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110 Fawcett St, Cambridge, MA 2138


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11:00 AM – 7:00 PM


11:00 AM – 7:00 PM


11:00 AM – 7:00 PM


11:00 AM – 7:00 PM


11:00 AM – 7:00 PM


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11:00 AM – 4:00 PM


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Revolutionary Clinics is a professional, well-respected medical marijuana clinic offering natural solutions to patients across the Greater Boston Area. We seek to improve the lives of patients in our community, providing natural solutions to a wide variety of illnesses and chronic conditions.

We’re open from 11am to 7pm Monday thru Saturday. Come by between 11am and 4pm on Sundays. Located at 110 Fawcett st. in the Fresh Pond area of Cambridge. We have FREE PARKING!

Revolutionary Clinics now offers delivery to over 24 towns in greater Boston! Are we in your town yet? Find out:


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38 reviews for “Revolutionary Clinics

  1. VapeScience

    This place is incredible! Seriously, Revolutionary Clinics goes so far above and beyond every other dispensary when it comes customer service and knowledgable staff. They really want you to leave happy, whole, and on your way to healing. Shoutout to Gary for helping me save money by switching from vaporizer cartridges to the puffco plus vaporizer. He really listened to me, to what I was needing, and opened my eyes to alternative methods of consuming my medicine. Now I buy my thc oil separately and save money every visit. Visit and decide for yourself. I love this place!!

  2. aaanicholls

    These guys have alot of hardware. I have been researching dry herb vapes and was hoping to see some in person and get some other opinions. they have so many vapes. Every one I was considering they had. Greg B was the budtender around and was super knowledgeable. He not only have me his opinions on the ones he had experience with but also just did some research on the questions about the vapes he didn’t have experience with. I am also a fan of the medical products but if you are looking for really nice people, who understand how to give good HONEST service this is the place to go. they are also always perfectly staffed. 5 visits in and I have never been in a line.

  3. BensonLogan

    So far, the best of what I’ve seen. Staff was very helpful (Gary) and the folks at check in too. Product was excellent and as described.

  4. BethMedical

    I went here three times and I won’t be going back. The flower is HORRIBLE. Some of the worst I have had in my life. I found out they are wholesaling with three different companies for flower which was so dry and nasty I actually had to toss it out because it was so terrible and seedy. Don’t get purple Lamborghini or anything else except if you ask if they grew it. They also changed their coupon policy and you can’t combine mass health with your coupons for the first few times. The first time they took off discount and the second time they would not even though I asked a manager and believe it is illegal to deny my mass health for some coupons. The manager was really horrible. I also felt like all the staff were talking about me behind their backs because I complained about them not giving me my mass health discount. Honestly, you will be better off going to Patriot Care or Neta.

  5. Denn1474

    This was my second time visiting Revolutionary Clinics, I cannot say enough good things about them. I was helped by Andrew and Greg, both of whom were able to answer all of my questions, ensuring I left with thorough knowledge of what I was purchasing. All of the product Ive purchased has been of excellent quality (I recommend the Black Mamba flower and vape cartridges). Friendly, clean atmosphere, and the staff were quick to go out of their way to make sure I had a stress-free experience. Best dispensary I’ve visited.

  6. Mikeem

    The best I have found so far.All flower was very fresh.The first time discount is fantastic.

  7. mellowmallow

    This is a really nice dispensary. It is really hard to find dispensaries that have sativa/indica specific edibles besides NETA. But between the terrible parking/traffic/commute(for me) and the fact that they run out of product a lot, NETA is an imperfect resource. So happy to discover that Revolutionary carries strain specific edibles in many different forms. Without the ability to add sativa to any edible combo, I always fall asleep. Thank you for making it so I can medicate while remaining awake. Other dispensaries take note- if you don’t get on this train, you will lose customers to dispensaries like this one. And PS- so glad you are only 10 minutes from my house- even with snow on the ground, was able to find easy parking.

  8. HempHead22

    Great location with ample parking. Staff was great and very helpful! They have the best selections and tastiest flower around just like their other location. Cartridges are on point and you know you’re getting quality medicine all the way around! Revolutionary is by far the best dispensary! They treat you very well, fast service(if u choose so) just a pleasant experience and one most likely to be remembered, both for the customer service I received and the quality of their medicine that blows away the competition! I highly recommend Revolutionary clinics to anyone and everyone who hasn’t yet gone. They have great deals that make you feel like they want your business! They have it going on! My favorite by far! I can’t wait to go back! Thank you to all the ppl at Revolutionary Clinics for giving me a unforgettable experience! You guys rock!

  9. Gpayzant

    Love this place. Staff is friendly and knowledgeable, especially Gary P who helped me today.

  10. Robbie992277

    It was nice I will definetly go again

  11. sgallo

    Love the staff at this location. Jess not only cares when you visit, but she remembers you when you return. Very kind and caring. Thanks Jess see you soon

  12. Jimnht27

    Visited RC for the first time and was very impressed with them. Cordial environment, knowledgeable bud tenders and wide selection of products. I found the pricing to be considerably less than other dispensaries. Overall, very satisfied.

  13. GP28_16

    This was my first time to this location recommended by Canna Care. Jasmine and Andrew were excellent in taking the time to explain everything very thoroughly and to answer any and all questions. I felt very respected as a patient and I will definitely be going back. I highly recommend this place. They genuinely care about you and your well-being.

  14. GingerKushDaddy

    This place is a scam! Every time I come here they’re “out of flower” but of course they have pleanty of grams they can sell you at the highest price. If you want to spend top dollar on just ok flower this is the place for You! I’ll never come back unless they stop the BS. I’m writing this review because my experience today was the straw that broke the camel’s back. They had 1 strain on the menu where they were willing to sell an eighth. Unbelievable that they’re still in business. Oh, and on their website it shows they have most flower available in eights and quarters. NOPE. YOU HAVE TO FIND THIS OUT WHEN YOU DRIVE ALL THE WAY THERE. Today I simply walked out.

  15. DaughterofDoom

    My experience with Rev Clinics Somerville has been a very positive one. Everyone has been friendly and knowledgeable.
    Today I visited Cambridge and had the pleasure of meeting and speaking with Greg. It was great to have an honest conversation and chat about different methods and processing. I love these connections with humans, especially around this subject. Due to asperger’s and my hyper mood, I talked a LOT, so luckily, there was no line, and Greg was helpful and well organised, despite distractable me..
    Thank you

  16. Flavorjars

    My new go to place for flower.. Awesome menu, Great pricing, Plenty of parking, Convenient location, I could go on.. My only complaint is my favorite strains are always sold by the gram only, and they won’t combine pricing ie. 7 grams at full price not at the quarter pricing. They also offer a $200 discount for first time patients so don’t forget to take advantage of that.. Keep up the great work guys..

  17. annabugg

    awesome place to go for all my needs!

  18. Pigbelk007

    Well planned and set up location, facilities atmosphere and most importantly the friendly well trained experienced staff ready to answer any and all questions without judgement. I’ll be back on a regular basis.

  19. ridetheskies

    Very nice! Everyone is super friendly and helpful.

  20. pinkdolphin33097

    Gary P. was my budtender at the Fresh Pond location & he was extremely kind (I’m still a seedling), so it made for a very comfortable & welcoming atmosphere overall. He helped me where I needed & was informative in other strain selections when looking for a specific desired effect. Thank you, Gary P.!

    I’d previously been to the Somerville location & had a great 1st & 2nd dispensary experience! The staff was incredibly welcoming, knowledgeable, helpful & kind

  21. adstas

    Been going to Rev Cambridge for a few months now. I continue to return based on the product, and the staff. I have had nothing but pleasant, educating experiences in each visit. Greg is so incredibly knowledgeable and always willing to talk or help! 10/10 shop and by far one of the best in the city!

  22. Srt0914

    Loved my first visit to Rev Clinics! The patient punch card is an incredible value, similar to NETAs deal. I used two punches and got $200 of medicinal products for $100 which included a branded CCELL Palm battery which I am enjoying very much with their GSC CO2 cartridge. Kind employees and good vibe. Appreciated the designated parking as someone coming from out of town.

  23. SnakeOilKid

    This place is great. Bright clean environment and super knowledgeable staff. Menu is diverse and always different

  24. Blueisbedder

    I love Rev Clinics. Great products, best customer service by far. Jenn and Lauren are so kind. They always are very helpful and patient with all my questions and concerns since I am new to this. Made me a cup of coffee while I waited for my ride. The location is stunning and welcoming. This is my go to dispensary from now on.

  25. Jason14

    My 2 previous reviews disappeared before I was finished writing. I gave a great review of Gary P, who answered every question and was extremely knowledgeable. I knew very little about new products and methods of use and he explained everything and helped me decide what would be best.

  26. TheTokenToker

    I been coming to Rev now for months and it is definitely one of my go to’s for flower and carts. Recently their flower has been really dry and while I was pretty disappointed with a few of my purchases, it seemes they have been getting on the issue (the Bootylicious
    I purchased about a week ago was good and pretty moist). One of the main things that keep me coming back is their staff. Andrew at the front desk is always nice and in high spirits and some of my favorite budtenders Gary and Jazmine really know their stuff and are a pleasure to work with. The entire staff always leaves me feeling great and gives me all the info I need so for that you guys rock! 🙂

  27. Medievalg

    This place is great!! Staff is so helpful. Thank you to Jennifer for helping me during my purchase. I was so nervous and she made me feel so at ease after I spoke with her. I love how relaxed the whole process went. Way better than actually getting the card from the dr. That was chaos. So thank you Revolutionary Clinics and to Jennifer for making my first experience buying cannabis a comfortable one.

  28. darrenclouds420

    Went in yesterday and I was in between a few different vape machines Gary P helped me out I settled on the puffco plus and I am already in my glory! see you all soon!

  29. flowers89

    this place rocks!!! came in on a Whensday and got double the points form my purchase alongside my new patient special thank you to security on getting me in the door and explaining to me how i can make my husband my caregiver and thank you Gary for helping me choose the best medicine see you guys next weekkkkkk

  30. ibesmokin357

    I really like the staff here they are all so helpful and you can tell they really enjoy working together Jazzy has really great art work up and she’s very knowledgeable. Andrew is a great help and had me completely sold on the Crafty. Awesome team and a fresh exciting vibe. Thanks guys!

  31. TextMext

    Super friendly staff check me in and explained new customer deals (which are FANTASTIC). Shopped with Greg, was very nice and helpful.

    Will absolutely be back.

  32. TheRecluseMongoose

    firstly, to the folks who thought the concept of their branding #BRAVO

    secondly, I have been to the somerville location a few times and now have amassed a few referrals there also.

    thirdly, this review is specifically about the Fawcett St easy to get to by foot… train..bus. car greatt parking /look for the orange cones …bike /they have their own bike repair station with locking racks!!!
    the products for all the different deliver suggestions of cbd or thc products is incredible…thought out four patientsin mid. a true apothecary feel work separate filling counters to ease any congestion of business.
    I want to convene my wonderful experiences with the entire and pointing out Greg B as an MVP of knowledge, assist with questions, friendliness, get it done smoothly on point ghurudude. thanks Greg!!

    I’ve been to all the dispensaries I putt county as well is the south shore, by far my easily suggested dispensary as of August 2018 and forward.


  33. Loveoverboard

    I really love this dispensary. What sets them apart from the rest is honestly their community outreach. I really love the variety of the events and the energy of the staff. This location in particular has the best variety of product over the other.

  34. GreenMan44

    I came in this past week on a lunch break and oh boy what a lovely time to come on down you guys where fully stocked and fully staffed so I was in and out quickly i really want to take the time to thank security all though I’m not sure of his name but he was a HUGGE help to me from his assistance with the door to explaining a couple of questions I had. Thank you so much guys see you sooon

  35. Ian.D.

    Great customer service from a knowledgeable, caring staff. I love that there is parking at this location-in Cambridge. In addition to a wonderful staff, I’ve found several products that are fantastic. I have to say that “slurpy terp” is absolutely fantastic! It’s a syrup that mixes easily with any drink-just plain water is fine-and you can choose the exact dose you want with the dropper that has measurements on it. It can fit in your pants pocket. I’ve been using the rasberry (indica), but Revs is now oferring watermelon, which is sativa based. I should add that the syrup doesn’t have a flavor. Run, don’t walk, to Revolutionary Clinic and get some of this “slurpy terp”. You won’t regret it.

  36. LeonPerez

    Just stopped in this evening for the first time. Really impressed with the new location. Like the Somerville shop, the vibe is really welcoming. There are nice couches to sit on as you wait and displays with all the flowers and their attributes. Very far from the sterility of some of the more “corporate” dispensaries.

    The service was also stellar. Greg helped me out and he was awesome! Super knowledgeable. The rest of the staff – from the security, to the people who check you in – were also great.

    The flower – super solid. I got some Lemon Meringue, and so far I’m loving it.

    I’m excited to try this place again.

  37. doomsdayparty

    Lovely atmosphere. Great flower and service!

  38. krrbrr

    They have an incredibly helpful staff and good variety of flower to chose from.

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