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50 Grove St., Salem, MA 1970


42.5224881, -70.9111132




9:00 AM – 6:45 PM


9:00 AM – 6:45 PM


9:00 AM – 6:45 PM


9:00 AM – 6:45 PM


9:00 AM – 6:45 PM


9:00 AM – 6:45 PM


9:00 AM – 6:45 PM


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MENU NOTICE: Edibles and Topicals are reserved and available for purchase for medical use only. Flower, pre-rolls and cartridges are available for both adult use (recreational) and medical use. Please visit the blog section of our website for information about recreational sales and product availability.

On June 24th, 2015, ATG became the first dispensary in Massachusetts to begin serving registered patients. The dispensary is located in historic Salem. ATG strives to offer a safe and enjoyable experience for our patients. Please visit our website at to learn more!


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284 reviews for “Alternative Therapies Group (ATG)

  1. thebigfluff

    Not worth the EXTREMELY inflated price. Nice facility and people, but the product (if available) isn’t worth the price.

  2. L1NT

    the RSO is insane, both in quality and price, lol the quality is very very high, so is the price, 125 per ml is high, but its strong as god damn hell….and the only place that has it around, so props there. The herb has a ways to go, stupid that you cant see it and thc levels are a joke, but i see good things for this place…just need more time….second best dispensary so far…

  3. FWest

    This is my go to shop. Extremely convenient. The flowers are of high quality and consistent. The Cobbler is one of my favorites.

  4. alyssebay

    I’ll recommend this dispensary to anyone who wants a great experience. Joe was very knowledgeable and helpful. Can’t wait to go back.

  5. Saturnine13

    All of the associates (including manager(s)) are helpful and informative. The flower is beautiful and generally well trimmed. The CBD salve, chocolates (delicious) and capsules have all been of consistent high quality. It is like a deli but, you can check out the buds on a table. I was bummed when 3 months ago, they started offering $50 off an order of $100 for first time clients and could not extend it to me as a courtesy.

  6. FourTwenty420420420

    Another disappointment since recreational use started! First there was barely any weed now there is no weed at all! I had to leave without buying anything! Sorry! But if you aren’t going to have the medicine that I really need then I am left with no other choice but to go elsewhere! How frustrating!

  7. Rasta4Jah420

    This is my first visit to a dispensary since becoming prescribed and it was a great experience. A security guard greets you at the door and confirms your appointment. After giving them your card and proof of identification you used to register, you are led into a room to watch a quick 10 minute video from their Chief Medical Officer talking about differences between indica and sativa and ways to administer the medicine. After that, you take a number like at the deli counter and wait to be called to the counter. There is a limited menu of maybe 4 strains, and they also sell oils. The Ounces are $350 and the ovape cartridges are 60. The Rick Simpson oil which comes in at 75% THC and 25% CBD runs about $125. The whole experience was painless and professional, and the quality of the flower is better than anywhere I’ve seen. I expect the quality to get better in time, as well as the varieties the offer. I will be back

  8. Boston_Buds

    Had my appointment today with ATG. What an improvement over the first time I went!! 4 strains in stock right now: Cobbler, Gorilla Glue, GDP, & Northern Lights. You WANT the Gorilla Glue.


    I had no wait and walked right up to the counter once I was checked in. I arrived on time, so I was let right in – at 11am on a Tuesday. No parking lot wait at all. Staff was great, got my fill of flowers, and even picked up an O.pen vape. $20 for the batteries, $60 for a 250mg cartridge. White Widow/Big Bud, GDP, & Pineapple Chunk in stock. Buy up to 4 at a time. Bit on the $$ side, but great stuff. Fire up and forget!

    Quality is high, very nice yield on everything, and it all tastes great. It looks like the grow house has caught up with the sales window… Still feels like an RMV though.

  9. chester33

    Plenty of parking, easy in and easy out. Cash only (ATM in parking lot). Has the feel of a dispensary crossed with the dmv. Right down to the deli take a number system. Knowledgeable budtender and prices are in line (even slightly below) other dispensaries.
    They were out of chocolates and at this point seem to predominantly have flower, vape oil and tincture. Like all of these sort-ups, it will take time but good first experience. Make a day of it and head over to the north shore mall!!

  10. Gameshow420

    By far the easiest and fastest for a new patient
    Good selection and fantastic quality flower easy to park and people are super polite

  11. Chrisc5928

    great location

  12. jrobin4080

    I’m a little annoyed with the oil cartridges I purchased for the 1st time. The dude said like 1-2% will be defective and may clog…well I got one and 1/3 way threw the cartridge it clogged and the juice backed up in part of the chamber that isn’t accessible. Went back yesterday and got a new one and they gave me one without any problems, however today I started using it for the same exact thing to happen at 1/4 way threw. Now I have to make a 3rd trip there this week! The bud was okay, but i don’t think I would continue buying unless I get a good discount

  13. stelfo64

    Great location, easy to get to with plenty of parking. Highest quality in the state, only negative is they can run out of your favorite strains quickly. Blissful Wizard and Skywalker are my personal favorites but everything is great!

  14. etrweb

    So yeah, it’s a yucky location. Try to park as close as possible and just keep an open mind. Because everyone, even the security guards, are super nice, friendly and inviting! Everyone on hand answers any questions and once you’re inside the building, it’s pretty relaxed and it eases up the tensions. They’re super aware of how it looks from the outside and they make the efforts to make up for it with care and friendliness. Pricey and somewhat limited strain selection but I’ll be going back. 🙂

  15. Paradio

    First time there and found the sales people friendly but after leaving found the two cartridges had large air bubbles causing no vape or smoke. Sales didn’t inform that cartridges should be stored UPRIGHT after user. Also if bubble occurs, you can remove by ‘burping’. They made good and replaced carts. They state it’s a new product and want to hear all comments about them.
    I am a new medical user and they need to provide more info to us rather than just selling.

  16. gangabus

    I love cobbler! I love alternative therapies! Only Marijuana Dispensaries in Massachusetts worthy of your business! I love gorilla glue too!

  17. CaptainSpaulding

    I mean weed is weed but my flower was dry as F every time i got some from them. Now they allow recreational people in and the medical patients like myself are hurting! Thanks ATG

  18. SusanSalem

    I came for some pain relief marijuana. They would only sell 3.5 grams at a time. The stuff did nothing and the whole exercise was frustration from top to bottom. They had advertized organic but it was not. I had to sign that it was OK for them to use pesticides and fertilizers that contain heavy metals. UGH UGH

  19. Limonene

    If you are considering visiting ATG, I highly recommend it.

    Everyone I encountered was friendly and helpful. The parking is easy and the building is clean. Inside was much larger than I expected, around 5 bud tenders working. It is very organized with a similar set up to a DMV/RMV take a number and sit in the waiting area. However, the wait was very short, around 5 mins (I was there around 12:00pm on Saturday, their busiest day). Overall a very organized Dispensary.

    The strain selection was exactly the same as their website’s menu. A decent selection with the majority being indica dominate. The buds are very high quality, trimmed correctly and cured correctly. They have a fair amount of west coast genetics and some 2familiar ones. I tried their Captains Cake, Granddaddy Purple, and The cobbler (pink cookies). The Captains Cake is a very unique strain I recommend picking some up if you ever have the chance. The Granddaddy Purple was by the far the best GDP I’ve ever had. I was blown away with this strain, it was perfect. Overall I would say their Quality is very high, strain selection needs improvement.

    Pros: Great service, quick, organized and the parking is free and very easy. The strains are interesting and very high quality. Prices are not excessive on the flower although they could come down quit a bit. If you are an indica lover ATG is the place to go.

    Cons: No edibles or extracts other than tincture and disposable vape pens. The price on the rick simpson oil is border line offensive. No one could afford to purchase the Rick Simpson oil from ATG with a chronic illness. The strain selection is very indica dominate, only one sativa with a few hybrids but even then the hybrids are all indica dominate.

    Overall Grade: B+

    Interesting Fact: ATG was the first dispensary to open in Massachusetts.

  20. afc048

    The dispensary is easy to get to in Salem. The flower is often dry and I find the cartridges we’re really hard oil. The prices are high and very limited selection of Edibles. it’s okay for a pre roll.

  21. chrisb223

    great product I got the girl scout glue and serious happiness great strains fire fire

  22. Medprocritic1

    Same crap buds for weeks. Lame! Enough said.

  23. Phenotype

    This is the best dispensary in the state when it comes to flower. Their strains are consistent and slowly expanding. If you’re a sativa fan then this is definitely your current best choice.

  24. CyberMonkRider

    Couple things why easy 5 stars today 1-10-2017.

    First, Great job managing the MJ Freeway cyber software f$ck up! I was in and out in 15 mins because ATG had a back up plan enabling them to continue to serve its patients.

    Secondly, They now offer GSC Flower from seed and it’s absolute fire! As nice as Neta if not better. Assuming you like girl scout cookies as much as we all do then run to ATG and get some!

    Thx again ATG
    Be Well – Matty

  25. JiggyJack

    I’ve not been happy with my experiences here. I don’t like that you can’t buy grams. I’ll give them a try again if they ever get some edibles in. Haven’t tried their flower but their vape pen has been my favorite so far compared to ones I’ve gotten from other dispensaries. Not sure why they act like they can’t do half the things that others do (post your menu, accept debit cards, display your product before we buy, etc.). Hopefully time will improve this location.

  26. mrjoash33

    Love it. Frequent flyer.

  27. Moonpie1978

    I have never had a bad experience here. The staff are super friendly, very knowledgeable and helpful. They have a great variety of flower, preroll, concentrates, etc. Recommend everyone go here, especially good for first time.

  28. amywatkins

    I had a lot of questions and Lauren was so helpful in answering all of them. I never felt hurried or rushed by her. So far I’ve tried the catatonic and gorilla glue. Love the gorilla glue for relief. I know I probably overdid today because I felt like I could and I’ll pay for it tomorrow, but maybe when I try the granddaddy purple before bed I’ll sleep well and my body will actually be able to recover some.

  29. kdecelle1

    very kind and helpful staff. large variety, great environment for patients, very welcoming. one of my go-to’s! music is great as well! good prices, better than most i’ve seen. ATG is my 1st pick for a dispensary

  30. philbart

    I was very happy, first security is excellent. I suggest you bring cash, there is ATM outside if needed. I was very happy with selection. I purchased two chambers of oil that really helped my health issues.

  31. ted.mangana

    I bought an eighth of 5 different strains last week. I thought every one of them was excellent! Amnesia haze is crazy strong – i only use that one when I am not going anywhere. Dakini kush is really nice, pineapple express. You can’t go wrong with this dispensary.

  32. paulieboyo

    From parking lot to security to knowledgeable staff, highly recommend if you can make it to Salem.

  33. OhGeeKush617

    The granddaddy purple is top notch ,28% thc!?!?!?! The o pen oils are stronf too if a little over priced. 1/2 gram for 60$ isn’t the best deal. However I’ll definitely buy replacement cartridges as they are a great option for medicating discretely anywhere. First time visit took awhile (45 min) but it was my first visit to any rmd so I wasn’t in a rush at all. My only gripe is really about how they have time slots and don’t start letting people in until everyone in time slot shows. I showed up 15 minutes early and ended up waiting an additional 10 minutes till all had showed. The location isn’t great, and standing in a line next to a traffic lined street wasn’t awesome. They need some kind of partition or tent for people to stand in while they wait . All in all I like what they are doing here. Definitely needs some fine tuning, and I’m not sure this will be a successful model when you have places open that you can just walk in and purchase what you want

  34. Flavorjars

    OK so I have been going to ATG on and off since they opened. They did have the best flower, but as of lately it’s been junk. What use to be called cobler they renamed cherry cookies I did not know this until after the fact, it tasted old so I looked at the packaging and noticed that the harvest date was back in January. So if the old cobler does not sell rename it cherry cookies and sell the junk anyways. That’s just shady guys. I feel ripped off

  35. ZassoSenpai

    I’ve never been to a more unprofessional, rude, and dirty dispensary in my life. Just moved to the area and was very excited to check out ATG. Upon arrival it was pouring rain and the man made me stand outside for about 5 minutes before allowing me into the waiting lobby. When I entered, there was a woman who was a caregiver for her dying husband, bawling her eyes out because all of her paperwork was ‘not valid’ despite nothing being expired.
    I felt horrible for her but continued to mind my own business as I didn’t know the exact circumstances.
    The waiting room was dirty, poorly lit, and quite uninviting but again, figured maybe the actual store was better.
    The woman behind the counter wasn’t talking through the divider but rather off to the side, I couldn’t hear her so I just slipped my ID and medical card though.
    A minute later, she very rudely told me my card expired over a year ago. I said “Oh, I just renewed it and got this card from the state, does it say what’s wrong with it?”
    She then proceeded to tell me, ‘I should know’…..
    I left without hesitation and will NEVER EVER come back to this place. They clearly don’t care about the patients and rather treat it like some elite back alley drug deal.
    NOTE:: after contacting the DPH I was told that everything was good to go and there shouldn’t have been any problems.

  36. Joshua.G02

    I go here often and would definitely recommend to try this dispensary! Very kind and helpful staff.

  37. Nikkiolives

    A++++++++!! Will be back soon! Can’t wait to see the upcoming changes!!

  38. Blablokblah

    Excellent shop that is quick and efficient

  39. bsamayoa99

    Best bud around

  40. Brian630

    Great service great selection staff very helpful definitely recommend atg in Salem.

  41. rpelosi94

    Amazing! The best dispensary i have been to yet, they have amazing staff and amazing products. a huge variety of concentrates from shatter to co2 to distillates to these new ish carts tjat are amazing. i highly reccomend going here if you haven’t yet

  42. gottsy

    First day open to the public . Definitely worth having your medical card. No lines no wait time. Staff is very helpful and friendly. Great experience every time I go. Having your medical there’s always discounts on product . I highly recommend ATG in Salem ma

  43. clannet

    I bough ATG’s “gorilla glue” because it is on sale right now. Wow – amazing strain. I will be back soon.

  44. sc00bast3v3

    ATG in Salem offers impressive flower, limited concentrates, and a DMV-like customer experience. The gorilla glue is amazing, I would recommend your gorilla glue to just about anyone that likes a strong sativa, serious happiness takes a second place for me as well. However, whoever made my tincture must have forgot to put in cannabis because I ended up drinking it and had little to no effect, sounds weird right? I’m confused by that as well. Lastly, the atmosphere isn’t the best, I didn’t feel like i was welcome there as I would be at other locations, god forbid you ask a simple question without getting eyes rolled at you. We’re all paying customers and any dispensary should be happy people come by. I will come back in a month or two and see if anything changes.

  45. Sledbob691

    Parking is very good and a friendly security staff met me outside to check my identity. Met inside by a friendly staff and watched a short into video. I was then called to the desk to buy my med. Bought the blue. A hybrid indicia dominant. Buds are frost city. Well worth my ride !

  46. wellfleetion

    The groomers aren’t the best as the buds aren’t manicured to a medical level, esp., when compared to others. Also esp. considering they are more pricey than the others this is unacceptable. Few specials either. The bud is A quality otherwise. Need to have a broader selection as well. Old building, etc. I liked Bob the security guard, he was always friendly and cool.

  47. dabbingdave85

    Not a bad place. Bud was ok, a little larfy but potency wasn’t affected. Not a fan of the deli-style setup. Customer service was above average, they were able to answer questions quickly. There are other places I’d prefer to visit, though.

  48. Eddiethecee

    Consistently the best selection, flower is not too dry for the most part, craft reserve o.pen, tinctures are superior. Staff is friendly and they know their stuff. Prices are ok, if you forget to hit the ATM beforehand, they have one onsite. Cash only, perhaps they can change that policy in the new year.
    Worth the drive.
    If I was smart I would write a bad review, less customers? MORE FOR ME!!
    Blissful Wizard, may have been the best I have ever had, Glue, GDP and Cobbler are also all top notch, not much into the edibles, so no opinion on those.

  49. fobstevie

    I’ve never been to a dispensary before so I have nothing to compare it too but I have to say I was pretty impressed. The staff was all very nice and the bud I picked up was the strongest flower I’ve ever smoked. The only thing I’d have to say could be better is the prices but I understand it’s a state thing that makes it more expensive but other than that I’d absolutely recommend them to anybody looking for some high quality marijuana 🙂

  50. KLotito

    Great dispensary & knowledgeable, friendly staff. Efficient service. I’ll definitely be going back many more times!

  51. MattyLz

    Love this place it’s like 5 min away from my house walking and everyone is so kind and helpful.

  52. Marbles420

    I love love love ATG!! I can’t stress enough how you need to go if you haven’t!! No, it’s no fancy. No, the packaging isn’t all fa-la-la….but the staff, facility, product, security, parking are all above and beyond. They have no limits, and very fresh bud. Beautiful bud! The staff are all informative and nice. I like that I see the same faces every time, not sooo many of them like Brookline. I always go to the same girl in the middle if I can, she is so awesome and usually there, but I’ve talked to everyone. They all greet and say bye to you. They are so friendly and you can tell they all love what they do. That was important when choosing “my” dispensary, somewhere that makes you feel at ease about ANY questions is a place I will continue to go. I have NEVER felt stupid, and I have had many questions. Also! Every time I’ve had to wait, most was 20 minutes, it’s been an enjoyable wait!! All the patients I’ve come in contact with are so helpful and friendly, the time flies. Must go!!

  53. Mroux

    Good variety and quality

  54. Hykester

    This place had great flower. Great workers there. Very positive and helpful!! Also got $50 off a purchase of $100 or more for first time visitors. Will be going back for sure.

  55. Wearytek

    Place looks dark in dismal inside. Although it is being renovated. 2 out of the 3 times ive been the staff was pretty cold. Most importantly their flower almost always all smells and tastes the same. It’s usually 4-6 months old when it’s packaged making it stale and all smell the same. I would be very interested to see how it’s stored or cured for those 6 months while they’re waiting top package it. Ive heard they wait so long because they have to wait for test results. To top it off they’re more expensive than most of the dispensaries especially for vape cartridges and concentrates. I only went because they offer some strains others do not have. Hopefully someday they’ll improve their flower harvesting, testing, curing and storing methods. Otherwise, I think I’ll continue to go elsewhere.

  56. Pro2686

    I love this place. It is so quick and easy, even when it’s super busy, the longest I’ve ever waited is 20 mins. The oils are amazing, hands down the best. The flower, yes we get sick of the same ones for too long, but it is what it is.
    The staff is excellent, the security is friendly and makes you feel safe. I’ve been a bunch of times but mostly am helped by Ben or Kate. They are so friendly, funny, and informative and never make me feel anything but welcome. They have answered all of my questions and are just great down to earth people. It seems they all are. Anyway, I would go for sure!!

  57. RamblinRose

    I was very satisfied with the service and product at ATG. The entire staff was very friendly, professional and knowledgeable. The handbook is so helpful. I love the pages they included to track and monitor different strains. This will definitely help me to learn how different strains affect and reduce symptoms of chronic pain, headaches as well as my depression, anxiety and insomnia. I was very pleased to see they also have a room so patients can speak in private with an employee. Brianna was especially helpful in helping me to determine which method would be beneficial for daytime to treat my depression, anxiety, and chronic spinal pain. The Serious 6 oil is amazing! Immediately felt relief (physically and mentally) that lasts a few hours. And the Granddaddy Purple (flower) is truly an all over body pain relief and put me right to sleep. Gdp could also stand for God damn potent! Thank you ATG for your professionalism and respect! I will gladly continue doing business with them and recommend to others!

  58. tc1965

    Staff is friendly and helpful. They keep great records on what you have tried in the past. Always professional and fast and great service-a pleasure from security staff inside and out-to the bud tenders-to all staff-great people

  59. nuggett8

    I love this location everyone is friendly and lets me take my time to decide what I need. I never feel pressured or rushed. Captains cake is the only strain I have found that helps my pins and needles from Ms. Love it!!!

  60. JayMonteCarlo

    I 100% agree with the previous posted review. It is a terrible idea to sell both medical and recreational cannabis at the same location. I find it very unacceptable that medical patients have to suffer at the expense of people that don’t need these products, they just want them. Still no flower? That is just ridiculous!

  61. tina.boufford

    I bought some of the amnesia haze with 32% THC becuz I like higher potency. I was very happy with it. There was no line and the prices were fair to me.

  62. capinmorgan

    Very professional staff. I wish they would extend their hours just a bit. Their flowers are very high quality but dry. They have a nice selection of buds but tend to run out quick.

  63. sarafahey

    Everyone was super informative and super helpful. Definitely recommend.

  64. Shaundd18

    Amazing job! staff was nice and helpful. no obnoxious lines or hours of waiting. in and out within a half hour. very accommodating

  65. ggra

    Wow, virtually no waiting…any waiting was to decide which of the many strains to choose and how much to purchase (no limits, yeah). The staff was friendly, knowledgeable, caring and the product quality was outstanding! Looking forward to my next visit. Thanks for the great experience ATG…keep on setting the bar!

  66. mamabean39

    Ok, ATG is great – no long trek into the city. 30 minutes or less for me, and can usually find a couple of fun things to do on the way home.
    The security guards are always so kind (and patient – I’m forever forgetting to have my cards out). Interior-wise it’s nice. Not quite the same as the bells and whistles place in the city, but hey, I’m not there for the interior decorating skills.
    I’ve been a consistent patient here for over a year. I have no complaints. My only complaint would have been the lack of variety, too heavy on the indicas. However, there have been a few new flavors added recently. Plus, the constant stars? They are all worth it. 🙂 consistent top shelf medical marijuana.
    Thank you so much for being where you are. Treating chronic
    Pain makes driving difficult. This dispensary is close enough to my home that getting there is relatively easy.

  67. harryharrison

    buds and co2 oil are A+ wish they had buds on display and some edibles would be nice but still happy with everything i have purchased from them.

  68. badcorsair

    Have been an ATG customer for 6 months. Great quality, good variety. Dealing with counter people have been great. Atmosphere not at all medical. Lot of very important people walking from one door to another, or just standing around. Many times when busy (>20 min wait) only two stations open and managers just stand around as opposed to opening another station. Once alternative sources become available, customers will leave. Then the owners of ATG will tell the managers about something called customer service. Sad as ATG could be so much better at serving patients> They provide quality product, just do not care about the patient”s experience. New computer system being used on 5/10/17. How about a notice on the ATG website letting people know there will be a delay today, they tell everyone to check it before visits yet it is often out of date. Small thing like this will really hurt ATG over time.

  69. PyroPothead420

    I would definitely recommend this place. Congrats to ATG for taking the next step to also serve for recreational, it is a big milestone for the north shore, they definitely have the best flower out of all the other shops in my opinion, hope anyone who is planning to visit the place on Saturday has a great time. Cheers!

  70. montecarlo86ss

    love this place!

  71. VN420

    Quality of the flower was amazing. Well currated, potent, fresh taste. I bought Serious Happiness and am seriously happy with my choice. I was disappointed by the current lack of choice and how I ordered. But firmly believe these to be temporary issues.

    The people were as fast and friendly as they could be. But it all felt very institutionalized and overcomplicated. It’s great they’re finally here and I look forward to seeing how this process evolves.

  72. sano2pop

    everyone is very nice and professional

  73. Millarski

    I’m a recreational user and I have been there 4 times. The appointment only method works well in that it greatly reduces the wait time. Parking is adequate and I was able to park on street a short walk away. Staff is friendly and unhurried. My one gripe is that the online menu does not match the actual menu which you don’t see until you actually get your turn. Correction: One one of my visits they had printed copies available as you checked in. I realize that demand far exceeds supply and the supply is always changing. However, greater effort needs to be directed to making the online menu match the real menu. I would think this would be helpful to the flow of customers in that it could reduce the time spent when the customer finally gets his/her turn.

  74. zb8

    This place really went downhill once they went recreational. It’s pretty obvious they don’t give a shit about their medical customers anymore and end up treating everybody like cattle. What a shame.

  75. lucyclem

    A bit disconcerting at first…I am new to the whole MML scene and I was surprised at all the security and RMV look and feel of the place…but all of the employees are very friendly, caring and knowledgeable. I have recommended this place to several friends

  76. LisaOB77

    The staff here has been wonderful and very informative during my process of learning about medicinal marijuana and what works best for me.

  77. BeantownBudz

    ATG has been improving ever since they opened! They produce great strains and products that everyone will be happy with. Higher THC content than most other dispensaries too! Also, a little bird told me that they’re getting into the delivery service game!

  78. MrTUFFF1

    Great place for your medical and recreational activities.

  79. HeartsonFire

    I went in for my first time nervous and full of anxiety (as that is my main reason for medicating). I was greeted warmly at the door and the front window. I went through a metal detector and was buzzed in. Ok, not what I expected. From the outside, a brick building that is in need of some flowers, color. Inside is wonderful with colorful local art, great music and a relaxed waiting room that was pretty full of people, yet everyone was talking to each other. Right off it was a very friendly atmosphere.
    I was greeted and introduced to ATG by a really nice girl and a short video that’s in a separate room.
    After that, I grabbed a number and waited about 20 minutes that flew by. I have really bad social and generalized anxiety and met some really nice people I talked to my whole wait.
    I got to the counter and was even more nervous because I didn’t know what I needed and had no clue weed was this detailed. Kate was one of the kindest, most patient people I have ever met. She made me feel comfortable immediately and answered all my questions, even related her own anxiety to mine. I didn’t feel rushed at all, which I get really weary of if I know people are waiting lol. She recommended two strains for me and it’s been 3 days and I already feel so much better. Not to mention, the entire staff was so friendly and easy going. It’s just a place that you leave feeling happier not just from the medicine but from the experience.

  80. BigPMurray

    Great to finally have access in MA for proper medication

  81. The_dungbeetle

    Find a different location if you actually need medical marijuana. You may not get the medicine you need at ATG. Today, they had zero Indica strains available. Not one. They could only say “soon”. How is that useful for medical users? Just not reliable enough. Go elsewhere.

  82. tynolen

    The menu was fairly limited but the product is fantastic, and the prices are fair. Staff was friendly. Atmosphere is a little odd, almost feels like a bad doctors office waiting room. I will definitely return!

  83. MyRover

    They should NEVER allow this location to sell recreational marijuana as long as they cannot keep up with the medical patients.

    Recreational marijuana should be separated from medical dispensaries.

  84. grimreefer1996

    clean, small & simple

  85. AOgordo

    Cobbler, GG and Captains cake! Is all I get from ATG. These guys grow right! bud tends to be dry at times. Just make sure you go on a new batch release. The cobbler right now is fresh! Your dumb if you buying flowers from anyone else. Patriot care sucks! lol

  86. BDEYES81

    Everything about my first experience at Alternative Therapies Group was truly outstanding. After six months of very mixed reviews, I went in somewhat cautiously, but was immediately calmed by every single employee: it may sound over the top, but this is possibly the kindest, friendliest, most welcoming staff I have EVER encountered at ANY place of business! The prices are comparable to most caregiver services, and the orientation process isn’t nearly as long or cumbersome as I expected: a video message from the medical director that runs about 12 minutes, a few minutes of introduction to everything by the extremely friendly staff director, and three consent forms to sign along with a stack of surprisingly helpful literature to take home. I arrived ten minutes early for my first-time visit and was let in right away, and the entire duration of my visit, including the orientation, was only 35 minutes. The employee who waited on me was fantastic, offering personal insights into the medicine available and demonstrating how to use the o.Pen that I decided to purchase. I treat anxiety, depression, and severe muscle tension with medical cannabis, and the employee personally recommended the evenly balanced hybrid Serious Happiness in treating the former as well as the Afghani o.Pen cartridge, which is relatively high in both THC and CBD, for treating the latter. The medicine is pre-packaged in a prescription bottle which details everything from when it was harvested and packaged to the estimated cannabinoid contents. And when I got home and opened up my bottle I was greeted by a cotton-candy like smell and big, fresh, buds covered in sugary crystals: the most beautiful batch of cannabis I have ever seen outside of The Netherlands. The staff member’s recommendation lead to Serious Happiness being the best anti-anxiety AND anti-depression medicine I have ever taken, and in turn it has immediately become my new favorite strain–I can’t wait for this Serious Seeds limited edition to appear on Leafly so I can rightfully rave about it! Furthermore, the results of the Afghani oil in treating pain proved to be unrivaled, and introduced me to the benefits of CO2 oil, which I am sure I will be making great use of in the future. The employees all made me feel so truly welcomed every step of the way, and their interactions with returning customers indicated that this is a place where people can continually return to feel safe, comfortable, and understood treating a variety of visible and/or invisible ailments. I am so grateful to ATG for a life-changing first trip to a dispensary. Due to the tight DPH restrictions, ATG may not look like a CA or CO dispensary, but once inside you couldn’t feel any more at ease thanks to the staff, and the quality of the medicine is almost beyond compare. I look forward to returning, and I enthusiastically recommend Alternative Therapies Group to every MA patient!

  87. OnusBone

    A little bit too clinical, but the proof is in the amazing product. I purchased Blue, Girl Scout Glue, and White Rhino. Each strain was unique, frosty as eff, and beautiful.

  88. shadonyx

    As a resident of Salem, the location is extremely convenient. That aside, let me quickly comment…

    1. Quality: every product I’ve purchased has been great. The prices are also good. Over time, their selection has expanded and hours have been extended. I feel that this is a place that gets better as time goes on.

    2. Service: everyone I’ve come in contact with at ATG is friendly, talkative, and helpful. This extends even to the security, which is contracted. I have never had a bad service experience here and I come about once every two weeks.

    3. Atmosphere: calm, welcoming, and professional. I love that ATG features local artists. The facility is spotless (it also has bathrooms), well-maintained, and located in a quiet, residential area that feels safe.

    On your first visit, you sit through a quick orientation and ATG provides you with a thick, detailed packet of information about marijuana, what it does, the strains they cultivate, and more. You leave here feeling that ATG really understands how helpful a medicine marijuana can be and that they are truly dedicated to their mission.

  89. Dgalls02

    Staff is always super friendly when visiting and very knowledgeable on their products

  90. LilThun

    well-run operation. friendly staff, never a very long wait even when it’s really busy. sometimes a smaller selection, but overall the quality of the product here is a cut above. The Gorilla Glue is a real A+.

  91. Barney59

    5 Star, Great Staff, couldn’t ask for better service.

  92. CBaletsa

    ATG is extra convenient, they keep their online menu updated on the regular, their staff is so friendly and on top of their game when it comes to the products.

  93. spelletier18

    Are they open? I have my second appointment there tomorrow.

  94. sailormoses

    More of the same old same old. Would you guys like me to buy you some new genetics?

  95. gangagal

    Love love love everything about ATG. They are consistently consistent and I’m cool with it.

    but, I gave three stars for atmosphere due to the horrendous music playing. I always feel like I’m trapped in an 80s movie reel.

  96. equinedentist

    So excited that they carry Rick Simpson Oil! One of the few who do. Great service

  97. Maianight

    I’ve been going to ATG for a few months now and have only had a good experience. The guards and staff are super friendly and knowledgeable.

    It is located in an old warehouse type building in a sparsely populated area (hence the extra security, I bet) but I never felt nervous. There’s enough traffic in the area and in the parking lot to other businesses that you feel secure. There is an ATM.

    For first-timers, they will show you a film and give you handy information to read. They are happy to answer any questions you have, or to let you make a quick, quiet purchase.

    They send you home with plastic opaque, child-proof ziplock bags that really lock up the smell as well.

    I will continue to buy from here!

  98. FnordFenderson

    First time there. Impressed by the look of the place and the quality of the experience. The people were very friendly and knowledgable.

  99. MistahHigh

    I had my appointment the last of the day… They made a large group of people wait outside basically on the street where everyone can see you until your appointment time then they let you in one by one which takes 20 min. After this there’s a 15 min video and orientation that describes everything and the product that they offer… Finally they hit us with oh ya we only have one strain left And BTW this is it for a while maybe like another month because there’s no lab to test out our product before we can sell it … 47 for an 8 not bad just didn’t want a hybrid strain.

  100. montaup

    It was a very sterile atmosphere inside. White walls. Fluorescent lights. A bit of waiting. The lady tried to help me understand why she wouldn’t be able to sell me ten ounces. I was breaking the bank for one. Parking lot atmosphere was comfortable

  101. Okalright

    Flowers are as they should be at top dollar prices. ATG offers discounts and then doesn’t want to honor them .the cashiers are cookie cutter young people, when you questions the cashiers about misrepresntation they go passive aggressive and a acussee you of being rude and confused.can’t recommend it.

  102. Dyno88

    The best medical bud in Massachusetts! Craft Reserve Oul Had a super high %

  103. agrammas82

    one of the only dispensary that won’t except mass health card for the hardship discount. need ur 1066 g

  104. mattyJ420

    I used to be a frequent customer here but since going recreational they’ve stopped caring about their patients, no more patient specials, no update on the menus so when you go there for a specific strain it’s always aEURoetemp outaEUR. You would think they would update the menu when a product isn’t available but nope you have to go there to find out. And the quality of their product has gone way down overall 2/10

  105. patsfan128055

    Parking, quick service, deli style isn’t the best setup, security guards can make people feel uncomfortable too. However Everything is ok to deal w besides the prices. Quick comparison to other dispensaries will show you this place is wayyyy to pricey. I’ll be back once they fix this problem.

  106. Gunz0813

    Good selection

  107. SourSackAttack

    Not a welcoming place. Metal detector right when you walk in they then make you watch a 5 minute propaganda video that looks like it was produced by the Reagan administration.

    They are strictly cash only with an ATM that has a $2.50 surcharge conveniently located outside the front door. No debit? It’s 2016…

    Overall there are more welcoming dispensary with a better/larger selection.

  108. chuckhoover74

    Place is Awesome. Best bud hands down. Can’t go wrong grabbing granddaddy pure or the captains cake Girl Scout cookie. Love the chocolates just wish you had a wider range of edibles and wax, shatter, moon rocks.

  109. Lavender18

    Definitely worth the Drive. The quality of the flower make the price ok. The service and people was great also. Everyone was very friendly and made you feel welcome. I am glad I finally made the trip from Lowell.
    I will be back in the future

  110. SmokeyTheBear710

    This dispensary did the best job with recreational, the other places were a major cluster **** and no place to park. This dispensary lets medical patients use the parking lot instead of having to park far away and walk. No waiting in long lines either. There wasn’t much on the menu,but more products will come with time and patience.

  111. sal77

    this place is DOPE, the best in LA, LOVELY

  112. capebuds

    Did not like the draft vapes – both did not work properly for me and when I contacted them, no one contacted me back. Was a waste of at least $100. Flowers were nice, but hard to believe the THC %’s they were advertising. Strangely hard to see these guys surviving the coming avalanche of dispensaries that will be opening over the next year, esp. after legalization passes in November.

  113. rydog8989

    I like their oPen cartridges a lot. I’ve tried Jack the Ripper, Headband, and Gorilla Glue and liked them all as capes. I also got some Gorilla Glue flower and thought that it was of very high quality. Nice people there too.

  114. jmlord77

    highest quality!

  115. Brasill2424

    Best dispensary all around

  116. flipdee15

    The flower was ok, I’ve been using the o-pen vape cartridges which have been amazing. The flower on the other hand… Horrible trimming… I pay for bud, not lazily trimmed buds… The amount of leaves remaining on the bus was completely unacceptable in my eyes, definitely something they need to work on… Quality of the bud was good, but the trimming was subpar to pathetic… Not sure if it was done intentionally to keep the weight up, or what, but that would have to change for me in order to use this place consistently.

  117. SFSFSF

    One of the top 2 in MA. Staff, esp. Kadir and Yajaira make sure you have a successful experience. Blue Dream, Grandaddy Purple, Captn’s Cake, White Russian are usually in in PURE GLASS Cartridges (they need to ditch the plastic, adulterated others!)…and Blissful Wizard and some Kush’s are there for the gettin’. Classic Strains,Great staff. My Go-to place!

  118. Acokonis

    Amazing staff! Brittany was so helpful and helped me pick the perfect weed.

  119. Kristine27

    Clean dispensary, quality products and extremely friendly/helpful staff. Been going here for over a year now with no complaints!

  120. Ro1956

    Great comprehensive product line. Their potent CBD products were wonderful at helping to prevent seizures in an Alzheimer’s patient. The website is outstanding. Customer service is prompt, friendly and informative.

  121. BoneCity

    I drove an hour to my appointment and it was well worth it! Shuttle bus picked me up on time at parking area. Waited less than 15 minutes in line once in the store. Nice atmosphere. Decent recreational menu. I got 3 concentrates (hybrid and indica) and 1/8 flower (sativa). My budtender was friendly and patient as I changed my mind several times! Products are impressive and high quality!

  122. potwins

    I use to love this place but the new people they have in there are so unfriendly it’s just not worth going anymore, on top of that when I went in over half of the menu was “temp out”.

  123. Siliconsister

    Everyone is always pleasant, good selection

  124. mlsjohns

    Friendly and informative staff

  125. Sparky80

    The quality of flower has been steadily going down for awhile . The trim job is worse now than ever. Product is dry ,old, seeded and smells like my lawn . Wasted my money enough times there now to know not to go back

  126. mjt1967

    Place was great.. Very helpful people working there… All around a great experience for a first timer

  127. wordstoponder33

    I love atg and have grown close with many of the staff. From the security to the lovely people at the counter. I love the displays and comfortable seating in the waiting area, along with the wide variety of products.

    My only grievence however is, habitually one staff member does not apply discounts and gives me the wrong items. So I recommend paying attention. (Of course it is always fixed, as this dispensary is great about resolving any issues that may transpire during your visit).

  128. xploxive12

    So today was my first visit to this place, I have been to many other dispensaries and this place was the most unfriendly, unprofessional and rude. I saw online that they had discounts of some sort but when I got there,they told me that there wasn’t any. It wasn’t what I was expecting in service. People working there make it seem like they are doing a favor by being there, they need to really step up their game and start treating people in a different manner. And of course I would never shop here again.

  129. weedatg2015

    I have been a patient at ATG since they opened in June and i have to say, every time i come back they have improved something… the offerings, the waiting line, the on-boarding process, atmosphere, etc… always something improved. Even on the rare occasion when their harvest produce B product they make good on it by offering steep discounts. Last week i got Headband and Jack the Ripper for almost 40% off… it didn’t look like their normal product but it worked just fine and i saved good money!

    These guys get it. I will definitely be back for more.
    Thank you ATG.

  130. Xrisg

    Great flower, really top notch. I’ve tried almost everything at ATG. The edibles are inconsistent for me, I’ve tried the chocolates, and tinctures. I usually take around 20my worth, and I’ve used approx. 40mg of both and get no effect. I’ve also tried different Brother Jonathan’s products, with minor results. I still give ATG Salem 4 stars because the flower is so high quality. Great results with the o.pen vape cartridges also. I always grab some White Rhino flower when I’m there because it’s excellent for pain (by far my favorite strain there). Overall, great place/ atmosphere, and smart staff.

  131. droctooch

    Awesome shop with very consistent options! Love the new atmosphere, since they started renovating!

  132. stro827

    update your fucking online menu. just drove 1hr each way for nothing! Also you have 9 lines for recreational and one person helping patients for medical. bud here is great but only when you r lucky enough to get what you want. so damn disappointed right now I just came here for nothing!!!!!!

  133. apkelley93

    multiple time shopper. always have the BEST flower selection in MA trust me I’ve tried them all. picked up a batch of captains cake today. freshly packaged today and it was the best marijuana I have smoked in years. testing at nearly 30%! they have great tinchures which are in my opinion also best in the state. the only areas they lack in are there prerolls. every other dispensary uses raw cones which I think we all can agree are everybodys favorite. also would be nice to maybe get some baked treats in like some pumpkin pie or cookies idk Salem is one of those cities where you can definitely find a bakery to help you out on that front. doing a lot of things right tho honestly I only go to one other dispensary and that is strictly for concentrates. Salem has the best flower and tinchures in the state of Massachusetts hands down.

  134. renhoek420

    I like the new Ish cartridges, they are cheap, smoke nice, taste great and are way, stronger than the regular plastic openvape cartridges.

    The dabaratus and pure oil is very nice, tasty like the craft reserve and the price is decent.

    It would be nice if they could bring the price on craft reserve down a bit more especially the 250mg carts seem a bit high priced.

  135. Wally173

    They stopped caring about their medicinal patients since adding recreational. It’s funny, they *assured me* that adding rec wouldn’t negatively impact the med side. Maybe they’re hoping their med patients will phase out and then they can focus on recreational? dY$?*aEURatm,i,

  136. luongphan70

    I really like the dakini kush and gorilla glue. Keep up the good work 🙂

  137. tattoosteve1990

    It was my first time there and I was happy about the staff there they were so helpful and friendly. I did not mind the location because it’s close to my house that’s the only person about this location. it felt like the DMV when I got inside. I wish they had more flour but I picked up a quarter of canatonic I squished it and made rosin and it tasted so good! it was good because it has a lot of CBD in it and it helped my back pain.

  138. Alternative

    I purchased “Cobbler” yesterday, and I have to say, I am very happy with the quality. It is super frosty nuggets and the people were all helpful. Keep up the good work atg!

  139. jlve187

    great private area no one bothers you. every employee is very helpful and the strains I did get were incredible!!

  140. mildredpierce

    I’ve been going here since they opened(medical cannabis)I was kind of freaked out when they took the metal detector out to make room for rec clients but I still went.
    Last night I went on the website to check out the strains. I was so excited because they had a lot to choose from & a couple of new strains.
    Needless to say they had 3 strains for medical & the rest was rec. Because I wanted super lemon haze I had to purchase it from the rec counter which cost me 20$ more & I HAD to buy a 1/4 because that’s all they were selling.
    So a word of warning: if you are a patient the website is now meaningless.
    Go to Brookline…better deals & more variety.

  141. DomRep521

    Great dispensary and location, the staff is always pleasant and informative. I have found some of the best strains at this location along with other CBD products which has definately helped. No complaints here!

  142. bournsven

    Top notch dispensary. Nice people, and really really good products. I am always very happy with my purchases from ATG.

  143. bostoncannaman

    If this was my first time in a dispensary, I would’ve turned my card into the state. This place makes you fee like a criminal, it’s uncomfortable from the moment you walk up to the front door. It’s like a DMV combined with a gynecologist office.

    The bud is old and dry, and their tincture didn’t do a thing for me. I won’t be back.

  144. Jtwolcott420

    great products, friendly staff, and timely service, everything a customer could want.

  145. MasterGun187

    I have been to ATG 4-5 times over the last month (since I got my card). The staff is pretty awesome. They do their best to help with the strains they have available for patients. The are other dispensaries that have more available strains but are quite crowded and ATG never seems to have large lines

  146. RunnerUPPER6969

    Great stuff don’t think they was ready for the Horde of ppl to come I’ll wait for them. At the end no dispensary has wat ATG has big thank you and great work keep it up

  147. TheWovenWeb

    An updated review….

    As of right now I’ve been to all 3 dispenaries multiple times and even though NETA is great, I think ATG is doing a similar service in a different format. Their flowers are trimmed better than before and are high quality flowers for the lowest price around right now. I would definitely recommend this place out of the current options.

  148. Phoenix1183

    Great quality, and staff is very friendly, caring and knowledgeable. My only issue is the lack of selection in sativa co2 oil cartridges.

  149. zackskrobacz

    best products in MA by far. flower is always fresh strain selection is good the decarb oils are bomb so are the cartridges but if i could say something i would like to see more edibles available and in stronger doses

  150. GoWalt

    Am new to MM…Mike and other staff have been helpful. Am feeling my way with help from

    Would like to see recommended dosages say, by weight, age or whatever…

    Making another visit soon!

  151. Nicolem15

    Very clean even during renovations!!! Friendly and extremely helpful staff

  152. Ciggies

    I’ve been to 3 of the adult use dispensaries so far, This one, Leicester, and North Hampton. The other two provided a better experience than Alternative Therepies.
    The quality of the product is very good but (I know they will dispute this) their count is light. Cartridges were visibly light and were gone in about 2 days of moderate use. The eighth of hybrid seemed smallish. I didn’t weigh it, but it was dwarfed by an eighth of similar product from N. Hampton. If they’re not bagging light, then the other 2 places are bagging heavy! (When I was in “the business” I always bagged heavy; keep the customers smiling!)Also, the girl at the counter was nice and seemed informed enough UNTIL she sold me a battery which DOES NOT work with the cartridges she sold me. I hope they pull it together over there, because geographically, it is the most convenient (for now!)
    Not hating, just trying to help. Good luck!

  153. ddelorchak

    Where do I begin… I have been using marijuana for over 30 years and the best pot I have ever seen anywhere in the world comes from ATG. Seriously, their flower is top notch. I love that they offer old school strains like chronic and blueberry plus they have some new stuff that i have only read about in magazines like captain’s cake, amesia hayze. Their girl scout cookies is a lot more potent than what i got at the other place – great smell too. You guys are the best. I would like to see some distilled cartridges on the menu, or maybe some shatter soon please!

  154. Wessonr

    Great variety and staff is very helpful and knowledgeable.

  155. Token6118

    I had an epidural steroid shot in my spine Wednesday November 21st and I without a medicine on Thanksgiving I knew it was a long shot but the Ave Leafly said that you guys were open I drove all the way there and you guys were closed. Other Medical dispensary said they were closed on Thanksgiving but you guys said you guys were open

  156. kevinggg

    Amazing flowers – truly some of the best available anywhere. I thought the people were great and I will be back to try the whole menu when I can save up a few bucks lol.

  157. BowlHogs33

    Friendly and knowledgeable staff. The lines aren’t too long of a wait.

  158. Smurfy42O

    The selection has been little lately. I can’t wait till they get more strains cause they used to have a lot and a lot of good ones.

  159. Frankeytothecity

    Not enough strains, keep promising edibles.. they have lame excuses for everything. Right now they only gave two buds worth smoking and they are so dry. Also theyre oils are weak as heck. Theyre has been times they have had a really good strain, i guess you could say this place is a hit or miss.

  160. Bdubs921

    They are so nice and super helpful! They have the best flower around at this time in my opinion and a lot of options to choose from which is always amazing.

  161. xoabi

    First dispensary experience- not disappointed at all! Great first-time discount and friendly, knowledgeable staff.

  162. john902

    people need to stop hating on ATG, their bud is really good! but it won’t stay an consistent streamline of product because everyones buying these products out of stock. trim isn’t the best always, but neither was the weed I got from street dealers was better of trim. Then there’s the vape pens, which I could see a lot of improvement in quality of an possibly great product, just manufacture and test the Vapes to prefection and market them appropriately. ish is way better than the other 2 vapes you have for sale, yet its the cheapest? But I think everyone needs to respect a business that’s revolutionary on how and what Americans are taking for medicine. This whole MMI is still very new and it’s not very regulated, just like e-cig Vapes!! so it’s of the people’s risk to even pursue themselves into such an hypocritical lifestyle. All I’m saying is be happy you even get to buy weed legally in a country that still considers your bud as schedule 1. ATG all day

  163. Smiles19752015

    Outside does nothing for the inside. Nice, secure, inviting atmosphere inside….a little loud but I can work with that. I was reluctant at first because some of the mixed reviews, but if people actually took the time to READ, they would get all the information they needed from the email confirmations to the website. Scheduling was easy. Follow the easy instructions and you wouldn’t show up when they are closed. Just saying. No wait to get in. As a new patient, they answered all my questions. Although the video we had to watch was a little boring. Sorry, calling it like it is. Wish I could see and smell the product before purchasing, but everything is pre-packaged. They said they were working on displays to adjust for this. Looking forward to it. Overall, not a bad visit at all. When I finally did get to see my Gorilla Glue, it was bomb! Thank you guys. I’ll be back!

  164. Slooone

    I’m good. Needs a massive makeover, from the place, the staff and mind set.
    Reminds me of a highschool cafeteria, metal detectors and all.

  165. way2niceofaguy

    Hi, so I have been to a few locations so far and tried a few delivery services but i have to say this place has great prices and great quality. I know others have said it can be leafy but they do this to preserve the bud and the leaf often times is soooo sugar coated with crystals. I nave also heard they wont show buds before sale and i can tell you just ask, im sure you will be able to see the quality, they dont weight it right there like neta but still you can can refuse a bunch of bottom buds and obviously every place is going to have bottom buds when supplies run low. Personally i have gotten white russian and it had huge thick frosty buds and i got another time and it was a bunch bottom buds. Cobbler was good, gorilla glue obviously the best all around, grandaddy purple wasnt bad and the canatonic lived up to the name. didnt care for the bomb, white rhino.

    So over all i really like this place and they are technically the cheapest place around for bud, concentrates they are a little pricey but the product is top notch co2 honey.

  166. Kynarro

    good people and good product!

  167. MadMax18

    I used to visit ATG weekly, but they lost my business once they went recreational. They could care less about their medical patients now. Since then I’ve had to wait in long lines even though they claim medical patients don’t have to. When you finally get inside there are several people helping recreational customers while you wait some more because there is only one bud tender serving medical patients. You just sit in line and watch recreational patient after recreational patient come and go after choosing from a much larger menu of products.

    I always purchased their Star Pupil vape cartridges because they are the best for treating my nerve pain, so every time I see it on the menu now I call and they tell me it’s not available to medical patients. So, I am refused. It’s a shame to their loyal cutomers like me who have been going there since day one. I have since found other dispensaries who actually care about their patients.

    I’d never go back to ATG now. And, don’t let them fool when they come one here and respond to negative reviews by saying how much they care about you and how they are trying to fix things. They care about the $$ and recreational is where it’s at.

  168. bac21

    Great products and great staff!

  169. Jaaacce

    Great flower, better service

  170. deadlyblazed

    are you people incharge at ATG going to fix your flower before you guys lose your customer base? the flower is really really bad and whatever you guys are putting on it you need yo stop or label what your are dipping the flower in on the labels!!! (please respond)

  171. jamiedizzle

    ATG used to have the best flower around… doesn’t seem up to par anymore.. Dry.. smells like hay.. seems to be rushed for the demand.. I would not recommend this to anyone who NEEDS quality medicine… the service and atmosphere is Ok…

  172. babyunicorndust

    one of the only dispensaries in the area to have a true cbd strain. I wish they would weight it out in front of you. cash only, no edibles and limited. selection..but worth it for the cbd bud. hope to see their menu expand!

  173. HeyLookImOnFire

    Place is still dirty looking and their bud quality isn’t great… No kief spilling off buds, bad trim jobs, lots of sticks. Worse, you have to choose it via a tv screen instead of inspecting buds like everywhere else in the world. I asked a lot of advanced questions and they couldn’t answer any of them. Bah.

  174. laybrickandpuff

    I’ve been to ATG twice now. I love the O.pen vape pens. I wish they were a lil cheaper but I’m happy with them. I got some bud there for the first time today. Was a lot better than I expected after reading reviews on here complaining about bad trim jobs and dry bud. I also grabbed some decarb oil. I am very impressed with that as well. ATG Salem has become my second favorite dispensary on Ma. I know people complain about the RMV feel but I like getting a ticket and sitting down. Read up on the menu
    a lil and shoot the shit.

  175. GanjaVanGogh

    The staff at ATG are amazing. The budtenders, have an intimate knowledge of the inventory, and help guide me on what’s in stock that fit my needs. They make you feel comfortable and welcome. I have tried almost all the products they offer and never been disappointed in the quality. My favorite strains are, Gorilla Glue, Amnesia Haze, Serious Happiness and I really like Granddaddy Purple. If not for the amazing energy the staff spreads, the atmosphere would be more intimidating. When I’m waiting to be called, I feel like I’m in a hospital waiting room. Would love to see a more visually calming atmosphere and better music. Also, it would be easier if ATG moved their smoking devices (papers, bowls, stash tins and such behind the counter. I always forget I need papers until I’m walking out and see them at the exit. An ATM inside would be helpful also. A shout out to the most knowledgeable and amazing budtenders who always make me feel welcomed and always know what I need: Kate, Jen, Mike and Derek. I don’t believe I would go to ATG if not for them. They make me feel like a person and take away that intimidating feeling the minute I reach the counter!

  176. TGood1

    Staff is friendly, informative, and there’s always a wide variety of products to choose from.

  177. billingqueen

    I love the vape pens. Convenient and practically odorless and very effective. The flower is good but a bit dry as others have mentioned. New this week- appointments for first time buyers only, repeat are walk-in. The location is a bit challenging for some but no issue for me.

  178. victimsofgravity

    I’ve been to Brockton and I like this location (Salem) better.

    The only downside is the online scheduling of appointments to visit. Wish they would improve that.

    They have the very best vape cartridge tankers I’ve ever had!

    First I tried Headband (indica)
    Hits your body very nicely and removes pain and anxiety, goodbye stress. The taste is a little harsh though.

    Gorilla glue – I really like this sativa for daytime chilling use as it helps time pass. Taste is tolerable

    Jack the Ripper- sativa is good for productive daytime use. I can drive and function fine. Tastes good.

    Afghani- I wasn’t that thrilled with this indica. Didn’t do much for me. I won’t repeat this one.

    Cobbler- my favorite vape ever! This strain is awesome for nighttime use. Just amazing. Super euphoric and chill real hard. Will buy this again.

    I removed one star of service because you have to make an appointment online and it’s tough for me because I live 1.5 hours away.

    Love this place. I can’t wait for them to make edibles. I’m curious to try the decarb oil. Please open a dispensary near the New Bedford are.

  179. naturespainmed

    Honestly, I’m very torn when it comes to ATG. great staff both friendly and knowledgeable the multiple times i visited. The product was always very dried out probably to avoid mold while prepacked but it had good flavors and effects. The problem I had was pricing and the fact everything is prepacked, you cant inspect your product prior to purchase, heck you can even see it because its all locked away under lock and key hidden which kills the atmosphere of an already depressing feel of being inside the old brick building with flourescent lights. Thats my other real gripe but its the cities fault for making them go to an industrial building for a retail store because theyre too scared to put cannabis in the light.

  180. mfoley52

    excellent products.I love this place.

  181. Dlvactor

    To date I have conservatively visited approx 70% of the Mass dispensaries and this one ranks dead last in product availability, customer service, and knowledge base.
    I have had three negative experiences from the confusion at door w Medical patients and the public since opening to rec use.
    Had a problem w a vape device malfunction and spoke with a manager who was not knowledgeable at all, had no idea what a PAX was, and I felt like I was talking to guido on the street corner buying an 1/8th of dank!
    I will NEVER visit this location and it would be nice if these organizations remember it’s the med patients who supported their business prior to the recreational openings.
    This dispensary has a very long way to go.

  182. DBarlow0927

    Great staff, nice facility. Low inventory since they opened up recreational.

  183. cablestone

    This place is very sanitary and definitely has a sterile, medical vibe going on, which you want when you’re buying legal pot. Their bud is good, though it could use more descriptions on their site beyond basic chemistry and genetics, but the real hit is their CO2-derived concentrates. THOSE ARE AMAZING.

  184. asunder

    It’s a lot like going to the registry. A little institutional, but the people are friendly, respectful and helpful. And the strains are AMAZING.

  185. JoeL1974

    Another great visit to ATG. This crew is amazing. The staff is so kind and patient. Has made the entire process very approachable. The strains are excellent. First experience with the o.pen cartridge was AMAZING. Highly, highly recommend that product. Keep up the great work ATG!!

  186. Ehardy

    I was treated very poorly and will not be returning. Everyone there has always been very kind but today, that was not the case. Out of the approximately 50-70 items I have purchased, I have had to return something four times. Always cartridges, once it was leaking out into the container they give it in, once the bottom came off and it would no longer work (this has happened multiple times but I only returned it once), and the last two times I returned the Marion Berry Kush cartridge and it wouldn’t work on my pen. I brought it back in the second time, and it was right after I left that I returned, and was treated very poorly. I’ve always had good experiences with the workers and the nice man manager but today was completely different. The girl made me feel like a fool. She said I couldn’t return anything else. She was very rude in the way she was speaking. I have been going to this location since right after they opened, gave them $1000’s, and that’s how I get treated? I was so upset that I went and spoke with the male manager. He was very apologetic. He explained that they were short on workers and it’s been very busy, they were supposed to have two people start that didn’t, and that she was probably just stressed. Because he was so nice, I walked away feeling better. I didn’t wanna blame all of them for one rude girl. But then the girl comes out (and if you’ve ever worked customer service you know what this means) and she’s smiling big and laughing. Hands it to me and in a high pitched (fake) voice says “Here you go! Have a nice dayyyy!”. I was just like wow, what a rude girl. Because of her, I will not be back. That is the ONLY reason. If you’re not gonna take items back that don’t work, why would I want to waste my money?

  187. username42000

    Salem local here, and am really dissatisfied with this place. The flowers are good but its a dispensary they should be good. Also they could be trimmed alot better. They rarely have sativa plants because they dont yield as much flower(what i was told). Which is a poor excuse for they dont get enough money off them. Also theyre oils are over priced and very low levels of thc for oils. They still dont have edibles which is ridiculous seeing some people can only eat there thc. Every other dispensary has edibles and they have all opened months after the Salem dispensary opened. This place doesnt cater to the medical needs of there patients. They are just interested in taking there money. They are also looking to open a second location, what a joke!

  188. BostonStoned978

    the new bakked cartridges dont work, they dont pull, cant get a rip, i was very disappointed. and what ever you people at ATG are putting on the flower you really need to stop, i believe its a sugar alcohol that would explain the sweet taste on all your strains.

  189. HarmonyHill

    Sub par.. Lack of product

  190. DizzanWhizznit

    very clean and friendly environment with extremely helpful and knowledgeable budtenders. Also Yajaira the manager has been extremely receptive as well as the rest of the ATG crew. flower is nicest i have seen anywhere around the northshore area.

  191. Horacelws

    great service

  192. 420peeps

    Ok, so I agree that this place is slipping, I have been a faithful patient since the beginning. The lack of product really is a problem and I’m sure they are aware of this. What I do know is when they get caught up and the Craft reserve, Captains Cake, and edibles are in, everyone who left a negative review should go visit. You will be glad you did.
    I love the staff but lately as far as service goes, there is one girl that is miserable, loud, and completely inappropriate and disrespectful. I would recommend trying to go to any of the guys or the blonde girl in the middle as they are so informative and make you feel at home in a way.
    I know you guys will come back!!

  193. debd0501

    This place is a joke now I go in thinking I was getting what I need and when your a medical patient your at the bottom of the barrel now!!! Waited in line get to the counter and they tell me they don’t have it but if I was a recreational patient it wouldn’t of been a problem what a joke they’ll never see me back there again and I really don’t think they care their making more money off of recreational patients

  194. ray1977

    I wished I lived closer, It’s a journey to get there because I live on the S Shore and I got a truck so it’s a 2 hour drive and I take the trains instead so I only went once but am planning on another trip soon, I make a day out of it and take in the sights.
    I went for the Gorrilla Glue when it hit the scene last fall and was all the talk. It was hands down some of the most potent freshest bud I ever saw and it’s appearance was just flawless. It’s around now and I just got a batch that was as good from a delivery service. Thank god because heading up to Salem is a trip but one I really cherished after my mother died last August I really hit a rut, stayed inside for a few months and wouldn’t go out and the day trip up there was memorable after that. I also had my expectations exceeded. Like I said I will be making a trip again for fun soon.

  195. bonghits24

    the future for MMJ in MA looks promising

  196. Kundalinigirl

    I’m extremely disappointed w the product at this location. Several of the people who work there are very kind and well informed but since they switched over to recreational, things have changed. First, and most importantly, the product for my needs stinks. Second, their knowledge is variable and their stock has been very low since they went recreational. Ive been a medical patient for a few years and have been fairly loyal to ATG. Yet, as a medically disabled person, requiring multiple visits for returns for defective products, I’ve had enough. It’s not easy for me to organize a visit nor sit in the car for awhile, so returning a week later or going days w out my medicine because of their product failure is incredibly inconvenient. Every single product I’ve purchased recently has been defective. The dabaratus pen springs are stuck and don’t work to dispense my medicine – oh but they are out of stock of the product to exchange and won’t refund it. I tend to buy mainly craft cartridges from them aka PEG free. ATG’s are more expensive than other providers in the region but it seemed like they had a better product for awhile. Not so. The last few CBD/cannatonic aEURoecraftaEUR cartridges have been a bust and didn’t dispense medicine. The medicine looked like it was frozen inside and yes I know how to store and properly care for my stuff. We’re talking about a $100 cartridge. The medicine tasted like junk and they gave me a $60 credit back because I had used some of it. Yea , I did use some of it because I kept trying to relieve my pain. The manager told me they figured out the problem and redesigned it. Good for them. Ive also purchased several of their same craft PEG-free cartridges in Sativa, which seeped gel like substances out of the mouth piece into my mouth and theoretically my lungs. Again, they admitted this was a known defect and they said they redesigned them. Take your $h07 off the shelves when you know there’s been a manufacturing people! Medicine, my ass.

  197. tmarie73

    Not your grandpa’s ganja. Amnesia haze over 34% is crazy. Love this place!

  198. oif3vet

    I’ve been to all 3 Massachusetts dispensaries within the past month/ month and a half, and the product I bought here was a much higher quality than the other 2. the GD Purple is great. the vape pen and oils there are top notch.

  199. Arkytoothus

    Drove out to Salem today, got the white russian and the cobbler..

    both tasty and very nice..

  200. runsthroughtrees

    I was there during the ‘incident’ and the girl whom did her return was super polite and explained to this lady why she might be having trouble with her cartridges. I dont know what kind of service ehardy worked for, but usually when someone is nice to you, it makes for a pleasant experience. ATG has provided nothing but awesome customer service, and everyone there is knowledgeable and helpful. Definitely go and see for yourself. Thanks ATG!

  201. SaulHood

    Convenience is king at this location. It’s nice to be able to schedule an appointment, show up, and get what you want. No long lines. No lazy dealers who’ll get around to it when they feel like.

    That’s really the only reason I shop here. I’ve made two trips and have been kind of let down by the product. I guess I just haven’t gotten the right strain yet. I’ll try them one more time and see how gorilla glue treats me.

    The place is nice. Small and dark. Clean. The staff are great. I feel like they’re excited for the customer and are eager to help.

    This will most likely remain my go to place since they’re close by and are super convenient. As long as I enjoy gorilla glue. Or they expand their menu.

    Oh yeah, that is the one major downside. Limited options. Hope that changes.

  202. Sully80

    I have been coming here for a couple months. Hands down the best bud in the state. Their capsules are amazing, I slept for the first time in years.
    The staff is very friendly, and the managers fair when I needed to return a couple items. Kate helped me find exactly what works for me, she takes thought in what she recommends. It’s a deli setup, which is ok but I wish I could pick who I’d like to go to. Overall, it’s a welcoming, sort of hole in the wall place but you’ll be damn sure to walk out with a smile.

  203. popeglazier

    Plenty of parking, very secure with a security guard in the parking lot. Friendly staff and quick intake process. I haven’t tried their flower yet but I will they mostly look like fire. I went because I wanted to try the o pen. I really enjoyed it and look forward to getting new cartridges. I got the captains cake, and also the craft reserve white rhino. I really enjoyed the captains cake but honestly the craft reserve didn’t taste that great and didn’t think it hit as good even on the high heat settings. Will definitely go back when I’m on the north shore

  204. danocdman

    The quality and product selection is very,very good! I don’t have an issue with the space not being fancy as the staff and products speak for itself. Only gripe is they don’t take debit cards…ATM there is helpful but it’s 2017 let’s get the debit cards going!!

  205. Ascarpetti48

    They have Good buds

  206. Dmart1017

    Honestly, can’t say enough good things about the people that work there…cool, inviting, and positive atmosphere. Up to date facility with outstanding products. For me personally I really enjoy coming to Alternative for their flower…Higher end THC Strains are a given here. I recommend this location to all my friends so why not you all. Hope this was helpful and remember to Medicate safely & responsibly..

  207. jmeinma

    Awesome dispensary! They usually have a decent number of menu selections in flower and concentrates. Their staff is helpful and friendly and help to make it worth the long drive to go visit them. looking forward to more products as they add to their existing offerings and expand into edibles and topicals. They are great at updating their website with their daily selections which helps with determining if it is a good day to make the drive or better to wait. My only wish is that they carried more high cbd options.

  208. CannaM1Z

    Had a great experience at ATG this weekend. Very friendly and knowledgeable folks. Plenty of parking. Can’t wait till they start serving edibles as well.

    My main reason for stopping by this location was because they carry Cannatonic (CBD) strain. My body doesn’t like conventional pain-killers we get at pharmacies so this high-CBD strain works wonderfully for me. Definitely recommend it to anyone with any physical/inflammatory pain.

  209. dementedrob

    I think that this is the best place currently open legally to buy fresh flower. I have not tried any of the oils but the flowers are flushed right and burn good. They all taste especially great out of a volcano vaporizer. The only complaint that I would make is that sometimes they are a little on the dry side because of the containers that they use. I always empty mine into glass jars with Boveda 62 humidity packs as soon as I get home and everything seems normal by the next day. I can’t wait until they get the Gorilla Glue back in stock! That is truly a great strain for me but the rest are all equally worth having in your cabinet as well.
    For now you will have to look elsewhere for edibles, but don’t waste money elsewhere on poorly flushed flower like I did. Go to Salem, you will taste the difference.

  210. rpatrick

    Love this place. The run short on inventory sometimes – but their products are top notch

  211. Highguy781

    Going back today for my second visit. Looking forward to seeing new strains that may have become available over the past month. My first trip back in July was awesome, everyone was really cool, easy to deal with. People need to keep in mind this is only the first dispensary that’s opened in MA, the way this goes will set precedent for all dispensaries in the future! I look forward to being able to say I was a patient at the first dispensary that opened in mass while they were getting situated because it’s only a matter of time before we look like CO & CA! Keep up the good work ATG

  212. busywizzle

    This place is pretty good. Somewhat good selection of buds and vape oil. Not much edible.

    As others mention the atmosphere is akin to a DMV or deli, where you take a number and sit in a moderately comfortable chair, watching a scroll of products on the tv. All of the product is locked up so you can’t really look at it before you buy.

    Employees are nice, knowledgeable and helpful.

    Overall if it’s convenient for you it gets the job done, but they need a serious remodeling.

  213. Spipes2112

    Short wait time, staff was friendly and knew the products well, and great selection of vape carts and concentrates!

  214. Duped

    BUYER BEWARE/ATG! 12/20/17 – present.

    ATG knowingly sold sub-par products and deliberately chose/chooses to not believe or take action on behalf of their customers after numerous complaints by consumers regarding leaking cartridges and purchasing them not filled to accurate capacity.
    They knew the craft reserve cartridges leaked but sold them anyway. The sales person even said to me at time of purchase, she was looking for a full one. Pretty clear in hindsight that the cartridges leak. In my case, after day 2, my cartridge was emptying at an alarming rate and it wasn’t from use. It also clogged my craft reserve o-pen and has rendered it useless. The manager said it was because I didn’t disconnect the cartridge from the pen after each sesh. What??! Never was a problem before. I was told that staff verbally advises people to disconnect after each sesh. (I was never verbally advised, and its not in the literature) I lost virtually all of my cartridge in less than a week and I no longer have a working pen. I then emailed the owner, (since he manages the managers) hoping he would see the error of the manager’s ways and have my back as a consumer at his dispensary. Not only did he not address the issue, he never even had the courtesy or good business practice to return an email to me. Its clear that ATG won’t stand behind their products and will not honor the customer’s patronage, or follow their own policies (see below). Poor PR, poor business practice and poor consumer on my fixed income. I’ve lost confidence with their products and customer service. No respect for me, lost respect for them. Wow!
    Lots of new dispensaries appearing all the time though. ATG shame on you. I will not be back unless this is remedied. Not looking good.

    ATG POLICY; We do expect a small percentage of vaporizer cartridges to fail. We are happy to exchange defective cartridges or batteries. Please bring the defective item (and original receipt if possible) with you on your next visit to the dispensary. We are sorry for any inconvenience caused by defective products.


  215. bast

    Last week I was sold an open vape craft reserve cartridge that was missing half of its contents. Be sure to check your cartridges before leaving the store

  216. Dukakis1988

    Staff are always friendly and patient, and the location is easy to get to. Love the selection.

  217. 420brobro

    I’ve been here a few times. Great flower, but good lord do they make it uncomfortable. It’s like being at the DMV or deli.

  218. lawyerchef55

    Awesome. Best one yet and iv been to all but one around!!!

  219. jcg1407

    Only dispensary I’ve been too so far …no complaints and for the most part the buds are on point, but you can’t look at the bud before you buy which is stupid af but w.e…no waiting and easy going but a little pricey ..still a great place to pick up some high grade buds


    This place should be shut down they will make patients wait outside for all to see and you could easily be followed and robbed.They only had one strain on hand and would not give you prices when e-mailing and calling.Workers are unprofessional.
    I have seen many dispensaries and this place is a joke Massachusetts really needs to get their shit together and open a real dispensary if they don’t know how than copy a state that has been doing this for awhile until then I am staying with my “caregiver” who has 14 -15 different strains, oils and edibles very reasonable prices and has 25+ years experience .

  221. Redheadkingpin13

    Serious happiness was tremendous … Everything was what it needs to be right now if we want more shops to open… Folks need to realize they want to stay open

  222. addysully01

    A round of applause to ATG for being forward thinking and minimizing the effects of doing their first day of rec sales by doing it by apointment only.This clearly shows that they think of the neighborhood when making business decisions which is very unselfish of them and i wish them all the best in doing their rec sales.Not enough good things can be said about their products,their employees and their consideration of others outside their business..

  223. earthmaiden32

    I am disapointed that they didn’t have the rick simpson oil! Other than that very good customer service and some good flowers! Hopefully they will have the rso oil soon, I have medical issues that the oil can treat on it’s own!

  224. raw5224

    Always have a great variety and frequently run money saving specials. All staff members are friendly and knowledgeable.

  225. jrivard75

    So I finally got my certificate from dph. I cannot say enough about the staff at atg. So helpful, patient and understanding. The quality and variety of products is great.

  226. shannonglynn63

    So originally I was pretty devoted to the dispensary in Georgetown, but after that closed down, I started going to ATG. The first few times I went we’re honestly nothing special, but I will say the customer service at this dispensary is far greater then any I have experienced. For example, I have one of those O.pens that you attach the cartridge to, but for some reason the cartridge wasn’t working on my pen. I tried everything, and they told me to bring the pen in and they’d take a look at it. I brought it in, but I had zero money on me, and the young man working at the front counter (I forget his name) helped me out and went above and beyond what was required of him. It turned out that my o.pen was an old style and that’s why it wasn’t working, so he went out to his car and gave me his spare battery that he had for no charge. I wish I could remember his name because this man deserves a raise!!!!

  227. lisafoster2510

    This is my go to dispensary. The staff is very friendly and knowledgeable

  228. fogwizard

    Everyone at ATG so knowledgeable and helpful. Great service and super nice staff. It’s great that they are expanding their strains too.

  229. Thunderbird25

    Update: Strain selection getting better. Craft Reserve gets 5 stars. Buds still somewhat dry, and the trim still needs improvement. Staff great.

  230. Zep4

    Nice…even Bob, the guard. They don’t have potent enough tincture or shatter yet. But their flower strain, Gorilla Glue, usually found there makes great rosin tech shatter.

  231. anitree23

    Went on a Saturday.. Very busy had to wait 20 minutes to get the meds.. Good prices, people are very nice. Would go on a less busy day. Overall a good experience..

  232. ctike

    By far the best out of the 3 Massachusetts dispensaries I’ve been to. Flower and oil is top notch. I’m becoming a regular. Highly recommend! (Pun intended)

  233. CannabisLuvr420

    Still my number one dispensary! Even though there hasn’t been much of a selection lately since recreational started. I do realize that the state of Massachusetts is brand new to this whole recreational thing so I don’t expect everything to be 100% perfect.

  234. TheAngryFoot

    Hey ATG, are you going to recall the product you sold to patients that failed the Channel 5 Investigates program that was just on TV? And why wouldn’t you let me return the product I bought from you that failed that testing? I do NOT feel safe purchasing from your dispensary anymore.

    Also, why did you have my previous review removed? Was it because you don’t want word spreading that you were actively selling dirty cannabis? It’s not fair to anyone that you’re trying to sweep this issue under the rug. Id love to have all of the above questions answered. But if not, I’ll have to ask them again on a more public forum.

  235. queencelis

    Never again. How does a medical dispensary not have flower?!?!?! I’ll stick to Garden Remedies.

  236. summability

    As a first timer going to a dispensary this was an all around excellent experience. From the security guards to the people working the counter everyone was super nice, welcoming, and very knowledgable. Very clean and a huge selection to choose from. Can’t wait to go back!

  237. Eramus3

    Friendly, professional staff. Nice facility. I love it here, but it is too far from where I live. Salem was the first dispensary location and it shows. They have all the bugs ironed out. I have been here quite a few times and I have always been more than happy.

  238. geanoulis9801

    Clean, everyone was extremely nice. I had a very positive experience. dY~SdY~S

  239. LaneStonington

    This place used to be the best for medical. Now it feels like the dispensary can’t get it together since it went red. The vibe is disorganized and the inventory is pretty disappointing. For North Shore, until reviews are better for ATG , I’d recommend the new Apothca in Lynn (until they go rec) or Garden Remedies in Malden, which just opened too They have really good vape cartridges and a wide selection of flower.

  240. sunshinedawn

    Best dispensary by far all the way around

  241. DTrain1017

    This place used to be good when it was medical only. They recently opened for recreational sales and have had a hard time keeping flower in stock and answering their phone. They don’t seem to care much about their medical patients and are focusing on growing their recreational business. The counter for recreational sales is larger and better staffed than their medical side. It’s too bad because they were the first dispensary that opened in Massachusetts and now they don’t seem to care about their medical patients who helped build their business over the last few years.

  242. SweetPurple

    honestly I’ve been here before and I got the Grand Daddy purple that they had and it was pretty good but I got the Afghani, the bomb, and headband this time and I literally threw out the bomb, I’ve had leafy bud before that was frosty and I smoked it but this was no frost it was just straight leaf there is no bud after you pulled the leaf off, if you took all the leaf off it there was no weed. absolutely the worst bud i have ever gotten from anyone off leafly. even the caregivers. i wont ever trust them again if they would hand that crap out. go find out for yourself. get a small amount and you will be so happy you didn’t waste more money. only get a gram. its that bad

  243. DaveTheDarkLord

    I have to admit, I was skeptical about the “appointment” thing for recreational. However, after a few appts I think it is a great way to keep the lines short. Here is the problem with this dispensary. Anyone with 20 minutes, a basic understanding of Excel and some common sense could have planned and forecasted the supply rollout better. I don’t get it. Do they not have managers? How about project managers at least? You had 2 years while the state took their time to get this right. Every appointment I made was a disappointment. Very limited supply of flower (1/8th max with available) and then they started removing the cartridges from their original protective packaging and put them all willy nilly in what is supposed to be tubes for pre-rolled. This gives one the feeling that they are either doing something unscrupulous to them or they simply have no forethought in what decisions like this will do. After getting them home they must have bounced around in there a bit because now it is just a leaky $200 mess. Today, when you go to make an appointment the website says they are not serving recreational customers at this time. I am over it. This place needs much better management. If you didn’t have the capital to go recreational you should have never tried.

  244. jshade11

    With all the options available I wasn’t sure where to go my first time. After trying ATG first, everywhere I’ve gone for delivery since has not been nearly as good. The price is slightly more so that some people might be turned off, but I believe the quality is worth it.

  245. flipBiscuit


    ATG gets: dYdYdYdY LEAFS!

    ATG was the third MA state dispensary I went to go visit. After doing some “homework” about ATG, I read they were the first state dispensary in Massachusetts. They read one say how they “got all their bugs ironed out there” so I had to go. Parking is nice and plenty. They do have a guard at the front door. Wicked nice guy just making sure everybody is safe dY’- I went inside, went thru a medal detector (like the one in a state court) and then filled out a packet of paperwork and watched a short movie.

    I then grabbed a number and stood in line. I noticed they sell tinctures and flowers mostly. Didn’t see any edibles or concentrates dY~*dY$?–

    The flower: I got 6 different strains. Mostly Indica which is fine; one small thing that I didn’t like is how they put the flower into a regular orange pill bottle. I like other dispensaries way of using safe B12 child proof bottles.dYtm,dYtmfdYtm,

    Tincture: I did buy a hybrid tincture. Very very good. I will come back for that dY~

    The girls were really nice that helped me check out. I didn’t feel rushed or I was being annoying to them at all. After when it was time to leave, they show you another door to leave out of. You enter in one door and you exit the build thru a different door. All in all It was a good day!

  246. byrdisthewyrd

    Every flower from here is sheer nug porn–beautiful, frosty, colorful. They don’t rotate strains much but what they do have is outstanding and very high in cannabinoids. Their Serious Happiness (a 50/50 hybrid) has become one of my absolute favorite strains in existence. The Craft Reserve cartridges are also amazing, particularly the Gorilla Glue. I would echo the public’s desire for more and better edibles, and in stronger doses. Facilities are a little DMV-esque, but the staff thankfully couldn’t be further from that.

  247. Mulch

    Very impressed, but pleaseeee put older bud on sale or rotate inventory. It’s great quality bud, as good as it gets if it’s “fresh”. No qualms elsewise, security is super kind as well. Easy quick trip, and lots of dY”Y= choices for sure!

  248. angeleyes4664

    gteat service .great peoduct

  249. Daniel03_7

    the gorilla glue just few tokes and
    you are all sett

  250. mounits

    This dispensary is definitely not like the others. security outside, metal detector, and guard escort inside = it very welcoming. then you sit through “orientation”. the strain selection was good however I was disappointed in the quality of the prerolls and the containers used. preroll was def not a full gram and one almost broke at the filter bc there was a big gap. def not going out of my way to shop here again.

  251. NOML

    They only have two stains as of now ‘Serious Happiness’ and ‘White Rhino’. Was told they’ll be getting more starting next week. O.Pen branded vapes will be available in a month. Quality was A++, as was the service.

    As for the atmosphere, pretty spot on about it being like the DMV. Just happy the dispensary is finally here.

  252. brigman52

    I think they’ve redeemed themselves and listened to recommendations. Don’t know how they’re curing now, but it seems to make the quality a lot better.
    The new Blissful Wizard batch they released is phenomenal and would highly recommend.
    As always, staff is great and Bob the security guy is a good dude and deserves a raise just because..

  253. marykane024

    Love that they actually have a parking lot. I’ve never had a problem Not finding a space to park but I can see how it can happen or has happened. My favorite about this place is the staff they’re just amazing you almost feel like you’re long lost friends picking up where you left off (literally dY~,). There potency on flower is AMAZING!! I have more favorites here than non favorites

  254. chrisg3121

    The bud is very dry. Some strains are still potent, like the gorilla glue, but the bud is overly dry and seems like it was unnaturally done. I would strongly recommend people try the delivery places rather than this place. Very expensive for not good trim, as well as overly dry bud. Very nice staff though! Nice people working there. Wish the bud was more fresh and better trimmed

  255. Bella2

    First time recreational purchaser at this location. Drove an hour to get there. Very impressed with the security, IDs being checked, and the way appointment flow was handled. However, the person who assisted me was zero help, even after I told her I needed guidance. She pointed to a paper list in front of the register and said these are your choices today. I was so disappointed because I had studied the online menu before going (as my appointment confirmation suggested) to educate and figure out what to buy. When I looked at the choices on the paper, none of the products I wanted were available, and the choices were extremely limited. The website menus need to be updated daily with what is available to who. Also, there was one small sparse display to look at while waiting in line. Zero vapes, papers, paraphernalia, etc. to look at). Zero education to the new user. I had very high hopes. Display samples of available product behind glass shelving so consumers can peruse and learn while waiting in line, put up posters of information and types of product. I didn’t see one vape or edible. Unfortunately I won’t be going back.

  256. minimoosh

    I enjoy visiting Salems dispensery. Always look forward to seeing the friendly staff from the security to the counter. I learn something new every time i go which is a few times a month. The concentrates are my focus when visiting. Always a few great strains to choose from. Always something there for you. The delivery side is failing, 2 sites I’ve used are already shut down. I highly recommend taking the trip to Salem, also a great town to visit.

  257. Slyfox2016

    Best Dispensary in MA. Always highest quality both flower and large selection of concentrates

  258. Weedfanatic22

    Still stealing from patients. Selling 8ths of flower with at least a gram of leaves in each. Paid 50$ for a max of 2.5 of flower. This is suppose to be a non-profit organization….What the hell is going on.

  259. Quitzalcuat

    Top quality product and very professional staff. Price was a little higher then expected, but overall
    a great experience. Highly recommend.

  260. annabugg

    this dispensary is amazing! all the staff is knowledgeable and helps patients make informed decisions on care and products!

  261. jillj

    ATG is where I go as a regular medical marijuana patient and they are super helpful and educated on what they offer. I have been able to find a variety of strains that help with my anxiety and racing thoughts in order to get better rest and relaxation. They are also beginning to sell glassware, edibles, and topicals in the near future. Convenient location for North Shore and Boston-based patients.

  262. MrDilligence

    They may not have as much as the Brookline dispensary but they have hands down the BEST vape cartridges. Nobody has come close. It’s CO2 extracted and is so healthy and clean.

    Telling you. And they are getting more stuff everyday. I’m loyal to ATG now

  263. defsour

    I’ve gone here several times, and usually get great customer service. However, I’ve purchased every type of flower on the menu (several times each), and it seems they are poorly trimming their flowers on purpose. If not, why no change? I’ve heard customers complaining in house, on here (and others like weedmaps), even on Google! The last two packages I purchased had 50% leaves or more, super dry, hardly any actual flower, little to no medical efficacy. You’re probably thinking “why didn’t this guy look at the product and the turn it down? They don’t even let you look at the product before purchasing!

  264. martmarthekid

    The guards are great guys,there is an ATM out front.When you walk in all the selections on the menu are displayed to view under magnification cases.All staff are great there.The only negative thing wich isn’t really negative it’s more of a helping comment the two registers furthest to the left should be for people with question,first timers, but really it’s not a problem most I’ve waited is 5-10 min.and they have done nothing but improve.Love the new baggy system too but the big ones seem like they might be costly an unecessary.bags were fine.Love ATG

  265. BongoBlizz

    The product is fantastic. They have a limit on the amount of flower you can buy per visit, but you will not have to worry about quality – it’s been very, very good everytime. I had never used the cartridges before (they didn’t have flowers my first visit so I grabbed some) and they are excellent – very easy to use, portable, discreet… overall they are awesome. The only negative right now is the one location and limited amount you can purchase but that will get better over time. They’re doing as good as they can considering the state laws/procedures they have to abide by right now. The process IS safe and relatively easy… never had any problems. For first visit plan on being there 1-1.5 hours… after that it is quicker.

  266. gleff49

    This continues to be my favorite dispensary for flower on the North Shore, especially their GDP!
    And it’s the only place I know of that carries CBD capsules, which I can’t live without.
    Thanks ATG for remaining consistent.

  267. CP17

    Recreational requires an appointment…but you likely won’t get in at that time so plan accordingly. My appointment was for 3pm and by time they let the earlier appointments in and got to me it was 4pm. So I stood in line for an hour. Once inside things go pretty quickly. Straightforward. Massachusetts is still pretty limited in choices for Recreational use. Plenty of parking available.

  268. clewis92

    Nice place good selection captins cakes is good

  269. chiefparish

    Place is really at a low point right now. You would think being the first dispensary open in the state they would be on the upswing. Been coming here since it opened, I live 5 min away. Last visit, 1 type of oil cartridge, limit 2 per person. 4 of the exact same strains since the fall. No sativas ever,no edibles. Customer service is great except for 2 girls who are permanently miserable, I’m sure other visitors know who I’m talking about. Cmon guys your slipping badly.

  270. tlultuce

    First and favorite! Never a complaint, good yet small and consistent strain selection. Great flower!! Would recommend.

  271. CMB240K

    Do they have flower yet??? Medical here.

  272. Witchcity7

    Service and atmosphere are great but I have tried every strain they offer, whether it’s indica, sativa, or hybrid, as well as the vials and nothing seems to work. Maybe my tolerance has been built up to a very high standard but I can smoke all their stuff til I’m blue in the face and won’t feel a thing

  273. witchcity

    Always a stress free experience. Yes, the buds could use better trimming but it’s a work in progress and they are trying hard. Everybody that I have encountered here has been very nice.

  274. lorenzo63

    The quality is middle of the road at best. It’s all as dried out as any MMJ you’ll ever get. I had the Grand Daddy Purp and it was the worst GDP I’ve ever had. The White Russian I purchased was underweight. The prices are lousy. The location is even worse. Traffic is poor in both directions. The facility is clean and suitable enough. I would not ever recommend this location nor will I ever return.

  275. masslovespell

    Cash only establishment. No on-site ATM. Pricing: $47.00 an eighth. Currently Offering Flower Only. Hourly group appts., schedule online in advance. Mine @10AM, a line was outside already. No, I’m not in love with the location. It’s out in the open when you are waiting (prepare for this based on the weather!). 1st TIMERS-You get a pkg. of info & forms sign & a video to watch. Leave extra time on your 1st visit for the video 10-15 mins. Aug 5 Menu: Glue Scout Glue Sat/Ind Hybrid(1/4 only); Serious Happiness Sat/Ind Hybrid(Any); Blue Indica (1/8 only). The amount matters based on how much you wanted to buy. I wanted an 1/8 of the S/I hybrids but had to get a 1/4 & an 1/8 since everything is premeasured off site. Returning patients are in & out pretty quick. They have concentrates & misc products on standby once the DPH get the testing in order (only 1 place does it & doesn’t test for all of the state req.)
    Employees were friendly & would ask if they didn’t know. Change has to start somewhere & ATG is the 1st dispensary in Mass; DPH doesn’t make the process easy. All of the check ins, video/pamphlet info, lack of product is ALL due to DPH regulations. I will be back & look forward to seeing how ATG evolves.

  276. HighC2137

    I absolutely love the location and building at ATG! It’s great for a person like myself who has high anxiety. The staff is friendly and very helpful. I’ve never felt rushed or pressured to buy anything I didn’t need, unlike other dispensaries. This is my favorite dispensary, hands down!

  277. kdoll9030

    knowledgeable and friendly staff

  278. JSkal

    Everyone was very friendly.

  279. gcode987

    Great staff and shop. Really like the vape oil pen but the bud is mediocre at best. I just got some White Rhino and was surprised when I got home and opened it. Bud is extremely dry and has barely been trimmed!! Very very disappointed with the quality. Really hope ATG gets fresher buds and improves quality. A great first step would be properly trimming the buds! I will buy my oil cartridges there but for buds I will be exploring the delivery services.

  280. GingerKushDaddy

    Ok, so if you want it REAL here we go… I’ve seen the best Buds/Flowers from Holland and all around the world so here’s my review of ATG in Salem, MA.
    I drove up to this place and it was as expected. Parking lot with plenty of spots and a guard checking ID which is great. Then you go inside… Being that I was a first time patient I had to watch a 6 min video about the do’s and do not’s about using MM which is completely fine with me. After that, you take a number, like at a deli (literally) in a supermarket. When you walk into the main space there are the different flowers they have on display in glass cases to the right so you can see what they look like. Mind you, these specimens are the best they have. The buds you get are not manicured as well as the ones in the cases, and YOU CAN’T LOOK AT or SMELL THE FLOWERS YOU ARE ABOUT TO SPEND A LOT OF MONEY ON!!!!! For me, in my honest opinion, this is the most important thing to me when buying high end EXPENSIVE herbals. If you want to have a high end experience… for instance enjoying a nice tasting of wine or cheese etc.. before you by the product, this might not be the best place for you. Also… other dispensary’s give a first time patient discount…. The last dispensary I went to in Brookline gave me a 49.00 credit for my first visit.

  281. home48

    honestly there gorilla glue #4 is Fuego. better than *most* caregivers bud but not all. but I just dont understand stand one thing. I thought dispensary’s had to grow from seed only. yet gorilla glue is a clone only strain. so you cant grow it from seed. its passed through the marijuana underworld. its impossible to grow it from seed unless its Backcrossed or its not really gg#4 and its a cross. so which one is it????

  282. ziggypopp

    Great product, friendly knowledgeable service. Would love to see a more earthy atmosphere but I’m sure that will come in time. Highly recommended.

  283. papabutter21

    First time checking out this dispensary and I got to say I’m blown away from the quality of the herbs. Usually at dispensaries I get dried out herbs but this time around was not the case. Definitely coming back soon

  284. Tal133131

    I loved it there!

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