packed completely so it basically just fell apart as soon as i lit it. but other than that everything went smoothly and i would 100% go again and again and again lol

  22. JTH1978

    More expensive than most.

  23. 1stclass

    Very professional and knowledgeable.

  24. Liteskinlu

    Waiting a couple hours but worth it

  25. erickglarson

    Alright it’s been a few months. The quality is marginal, and the selection is weak.

  26. Jonesy1921

    Every aspect of the process was so simple and user-friendly. Customer service has been excellent every time, even during the initial rush. Was in and out in under 5 minutes with pre-order on most recent visit.

  27. Canonym

    Pick up is fast and easy!

  28. scorey01

    Have been here a few times including opening day, however, am very disappointed at the prices. Cultivate is priced very high and recently have gone higher. I now travel to other locations further away but at a much cheaper rate.

  29. george411

    I have been waiting to check out the MA dispensaries I visited the store yesterday(Monday 1/15) I don’t drive so a friend offered me a ride and I said why not! I have visited recreational pot shops in Oregon, Colorado, Vegas and Cali. start to finish was a little over am hour: parking up the street, waiting in line, taking a shuttle, waiting in line, getting inside, waiting in line. There was a woman at the very front of the line directing us to a cashier. But I recommend having her at the door when yo walk in, explaining things. No one told us or showed us anything until we got to the lady and was ushered to a cashier. Mid wait inside I walked over to a cashier and asked for a menu and he seemed annoyed with me…and also a little high which surprised me. I was to rely on the people in line to tell me the drill. Our cashier seemed cool and knowledgeable and we knew what we wanted so it was quick. My problem is they have CCELL cartridge batteries lining the walls. I was so happy because that’s what I have at home! I even was able to purchase a replacement piece for my CCELL I didn’t knw they sold! everything was way over priced but I knew that going in. They had no edibles (which was why my friend was going). AND THEN I get home and one of my cartridges doesn’t fit my beloved CCELL …that the cashier knew I had! not only does it not fit but the oil looks hardened inside! I emailed and heard back right away, and the customer service was v good and I was offered a discount when / if I return but unfortunately I wont be back due to the disappointing trip and distance w no car! Hopeful to hear back about what kind of battery I need to see if my $90 cart works! hopefully with time things get better !!

  30. Starlit19

    fast friendly and knowledgeable

  31. Imtonyp

    All edibles came up very short in potency. I paid for100
    got 59 mg!paid for 80 got 62mg!

  32. E46S54

    Product is excellent, presentation is great, the biggest difference here I’ve noticed is the energy of all the employees. They are all happy to be working and eager to help. I’ll definitely continue to drive a couple hours to come here!

  33. mju6454

    third visit and everything was like the first!
    GREAT, I’ll keep coming back. maybe time for loyalty points. Keep up the great work.

  34. Limerick4

    Found my product to be dry


    Small selection. Always run out of something. Way too expensive. And if the prices themselves arent expensive enough, they charge you $3.50 to use a card to pay. You cant be dropped off or walk there. You have no choice but to walk the extra half mile if you dont have a vehicle, to the shuttle. They are no competition for any street dude, who has the same stuff for a lot cheaper, and most times the dudes have a larger selection than this place does. Disappointing to say the least. Im skipping dispensaries and will stick to “the dude”.
    I treat my medical conditions for less money, and sometimes with better quality.

  36. Smcdermo

    I went a little after noontime today, a Saturday. Easy and quick to get there, though there was a good 25 minute waiting period in the tent before I actually got into the building. Once inside I got to get in the Pick Up line which only had one person in it! Lucked out there but only because I had picked out my products beforehand online and they were already bagged and tagged. Got out of there in no time. Then a quick van ride back to the big parking lot. Altogether a good experience. It was my second time there. The first time was a Sunday afternoon and that was even faster. Atmosphere is OK but there are a lot of uniforms, which don’t exactly add to the ambiance. Other than that it’s great. If you can afford it, that is!

  37. SirDabAlot710420

    OVER PRICED! Ridiculous…..

  38. hami0189

    Great service, very organized. As time goes on hopefully they will get a bigger selection of products, but everything else is streamlined.

  39. tgavel

    Liked having the shuttle, made parking easy. Love the ability to reserve ahead!! Made for a quick trip!

  40. Cannabis_Bliss

    Nice boutique-like shop, friendly staff and good selection. My issue is their flower is way over priced ($420 per ounce). NETA in Northampton opened the same day & hour and is only charging $300 per ounce recreational. In my opinion, this pot shop is price gouging consumers. Hope they wake up and lower their prices soon.

  41. GreenTeam2018

    Today is Friday 12/14. Doors opened at 10am, I got here at 930 and was in line by 945. waited less than 15 min once opened to get inside to the next line. Still in line now, looking like it will be about 45 min total process. Flower is limited to an 8th per customer still and they only have 3 kinds of flower today. Durban poison, Dream Lotus and Blueberry. They have one kind of cartridge called wedding cake, and two types of extracts called Cannalope haze wax and 3 Chems shatter. Disposable pens are SOLD OUT. You can get pre rolls of either Durban poison, hard candy or G13 hashplant. Edibles available. All in all if you are looking for more than a 8th of flower it won’t happen today, but the lines seem wayyy less long than when I came here two weeks ago. Get here before it opens on a WEEKDAY for the shortest possible wait times. If you are driving from far know that you will be limited to an 8th of flower. Good luck people

  42. Laradan0920

    Just drove an hour an a half for nothing. Website says no wait time all day today. 6p it’s closed for recreational dY~PS probably won’t make the trip again. Sorry

  43. Therealmj84

    Flower selection is limited. All strains were under 20% THC this weekend. That’s brutal… I’ve had some good luck certain weeks getting 21-26% range. Please have a better flower selection!

  44. Barbarita26

    Ordered with Leafly, didn’t have to wait too long inside. Staff was extremely pleasant, friendly, and knowledgeable. Highly recommend reserving online before making the trip out here.

  45. Jerdog

    Great friendly and helpful service!

  46. Nosppej

    Went to Cultivate yesterday and still waited an hour,which,given 5 rec shops in the state, was not bad.The cannabis(this was my second visit)is top of the line as far as flower and concentrate.Even with high rec prices,I will keep coming back because of the quality.

  47. DangerStranger

    This website is a joke. Information here does not in anyway correlate to what is actually happening in terms of wait times and/or what is available. Checked here several times before heading out. Website said no wait, when there was actually an hour and a half wait. Also, nothing here to indicate the store was closed for recreational use. Cultivate is a great store with knowledgeable staff, but even they admitted they provide no info to this site in terms of wait times and what’s available.

    TL;DR – call Cultivate directly. This site is useless.

  48. Wintercamp

    The shuttle and line is rediculous. Leafly is the only way to go right now unless you have nothing to do and can waste a day going to the shop. A couple things are disappointing though. The customer service on the phone was unbeatable and I thank you for that. My problem was with my order. First I was told the amount I was being charged. Then I checked my account and it was 3.50$ more. I’m assuming a card fee? Then also I only have 1 week till my product expires? Pretty bogus if you ask me. I wasn’t aware of either the added cost or expiration date. Not cool. I was going to call and say something but wasn’t sure what good it would do.

  49. Usmsailor

    I was pretty nervous going in my first time. But the staff were incredibly warm and welcoming. The staff member who helped with my purchase was knowledgeable and answered all my questions. She helped me to figure out what would be a great product to try. I’m a very satisfied customer and I can’t wait to return.

  50. Funtimes223

    Nice people great cannabis selection I love it.

  51. Electricchris43

    To start off i love i can now go buy recreational weed. Where to start with cultivate, this place straight up sucks. Not only do they have some of the highest prices they have the worst products. They never have enough product and are not consistent with what they sre doing. I use oil,wax,shatter,dab, what ever you qant to call it thia place has been out for 2 weeks and i can not get an answer of when they will have more. So dont waste your time here its really not worth it.

  52. Dirtbagcronin

    I’ve been in… service was great.. quality… wel
    I think quality was good, but by no means at the prices they are charging. Some of the prices are way way too high (no pun intended). Was going to bring the wife so she could check it out but no way will I purchase at these prices

  53. HempHead22

    I just want everyone to know that I’m a medical patient. I just paid $107 for 18grams. 7 of bio-diesel, 7 of night nurse, one of jilly bean and one G of Alion. Reason I say 18g is because the quarters were both over weighing 8.49 each! Plus a seperate gram of JillyBean and a seperate gram of Alion. Both over. You guys are paying about $10 more than medical patients plus a 20% tax!!! Damn that is some pricey stuff! Cheaper if I buy it for ya lol! I only tax 10%…….. Plus I can go to any dispensary!;).. Peace block y’all!

  54. Kwread

    Awesome place and great service. Best times to go at Monday-thursday between 10-430. Although if you use leafly pickup you can skip the line and it’s super easy!!

  55. Ljumper613

    Everything went surprisingly smoothly! The staff were very friendly and made my first experience here a very pleasurable one. My only disappointment was the the lack of edibles. I was hoping to try some. Next time!
    Side note: The product I did purchase is excellent !

  56. Puffalot26

    Not enough choices in my opinion and the bud a little dry besides that good place

  57. lexiekberg

    wish you could park on site but that’s the only complaint

  58. Rjpiche28

    Layed back and chill spot. Guys at the counter knew exactly where to point me in the right direction. I felt like it is way to expensive. Prices need to come down some.

  59. Hotloper13

    I think the product is great and they’ve figured out the shuttling system, only problem is I’m coming from 2 hours away, and it would be nice to have the updates the night before. The way I see it, by the end of the day you know what you have left and what you have ready for the next day it would help someone like me that’s traveling so long to know that it would be a wasted trip for such a minimal amount of product. Understanding the fact that you are one of very few stores at this point, it still would help those that need to travel to get to you to know in advance. other than that, zero complaints other than the limits themselves lol

  60. perouge

    Third time and wait was minimal. Ordered online and everything was available. While it will be nice when there is a recreational store closer I love this place!

  61. Pocketlint

    I’m new to all of this, so it was a little bit confusing at first, but everyone was great and super friendly.

  62. Abombr

    Giving Cultivate one star for service shouldn’t happen. But I’m only giving one star to a very miserable older lady behind the counter today. Generally we have a great experience here with very helpful and friendly workers. Not today, Satan. One older lady, reddish hair and a scrunchie ponytail, was awful. Asking questions was out of the picture. Suggestions to us? No. She acted like we were wasting her time. We were only up at the counter for 5 minutes or so, thankfully we’ve been here before and knew what everything was. We witnessed the same treatment by her to the people she served before us. I’ll absolutely be returning to Cultivate. But if she’s my cashier, I’ll kindly ask for any of the other awesome people willing to help!

  63. ROSCO143

    My favorite dispensary hands down.

  64. Ladeeempress

    Very clean, nice, friendly atmosphere

  65. LunchSucks

    Visited on a Sunday evening, couple hours before closing. I probably waited a total of 5 minutes once I got in line. Procedure is to park your car in a lot 1/2 mile down the road, and Cultivate has a rotating shuttle bus to take you to the shop and back; very convienient, I very much appreciate the professionalism of the operation.

    Prices are steep, selections are slim, and purchase amount is limited. Nonethless it was a satisfying experience.

    FYI: No Credit Cards accepted. Only Cash, and Debit Card accepted.

  66. WaltDizney

    I’ve visited Cultivate five times since late December and they run a great business. The lines and waiting are manageable especially if you time your visit off-peak, i.e. during the week and/or late in the day. The staff is helpful and the product is good. Will definitely continue to shop here.

  67. taylorx11


  68. Jeremiahsylvia

    Bud tender was a little pushy , he definitely wanted to get out quick – besides that it was great … the rugs smell of wet boots but there’s not much you can do about that .

  69. sktCarroll

    outstanding customer service and knowledgeable budtenders

  70. rytalin3

    I have been meaning to thank you for fulfilling one of my dreams since I attended opening day back in November. I’ve never stood in line 8 hours in my life but the Magic was there, no one even bothered complaining because every one there had fireworks going off in their chest. Your service is undeniably excellent ( under the circumstances) your product is a heavenly salvation. I am a frequent visitor which brings me to tonight. 2 weeks ago part of my order was a lemon skunk cartridge that sounded sooo yummy. Come to find out, the cartridge didn’t work in the vape I’d gotten there prior. I had gg4 to hold me over and judging by the professional nature of the place I was pretty sure Cultivate would make it right. I got there tonight and I don’t think I even got a sentence out before a lovely woman and a friendly apologetic gent explained and presented me with a lovely new pen to smoke cold pressed oil with and I did and lemon skunk is every bit of worth waiting for. Kudos to the Cultivate staff, their attention to detail and a job Well done. -simply sublime-

  71. BudWiser4224

    came on the first day of rec sales and the flower was pretty fresh. Just returned about a week later and both strains we got were super dry and crumbly. This is unacceptable, especially for the prices they are charging. Almost all products were sold out-no concentrates left, no edibles, only a few strains of (over dry) flower and some vape carts. They need better packaging for flower

  72. papabutter21

    It’s great to finally have a recreational dispensary in mass!

  73. SeamusKush

    Me and my brother “Jedi’d” are way around waiting to park for the shuttle which saved tons of time. Got three Raw Cone Pre-rolls, one Skywalker and two Chocolate OG. The Skywalker was definitely high quality and it impressed us (price of $57 total not so much) but it’s legal and a very very nice place with helpful workers. Even better for a novice who can’t get the good good elsewhere. I’d recommend it if you have the money or like me just had to buy the legal stuff on day 2 🙂

  74. smr36

    seem more expensive but they have always been great to me.

  75. Chevelle66420

    It’s saying that there no wait so I head there and there’s over an hour and half wait wtf it says it’s updated ever hour on the hour that’s a choke dnt believe that at all it just made up and it still says ther no wait most time the menu not updated eather

  76. jdino77

    Hey guys, I was very disappointed by the customer service from two of your representatives. 1. The short haired woman at the front of the line was rude, and seemed annoyed with my questions (simple questions by the way). 2. The budtender was eating behind the counter (health violation?) and didn’t know anything about the product from my perspective. She also did not card the both of us, which doesn’t seem to be legal. My could’ve been underage and in a dispensary and you guys didn’t seem to care much about it. That worries me as a citizen and someone who doesn’t want to see kids getting their hands on your product. Lastly, the flower was dried out and incredibly expensive. I guess you’re riding the wave while you can, but $60 eighths and $19 joints are laughable in my opinion. I hope you take this well, because I want you and the industry to succeed. Good luck

  77. Stefan666

    Today was the first time I have ever purchased weed legally.. I felt special. I bought a qtr of “grape god” and also a pack of edibles. I can’t wait to get stoned…

  78. Beautiful_disaster

    Was confused a bit but the staff are very knowledgeable about the products and very welcoming as well! Only down fall is the wait. Will definitely be back for sure

  79. jdip4

    Knowledgeable staff, variety of strains, and a very very high quality product. Clean and crisp highs with amazing aroma and flavor.

  80. ymolina


  81. Chessmate198

    this is my second review. I have visited 3 times since my last review, getting Orange Harambe 6 and Lemon Walker one visit, AJs Sour Diesel another visit and Super Sour Skunk this past weekend. Cultivate has remedied the flower being dry by adding little humidity control packets. The flower is spectacular with those packets. I have never minded the parking and shuttle arrangement. The bus drivers are awesome and informative. The wait time are completely reasonable, I live a 20 minute drive away in Worcester. On Sunday evening I left my house at 430PM, parked and waited in line. I was back on my couch enjoying my purchase at 545PM

  82. Jabreem

    Always in and out great

  83. Thedelphi

    Really customer focused. Worth the drive.

  84. alannfox

    dY’ Awesome !!!!

  85. crawman

    I wrote a review of Cultivate Recreational on the Cultivate Medical page by mistake. Apologies for that but it was an easy mistake as I think you are the only dispensary to have two pages for the same place.
    I added another star to my original rating because they were completely stand-up and took $10 off my purchase when I told them directly what happened in their parking lot, (yeah I went back anyway I’m a stoner).
    I really want to support the Cultivate even though the prices are whacked at the moment. I’m sure once more stores open and there is an increase in supply, the quality & quantity of our purchases will go up and the prices will go down.
    Thanks Cultivate and I hope your parking issues improve soon.

  86. Dolfan213

    Fantastic first-time experience and product!

  87. Chrmpshr003

    First time visiting a dispensary and hands down cultivate made it worth while. The lady that helped was awesome. Very knowledgeable and helped me out a lot. Prices are obviously gonna be diffrent than on the street but the quality is much better. Super fresh and awesome.

  88. Melmel71

    Dispensaries are a new thing for most of us, and even with all of the procedural red tape, Cultivate manages to make purchases an easygoing experience. First: the staff is incredibly friendly and helpful- especially for first timers. You’re even able to preorder through Leafly, so they’ll have the order waiting when you get there. Additionally, they were able to answer a couple of questions via text after I placed my order. That’s a great service. Second: the Product! I bought a half of Romulan Grapefruit and it was great quality. Worked exactly as described. The prices are steep, but I’m pretty sure that’s an industry thing. What can you do? At least we can buy it legally.

  89. Sio914

    Knowledgeable, friendly staff and great overall experience!

  90. jodaru

    Staff is friendly, professional and knowledgeable. I am always greeted warmly. The product is top notch.

  91. KaBob

    This location is great, I appreciate the quality of the product and very happy with the service. Now on the other hand quantity is limited and the price is higher than average. I hope after the lines are gone and stocks are resupplied the price will come down and the availability will become more abundant and plentiful. Thanks’ to the voters that have made it legal and this manufacture for producing a quality product. The scientific research is has just begun, the benefits of mankind are far reaching.

  92. PloofTheMan

    even with long lines outside,it moves pretty quick. pre-order is the wat to go. I do it every time

  93. Stevensv1

    Everyone was so friendly and very help…….. Good vibesdY$?YdY1/2

  94. Gargoyle66

    I think it’s great very professional and friendly.

  95. Alge1979

    The truth. Service is fine. The jail house shuttles kill the vibe. The product is sub-par compared to other dispensaries. I’m sure they will settle in once things mature, but anyone telling you otherwise at this moment is not genuine.

  96. KatSavage421

    First time at this dispensary and it was great. Ordered through leafly online, picked up right when I walked in and after a quick check out with debit card walked out. Staff was extremely friendly and helpful.

  97. GMoney317

    Very quick and easy. I will be back. Thanks.

  98. shaundon

    Was one of the first few people on line to purchase on the Tuesday of first recreational sales, prices are way to high hope they will come down and begging to match the current prices in other legal states… 215 for a half is stupid when I can a) legally grow it here in mass and b) purchase off others for 150-200 dollars an oz…. come on really ? I know first day didn’t want to sell out but your boutique look and feel isn’t what I am personally looking for.

    Looking forward to more dispensary’s opening hopefully that will help you price better so we will return but not at 60 for an eight.

    Lived in Colorado for 5 years and the oz price out there was often bellow 150

  99. Pikachuzoo

    nicer shuttle drivers.

  100. DaylyGreens

    The bus system needs to be phased out as more dispensaries open… cause it’s gettin old especially in the cold. Good vibes in the store. Quality products. Can get expensive pending on your consumption preferences.

  101. RAFDaughter

    Visited back in December 27th and 29th of 2018. Mostly pleased with products. Purchased edible cubes, flower,Chocolate OG and 3 chems,plus cartridges. Disappointed with cartridges as I found additive of flavors too strong. Just added lime rind to flower to add moisture back in. Noticed that prices have gone up again .I like that they allow handicapped customers to park in front of cultivate and go to beginning of the line. Noticed a lot of disabled people and it would be very difficult for some to wait in the long lines .Friendly and helpful staff. The staff were very quick to respond to my questions via email prior to my visits. I would visit from SC again. Not new to cannabis but that was my first experience at a dispensary and it was worth it.

  102. Dabbio

    I love Cultivate! I’ve been here probably six or seven times and have always left happy. Employees are really nice ,The bud is amazing quality, and I love those massive pre rolls! It just kills me that you can’t purchase a larger quantity, it’s really hard to stash up with a long commute especially. It’s understandable since they’re the only rec dispensary serving the entire east coast lol.

  103. Dancapone59

    Great overall staff. Know there products. Willing to educate all customers

  104. Gratefulglitch

    Took 2 hours , which I understand cause it’s new but the wait was outside and the heaters stopped working or weren’t even turned on at all. By the time we got in some strains were sold out and the other strains had a minimum purchase of 1/4 but we wanted 1/8 so we only had 2 options to choose from…pretty shitty to limit your product like that.
    Better shops are out there.

  105. non555

    I was in & out that great.

  106. deblemoi

    Professional staff, informed, and knowledgeable.

  107. JonC89

    $150 for a gram cartridge dY~3

  108. RBeau

    Great spot in Leicester! Employees are super nice and helpful!

  109. Paigesoucie


  110. SirDabAlot71069420

    Good strains a little DRY and has seeds . EVERYTIME I get a product from them it’s .1 short. To expensive to be getting shorted.

  111. HighGinger

    Crowded, but that should change.

  112. joev63

    When the website is used for pickup of the product, there should be a line outside for the people that are there to pickup their orders.

  113. Pugman1081

    I checked this place out previously to when deciding wether to get my card or not. Boy am I glad I didn’t go to the opening, $60 a 1/8 plus the 20% tax, so $72 dollars……Just crazy. Not a bad place if you have your card though.

  114. Jalievla

    Have been here several times and enjoyed each visit. The bud tenders are very helpful and are great to deal with. Will keep on going back.

  115. Tazesmommy

    not so sure about the shuttle part.

  116. BuddhaBud420

    I have been to this establishment 5 times. Each time the wait was less, with the most recent visit (around 7pm) with no wait at all and parking in Cultivates lot was available. All but my last visit had restrictions on the amount you could buy. 2 of each type (flower,edibles, etc.) with the exception of vape oil and cartridges. Which bring me to my issues with their vape cartridge prices. They are extremely expensive. 70 to 80$ for a half a gram! I was paying 60$ for 1 gram cartridges from a third party and some may say that even that is too expensive.

    My next issue is with what’s shown here on the menu to what you actually get. Here is an example of what I’m referring to. You look at the menu here on Leafly and see that GG#4 is listed as having 20% thc or orange harambe as having 14%, great. But what they don’t mention is that it’s the % of thca, (non-intoxicating cannabinoid from cannabis which is converted to thc through heat) this is a bummer because if you’re smoking your bud, only a small percentage of that is converted to thc.

    It seems that most of the products that are available are designed for thca yields and not straight up thc, which sucks for the recreational customer who doesn’t know much about these things (me). So 4 out of the 5 times I’ve been to this establishment, they had a limited variety as to what you could buy, and all of those strains were thca based.

    So if you’re someone who wants potent strains and see a 20%+ thc yield here on Leafly, check to make sure while you’re in the store that it’s not thca they were referring to.

  117. velvet-valdes

    Its like a happy DMV!

  118. Martin420619

    Awesome flower. I believe I had chemdawg. +25% thca. Smooth smoke, quality flower, prices are a little bit higher than what I’m used to. But I guess I’m paying for the quality. And that’s alright. Service was great, quick and felt a bit rushed. As a first timer in a dispensary, period, I wanted to take in the view. Ask some questions. Shoot the ish with some of the staff. But couldn’t, had like 100+ people in line.
    All in all. Great place, much selection, friendly service. Will be going back.

  119. DarleneSmith1970

    Ok not pleased AT ALL. I go to their website and I order some chocolate OG 30% THC, says my order is placed and will be ready. I get there and they hand me a bag, so I decided to make sure what I ordered was in that bag. They gave me chocolate og 22%. I asked them how come I have 22%??, they claimed they were all out, now mind you I drove a long way to get this. I cannot believe #1 I didn’t get what I ordered and #2 they tried to pull a fast one on me by selling me something I didn’t want because they knew once I left there I couldn’t get a refund, WHAT A SCAM!!!! On top of all the chaos the driver that brought us to cultivate was calling the people in the van pot heads and another driver was telling us he smokes on his way to work everyday, AREN’T THEY SUPPOSED TO BE TEACHING US TO ABIDE BY THE LAW??? WHAT A JOKE…

  120. Remorse-

    First time visit to a dispensary and had a good experience

  121. wasup680

    I was here the first day they opened and have been back 4 times now. Everytime I’ve bought a concentrate wax or rosin. Product is high quality, the bus situation is what it is definitely not ideal but not a big problem. Staff is always friendly and helpful.

    Recently it seems they are keeping the concentrates for their med patients only. Their cartridges are overpriced and I want to buy aEURoelooseaEUR concentrates because they are priced fairly for the quality but they aren’t selling them anymore to rec users. It’s very disappointing. I understand the priority for their med patients but many recreational users use these products for medical problems but just never got a medical card because the cost. I’m driving to Fall River now to buy concentrates there for much cheaper and more selection but I rather drive the 10 minutes to cultivate. I really hope cultivate considers their rec users more and opens up their selection again or I’m going to be forced to drop $200 on a med card or continue to drive an hour and half to Fall River.

  122. Greenestthumbs

    Multiple trips to this dispensary. It has the highest prices, smallest selection of strains and products, and all the strains available on the menu were <18%THC. Not available in grams, and many of the strains were not grown by Cultivate, but Sira, or Bask, or Insa. Parking is the least convenient out of all the rec stores, and has the longest wait (still averaging about an hour). Also, they advertise for Leafly Pickup, but don't utilize the service. Finally, they don't update their menu or answer the phone, so it's a guessing game until you make it into the store. I'd almost recommend driving the extra 2 hour round trip to Insa, where the only wait is in your car...

  123. Jcali123

    I love cultivate, but it bothers me that I have to wait behind people who are of out of state. This should only be for mass residents, I see people from all over it’s crazy.

  124. Submitxthis

    Been waiting my whole life for a store like this!!!

  125. sweeper29

    I know customer reviews play a part to giving all a
    more accurate perspective of a merchant. I’ve noticed on this Cultivate site, the “thumbs-up” and the “thumbs-down” tally reflect that few have visited. That isn’t the case, I’m sure. Is this a Leafly or a Cultivate issue ? Being honest with the public is paramount.

  126. Schofield27

    A great experience ! Helpful and knollegable . I was helped on the 2/25 by a woman with long light brown hair . She was at the very end . She was fun and very helpful .
    Loved it .

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