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216 Ricciuti Drive, Quincy, MA 2169


42.239074, -71.041603




10:00 AM – 7:00 PM


10:00 AM – 7:00 PM


10:00 AM – 7:00 PM


10:00 AM – 7:00 PM


10:00 AM – 7:00 PM


10:00 AM – 7:00 PM


10:00 AM – 6:00 PM


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Located in the historic Quarry Hills section of West Quincy, Ermont is committed to expanding the availability of medical marijuana for patients in Massachusetts. The menu below is a sample of the strains and products we have available, but our updated daily menu can be accessed on our website. Our friendly, knowledgeable staff is committed to ensuring that each Patient has an exceptional experience at Ermont. Appointments are no longer necessary so visit us any day of the week. See you soon.


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628 reviews for “Ermont

  1. fourwinds

    Love the quality and the staff are very knowledgeable and real nice people

  2. greenlady4me

    Great staff, location and flower. I got black widow and critical mass. Both were great, got a little dry but the potency was still there.

  3. medpot420

    very nice flower MIPs etc.
    happy w/customer service
    convenient location

  4. rac_shade

    Wonderful place, wonderful staff. Very helpful and informative. Parking might be a bit of an issue when they are busier, but I have not had a problem going there between hours of 10-2pm. Had been going to NETA for my meds, but Ermont has completely won me over and it’s now first choice.

  5. 1rogu3

    Great location and service! Just that the flower is a little too dry!

  6. The_Hyannimal

    The individual who answered the phone when I called for simple directions was so smarmy and unhelpful (picture a humorless Dice Clay) I decided to go elsewhere, where I received cooperative, caring information properly, and likely equivalent or even superior product. ‘Zero’ out of 5 on all counts as a result of the poorest possible customer ‘service’. – a local disabled person

  7. thebenperson

    The best dispensary in the Boston area, no one else comes close. Highest quality product and it keeps getting even better as time has passed

  8. Pood

    Everyone working here is incredibly knowledgeable and friendly. I’ve been to other dispenaries the area and no one tops Ermont! Best edibles in Mass

  9. crazystuff88

    Excellent first time visit!! Staff is down to earth, friendly and outgoing. Product selection and choices of edibles are cool. I couldn’t resist trying the hash. Haha

  10. kevdia2

    Ryan is awesome most knowledgeable and helpful, although when I’m there everyone is so professional and accommodating. Have been to 1 other dispensary and after coming back to Ermont for 3rd time won’t be trying any new other dispensary soon.

  11. atamikah

    The staff is very helpful, knowledgeable, and are honest about their experiences with the different strains they have tried. I absolutely love medicine man. I suffer with chronic pain from IBD and this strain does wonders for me.

  12. LouiseBlanchette

    Tried the olive oil & it’s DEVINE! !! Great for marinades & salad dressing (so far) LOVE IT

  13. vartanianr

    Ermont consistently has the strains of flower that I like. The people serving the patients are pleasant, knowledgeable and helpful.

  14. Sozinblaze

    One of the top dispensaries around, the service is amazing and the quality of the bud is out of this world truly a good place to go for the first experience!

  15. deetron

    I love their super silver haze and the sunset sherbet. The staff is super friendly and there is rarely ever away

  16. Boew777

    I found it hard to find but after calling all was good one of the best dispensary’s I have visited yet prices were all about the same and the product good I got blueberry pie concentrate a little disappointing not much flavor but a heck of a punch I thought these were made with the flowers own terpenes? They have a great selection and a very friendly and knowledgeable staff will return often.

  17. nme617

    this is by far the best medical dispensary in Massachusetts every single person’s knowledgeable love their jobs love helping us as customers and clients Ryan s and Jen are my two favorites they are awesome they always make me feel welcome and even when it’s slow chit-chat a little bit I mean it’s like a second home to me best place I’ve been to in years

  18. icechef39

    A little hard to find at first, had to drive through a weird parking lot to find building, very low key with little signage. Friendly helpful staff, inventory was adequate.

  19. quincystrong

    Secure, friendly, genuinely concerned and helpful place. I was amazed at how well-run the dispensary is, and the merchandise is beautifully displayed. My counter clerk Ryan S. couldn’t have been nicer or more well-informed. He guided me through the process, helped me find which cannabis strain would be best for my condition (arthritis), offered discounts, and was sincerely interested in my well-being. The only problem: the shop was out of the topical salve I was hoping to get; however, Ryan took my number and the office will call me when it’s available. Anyway, I left feeling hopeful and cared for. It was certainly one of the best medical visits I’ve ever had.

  20. Elielieli

    Great place! Quality products and great incentives for your first visit!

  21. Slickgangsta1975

    good location reminded me when I was a kid going to the quarries

  22. dragon0315

    Decent place with friendly service

  23. greenmom143

    Ryan the weed man was very helpful. He walked me through products and answered all my questions. He spent about 20 minutes with me. The flower had a limit to it and the selection was slim but it was good. I grabbed a few of the thirst quencher drinks and the chapstick, both great products.

  24. Sxyslb

    It was difficult to find. They only update their menu on their website. The person that helped me was pleasant and knowledgeable. They did have some good products. Wasn’t a bad experience, just different than what I’m used to. Check it out for yourself and see what you think.

  25. Seymour94

    I really like this place and their products and also they do have an excellence and knowledgeable staffs. But it will be nice if they always offer at least half ounce for every strains of flower.

  26. devilwearspaula

    I had ryan s and he was AMAZING!!!! he helped me out so much! He is very knowledgeable and made me feel really comfortable. Kept eye contact with me and told me about every product. Will be shopping here again!!!

  27. stickyfingers11

    Great edible selection and the staff is so friendly! Everyone I’ve worked with has been patient, knowledgeable, and willing to help you find what you’re looking for.

  28. journeyman7765

    This is very good location, not open very long. They always seem to have flower. I think they will catch up to competition .

  29. socialmedia

    Great location and quality products. Have been here several times without an issue. The edibles are a little expensive, but very high quality.

  30. FortDrastic

    The had three types of flower the first time I went. They don’t update their menu and I received little help.

  31. Derkmgerk

    Great atmosphere. Staff and customers are the best

  32. puffin617

    great place on the DL in and out servicedY~Z .

  33. Smokey617

    Ermont is fantastic. Their flowers are great, My personal favorite is the Black Widow. Their concentrates are of the highest quality I’ve ever seen, and they have the largest variety of edibles in the state. Great location with great customer service too. Quarters are 90 which is also the best pricing around. Thanks Ermont.

  34. johnvm

    Great location easily accessible. The staff is courteous and professional with vast knowledge of the product. Quality A++.

  35. CyclingAroundU

    I like everything about Ermont except for their menu. Location is perfect. Staff is wonderful. Facility is clean and inviting. Prices are good. Flower selection is limited and uninspired. In a pinch, Ermont is fine. But it can’t compete with NETA or PatriotCare. I’ll drive the extra distance for quality flower.

  36. Patriotsfan12

    Came here the first day they were open. Got super silver haze and master lush skunk. Both awesome strains, very potent. Customer service was awesome I had a 45 minute wait because the systems were a bit slow the guy was great with conversation and they gave me a discount. If I could give it more stars I would!

  37. slc3481

    Wonderful place. The people are amazing.

  38. vosatron420

    absolutely love this place!!!! my number one dispensary. sour diesel is my favorite

  39. Jen1990

    Awesome place to go to and good quality flowers,black widow and sherbert ismy favorite: )

  40. Marcus143

    Very comfortable:No armed guards, but great security. Extremely knowledgeable staff. I have found they consistently have a wide variety of product on hand to suit most every need.
    My experiences there have been with Ryan S., who demonstrates an empathetic, helpful demeanor as well as a desire to match the patient with the best choices. Very patient.

  41. Lightingup

    Visiting this establishment was a positive experience. Staff was helpful and patient. I’ll be going back.

  42. jedi1

    Best in Mass. All CO2 extraction and glass not plastic pens. By far best edibles- no contest. Great discount first two trips. Worth the drive

  43. FWest

    I’ve gone twice. This place is easy to get to. Typical two door buzz in, no problem! The gentleman who checked me in could not have been nicer or more welcoming. The interior is immaculate and thoughtfully appointed, with just what it needs to be visually pleasing. I had two different bud tenders, both excellent. Ryan was excited to work with me and had great energy. The woman who helped me today was very personal, engaged, and really into helping me. Shark Shock has a great flavor with pleasurable indica effects. Excellent to unwind and function. Master Kush Skunk has a neat kushy/skuny flavor and smooth head/body relaxation. Pretty decent for body pains. Medicine Man is the only thing that’s helped my bad shoulder, the nerve pain melts away and function returns. It tastes fruity, makes you feel good, but is light enough to rock your day.
    This is the place to get your medicine. The flower is exceptional. I can’t wait to see what the future brings for this shop.

  44. Lefty001

    Love it. Close to home and Ermont has what I need.

  45. Mark3311

    By far the best dispensary in New England. Everything about this place from A-Z is first class. The best staff amd management .

  46. coryn01

    They need to improve vape cartridges!!! Otherwise great place.

  47. twistidmama

    They team is very knowledgeable and answer questions that others would not about their products. Great service, always a fast trip when i stop in.

  48. Hyph25

    Great location the workers brings good customer service to their pateints

  49. jumplikeawillys

    I’m not sure what has happened to this dispensary. The cartridges have fallen way off and the last flowers I bought there were leafy and tasteless. I went in very recently and there was a whole new crew of people working there. I didn’t recognize anyone. I’ve been coming here since they opened and still needed an appointment. These recent developments are distressing as the location is great. Thankfully there are many dispensary options available now and I only have to shop here as a very last resort

  50. Sparky007

    I am so sorry I have to write this but I feel I must.. I have been going here for a year now and have always had a pleasant experience. The bud tenders are very nice and knowledgeable. With that being said I don’t think I will ever go back.. I just renewed my certification for medical marijuana patient and knowing they have specials($25 off for $50 purchase) I headed down. Before I placed my order I confirmed with the staff member of the discount offered which is also on their website.. After placing my order they requested the email confirmation of my renewal from the state. I showed them and they then informed me that they need another email confirming my $50 payment to the state.. I could not find the email after sifting thru my endless amount of email for 10-15 minutes.. I was told that I could “take my time and continue to look”.. I looked over my shoulder and noticed the line getting longer and started to get a little frustrated… I continued to look but eventually gave up. I asked them how I could be renewed without paying the state fee? And asked if the original Email that they requested on the website to be sufficient.. Mellisa said “no” and followed up with “company policy”.. How can a business especially with increasing competition expect to thrive treating customers like this. It’s not the money but the principle that gets me..

  51. tcoufal

    Does the job. Nothing fancy but great service.

  52. Beyonce123

    As a first time visitor to Ermont, I will most certainly be visiting again. Used Waze to get me there. The location is in an industrial park so A+ on the signage that clearly stated they were located on top of the hill. The staff were kind and welcoming as soon as you stepped into that door. Plenty of parking. I went on a Monday around 12pm and there was NO line. They took care of me right away. Menus were clearly displayed along with little clear glass containers to view the flower. Cashier Samantha A. was extremely knowledgable and made the fabulous suggestion of a Shark Shock Pre-Roll. Quality of the product is awesome. It was a great experience as I was a bit scared to venture away from my regular dispensary.

  53. mbergh32

    Very knowledgeable would
    recommend this location to friends.

  54. B.Damon

    Everyone is so helpful and knowledgable, I feel very comfortable as a beginner with everyone there.

  55. Wessonr

    Very helpful staff. Great variety. Easy to get to.

  56. JorgeG62

    One of the state’s finest. Great quality and variety of flower, really nice concentrates and a wider variety than most, and an extensive and outstanding assortment of edibles. Super staff, friendly, knowledgeable, enthusiastic, and very helpful. The advice and recommendations I have heard given to newcomers has been consistently spot-on. Excellent, convenient, easy access location with plenty of free parking. That’s my kinda Quincy.

  57. muthafucker

    I have been using cannabis for 23 years.
    I have been to ALL dispensaries in Massachusetts and each of them a lot more then one time.
    But the fact remains Ermont handsdown has 100% best quality medicine in the north east.
    Veteran discount to ,they honor their soldiers!
    If your not shopping here ….you should!

  58. chester33

    Sherbert is back and it’s purpleriffic. So good. Ermont does it right.

  59. greenleafmomma1019

    Everyone here has been super helpful and friendly!! I have bought flower and edibles so far. Sativa strains keep you functional, and definitely recommend the Critical Mass to help you turn your mind off and fall asleep (thanks for your recommendation, Ryan S.!!

  60. johnnyk69

    I love this place, they have great products at great prices! They are always helpful and really nice!

  61. JennKatt

    Friendly, knowledgeable staff, decent selection, discounts for new patients

  62. YogaLisa

    Plenty of parking. Short wait, if any. Friendly, knowledgable staff. Fantastic variety of products.

  63. glenevans1

    Nice selection of strains to choose from, informative and friendly staff. Larger edible selection than other local dispensaries!

  64. Emmag72

    Best dispensary in Mass. location is great! Great deals excellent varieties of product! Super friendly staff!!

  65. Rachaelcwarden

    I love Ermont. It’s about a 30 min drive for me and there are a lot closer dispensaries but Ermont is worth the drive!! Best edibles in Boston.

  66. Yuki5666

    Love this location….very close to me. So far each employee has been extremely helpful & has gone above & beyond go make my experience a pleasant one. So far I have only tried their flower, which is excellent. I have heard great things about the vape cartridges & will definitely be trying them soon!

  67. Princesscutt

    Omg plenty of parking customer service excellent. She exactly maimed everything took time to show me around. I would refer everyone here. I’m sold I will continue to go here no more Brookline.

  68. Dwalk97

    My favorite dispensary. I’ve been to 5 in the Boston area and this is by far my favorite!

  69. rperrone1

    Flower is better than all others!

  70. Eramus3

    My God, how sad is this place. Very limited flower supply and today nothing at all. I give up on this place.

  71. allisonhawaii50

    Ermont in Quincy is staffed with amazing, educated, and helpful staff. The products are outstanding. So glad I found this place! aoeOEdY1/2

  72. jeffb2333

    They just opened up and I was hoping to have a closer option to me than Brookline. Brookline is amazing but it’s a process to go there. This is right off the highway, easy to get to. They also have great hours that they are open. The staff here was friendly, welcoming and knowledgeable. I would compare my experience here to the one I had at NETA in Brookline. Both great experiences. Being so new I know that Ermont will have even more options and become the South Shore’s location of choice. Thank you for taking care of me so well on my first visit and keep up the great work!

  73. Yari617

    I love this dispensary the ppl are always so nice (obv lol) idk if my tolerance is high or that I’m just use to their products . I have had the flowers the gummies the Pb, hot sauce, maple syrup, honey, mac n cheese, lozenges, cartridges, concentrates .. the PB is the most potent but after awhile u get used to it. Over 300 mg seems to do justice. The lack of variety of flower is displeasing. More variety n stronger potency but other than that I love this place

  74. Kingandyis

    Great service great product .no hassle at all

  75. angie916

    I love the float drinks they keep me coming back.

  76. schasin55

    Great customer support. Good selection, but not always having the tincture or salve available, which was very beneficial.

  77. Kennywheels

    Very nice

  78. ddexcavating432

    great staff on site, very knowledgeable and patient. good amount of products. a little pricey but a good place

  79. Mikeith28

    For me, Ermont is what other dispensaries should be striving to be, in product, quality and customer service.

  80. MLandry

    You guys are awsome always on point with the flowers!

  81. E.dorcelus

    Great quality!

  82. getxdown

    only been a few times. I like concentrates and they only seem to carry distillate, but it’s quality. brownies and green lozenges were great too.

  83. mcamelio

    Atmosphere is great! love the air plants, silly but true! New to the whole MMD. The fact that the staff is super friendly, knowledgeable and helpful from entry to exit made may experience stressless. Thank you!!

  84. DMBMom

    Wish it weren’t so close to the Braintree split and all the traffic. Once off highway, it’s fairly easy to access and park.

  85. ab3l1nc0ln

    Best quality extract in town. If you want high quality edibles, this is the spot. Flowers are solid and nice and easy set up.

  86. johnbrig

    Love! Love! Love this Dispensary!!

    I have only been using weed for maybe 1/2 a year to deal with depression, anxiety, insomnia, muscle spasms and pain from a bad-neck or back. I find the location to Boston, service and products to be amazing! I have experimented with different flowers, vapes and edibles. All were high quality and when consumed properly, demonstrated the effects that were indicated to sooth suffering.. I have seen Jenn at least 3 times there and she is attentive and knowledgable about the craft. I recommend this place to everyone!

  87. s_white

    I definitely plan on visiting and purchasing from Ermont again! My experience was better than expected. The lady (I forget her name) who did my transaction was extremely patient with all of my questions and seemed more than happy to help me. It was my first time ever buying from a dispenpsary and it was neat to see how it all works. Everyone in the store is friendly. If it’s your first time choosing a dispensary to go to — pick Ermont!

  88. JayArr83

    Super helpful and knowledgable staff! Great variety of edibles and concentrates.

  89. bcos1957

    The staff at this location, couldn’t be nicer. Additionally, they are very well informed about the available products and how to best use them to achieve the desired relief. I’m particularly pleased with their variety of CBD edibles and other CBD products.

  90. tbhahaha

    Awesome local dispensary. I love how they keep adding new products that you won’t find anywhere else. I just wish there were a broader strain variety but love all the current strains.

    I love the smell of the plants as soon as I open the car door =)

  91. Trentslove05

    They have a very nice collection and the employees are wicked nice and helpful. I also like it’s not a busy location and u can get out pretty fast.

  92. krumz

    excellent customer service. very kind and knowledgeable people. if you have any questions, they answer it and concerns, they help find resolution. I personally want to think Ryan for the excellent service and positive energy! dY~%0

  93. chuck617

    Prices were a little more patient friendly than the other RMD’s around, but I know the best has yet to come seeing as it’s the Grand Opening today!! Medicine man was real tasty

  94. claregoodwin

    Very impressed with quality of product. Staff is knowledgable and very patient in guiding me to the proper medicine. Atmosphere has always been warm and friendly.

  95. DeannaHD

    I like the location. Its right off the highway, plenty of parking and non traffic.

  96. bleafnmiracles

    This place has quickly become my favorite since it opened. In terms of actual medicine, they have the highest amounts of cbg, cbn, cbd etc in their flower edibles and concentrate, while keeping decent thc levels. The prices are competitive on flower, a little higher in other areas. They have the best concentrate in the state, easily. The vape cartridges are awesome, they have a glass mouthpiece and are solventless. The higher thc edibles tend to sell out quickly but since they’ve opened they’ve rolled out maybe 1 high thc edible per week, and steadily have been expanding the menu. The flower is great, I almost cried tears of joy when I saw the super silver haze (a strain I personally haven’t had in 10+ years, and man theirs is beautiful). I personally haven’t visited this location, but my caregiver/fiancA(c) loves the service here far more than others within the same radius. He works very close to this location, usually visits around closing on his way home. Never had a problem with menu accuracy. Says they’ve always been very friendly and more than willing to help, especially the time I forgot to tell him what to get and he couldn’t reach me. Ryan S. was more than happy to help him figure out what was better for me.

    Overall I’m in love with this location and I’m very excited to see how things progress!

  97. dawnm68

    I love this place, they are very helpful their prices and selection are great!

  98. coopdejour

    no weed and cartridge broke today was a crappy experience

  99. queeniexxx

    RYAN S. took extra time as we shared some same issues with arthritis, inflammation and being a musician.

  100. acw1007

    I love ermont. The quality here is top notch, people are friendly, and they know the real cannabis experience. I’ve been to a few dispensaries and I didn’t like them as much as ermont. This place is my number 1.

  101. Danap28

    This place USED to be amazing, they grew their own flower had their own edibles they made right there… that was during the summer. Flash forward to now and I’ll tell you to RUN RUN far away this place went down hill so friggin fast. Their flower is dry and crappy their edibles taste like garbage… they teamed up with another dispensary and no longer make their own edibles or grow their own flower. Plus they send out texts saying aEURoeyou’ve won this raffle or you’ve won this for being loyalaEUR only to get another message 5 minutes later aEURoesorry we made an error you didn’t win anythingaEUR it’s NOT worth your time or money they treat you awful when you come in and discriminate… if your looking for good flower and products without having to go into the city this is NOT the place to go! Try theory wellness in bridgewater! They are awesome!

  102. Amanda1ma

    Love this place! So convenient and always quick although I would love to stay and hang out. People are so friendly and make u feel so comfortable. They should make a hang out area with a comfy couch so u can stay a while lol.

  103. pals

    Absolutely one of the best dispensaries I’ve been to! The staff is not only knowledgeable but also the friendliest. The Critical Mass strain is great for anxiety without knocking you out. Also,MOONROCKS rock!

  104. twg

    I’m a new patient & ErmontQuincy was my first ever dispensary experience. I was super nervous about it, but the staff made me feel comfortable right away. The product was shown & explained to me in a professional manner, and I was in and out pretty quickly, despite the 4 people ahead of me. I will definitely be returning to Ermont, not just for the medicine, but for the welcoming atmosphere!

  105. StevenAnthony

    Out of the 3 dispensaries in my area (Brookline, Brockton being other two) this one had the most knowledgeable front desk workers (I may have caught a bad break at NETA in bkline) and has better prices and first time deals than others. If you want Big buds, go to Ermont. If you want to spend more for small buds and someone you can’t talk to while purchasing (also will try to get as close to .1 as possible!) then to to NETA . Also better parking and not as busy!

  106. aluciaiglesias

    Folks at Ermont are extremely knowledgeable and very helpful if you’re new to navigating a dispensary. I was not only my pleased with my experience, but also felt super pleased with their recommendations when I came home.

  107. anniemick1958

    Excellent products and huge variety of flower, concentrate and edibles. Knowledgable staff.
    Especially like their vape cartridges. I do not understand the negative comments as I’ve been coming here for almost a year and have have never had an issue. I have recommended them to many friends who are also pleased. Thank you.

  108. mlewinberlin

    Fantastic. The people are

    Knowledgeable, friendly and so helpful.

  109. jzkinz

    Love you guys! Small enough to get personal service (they remember your name!), knowledgeable staff, short waits, lots of parking, good safe location, professionally dispensed product that has been consistently FRESH and awesome.

    Please try to keep your flower in stock longer. It seems to come and go so quickly. Love to see more new strains–always great when you get them in.

    Love you guys!

  110. Em42

    Great staff, very knowledgeable ,excellent products. Can’t wait for my next visit!

  111. ModernBuddha429

    Excellent service and product!

  112. mrs.L

    What a great place!! Jen helped me more in 15 min than any other person ever did and I have been to several different dispensaries. I would return because of her and also the flower she recommended was super. I was just so pleased. kudos Ermont

  113. sadie1011

    As a first timer I was unsure what to expect. I was incredibly impressed by the warm welcome I received from the moment I walked in. Very professional but never uptight. No pressure, just help. I got the vaporizer pen and cartridge, CBD capsules, cherry lozenges, Nordle, and Medicine Man. Have only tried the CBD cartridge so far but definitely takes my back pain down tremendously while still allowing me to function. Would like to see some sativa strains available. Overall…Great experience. Highly recommend.

  114. mattwarren82

    what a great shop! nice setup, small shop but they handle their business awesome. knowledgeable staff and some great product. give this place some time to establish more and they will be amazing

  115. sdowers

    went here a couple of days ago and it was absolutely great, this dispensary is far better than most I have gone to. I would definitely

  116. Iamserialmom

    My first visit to Ermont was spectacular! I was late coming in, but my consultant took his time with me and answered all my questions. I will definitely be back!

  117. panhead1951

    great place friendly people products off the hook

  118. 215mydogmaya

    So happy Ermont opened! Great service to a wide variety of customers, and a wealth of information.

  119. droomazz64

    Great location, great people, great product.

  120. smokesalotopotomis

    GPS will get you there but the building is a little hard to find this sign is only about the size of a business card probably thinks to the town but once inside I found great service initial discount help getting my hardship discount setup friendly service good selection no no limits in quantity had kief I prefer to press my own rosin I will definitely return although it’s not the most convenient to my home

  121. pekrulct

    The workers are incredibly helpful and knowledgeable. A must visit dispensary

  122. breeves214

    This place is great! Rachel and the tall guy with long hair ( sorry bro, didn’t get your name ) were incredibly helpful. I’ll be going back here time and time again without a doubt! I highly recommend this to anybody who’s looking for a good dispensary with awesome and highly knowledgeable employees.

  123. Mfoner5

    My first trip here was very enjoyable. Ryan assisted and was very helpful and friendly. The product is fantastic as well. Will continue to shop here.

  124. Packers176

    Jennifer at the front desk helped myself greatly even after I got very unruly (anxiety) sorry again and once inside Marni was awesome and very knowledgeable and on point first impressions very good Thank you. Will definitely recommend and return

  125. ricardo52091

    Came here for the first time and am very pleased. They have great staff that will answer any and all of you questions. They have a pretty big selection of flower which is a big plus. Will definitely be going back and recommending to all my friends.

  126. Flynn77

    I went to Ermont looking for pain relief. I’ve been using marijuana for a few years. I tried everything from edibles to their salve, tinctures etc. but none of it worked! The tank the tincture came in was defective with no refund and all of their edibles didn’t have ANY EFFECT. I even tried taking 3x my typical dose (10/15 mg)… That was over $150 wasted! I finally tried their flower and it was dry and not worth $50 an eight. Plus you’d better call ahead because their systems are routinely down! Desperate for legal and non addictive pain relief, I’ll have to try somewhere else!

  127. Lannie68

    Helped me find the best strand for my pain

  128. Maxiesmom

    Great location, friendly and knowledgeable staff. Excellent products that provide relief for a myriad of symptoms. I have been here several times, and will continue to return. Comparatively speaking, the service far surpasses the 2 local competitors.

  129. Kash1995

    Best flower and by far best dispensary in mass

  130. Jkv1212

    Great location, friendly staff, excellent selection.

  131. rjc117

    Nice location, display jars allow you to really see and smell the buds, they have a built in magnifying glass!

  132. CapeBoy

    Staff is the best. Very clean place. Get the Sour Diesel if in stock.

  133. stutkus

    discreet … GPS found easily

  134. prodigal8650

    I love the oil they produce and the prices of there products, to me the best in town

  135. 401escapades

    The absolute worst dispensary experience I’ve ever had. Clueless and rude budtenders sold me this gross aEURoelitaEUR cartridge that tastes nasty and has no effect whatsoever. It tastes like it was cut with pool water from the Y. Also got talked into wasting $35 on watermelon mints that taste disgusting and made me feel sick. Leafly ppl – is it possible to leave 0 stars or negative stars? STAY FAR AWAY FROM THIS PLACE. Go to patriot care or revolutionary clinics instead.

  136. Nicolewillisss

    Love ermont!! Really good product & staff is so friendly aswell. The sunset Sherbert and Sourt D they grow is out this world amazing!!! They also have such a variety of edibles! Really cook place check them out

  137. Psychonautics

    Easy access, good parking, warm friendly service.

    Entire selection is very limited, and flower tends to be a bit dry, but it is very high quality.

    Tried the Black Widow, Shark Shock, Super Silver Haze pre rolls, and some chocolate.

    Just avoid the pre rolls. They seem to be full of stems, leaves, and seeds.

  138. Kibblesnblunts

    Huge selection of edibles such as cheese pizza and pasta sauce. Clean, great atmosphere, friendly service.

  139. Lajuanahobbs

    I think they should have a small display of that Edibles instead of just being on the menu just like they have displays showing already. But overall I had a great experience and the customer service is excellent and very educated.

  140. ThatKrazyGuy

    Have visited a number of times. I love this place! Nice store, Good people, and Awesome customer service. Best dispensary I have been in hands down.

  141. ncummins1

    Love the location of this place! Also the staff is very knowledgeable and extremely nice!

  142. brad3329

    the peoples who work there are very knowledgeable and extremely helpful in directing you the right way for what your issues might be

  143. FrotoStaggins

    The location is a little hard to find; also I think marijuana shouldn’t be pre package, because the flower starts to dry out. I think all dispensaries should have a scale and weigh out flower in costumer face for good experience.

  144. thewanderer1972

    I’ve been here twice now. The interior is pleasant and customer service was very friendly. I liked the first time discounts. The potency of the buds were decent, but my first purchase had very very small buds that I would not have purchased had I known, though they do ask if I’d like to see the buds in the container first. I did look at them and noticed they were small and mentioned it, but hoped there were some bigger buds I couldn’t see… sadly there were not. I mentioned this on my second visit and I received larger buds, which they made sure of and showed me. The buds were a bit dry too, but I’ve noticed the same problem with nearly all the dispensaries, so it may be a packaging issue, which are all the same. Overall I like this place and will be back again soon.

  145. zackbookie

    Great people there and very knowledgeable definitely going back!

  146. karcieri

    Great place. Good variety. Knowledgeable staff, very helpful. Awesome deals and prices.

  147. olivertwisted40

    great place very convenient to the expressway. employees are very helpful and seem knowledgeable about their product.

  148. Pineapple.Snowcap

    I’m a fairly new medical customer and have been searching for dispensaries to get my epilepsy medicine. First of all, you have lots of choices, do not give shady dispensaries any money. If you truly have a medical issue or you like having an overall positive customer service experience, DO NOT GO HERE. I will be filing a complaint against this dispensary for a completely faulty cartridge they refused to exchange. Who wants to buy something they can not use and drive to a sketchy location?

    If you buy a cartridge here, before leaving check your ONE Refillable cartridge actually works and will open. Mine did not and I even tried using a wrench, a mistake to get all the oil out and transfer to a working cartridge. These people will steal your money and not give you an exchange even if all the oil can be seen inside it and won’t open.

    The budtenders, including Vinnie, are not well informed about their products or medical issues at all. They lack empathy training or any true care or friendliness. The only reason to go here is for the initial first time patient discount. You can find the exact same products at better locations with better budtenders. There ARE dispensaries with people wanting to make sure you have a working product, especially if you have a disability and limited income. It is even worth it to drive to their sister dispensary, Commonwealth Alternative Care, in Taunton if you have an affinity for the One refillable metal cartidges. Better deals at Curaleaf, Mayflower has $199 ounces, and go to Greenleaf in Portsmouth, Rhode Island, for a first time patient oz at $150, they even have add on concentrates for $12.50. Why get ripped off by this dispensary?

  149. BeanTownFan420

    Great location for southshore residents with a great staff and product line.Bud is some of the best around.Worth a visit.

  150. Rach8434

    Amazingly helpful and impeccably clean

  151. emperorcannabis

    I’ve never had a bad experience shopping here, staff are always friendly and informative. They have some great strains too and some very unique edibles.

  152. mis

    Friendly and knowledgeable staff. Even with a long line, the wait time was short

  153. Rosie88

    The staff was very informative and patient with me as I am a caregiver and need a lot of advice. Very clean.

  154. rick_roller

    great products . two thumbs up .

  155. bluntmansavage

    Great edibles!

  156. Mrc7888

    Hands down my favorite dispensary, although neta has more flower selection nothing compares to Ermonts quality. I will go here weekly but I dont limit myself to just the flower. The cartrages I have 4 different flavors on me atm, all amazing yet completely different taste. They have the biggest selection of edibles, all made there on site, from thc capsules to drinks to hard candies. And of course they have the classic brownies and chocolate. As far as staff they are very knowledgeable and extremely friendly. It maybe because I go here alot but they knew my name within a week so you know your not just another person they actually care about you as an individual. So yes if you have a card and you havent been here stop wasting your time with other dispensaries, no matter the distance its worth your trip and you get $25 of your first w visits if you spend $50 or more. Just can’t beat this place.

  157. zblauer

    The smell hits you as soon as you park the car! Good selection of strains, very high quality THC oil and CBD oil, and wonderful customer service. They just opened this week so it will only get better!

  158. priscellashum

    I love going to Ermont! Ryan R. Rachel. Teresa Ana everyone else is super super friendly and accommodating. This is my go too dispensary and has never failed me

  159. Chet1

    This is my favorite dispensary, even though it’s the farthest drive. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable, and enthusiastic about sharing that knowledge. They are patient and walked me through my purchase and everything I needed to know. Love this place!

  160. Flodante

    It is a good dispensary despite being kind of pricey. I would not recommend getting edibles however as I find them to be pretty inconsistent. This goes for buying edibles in general. The prices here are $50 for an eighth, $200 for half an ounce, and $400 for an ounce. You could probably find cheaper bud on the street so I would advise to not buy anything over an eighth as you will probably just be wasting money. They have a good deal where your first two visits are both $25 off a purchase of $50 or more. Also, pre-rolls here are your best bet as they are cheaper and offer same quality product. It is $12.50 per 1 gram joint.

  161. BooBoo051

    Best decor! Good product!

  162. crowfaery

    This place is awesome and I have never had a bad visit. Staff are very knowledgeable and friendly. The menu selection here is unreal, tons of edibles, flower, extracts, you name it. Like there Sherbert 420 pack, 4 mini joints for a great deal. Easy parking too

  163. acudd

    Favorite !

  164. capechic

    Thumbs down.
    Staff seems stoned all the time

  165. highlandfarms

    1st time visitor. Great place. Very professional!!! Great staff…

  166. potwins

    It’s a little farther away from me but the quality and customer service makes it totally worth the drive. They’re informative and patient I highly highly recommend them!

  167. lifestyle617

    I have had flowers from Patriot Care and Neta in the past and I think that Ermont is by far the best. The workers are extremely knowledgeable, give the best service and the dispensary has top-notch flowers that not only works for my pain but also tastes natural. Thank you, Ermont!

  168. ccouto

    I’ve been to Ermont twice and it’s a long drive from my house on Cape Cod. It’s always worth the drive, though. The staff really took time to help figure out what products would be best for me.

  169. Scott4444

    I came here for the second time and was not disappointed. from the second I walked in they were helpful kind and informative they even checked to see if there dabs were finished cooking for me which was really cool of them. my only issue was one of the 2 prerolls I bought was packed to tight but other than that everything was fantastic would definitely recommend them to any patient

  170. nxtladyink

    Very friendly and inviting environment. The process was quick and simple, even as a first time visitor. It was a little hard to find at first, but its neatly tucked away, away from traffic and the public. Buzz the door bell and show your identification… Inside, the cubby system is kinda cool too; (orders are electronically sent to the back, and magically appear in a numbered cubby, specially labeled for you). Friendly staff members; always a plus:).

  171. Abaddon636

    Great people! Always have good answers to my questions. Awesome sour

  172. fiddlersgreeen

    I just had my second visit to Ermont and it was as great as the first. They helped me on this visit and was absolutely delightful. She really makes an effort to make sure you understand and communicate about what each strains’ properties are and what will best suit your needs. The gentleman (I’m sorry I don’t remember his name) that helped me on my first visit was also extremely helpful and made sure I left with a good selection of medicines. Everyone there is incredibly nice and they have a very compassionate and open demeanor. There’s enough variety in their product to help find solutions for different types of needs. They have a nice flower selection and have amazing super high cbd/super low thc concentrate cartridges. You get tons of great benefits without the “high”. For those that suffer from high anxiety and psychological stresses this is a really effective medicinal product. I will continue to return for these. They also have high thc concentrates for those that have needs that it will meet. Overall, I will continue to make the 1 hour trip to get there because they really offer compassionate care and truly medicinal products. A+ Thanks Ermont!

  173. Impailio

    The ONLY & BEST PLACE I GO TO !!! Been going here since they opened. I’ve had my share of product malfunctions, which they’ve resolved in my favor! can’t ask for anything more! dY’s

  174. johnsourd

    I went back and they definitely improved their customer service skills. Critical Mass works great for me. It controls my anxiety level to the maximum. I met with Ryan super educated, helpful and great customer service. I recommend everyone to visit this dispensary which is located in Quincy, MA. Their edibles are great and very effective. My only issues here was with the poor customer service experience with a young lady, who introduced herself to me as the manager by the name “Meaghan or Maggy”. Seem not to know anything about any of the products, gave me an attitude after asking for an exchange. Customer are always right, so I did end up getting a replacement for my cartridge. Place was clean and neat.

  175. cpjohn1

    Very convenient location with parking

  176. Bwalker52

    The people were great they Were very helpful .they were to help me found everything I need I will deff go back .

  177. katran

    Love everything about it! I’ll drive further for better quality and services to patients a$?i, the staff!

  178. jmac17

    Very kind and helpful staff to go with the best flower, concentrates and the most creative edibles program in MA. Sherbet may be my all-time favorite strain (especially for stress relief) and the Super Silver Haze is one of the best daytime strains I’ve had. Their CO2 cartridges specific to each strain make for a higher-quality and better tasting medicine. I’m excited for them to expand the selection, as the quality of all the offerings I’ve tried has been fantastic with each new product they’ve put out. Ermont is the only place I go anymore.

  179. massachusetts26

    I like this dispensary because every time I went there was no lines and I like all of the strains that I’ve tried.

  180. rheywood1

    This is by far one of the best dispensaries in the area. The atmosphere is very earthy and you can smell the product as soon as you walk in. Great first and second time discounts and the BEST edible selection in the area.

  181. flipBiscuit

    Ermont has the best Moon Rocks, THC Honey, Quarry Quencher cannabis drinks and editable/flower selection. I have been here twice. I reviewed Ermont before and I still stand by my word. Totally check them out aoeOEi,dY’sdYdY~–dY'”dY'”dY'”dY’ wicked motivational cannadvice IG

  182. Karbouncy

    Everyone that worked there was incredibly friendly and welcoming. The woman who took my order was awesome, she answered all of my questions and was so helpful with the entire process. Would definitely recommend!

  183. danzaslapu

    great, fast service. excellent quality. no complaints here.

  184. Snowchief1776

    Best dispensary in greater Boston area. Knowledgeable and quality product that is consistent.

  185. cheebong22

    Overall I enjoyed my experience @ Ermont and look forward to coming here again soon! I was ushered into the dispensary by the professional, friendly security staff and was immediately greeted @ the door by a cheerful staff member who walked me through the patient experience. The dispensary was very clean and the layout was straight forward. I was helped by Seth who was friendly and informative. I purchased some of each strain of flower available as well as a chocolate bar. I sampled the Critical Mass this evening and was very impressed. Give yourselves a pat on the back and keep up the great work Ermont Crew!

  186. GIH17

    Great attention to Quality and Professionalism. They are Compassionate and Understanding; First rate Staff.

  187. kushkillax3

    5th Dispensary I have been to and it was better than the rest. Bud tender Sam was very knowledgable. Helping me choose the proper medication and dosage, while giving me a great rundown of the facility. Location is great! Very private and clean location with many available parking spaces. Definitely my go to…. Hands down!!!

  188. BeReal65

    I am a returning customer. I feel their flower is cured correctly, and many folks don’t truly understand the benefits of not having that moisture, and giving the terps some breathing room. I love the folks that work the counter. They really know their products, and most importantly, realize the personal nature of trying to find what works for their patients. Special thanks recently to Jennifer, who is honest and knowledgeable; Marissa, who is another intelligent and witty bud tender who I personally take a new customer that was clueless in anything, but knew what she was treating. By the end, both Jennifer and Marissa had her at ease, and with effective treatment. Finally, Marnie is a special professional who has the ability to disarm and make anyone feel at ease. Thanks!

  189. Gmpowell

    Every time I go in, I am always greeted with smiles. They are very knowledgeable and willing to answer all your questions. Definitely going back.

  190. Avwilson90

    Just good people. I was nervous to go Into a dispensary for the first time when I got my medical card and I had no reason to be. They are so fun here and they have useful information to give you, they give me tips and tricks too. Yeahhhh!

  191. jcardinale

    First place I have been to, super nice staff and knowledgeable, definitely going again

  192. FeelingElevated

    best dispensary in my opinion for MA. consitent with strains the medicine is high quality they have a fun and friendly staff. Ermont is the model for how all the MA dispensaries should be operating. keep up the great work Ermont! =] ps- their sour d, super silver haze and sherbert strains are amazing!

  193. VeganScrapple

    Bought the 500mg Carts- Cold Press- CBD Yummy…
    How is it that this tests at 1:1 CBD to THC when Yummy is a 40:1 strain???? Also what is it cut with that makes it test at only 35% TAC? I’m very confused because these number on the testing label seem like they are flower results?????

  194. flytrout

    Of the 3 dispensaries I’ve been to. Ermont is my favorite. By a long shot. Flower is amazing. Service is just as good!

  195. NickMass

    To start with, the location of the dispensary is really easy to get to for those that are local and those coming from the highway! Inside the dispensary is nice, clean, organized and setup nicely. I received great service from the bud tender, who was gracious and exceptionally helpful. The quality for the bud I got was top notch. The cure was phenomenal and it was easy to tell from the smell! I also tried some of their crumble, which is great and I will almost certainly be going back for more! Well worth the visit, and I highly recommend trying out Ermont.

  196. packthisbowlfor2

    The flower there is great! But they need some shatter!!!

  197. JoeShmoke

    The best around by far! They keep upping their game and their menu.

  198. jude1614

    Great location …… very helpful staff
    Good product ..

  199. Captjac58

    First time at Ermont. I was very happy with the experience. Great products, good selection, knowledgeable friendly staff, clean well run operation. I will definitely be back.

  200. ohjaepil1985

    At first I was impressed how fast and friendly I was serviced. I drove about an hour away to get to this dispensary. Very easy to get to. The complaint I have was that they gave me the wrong strain. I wanted a sativa they had but ended up giving me a indica instead. I feel like this happened because of the way they have their system set up with random box windows with numbers. I feel like my bud tender went to the wrong number and grabbed the wrong container of medicine unless the person behind the other wall mistakenly placed the wrong medicine in the “window cabinet” I ended up calling them and they offered to refund or exchange my medicine. They also offered to credit me 2 grams for free instead and that I could keep the current strain that I had, since I live over an hour away. Not the worst outcome but not the best. Also the quality of product wasn’t as good as the other dispensaries I’ve been to in MA. This strain had seeds and was brittle to the touch. Surprised they are selling this as “medical marijuana” The buds fell apart easily and didn’t even need a grinder. It almost seemed like it was grown poorly and dried out. I will probably give them another chance but first time experience could of been a lot better. At least they give you $25 off your first two visits.

  201. Ballbusterofficial

    I’ve never seen a dispensary go downhill so fast. The bud tender told me they sold the business and all the new products are awful. The new cartridges are obviously cut with garbage and the croma edibles taste like reclaim. Bring back the old Ermont this new version is the worst dispensary in the state.

  202. kch02130

    Great service, really knowledgeable and helpful

  203. C2fitz

    Staff is always friendly and personable. Personally, I think the flower menu lacks some abundance.

  204. sapasqua0411

    Absolutely love this location. Used to go to NETA but now that this place is open I will always go here. The prices and deals are much better and the service is great and quick.

  205. mounits

    This place is in a good location, plenty of signage. Selection is good and the 2 strains I bought did not let me down. I’m used to the other dispensaries that you can see and smell the products before buying and once you buy it is all weighed and bottled in front of you so their process was a little weird for me. Overall great experience and I will definitely return.

  206. reispieces781

    Overall one of the better shops I have visited. A little upset they don’t have much of a concentrate menu but with such high THC level sativa plants I could care less at this point. on my first visit I was the only patient in the shop which has been rare at a non appointment shop. Plus love their 2 time 20% discount.

  207. Melchior

    Best vape cartridges around, would like to see a high THC cartridge in the future. great location and knowledgeable friendly staff

  208. lindadonehey

    This dispensary is located in a convenient location for south shore residents. The staff is always kind and informative. A calm, low key environment for those of us with anxiety issues. I enjoy the flower and high sativa concentrates from Ermont.

  209. Tbos391

    Been to Ermont a couple times and was overall pleased with everything. The flower needs to be kept hydrated a bit better though.

  210. CadiN

    Off the beaten track, even for this local. Great strain selection. Can’t wait for them to roll out edibles and other products.

  211. rydog8989

    really the best place to get MMJ in the great commonwealth of MA. i love everything about Ermont – first, the flower is fire – really tasty strains. sour diesel, medicine man and shark shock are my favorites. and just really excellent service and PRICE! they are the cheapest dispensary in MA and also happen to have the best quality buds. score!

  212. TheHood978

    Love these people!

  213. wires88meyer

    ermont has been there for me since there doors opened late December of 2016. This was right around the time I started getting sober. There staff feels like family and there flower is always fresh. love that sour diesel!!! Thanks everyone. couldn’t have done this without you.

  214. lotus1123

    Talk about customer service! These people are great , awesome prices and cool new patient deal, high quality products (currently trying Nordle for my anxiety filled day & a THC & Cbd concentrate for night time which were both recommended by the lovely staff after I explained what my struggles are) all in all I’ll definitely will be back!

  215. MVPete1030

    the best local convienant and the staff extraordinary group of ppl and knowledgeable especially i dont remember his name there’s 3 that are excellent Jen,short guy beard stocky dude very cool smart, and the tall guy that never takes a day off very nice very cool long hair he’s the best worker there and the entrance guy who lets you in gd dude and to the master grower love ya keep up the love peace,pot,& microdot….MVPete out smoking some sherbert line was out the door for that sherbert

  216. alicec

    It is in a great location great service great product. Employees are very knowledgable and very friendly. I don’t want to pick one person over the rest they are all great but Jen C made me feel like I was a fried remembered me from day one Seems like they love their job so refreshing
    Great job!!!

  217. budbuddy1321

    I believe the edibles are the highest quality and the staff are friendly and knowledgeable. Happy medication time!

  218. JustLanded

    this location is better than the dispensary in my area. Much more options on flowers and edibles/hash etc.

  219. 145383

    This is place is great! The concentrates are incredible. Their staff is knowledgeable and clearly knows how to make top shelf medicine.

  220. hiyadoing

    This place has well knowledgeable Staff and friendly. There’s plenty of parking and never any waiting. They carry High CBD products and along with High THC items. In the future there selection just keeps getting better.

  221. L1NT

    Great place. Extremely easy and convenient with non of the pretentiousness of other places. Rachel was great, knowledgeable and helpful. Will definitely be back. Great selection and variety. Thanks!

  222. dpl611523

    amazing service!! All of my questions were answered and I was out in less than 5 minutes. Rachel was great. Would highly recommend this place.

  223. gangagal

    First time patient experience. I must admit that I was sucked in by the awesome first time (and second time) $25 off plus they had Sour Diesel. My all time favorite west coast strain.

    So I made the drive, which was quite pleasant. It would have been difficult to find had I not had Waze or the truck in front of me that I just knew was someone on the hunt for weed. Parking was great! I didn’t have to watch a video, consult with anyone, and read tons of paperwork. I preregistered online so the first visit was seem less.

    The menu is displayed behind the registers. Everything is clear and easy to understand. Papers and paraphernalia are in front so you can grab them with your purchase. If you combined Salem’s product with Ermont’s atmosphere, it would easily take the cake for best dispensary in MA. Here’s to hoping.

    My budtender was Zack (I think). He was awesome. So friendly, patient and knowledgeable. I can only say the same for Salem. Other dispensaries can’t compare.

    I got a slice of Sour D. Got to see it first. Got a gram of black widow to try. Cool bag haha.

    The Sour Diesel isn’t what I remembered it to be like but that may be my heightened tolerance and this batchs relatively low thc for medicinal. I’m not usually one who believes in numbers and cares more about lineage but not in this case. The bud was dry. Like DRY! I may be used to Salem’s big fresh nugs and would have looked over the moisture level had it hit me like a fright train like it should.

    The Black Widow was a pleasant surprise. Perfect for a relaxing and cerebral evening. Thank you for the recommendation!

    Overall, I dig this place. It was by far the best first time experience and I didn’t make an ass out of myself like I usually do.

    Thanks Ermont. I’ll be back!

  224. peterkalo24

    Best flower in Massachusetts period. Sour d and medicine man will not disappoint. Very excited about the new strains coming soon. Sunset sherbet and I believe blueberry pie. Can’t wait!

  225. CaraBell98

    My favorite dispensary. Incredible edible selection.

  226. wickedvaped774

    Place was awesome! Atmosphere was great, and Sam who helped me was good people. Super knowledgeable on each way to medicate and what works well for what. Their super silver haze is fantastic and I very much recommend.

  227. djmcbell

    my place for edibles. love the large selection.

  228. Jnice785

    Every time that I go, I leave with a smile on my face. Staff=legit rockstars…super friendly and knowledgeable …solid location right off the highway and plenty of parking. Definitely will be back and definitely worth the trip. Tell them Savage sent ya…lol

  229. jaespinoza2000

    The staff are kind and knowledgeable. The products are of high quality but not always consistent. They do a lot of cool edibles and the black widow is amazing. Parking is plentiful. Weird location but it works.

  230. weedpotcannabis

    This is the only place that’s convenient to get to and it’s also the best, they have these leittle packs of prerolls that are wicked handy. Always go here when I can, you should too.

  231. TrulyJayBee

    Amazing and friendly service. Very knowledgeable and helpful. I will be back!!!!!

  232. zacisgnarly

    staff here is super friendly and super knowledgeable, the flower quality is stellar also. What more could you ask for?

  233. dina99

    Great easy location and friendly staff. Product is great!

  234. littleob02184

    great staff and the medicine is some of the best I have had

  235. gio235

    Awesome products and the staff is super friendly.

  236. WAREAGLE1005

    Ermont needs to add many more strains to its library than the current menu and have some selections above 22%. I have been a loyal customer but because of the dispensaries emphasis on edibles, which I cannot use due to having not much digestive tract left and know many others don’t also take edibles, and concentrates being to powerful and expensive with a very small flower rotation and thc levels underneath my preference[26 and up] I am going elsewhere now part of the time when I used to only go to Ermont and nowhere else. As far as the flower quality it is very good, I love some of their strains very much and leaves me yearning for new strengths and flavors that will suit my conditions and budget better should they introduce them. I have had very good experiences there in whole since they opened.

  237. STONER_5

    Love It

  238. TboneSteak

    It’s a nice dispensary. They have different flowers, edibles, cartridges, and more. The employees are great people willing to help. The dispensary is somewhat new but I’m sure in time they’re be one of the best here in the state

  239. chuckgyver

    Their products first rate–service very good

  240. akaea

    Great place. Helpful staff and nice flower. Will continue to get my medicine here.

  241. bdanello

    I loved this location! It was my first time here and they were incredibly helpful. My favorite is the travel pack of preroll– amazing and so convenient!

  242. gripweed64

    Very helpful and knowledgeable staff. Great service and everyone so friendly.

  243. kaylamae3

    Although their staff was nice, their quality in flower is non-existent. I picked up 3 eights of Blueberry pie, sour diesel, and silver haze. All of them completely dry, the buds would fall into dust the minute I’d start to break it up. I also got two pre rolls of the “House Blend”. WORST MISTAKE EVER!! Completely dry as well, constantly went out… and the best part!?!! They were packed on 2/15/17!! That was 2 months ago! No dispensary I ever have gone to, at any time, given me a pre-roll(& I get plenty) that was packaged over a few days, let alone few months. Crazy shit!

  244. jtacscs

    The location is a little tricky and the building is subtly marked.

  245. DennisP

    Great people, much easier for me to get to. Knowledgable and friendly staff. Usually no wait for service. Products good, bud a little dry. I recommend.

  246. eyefry2018

    Been going here since opening…Great staff, some best strains/strength of flower for my needs, though sometimes buds can seem a bit cotton candy,.. Progressive and creative, large edibles choice. I rate three stars atmosphere for the DMV like long line wait in open space under static lighting that can sometimes happen, but five stars goes to the uplifting vibe of this place.

  247. berniesmack

    Great location

  248. RebeccaM2

    First experience in a dispensary and everybody was friendly and helpful. I’ll definitely be back!

  249. capekelz

    I love this place:) Great product, grown right on site. Great service, in and out quickly. Knowledgeable and friendly staff. I come up from the cape and it’s totally worth it.

  250. Cbylo

    Ermont has great flower and great customer service. The menu on Leafly isn’t updated daily, but the website is up to date.

  251. Mario1986

    I love this dispensary it is clean, secure and service is very good. A bud tender named Rachel was very helpful and I’ll definitely be a regular here. Highly recommended by me 🙂

  252. vapeit2day

    This dispensary is a great location, although a bit hard to find on the first visit…directions are a bit tricky so you may want to call first (they do answer their phones!)
    They are worth checking out, as they are smart and knowledgeable and happy to help out. Lines haven’t been long, their assessment of their products have been pretty accurate. Their pricing is more favorable than other dispensaries and their product line is consistent…earning they don’t having something different every time you go. If you’re looking fit hi THC concentrate stuff you know what to expect when you go there to get it (if it’s in stock).
    Everyone has been nice so far, product has been fresh and I’ve been happy going there and I live down the street from the Brookline dispensary which is nice too, but very different.
    Give them both a try, see what you think…

  253. smolgost

    super convenient location, happy to have a dispensary in my own city. the staff are friendly and ready to help. i am a complete newbie, but had all my questions answered so i could make a decision on what i wanted to start with. there’s a LOT to choose from, lots of edible options and also drinks, as well as tinctures etc. the first-time patient deal really helped me afford my purchase and gave me the choice to get more than one thing. i’ve started vaping with a black widow cartridge, and i don’t know much about flavors, but i think it’s very good quality. the watermelon lozenges taste nice, and are strong if you don’t break them into smaller doses (at least for a newb like me). overall, quite happy!

  254. dmarty79

    Very friendly and knowledgeable staff!!!

  255. organicbostonians

    Prepackaged herb makes it dry. The oil is extremely garbage.

  256. vonnifer

    A friend encouraged me to look into this place, and I must say I am glad she did, it’s my new go-to, same distance as two other places except just off the highway. Very medicine oriented, as evidenced by the menu divided into high THC, 1:1, and high CBD. The strains carried are very medically beneficial, and can be recommended for specific ailments. Their extractor seems to be extremely talented, redistributing terpines of specific strains to their vape cartridges, etc. The only thing I don’t like is that those terpines could be medically useful in the full gram version, not just the vapor carts, and a couple pre-rolls were too tight to smoke, (had to vape or reroll). Edibles selection is nice, and there isn’t much to lose trying this place twice, because they (at the time of writing this) have 25$ off the first two visits of 50$ or more. Didn’t wait in line either time, but different products, times of day, and day of year will change that. Very friendly staff, they were helpful in confirming some of the more exceptional details about their menu. I can only see it get better from here with time, since this is fairly new.

  257. TheCobbler

    Its a little tough to find, no signage (thanks Town of Quincy!) but once you get to the end of the road and inside, its great. These folks have the best distillate in the state in my opinion. Its delicious to vape, dab or mix in with your favorite edibles. If you don’t make your own edibles but use them, I highly recommend the peanut butter. I haven’t tried there flower but apparently they are in the middle of a large harvest. In a month or so they said they’ll have more strains.

  258. dmac42081

    Customer service was great and the quality of the product was great.

  259. jcg1407

    great reviews!

  260. 420brobro

    Fantastic. Can’t say more.

  261. Anthonynoel

    this is the best place in mass gud deals Nd nice people always the time they let u no wat u buy

  262. Blueyequeen

    So friendly and knowledgeable and smiley.
    Dealt with RyanS on 2/3. Cool Dude.

  263. lucyindasky

    Ermont deserves more than 5 stars. The staff is helpful and make you feel at ease while looking the menu over and discussing different strains etc. The black widow is fire, and the super silver haze and shark shock are nice too. Discounts on first and second visit! I look forward to seeing what else Ermont will offer in the future.

  264. Joepuffin

    great placedY'”

  265. Matteb

    Clean, friendly, and professional. World class employees helped me find exactly what I needed. Wait times are minimal. Very knowledgeable staff with high standards for themselves.

  266. Oldsmoke71

    Great location!! Great flowers!!! Great Staff

  267. sthompson10466gmailcom

    First time visit was great. Budtenders super friendly n helpful. Large edible selection. Will definitely visit again. $25 off first purchase

  268. mwilso15

    I’ve been to most dispensaries in MA and Ermont has the best flower quality by far. You can smell the garden when you step out of your car. Critical mass and sour diesel were some of the best flowers I’ve seen/consumed in the past year. Also easier to get to than Brookline from the north shore as you don’t have to go through the city, huge plus! Would definitely recommend.

  269. jamesjd84

    I was comfortable immediately from the minute I entered. My budtender was super friendly and helpful! definitely coming back. blueberry pie did not disappoint me at all!

  270. GRiMMeSS

    Can be a little tough to find, it’s tucked way back behind the auto auction. Once u find it your greeted by friendly staff and fast service.

  271. brownboy51190

    I can’t wait to come back the sunset sherbert taste amazing.

  272. mase704

    I have been to All but 3 dispensaries in Massachusetts, I have to say Ermont has the best of everything….I literally go there daily…hope this helps!:)

  273. Mike_W

    Incredible selection of goods. Edibles are top notch. Highly recommend!

  274. rabo4

    Very subtle location and the flower is grown right on site! This isn’t my regular dispensary because it’s a little out of the way but the registration was very fast and I LOVED the black widow. Staff was very friendly and helpful while not being too overbearing. Would highly recommend, especially with the first time discounts. I will definitely be coming back in the future.

  275. ronwest

    Easy access for the South Shore, solid selection that’s getting better with time!

  276. Dubbs94

    One of the better dispensaries in mass. Decent prices, great selection, awesome product, and friendly staff. Definately my go to dispensary from now on!

  277. leacoam

    The place is great. No lines and good quality stuff. Ryan S. is awesome, always prompt in helping and always looking happy that he works there. No surprise, just the smell that hits you on the door is enough to put a smile on your face for the rest of the day.

  278. Jay_Ganja

    Absolutely fantastic facility Very impressed with the staff noticed some familiar faces in the cannabis industry working behind the counter Highly recommend the black widow I will be coming back for sure

  279. jeffwwoodwork

    Nice buds, friendly people to assist you, as well.

  280. fencer99

    People and Product are knowledgeable and have amazing relief and healing properties. Environment calm and loving.

  281. pattyc97

    Great variety, creative assortment of edible products , and delicious beautiful flowers. Helpful friendly staff and nice atmosphere. dYdYOEOEdY’s smoke this cannabis right now

  282. Johnpaxton

    They’re pretty friendly inside their the good people But the we Flower incredible

  283. rahsab420

    Amazing Dispensary! Definitely one of my favorites in Mass & the quality is some of the best we’ve seen! Super helpful staff and their Black Widow and Sunset Sherbert strains are amazing!


    I love this location: lots of inventory, staff is friendly & knowledgeable, right off the highway, great hours, and lots of parking.

  285. nebeane

    Went here for the first time today and had a great experience. Everyone was friendly and helpful. The quality of the flower is great and the sour diesel cartridges hit nice and hard. I was being thrifty so I didn’t sample any edibles, but the menu is huge so there’s probably something for everyone. No complaints! I’ll be back for sure.

  286. ceich

    I have gone to Ermont the past 3 times I’ve needed to re-up. Started with some nice flower and the chocolate bar (both very potent, very high quality) and then tried out both the THC and CBD cartridges. Def one of the best concentrates in the state. I’ll be frequenting here for sure.

  287. broiler123

    So glad Ermont has finally opened, and definitely was WORTH the wait! I walked into a clean, inviting atmosphere and was greeted by a super friendly (and knowledgeable) staff. They had a solid strain and extract selection, and informed me that they are going to be rolling out new products soon. I purchased some Super Silver Haze and a CBD vape cartridge. Both were fantastic. Highly recommend, and can’t wait to go back!

  288. Blacknissian

    Jen is the best. Super quick and convient. Already been here about 5x in the last 3 weeks lol.

  289. respectpeace

    Excellent Medical dispensary. Multiple products to fit your particular method of administration. Large selection of edibles. Good quality products for Massachusetts patients.

  290. bfcappucci

    Great product and great service. Ryan S. was especially helpful.

  291. Toni26

    I like that it is close to me and I love the friendly staff. There a bunch of cool people I would like to work with.

  292. deekx012

    Great edible and concentrate selection and awesome location with plenty of parking!

  293. ramies

    1st visit, 12-31-16
    purchased 1/8oz of master Kush skunk. when back home, getting ready to medicate on same day, noticed the flowers were extremely dry ( to the point of squeezing a flower between two fingers, and watching it turn to dust and crumbs( so not normal). was bad enough, if I had purchased a large amount, I would have been livid( in my opinion, that’s a defective product). I called immediately to log a complaint, instead of the person on the other end of phone listening, and looking into the problem, he insisted it was normal, and spewed out some drying moisture regulations they have to follow, well I have been to three Boston dispensary’s, and have been very happy with the others. there are one or more of several reasons for this, 1- they are over drying the flowers, 2- they are not handling and, or, storing correctly, 3- low turn over rate, product sitting to long, which can also be remedied by storing correctly ( keeping the product ” airtight” and “light tight”, its not rocket science). I also notice that they will sell you large amounts of flowers, which the other dispensary’s don’t, 1/4 ounce flower limits. which would strengthen my argument on turn over. it all comes down to quality control management which I think is lacking.

    2nd visit 02-09-17
    visited ermonts website, and seen they had a product called “moon rocks” . I have heard and been wanting to try these, and since I still had a 25dollar credit (1st two visits), thought this would be a good opportunity to try them. have not yet , but will write a review when I do. but on this visit, I paid with a credit card, when I got out to my vehicle, I noticed they overcharged me 35 dollars. had to go back in and rectify, the desk attendant said they plugged the price in wrong on the system, again, another quality control management problem.

    I hope that the right person reads this review, and takes steps to correct the above. I have been self medicating for 30 plus yrs., probably been using flowers for more yrs. than the age of the kid that was insulting my intelligence on the other end of phone.

    I welcome feedback from ermont ,

  294. carigis

    I am very pleased with this location. the staff is very nice. Its not usually too busy. great quality bud. cant really complain.

    at first I though it would be nice of they had more varieties of flower on thier menu… but Ive tried just about all of the varieties they do have so far and they have been the best of the three or four dispensaries Ive sampled.

    The sour diesel, sunset sherbert and black widow are my favorites.

    Id rather have 5 or six great varieties like that then 20 just average ones. good job ermont!

  295. 1bite

    I’ve never coughed so much

  296. kina220

    I shop here regularly. Everyone is so nice and friendly. Lots of parking which is really convenient.

  297. Smellslikebullshit

    I’ve been twice and both times the flower was to dry. That said I like the place and hope the flower improves.

  298. flanzo

    Plenty of parking
    Friendly staff
    Convenient hours
    Great products
    Great prices

  299. Gwendalynn

    Nothing bad to say. Great service and products!

  300. BostonStoned978

    excellent one of my favorit dispensaries in the state, every product i have ever purchased here i have been highly satisfied with, sunset sherbert is insane and worth the drive to get it

  301. terrapinvl

    I got the text message too. I knew it was a mistake because i never entered any raffles. But it is an indication of the direction this dispensary is heading. Their flower is not good. The sherbet they used to have was some of the best. Now it’s awful. Same for the sour diesel. And don’t get me started on their pre-rolls. Avoid this place. There are plenty of other shops now

  302. aquacher

    I think the facility is in a great location…I visited yesterday for the first time and I was very happy with the service, from the gentleman that greets you at the window..he was very nice & professional and gave me useful information about the dispensary…the “budtenders” were friendly and knowledgeable about the products…I was very happy with my flower purchases and will shop there again….they also have great deals and the prices are reasonable.

  303. achiyarok89

    So far one of the best experiences I have ever had in a dispensary, hands down. I did not expect to fin THC hot sauce !!!!!!! really great crew there, very friendly and knowledgable! hope to come again!

  304. NMO_stonerchick

    It’s been a while since I’ve gone to Ermont because its a ways away from me but when I was there last I bought some black widow, moonrocks and one of their 100mg chocolate bars and I was more than satisfied! I’ve been waiting to see the moonrocks on the menu again because I absolutely loved them but I am also interested in trying some of their new infused drinks and snacks! The staff was friendly and professional, although the first time I went there they forgot to apply the first time 25$ off so hopefully I can claim that discount with my second visit sometime this month. I’ll be seeing you soon ermont!

  305. jenjen96oak

    Amazing place!

  306. will1572

    Been going to Ermont for a month now and what can I say? Place is GREAT! Staff is always super friendly. Ryan and George are both friendly and knowledgeable . Always plenty of people working so never have had to wait in line. dY’

  307. victorwatson

    Excellent location. As with most dispensaries , employees are very friendly and informative. I prefer this place over any other around. Great prices, wish there was a larger selection.

  308. MCB17

    Very friendly staff. Easy parking situation. Master Kush Skunk was great for pain but the CBD distillate vape cartridge was even better.

  309. Codysmama

    Staff is very knowledgeable and helpful. Never a long wait. But need more Sativa products, what is in stock goes quickly!

  310. Ck12

    Cold press cartridges are incredible, best I’ve had. I’ve also had the sour diesel and critical mass flower and they were both stellar. Good quality product, check it out.

  311. noontime44

    This place is a great place especially for first-timers. The menu is always fantastic and the staff is very knowledgeable.

  312. tigerdog

    Great people, great product, small though on the inside.

  313. PDolo81

    I love their edibles!!!!! They always come up with different items like Quiche and Mac and Cheese! There cartridges…OMG! I legit had my cartridge for 3 weeks!!! It was definitely over 100 hits!!! (Trust me!!!) 10 leafs up!!!

  314. laurenA37

    This is a great
    Dispensary ! Have lots of great products . Evan was extremely knowledgeable, personable and friendly and made me feel at ease with the product I was purchasing . Thank you Evan !

  315. bagelstein

    Love this place, great prices and great products. Only complaint is the flower selection is often minimal, but the quality is top notch.

  316. h3yhOwy0udOin

    Wicked awesome dispensary!! Everything about it is fire!! dY”Y=

  317. jakewmoran

    Ermont is by far my favorite Dispensary. I drive out of my way just to go to Ermont due to their quality & service. Would highly recommend it

  318. Katherine9

    Super friendly staff. Rarely a wait and much parking. Clean inside (closer to NETA than Patriot Care in environment). Decent amount of edibles though I can’t attest to quality. Flower is good and high levels, but VERY dry. I’m unsure if it’s how it’s stored but like another reviewer said, DRY.

    Otherwise good location- and definitely worth a shot if it’s conveniently located for you.

  319. Ceobomb

    Great service. Awesome people.

  320. Gunz0813

    Place is great wish more Concentrates

  321. thegirlis

    I really like this location. The staff is some of the best and they always make you feel comfortable asking any questions and they love to help you better understand every product.

  322. Chrisski270

    This is a awesome store it’s right off the highway and the staff are all very helpful. There pricing is also very good.

  323. Leobread

    Help was great and very helpful as always

  324. MovieStarKush

    Very Excited to try the Sunset Sherbert!

  325. MadameGreen3988

    Beautiful product, beautiful quality and service!

  326. sehkie

    I have tried a couple other dispensaries, but since the first time I came to Ermont, I’ve never strayed! The staff is extremely knowledgeable & very nice. They take the time to answer any questions & to understand your individual needs. Their prices are much better than the other nearby locations. A++.

  327. slaythatblaze

    My favorite dispensary in MA by far! It’s about an hour commute and I pass two other dispensaries on the way but it’s worth it! Reasonable prices and very high quality bud. They have a really cool selection of edibles too!

  328. dgasse

    This was my first visit to a dispensary and it was a great one! Great flowers and excellent edibles! This place does it right and with class. Thanks!

  329. mk1229

    First dispensary ever visited. Made the visit easy and answered all my questions. Will definitely go back. Have not tried the purchase yet but hope to on this snowy day.

  330. CornaP617

    The flower was good,kinda on the dry side,but good.Staff was very helpful.

  331. UncleverName

    I’ve been to Ermont several times and have always had a pleasant experience. The one time there was a long line I was still in and out in under 15 minutes. The Sour Diesel and Critical Mass are excellent.

  332. UsedCardigans

    I’ve only enjoyed their flower a few times, but their clear concentrate and edibles are excellent.
    The concentrate is smooth and potent, and the edibles are really neat compared to those of other dispensaries. Examples include easy mac ‘n cheese, hot sauce, lemonade, and my favorite, the bacon asparagus quiche. My only gripe is price to potency ratio, but since it’s on par with the competition, that’s just how it is.
    I highly recommend Ermont. The quality and value is there, and I’m looking forward to my next visit to try some Sunset Sherbet. One thing to consider however, the location is somewhat out of the way, so it seems like it’d be difficult to visit by public transit.

  333. digatee

    Loved it. Process was simple and quick, and very easy.

  334. Ryshaolin

    Ermont is the best around. Don’t fool ya self! dY$?tmdY>>

  335. jcorey

    friendly folks who know their stuff in a welcoming atmosphere. my favorite dispensary by far. Rachel is ever-helpful & kind. Really just a comfortable place to be in !

  336. mbeach77

    convenient, friendly, helpful, easy all around! good flower and concentrate.

  337. analo420

    Always a pleasure visiting Ermont in Quincy. Best quality dispensary experience in the great state of MA! Check their flower menu often – thank you for always keeping a solid Indica/Sativa variety.

  338. tommyboyQ

    The location is nice and discrete but an easier sign off the main road with the divider might be more helpful for first time patients.

  339. Shamariabrown2010

    They have great staff, you’ll feel at home.

  340. BostonBuds420

    Great place friendly helpful staff and they always have sour Diesel lately which is great cause it’s my number one favorite strain this dispensary is my go to now because it is closer and a little cheaper then neta in Brookline

  341. Alicia1971

    Out of the dispensaries I’ve been to they are the most informed, empathic, and true listening group I’ve met. They have helped me sleep through the night for the first time in over three years! Not to mention I’m no longer depressed. They’re prices for 3.5 are average but their edibles are far superior to anyone’s.

  342. JuanSweetWorld89

    Great and friendly staff who are very helpful! love the atmosphere here too!

  343. bigskeech88

    great helpful people

  344. jimjames420

    The place looked and smelled fantastic. Staff members were knowledgeable, professional and super friendly. The overall experience was an absolute pleasure.

  345. Cody222

    Been to Ermont about 4 times. Bud is always fire and fresh. The wait doesn’t even compare to Neta. In and out every time. Will definitely keep coming back

  346. Charles1964

    Good close to home has a lot of what I’m looking for

  347. breehippie

    Absolutely love this place! Great staff plus excellent product. I keep coming back for the Nordle strain- beautifully grown & hits the spot every time.

  348. aloschiavo

    Silver sunset concentrate is phenomenal. Highly recommend (pun intended dY$?–)

  349. jbannans

    yesterday I had a good day the guy helped me out

  350. tmw3418

    Great local when their bread and butter is in stock. Sour diesel, black widow, and blueberry pie all phenomenal.

  351. columbine617

    Do you want the truth? The menu is boring , and the vape cartridges are literally the biggest rip off in the industry . Also some stoner cashier beat me for 5 dollars and then was kind of a dick about it …I doubt this review will be published .,,

  352. newpatientinma

    Great experience all around!

  353. highdroponix

    Speaking as someone who has more cultivation experience than the Professor of Cultivation at the New England Institute of Cannabis, Ermont unequivocally has the best cultivation team. it’s obvious not only in the quality of the bud, but the diversity of the products they offer. My #1

  354. phatgurl916

    they are great the aroma is beautiful. I’m hooked on the drinks are my thing at moment..

  355. popeglazier

    I absolutely love this place, and I’ve only had their cartridges. I’ve had 4 or 5 different strains, and one of their vyb carts. These are by far my favorite cartridges, out of the approximately 20-30 different tanks I’ve tried at this point. The sunset sherbet is probably the most delicious thing I’ve ever tasted. My first one lasted over 2 months because it’s so tasty I’d only allow myself a couple of puffs a week. The medicine man is really interesting and the blueberry pie is amazing. The staff is super friendly and knowledgeable, parking a breezen easy access 3 minutes off the expressway. And I advise opening the vents or window’s of your vehicle as you drive up the hill to the dispensary and inhale that wonderful aroma.

  356. HomieHalfDead

    great service and product ,will be back for the flower also ….

  357. rrc311

    Thumbs up all across the board

  358. Lisa2

    I love the different strains of products they have. I think they are the Best dispensary around!

  359. GetLit38

    Best location I’ve been to so far officially converted to Ermont ! This place rocks . I feel like a little kid going to the candy store with they’re variety selection of flower and edibles/concentrates ! Nothing but smiles for me as I am officially converted to Ermont haha

  360. MaxLoew78

    This place is perfect! Ermont is less expensive as Brockton and has better flower options. It’s easy to get to, just a breeze off of 93 at Furnace Brook Pkwy. I’ll definitely be going back!

  361. Neverneveragain

    Great medicinal strains. Service is great and budtenders are well-versed and informative. Tried a few things here and was most pleased with their flower. Will return. This dispensary is by far the best of the bunch for flower.

  362. aking420

    Ermont has been my go to spot! It’s close by, has parking, everyone is extremely nice and knowledgeable, and they get you in and out quick! love coming here!

  363. Chloe777619

    It was a bit hard to find at first, but they by far have the best edibles from any dispensary I’ve been to so far. Decent prices, beautiful menu.

  364. SunnyGoldie

    I work here and stand behind the product… the passion oozes from the behind the scenes operation and all the patient specialists and staff are super professional, lovely people and knowledgeable about our product! The product is FAB! Come visit us!!!

  365. wrn888

    The employees are great. Friendly and informative. They have a good selection of indica but should carry more staiva..

  366. corrin

    Everyone is wicked nice and the bud is always great!

  367. saa08009

    The product is good but over priced almost across the board from their wax to their edibles. Also, they have someone working the counter named Racheal who is rude and condescending. She threw my ID back at the counter in front of me instead of handing it to me. Then she proceeded to name call and be rude the entire visit while also providing no information about their products. Won’t be back and won’t advise others to go their either.

  368. TheDemonSlick

    Got 1/4 of black widow, excellent bud. Got a couple pre rolls, one critical mass one master kush skunk. Also some hot chocolate and cherry chews because I got 25 bucks off, which was most excellent indeed. Jen was very nice and I didn’t feel stressed because it was my first visit, she took the time to explain. They were out of the thc dabs but I knew that from the website before I went. Display jars were very cool, with a magnifying glass and a vent you can uncover and smell built into each jar. 25 bucks off first and second visits if you spend over 50 bucks each visit, that’s substantial. This visit left me completely, utterly, totally stoked.

  369. manny0804

    easy access and great atmosphere. everyone is very knowledgeable and helpful.

  370. SolarSmoker

    This place is just great. The flow is customers gets dealt with quickly and the clerk actually remembered my name after just seeing me once. They are just awesome! Worth the hour drive

  371. L5S1disc

    Well worth the drive. The staff was great thank you ladies. I’ve been on opiate therapy after 6 surgeries on my back. Their knowledge and recommendations have helped virtually immediately. This is the dispensary from heaven. Prices are lower than other locations, selection enormous and I wish people were half as nice as the staff.

  372. Gator54

    The staff was very knowledgeable and helped me with my decisions. He also took time to help understand the difference between all the percentages what each one of the measurements means. I highly recommend dY~Z this dispensary.

  373. Flowerpower7

    I loooove this dispensary I wouldn’t trade it ever. everyone at Ermont is so nice they are so patient with you and tell you what best strain suits your needs. But don’t be discouraged to try the others cause they all help me and I have anxiety. Everything I feel is a great price and worth your buck from the flower to the drinks to their honey. Everything I’ve tried has been dY’dY1/2dY’dY3/4

  374. mmalcolm1

    Easy to find, staff very helpful

  375. jcphan714

    I drive out of my way to come to this location. They’ve got an amazing staff– all very friendly and knowledgeable, and the products I’ve tried are great. Will continue to shop at this location! Totally recommended.

  376. kelleyg

    Great people very knowlegable. Great selection of CBD
    Better than any other place!

  377. 3nrique420

    more strains

  378. MAXCBD

    Went back to Ermont to check out their CBD cartridges. They told me if my other cartridges weren’t tasting right then they’d replace them. I really appreciate their employees who take time to answer questions and explain. I also told them about the very dry bud and they sold me a $1 humidor pack to put in the jar with the flower. It should rehydrate the bud. Ermont is my favorite dispensary in Mass.

  379. pjts

    Great location and great staff.

  380. smooth925

    Great flower, I tried 5 different strains over 2 visits ($25 off 1st 2 visits is fantastic.) Easy to find, secluded, nice staff.

  381. devonlovebabzy

    this is a great place to get cannabis helps alot being so close to were were I live in Weymouth

  382. tobinpatricia

    Always friendly and helpful !

  383. jjmcgrath7

    Very friendly and knowledgeable staff. Great variety of flower which are out on display to view with a magnifying glass and can smell the aroma. Their cartridges are hands down the best in the area. Would highly recommend.

  384. Quincyguy

    Excellent website with perfect instructions. Wonderful assortment. Very good staff-friendly and helpful. First time visit was easy, thank you to the folks there. Will definitely return.

  385. DelaPotato

    I’ve had almost all their strains and have been happy. I love the Black Widow and Sour Diesel. I just picked up some Sunset Sherbert and it is a beautiful sight. It can be a bit dry, but I only vape so it’s not much of an issue. Would love to see some Green Crack.

    Edibles are pricey, but in line with the rest of the dispensaries. I would prefer some of the gummies to be made smaller instead of one big piece.

    I would also like to see the hash and concentrate offered in 1/2 grams so I could try them without having to spend $60-$80.

  386. MangoBun

    Ermont is fantastic! Great product, grown onsite. Very knowledgeable and friendly budtenders and great selection. They even have a good glass display (and reasonable prices on glass too). I would absolutely recommend this place

  387. pup5581

    first time there..Staff was very friendly and great..Quality products and can’t wait to get back!

  388. gegman

    I had my knee replaced totally. I switched to cannabis within 6 weeks post op. Ermont kept me in great shape by having great quality from flower to edible to concentrate. I can’t thank you enough for making this medicine available to people who need it. Keep up the great service you do. From the bottom of my heart. Plants not pills! See you all soon.

  389. callmeyl94

    All of the employees are very helpful I come here the most out of every dispensary in mass.

  390. cnodell2

    Love this place. They have great product. I will love the location, the staff is excellent, very helpful. Great stuff for my conditions.

  391. molly2000

    I love this one because the staff is so friendly and they take their time to explain everything to you. Great place !

  392. dmp70

    Awesome!! Great selections on edibles and other diverse products!
    Excellent dispensary!!!

  393. candymaker69

    Horrible, The Buds w I purchased was over cured dry to the bone, as well as one of the strains was riddled with pre mature seeds, Why would they sell seeded buds, and the buds were not even intact they were thrown together pieces of buds nothing pretty the board also said the THCA content then I get the buds and the THCA content is different than the board said, The staff were nice but far cry from being educated on knowing facts about the products that they sell, one person didn’t know what BHO stood for when asked in a question…..AS well as a bunch of other in answered questions, Definitly wont be going back any time soon who wants to pay $100 for something with seeds in them, My advice separate the males during bud cycle or at least if that’s not it and you hermyed a bunch, (correct the issue), This is bad for business, If we wanted mids or Mexican We would go to the streets not to a place that’s suppose to have top knotch strains, When they don’t……Find some worthy growers this is pure carelessness…..INDEED…….NO ONE WANTS SEEDS IN THIER MEDICAL MMJ

  394. myoungs123

    Excellent place, great help and positive knowledgeable employees. The Ryan(s) are the bomb!! Strong quality throughout all product lines. no long wait is a huge ++. Highly recommend.

  395. barecove

    The quality of flower has come a long way since opening. Originally a bit dry, flower now is MUCH better. The selection of edibles offered is large and growing weekly. My favorites are chocolate bar (freeze and shave onto frozen yogurt for evening desert), pizza, pudding. I haven’t tried the pub cheese but hear great things about it.
    Location is a little tricky if using gps, building is located behind a couple of other businesses using same driveway the first of which is a car auction place. Ermont is located beyond these other businesses on the left driving up into old quarry location. Other than this it is easily located right off the SE expressway on the Milton, Braintree, Quincy line.

  396. IT3

    Wonderful place!!! My first 2 visits were great the people were knowledgeable about their products and it was an overall excellent atmosphere. Will definitely visit again… maybe even before the day is over.

  397. gernburgs

    Very FIRST time I went here, I bought some oil to make some brownies. As I’m adding the the oil to the mixture, I see that there’s a human hair in the oil, contaminating the medicine. I couldn’t, in good conscience, keep making the food with human hair (which would’ve gone into the food if I hadn’t caught it) so I had to throw it all out.

    When I go back expecting them to be accomodating, they instead give me a little bit of a hard time. I explain that I had to throw my food out, I have to go back to the grocery store AND have to sit in traffic just to come all the way back to exchange contaminated medicine.

    They gave me a simple exchange and a very half-hearted, awkward apology–which just embarrassed me more than anything–and that was it. Remember, this is the FIRST TIME I’ve ever even been to this store, the very first item I ever purchased from Ermont. I figured they’d give me something for all the hassle to make me whole again, but no. Nothing. Just an exchange and a curt apology.

    I’m REALLY hoping they reach out to me and make this right. I will let everyone know if they do in fact do that.

    The ball is in your court Ermont.

  398. jacobhamelburg

    This is my go to dispensary for pre rolls and edibles

  399. morbidmelissa

    I have been visiting Ermont for around a month now on a regular basis. Living in Weymouth, I was very excited to learn there was a dispensary closer to home. My first couple visits is all it took for me to know that I would be coming back regularly – and I do – a few times a week. Its an all around amazing experience visiting Ermont; from the man and woman who are always at the door checking people in (I can’t see their name tags through the window), to all of the knowledgeable staff inside, every visit makes for an all around good experience. As someone who suffers with extreme social anxiety, coming to a place where you’re remembered, and addressed by name by those who have helped you in the past, leaves me with a strong feeling of being welcomed and warm, inviting vibes. Ryan R. specifically, because I always seem to end up at his register, has always been very helpful to me and his mood brightens my day, as well as him being able to answer any and all questions I may have. I have tried every flower they have had in stock, and they are all top quality, I would recommend to anyone who enjoys flowers, regardless of whether you’re an indica person, sativa, or you like a little bit of both in a nice hybrid strain, to try them out. I have also purchased some of their edibles (chocolate bars, hot cocoa, ect) and they are all really good quality, as well, typically giving you a choice between something high in THC to something with a higher CBD content. I haven’t had a chance to try their concentrates, ect, due to lack of devices, but I am sure they’re just as fantastic as the rest of their products. All around, the atmostphere is so welcoming, informational, and you leave with the right product for you, no matter what it is you’re looking for, at good prices for the best of the best natural medicine, and will find relief for whatever type of issue you suffer with. I know making regular trips here helps me maintain many health issues, both physcial and mental, and I love taking care of myself naturally without the side effects of pharmaceuticals. I hope you enjoy your visits to Ermont as much I do. dY~S

  400. AshaMoon

    Great selection and quality. Friendly knowledgeable staff

  401. sm12263

    Great location away near Granite Links. Staff is super friendly and very knowledgeable. The quality of the medicine is top notch. A great variety of edibles. Their flower selection is constantly expanding as well as their cartridge selection. This is now my go to dispensary.

  402. cvm3

    Got love the edibles..

  403. killaebaby

    My number 1 favorite dispensary that’s available in MA , great staff, cheapest prices on flower, some of the best flower around just a little dry , i would like to see shatter in the future on the shelves, in conclusion ermont is the best dispensary in MA

  404. GOREDSOX16

    Great location right off the highway!! High Quality flower and edibles. Edible pricing could be a little lower, dose avg
    is high in comparison to other dispensaries, could offer discount on bulk. Overall it was a great experience and I will be back!

  405. amber129

    Devin was a very pleasant gentleman very knowledgeable of the products

  406. Gwendalynnz

    Great location, easy to get to and signs are clearly visible.

  407. chuckcase01

    Great staff, friendly and knowledgeable. I usually go to NETA or ATG and had seen these guys just opened. After reading reviews I decided we would take the 2-1/2 one way drive down. Very happy we did! The product is wonderful, the staff were great, very comfortable and relaxing environment which was great with my anxiety. Will go back again. Got the master skunk and shark shock. Fantastic!

  408. Anoxis

    Truly a pleasure to experience this dispensary. Nothing but smiles from one end of the counter to the other. Always plenty of staff to keep things moving… and great conversation in line too. The display cases will keep you in awe, not the 7/11 stuff here folks, and GREAT prices. I can’t say enough good things about them, the dedication shows, it’s infectious. Thank You.

  409. SadieT

    After multiple disappointing experiences at other MA RMDs, I was very skeptical. However, Ermont has surprised me with their consistently very good to excellent flower. At each of my half dozen visits, I have gotten gorgeous, well trimmed, well cured, very tasty bud. At other shops I’ve consistently gotten only popcorn bud that all looks, smells, and tastes the same. At Ermont I have always gotten some nice chunky buds at each visit and can very easily tell the differences in strains as well as effects. I will be closely watching how their grow program develops because they hit a home run with high quality flower right from opening day. Great location, calm welcoming atmosphere, very friendly helpful folks. Well worth the trip and your time even if a bit out of your way.

  410. Lhilaire

    Pretty fair. The wait wasn’t too long, everyone loves a great deal, I always try to lookout for that because having the prescription does add up.

  411. dabbingdave85

    First review. Overall a pretty solid place. Flower was good, a little on the dry side but nothing crazy. Blueberry Pie vape cartridge had good flavor and nice effects.

  412. Jedimindhx

    This was my first time to the dispensary and I really enjoyed my first visit. The consultant was extremely informative and genuinely nice. As far as product, they have a great menu filled with delicious edibles and beverage! I got the critical mass flower to help me with my insomnia and boy did I sleep well! I would highly recommend Ermont because of their selections and customer service. Don’t forget to checkout their beautiful website and daily menu online!

  413. tsanta21

    Excellent environment. Very comfortable and knowledgeable staff!

  414. CallingAnEdible

    I’m going to break this down with honesty. A lot of these reviews were provided for discounts at Ermont.

    First, the selection is not all that great. That said, one of the best strains I’ve come across, Black Widow, was from this dispensary. Even though the high was fantastic, the bud was super dry and turned to dust when broken up. Thus, it burns extremely fast. I’m finding this in all of the flower I have purchased from them.

    Second, their concentrate is decent, it’s just a viscous liquid that is messy to deal with. Tastes great though. The main issue is the price at $85 per gram. I make trips to NETA in Brookline to get my concentrates….way more selection (shatter, wax, kief) anywhere from $25 – $35 cheaper per gram. So the person that reviewed Ermont as having a better and cheaper selection than NETA straight up lied. Just go online and take a look at each of their menus and see for yourself.

    Third, Ermont is pretty much in my back yard so I patronize it out of convenience. The place is clean and the staff is super friendly. It is usually pretty quick to get in and out of there.

    Fourth, did I mention how dry their flower is? Well, it’s worth mentioning again.

  415. geeguice

    Thanks security team for the hook up.. Good quick service. Nice variety do wish there was a little more in stock. But overall good location great service.

  416. ladydi53

    I was sceptical, but they are very professional.

  417. Tfishe00012

    great knowledgeable people

  418. AOgordo

    Place is very nice and the staff is extremely helpful. Flowers are good. wish they had more of a selection. Medicine Man and Blueberry Pie both are tasty.

  419. Barone56

    It is a perfect location for someone who lives in the Quincy area and surrounding towns. Buds are hand trimmed. Good size and have a wonderful aroma. dY~+ Namaste

  420. LameDuck

    I enjoy going to Ermont they generally have quite a few strains at a time and the pre roll deal is great….unlike ingoodhealth who overcharges for everything Ermonts prices are good and the staff is great here too can’t say enough good things about the staff. It’s the best dispensary south of Boston with out a doubt aoeOEi,

  421. SirSmokeAlot2016

    very nice people and quick service.

  422. Nas02302

    I visited this place due to all the high ratings and what a waste of time and money. flower was dry and tasted harsh, edibles and concentrate are just pure trash. They recently sent out a mass raffle winner text message, which is nothing but a cheap marketing trick to get in news and than offer a 20% discount. customer service here is okay but prices are super high compared to the quality. my two visit here have been enough to never ever go back. AVOID AT ALL COST!

  423. Sherylg1

    One of the better dispensaries around very willing to help

  424. amandafriedman

    They’re extremely helpful and kind every time I go in! They always guide me to the right strain to alleviate symptoms! a~oi,

  425. LongPutter

    The best dispensary in MA! Friendly staff, excellent variety including edibles and lots of sativa flower & pre-rolls. Special shout out to Rachel behind the counter & Seth the manager — OUTSTANDING!

  426. DotB

    This place is great! I have been coming here since shortly after they opened. The staff is super friendly, well informed on their product, and their prices, including their ocassional deals, are very competitive. Additionally, their menu is quite large and they have a great selection of edibles, including great chocolate bars, pizza, and peanut butter.

  427. chefadamnesti

    I will continue to come here for my medicine. When it comes to quality medicine, Ermont has exceeded my expaectations on all counts. Edibles, flowers, concentrates, and even glass and other accessories they have available are all of magnificent quality. Staff is friendly and excited to talk to and educate patients about our medicine. When you walk into the store you are greeted by welcoming professionals, display cases of glass and medicine, and easy to read over head menus as well as hard copies of the daily menu. Again I cannot speak highly enough of this dispensary, and I will continue to recommend Ermont to any and all patients and caregivers who will listen to me. Keep it up Ermont!

  428. Heythatsme

    Awesome place and the bud

  429. mandi8521

    So happy to have a dispensary close to me-that and this one is so much better than the other one I’ve used. The staff is knowledgable and super friendly-they know their stuff and always make great recommendations. Also, there’s no armed guard and metal detectors like another place so no feeling like you’re doing something illegal…Will definitely continue to shop here!

  430. pepealves

    Quality A++. Everything went so well from the 1st to the last step.
    Got Sunset Sherbet flower and Vape Cartridges. They are just fantastic, I loved the vape, solvent-less liquid with high high quality, tastes wonderful.
    I am definitely coming back.

  431. rachelwashere

    Yo this is probably the best dispensary ive been to in massachusetts so far and they have more to come. Looking forward to the lemonade, gonna be sick. Try their chocolate bar, you wont regret it. The flower is awesome here, black widow, master kush skunk, medicine man, and shark shock are all really good, all their nugs are good but those we’re just the best they have in my opinion. Ryan and Sam (mad chill, super helpful workers at ermont) suggested a mixed bowl of Medicine man and Shark Shock. They we’re right, was a great combo of nugs.. taste like a dank fruit salad that makes you feel like your floating in the sky with the clouds. Will be back again, id totally recommend checking out this dispensary, you wont regret it. Thank you ermont (:

  432. AlwaysQuack

    Awesome place! Went today in the awful weather and it was so worth it. They have tons of parking spots, unlike other dispensaries I’ve been to. Inside is very clean and professional and I was nicely greeted at the door. Rachel was a huge help and really seemed to understand what I was looking for!
    I 100% recommend Ermont to other patients.

  433. Marcy6158

    Good fresh quality and great prices and discounts

  434. fantasticsam

    Having been to most dispensaries in the state so far I would say that Ermont has some of the better quality flower I’ve found.

    First of all I got actual buds in my order, where is pretty rare in MA so far. The staff was friendly and everything worked as it should in a dispensary.

    Try the Sunset Sherbet if you can… it’s a great strain and it was well grown.

  435. bostongothic

    Ermont’s flowers could be a bit more hydrated. The buds seems a tad dry. I liked the sour diesel, blueberry pie and sunshine sherbert so-so. The edibles imo are no good. I bought muffins, grasshopper pie and the lemonade/watermelon Quarry drink and the drink was pure lemon juice and not sweet at all. It was GROSS and as for the other edibles I felt diddly. The budtenders are now trying to say the peanut butter is stronger for people w/ a higher tolerance which is an assumption on their part whether I have a high tolerance or not. They need to be better informed. I shop there only because I’m in between my own grows. That is the only reason. I feel they could have made it right on the quarry drink because that was plain disgusting!!

  436. Kerryberry9

    Good – great medical marijuana but very long lines.

  437. lisamh

    Its great. I live all the people who work here. The very friendly and cool.

  438. FreeBrady

    The physical facility is well done and convenient. The product/flower on the other hand is a different story. I purchased flower and pre-rolls. Both were incredibly dry, almost to the point of turning to dust. Until there is some significant improvement to the maintanence of the product, I would choose somewhere else.

  439. riri22

    I was there on 4/20 & what a great experience. The staff including Jenn are so kind & knowledgeable!

  440. stubbedtoe

    Great environment and staff at Ermont. Great selection across strains and unique products. Was in and out quickly and very happy with my purchase. Will continue going in the future!

  441. jimmyganga

    I’ve been here a few times and have found it to always be a pleasant experience. plenty of sativa to be had unlike other dispensaries.
    trying the kief for the first time and the clerk was very helpful in instructing me on how to use it. many. many options here for edibles . looking forward totrying some of them.

  442. JUNIOR0117

    Nice place staff is pretty helpful until my last visit when the staff member insisted that they dont have just cbd cartridges but thats all ive been getting since they opened she looked on computer at my past purchases and saw thats what i have been getting and said nothing. Check flower before u leave i purchased some shark shock it was dry to where it was almost powder when broken up and found some white seeds and couple brown ones in it.

  443. Hallah

    I’ve only been to 1 other and this by far is a true blessing. It’s located away from traffic and other stores up a rd, don’t have to worry about street parking.
    Never a long line. Everyone’s always smiling and truelly want to help your healing process.
    Also what was very interesting is DOVE a Domestic Violence nonprofit in the area has post cards in the dispensary supporting the good work!

    When I’m in a bad mood, anxiety, lonely, sad, doesn’t matter when I pull up to this place I’m instantly in a great mood before I even walk in the door!

  444. coliveira2124

    it’s so amazing to be able to go to a dispensary in my lifetime the staff are so friendly I love the place & the selection I will come again and I will pass the word around

  445. Dory1

    Great products, friendly staff!

  446. grooveslow

    Great location, easy to get to and very discreet. I’ve only had their flower, but it was good quality. Limited selection, and limits on amounts can be frustrating. Their staff is very friendly and accommodating.

  447. allisonjd

    Love this dispensary! Only place I’ve found so far that has the purest and best tasting CO2 oil in MA! Plus they offer a discount to patients for the first 2 visits! Will definitely be back!!

  448. Eddiethecee

    Nice selection, super nice staff, all the flower I have gotten from Ermont has been top quality. The staff is very knowledgeable, no pressure, nice location, safe area.

  449. saphiYahstarter8571

    My experience exceeded my every expectation, I was pleasantly impressed, whereas I’m a very hard person to impress i especially enjoy Sam the Budtender, I enjoyed him most of all, he is very knowledgeable about the holistic science of it all he is a great help. I love Ermont and you should to.

  450. ElmsorePotMan

    This is my third visit and each time I have visited there were at least 2 new strains for me to try. The strains have been consistently smelly, tasty, and effective medicine. Ermont also has the most creative edibles I have seen. The variety is the reason I keep coming back.

  451. coolhands

    I recently visited another dispensary where I had to wait in line. Waiting in line with me was another patient, a woman and as we waited we began to talk. As the conversation went on we talked about the other dispensaries in the area. I told her that I liked Ermont. In fact, I defended Ermont when she said she found the place to be a little stuffy and the staff to be rude and condescending since I had never experienced that, until the other day. The same thing happened to me. Everyone has bad days, I understand and sometimes we even have difficult customers but everyone deservers to be treated with respect. I’ll continue to shop here for a few things but my trips will be less frequent. I’d rather wait in line somewhere else where I know I’ll have a more enjoyable experience.

  452. PEACHZ

    This is the best dispensary I’ve been to and appreciate that they carry Sativa and a great selection, so far everything has been in stock. I’ve received great information about the products I use. Very friendly staff and satisfied in general with Ermont. The only place I go to now.

  453. 50something

    Visited Ermont on 10/13/16 and was greeted by Jennifer who gave me information about the dispensary and the daily menu. Then Zach helped me in selecting some excellent strains and picked up some high CBD distillate that is awesome. Very happy and will be back soon!

  454. loudpack617

    Overall it was good had only 1 issue really well 2 i got 6 prerolls and they were both very loose and didnt even wiegh 1 gram even with the cone. Really not 1 wieghed a gram and the med were ok but not anything to go out your way for. But Ryan S. Was pretty chill he kept me laughing the whole time

  455. athena97

    This is the closest shop to my home and it’s a really good one. In terms of overall menu, this place has tons of options. They have bar none the most creative edible menu around. Pizza, mac and cheese, all the candies/sweets as expected, and a line of very effective drinks. The flower menu is a blessing or a curse depending on if you prefer predictability or seeing new stuff. They tend to have the same strains (and not as many as other shops) BUT what they consistently have is high quality. Black Widow is one of my faves and they always have it. Reward program is great and this location always has a strong selection of accessories/pipes/vapes etc.

    Only gripe as of late is that my fave strains have had slightly lower thc recently. But this is occurring in several of the local shops also.

  456. brooklynboy2358

    The guy behind the counter was very nice. Informed me about the new patient deals and about the extensive quality edibles

  457. kendog07

    awesome shop, great selection of flower & concentrates. Staff was friendly and knowledgeable. easy access from I-93 or rte. 24 this is my new dispencery.

  458. BostonBakedBean

    Flower just isn’t medical quality. The best bud they serve is purchased from other growers that know how to do dense, heady bud. All said, great central location. Edibles and concentrates are excellent. Service is good. No more lemonades is a let down…

  459. HalfDead79

    Extremely social and friendly, educated staff. Open atmosphere makes it very laid back. Wonderful selection of flower and edibles, in my experience, easily beats out the competition throughout Boston area. Personally I drive over 50mls for the quality, always worth it! dY~EUR

  460. Onemeanjean

    Great local, right off highway. Fantastic customer service, very personable. They are quite knowledgeable of the products they sell. You’re able to ask what would be the best product(s) to use. They have the best chocolate bars I’ve found yet!

  461. Toneonly81

    This place is awesome! Great bud, friendly staff. Definitely recommend this place. Can’t wait to go back!

  462. Mikesydney

    Outstanding dispensary! Everyone is extremely knowledgable and if they don’t have an answer they will find one.

  463. withaG

    the only place i’ll go. the staff is amazing every time i go in. awesome edibles, flower, and distillate. they also have good quality glass as well!

  464. Bigwilson

    First time going to any store front and Ryan helped me get though all my confusion and doubts. Would recommend for any first time shopper.

  465. thebc2

    Really great people, very nice, clean and professional facility and very very good flower. Selection could be better, but I’ll take quality over quantity any day, and they are definitely quality!

  466. fireblazinnn

    Super friendly staff, very communicative and the Shark Shock is amazing! Only thing I would say is compared to NETA the quality of the bud is definitely much lighter and almost dry . Regardless of the fact I will definitely be coming more often for the great service! Thank you for all your help.

  467. Windwardpoint

    right off H-way. easy. historic way cool peeps. Great Meds.

  468. Jimb0ng

    Wish I never came here but it’s closer so I’ll now pollute planet for bud thanks guys at ernmont for ripping me off for tha last time

  469. kspadegal

    If you’re looking for a solid product with great customer service in a convenient location then this is your place. While they don’t necessarily have a large selection, what they do have will not disappoint. As a bonus, you get $25 off your first two visits with a minimum purchase. Be sure to check their daily menu…they don’t always have the pre-rolled.

  470. CerealJelly

    Adequate variety of strains, consistent quality flower. I haven’t tried the concentrates or edibles yet. Convenient location with on ample parking.

  471. Pasha1

    Small selection but very high quality. The staff makes the place: friendly and knowledgeable. Thank you Rachel.

  472. amcdonald

    i love this location. it is close to home and so easy to get to. the staff is aways super informative about product. and i always have questions.
    plus they have the best quality for all products that i have found so far.

  473. SouthShoreGirl

    I love this dispensary. It’s easy to get to. There is never a line. The product is always very nice and the selection is good. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable. I’m from South Eastern MA and it is nice to finally have a dispensary on the South Shore. Very happy with this place!

  474. beauty451

    checked menu before driving 45+ minutes to this place. I get there and they have limits on the flower. I understand this happens, but they should really update their site. And 6 hours later, still says available. will not be coming here again because they have minimal selection on flower, and their website menu is not updated in a timely fashion.

  475. sandwich99

    While a little difficult to find the first time, the search for Ermont was worth it. Staff is very friendly and helpful and the facility was clean and inviting. Their products were of high quality. You did not feel rushed and all questions were answered. Will definitely return.

  476. ja_gov

    Flower is excellent, edibles outstanding, distillates are clean, staff is knowledgeable and most important #1 consistent high quality. Had my mmj card since November and have tried other dispensaries in Massachusetts and Ermont is number #1 for consistent high quality product and service.

  477. sc1231

    The sherbet is incredible. A nice buzz and at the same time relaxing with no paranoia. Just beautiful.

  478. JasonMantis77

    Very convenient. Friendly staff. Nice selection of flower.

  479. LKeastcoast

    I love the distillate and I love not having to wait in a huge line

  480. dchainay

    Friendly staff, Jen C was great, great selection, highly satisfied with products. I cant wait to go back!

  481. psbardella

    Amazing people and great selection. Very helpful and knowable staff

  482. G99

    Great dispensery, lead by excellent, friendly staff. Location is a big plus, personally, but I would (and have) recommend out of area patients make the trip. I’ve tried several strains and been pleased with each. For myself, their ‘Medicine Man’ strain has provided tremendous functional relief. Their CBD Hot Chocolate was a great treat, as I was pleased with its effectiveness, which will be sure to help soothe the winter nights ahead.

  483. bostonstopangel

    first time patient. excellent experience. my bud tender Sam was awesome with all his info on product and available discounts

  484. terpslurpington

    Ive been coming to Ermont for about two months now and their products continue to exceed my expectations. At my last visit I decided to try something new, and went with one of their effect specific VYB-Float drinks. This one is described as an anxiety slayer which it absolutely was, including a healthy dose of both cbd and thc. The drink is well balanced, very clear mental state and a light body high. Helped me fall asleep and I woke up feeling refreshed. The blue flavor is pretty tasty, not too sweet and works well with the terpenes. 10/10 would recommend and I plan on trying the other varieties of Vyb drinks

  485. LaurenA1977

    This is the first dispensary I have been visiting since getting my MMP card a couple months ago. I’m very impressed with the friendliness and knowledgeable staff. The products are high-quality and consistent. I suffer with chronic pain and migraines and the edibles, flower, etc have been tasty and very effective. I will definitely continuing using Ermont.

  486. noordeus

    Simply the best around. Quality and fun products. Best staff that answers questions with a smile. Happiest place on Earth.

  487. jahletha

    Great Location

  488. bostonguy16

    I have mixed feelings about Ermont….first of all I do appreciate that we have another option in the Boston area, and hopefully competition will continue to help with prices.

    aEUR”Super Silver Haze was one of best sativas I have had
    aEUR”Very friendly staff
    aEUR”Good parking, easy access off of 93

    aEUR”Extremely expensive CBD products aEUR”A $25 for three pills that are 15mg. each is highway robbery and certainly not the way a nonaEUR”profit should be operating
    aEUR”Seemed really loud inside, I think it was due to the acoustics of the place, but it seemed everyone was almost yelling to communicate to patients.

  489. ryliekoeppel

    First time checking them out and the dispensary was nice location the staff was cool answered some but not all questions about growing process. Thought it was strange how they pass the order through a window as if it’s a diner. The samples provided were only on one area of the counter so wasn’t able to get a good look. Got a half of black widow and was happy with the product, I press all flowers for rosin tech and these flowers pressed well even though the flower was very dry, would like a fresher flower.

  490. Billysauce11

    This dispensary is awesome. From the oils, to edibles to the wonderful flower this is the place to go! If you want high quality products with excellent customer service, make the trip and visit Ermont today!

    Favorite strains-
    *Sunset Sherbert<------- *Sour Diesel *Black Widow * Critical Mass

  491. WildBill82

    Great place, awesome environment
    Great medication, always great selection of flowers and some of the best concentrate’s in MA.
    Overall, always quick not many lines or waiting, and great service and medicine so how can u go wrong!! Thanks Vermont!!

  492. KapticalPain

    Amazing edibles, friendly staff, just plain awesome. You need to try the Sherbet flower, its unreal!

  493. Bjrogers22

    Location is perfect for the South Shore.
    Staff is Top notch, very knowledgeable. I highly recommend Ermont. Rachel was great!

  494. StoneyCrocker30

    Ermont is my local dispense 5 mins from my house. The staff is friendly, flower is good and but their edibles r insane. Peanut Butter, honey, Hazelnut all some of there many taste treats.

  495. casper02127

    I LOVE IT!! Their vape cartridges can not be beat. The quality of them is top notch! My only critique would be to make the atmosphere more inviting. Warm colors are needed, not just green, green, green.

  496. sorryinadvance

    Ermont is a 35 minute drive for me and worth every second. Everything I look for in a shop is here.
    Budtenders are friendly and educated !
    Flower is high quality
    concentrates are some of the best I’ve had.
    easy in and out store with a great atmosphere.

    big shout out to Sam who was a huge help in selecting the right strain for me !

  497. devinroddy

    Great place, and full of knowledgeable people! Ryan S was wonderful in recommending specific strains that would accommodate my needs. I’ll definitely be coming back.

  498. bombbudisallilove

    great friendly service, they know their stuff, great bud, edibles are alright for me they are either a hit or miss, no matter what edibles I buy, great and friendly environment , Great place.

  499. sethscp

    Absolutely a must visit place! Top notch and legendary strains. Well worth the drive!

  500. Scoofer

    Im from the cape so far this is the best option for me even though the prices are significatley higher than Brookline. Great Customer service from Ryan R, Kudo’s Guy, Weed was a little too dry but good, The sign directing you to the top of the hill is a great help, I will go again.

  501. SouthShoreClouds

    went here for the first time after hearing many good things about it. this place is awesome. the location is awesome the quality is awesome and the people were awesome. will definitely be going here alot!

  502. Yamar13

    Best of the Boston area medical dispensaries for selection and quality. Looking forward to seeing some new strains on the vast menu!

  503. richban1007

    Very helpful and professional staff. Good selection. 10% discount for veterans plus first time customer credit was a plus. Will be back.

  504. earthor1

    I really liked it, the people were really pleasant and helpful.

  505. KathMD

    Super friendly and helpful staff. Good inventory and availability.

  506. Dawng78

    This place is amazing. Staff is friendly and really know there stuff. Great quality flower and there edibles are the best I’ve had

  507. mmaltby

    i love this location, its my top spot to buy from! everyone is so nice and they really pay attention to patients wants and needs.

  508. yardape08

    This has become my go to dispensary. They pay strict attention to quality and continually provide new strains to mix in with their tried and true strains.

  509. Illsic

    Flower is overpriced dry and taste like hay…very disappointed… spend your $$$ elsewhere

  510. jegagnon15

    Ermont used to be the best dispensary until this new greedy, awful ownership took over a few months ago.

    The new Chroma brand edibles are disgusting and made me super paranoid. Their old homemade edibles were delicious and had such a clean, pleasant high.

    Now they’re also raising the prices of their distillate cartridges to be far more expensive than any other dispensary in the greater Boston area, except for one. $75 a piece, up from $60! Scum.

    Their new rewards system sucks too. They sent out a text recently saying that I won a raffle, only to follow-up say that was an accident.

    I live in Quincy 5 minutes away from Ermont and have been going there for a year, but I will never go back unless I’m simply too lazy to go anywhere else and run out of something. And when I do go, I will only be buying one or two things, rather than spending hundreds to stock up like I always did in the past.

    Some people actually need this stuff for health reasons and it’s already expensive enough. Your margins are ridiculous and you’re just taking advantage of loyal customers so you can wear Yeezys. The new ownership should be ashamed.

  511. JBirdie617

    The selections of flower/edible available was great and the young lady that assisted provided excellent info and advice.
    Navigating to location from highway was very simple.
    Text messaging notification on the day I planned my visit indicated a delay opening–AWESOME!! Didn’t have to waste my morning.
    I will use this location in the future.

  512. Rjcrodeo

    The friendly knowledgeable staff is a pleasure to work with.

  513. WhistlerAT

    Awesome dispensary favorite in MA

  514. Mook

    Knowledgeable staff, great selection, always a positive experience.

  515. modeling

    The best place in town for edibles! They have an incredible selection. The staff is so friendly and knowledgeable and will do what they can to accommodate your needs. A must go!

  516. Gonisher

    Convenient location, Great staff I will be back!

  517. Dyno88

    The location is a little wonky, but workable. A sign or 2 might be nice. U got the Super Silver Haze, Black Widow… And pre-rolled Shark Shock, Medicine Man. No complaints…. The #’s are a little low but it’s all wonderfully aromatic. My slight problem is that it was all super dry. I understand this is a new business and all the Kinks have to be worked out. All said. ……. I give my visit a 4.5 out of 5 stars review. Keep up the good work.

  518. Pauldshannon7

    I love the different sized prerolls to sample the strains without spending too much. This is the only dispensary where i can go in with 5 dollars and leave with a mini preroll. The new patient specials saved me $50 on my first two visits

  519. Stella123


  520. cambridgebiker

    A+ gear bud and wonderful bystanders Ryan Rachel and Marni are awesome!

  521. funkynugz315

    The staff was extremely helpful. I got a first time visit discount it was 25 dollars off. And 25 the next visit.First time in you read the patient rules and sign in takes less then 5 minutes.its easy to get into the building plenty of parking and theres plenty of lines with helpful people who work there are very knowledgeable .Take your time and ask about all the strains. The product selection was not bad at all, you can smell and view strains up close, i never felt rushed or unsure about what i was buying. i give it a two thumbs up. Thank you for the help today Rachael and Zack , and all the people there who greet you as you walk in and out.

  522. mc.kush

    prices are fair quality is great and the people are very knowledgeable in any questions and concerns , would recommend anyone going here atleast once

  523. carrieawd

    Remote location with plenty of parking. Clean atmosphere and friendly knowledgeable staff. Being my first time there Ryan R was very helpful with explaining how things work. Will return to this location.

  524. Sammi_S

    Ermont in Quincy is definitely a repeat visit facility! I have been there several times now, and they do not disappoint. Finding the building is a bit of a hassle for your first time, because the town of Quincy won’t let the owners of Ermont put a sign on the building! So pay attention to the numbers on the building to help you find the right place! The building is located in an industrial park, and don’t bother asking the security guard who watches the lot, because he sent me in the exact opposite direction of the building when I asked! There is a decent amount of parking available, and they usually put up a plastic tent outside the door when it is raining so you don’t get soaked while waiting to be buzzed in. For some reason it does seem to take an inordinately long time to get buzzed in, even when there is only one person in front of you! Once inside, it isn’t much to look at. The atmosphere is very cold, clinical, and cramped! However, the two most important factors in a good dispensary are staff and product, and this is where Ermont has put forth their best effort! The staff there are more than willing to answer any questions you have, and if you are willing to describe what you use the cannabis for, they will even make helpful recommendations! This place definitely has 5 star service! The online menu is usually quite reliable, and their products do not disappoint. While the choices of flower are limited, the flower they do sell are top quality! One of my favorites is the Super Silver Haze pre-roll. This helps to battle my anxiety and pain throughout the day, while still leaving me clear headed enough to attend classes!

  525. Amybadd1124

    This is an excellent locationdY’s. I would highly recommend this dispensary for all. Not shady what so ever. Only heard bad things about the Brockton, and considering they’re are many more to come, I will stay true to ErmontdY'”. Ryan R. , Ryan S. , and Jen C. are the best onesdY’-.

  526. prasaath.svelu

    Love the Activ8 carts they carry… very delicious but a little hard hitting on the throat

  527. Lisabug

    really friendly,..helpful and caring staff. Answered all of my questions with a smile. Also extremely knowledgable regarding meds.

  528. LemonGSkunk

    Ermont offers a discrete location away from other businesses, a nice bonus if you experience stress or anxiety. You’ll be checked in and enter an nice clean room with wood finished floors and display cases providing a earthy and relaxing feel. Ermont’s friendly staff is helpful and takes time to explain the variety of products. Their Sour Diesel flower definitely lives up to the hype of this popular Sativa strain. Aromatic, tasty, effective, and uplifting medicine. I also enjoyed a Black Widow preroll. Take advantage of Ermont’s first time patient discounts ($25 off 50 for you 1st 2 visits), another $5 savings for writing a review like this, and additional discounts for low income individuals (Mass Health). They even allow you to combine discounts too, which is awesome! I’ll be back.

  529. Mr.Smiley

    Upon visiting Ermont for the first time, after visiting other RMD. Ermont is by far the best location couldnt be better, little hard to find due to off road location. Adequate parking available. As I also entered the building I noticed how clean an well oriented the staff was. I was able to meet my tender Zack in seconds due to no wait time. Zack easily help me find what best fit my needs, also giving me knowledge on their products an how it is made. A gentleman by the name of Ryan also educated my their inventory as I waited for my medicine to be filled. By far one of the best experiences I’ve had so far. Thank you Zack an Ryan I will be back soon!

  530. jimmyfnjames

    Cool layout and it smells great once you walk in! The staff is very helpful and knowledgeable, even giving recommendations based on a previous purchase. Great location and you can’t beat the $25 off on your first two trips!

  531. rickytan1917

    This place is great. The staff are great. The flower is great. The only thing I don’t like is that I can’t take a bus to get there, getting rides can be awkward.

  532. Mimi721

    I’ve been to Ermont several times now, and I feel each visit I walk out with more knowledge about the products, strains etc. and just a good overall feeling about the dispensary. Definitely good vibes here, and I feel totally safe where the location is. Everyone is extremely nice, Jen C. Is a hoot! And I know that next time I’m in, and working with a new budtender that I’ll learn something new, and likely be trying something new…which is my favorite!!

  533. kallietta

    Ermont is by far the best dispensary around me! The staff is super familiar with their products, make incredible suggestions and have the highest quality around. I eat quite a few edibles, use vape pens and cook at home, all of which Ermont has been more than helpful with navigating through all the ins and outs of each specific, very individual product. I actually have personally recommended several people from both Cape Cod and Boston to Ermont, yet have not been able to collect my incentive due to our not visiting the dispensary at the same time. I;m a single mom and drive over an hour to get to Ermont. Had I been able to coordinate my visits with those I referred, I would have at least two incentives to save a bit of money, but because I was unable to do so, I sadly missed out. This is my ONLY suggestion……. Perhaps allow the referral program to be altered a bit. It could still work if the one referred gave the name of the person who sent them there, allowing for the discount at their next visit. For someone who spends the amount I spend, this would be a big help! Aside from that, keep up the good work!

  534. Watercolor611

    Great location with parking. Everyone is caring and knowledgeable. Cool mix of homemade edibles. Love that everything is grown and made onsite.

  535. jmo4231

    This place is great. 4 miles from home and amazing product. See you all again soon

  536. mjsaunt

    Have been coming here on a regular basis. The staff is amazing, unbelievable quality of edibles, flower, and concentrates and also with quite a variety of accessories. They remember regulars – I always look forward to visiting.

  537. RettaBuggah

    great place very knowledgeable and helpful….very happy going back for a third time

  538. BM876

    Great product. Knowledgeable staff.

  539. fldot617

    Awesome staff and selection. Plenty of parking!

  540. dandes24

    I absolutely love this place. By far my favorite dispensary in the area. They have such innovative and quality medicinal products – hot sauce, moon rocks, bacon asparagus quiche, (not to mention the best strains around).

  541. coreydeltufo

    great staff and wonderful medicine. alot of options and good edibles. Sam and Manni always give me good service they are great thank you Ermont

  542. OptimusRoy

    The first I’ve been too, but don’t really have a want or need to go anywhere else. friendly people, no question is a dumb question. very professional. actually felt like I was in a bank… Nice setup, clean. will go many, many more times and will refer friends

  543. BeachMan16

    Great location and looking forward to new strains and products dY~Z

  544. thebeave

    best flower of the mass dispensarys. blueberry pie and sunset sherbet are my favorites. they have the best pen cartridges too. i just wish they made better concetrates.I would avoid the crumble at all costs. i have never had crumble that sizzles and cracks when applied to the nail like theirs does. must be residual water still in it. when will these dispensarys wake up and start making the “sauce”?

  545. MirandaJane79

    Knowledgeable staff. Great quality products. I would definitely shop here a third time and I have recommended some friends.

  546. Loshill

    Staff very friendly and knowledgeable. Was going regularly to another dispensary and will now be going here for sure!!!

  547. theredmancometh

    Nicely re-done flower warehouse incorporating grow facility. The security the Commonwealth makes these guys employ is ridiculous. Retail facility is sterile and bland but the service is GREAT!. Product good but they seem to be out of items often–being a new facility it takes time to get everything rolling together–and the product is a bit “harsh,” meaning they could “cure” it a bit longer going forward. Lots of parking. Recommended.

  548. slaterun

    This was my first time visit as a patient and the staff was so helpful explaining the process and products.

    This made the visit very productive.

  549. 420OGKnowldge

    Every time I go I walked out satisfied. I love the people here and they have the best edible selection around.

  550. Blue12034

    Awesome flower

  551. Mrtomcatt

    My favorite place. Nicest helpful people. Consistently great products and selection. New membership rewards program is nice too. Worth the short trek from Boston to come here.

  552. haphappy

    The service is excellent. The product excellent.

  553. cactusforpants

    I am in love with this place. The first time driving to it was a little confusing but once I got there, oh glory, glory Hallelujah. As you ascend the hill to the building you are met with the heavenly and angelic waft of quality bud.
    Budtenders here are knowledgeable and chill af. It’s clean and bright, and everything is done on-site so there’s the same feeling of direct freshness you get at the farmer’s market. In addition, the first two visits you get $25 when you spend $25.

    Medicinally, they have the best selection of flower I’ve found, with a wide range of strains and products that work really effectively for my nausea, anxiety and pain. With edibles the menu is hugely varied (maple pecan pie?!wat) and they’ve got these interesting beverages that customize your experience.

    Just got my taxes back so I’ll be going today. Namaste, dudes.

  554. hausmanlau

    All the staff at Ermont have been extremely helpful, supportive, and knowledgeable thus far. I am new to medical marijuana and had many questions during my first visit 2 weeks ago. Everyone made the time to explain everything to me, answer new questions, and really provide an empathetic ear when I shared my story. This is absolutely a great place!

  555. Iris143

    great products great service would definitely go here again customer service has great information on all strains and which would help me the best Ryan s was the gentleman who worked with me and he was great

  556. blueberryfan

    I have enjoyed my 4 visits to Ermont thus far. Pretty informative staff; and patient too. I have been asking a ton of question and each staff member has been thorough enough with me without rushing me. I am new to all of this and thus far my MMJ experience has helped me with my symptoms. I think its a fine place dispensary with not much to compare it to. The staff are nice – overall I’m pleased.

  557. Ccheney

    Very friendly and knowledgeable.

  558. CattyCox

    The staff is really professional and knowledgeable!! Thanks peeps

  559. denzelswife

    LOVE this place! Staff is friendly, knowledgeable and very helpful. Good to have a dispensery on the south shore. Bud selection is nice, although I’d like it better if the menu changed more frequently.

  560. Tferoe

    It’s in a great spot, easy access from the highway, near Granite Links golf course, what could be better?!!!! The customer service is awesome, staff is super knowledgeable & professional, super happy to have found them!!

  561. WillieLaws

    5 Stars across the board. They had me at hello with the discount for veterans and family type atmosphere. I don’t need to go anywhere else.

  562. Tatertot223

    This was my first visit to Ermont and it was an awesome experience! The location is great, the staff was very nice and helpful and the product is amazing!!

  563. Tautog59

    Location,selection,quality, quantity

  564. captaindoctorchef

    Great location and facility. Staff is very friendly and will help with decision making. Flowers are always nice and so are the thc cartridges. Only complaint is they need more selection of flowers but they are new so it’s understandable.

  565. VSE_808

    Best edible game in the area. Those quarry quencher lemonades are delicious! Their cheesy headband strain was a miracle worker with my migranes.

  566. DarrenJC

    Very helpful and nice staff, would recommend to anyone!

  567. HeyAshThat420

    Friendly knowledgeable staff great customer service!

  568. Allston


  569. rff420

    the location is absolutely perfect from my house.. this place is my second home… Ryan S is the man… the whole staff is awesome..

  570. cabd78

    Best Dispensary South of Boston! Great product and Great service.

  571. CubStep

    I love it here. Great location right off the highway. The staff is great. They make me feel very welcome every time I stop in. There’s a wide variety of product including many edibles and concentrates. They also do a great job of carrying a balance of indica, sativa, and hybrid strains. Also there is no shortage of high CBD products. My only complaint is with their oil pens. I have had trouble getting a consistent pull from the THC cartridges. Other than that this place is awesome.


    Great people and great service. Everyone was really nice and helpful, however I was really disappointed with the flower. The flower looked great but did not taste good or smoke well. The pre-rolls wouldn’t burn at all. Hopefully the quality gets better as they get dialed in.

  573. ltiscooler

    Great new location. Great facility and great customer service.

  574. pboyle

    Ermont surpasses any expectations one may have for a dispensary; this place is amazing! I agree in saying that Ermont deserves more than 5 stars! I have now been twice (in two days!) to this beautiful dispensary in Quarry Hills, Quincy and I will never buy from anywhere else again, I love this place! In short, Ermont has the nicest staff, chillest environment, easiest to read menus, and lowest prices; Ermont is simply the best and fully deserves this lengthy, positive review.

    Arriving at Ermont: when you arrive on Ricciutti drive, you want to drive until you see the Quincy Auto Auction on your left. There is a sign for Ermont, but it is not really visible until you’re pulling into the lot. Great directions on the sign tell you to drive following the arrows all the way to the back of the very large parking lot. Make sure to have your MMJ ID (and other form of ID) ready to enter the building. You will need to hold up your MMJ card to the little camera after you ring the bell; the door clicks open and you’re in! (PS keep your ID cards handy)

    The Staff at Ermont: absolutely wonderful from the moment you walk in to the moment you say goodbye. You’re greeted with a smile and treated with kindness as soon as you enter the building. After you sign in, another door unlocks, leading you in to a truly one of a kind place. You are warmly welcomed by any available staff at the counter as well as by someone friendly standing just inside the door. If it’s your first time, you are asked to sign a form and given a menu as well as the Ermont handbook.

    At the Counter: the staff at the counter are just as welcoming, pleasant, and accommodating. They are also very knowledgeable and super easy to chat with. I was not 100% sure what I wanted and their suggestions made me very happy each time! For a dispensary that is only 1+ week old, I was very impressed with their selection. They have a great variety of beautiful, crystal covered buds each labeled in jars that you can pick up and look through a magnifying glass or lift the rubber piece to smell! They are also starting to sell edibles (Chocolate bars) as well as distillate oils!

    The Vibe: the atmosphere is great! You truly feel like a valued person here and get to engage in great conversation while learning from the extremely helpful staff!

    My Experience at Ermont:
    There is a great discount for your first two visits, $25 off when you spend $50! I was so excited to hear that!
    So far I have tried their Black Widow, Super Silver Haze, Nordle, and Medicine Man as well as a high strength THC vape cartridge and a Chocolate bar! I am seriously impressed; my favorite so far is Medicine Man. I am a daytime/nighttime daily use patient with a high tolerance and I was not sure if the vape would be strong enough, but I am very happy to say that it is!

    Good job, Ermont. You did it. I can’t wait to see what else you have in store for us!

  575. jdevin492

    This is my favorite dispensary! The staff is very friendly and knowledgeable.

  576. dc2kav

    Clean and awesome staff! People are very helpful and willing to listen to your needs

  577. laurie2308

    Perfect location for me – all agents are very knowledgeable, polite, take their time explaining everything. I will not be going anywhere else a$?

  578. medical1

    This is my go to spot now for the south shore. Rachel is well informed and and very pleasant. All the strains I’ve tried from this location have been great. The Sour Diesel is fire, as well as their blueberry pie strain,Excellent quality!The edibles are very medicinal as well! Keep up the good work Ermont!

  579. standingclover

    The staff are very knowledgeable and friendly. I felt very at ease shopping at this dispensary.

  580. shane.m.mathews

    This dispensary gives my wife the tools she desperately needs to manage her condition. They’re constantly adding new High CBD products and are incredibly helpful in suggesting the best ways to use them.

  581. Ganja_Guru420

    Best service I have ever received. I want to suggest that the patient service agent Justin be nominated for bud tender of the year. He walked me through getting my card at canna care years ago. Then I walk into the dispensary and there Justin is. I feel extremely comfortable knowing that he is here to provide me with the proper medicine Can’t say enough I will def be back so happy to see a friendly familiar face in the industry.

  582. re24

    Great location and make sure you see Jen C. if you go she has great info!!!!

  583. dannyr

    very good service and good quality bud

  584. lilzubat

    Ermont is hands down the best dispensary in the area. Every staff member is friendly, down-to-earth and not just knowledgeable but genuinely enthusiastic about their products. They’re great about recommending the right strains for what I need and I’ve never been led astray thus far! Ryan “Renegade” Read helped me on my most recent visit and I will be sure to go to him for recommendations in the future. I am sticking with Ermont exclusively from here on out.

  585. Gregory15k

    Ermont has some of the best selection edibles I have seen in Massachusetts. Although their flower selection can be a bit limited, it’s great quality. Also the staff was very kind and helpful. Absolutely one of my favorite medical dispensaries!

  586. Muggsy

    Great, wish it was a little closer. Rachel was very professional and knowledgable.

  587. xploxive12

    great quality of product and the service couldn’t be better I’m definitely coming
    back,Jen C was amazing explaining the products on my first visit.

  588. NinjaTurtle9

    Visited here a few months ago and really lived the staff. the flower is also exceptional. a tad bit dry but it was still fire! shark shock and medicine man are a great combo!

  589. kleggg25

    I absolutely love the people that work at Ermont, they’re so helpful and nice to everyone. There’s usually at least three different strains to choose from, and so many different edibles I couldn’t begin to list them all. The prices are really affordable as well, and it’s super easy to get to from Plymouth. Love this place!

  590. Callaway500

    Was impressed by the variety of flower and the accepting environment. I’m sure I’ll always visit Ermont going forward. Easy in and out. I visited with staff for awhile and educated them from my 40 years of being around cannabis They were receptive which was nice and felt I contributed to the community.

  591. Mmflauto

    Really nice vibe with very helpful people. I “highly” recommend it.

  592. LydiaR629

    This is my favorite place to go in the area. The flower never disappoints and the edible menu is so extensive, it’s hard to decide what to buy. Everyone that works here is so knowledgeable and friendly. It doesn’t matter how busy they are, they never rush you. I always feel comfortable going in and really enjoy dealing with everyone that works there! I have dealt with Jennifer and Zack the most and they are just the best!

  593. blue3dreams

    Easy location right of the highway. Very private location. Great if you don’t want to be seen going into a marijuana dispensary. Got the black widow, blueberry pie, and the sherbert. all top notch flower. but I’m going to keep going back for the sherbert witch had beautiful purple color and it actually taste like sherbert ice cream. also will be returning for the blueberry pie that has a effect similar to a mild pain pill like taking a Vicodin. doesn’t taste much like blueberry pie but still has a nice woodsy taste with a hint of hash and sweetness.

  594. RoxyShadow

    By far the best place for edibles, hash, crumbles and MOON ROCKS! The bud tenders really know what they are talking about and take as much time as they need to answer every question! The grasshopper pie is insanely good!

  595. s7bulldog

    Was nice when ther wernt any other dispensaries open near south shore. they have terrible bud. so dry. only seen the same 5 same strains, they keep rotating since they opened. ohh did i mention super expensive? always leave feeling i get ripd off paying 80g 4 cbd oil. why is it so expensive when they are untaxed? patient care? more like profit care.

  596. Deblc

    Staff work as team to meet your needs. Zack was friendly, and very helpful. Great products, assortment and prices. Would like higher CBD vapor choices.

  597. BostonBurnz420

    Came to Ermont few times and the customer service is on point as well as their products.. do wish they added to the flower menu little more but no complaints with what they got nice spot !…. check it out dY$?tmdY3/4

  598. saquino12

    Great place to go. Staff (Jen C.) was informative and helped me out to get the right meds. New patient deals are great. Out of the way but I like that seclusion Quincy put on them. Def going back.

  599. Rtcmari

    Extremely friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable staff (Rachel was my cashier). product diversity and availability is great, can’t wait to visit again! Thank you.

  600. Artiehd58

    Love this place the staff are friendly and helpful always have a great experience there the flower is always good

  601. bigdave7

    Everyone there is friendly. Products are great

  602. MadMigh617

    Clean awesome place to find out about buds

  603. shell1237

    I love Ermont,Jen and all the guys that work there are very knowledgeable,and answer all my questions,and if they don’t know the answer,they find out for me,I love all of the workers there
    ,they’re all smart and know their stuff on medical marijuana.Their product is a little too dry sometimes,but that’s not too often, it’s my favorite dispensary to go to!

  604. HeidiTilley

    Was great product!! On my way now!! My new go to dispensary!

  605. cscott7697

    Sour Diesel was on point.

  606. mikema

    The facility is great, and access is very easy. I arrived within an hour of opening. My wait was minimal. Due to the lack of area facilities, I figured I’d have a bit of a wait. Happily, I was wrong.
    The staff seems very committed to customer service. Ryan spent a fair amount of time with me, answering my various questions about products and technique (what’s this dab talk I’d been wondering…). The experience was great, and I was able to park about 6 feet from the door!
    I will be back!

  607. Recluse218

    Very pleased with the service and the Critical Mass is excellent. I would definetly recommend this place but I do wish to look at more of the inventory in the display case like some more of the cool edibles they have listed. Can’t wait to go back!

  608. Jocknock

    I am thrilled that someone opened a dispensary in my driving range, albeit one you have to carefully attain on the other side of an auto auction lot. Friendly, knowledgeable staff, and everybody’s learning. The flower is good–I like a sativa called Sour Diesel–and the lozenges and vape cartridges are excellent.

  609. Pgoodman

    Great people, products, location and atmosphere. I’ve been to one other dispensary and I believe Ermont will be my home.

  610. BlueDucktape

    I have been going to this place ever since the first week of their soft opening and my only complaint is sub-par trimming but other than that i would recommend checking it out.

  611. Shinahines84

    its convenient and always a good conversation when i come in to get my medical flower.

  612. megz1007

    Great location

  613. Mew

    I got a text message from Ermont claiming I was the winner of a raffle they held. I emailed them to claim my prize per instruction of the text, and I was then sent another message stating that I actually was NOT the winner of their raffle… pretty upset that they would message me in error like this. I was excited to have won. But no, they mixed up my /personal/ patient information with someone else’s…

  614. NoDoze27

    1st time visit. Pretty easy to find just follow the arrows. Awesome selection of flower and concentrates. Rachel is a awesome Budtender. Good knowledge and info. Really cool vibe and personality. I will definitely be back. Thanks guys.

  615. Panicattack2703

    The location is perfect for me. Staff is great and th0ey have some interesting stuuf their. Im into eddibles and thats where some catching up needs to be made.price per milligram is out of wack. The best ive seen so far is 250 for 50 dollars. Thoses are in a bottle that contaib 50 5 mg pieces. Thats why i say ermonts prices are funky. Overall its a good place. Michael

  616. ray1977

    Ermont is getting really good, new number 1 contender in MA.

  617. marybrenton

    I LOVE the staff. And obviously the weed. Especially, Rachel (staff) & Med Man (weed). They get 5 my ai,’s. This is not Rachel’s mom.

  618. klmack84

    First time visit was great! Everyone was super helpful. The oil cartridges are awesome. I love the Sunset Sherbet!! Only down fall is there are limits. I wasn’t able to get two of the same strain. They also don’t carry any Shatter which I was pretty bummed out about since I consentrates to flower. All around was clean and professional. I will return again! Thanks!

  619. Dillsnufus

    Love the selection of different products and friendly staff

  620. sheebes

    The NETA of the South Shore. This place is a MUST visit. When I went in I was greeted by Ryan who was casual and friendly, but still professional. I got your flower very quickly and was out the door in no time (although I staid a bit longer to chat with your PSAs and other patients). This place has a very relaxed vibe. I only got flower but boy can I say it is fantastic. Covered in crystals and great for what ails ya. My only negative would be thay the flower is a tad crumbly and almost spiky in its texture. It doesn’t affect the quality of the medicine by any means, but I would say I’ve seen. Better cured and trimmed bud. But hey its a new place and practice makes perfect.

    A+ must try.

  621. jaygren67

    The other day was the first time I visited. Was not the easiest to find had to call them. The bud tender was personable and helpful. The selection was pretty good, but the flower was a pretty dry. But on the upside for your first two visits you get $25 each time.

  622. spencery

    Location is perfect! Couldn’t ask for better staff during my visits. Ryan, one of the staff, has always been helpful and extremely informative (even to this long term user) He has never dissapointed in his ability “grasp the gist”
    of my needs. The building itself smells clean, and clear, and fresh. I have never had to wait more than 15 minutes in line, as there is enough staff available. The edibles are superb. Oils very clear, and prices reasonable, especially with the high quality. My only notation for slight improvement would be that the flower seems excessively dry, and difficult to work with in some instances. I still will continue coming, as I’ve noticed the company takes suggestions seriously.

  623. loriloves98

    This by far is the BEST Dispensary around. Great staff, awesome products.. BEAUTIFUL inside.. I can not say enough nice things about Ermont and there amazing staff..

  624. sunloc1987

    Hey I had a the nice time, the crew who work at ermont are very friendly and very knowledgeable on there products, I will be coming many times to come.

  625. Musician1

    Great High THC vape cartridges!

  626. mlabollita

    This is my preferred dispensary by far! The staff is knowledgeable, friendly, and create a great vibe and environment to visit! Barely any wait time so you are in and out in no time! Keep it up!

  627. Mrmischief24

    Employees were kind and patient. Atmosphere was laid back and there was a good selection of edibles. They also have very unique edibles from time to time. I am a big fan of this place. I haven’t tried their flower yet, but I will soon.

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