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7 Legion Ave, Greenfield, MA 1301


42.589177, -72.6042597




10:00 AM – 7:00 PM


10:00 AM – 7:00 PM


10:00 AM – 7:00 PM


10:00 AM – 7:00 PM


10:00 AM – 7:00 PM


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Patriot Care is the premier provider of alternative healthcare services and products for qualifying patients in the state of Massachusetts. We are on a mission to eliminate suffering one patient at a time through education and the responsible use of medical marijuana.


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64 reviews for “Patriot Care

  1. Badge400

    Very nice employees. Always are informed. Security always very professional. Menu simple and straightforward. I know they are getting new inventory regularly.

  2. DurbenKing

    easily passable, but once found.. Awesome. prices are great, staff was chill… See yall soon

  3. nmavis

    Great place amazing stuff best in mass!!!

  4. ganjaking413

    Good atmosphere and high quality bud. I’d definitely recommend the French toast. They do a lot of cool promotions and I like that you can sign up for a membership to get deals throughout the year. It definitely helps to offset the cost of their herb because it’s definitely the highest in the area. Their menus are awesome -I really appreciate how they list out the terpenes and also give recommendations for what each strain can help with. I’d definitely go there again even though it is on pricier side (mainly flower – most of their other stuff is pretty averagely priced). Only reason for four stars on service is because the girl who helped me just seemed like she didn’t want to be there. She was nice enough, but it did put a slight damper on my first visit. Especially if you’re going to charge top shelf for bud, I have slightly higher expectations as to the level of service I can expect. It really wasn’t that bad, but felt it was worth calling out. Otherwise, everything was great!

  5. Boonpeep

    Very informative staff. Lots of deals! I wish they had more cartridges. Great strains though!

  6. Old-Corny

    Excellent dispensary. Easy access, cheerful and knowledgeable staff. I appreciate their discounts and specials.I enjoy flower and they have a wide selection of potent bud. Highly recommend.

  7. jos72590

    1st off I wanna say. I love this place. 2 Nobody else can compare with patriotcare (I go to Greenfield) and 3 the staff is phenomenal and so welcoming and the music is angh at least it’s not elevator music. Like if they have a staff dinner meeting can I be invited? You guys are great

  8. piratequeen

    One of the best things about Patriot Care (besides the fact that it’s a 5 minute walk from both home and work) is that they have a fabulous and extensive selection kif and flower. Prices are affordable. Sure the concentrates are all the rage these days (and they carry smaller selections of shatter and distillates), but nothing beats cannabis in her natural splendor and they have splendid flowers! The staff are all friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful.

  9. chrisv784

    This place is great. Went for my first time last week and was blown away. The place is so nice and the staff is great. The product is some of the best stuff I’ve tried from some other places in the state. Plan on going back regularly even though it’s a 45 minute drive.

  10. CaptainTwoTrees

    I’ve been a med patient 4 years now. Patriot Care in my opinion is the best kept secret in western mass dispensaries. I drive 45 min to get there, but well worth it. They consistantly have the most variety and produce the most potent medicating flower around, just look at the menu online it will confirm the THC percent I’m referring to. I’ve have Extreme Cream and Star Kush both Indicas over 30%. Wow! Thanks Patriot Care!

  11. nciruolo

    So pleased with PatriotCare greenfield location. Very grateful for their arrival in greenfield, it’s so much closer for me and has proven to be one of the better dispensaries I’ve visited. Their psc platinum program is more than worth it. All the different sales and along with the wide variety make this my number one spot for my needs.

    Thank You PatriotCare!
    Sincerely, Nick

  12. Brix0902

    I love patriot cares atmosphere. Their staff is just the best, extremely helpful, educated, and patient. They are always having deals and sales, theres a new patient discount, and on mondays and wednesdays have a discount wheel you can spin. Lastly and most in importantly; their medicine is out of this world. Hands down my favorite. If you’re looking for a new place this is the place to go.

  13. Hotcoffee1

    Everyone Is Soo Helpful Nothing They Can’t Help You With Very Very Supportive Of Everything Love U All Thank U Nothing So Far I Don’t Like And Everyone Always Making Me Feel Very Welcomed a$?a$?a$?a$?

  14. linkdead56k

    Hands down the best dispensary in Western MA. They have the best buds. Makes you wonder what the hell all the other dispensaries are doing wrong!

  15. Nickyjay178

    The employees of Patriot Care are very welcoming and polite and have an excellent knowledge of theirs products. The producfs patriot care carry are of the highest quality in my opinion

  16. Mr.Robinson

    Great place! Good quality, never busy and super friendly

  17. SilverDigits83

    One of the best selections around and service to match. Flower is some of the best around and some of the highest testing I’ve tried.

  18. jodib978

    Good location easy to get to plenty of parking and staff was very friendly and helpful

  19. Mattdzic

    I love the location and the staff.

  20. Ganjray22191

    Love it. very friendly staffe. Helps with all your needs!

  21. nyphily

    Very clean and friendly atmosphere workers were very knowledgeable

  22. Barkless57

    Easy access. Nice people.

  23. Pufferguy

    Great place and friendly staff

  24. RRozelle

    I LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS PLACE. So glad you are here Patriot Care. The choices are great, the service is great; what more could you ask for?

  25. Donnybutynski77

    love the fact that just about everytime I look at the menu, there’s new flower or concentrates. Love the variety

  26. Chefjessisthebest

    Friendly and knowledgeable staff. Tons of promos and rewards program.

  27. df041514

    top notch flower, edibles, and the best cart’s i have yet to find. thank you patriot care!

  28. eaglesjen9

    By far the best flower and love the fact that up there is always something new to try. Appreciate that the staff is very attentive and always make sure you leave Happy

  29. sct1868a111

    Knowledgeable staff and top shelf quality medicine defines this place. A+

  30. SarahGordon

    Love this place. They have the best deals all the time and they stack. No other dispensaries in mass has better deals. Their flower and edibles are awesome quality. Always happy with whatever I grab here.

  31. Baddog1

    November at this dispensary is gonna be wonderful visited on Sunday the fourth with an email or text discount that they sent me was wonderful thank you a very happy SAD dY’

  32. trudat

    Best flower around.

  33. Snakeburm58

    Amazing selection of flower, the buds were huge, lots of trichromes, all the strains were not dry, had lots of red hairs on the chocolope strain, staff was friendly and knowledgeable and the dispensary was very clean and comfortable. Not a long wait, there was plenty of staff on hand. Big off street parking lot. One of the best places in Western Massachusetts. Will be back again

  34. Dvnblck

    Patriotcare Greenfield is amazing! The product is the highest quality; the staff are professional and knowledgeable; and they have so many great deals and discounts. The atmosphere is clean and modern. What else could you ask for?

  35. precise7

    The flower is A+ at all locations. Especially this one.

  36. Litchy

    Joe is an awesome bud tender. First time here very laid back cool atmosphere. Sweet flash sales to get mor bang for the buck!! Recommend to anyone and everyone

  37. Chrisgonz93

    Excellent staff, very friendly and helpful. Would recommend 10 out of 10 for sure.

  38. Russtnuts

    I don’t know where my last review went but bring a blanket get five bucks off. Then right a review and get five more bucks off

  39. Kconlin

    Service, Quality and Atmosphere is amazing! I recommend 100%

  40. 4135225377

    i love this place and love staff everyone super nice and make u feel comfortable and welcome very fast and respectful very happy i will rate it at 100 not five 100 great work great place great menu great everything .staff will go extra mile to help u and explain anything u ask

  41. MuckyJunior

    BRANDYWINE is here !!
    I live in North Hampton mass, where the clinic NETA is..but it’s easy to skip them for me Alice and go I have a connoisseurs taste. Needless to say, are used to drive to Lowell ma to partake in patriot care . But now I’m lucky enough to only have to drive to Greenfield Ma.
    I was impressed w/the Brandywine strain(among most others),but greenfield hadnt had this particular favorite since they came to g’field.Im so happy now.God blwss Massachusetts !dYtm

  42. Donald_butynski

    Awesome staff, very knowledgeable on the product. So happy it’s 3 mins from my house.

  43. scottcorbo

    great menu and very helpful staff

  44. melodysplace

    I love this store and the people who work there! My store in North Hampton is no longer a option. Patriot Care treats you like a patient. They keep track of my stuff I have tried and also offer me deals going on that I dont know about and love that. Thank you for treating me right. and love the spin the wheel on Monday and Wednesdays and the flash sales you offer!!

  45. 1iceman

    the best dispensary

  46. Shesmokes1981

    Love the flower!!! Staff is knowledgeable and super chill

  47. silverdigits

    Dropped by to pick up a few things and can’t say enough about the quality. Flower that is fragrant and distinct and prerolls that burn perfectly. Will be coming back mos def.

  48. eagles_j84

    Man I just love this place. The products are top notch and so are the staff…can’t wait to see what comes to patriot care in 2019

  49. MercedesD2018

    I’ve went to Patriot Care many times and haven’t had a problem, but my caregiver went in for me yesterday and they didn’t give him my 10% off discount for having Masshealth. They wouldn’t let him see the product he was buying, the young man told him he couldn’t let him see it….uhh why? when you are buying something for top dollar you should be able to see it! Hes not a patient, he’s going in for me as my caregiver so he should of got my mass health discount. I’ve never went in there before and asked to see something and been told no, so I’m not sure why he wasn’t able too but didn’t make me to happy!

  50. xlovestingx

    All the staff is always so friendly. Very knowledgeable on which products to use for different ailments, and the selection is HUGE!

  51. delierwestland

    Great place with great meds. Love the cartridges! So much tastier & easier on the throat than rempen that uses bho. Can’t wait to try more products.dY~

  52. BeLoved1

    Always friendly and helpful and never too busy. Parking is sweet, can zip in and out, esp w reserve odering.

  53. JKL444

    Of the four dispensaries in Western Mass that I’ve sampled, this one provides, far and away, the best flowers. Great genetics are maximized for strength, smell and taste in consistently exceptional cannabis. It’s good to watch the menu online, as the finest flavors, especially sativa dominants, tend to come and go fairly quickly at this dispensary. Well worth an hour’s drive if flowers are your main “concern.”

  54. Dleerl

    I have been going here since they opened. Never once have I ever desired to return to where I used to go. Patriot is top notch. Both their products and their staff. I can’t say enough good about the people who work here. They are so helpful, informative, caring and downright wonderful people that I am so glad that they are in business and so lucky that they are near where I live.

  55. Limogal

    I just love this place the people are so knowledgeable and helpful and it is so clean and I feel really comfortable going there.

  56. Sylvainmichelle

    I like how nice everyone is.

  57. lhamo62

    Patriot Care in Greenfield is hands down the best dispensary I’ve visited! Super quality product, and expertise in the different types of oil, edibles, and flower! Used to go to NETA in Northampton, but these guys are FAR SUPERIOR!

  58. soulbird

    Very clean, bright space. Nice, knowledgeable staff, and wonderful product.

  59. lmg

    This dispensary is my go to for medicine..The Strains and Edibles and Vapes are Phenomenal. The staff makes it easy and fun to make a purchase of cannabis & other stuff provided to help. The kindness is very important to me. The experience helps you understand the different ways to help your medical condition, The deals and discounts help in a big way.I will Recommend this dispensary to anyone.
    Thank you

  60. tmichna

    When I walk into Patriot Care in Greenfield, I feel like I’m walking in to a room full of friends. Every staff member strives to make you feel important. They are always willing to help in any way possible, if a question is asked there is someone there that can answer it for you. It is quite refreshing to see the staff work so cohesively. As for their product, I am a flower person so I only purchase from Patriot Care. Their flower far surpasses anyone else’s I have purchased, and I have made sure to frequent many of the dispensaries in MA. Patriot Care has the largest selection of flower, however it is very indica heavy. The menu primarily consists of indicas and hybrids, and then one or two sativas. If there was anything I would change about Patriot Care it would be having more sativas on the menu. Other than that I have not one negative thing to say about the dispensary as a whole or their staff. They far surpass their competitors when it comes to discounts and sales, making you feel less like a dollar sign walking through the door! I truly look forward to visiting at least once per week, sometimes more. To anyone who is looking for better quality flower visit Patriot Care in Greenfield, they will take care of you!

  61. Dantheman4201

    Great place, great people, great product dY’

  62. dwpnavy75

    It’s literally my favorite place in the world!

  63. SchromItUp

    The best flower in the state not even a competition right now. Staff is happy and project it. Been to them all in MA, this is the highest quality flower and cleanest medicine.

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