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Curaleaf is a Kendall Medical Marijuana Dispensary

Curaleaf proudly offers Kendall medical marijuana patients access to premium, pharmaceutical grade cannabis in a safe and informational dispensary environment. Their organization was founded by a team of doctors, pharmacists, and other medical experts to create and develop the most reliable medical cannabis for their patients.

Curaleaf started their cannabis journey on a mission to aid any patient in search of medicinal cannabis to alleviate severe health conditions. Their dispensary team worked closely with Florida physicians and patients to develop their business model and officially received their license to produce and dispense cannabis in 2015. Florida later voted to legalize full-THC medical marijuana and Curaleaf opened their Kendall dispensary in Fall 2017 to offer medical marijuana patients cannabis in a safe, welcoming environment.

The team at Curaleaf hosts a positive, friendly place where patients can learn about cannabis. Their dispensary passionately advocates for advancing the research and use of medical marijuana. Curaleaf’s team continually formulates the best possible cannabis therapies and employs the industry’s latest standards in their production center. Curaleaf wants to generate awareness of cannabis’ healing properties and make its benefits more widely available for patients in need. Kendall individuals can rely on Curaleaf to connect them with a qualified doctor and help them place their first medicinal cannabis order.

Curaleaf’s menu comes from their 50-year history of horticultural experience combined with the cannabis industry’s latest advancements. Their cultivation center staff holds themselves to a high level of quality and transparency to produce cannabis products optimized for patient relief. Curaleaf is also the only Florida dispensary to offer Haleigh’s Hope, a high-CBD product available in both pill and oral syringe form. Their South Miami facility also formulates a variety of CBD and high-THC topicals, transdermals, syringes, capsules, and more.

Kendall patients enjoy Curaleaf’s medical marijuana products at affordable and accessible pricing. Their dispensary offers discounts for both veterans and seniors, and welcomes cash and debit card payments through their CanPay system. For homebound patients, Curaleaf also provides home cannabis delivery throughout the Kendall region.

Service Locations:
Curaleaf’s Kendall dispensary offers safe and educational marijuana access to patients throughout Kendall and South Miami. Visitors from Richmond Heights, Palmetto Estates, Palmetto Bay, Cutler, and Pinecrest can access their cannabis healing. Their dispensary serves patients from The Crossings, Three Lakes, Kendale Lakes, and Sunset with compassionate care. Curaleaf invites Glenvar Heights, Olympia Heights, Westwood Lakes, and Coral Gables residents to find lasting relief through their cannabis.

Location Information:
Kendall, Florida is located in Miami-Dade County, due south of the larger Miami metropolitan region. The city is home to two malls, Dadeland Mall and The Falls, which offer dozens of retail adventures for fans of shopping. Pinecrest Gardens offers city visitors a petting zoo and botanical garden through which to walk. Further south near Palmetto Bay, the Deering Estate offers tours of its historical 444-acre site. Visitors enter the region via the Miami Executive Airport, which flies over the Zoo Miami’s 300+ acres. From the Gold Coast Railroad Museum to the seasonal Santa’s Enchanted Forest, Curaleaf is proud to be a member of their Kendall community.


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24 reviews for “Curaleaf

  1. Buttercup1

    First time visit today! At the dispensary, Corrine was very helpful & knowledgeable! Can’t wait for more products!

  2. Saa33186

    Horrible Parking Arrangements
    Staff was awesome
    Very little inventory aside from CBD to offer for sale…. seems to be a pattern looking at the reviews.
    I did have a great experience at the store; staff was top notch and regardless of lack of inventory, i walked away a happy camper

  3. Epileptric

    Excellent experience, staff was superb.

  4. 2020arms

    High quality product reasonable prices good selection Very helpful friendly staff upscale location right in Dadeland they’ve got Dr. Michele Weiner speaking on the 25th of this month. They’ve got Dr. Michele Weiner speaking on the 25th of this month.

  5. luisgonzalez428

    Always satisfied when I shop at this dispensary great customer service and theirs indica master kush vape carts are awesome dY’OE

  6. azazael1313

    First time patient, the staff was great, the products incredible.

  7. Tankthegod88

    Wonderful place to come to ….everyone is extremely knowledgeable and professional. The facility is beautiful and i love to come there….FEELS like CHEERS because everyone knows my name lol A++++++++++++

  8. Amine961

    The people who work here are awesome! Very knowledgeable of their products and friendly. Service is also fast and easy.

    The products sold here are of superior quality as well. Great quality concentrates and dry herb pods.

  9. TattooRob13

    This was my second time at Curaleaf and I am happier than I could ever be. Great deals, great staff, and great products.

  10. puffmummy

    The personnel is highly knowledgeable and compassionate!

  11. Salicio17

    First of all, ALEX is awesome. Of all the dispensaries I’ve been, he has been the best. I like Curaleaf and the product is good, when they have it. I’ve been waiting for my medicine to come in and it never does. I am writing this as I’m on hold because they haven’t picked up or answered my emails. It’s been 23 minuted on hold and no one answers the chat online at all. So that’s what I got. Good luck.
    Nevermind I was waiting for 23 minutes and then they tell me that THEY CAN’T TELL ME WHEN THEY ARE COMING IN????? CALL BACK AT THE END OF THE WEEK? FOR ANOTHER 25 MINUTE HOLD SESSION? Do they realize that they are not the only game in town. I really liked Curaleaf slim vapes but know I have to go somewhere else. No more Curaleaf.

  12. Hapagan

    I gave them 2 stars because of the good service but lack of quality in medicinal product. I have tried their whole line of products and can only say im happy with the Co2 cartridges and the sunflower seed oil.

    I have tried their wax syringes: its so difficult to dispense that by the time i finally get some out i don’t even want to smoke anymore

    I have tried their extract capsules: those have horrible taste (although thats not completely on them)

    What i am most displeased with is their flower pods:
    I have purchased them 3 separate times.
    The first time i found a lot of stem and sugar leaf in them. I understand the pods are not meant to be opened, but i did and was displeased when i found this because it makes the vaping experience much harsher. Also, it was sold as FLOWER. Stems and sugar leaf are not flower.

    The second time i actually got some good quality ones and was somewhat pleased

    Third and last time was during a sale they ran BOGO 50% off on flower. I decided to take advantage of it just to end up receiving cannabis that was not dried properly. It tasted and smelt like dry grass or horse feed.

    Definitely not buying these products anymore and will only be visiting when Co2 cartridges are on sale.

    Kudos to the whole staff on friendliness and knowledge. My product complains should not fall on their great effort.

  13. WangGang

    I have to say i’ll be a curaleaf customer for a while. I had a totally different experience at another location.

    The friendliness of the staff, the knowledge provided and the overall welcoming separates curaleaf from others.

  14. Flmjpatient

    Excellent customer service. Very professional staff. They took the time to explain everything and were very friendly.

  15. 420lover4life

    A very welcoming atmosphere. Extremely professional service, and I love their products.

  16. SouthernGirl1

    Upon visiting for my first time, and as a new cardholder, I felt completely overwhelmed. However, the employees were so friendly and helpful in navigating me through the process. The location was also conveniently located and is welcoming and bright inside. I would recommend this dispensary to anyone!!

  17. floridacc

    Placed an order for delivery when the driver showed up the order was totally wrong. They said someone would call me. They did and said someone else would call back to straighten it out….no one ever called 3 days later I called and they had no explanation but would refill my order to be delivered in 5 days when I asked what could be done for the inconvenience he offered me 10% off I said no thanks I’ll stick with the competition. Thankful I remembered to ask them to check and see if my account showed the qty as dispensed and it was they said they would take it off. I shopped the store once before and the store manager wasn’t to up on the products.

  18. Islandhopper79

    Very knowledgeable, friendly staff. Beautiful location

  19. barrybudds

    Horrible product and overpriced.
    I felt like I was robbed and after trying another dispensary I found out I was..
    will NEVER shop here again

  20. Raydel08

    Had my first ever experience at this location today. I have to say that the staff was very attentive, knowledgeable and took their time explaining everything.

    It was a wonderful experience, I highly recommended it.

    I later found out they give veterans a discount. But I will remember that for my next visit.

  21. robladaga

    Having just received my medical card, I had quite a bit of anxiety going into a Florida dispensary for the first time. It was all for nothing, as the staff at Curaleaf Dadeland were amazing! Staff was very welcoming, helpful, and friendly. Could not have asked for a better first visit! I will definitely be back again.

  22. jamoreno27

    Very professionals and great location.

  23. mrsagerdts

    I love love love the new Curaleaf location near Dadeland! My visit was very enlightening and I was greeted by an educated staff. Thanks guys for everything! Oh, and their new Predator Pink Vape cartridges are amazzzzzing!

  24. junk1641

    Great dispensary. The staff was very knowledgeable and prices were reasonable.

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